The courier. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1894-1903, December 01, 1894, Page 13, Image 13

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We might talk to you until
we raised carbuncles on our
throats and you would appre
ciate the force of our reason
ing half so quickly as fcy
inspection of the stock.
Look at these
Rogers' triple plate knives and forks, for
merly 91.59, now 83.69 per set.
Rogers' teaspoons, formerly 12.50, now
Rrgers' desert Bpoons. formerly $4.00, now
Christy bread knives, formerly 75 cents,
now 39 cents.
Christy knives per set, formerly $1, now
69 cents.
Single baking and roasting pans, former
prices, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 cents, now 5,
10, 15, 20 and 25 cents.
Donble roasters, former price $1.00, $1.28
and $1.50, now GO, 70 and 90 cents.
Stoves $2.75 and upwards.
All I Bfi
1308 O Street.
First Publication Nov. 17.
Charles Robert Bertram, non resident
defendant will take notice that on the
6th day of november 1894, Sigmund Se
ligsohn plaintiff tiled his petition in the
county court of Lancaster county
against said defendant to recover the
Bum of $51.25, and interest from October
22, 1894, upon an account for goods sold
and delivered to the defendant,
Also to recover upon six promissory
notes of the defendant payable to the
order of the plaintiff for the sums of$40.
$55.33, $30., $40.. $55. and $55.36, respec
tively falling due on the 7th day of No
vember 1894, the 21st day of November
1894, the 2nd day of November 1894, the
17th day of November 1894 the 6th
day of December 1894 and 2ndday of De
cember 1894; and that on the 6 day of
November 1894 said county court
allowed a writ of attachment against
said defendant for the sum of $350. and
$50., probable costs, and that said at
tachment has been levied upon the fol
lowing property of the defendant, to wit
7J gallons assorted liquor? in demijohns
83 bottles assorted liquors; 24 bottles as
sorted wines; 74 gallons of whisky; 21
gallons of brandy, 8 gallons of gin; and
7 gallons of rum.
i ou are required to answer said petit
ion on or before the 7th day of January
Sigmund Seligsohn.
By Pound &. Bnrr his attorneys.
4 t
AttO'ney at Lam.
Sheriff Hale.
First Publication Nov. 17.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of
an order of sale issued by the clerk of
the district court of the third judicial
district of Nebraska within and for Lan
caster county, in an action wherein Mary
E. Miller is plaintiff and W.G.Darden et
al are defendants,! will a. 2 o'clock p.m. on
the 18th day of December A. D. 1894 at
the east door of the court house in the
city of Lincoln, Lancaster County, Ne
braska, offer for sale at public auction the
following described real estate to wit:
AH of lot number ten (10) of College
Hill subdivision of lot numbered twenty
nine (29) of the northwest quarter of
section thirty six (36) township ten (10)
range six (6) east of the sixth P. M. in
Lancaster County, Nebraska.
Given under my band this 15th day of
November, A. D. 1894.
Fred A. Miller,
Atlornes At Law.
First PublicationNovember 17.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue
of an order of sale issued by the clerk
of the district court of the Third Jud
icial district of Nebraska, within and for
Lancaster County, in an action
wherein American Exchange National
Bank of Lincoln Nebraska is plaintiff
and Claud A. R. Gordon et al are defen
dants, I will at 2 o'clock P. M, on the
13th day of December A. D. 1894, at
the East door of the court house, in the
City of Lincoln, Lancaster Cunty, Neb
raska, offer for sale at public auction
the following described real estate to wit:
All of Blocks twenty ona (21) and
twenty two (22) in Cushman Lancaster
county Nebraska.
Given under my hand this 15th day of
November A. D. 1894.
FRED A. MILLER, Sheriff.
Attorn f at Lam,
First Publication Nov. 17.
To Lang Brothers, a co-partnership composed
of Isaac Lang and Aaron Lang, The La Salle
National bank of La Salle, Illinois, laabcllo
F. Mansfield, Nuthaniel S. Mansfield, and
hlizu Mansfield in their own right and at
executors of tho estnto nt Henry MansUeld,
deceased. Henry Mansfield, Jr., Sarah Mans
field, Isabello T. MansUeld. Eleanor Mans
Held, Maude Mansfield and Fannie Ulakesloe,
non-resident defendant!.
You and each of you are hereby notified that in
an action ponding in the district court of Lan
caster county. Nebraska, wherein the Fanners
Merchants National bank of Ualva, Illinois is
plaintiff and Charles V. Mosher and others are
defendant. Tho Dix. n National bank of Dixon
Illinois and Tho Peoples National bank of
Hock Island Illinois on September L'l.lsIH duly
filed their awnsir and cross-petition against
you and other defendants, the object of which
is to quiet and confirm tho titlo of said The
Dixon National bank and the Peoples National
bank tn and to certain property, to wit: 500
shares of the capital stock of tho Western Man
ufacturing Company fonnorly owned by tho
defendant Charles W. Mob her as shown by tho
certificates number 238, 40, 43, 44. and 45
of tho stock records of said company : also tho
230 shares of the capital stock of the Farmers fc
Merchants Insuranco Company, formerly
owned by tho defendant Charles V. Mosher as
shown by the certificates number 4, 43, 48, 50 and
51 of tho stock records of said company to
gether with nil tho earnings and profits due
upon said stock; also a certain contract and
lease from tha Stato of Nebraska to the de
fendant Charles W. Mosher for tha Peniten
tiary grounds and the labor of convicts in said
Pemtrntary in the stateof Nenraska; Also that
you and oich of you may bo adjudged to hare
no interest right or titlo in and to th above
described property, and to exclude you from all
intorest therein.
Said the Dixon National bank and Peoples
National bank pray that Pray may boabjudged
to bo the owners of said property; that their
titlo thereto may be quieted and confirmed;
that the plaintiffs in said action and their
several co-defendants and each of them may be
adjudged to have no right, title or interest in
and to the samo; that said the Farmers A
Merchants Insuranco Company and the West
ern ManufacturiugCompany may bo ordered
to transfer and deliver to said awnsering de
fendants certificates for the stock aforesaid
and accord to said answering defendants the
rights and privdeges of stock holders in said
corporations; and that these answering Defen
dants may recover judgment for any moneys
duo from said corporations against the same:
and from the defendant William II. Dorgan
for any moneys due upon said contract; and
that if the court find that the sale by virtue
whereof these answering defendants have title
to said property is illegal and void that then
all of said property may be sold and the pro
ceeds applied to the paymentofthe judgment
held by these answering defendant against
said Charles W. Mosher.
You are required to answer and reply to the
cross-petitions and answer of said the Dixon
National bank and Peoples National bank on
or before the 24 bay of December l&M.
The Dixon National bank of Dixon, Illinois,
Peoples National bank of Rock Island, HI.,
answering defendants and croos-petitioners,
by. Pound fc Burr and S. L. Ueisthardt.
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