The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, May 16, 1896, Image 8

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LOT NO. 150 dozen Leghorn Hats, in
black and white, worth 50c
". for 19c each
LOT NO. 280 dozen opera straw sail
ors, all colors, high or low crowns,
worth 40c for 19c each
LOT NO. 3-63 dozen Pearl Straw Sail
ors, ir black, brown and navy,
high or low crown, worth 50c....
for 19c each
LOT NO. 4.-25 dczen Union Milan
Flats, in black only. The proper
thing for the garden. Well worth
45c .. for 19c each
LOT NO 5.- 33 dozen American Beauty
Roses, with foliage, all colors.
Worth as high as 65c
for only 19c por bunch
LOT NO. 625 dozen Beautiful Long
Wreaths, all the colois. Others
sell them for 50c for 19c
FREE We give away an after dinner cup and saucer, an individual cream and sugar, a cream pitcher, or
bon bon basket, with evry $3.00 purchase.
Miss Penelope, Omaha
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with Mrs. Potter Palmer. Now, do you
suppose it is possible that any one
would think that a person who had
moved among the high grade wheels
In Omaha would consent to live on a
side street in Chicago? I guss not.
Mrs. Lander has established a salon,
which the most ambitious of us here
have never succeeded in doing "l.s
cause. sighed one woman, whose aspira
tions had been frost-bitten, "because,
considering the men we have to enter
tain, a saloon would be better patron
ized." The Misses Black of Chicago are the
guests ot and Mrs. Manderson.
A farewell hop was given at the Post
Saturday evening in honor of Lieut,
and Mrs. Wright. Lieut, Arrowsmith
has been granted two months leave of
absence and together with Mrs. Ar
rowsmith, nee Hughes, will go to Hot
Springs. Ark., for a while.
Marguerite Prltchett has issued invi
tations to a hundred and twenty-five
of her young friends bidding them come
and make merry with her at a birth
day dance on the 19th. Marguerite is
one of the most ideal pictures of bud
ding girlhood. Her sweet serious little
face, and gretchen braids appeal to
one. and make a picture not easily for
gotten. If you see her as I did recently
in her own little birds nest. looking over
her acceptances and regrets! She man
ages this event quite herself the nest
Ib worthy of her, all the dainty, beauti
ful appearances of childhood, mingled
with the vogue shadow of dawning
womanhood are here, and I cry invol
untarily, "Oh! spirit of young children,
look on us, with regard not quite es
trayed." the smoke and dirt of battle
is thick upon us. breathe a benediction
from the chapel of your innocence.
Omaha. May 13. 1896.
to chapel The young ladies partic
ularly in question were Misses Milliken
and Woods. They have been secured by
Delta Gamma. Both the ladies and
the fraternity are to be congratulated.
Yale Sophmores Use Flour.
Beautiful and artistic photographs
who does not admire them? Have you
examined the work now being done in
this line by the Elite Studio. T. W.
Townsend, proprietor, 226 so Eleventh
st? Experts declare this work to be
unsurpassed. Mr. Townsend uses all
the latest appliances and ideas in
photography, and his work gives 'him
the title of art photographer. The
Elite studio is also headquarters for
frames and mould'ngs. Frames can be
made up in any style, and the stock is
the largest and best assorted in
the city. Fine photographs and moul
dings at the Elite Studio.
226 So. 11th St
At Sutton & HoIIowbush's opening to
day thirty flavors of ice-cream and ices
will be served, some of the novelties be
ing Bomba glace. Bisque of glace. Froz
en Egg Nogg. Tutti Frulttl Nesselrode
Pudding. Charlotte Russe de glac
Frozen Pudding. Queen Victoria, etc
ACQUISITIONS The j oune ladies
who were noticed recently receiving con
gratulations in the library had not won
prizes, nor been married, as many sup
posed. They had been invited to join
a Greek letter fraternity, and had
accepted. Then is a growing tendency
to advertise acquisitions of this kind in
chapel, but since the chancellor has
brought so much pressure to bear to
enforce order in chapel, the girls have
been compelled to hold their receptions
in the library. It is an improvement,
as more people go to the library than
DRILL Members of the battalion
can drill almost any time now. Drill
is supposed to require but three hours
per week, but the companies are drill
ing about three hours per day. The
annual competitive drill comes of in a
few weeks, and each company is trying,
not to drill better than the other, but
to drill more.
course of preparation a pamphlet of
library ethics. It will be followed by
one on chapel ethics. Chancellor
MacLean has some valuable matter on
this subject, but he reserves it entirely
for members of the Greak letter fraternities.
said he missed the first part because the
other fellow got on the ladder first. Dr.
Abbot said that Allen got the Hesper
ian tickets, and Cap caught him before
he got half way up to the window;
so he didn't see any of the show. Bob
Manley said he came in at the door and
the exhibition was fine. Dean Gard
ner had a front seat and said that his
ticket was cheap at 82.
UNWASHED There is a difference
of opinion as to who are entitled to the
use of the university baths. We have
taken the trouble to get the opinions of
leading members of the faculty and
the student body. Dr. Wolfj says the
exclusion of some of the students from
these privileges tends to create an
aristocracy, and he is therefore unalter
ably opposed to limiting the privilege
of the nath rooms. Dr. Lees says that
every Greek youth was not only allowed
free uBe of the academy bath roomj but
was required, as chapel is now required
in some small sectarian schools, such as
Doane. We ought not to recede from
the position of the Greeks. Mr Otto
Meir, of the student body, said he be
lie veu in the "sacred and inalienable
of petition and bath." Mr. Newbranch
said: "Barbarians arise. The castles of
your liberties are stormed. Aristocracy
having defeated us in our former strife,
and placed Phi Betta Kappa in our
midst, must not tain the new foto hold.
Eternal principles are at stake.'
University of Nebraska, May 14.
For the best soda water, ices and
candy, bon bons, etc.. The Courier
recommends Frank M. Rector. 1211 0
W. Morton Smith, of the Courier
foes for Tom Majors, sneers at Jack
IcCol), snorts at Holcomb, (as is) and
finds fault with all the candidates men
tioned up country. He eays among
other things: "Mr. Segdwick, secretary
of the republican state central committ
ee, has used up columns of good space
in his newspaper demanding better men
for public office in this state. Other
editors, in off seasons, have taken up
the cry. Now that the campaign is on
will Mr. Sedgwick prosecute the good
work? Will the other editors who
talked fearlessly but a few months back
have the courage to voice their honest
convictions now?" Mr. Smith must have
hie eye on our Mr. Filley; no other can
didate comes so near his model. Give
us a lift on Filley, Col Smith. Beat
ice Times.
Gago county is to be congratulated
on having as a candidate for governor
a dignified, reputable and worthy man.
Mr. Filley, is, as far as we know, wholly
For a cooling, refreshing drink drop
nto Frank M. Rector's, 1211 O 6treet
Ne-r fountain, the latest drinks.
We originate. Frank M. Rector.
"Ephetuar." 1211 O St.
Rector's confectionery store, 1211 0 st.
Rudy's Pile bupposltory
guaranteed to cure Piles and Con
Btipation, or money refunded. 50 cents
per box. Send two stamps for circular
and Free Sample to Martin Rudy,
Registered Pharmacist, Lancaster, Pa.
No postals answered. For sale by all
first class druggist everywhere. H
T. Clarke Co.. wholesale agents
One hundred and fifty members of
the Yale Scientific School grouped
themselves in front of a camera on the
steps of North Sheffield hall, when
fsom a portico directly above them
mischievous sophs let down a big cloth
sign on which was the legend, ''Baby
Show Here."
A consultation was held at once. The
sign was too high above their heads to
be reached by any one in the group,
and while the consultation w&s in
progress a big bug of flour suddenly
came down from the balcony roof upon
the class, followed by a pail of water,
Both landed squarely on the class group
and immediately formed paste.
Richard Sheldon, one of the fresh
men procured a long rake and with it
pulled down the placard. As it reached
his hands there was a rush for the cloth
in which 500 students took part. Shel
don easily kept the trophy until John
McCullagh swooped down on the crowd
with about twenty seniors and captured
the sign. The rush lasted half an
hour, luring which time recitations in
the Vrfiinus rooms were suspended
while the students joined in the com
bat. 1 his is the greatest rush "Sheff'
has hashai iu years and some suspen
sions are likely to result.
Courier readers should know that the
Northwestern line makes twenty-five
minutas the fastest time to Chicago
and has superb dining and sleeping car
service. City office 117 South Tenth
Fine Confectionery !
1211 O St.
Corner 10 and P ss
Fine soaps, perfumes, stationery and cigars. Heavy drugs; lubricating oils, paints, glass,
etc You receive the best of attention, the best of goods, and the best "of prices. Pres
cription work carefully and honestly performed. Garden seeds, bulk. Specially low prices
for the balance of the season.
I, lill
I P 818.