The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, June 13, 1896, Image 7

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and slacken speed for country horses,
took out for the crossings and make
change, requires more than four ex
tremities and a brain unnaturally ac
tive. I heard such a concentrated of
ficer, the other day, ask a lady to ex
cuse him for running a few feet be
yond the crossing. That was too much.
If these men must add politeness to
their duties it is certainly worth
twenty-flve cents a day more.
The state university Is one of the In
stitutions that one can turn to with
cheerfulness and certainly of not being
disappointed. It has Just completed
a prosperous year. It graduates seventy-two
from the academic classes
and a large number of law students.
The exercises of commencement week
have been full of Interest even to those
who had no relatives in the school.
The class play on Tuesday morning
was a travesty on the new woman.
The house was crowded and enthusi
astic. Enough of the audience were
familiar with university traditions to
appreciate the Jokes and hits. The
play was written by members of the
class. It contained several funny situ
ations, but lacked action and dialogue.
It was made up of declamations that
might have been broken into dialogues
and pantomime.
Misses Ena RIcketts, Helen Har
wood and May Whiting were the lead
ing ladies and they took their parts
with real dramatic fervor. In the
rush of parties, theses, examinations,
affairs and dressmaking that precedes
commencement the class play is apt to
get but scanty attention. "Delilah"
showed study, energy and ability, and
the class of '96 has reason to be proud
of itself. S. H. B.
Political Points
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Burlington. Remember this when ar
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Q streets. City office, corner Tenth and
O streets.
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etipation, or money refunded. 50 cents
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T. Clarke Co.. wholesale agents
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drug Btore. 117 North 11th St., is the
place to go for anything in the prescrip
tion, drug sundries, or fancy article lines
in the city. Try them.
L. H. Jewett of Broken Bow, candi
date for treasurer, and Clark McNIsh
of Wisner, the central figure in Joe's
combination of Macks and Jacks, were
in the city this week. Mr. Jewett has
developed a great deal of strength In
the pasc two or three weeks and has
become a leading candidate. The peo
ple In the Broken Bow district are en
thusiastic for Jewett and they will
stay with him. Mr. Jewett is a young
man, comparatively, but he has taken
an important part In republican poll
tics for the past ten years. He was a
member of the state senate of 1889 and
he came out of that body with an ex
cellent record.
McNIsh's backing Is against him. It
has developed that his candidacy
means the perpetuation of the Bartley
regime, and it Is known that he Is
being pushed forward by every Influ
ence that Joe can command. Including
all the state bank examiners, and a
considerable number of other employes
of the state. There is strong desire on
the part of the people to take the office
of state treasurer out of the control of
the political ring, and the indications
are that McNIsh will be turned down
along with the grinning Jack.
If W. J. Bryan does not become the
nominee for president In Chicago he
will be nominated for congress. This
is the program that has been agreed
upon. Governor Holcomb is to be re
nominated for governor.
A prominent republican from the in
terior of the state said to The Courier
yesterday: "I have been much inter
ested in the course of the state press
In demanding a departure in the nomi
nation of candidates for state offices
by the republican party this year, and
I have been gratified to note that the
people all over the state are aroused
on this question. They are demanding
and will demand of the state conven
tion that the standard bearers this
year be men of irreproachable char
acter, men free from any taint of cor
ruption or scandal, men who are some
thing more than mere puppets or
stalking horses, handshaking, smiling,
bibulous 'good fellows.' I am very cer
tain that the candidate for governor
will be a man who will be a credit to
the party, a man able to properly up
hold the dignity of the state. But have
you ever stopped to think that It is,
if anything, more Important to have a
high toned Judiciary than it Is to have
a big man for the big office of gov
ernor? The Judges of the Bupreme
bench of this state should be the very
best men, in point of ability and In
tegrity, that can be procured. We
want on our supreme bench men who
are known the state over as able law
yers, conscientious, high-minded citi
zens, and where could there be found
a stronger candidate to head the Judi
cial ticket than Judge M. L. Hayward?
With such men as Hayward and Ryan
the nominees there would be a strong
additional Incentive to carry the con
stitutional amendment. I would like
to see a sentiment that would demand
the nomination of Hayward for the
MacColl's boom has nearly flickered
out. The men who were talking "Jack"
three weeks ago are now talking some
other candidate.
J. H. McClay, Lancaster county'3
candidate for auditor, is making a
quiet, dignified canvass for the nomi
nation. He Is not in any combination
or deal, and proposes to seek the nomi
nation solely on his merits. Those who
know Mr. McClay believe his nomina
tion would strengthen the ticket.
Particularly significant was the fact
that the republican county convention
in Buffalo county failed to instruct for
the laughing Jack candidate. Buffalo
county has been the beacquarters for
the MacCo1! boom for years. Four
years ago William E. Smythe, then
editor of the Kearney Enterprise, was
the chief fugleman of the MacColl
boom, and the MacColl movement was
managed from Kearney. Two years
ago Buffalo county instructed fcr Mac
Coll. This year the man who is trying
to be nominated for governor on a plat
form of whiskers and affability appears
to have lost his hold. The Buffaloes
havn't a word to eay in his behalf. It
is a fact that the MacColl movement is
rapidly tapering off. The men who -werj
throwing their hats in the air for
MacColl four weeks ago are now keep
ing tbeir hats on and when the Jack
candidate is mentioned they smile a
cold, regretful smile. Some of these
men are talking Hayward; others are
talking Meiklej'ohn. The word bat been
passed along that Jack cannot be nom
inated, and the politicians, who of all
men, like to be on the winning side, are
making haste to desert him. It is not
denied that the whiskers candidate the
decorative member of Joes combi
nation of Macks and Jacks will re
ceive a considerable number of votes
in the state convention, but the real
battle will be between Ha v ward and
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