The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, February 09, 1895, Image 1

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    VOk 10, No. S.
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ing stations ditto.
TT PROMINENT city official dozed before the luxurious
mTvT grate firo in the parlor or the Commercial club. He
Ji . had just linishcd a 6omevhat elaborate repast including
a bottle of his favo-ite Appolliunris, and he was comfortable and
happy from the tip of his toes to the peak of his cranium.
Jle saw that garbage and every kind or tilth was promptly remov
ed by the city authorities.
He saw the city laid with sidewalks that wore no longer indecent.
No. ho was not asleep; ho was only dozing. But his mind wander
ed a little for all that an 1 in a few minutes time he saw some strange
things. He saw Lincohrafter a wave of genuine reform had rolled
over the town; after corruption had been swept out and honesty in
stalled in all branches of the city government. Ah, it was a wonder
ful change!
Ho saw needed public improvements economically made.
He saw the city beautified and brightened in many was without
increased cost to the taxpayers.
He saw the rights of the citizens and the privileges of the city
powerfully protected.
This is what he saw: A city council composed of fourteen of the
city's most ablo and respectable business men, a mayor and other
city officials selected from the best citizens.
Ho saw justice and equality and good government in their work
ing clothes.
Hosaw the agents of railway companies and other Incorporations He was interrupted in his doze and wonderful vision by a brother
asking for improper privileges. He ?aw them hold out large sums ollirial who tapped him on the shoulder and said: "Don't forget to
of money and various kinds of rewards, and he saw them repulsed be at Blank &. Blank's oflice at ." o'clock this afternoon to arrange
in every instance, their money spurned and themselves despised by a!out that deal."
the honest guardians of the city's welfare.
He saw cupidity lurking in the dark, afraid to show its face in
the light. Ho saw morality and honesty in all the public offices.
He saw everything connected with th' city's business conducted in
an open, straightforward manner.
He saw the finances of the city in a rejuvenated condition. He
saw hundreds of thousands of dollars in the city treasury money
saved b the care and watchfullnessand honesty of the city officials.
Ho saw hundreds of holes, where the public money used to leak
away, plugged up, and he saw that every cent was accounted for.
"Dojou expect to ever get ahead if ou go on-drinking like
"Great Scott! all I am sure of is getting a head."
Let us all be up and doing.
Though there may be some who scon".
But every one will need to hurtle
Keeping snow drifts on" the walk.
He saw harmony in all departments of the municipal government
everybody drawing a salary from the city woi king together for
the public good. He saw self-interest put in the background in the
general cesire to promote the public welfare.
He saw politics relegated to the rear, and fitness the only test for
appointment to a position in any department of the government.
Madge Oh, dear, it's s hard to decide.
Alice What Wi
Madge -Why, whether Charlie ought to save his money to build
us a house in the spring or take the monep to go sleigh riding once
this winter.
He saw a model police force, managed by an able chief, tho men
all above suspicion.
He saw that the city's streets and allexs were clean, that cleanli
ness and health obtained everywhere even in the city
"Did Jones get anything for his laht poem?"
"Yes: a good, strong hint that no more of his work was wanted."
!! saw the sewers and drains in perfect condition, and the pump-
Mrs. Sliinley How delightful: 1 1 t ou have a bicycle, too. I go
every morning because doctor sas I ill certainly grow stouter.
"Perfectly lovely, dear. We'll 40 together. I go because doctor
tells me it will decrease my weight."
Chicuyo Inter-Ocean.
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