The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, July 04, 1896, Image 5

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    - - THE COURIER.
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Major McKlnley Is a member of the
Chicago Cycling club. At the national
council meeting in Columbus, O., he
consented to become an honorary
member of the club.
Mr. William Albert England, repre
senting the Brooklyn Eagle, and well
known as an athlete and wheelman, is
now en route from New York to San
Francisco by easy stages, his purpose
being to survey the. route. On August
31 he leaves the Pacific coast in com
petition with General Miles messen
ger, for New York, on a wager of
$1,000 forfeit to be paid if New York Is
not reached in forty days. Both gentle
men will be mounted on Olympic bi
cycles fitted with self-healing tires.
Mr. England, on his western journey.
Intends to reach Lincoln on July 13.
weather permitting.
The action taken by the officials of
the National league in condemning and
fining the Cleveland players is a step
In the right direction. The Cleveland
players are rowdies and loafers of the
most pronounced type, and they have
done more to hurt haseball than any
other club has ever done. In their own
town the home plate and players'
benches are directly in front of the
grand stand and the public refuses to
patronize the games, as the air Is posi
tively foul with the. filthy and profane
language used by the players. Indeed
It is unsafe to take a lady to the games
in that city. If they continue their
disgraceful conduct it will become
necessary for the opposing teams to
play likewise. It is to be hoped, how
ever, that the action taken will have
the desired effect. It seems that the
managers of the club are "fans" and
that they encourage the players to do
anything to win.
The state meet, Nebraska division,
L. A ."W., at the M street park on the
3d and 4th promises to be the best at
tended and the most successful ever
held In this state. Entries have been
received from all the leading cracker
jacks in Nebraska and several from
Kansas and Missouri. Few people
have until recently taken much inter
est in bicycle racing in this city, but
from indications public opinion seems
to have changed. There will be ten
races each day in addition to the boys'
races. Pixley and McColl of Omaha,
the record breaking tandem team, will
be. here, besides about ten more from
the same city, including Herr Fred
rickson, celebrated In Lincoln for his
kicking (not riding) abilities. Reddy
Maxwell, who holds the state record
for the paced half mile, made on this
track, will be much In evidence at this
The remarkable retrogradation of the
Philadelphia team is dwelt upon by
Frank Richter as follows: "All sorts
of reasons are advanced for the poor
showing of the team, ranging from
dissipation to actual incapacity, and
all are wide of the mark. There has
been no serious dissipation at any time,
and absolutely not any since the losing
streak began. The team has also been
playing at Us normal speed in all re
spects save batting, and the players
individually are no less proficient than
they ever were. The whole trouble in
a nutshell Is a marked batting let
down, aggravated by Inferior pitching
and some real hard luck. To make
matters worse the team has been
somewhat crippled by the accidents to
Pitcher Orth and Outfielder Delehanty,
thus materially weakening the team m
the matter of pitching and batting.
Those accumulated misfortunes have,
naturally, combined with the severe
criticism of press and public, served
to discourage a team which at best
has never possessed more than an ordi
nary amount of pluck and persistence..
The result is a lack of confidence,
which operates against the team in all
close games, or critical stages of games"1
and makes It doubly hard to get out
of the rut of defeat."
Here are several of the new football,
rules: A player is put off side if the.
ball In play has last been touched by
one of his own side behind him. No
player when off side shall touch the
ball except on a tumble in a scrim
mage, nor with his hands or arms in
terrupt or obstruct an opponent until
again on side. No player can, how
ever, be called off side In his own goal.
A player being off side is put on side
when the ball has touched an opponent
or when one of his own side has run
in front of him either with the ball or
having been behind him. If a player
when off side touch the ball inside the
opponents' ten-yard line, the ball shall
go to a touch-back to the opponents.
In a scrimmage, should another player
on a side having the ball move In any
direction, he must come to a full stop
before the ball is put inplace, and no
player of the side having the ball shall
take more than one step in the direc
tion of his opponent's goal before the
ball is in place. One man of the side
having the ball may be In motion
toward his own goal without coming to
a stop before the ball is put in place.
No mass shall be allowed. No player
shall lay his hand upon or by the use
of his hands or arms interfere with an
opponent before the ball is put in play.
After the ball is put in play, the player
on the side that has possession of the
ball can obstruct the opponents with
his body only, except the player who
runs with the ball, but the players
of the side not having the ball can use
their hands and arms to push their op
ponents out of the way.
We have for rent a centrally located
Complete modern conveniences; will
lease entire building or part of it
wholesale or retail trade.. Attractive
terms to the right party. Apply to
HOLM & REED. 1201 O St.
Open at all Hours Day and N!grt
All formt of bath.
With special attention to the appli
cation of natural aalt water batk.
Sareral times stronger than aea water.
Special department for surgical caeca
and diseases peculiar to women.
Sbanmatisip, Skin, Blood and Narrow Die
eaaea, Lirer and Kidney Tronblea and Chreals
Ailment are treated iuccerfoUy.
Sea bathior may be enjoyed at all aeaaoaa 1
our larae salt swimming pool, 30x142 feet, S ff
10 feet deep, heated to uniform temperature ef
80 decrees.
Managing Physicians.
. c
Oome sand. See XJm
V. O. Towwsxwd, P. D. Corxxxx.
O. P. T. Agt. C. P. k. T. Aft
St Louis. Mo. 1201 O H.