The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, October 12, 1895, Image 10

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The nominees of the republican party
for the judiciary, Hall, Holmes anil Cor
nish, have long since been introduced to
the people of this district. Judge Hall
in the years of his term on the district
bench has mado a reputation for fair
"ness and judicial ability that will cau6e
him to receive a large vote irrespective
of party. Of course, his reelection is
assured, as is also thatof Judge Holmes.
The latter has not been on the bench a
great while, but ho hs for many years
been a meinbet of the Lancaster county
bar, and lawyers and the general public
have the utmost confidence in his fair
ness and ability. Mr. Cornish has not
as yet been tried on the bench, but he
has done considerable public service,
and this service has been to the entire
satisfaction of his constituents. As a
member of the legislature he wasa care
ful guardian of the interests of the
county. He was looked upon as one of
the most judicial members of that body.
J. S. Baer and W. 8. Scott, candidates
respectively for treasurer, county com
missioner, superintendent of public in
struction and surveyor, are all present
incumbents. They have served to tho
satisfaction of the people and thorough
ly deserved a re-nomination, as they do
tho triumphant election that awaits
Dr. Holyoke, tho candidate for cor
oner, is well Known na a good straight
republican and physician. He le a good
man for the place.
The nominees for justice of tho peace,
E. fc2. Spencer, L. A. MiCandlass and
Walter Leese, are all young men, the
first two now serving their first term.
Mr. Leese waB nominated in the place of
Judge Gould, who has since left the
city. Theso young men are able mem
bers of their profession, have clean rcc
ords, and will give excellent satisfaction
as justices.
The successor to Judge Lansing on
the county bench will be S. T. Cochran,
who is known throughout the county as
an old time republican, as a lawyer and
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His arguments on the various questions forffier .. IK)pularity
before the house of representatives were
reasonable and logical. And it is a
characteristic of Mr. Cornish that be
weighs carefully every question put to
him before taking action. He is delib
erate and deliberative, reasoning and
logical. He has had good legal training
and is a foremost member of the bar.
As a republican ho has long been con
spicuous by his enthusiastic fidelity, and
he is a proper candidato for the district
cojrt beach.
Captain Trimble, nominee for county
clerk, is a representative of the farmers
and of the old soldiers. He has never
held office. He is weli and favorably
known throughout the county, and his
name adds -trength to the ticket. He
will himself draw support from outside
of the party.
It is a known fact that populism as a
political issue has been dead in Lancas
ter county for two years. Its demise
occurred not very long after the sell cut
to Bryan and the passing of Jerome
Shamp. The populist party has always
been managed by men who were more
anxious for the loaves and fishes of the
demociatic banquet board than for the
independent success of their own party.
The populist party has, eince its organ
ization, played into the hands of the
democrats and it has represented noth
ing, stood for nothing. At the present
time there is no life in it. It is an empty
was attested at the late convention. He
has friends everywhere, and there is
hardly a section of the county in which
he is not known as one who has in the
years past helped to contribute to re
publican success.
The republican county central com
mittee is receiving every day tho most
encouraging intelligence from all parts
of the county. There is such an inter
est in the republican cause as has not
been manifested for years.and it is grat
ifying to know that there is no evidence
of disaffection. The candidates are all
known to tho fanners and voters of the
county, and wherever they go they make
friends for the ticket. There is mani
fest a decided revival of republicanism.
The presidential election of 1S9G is fast
approaching and recent experiences
have been such as to call back all re
publicans who have strayed from the
fold. There is no longer anything in
populism to attract the masses, there
isn't even hope now to attract the avar
icious. The straight democratic party
has a ticket in the field, not with any
serious intentions, but merely as au evi
dence of good faith for 1S9G. Things
seem to be coming the republican way,
and Mr. Clark and his associates on the
central committee have every reason to
feel confident of tho biggest republican
vote yet recorded in this county. Every
meeting throughout tho county is well
attended and great enthusiasm is evi-
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shell, doing a last service in attempting dent. There is no difficulty in getting a
to further the interests of the demo
cratic party, and keep two men in office
It can be truthfully said that Mr. Miller
and Mr. Baker are all that is left of the
populist party, and Miller and Baker
would not be populists save for the de
sire for office. Uncle Jake Wolf, who
used to be a populist, can hardly be
called such any more, for he is known to
be opposed to the "populist candidates.
A few months ago there were some mid
dle of-the-road populists, but when tbe
third party followed its usual course and
jumped into tbe capacious democratic
maw they were supremely disgusted, and
crowd or a parade anywhere.
In tho last six years tho people of Ne
braska have been asked many limes to
vote for populist candidates. The pop
ulist office seeker has raised his head all
over the land and cried for pap. It has
happened that many times this cry has
been heeded and these candidates of a
nondescript political party, a party that
stands for nothing except the spoils of
office, have been elected over the heads
of republican and democratic candi
dates. The populist party has been
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elected to office in this state. His pri
vate morals are perhaps beyond re
proach, bt his public acts are off the
Bamo piece of political maladministra
tion with the acts of Allen, McKeighan,
Kem and Mart Howe. Governor Hol
comb, personally, is a pretty decent sort
of a man, but politically he is a popu-
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Instantatneous in its results.
will be known as the man who did as
much if not more than anybody else to
drive the nails into the populist coffin.
Maxwell will go down to defeat, and be
will go down hard and go a long way,
and he will pull the remnant of the
party after him. Judge Norval, the re
publican candidate, is a particularly
6trong man, and the vote that he will
receive will make the young man-who-would-like-another
office dizzy. The
state ticket with Norval, Morrill and
Gould as standard bearers will brincr out
date for judge of the supreme court, has a heavvrenubliran rnt
With few exceptions they have failed thus far to achieve any particular
given a trial, It has had in its control
it is not known exactly what became of county offices all over the state, the leg-
them. Probably most of them returned islalure, the governor. United States
to the republican party. senator, congressmen and other offices,
and not ono of thsse men, from Allen
Jerusalem justavus Persverence down to Mart Howe, has given any re- list, and that tells thn vhnlo ninrv
Hildeb-and, the nominee of the straight spectable reason for his preferment,
democratic party for the office of clerk They have brought discredit upon them- The youthM and prankish populist
of the district court, is, barring his 6elves, upon the party, upon the state, from Plattsmouth, who this year heads
name, a first rate, modest man. He will They have not dignified the cause of the third party state ticket as a cacdi-
probab.y receive about 200 votes in the populism or upheld the credit of Ne
county. AH the other votes will go to braska,
bam Jbi. Low, with the exception of a been incompetent, and in manv cases ilintinrtinn. althnnrrli hn has hmi niontv
'ew complimentary votes for Mr. Baker, dishonest. Governor HoL'omb is per- of opportunity to make a name Tor him- To R. S. M., Lincoln, Neb.
baps the most respectable member of self. But the distinction will come Dear Sir: You ask why should I vote
Maxey Cobb and Fred Beckmanand the populist fraternity who have been next month. In the time to come he the republican ticket in tho present