The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, October 12, 1895, Image 8

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In last week's Coubiek it was inti
mated that "The Personal Recolections
of Juan of Arc now appearing in liar
per'a Monthly was written by Mark
Twain. On what authority was such a
statement made? A. R. I.
"Mark Twain's" humor is peculiar,
unique. No other writer has the way
of making his characters make fun of
themselves. They make faces and con
tort thoir mental bodies into grotesque
They are in literature what
gargoyles, and such like exaggerations
of the human and animal form are in
architecture. We could get along
without them, but they are interesting
survivals of the Gothic. That is why I
respect Mark Twain. lie is an interest
ing Gothic survival. That is a great
compliment to him and he does not de
serve it. lie lacks the intensity that
the Gothic had even in its gambols. It
had a never-deviating purpoce. It was
never trivial. Mark Twain is nearly
alwiys purposeless and insincere. Prad-din-head
Wilson's calendar has the
Bhrewdness and crystalized world
knowledge of the book of Proverbs. I
know of nothing else like it. It may
live when its author is forgotten. It is
from internal evidence alone that the
author of the statement in last week's
Courier decided that Mark Twain is
the author of "The Personal Fecolec
tions.' The style is his. the two buf
foons are his, the lack of conscientious
study of historical detail is his. Yet on
the other hand there may be another
who possesses these characteristics and
the critic be mistaken.
When one enters an audience room of
any kind and is obliged to reach an
inner seat by passing other people is it
correct to face the audience or the
stage? J. A. M.
It is correct to face those who must
rise to let you pass. It is unfortunate
it you have an inside seat not to be
early enough to get to it either from one
aisle or another without disturbing
anyone, If you are late so that the
occupants of the Beats nearer the aisle
are forced to rise the least you can do is
to face them as you pass. This rule is
frequently disregarded because people
do not like to face an audience. Shy
ness is no excuse for turning your back
on the people circumstances oblige you
to show.
When a lady meets me on the street
whom I do not know and bows to me
should I return the bow?
John La Farge.
By all means. The lady thinks she
knows you or she would not bow. She
may be right and you may be wrong. In
any case it is priggish not to return the
bow. If she have made a mistake she
will probably discover it and be suffi
ciently mortified without you ignoring
When a gentleman is introduced to a
ldy is it customary to shake hands
with her? Barney Olmsted.
Handshaking is going out of style. In
some places it has departed entirely
from tee body called society. In New
York city, for instance, nobody except
ing politicians and ministers shake
hands. Of course members of the same
family, friends and lovers will continue
to shake hands and to hold hands till
the years of eternity roll.
Burlington's Personally Conducted
Excursions to Utah and California. A
Pullman tourist sleeping car will leave
Lincoln every Thursday at 12:15 p. m.
for Denver, Salt Lake, Ogdei., San
Francisco and Lot Angeles. Only $5
for a double berth Lincoln to Los An
geles in one of these cars. Kemember
there is no change of cars. For full in
formation and tickets apply at Burling
ton & Missouri depot or city ticket office,
corner Tenth and O streets.
G. W. Boskell, C. P. 4 T. A .
Through the efforts of the Capital
City Cycling club Lincoln lovers of
bicycle races will have a treat in the
shape of a National meet, to be held
here October 14th. The question has
been agitating the club for some time,
for it is quite an undertaking, and
means that the boys will have to do a
great deal of individual "hustling" to
get up a good prize list and carry the
meet through to final success.
Secretary Yulo has already been ad
vised that some twenty ridrrs of na
tional reputation wiil be here to compete
in the events, including such men as
Zeigler, Bliss, Cooper, Titus, Cabanne,
Rigby and our own Barnett, otherwise
known as the "Nebraska Cyclone."
A prize list aggregating about $1,000
in value, including diamonds, high grade
wheels, etc, is being arranged for, and
rates have been secured ou the railroads
for that day.
There is to bo five class B and two
claos A events. The former will of
course excite the most interest, engag
ing, as it does, some of the fastest riders
in the country.
The track at Lincoln Park, where the
races are to be held, will bo put in good
shape by that time, and as it is one of
the fastest tracks in the west there will
be some new western records estab
lished beyond a doubt.
It is to be hoped that the people of
Lincoln will encourage the local wheel
men in making this meet a success
both by their presence at the meeting
and otherwise.
Mile. Marie Marconot.
Perhaps the most important and ar
tistic acquisition lately made to Lincoln,
and one in which the ladies of this city
and state have an especial interest is
Mile. Marie Marconot, the art dress
maker from Paris, who is to bo found at
the beautiful dry goods store just opened
by Mr. Sharp at Winger's old stand on
O street, known as the New York 6tore.
Mile. Marconot has almost a national
reputation, and the ladies will find in
her a most useful person. The New
York store, by the way, is a place you
ought to visit, and right away, The
goods exhibited there are finer than
anything to be seen in Omaha and there
is nothing better to be seen in Chicago.
Mr. Sharp is an old dry goods man and
has the reputation of conductiug only a
first class store. He came from Louis
ville, Ky., where his store was the finest
in the city.
Great bargains in pianos slightly used.
Must be sold. Crancer's Art & Music
Co., 1131 0 street.
Mandolins at lowest prices ever of
fered. New goods. Crancer's Art &
Music Co., 1134 O street.
First publication Oct. 12.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue
of two executions issued by the clerk
of the district court of the third judicial
district of Nebraska, within and for
Lancaster county, one in an action
wherein National Life Insurance com
pany k plaintiff and Theodore Kaar is
defendant, and one in an action wherein
Western Glass & Paint company is
plaintiff and Theodore Karr and Mrs,
Sarah Karr are defendants I will, at 2
o'clock p. m.f on the 12th day of No
vember, A. D. 1895, at the east door of
the court house, in the city of Lin
coln, Lancaster county, Nebraska, offer
for sale at public auction the fol
lowing described real estate to wit:
The north halt of the southeast quar
ter of section thirty-three 33 township
nine 19 north, range six 6 east of the
6th P. M., in Lancaster county, Ne
braska. Given under my hand this 11th day oj
October A. D. 1895.
Fred A. Miller,
Nov. 12 Sheriff.
Mandolins at lowest prices every of
fered. New goods. Crancer's Art &
Music Co., 1134 O street.
New pictures at Crancer's, 1134 O
g Ttae BiTew Man if
I f? HAS f
iHiiiiA ffYk
The new man has quit buying shoddy; pure wool, fresh
from the sheep, woven by the best looms of England
and America is within his reach. We are showing
a magnificent line of men's fine wrol Buits in black ami
colors at $10.00 a small price but the suits will surprise
you. Fit and workmanship remarkably good. With about
500 men's and boy's suits we will give reliable time
keeping watches. This splendid offer is only good
until Nov. 1
riraniji3 io"ioo:rciotii. t
226 to 234 IV. lO St.
1 sack 50 lbs flour 50c
1 sack extra strength grade flour 75
1 sack high grade patent flour 90
Why don't you buy your flour of us?
-5 !
2 loaves fresh bread
2 loaves fresh bread
2 loaves fresh bread
1 lb Royal or Price baking powder 2i
8 bars White Russian Boap 2
3 boxes gloss or corn starch
1 large package matches
1 box tooth picks
3 packages stove polish
3 packages rolled oats
All the above for $1.50
thb farmers grocery
226 to 234 :2V. lOtlx (St.
A Large and Complete bine of
In all Departments. We invite our
friends to call and see our fall display
HT. R. Nissley St Co.
l'iWM i'i mi' r MssteBSjHgesas