The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, October 26, 1895, Image 13

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In these closing days of the campaign
the republican central committee is
receiving many specially encouraging
rejxirtB from all sections of the county.
Perhaps novor beforo has there been
such an aggressive campaign waged us
in the present instance. Thocommittco
has thought best to put the larger part
of tho effort in meetings, and for two or
three weeks past many meetings have
been held nightly, and almost every
country school house, city hall or wher
ever tho rallies havo been held, have
been crowded to their utmost capacity.
Tho best speakers of the party havo
been secured and they havo given freely
of their time. All this has been in
marked contrast to tho proceedings of
tho populist committee. It has been
doubtless noticed that there have been
practically no populist mass meetings
or speeches. Now, in tho first place, the
populists have found it impossible to
secure speakers who would compete with
tho republican orators. There are only
one or two men available for this pur
pose. Then there seems to be an ac
knowledgement on tho part of tho popu
list committee that the cause is hopeless
so far as making new converts is con
cerned, and all efforts have been bent
towards making what is known as a
financial campaign. All other argu
ments havo been subordinated to the
money argument. The "winning ways"
of some of tho populist candidates have
provoked much discussion, and the
trend of this discussion is unfavorable
to the populist candidates. The report
that one candidate on the populist
ticket, in order to secure the withdrawal
of an opposing candidate, offered him a
considerable sum of money, has been
followed by many other similar reports
of the free expenditure of money for
political purposes. There Beems to bo
an inexhaustible amount of money at
tho disposal of populist candidates,
which is distributed freely, and some of
the political workers who are in politics
for what there is in it have found in
these candidates a veritable mine. The
republican candidates have neither the
ability nor tho inclination to pursue this
sort of a canvass, but it is not thought
that they have lost anything thereby.
Tho better element of people is not at
all influenced by the methods above
cited. Messrs. Trompen and Low, who
have been compelled to make a stronger
fight than tho rest of the republican
candidates, have not attempted to com
pete with Messrs. Miller and Baker
aiong financial lines. They have gone
out among the voters of the county hon
estly and frankly stating their position,
The doctors tell us, now-a-days, that disease germs
are everywhere; in the air, in the water, in our food,
clothes, money ; that they get into our bodies, live
there, thrive and grow, if they find any thing to thrive on .
Consumption is the destruction of lung-tissue by
germs where the lung is too weak to conquer them.
The remedy is strength vital force.
Scott's Emulsion, with hypophosphites, means the
adjustment of lung strength to overcome germ-life.
It is fighting the germ with the odds in our favor.
These tiny little drops of fat-food make their way
into the system and re-fresh and re-invigorate it.
Whether you succeed with it or not depends on how
good a start the germs had, and how carefully you can
live. The shortest way to health is the patient one.
The gain is often slow.
50 cenu and si.oo SCOTT & BOWNE, cbeaiits. New York
it ie probable that this candidate in try
ing to get on both sides of the fence at
the same timo will lose votes from both
It is no secret that the populist can
didate for clerk of tho district court is
making a determined effort to securo
straight democratic votes in the face of
his recent declaration that his democracy
is only skin deep. Democrats have no use
for skin deep democracy, and they are
apt to repudiate Mr, Baker as ho repu
dialed them. It is also easy to see how
straight, middle-of-the-road opulists, if
there are any of theso left, might take
offense at Mr. Baker's declaration. What
he told them was, in effect, that out
wardly, to all intents and purposes ho
was a democrat, but that inside, where
nobody could see, ho was a popuiist.
Another case of straddle that is likely
to prove disastrous.
The candidates for the j udiciary, Hall
Holmes and Cornish, are considered to
bo particularly strong candidates. The
fact that they are not opposod with auy
considerable vim would indicate that
tho opposition has no hope of defeating
any one of them.
A particularly noticeable feature of
the campaign is tho fact that the re
publican candidates have been on the
aggressive from the very start. No re
publican candidate has had to defend
himself against a single charge. The
demo-pops, on tho contrary, have been
on the defensive from the first, and they
have been kept pretty busy explaining
things. The republican candidates for
judgo of the district court and sheriff
and clerk of the district court, upon
whom the opposition has centered its
'strength, are beyond tho reach of at
tack. They have no weak places to be
uncovered, and there has been no un
covering. They haro nothing to ex
plain. They haro been left free to con
duct an old-time republican campaign.
In the present campaign it must be
remembered that thero is no populist
party, no democratic party. Tho only
party presenting a solid front is the re
publican party. Mr. Miller and Mr. CCKCCCKCCCKCC(CCCCGCC(CCC4KC(KCC
,, . . ,. m -- . .-.-
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making no promises they are unable to
fulfill. They have impressed voters
everywhere b7 their candor and honesty.
The republican candidate for sheriff,
should he be elected, will never give any
occasion for the accusation that he
caused the American flag to be lowered
from a public building on a patriotic
The Germans and other liberals who
have enjoyed the beer and other liquid
refreshments supplied by the populist
candidate for the clerk of the district
court do not, many of them, know that
Baker represent about all there is left
of the free silver democrat and populist
parlies. There is another democratic
wing in the field, but its Mapping does
not attract any attention. On the other
hand the republicans are thoroughly
united and harmonious, and a vote for
the republican candidates means some
thing. The personnel of the county ticket
has been pretty thoroughly discussed
in The Couriek. It is not necessary
at this time to go over the ground
again, but too much importance can
not be laid on the necessity for voting
on the republican
no good reason why
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for every candidate
ticket. There is
any good citizen who inclines toward
republican views should refuse to vote
for any republican candidate.lhe candi
dates ere the best selection that could
have been made, and if you think there
are good men on the other tickets ju6t
look at the republican ticket and see if
the men on it are not as good or better.
Vote the whole ticket, from top to
bottom, from judge down to constable,
because it is the best ticket in the field;
because the other ticket does not repre
sent anything save a personal desire for
office; because a complete republican
this same candidato has the endorse- victory at this time will place the party
ment of tho prohibition party. The pro- in an excellent position for next year's
hibition endorsement and Mr. Bakers important campaign. It is a good
practices can hardly be reconciled, and ticket to take whole.
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