The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, December 01, 1894, Image 8

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Mr. and Mrs. NC. Abbott entertained the member of the whist
club on Friday evening. Those present Messrs. and Mesdamas E.
S.Hawley, R. A. Perry, J. B. Wright, .P. Holmes, J. H. Hurley,
I. M. Eaymond, R H. Oakley, N. C. Brock, Carl Funke, W. C. Wil
son and S. H. Burnham.
There k a wedding to occur January 1 in which the younger
members of society are interested, that of Boss Curtice and Miss
Grace Burr, two of the most popular young people in society circles
The opening reception and dance of the Pleasant Hour club was
given Thanksgiving evening at the Lincoln hotel. It was without
doubt one of the most brilliant dances that the club has ever given.
The party was given in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Beeman Dawes,
Mr and Mrs. Chas. Burr and Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Kelly. Mrs. Dawes
was gowned in blue tulle over silk, Mrs. Burr was charming in her
wedding gown of white silk mulle and carried white roses. Mrs.
Kelley wore a pretty blue brocaded silk. After the reception, sweet
strains of sweet music came floating through the corridors and soon
the grand march was formed. The ladies were bewitching in their
new gowns. Among the toilets noticed were: Miss Mills, of Cin
cinnati, blue brocaded silk, carried pink roses; Miss Chambers, of
Omaha, black tulle; Miss McFarland, of Davenport, la , black satin
with lavender trimmings; Miss Kelley, of Omaha, embroidered
chiffon over white silk; Miss Griffith, white china silk; Miss Moore,
flowered Organdie; Miss Curtice, grey accordion, plaited silk; Miss
Burr, white Swiss with black ribbons; Miss Huntsinger, white swiss;
Miss Winger, flowered dimity; Miss Marie Jones, pink silk; Miss
Emerald Jones, blue silk; MissLatta. black satin; Miss Wilson, bro
cade silk with green velvet; Miss Wasmer, of Grand Island, blue
ilk with black cords; Miss White, black tulle over green silk;
Miss Underwood, white organdie over yellow silk; Miss Mary Under
wood, pink dotte of swiss with pink ribbons; Miss Brock, yellow silk
with black chiffon; Miss Hoover yellow silk; Miss Carson, embroid
ered chiffon; Miss Burr, yellow crepe with royal purple velvet and
violets; Miss Hooper, simple gown of white mulle; Miss Steen, yel
low flowered silk; Miss Lillibridge, a combination gown of lavender
silk and yellow tulle; Miss Cowdery, blue organdie; Miss Carmedy,
a -costume of brown cloth with blue trimming; Mrs. Ogden, yellow
silk v ith fur trimming; Mrs. Funke, baby blue silk; Mrs. O. Funke,
yellow and black silk. Thegentlemen present were: Messrs Zehrung,
Welch, Clough, JohnBon, Honeywell, Avery, of Sioux City; Curtis,
Evans, Houtz, Meyer, Burr, Owen, White, Lyons, Joyce, Dorgan,
Woods, Lee, Askin, Baldwin, Westermann, Marshall, Aitken, Polk
Clark, Sherman, Howe, W. F. Kelley, Nunke. B. G. Dawes, C. G.
Dawes, Chas. Burr, Ogden, Carl Funke. Among the spectators
were: Messrs and Mesdames C. C. Burr, L. C. Burr, A. D. Burr,
lima iitnbbj 1). E. Thompson, Will Leonard, Benton; Mesdames
O. R. Oakley, J. A. Marshall. C. L. Hooper, S. C. Wilson, Baldwin,
S. E. Moore, Brock and Misses Ethel Hooper, Cora Talbot and
Maggie English.
We can show you the gems of all the masters in sound
less melody. Our holiday stock of perfumes is complete.
McCall &. Burch, pharmacists, 1229 O street.
Fresh chocolates and bonbons. McCall & Burch,
pharmacists, 1229 O street
McCall & Burch, Preeriptionists, 1329 O strret
The great clearing Rile of dress goods and cloaks (prior
to inventory) begins Monday, Dec. 3rd, at Herpolsheimer
& Co's. when a five dollar bill will do the work of ten dol
lars. Watch daily paperfor particulars.
Nebraska is coming to the front in the manufacture of
blankets. An a)! vwool four pound blanket, color gray
plaid one-fourth size for 12.75 at Herpolsheimer &. Co's.
They are made at Fremont, Neb.
The child at school while studying can sit erect, the eyes
are not strained and stoop shoulders are avoided by using
our patent book-holder convenient for home reading, can
be used as a music rack and can be carried in a book. It
weighs four ounces. Price, 10 cents. Sold exclusively at
The Backet, 1016 P street.
Only three more weeks in which to secure votes in our
cash contest, The 9500 is given away the day before
Donnelly and Girad will present for the tirst time iu this city
their new farce comedy "The Rainmakers," Thursday evening at
the Lansing.
Friday evening, at tha Fanke opera house, Roland Mclntyre, of
Denver, will deliver his celebrated lecture on "Buttoned Up People."
Ezra Kendall, so long identified with the funny " Pair of Kids'
comes to his many friends this season with a new play. "The
Substitute" which wilfde presented at he Lansing Theatre Wed
nesday evening . As its name suggests it is written upon an inci
dent of the war, but unlike the usual run of that class of plays
comedy is the dominant feature, as anything Mr. Kendall under
takes would be likely to be. It has a well sustained plot with
strong dramatic fituations and climaxes which give the comenian
an ipportunity to display the higher abilities with which he is
universally credited. The company is a stsong one. including the
well known little favorite Yennie Dunn. The cast throughout has
be warmly praised for its excellence.
Miss Carrie Wasmer 42
MissEffie Steen .""..""...... 3073
Miss Cora Talbot -."....!!..." "."".. ".511
Mr. Chris Camp oq
Mr. Chas. Hurd 189
If holders or Cockier No 4142,3067 and 142 will bring them to The
Cockier office we will pay $5.00 for each.
No one has yet produced last week's number. Look and see if you
have it.
We now have three numbers out standing, each worth $5. They
are numbers 4142, 3067 and 142. Please look at yeur copy and see if
you haven't one of these. We want them badly. Bring them in
and we will pay you $5 for each.
Under the new tariff there are many reductions placed upongoods
coming in our line, such as novelties in cut glass, sterling silver, etc
Diamonds are also cheaper. We are prepared to show precious
stones of rare brilliancy, without a flaw that can be had this week
for less money than they could ever be bought for before; In fine
gold watches we hold the lead among the jewelers of Lincoln. Our
stock embraces a variety seldom seen outside of tne largest New
Ycrk houses. Our aim is, and it always has been, to be just a little
in advance of the procession when it comes to having anything in
stock obtainable in a first class jewelry house. Only a good watch
or clock always keeps its hands on time. Our's do and never lose
time either. Remember your lxt girl if-you are single or your wife
if you are married, and buy them an elegant Christmas present at
ourBtore. E. Hallett, 1143 O street
"Woan sum ob de bredertrn please ter 'waken up sister Watkine,
en ax her to go to sleep in de key ob C? Dat high F snorin' don't
jest cord wife de vox-humana ob yer pastor's Toice."