The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, May 30, 1896, Image 5

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F In tlxo put
It eu this will interest you. Every ttumbler rider
whogoea the mile in less tbau
'Tvato minutes
paced or unpaced, atany ranctionpd L.A.W. race
rfill receive an
jm(belllsli.ed souvenir
with name nnd details ot performance engrave!
upon it. Riders ot
Any ottir wheel
fitted with J. A G, ifres will receive a little less
valuable souvenir for like performance. The
holder ot the greatest number of. "two min
ute" souvenirs by Jan 1, 1897 will receivo a
grand souvenir.
R. GUTHRIB, 1540 O
Political Points
This week there have been the usual
receptions in this city. "Jack" Mac
Coll and Charley Casey and George D.
Melklejohn and a halt doxen other can
didates for state offices have been here
and "at home" to their friends. It is
only a month now to the state con
vention, and the preliminary canvass
is assuming definite shape.
Up to three weeks ago "Jack" was
undoubtedly In the lead for governor,
but things have changed considerably
since then. "Jack" had exhausted
himself before Congressman Melkle
john came home, and while the later
has been forging ahead with remark
able rapidity "Jack" has not only not
made headway, but has failed to hold
his own. It is seldom that such a radi
cal change is effected in state politics
in "two or three weeks' time as that
which has been brought about by Mr.
Melklejohn. There is now a powerful
movement in his direction and it is
constantly gaining in force. He is
leading the field today, and there does
not seem to be any risk in haxarding
the prediction that he will be nomi
nated. Of late the candidacy of Judge
Hayward has been considerably talked
about, and It is generally admitted
that he Is a strong and entirely unob
jectionable candidate; but the judge's
aversion to making an active canvass
Is known, and it is not probable that
he will be a very considerable factor
In the race.
Everybody, including even the poli
ticians, has at last come to recognise
the Importance of making a. proper
selection for the head of the ticket, and
It is significant that Melklejohn is gen
erally looked upon as the one man
available to meet the demand for a big
man for the big office of governor.
Jewett appears to be gaining
in strength in his canvass for state
treasurer. It Is believed that R. E.
Moore Is a candidate for renomlnatlon
for lieutenant-governor.
It is the sentiment of an over
whelming majority of republicans that
a renomlnatlon should be accorded the
republican state officers now serving
their first terms.
There hasnot been much change In
the local fight for the office of county
treasurer. Major Pierce is now ad
mitted to be a serious candidate. It Is
impossible to determine at this day
Just what importance his candidacy
will assume. Mr. Sullivan Is making
an active canvass of the county, and
his friends consider the outlook favor
able. Every day there Is additional
evidence that Frank Graham will be
a strong candidate, and as It looks now
the fight will be between Sullivan and
Graham, with Buckstaff or KImmell a
possibility In case both of these
fall to win. Buckstaff Is sure of his
ward, and KImmell is in a fair way to
carry the Fifth. Harry Abbott still
carries around with him title deeds to
the First ward. Charley Branson will
have Yankee Hill and some additional
following. Greenameyer has the prom
ise of a good suport and Reller and
"Weller and two or three other candi
dates are In the field for votes. The
county central committee will meet
Monday to call the convention, when
there will be a test of strength. An
early convention may be regarded as
favorable to Graham.
The new bicycle track at the M street
park was tried by a large number of
local wheelmen Thursday night and
there Is every indication that it will be
one of the fastest tracks in the coun
try. George Woods and E. E. Mockett
have given the building of the track
their personal supervision, and It will
be in prime condition for today's races,
when the new track will be given its
first formal trial. The races will be
gin at 2:30, and there will be eight dif
ferent events, with entries from all
nearby states. Frederickson. who will
participate In the sextuplet race with
the New York Central express June 20,
will ride In the professional race against
Mockett and others, and there will be
many other noted racers. The prizes
will aggregate nearly $1,000, and It is
the intention of the management to
make this Decoration day race a lead
ing wheel event, and It Is believed that
some records may be broken today.
The admission price is 25 cents.
If you decide a wheel to buy
And do not know which one to try
Step In at Rohlfl's.
The Norwood's sound
And if for symmetry and grace
'Tis not the best In all the place
I'll give in and say I am wrong
For praising up the wheel so strong.
But when I know they are made so well
And still for a $100 sell.
It calls to mind that a one hoss "shay"
Which Oliver Wendell Holmes did say
Was made so strong In felloe and spoke
It ran a hundred years then broke
And so with the Norwood.We can say
'Twill run a hundred years to a day;
And then of a sudden 'twill ah! but
'Twill sell to the pawn broker for more
Than many a wheel that has seen but
a day.
Elaborate arrangements have been
made for the opening of the popular
resort. Burlington beach and Salt Lake,
today. There will be free bathing, free
steamboat rides and in the evening a
grand free band concert from 7 to 9,
after which there will be dancing. The
beach has ben brightened up and Man
ager Dorgan expects to make it much
more attractive than ever this summer.
All of the boats have been gone over,
and are now In excellent condition.
They will be rented upon the same
terms as last year. Music every even
ing at the beach. Manager Dorgan has
made a new departure in rebating the
admission price. 10 cents, to every per
son who goes boating or bathing.
Don't make up your mind on a bicycle
before seeing the makes handled by
Billmeyer & Sadler, 1133-35 M street.
First publication May 30.
Notice of foreclosure of chattel mort
gage by sale of mortgaged property.
Whereas. On the 7th day of March,
1896, C. C. Clemens executed and de
livered to Lew Marshall a certain chat
tel mortgage conveying one "Turnbull"
lumber box farm wagon to secure the
payment of one certain promissory
note for $13.50 by C. C. Clemens, exe
cuted on the 7th day of March, 1896,
due May 7. 1896. said mortgage being
filed of record with the county clerk
of Lancaster county, Nebraska, May
23, 1896, and demand having been made
and payment refused, notice is hereby
given that I will sell the above de
scribed property at public sale to the
highest bidder, said sale to take place
at 1224 U street at 10 a. m.. Tuesday,
June 23. 1896. LEW MARSHALL.
June 20.
S Makers of the Delicious ice cream
5 finest confectionery and ices, nut ice cream, j
always fresh. all flavors.
, The newest and Families served promptly. JS
( most palatable The best soda water and A
candy specialties. cooling drinks, and J
Jg Bon-boos, etc. pleasant parlors. JJ
I 12 & 0, Funke Opera House Corner
Large assortment ot ele
gant bed room sets, parlor
suits, upholstered and
plain old chairs, all sizes,
unique center tables,
desks, bric-a-brac, etc.
A very choice lot ot bruss
els carpet, best make; Ax
minster, rich designs; in
grain carpets; matting and
exquisite rugs all sizes and
230-238 S. WST.
Full line of cooking uten
sils at prices way below
Window shades, curtains
lace curtains, window shade
fixings, etc.
Fine brass bed steads, antique side boards, an
tique bed room sets, beautiful lounges, beauti
ful aivans.
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