The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, April 13, 1895, Page 15, Image 15

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The Burlington runs on orory 'Thursday
a tourist sleeper, leaving "Lincoln at 12:15
p. m. for Salt Lake, San Francisco and Los
Angeles. Only 83 for a doublo berth, Lin
coln to Los Angoles. These excursions
have proved very successful from the fact
that they are conducted personally by a
Burlington employee. For full information
regarding tickets, apply at Burlington &
Missouri depot or city ticket office, cornor
Tenth and O streets.
We have seen a number of watch chains
ornamented with a pretty charm in the
shape of a watch case opener, which obvi
ates the use of a knife or fingernail to open
the watch. They are sent free on request
by the Keystone Watch Case Company, of
Philapelphia, Fa. Your jeweler hero may
have one for you; if not, send to Philadel
phia. The Koystor.0 Watch Case Company is
the largest concern of its kind in the world.
Its capacity is 2500 cases per day. It man
ufactures every description of case, but its
great speciality is that most popular of all
watch cases, the Jas. Boss gold filled.
These are equal in beauty and wear to solid
gold while they cost only about half as
much. Boss and other Keystone cases are
the only cases that have the non-pull-out
bow or ring, which saves the watch from
theft and accident. The Keystone Company
does not retail, but our local dealers handle
the cases and swear by the theft-proof qual
ties of the ring.
Rudy's Pile Suppository
is guaranteed to cure Piles and Constipa
tion, or money refunded. 50 cents per box.
Send two stamps for circular and Free
Sample to Martin Rudy, Registered Phar
macist, Lancaster, Pa. No postals answer
ed. For sale by all first-class druggisst
everywhere. H. T. Clarke Co., who!e3aie
agents, Lincoln, Neb.
Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland
offer superior inducements to persons seek
ing pleasant and profitable homes. Low
priced farming and grazing lands, timber
and mineral lands, manufacturing sites,
business locations, etc.
Farms, convenient to eastern markets,
are offered at prices which can't be dupli
cated elsewhere. A special list of Shenan
andoah Valley, Maryland and West Virgin
ia property is now ready for free distribu
tion. Western people can take half-rate
excursions to the Shenandoah Valley, over
the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, from Chi
cago, St. Louis, Cincinnati and all B. & O.
points in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.
For full information, given free of charge
write to S. P. Kretzer, Land and Immigra
tion Agent, B. & O. R. R, Philadelphia, Pa.
fPTPfTriPft Bright men wanted la
I ES I ITCO CTerrlocilltr to oper
ate under Instructions. Civil and criminal detectlvt
work. Locating debtor, collecting debia and com
isrelal correspondence. Fur particular! address wim
up. -naa jicinun Ageitj,
aaaiaaapolla. la.
1. Notico is hereby given that the
name of this corporation is The Lincoln
Cyclo Company.
2. That the principle plaro of trans
acting its business shall be the city of
Lincoln, Nebraska. A brach place of
business may bo esablished at any point
in any state or torritorv in the United
3 The general nature of said corpor
ation shall bo the buying selling, owning,
storing acdleasing of bicycles and bi
cycle sundries. The amount of capital
stock authorized is 810,000., 82500., ot
which shall bo paid into said corporat
ion upon tho commencement of business
thereof, balance upon call of tho direct
ors.whenovor they may deem it neces
sary and proper.
1. Tho time of tho commencement
of this corporation. shall be.thoj.'Ust day
of January 1805, and shall continue for
a period of fifty years.
5. Tho highest amount of indebtedness
or liability to which this corporation
shall at any one timo subject itself shall
not exceed two thinl of the amount of
capital stDck actually subscribed.
G. Tho affairs of thiB corporation
shall bo conducted by a board of direct
ors, not more than ffve, nor less than
three in number chosen from tho stock
holdors and entitled to act until tho
annual meeting of stock holders next
succeeding their election, and tho incor
porators shall act as a board of directors
until tho first board has elected and
organized. Tho officers of the corporat
ion shall bo a President, Secretary and
Treasurer chosen for a period of one
year, or until their successors shall be
elected and qualified. Any vacancy
may be filled by the Board of Directors.
Geo. A. Chancer )
B. G. Dawes Incorporators.
L. M. Chancer )
--- r - l- , i j
Dr. Hntnphrea' fcpecltlrs are scientifically and
carefully prepared Remedies, used for years In
private practice and for over thirty years by the
people with entire success. Every single Specific
a special cure for the disease named.
They cure without drugging. purxlng or reducing
the system and are In fact and deed tho Sovereign)
Remedies of the World.
a. crn. rsicia,
1 Ferem, Congestion, Inflammations.. .25
3 Worms, Worm Fever, Worm Colic... .. 5
3 Teething; Colic. Crying, Wakefulness .25
4 Diarrhea, of Children or Adults 25
7-Coogh. Colds. Bronchitis .25
8 Nearalgia, Toothache. Faceache. .25
9 Headache, SIclc Headache, Vertigo.. .25
18 Dyspepnin. Biliousness. Constipation. .25
ll-Sapprescd 01 Painful Periods... .25
12 Whites. Too Profuse Periods .25
13-Croup, LaryBgiti. Hoarseness...... .25
14-SaIt Ithenm, Erysipelas. Eruptions.. .25
15 Kheamatism. Rheumatic rains .25
16-aialarla, Chills. Fever and Ague .25
19-Catarrh, Influenza, Cold In the Head. .25
20 Whooping Cough - 25
27 Kidney Diseases -25
28-Xerrou8 Debility l.e
39-Vrinary Weakness, Wetting Bed.. .25
"The Pile Ointment."-TrUl SUe. 25 CU.
Sold hr Drnhu.or ml iot-rU em retrt ofprlea.
Da. Huxraini- IUxcal (114 pocn,) wliiu raze
S p e cTfi c s .
First Publication Mch. 1G
Notico is hereby given that by virtuo
of an order of sale issued by tho clerk of
the District Court of tho Third Judicial
District of Nebraska, within and for
Lancaster County, in an action wherein
John II. Fisher is plaintiff, and Malinda
D. Ilayden et al aro defendants,
I will, at 2 o'clock p. m., on tho lGth
day of April A. D.1895, at the east door
of the courthouse, in the city of Lincoln,
Lancaster county, Nebraska, offor for
sale at public auction tho following do
described real estato to wit:
Lots soventeen (17) and eighteen (IS)
in block two (2) of Lincoln Driving Park
Company's first sub-division of part ot
the west half ot tho south cast quarter
of section twenty-four (21) township ten
(10) north, range six (0) east of the 0th.
P. M. an addition to Lincoln Lancaster
County, Nebraska.
Given under my hand this 15th dav of
March A. D. 1805.
FRED A. MILLER. Shoriff.
First Publication March lfi
Notico is hereby given that by virtuo
of an order of sale issued by the clerk
of tho district court of the third judicial
district of Nebraska, within and for
Lancastor County, in an action wherein
Philip D. DulJois is plaintiff, and S. W.
Beardsley ot al are defendants.
I will, at two o'clock P. M., on tho 1G
th day of April A. D. 1805, at tho east
door of the court house, in tho city of
Lincoln, Lancaster county, Nebraska,
offer at pnblic auction the following
described real estate to-wit:
Lots numbered five (5) and six (G) in
block numbered one (1) in Chase and
Beardsley's Park Hill addition to tho
city of Lincoln, Lancastor county,
Given under my hand this 1.1th day
or March A. D., 1805.
FRED A. MILLER, Sheriff.
Atta'reis at Law.
First Pub. Mar. 23.
In the district court of Lancaster coun
ty, Nebraska.
John R. Allen, Plaintiff, vs
Elizabeth Chapman, et al,
Elizabeth M. Chapman and E. M.
Crawford, first name unknown, defen
dants will take notice that on the 21th
day of October, 189-1, John R. Allen,
plaintiff herein, filed his petition in tho
district court of Lancaster county
against said defendants and others, the
object and prayer of which aro to fore
close a certain raortgace executed by tho
defendant Elizabeth Chapman and one
-Jeremiah Chapman to the plaintiff upon
lots 1 and 2, block 157, city of Lincoln,
Lancaster county, Nebraska, to secure
tiio payment of a certain promissory
note at Lincoln. Nebraska, June 28, 1893,
for tho sum of 84,500, and due and pay
able on January 1, 1894, after date
thereof. That there is now due and ow
ing upon said note and mortgage tho
sum of 84,500, together with interest
thereon at ten per cent from the 30th
day ot August, 1894, for which sum and
interest plaintiff prats a decree that the
defendants may be rcquirea to pay tho
same and that premises may be soln to
satisfy the amount found due.
You are required to answer said peti
tion on or before the 22nd day of April,
1805. Dated March 19, 1895.
John R. Allen,
By Pound & Burr, hie attorneys.