The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, May 30, 1896, Image 8

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y My Dear Eleanor: Mighty Sampson
ever Med. False Delilah Uvea for
ever. Me lulls us with the street sons;
of treachery. We listen, we believe, we
"seek to slumbrous rest, fondling; the
ear delusion that we are good or great
r fair, or. whatever in our Inmost soul
we most crave to be. Sampson awoke
shorn of his glorious locks and strength.
.We awake with every lace like ruffle
erf assumption ripped off our plain
calico back ground, which we have
.been straggling to disguise. Tour ef
fort at sympathy for ray low estate
and crushed condition impress me as
"a trifle insincere. An old French cynic
said: "There is something in the mis
fortune of our friends not wholly disa
greeable to us." Tour real active feel
ing seems to be one of thankfulness,
that bo one has evinced a disposition
to attach your scalp to his girdle. Of
course I am sorry Clementina doesn't
'Hke my style (Eleanor, never refer to
my pen gymnastics as work) and I
mean to change It. Hereafter my re
port will run something after this fash
ion, "On Tuesday a most delightful
luncheon was gven by the charronlg
Mrs. A- B. C. to her fascnating guest,
the lovely Miss X. T. Z., at her exquis
ite soae c
The table was msgwinceaMy decor
ated with a table cloth and bo bon
dishes the" That's enough of
course. It was enough before I began,
but this is what you pays your money
fetvso don't complain.
Thlsls not .stridy Speaking, society
news. 'but I gave "you warning long
agotbat I considered It very 'wearing
to eaoflne one's sett exclusively to so
ciety aad Its gyrations. I -had always
a mania for wandering through for
bidden Held. The sign "No trespass
ing" aad "No admittance" always
culled me with an Insane, desire to
trespass and enter. Certainly there
are a few functions (with apologies to
the Excelsior). The number of lunch
eon ought to boom Hood's Sarsapa
rWa. You likely do not see the con
nection, but If you had been at Miss
Jessie MHlard's lunch for the Misses
Black, the necessity for an appetite
would have appealed to you. Mrs. Dal
las Beche gives a luncheon this week,
aad Mrs. Guy C. Burton has issued one
hundred and twenty-five invitations
to a luncheon at the Millard Friday In
honor of her daughter-in-law, Mrs.
Charles K. Barton, and I have Issued
an invitation to luncheon to myself to
go "to BatdunTs and have some straw
berry short cake. Cards are out from
Mrs. Henry W. Yates and the Misses
Tates for a reception from 5 until 7,
May M, to meet Miss Kountz and prac
tically to say good-bye to Miss Kountx.
as she is to be married in the sweetest
f aH months the month of roses
June. .(General and Mrs. Mandersofci
left Tuesday for New York. General
Maaderaon is to deliver the dedicatory
address at the tomb of Grant, oa
Memorial day. Even my frivolity, for
the nonce, is checked "Now lies he
here." and the greatest do him rever
ence! This reminds me. Eleanor, that
that idea of yours about doing without
sugar la .your coffee and sending the
savings to the foreign missions is ab
surd. Tou know the sugar bounty is
declared constitutional, therefore, you
better "Stand Up for Nebraska" than
save for the heathen.
Miss Blanche McKenna leaves this
week for Leavenworth, Kans. My in
formant dd not say what day I re
fer you far further Information to the
society edemas of the Bee.
Mrs." Peattle Is in Chicago for a week's
visit Speaking of Mrs. Peattle again
remind me that the Women's club
held its annual meeting for the election
of officers on Monday. Mrj. Ella Pe
attle was made president for the com
ing year. Among the four hundred or
more present, there "was only one lone-
Xe looking - individual. Through
e arrangement. "ot understood by
themaJorlty of the club, where news
gatherers as a rule are barred, a
World-Herald reporter was conducted
early in the game to the platform, and
after a time, when retreat, graceful
or otherwise was Impossible, he be
came aware from the hundreds of
curious, inquiring eyes bent on him,
and one or two perfectly lady-like re
marks made to him. that he was looked
upon as a large, unsightly blot, in this
garden of roses. There are moments
and this was one of them. Mrs. Z. T.
Lmdsey and Mrs. Heller have gone as
the club's representatives to Loule
rUle, Ky.. to the national convention
.of woman's clubs. Tou no doubt have
"heard the World-Herald laughing the
last week but laughing hardly does
the performance justice. It has con
torted and doubted up in a paroxysm
of glee. It has made a discovery of
course K doesn't often do that, and a
IK tie. mild glee might be excused. We
thought it was rather funny ourselves
-at Jlrst, aadhtfChed too. but we sup
posed we wCfM be allowed to stop
seme time. aftuas thing of the World
HeraM ereaMB t afresh every day
In lead KsMfi,- then catching Its
th aad saimgln chorus. "Every-
laurh." m wsrse thaa being a
hired mourner at a funeral. What's It
about? Dear me, I forgot, haven't you
heard, that they discovered some thirty
or-' forty lines of Rosey's seventeen
mile speech was a bodily adoption from
the speech of one Aldrege. a Texas
gentleman. Funny? Oh! of course,
but I wish some gentleman who could
be easily spared would be good enough
to die, so that we could consistently
quit laughing. Just for a rest. Really
the sice of the laugh is all out of pro
portion to the meagre dimensions of
the joke. No! I am not "Stuck on
Rosey." either, but he really has a
"Don't know when he's licked" quality
in his character, which, in its way. is
superb. But who can shut out fate?
The prejudice of centuries forbids our
loving Mm. Rosey reminds me of two
boys I once knew, and an episode 1
witnessed. A curled darling of patri
cian parentage appeared one day on
the velvet lawn of his father's home
with a beautiful large slice of sugared
gingerbread. A boy upon the curb, a
child of the people, saw the curled dar
ling, and coveted the cake. Upon mak
ing known his wishes he was curtly
denied. A scrap promptly ensued, dur
ing which the gingerbread was reduced
to a condition adapted only to the
wants of the ants of the hill, or birds
of the air. "Ah. Ha!" taunted the
patrician pride, "Tou didn't get the
cake." "Pooh! Who cares?" replied
the child of the people. "Neither did
you." But excuse me, it is time to
laugh. If I forget my cue in this comic
opera company of the W. H. I am liable
to lose my "job." The Squash Town
Bugle and the Podunk Clarion are fit
to die In despair; the World-Herald
turned an X ray on them and found
their laugh was hollow and refused to
reproduce it 'in their columns of the
gayety Herald. Chorus. "Everybody
I understand "The Shrub" is to be
played in Lincoln Saturday night as a
curtain raiser for "The Bells." That's
a pretty glace scheme. We don't allow
them to play it here any more, because
the mayor says we are liable to die
laughing. Tou never know when I am
in earnest! Well; I suppose not. I
only am. for truly, in earnest when I
am asleep, which I very nearly am just
at present but the play "Rosberry
Shrub" Is funny very and "The
Bells" nothing to sneer at. Make Jack
take you. I cannot come down, much
as I would like to. Unity club, which
has deservedly quite a local reputa
tion, presents two plays Friday even
ing, "His Toast," and "Per Telephone,"
assisted by the Misses Lowe, who, by
the way, are lovely musicians, with
mandolins, guitars and harp. WII
helmina Lowe sweeping the strings of
a golden harp, justifies one for having
visions of the the time. "When the
wicked cease from troubling and the
weary are at rest."
Don't worry over Jack's pretended
approval of me. He doesn't mean it.
and I am true to the Impossible ideals
of my youth, which Jack does not em
body. What can we depend on? Noth
ing! Not even the weather. I began
to write to you Sunday, reduced to
indecision by the heat and a dimity
gown. I finish on Tuesday. I am about
to mail my effort Wednesday, and am
shivering and thinking longingly of
my jersey flannels which are safely
stowed away in the too pronounced
embrace of moth balls. It seems as If
the weather, at least, might be sincere.
More anon, yours. PENELOPE.
Omaha, May 58. 1896.
"We are going to try an experiment
at the June races of the Lincoln Park
association." said C. T. Boggs. secre
tary, to The Courier yesterday. "We
are going to have one 9900 pacing race
for three-year-olds. In which we will
award the premiums by heats. There
has been considerable dlscusston of this
plan among racing men, and we have
decided to try it in one race.
"A great feature of the June races
will be the 2:09 pace. There will be
ten or more starters, with records rang
ing from 2:08)4 to 2:10 Here are some
of the horses entered: Aft rite. 2:08;
Ella T.. 2:09: Direction, 2:08; Badge,
2:08; Judge Hurt. 2:09.
"There will also be a 2:15 pace. We
have a large number of entries for this
"In the 202 trot there are thus far
sixteen entries. Including the Nebraska
horse, Pat L., 2:11; .The Corporal.
2:12; McVera, 2:12; Pactolus. 2:12."
All of these races are for (1,000 each.
There will be fifteen to twenty races.
The mept will open June 16 and close
June 19.
Water consumers will take due no
tice that the penalty for non-payment
of water rent win take effect on Mon
day. Jane 1. Saturday, May 30, is" a
legal holiday aad 'the office will be
closed. Hence time to avoid the pen
alty will expire Friday next.
L. J. BTEB, Water Commissioner.
SPECIAL CARE Dost mm ,seinc those defeat
is taken in the manufacture of all cob summer suit before you pur-
fectioa by our expert candy makers, chase, at "
who are supported with the very best Paiae, Warfel 4 Buuatead
aad purest materials aad have the ,
latest appliances with which to execute . , . ...
their work. "Ephemar" 1211 0 St O. B.. Houcka restaurant if you
want a nice dinner that you can relish
Purple Pansy, Her Mqjeati1 Per
fume 'has that delicate, yet refined and
lotting odor, much desired by the eon
turner. Biggt, the Druggiat. u head
quarter for all the latent Toilet arti
elet, corner Twelfth and Ottreet.
Messrs. Kleinkauf k. Grimes' nice new
drug store. 117 North 11th st., is the
place to go for anything in the prescrip
tion, drag sundries, or Fancy article lines
in the city. Try them.
Fine cigars at Kleinkauf & Grimes
drug store, 117 North 11th at.
We originate.
Frank M. Rector.
' 1211 o st:
Do you eat candy? Do you ever make
a present of a fine box of candy? Ex
amine the fresh stock at Frank M. Hec
tor's, 1211 O street. Ice cream parlors
cream and ices in all flavors.
Pnotoa J
$&.ooperdoKt' "
iaae o cat:
Fine line of toilet soaps at Kleinkauf
& Grimes', 117 North 11th st.
A good dinner every day at Houck's.
Everybody goes there to eat.
Have you tried our whole wheat
Hour? Sweet and wholesome, order it
from Bridge fc Co., 315 no 9th.
Saturday May 30th
FJtyWK LEA SHORT and compamj ir VlMl3
Vtia.tlaeoiaxttlsa. roisler
' -i
Rostexx9r (Slixut9 See"
We do the genuine French dry cleaning of shirt waists -and
tine garments of every description Gleaning and
pressing of gent's clothing a specialty
office;, IIS IV. IS c3t.
Formal opening today
Saturday, afternoon and evening
Free BatKirvg Free Steamboats
vree Bard Gorxcert
N0V1R 0ri Wl&QN TOP
Aftacle ?ew
Buggy top trimmings, cushions and dashes always on
band and made to order. If your buggy top needs fix
ing bring it around. Will guarantee you perfect satis
faction, both ia work and price.
112)1 P. St.
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- Jgg&L