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hard as In the Methodist church, and
no church with a congregational form
of government that allows women so
little power. Probably there Is no dan
ger of their rebellion because .of con
tinued oppression, but desertion would
bring the conference to terms. There
is something the matter. It may with
the principle that bases representa
tion on taxation. If It apply to only one
half of the race lt is no principle, but
a fad that time will wear out. Anyway
the Methodists ought to be quiet here
after about ;the assumed privileges of
women hi "a Christian land."
The New York Dramatic Mirror of
last week has a picture of a proscenium
curtain painted by Gates and Morange,
for a theatre in Springfield, Mass. The
reproduction Is in black and white, of
course, but even If the color Is not on a
level with the compomtlon It can not
but be beautlful.The subject is revellers
leaving a masque ball. A group of ladles
are descending the conventional pros
cenium steps to the carriages below.
Over their heads is a canopy as graceful
and effective as those carried In a
Greek procession, where the votive of
fering is protected by just such an
"awning. The carriages wind through
lovely grounds and disappear through
a gate upheld by massive posts. No
words can reproduce the movement,
vibration, gaiety of the curtain. And
again the composition is excellent. It
is surrounded by cupids and lovely
forms long since called by the theatrical
painter Melpomene and Thalia. "These
panels are treated In a quiet terra cotta
monochrome, and the top panel in soft,
warm yellows, In this manner avoiding
any conflict with the picture." With
such a curtain as this before their eyes
an audience will not have that gone,
desolate feeling when the curtain comes
down, even upon the finest actors and
the most seductive play. Any delays at
the beginning or In the course of the
play can be easily endured when the
audience has forms so lovely to gaze at.
The artists are Gates and Morange.
The .names are repeated so that If hap
pily there be a capitalist In Nebraska
who thinks of building a theatre or of
ordering a new curtain, perchance he
may see it, and our sun-dazzled eyes be
rested and bathed in beauty when vie
make a holiday and go to the theatre.
The curtain will go up for the first time
on the all-star caste of "The Rivals."
S. B. H.
It? Well, I guess yes. There are exact
ly fourteen men In Lincoln who are now
living with their second wives who have
never paid me for their first wife's cof
tln. If you don't believe what I say I
will show you the names on my looks.
Why, day before yesterday. In walking
from my place of business to the post
office I passed four men, each now pro
vided with a second wife who have on
many occasions given me the icy face
and disappointing negative when I
have gentlv Intimated that It would be
fit and pro er to pay for the funeral ex
penses of wife No. 1.
"I am opposed to second marriages be
cause when a man who owes me for the
expenses Incidental to the departure of
the first partner takes another I know
I am almost certain never to get my
money. I always feel that there Is some
hope so long as my man remains sin
gle. "Yes, there are some exceptions. A
few weeks ago a man, he was a Ger
man, rushed Into my place and demand
ed his bill. I had burled his wife not a
great while before, but up to this time
he had shown a passive, far away air
every time I suggested liquidation.
Now he was promptness Itself. After
he paid the money he Inquired so
llcltlously If that squared everything.
I told him It did, and out of gratitude
was just on the point of showing him
some novelties In coffin specialties I
had Just received when he asked me to
go with him. I went, and we proceeded
down town to the store of a friend of
his, and there In the back end was a
minister and a lady who was waiting
to be made my patron's bride. He
wanted me to act as a witness to his
marriage. It was a little out of my
line, but I will do anything to oblige a
friend. An undertaker's life Is a very
funny life."
oration of women's clubs' to be held in
Louisville. Ky., May 7, by Mrs. A. W.
Fieltl. O.her representative? of Ne
braska will be Mrs. Z. F. Lindsay,
Wahoo. chairman of the state federation;
Mrs. 11. llellar. Omaha, delegate and
vice-prt-t-iilcnt; Mrs. II. S. Jaynes, Mrs.
W. II. Halford and Mies Mary Fair
brother, editor of the Woman's Week
ly, the three latter aUo of Omaha: Mrs.
U. M. Stoutenbrnugh.Plattsmouth; Mrs.
M. L. Allen, Beatrice.
Saturday Geo. D. Meiklejohn arrived
in the city and established his gube
natorial boom in comfortable quarters
in the Capital liutel. Mr. Meiklejohn
expects to remain in Nebraska unless
he should be sent fur to vote on some
legislation of interest to Nebraska, and
he will devote his time excluei vely to
pushing his candidacy along. Monday
night ht left on visit through the state,
and he will be gone most of the coming
week. Much interest has been awak
ened in Meklejohn's canvas, and his
friends express the utmost confidence
that he wdl be victorious at the state
1'ht-se popular cards arc again for sale
at 10 cents per pack, and thousands aro
buying them. They aro the slickest
iard you over handled, nnd 10 cents in
stamps cr coin per pack will secure one
or n.ore packs
If money order, draft or stamps for
live packs is received (viz., 50 cents) we
will send them by express, charges paid.
Orders for single packs are sent by mail,
If you want each pack to contain an
elegant engraved whist rules, remit with
your order 2 cents extra per pack.
Johm Sf.iiastia.n, G.P A
The very best or everything in the
drug, stationery nnd notion line, lowest
prices, at Roy's.
Purple Pansy, Her Jhn'esty's Per
finite, has that delicate, yet rcjlnetl and
lasting odor, much desired by the con
sinner, Riggs, the Druggist, is head
quarters for all the latest Toilet arti
cles, corner Ttcelth and Ostreets.
For County Treasurer
Men who would be county treas
urer think of the conditions that will
have to be met at the special county
convention and then hesitate about an
nouncing their candidacy. There will
be only one nomination to be made at
this convention and consequently there
can be no trading. It Is feared that the
most potent argument before the con
vention will be the financial argument.
Politicians assert that the nomination
-will cost the successful aspirant be
tween $1,500 and $2,000. If elected he
can serve only three years and owing to
the stringent times there will be many
Of course Mr. Sullivan, the present
incumbent, Is a candidate. He has
some good supporting strength.
Dan Kelley, who was "spoken of."
looked the field over, and said he would
not be a candidate.
Jake Roche Is regarded as a lusty
candldate. He has held the office be
fore, but the people have confidence
In him. It Is whispered that Charley
Branson may be a candidate. Major
Pierce of Waverly is said to be halting
between doubt and fear.
Harry Abbott will probably have the
First ward for treasurer. Mayor Gra
ham says he will be a candidate. It is
intimated that he will use his candi
dacy to prepare for easier sailing next
spring, when he would like to be re
turned as mayor. O. W. Webster has
1 been Importuned to be a candidate, but
he continues to manifest a coy reti
cence. Aaron Buckstaff In the Fourth
ward says openly that he Is a candi
date, while R. B. Graham of the same
ward remains In a brown study. A. D.
Borgelt is a candidate and there Is
likely to be another candidate In the
Fifth. John B. Cunningham has been
The latest candidates are Kiminel
and Mauley in theFifth ward.
Call on Frank M. Rector, 1211 O St.,
and be refreshed at the finest onyx soda
fountain in the state.
Everything is absolutely pure and
clean at Frank M. Rector's, 1211 0 St
Federation of Women's
Trilby's "Truthful pills" is a specific
in all tases of kidney and liver toublee
Just one pellet at night does the work
At Riggs pharmacy cor 12 and O. will h represented at the
biennnial meeting of the General Fed
Fine cigars at Kleinkauf & Grimes'
drug store, 117 North 11th st.
Every purchaser of
II worth of goods
will receive a cou
pon worth 10 cts,
to apply on future
purchase. Sc cou
pon with 50c
Riggs Phahmacy
12 &Q
plnrtrBB t WE- W fJEBB1- K'jXimm .t UiHla
An Undertaker on Second
An Eleventh street undertaker
doesn't believe in second marriages.
The general subject of second mar
riages may not be In any way affected
by what the Eleventh street under
taker thinks; but, nevertheless, he Is
entitled to be heard.
"Say," he remarked to a Courier rep
resentative the other day. "it Is my
opinion that somehow a man's moral
sense is blasted when he takes a second
header Into matrimony. Can I prove.
Of Unooln Normal University, cvt Lincoln, Nebt
PREPARATORY COURSE FOR YOUNG TEACH!-RS -Classes will be organized at the opening of this term
that will specially fit the needs of this class of our patrons. Our regular instructors will have charge of this work.
COLLEGE PREPARATORY STUDIES Students who desire to make up some Latin, Greek, German, or other
studies preparatory to entering college somewhere this fall will find this summer school the best place in Nebraska to do
this work. Grades made here in these studies will be accepted at the State University of Nebraska and at other high
grade institutions.
HIGH SCHOOL PREPARATORY STUDIES Pupils in the grammar grades of our city schools, desirous of en
tering the high school this fall, but lacking the necessary preparation in one or more studies, should by all means come to
our summer school to make the grades required.
Speololtle.H to be EmphaMlzed In o.x Summer School.
Child Study Third Grade Certificate Studies
School Superintendence College Prepara.or Studies
Methods of Teaching State Certificate Studies
Nature Study High School Preparatory Studies
First Grade Certificate Studies . . . Latin, Greek, German. French
Second Grade Certificate Studies . . . Course for Young Principals
For complete information address HILL, 3JT BELL, AI. S9 Pxe.cfta9 Normal, Lincoln. Neb.
ti AfffijBr fari.i. -