The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, May 16, 1896, Image 9

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If eo this will interest you. Every Rambler rider
who goes the mile in less than
paced orunpaced, at any Functioned L.A.W. race
rill receive an
Xrr&tellisli.ecl souvenir
with name ind details of performance engrave 1
upon it. Riders of
Any otlir wheel
fitted with J. & G, tires will receive a little less
valuablo souvenir for like performance. The
holder of the greatest number of "two min
ute" souvenirs by Jan 1, 1897 will receivo a
grand souvenir.
J. R. GfrUTHRIS, 1540 O St,
i !mJi
Personal Mention
Dr. Frank N. Riale. who Is supplying
the pulpit of the First Presbyterian
church, is a scholar of fine taste, wide
experience and thorough training. In
18S7 he took the Williams Fellowship at
Harvard university. He Is a frequent
contributor to the Popular Science
Monthly and other magazines. He was
a member of the Advisory Council "f
Parliament of Religions. The Saturday
Review, Des Moines, in an article on
Dr. Riale's departure from that city,
said: "He is a man who stands well to
the front, not only In his profession, but
in the held of scientific religious thought
and literature. He is one of a group of
men In this country, related to similar
groups in France, England and Ger
many, who believe the time has come
when the religions of the world should
be scientifically investigated and classi
fied. Spiritual facts, 'heart facts, must
be classified as physical and scientific
facts have been."
Ex-Governor Thayer has returned
from Beatrice.
Mrs. Peter DIerks has gone to New
Albany, X. Y.
George McArthur, George B. Scott,
Ben Floyd and Lew Franklin are In
camp near Ashland. They will remain
several days, hunting and fishing.
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Mary have re
turned from their wedding tour.
Rev. E. H. Chapin delivered a lecture
on "The Bond of Social Unity," at the
meeting of Capital City lodge No. 80. A.
O. U. W "Wednesday evening.-
The twenty-eight annual meeting of
the Nebraska state medical society will
be held in the federal building of this
city. May 19, 20 and 21. Dr. J. E. Sum
mers, Jr., of Omaha is president and Dr.
"W. M. Everett of Lincoln chairman of
the committee of arrangements. The
local committee consists of Drs. H. B.
Lowry, G- H. Simmons and J. H. Tyn
dale. The Lincoln medical society will
give a banquet on the evening of the
20th at the LIndell hotel.
A. W. Field and C. T. Boggs visited
Omaha the first of the week In the In
terest of the local racing association.
The Round Table will meet at the
Commercial club May 18. Mr. R. E.
Moore will lead the discussion which
will be on the subject of universal suffrage.
The severe wind which caused so
much damage yesterday afternoon, un
roofed the two-story brick building nt
133 South Ninth street, one of the old
est brick buildings In the city, havlnff
been built in 74. The heavy rains which
followed did much damage to the stock
of harness and etc, contained therein.
The entire stock will be sold at barelv
cost of manufacture. Call and examine
the big bargains. Nothing reserved.
that you can cve any member of the
family, even though it be the smallest
tot, without harm, on account of the
absolute purity and freedom from in
jurious substances. Frank M. Rector.
"Ephemar." 1211 O St.
Beginning May 10th the Missouri Pa
cific will run a new fast dally train
leaving Lincoln at 3:20 p. m., arriving
at Kansas City at 11:00 p. m. and at St.
Louis at 7:20 a. m.. making direct con
nections at new St. Louis union sta
tion with all east bound trains.
The Flier will make better time by
several hours to St. Louis. CIncinnatti.
Washington. New York and to all east
ern points, than any otherline out of
Lincoln. It is a screamer.
For Information about rates, connec
tions, ets, or for sleeping car berths,
call at city ticket office. 1201 O street.
F. D. CORNELL, C. P. & T. A.
ING. The annual Sutton & Hollowbush op
ening will occur today. Hagenow's or
chestra will furnish music. Each lady
purchaser will be presented with a Cap
Jasamlne and a box of candy. The beau
tiful soda fountain, presided over by
an expert, will furnish delicious refresh
ment for the thirsty.
"Queen Victoria." Ladies" Favorite
Her Majesty's Perfume, is the most
lasting and perfect Perfuice. Ask
I' the Druggist" for a sample.
Empress Josephine toilet preparation
face bleach, face tonic, hair tonic, etc.
at Kleinkauf & Grimes', 117 North 11th
Don't make up your mind on a bicycle
before seeing the makes handled by
Billmeyer & Sadler, 1133-35 M street.
Well Dressed Men.
There are oiany nobby suits seen on
our streets this spring. They come
from the shop of Paine, Warfelit Bum
stead.who have the largest and finest as
sortment of woolens ever 6een in Lincoln
"Ephemar" ice cream is the best.
FranK. M, Rector, 1211 O St.
A comfortable California trip can be
taken every Thursday at 10:30 a. m. in a
through tourist sleeping car, Lincoln to
Los Angelos without chance via the
Burlington. Remember this when ar
ranging for your winter trip. Depot
ticket office, 7th street between P and
Q streets. City office, corner Tenth and
O streets.
(First Publication May 16. 1896.)
Edward Olcott. etc., vs. Edward O. O.
Lawrence, et al.. 18-100.
To Benjamin A. Gibson, Mary C. Gib
son, his wife, Alexander S. Porter, De
wit C. Wheeler, William H. Sullivan.
and Mrs. Sullivan, his wife, first
real name unknown, non-resident de
fendants: You and each of you are hereby no
tified that on April 18th. 1896, Edward
Olcott. as executor of the last will and
testament of George Olcott, deceased.
Francis C. Faulkner, as assignee of The
Connecticut River Savings Bank, and
The Connecticut River National Bank,
a corporation, as plaintiffs, began an
action against you and other defend
ants In the District Court of Lancaster
County, Nebraska, the object of which
is to foreclose a certain mortgage on the
following land in said county, to-wit
The southeast quarter of the southwest
quarter of section number 11, town 10
north of range 6, east of the 6th Princi
pal Meridian, made by Edward O. C
Lawrence, dated June 26th, 1893, to se
cure the payment of five promissory
notes of said Edward O. C. Lawrnce to
said Benjamin A. Gibson, four being
for $5,000 each, and one for $10,000.
amounting In the aggregate to the sum
of $30,000.00 on which there is now due
$30,000. with interest from June 26th,
1S93, at ten per cent per annum.
Plaintiffs pray for decree of foreclos
ure and sale of said land to satisfy said
Hens as aforesaid, for deficiency Judg
ment and general relief.
You are required to answer plaintiffs
petition on or before the 22d day of June.
Edward Olcott, as executor, et al..
By S. L. Gelsthardt. Attorney.
June 6 G.
"'N fc- " W .
S5sss3 liSSSSSSSSeSsi
Insure your wheel in the American Wheelman's Protective
association. New wheel if your's is stolen
Model 181X1. These
much desired arti
cles can now be had of
C A. WIRICK, 121T O St
Mrs. TURBETT, Prop. 427 North 10 St.
Lincoln, Neb.
If you desire a nice, pleasant quiet place to board you
should go to the Albion Cafe. Everything nice and
neat and every pains taken to make it the most desirable
place in the city to take your meals. A splendnl,. well
cooked, well served dinner every day in the week for 15c.
f -&"
Removing Dandruff, preventing the
hair from turning gray, and pro
moting a luxuriant growth, no finer
thing can be used than the electric
treatment, given by Mrs Demarest
at Herpolsheimer's store