The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, May 30, 1896, Image 10

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ly one may be here now to visit her
stater, Mrs. D. E. Thompson.
Neat week Guy Hurlbut and Miss
Grace Oakley and possibly others will
Mr. and Mrs. W. L Kelley of Cincin
nati, who have been visiting their son,
' W. JP. Keller, left for Mt. Pleasant, la.,
Mrs. W. F. Keller's former home, this
week. The Kelleys were en tertalned by
the McMurtrys Tueaday.
Mr. Howell was In the city Sunday
and left the first of the week for An
aapoliB to faMU his official duUes as a
member of the United States naval vis
Kmg board. McDowell is such a lucky
wmow. He never -holds less than two
or three appointments.
J It were not .for the fraternities
" would be stoWi It Is .getting
"tfcfed and warm. Some of us are think
Ja of renting a cottage at Crete for
week or two. I am afraid that Is as
far away as we will get this summer.
Crete le a beautiful place and the
Blue -haaks are cooler than the city
ad greener, bat young people have
twmys been afraid to go to Crete
see the papers there roasted the
party &m. did try H for awhile. Per
haps the er who think of going to
Crete will go to Mllford Instead, only
there are no cottages there.
The Phi Delta Theta fraternity gave
a party at Burlington beach on Tues
day Bight About fifty couples were
present. The men wore white trous
ers and sack coats and high spirits.
Miss WUloughby's orchestra furnished
the mmc Jack says the floor of the
pavalon to the only good dancing
or here. For warm weather tt is
Jwt perfect. Don't you know you said
e yowself the flrt time you went to
a party there? It is just as nice as
ever and under John Dorgan's care
the pavilion 'and refreshment room
have been cleaned and papered so
-that everything Is ship shape. It to
comfortable to try dancing to a
he ate these nights. At the beach
everyone has to dance to keep warm,
except a few whose last years' course
fat Encash literature has been devoted
the "Poets ot the Vague," Shelley,
Keats and ByronThey naturally prefer
moonlight and the wash of the wave
to dance music I was standing near
a boat that was built for two and I
heard him exclaim, after quoting
Sarnie, and John and Frank: "Oh!
Shelley would have liked tonight."
Hb companion replied: "Shelley;
Shelley who?" He explained and added
that he thought they would better re
tnm to the pavilion. I suppose she
ever knew why the moonlight ceased
gUmmer and the upper classman
wrest Jootiiy
3Te reception held by the vestry
and members of Trinity church for the
new rector. Rev. H. P. Silver, on
evening was a great suc-
The clergy of the. city, mdud-
Vr. Chaptw. Mr. Rowlands and
.were present. They were glad
of the eypoitaaKy te meet Mr. Silver
m were cordwHy received oy the
memhers of the church.
vYhe reception and entertaining com
mtMee were aa follows: Messrs. and
Mesdames R- H. Oakley, R. O. Phll
llpps, . C. Miller, A. B. Coffroth, E.
R. Slier W. W. Hackney, J. B. Hor
ton, R. P. R. Miliar, H. J. Walsh, J. C.
Kier. C H. Rudge, W. A. Rankin, C.
C. Waldo, E. P. Swing, J. H. Harley,
Dr. William Greene, George Ralston;
Misses Bninaon, Dunn, Miller, Hoh
man; 'Messrs. Guy A. Brown, D. C.
Van Duyh, James Hearn, Jr., E. P.
Brown, G. I. Horn.
The committee of ladies, Mesdames
Fuller. Hurlbut, Hozie, Waldo, Ew
ing, Rudge and Miss Cowdery, trans
formed the basement of the church
into a drawing room. Mr. Rudge fur
nished them with lace curtains, orien
tal rugs and rattan furniture so that
even the Sunday school did not know
the place. Mtos Branson and Mrs.
Wade, assisted by several young
ladies, served ice.
I feel more interested in the Episco
pal church than any other since I
bard Jack say that when he settles
down that is the church he thinks his
family will wish to attend. As for me
I like one as well as another. The
new rector says that there are more
pretty girls in that church than any
other. Jack to growing more serious
minded lately. He has had several
very solemn talks with me on the
porch. He says he hates that electric
light in front of the house. Mama
has always told me when I got mar
ried she would buy my furniture, so
yesterday when I was passing Rudge
St Morris' store I went in. I should
like to furnish my rooms in rattan
furniture. Mama says I can have any"
kind I want within a certain sum. I
am going fo get the cheaper kinds of
furniture, not to look at, but con
fidentially. Then three-fourths of the
money I shall spend on rugs. Mr.
Rudge has some beauties. A real
oriental nig will last forever Ameri
ca forever and Imparts more dis
tinction than any amount of varnish.
Jack tries to dissuade me from going
to parties. He says he likes to sit out
on the porch In spite of that old light.
I like parties though.
Tomorrow. Saturday, there will be a
gay tally-no party at the bicycle races.
I am not In it. but I suppose it will be
gay, anyway. I hear the tally-hoers
will be Messrs. Joyce. Morrison, Harry
Lansing. Mallalleu, Ray Welch, Hurl
but, -Mason, Will Clark, Haughton,
Reese and Low; Misses Hudson. Nance,
Grace Oakley. Mae Moore. Rinehart,
Hollowbush. Marie Marshall, Griffith.
Slaughter. Maud Oakley, Latta. Ths
party is, or will be, the result of Messrs.
Joyce and Morrison's enterprise.
I hear the man to whom Miss Quick
of Des Moines is to be married June
3 Is ill with pneumonia, but they ex
pect to have the ceremony performed.
Miss Mame Carson is with Miss Quick
I have received Invitations for an "at
home" at Mrs. M. 1. Altken's Monday
afternoon la honor of Mrs. Prbuty and
Mrs. Brown of Des Moines.
SEWARD, Neb., May 26. (Special
Correspondence The Courier.) On
my tour in search of subscribers for
The Courier, information as to crops
and pointers as to politics, I find in
Seward, 'ay starting point, a gratify
ing number of the former, a brighter
crop outlook than there has been for
years, and no scarcity of politics. Sew
ard has a candidate for the nomination
for presidential elector In the person of
George A. Derby. He is eighty years
old and a life-long republican of the old
school. He is a' much esteemed resi
dent of Seward county.
The Seward History and Art club is
a notable organization of women, offi
cered by Mrs. 8'. C. Langworthy, presi
dent; Mrs. A. Anderson, vice-president;
Mrs. F. A. Marsh, secretary; Mrs. S. D.
Atkins, treasurer. Mrs. John Cattle.
Mrs. T. L. Norval and Mrs. D. C Mc
Killip are among the prominent mem
bers. W. D. Bowers, deputy county treas
urer, and Hon. Alfred Hiller and others
with whom I talked take a hopeful view
of Nebraska and look for a genuine re
vival this fall.
I find a number of people here who
think favorably of C. E. Adams as a
candidate for governor. Louis Helmer
of Valparaiso, candidate for state
treasurer, is in town. He asks no
favors of the railroad company he
rides a wheel. R.
Leopold Lewis' great dramatic study..
"Tha Bells" will be presented Decora
tion day, Saturday, May 30, at the
Funke opera house. Mr. Short, who
plays the leading role of Mathias, is a
graduate of the American school of
dramatic art, and late' of Daniel Froh
man's Lyceum theatre Stock company
of New: Xork. Seats on sale Thursday
at 9 a. m. at Dunn's drug store. Reg
ular prices-SSc, 50c. 75c and tU
The Nebraska McKinley club wUl
have a special train of sleepers from
Lincoln to St Louis to attend the re-,
publican convention, leaving Lincoln
about 3:20 p. m., June 15, via. Missouri
The total cost, including sleeping car
for five days, attendance, etc, will be
but 125. While in St. Louis the cars
will be located three blocks from the
convention auditorium, with complete
sanitary arrangements provided for.
All desiring to avail themselves of this
privilege will communicate with F. W
Collins, secretary and treasurer Ne
braska McKinley club.
Is the subject of a little pamphlet pub
lished by the North-Western line, giv
ing a large amount of information re
garding the lake regions of Minnesota
and Wisconsin. For copy address City
Ticket Agent, 117 South Tenth street,
Lincoln, Neb.
Friday. May 39.
Yours lovingly.
John Drew, with a stronger company
than usual and his support has al
ways been the very best that Charles
Frohman could secure will appear at
the Lansing theatre Monday, June 1.
Mr. Drew comes direct from New York,
where he played the entire theatrical
season through, being opened at the
Empire theatre there early last Sep
tember, and closed at the Garrick thea
tre recently. In all he was before the
New York public about thirty weeks,
and every one of these weeks found
him playing to the capacity of the thea
tre in which he happened to be appear
ing, for during the time he played In
three theatres in all. There is no other
star who could have achieved such a
New York season. Mr. Drew encoun
tered every novelty that visited or was
originated in the eastern metropolis,
and was not only not affected by their
opposition, but far and away survived,
them all. During his stay he made two
comedy successes, and these are the
plays in which he will be seen during
hte western tour.
Miss Maud Adams, who has been Mr.
Drew's leading lady during the four
years in which he has been Charles
Frohman's star, still holds that re
sponsible position. The other mem
bers of the organization are Annie
Irish, Gladys Wallace. Ethel Barry
more, Annie Adams, Harry Harwood,
Arthur Byron, Lewis Baker, Leslie Al
len. Herbert Ayellng and Frank Lamb.
The sale of seats to now open at the
Lansing pharmacy, at prices ranging
from $1.59 down.
Well the new flyer leaving Lincoln at
330 p. m. via Missouri Pacific will, sare
you several hours to St. "Louis, Cincin
nati. New York and all eastern points,
and connections are made in the St.
Louis union station, the most expen
sive, completn and finest in the world
Any information or sleeeping car berthe
at city ticket office 1201 O St.
The very best of every thin g in th
drug, stationer and notion Hoe, lowest
prices, at Roy's.
Every purchaser ot
9 1 worth of goods
will receive a cou
pon worth 10 cte,
to apply on future
purchase. 5c cou
pon with 50c
Riggs Pharmacy
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