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it-ten Slingers Are Ready for Fight Program at City Shed Tonight
Andy Schmader and Billy Shade
to Meet in Main Event; Puryear
and Jummati in Semi-Windup
Mais AaIUfiMa.
Tim Hut hut, I M p, a.
Mala K.M1-Adr fehaaaetar. Lewis till .VM in Blili Shaae, CaU.
fanla (It mixta). U, tat keaeihie,
venl.eiae)oi Fanwar, leaier, sgklael rranbiar Jaeajnall, Ckleaga
(It nmads), Kaalamaelght,
plrat rrellas. Hrlnla Umrt, Omaha, aalal "Vaaot" Golo, Oautha (4
warts). WeUeretaighla,
Mmm4 Peell Hamee- Shertdaa, Bloug City, ag eliut Boy BeeUr, Columba
remade). 14b SMerwsfcle,
By Ralph
lEATHER mitten ire
at the city tight ihed
I its regular monthly program of knuckle whirling engage
Thirty roundi of the
uled to be dinlied up to
iereted in witnessing
up for the benefit of
in the mam event oi
"human punching bag",
known among the nght tratermty as the wonder Man ot the West , will
exchange greetings in ten-round bout.
Can Take Punishment
When Schmader and hi 174
pound of beef crawl through the
ropes, it will mark
hi first fight in
these parts since
he was dispualified
for fouling George
Lamson here last
winter. The Louis
ville slugger looks
fit and ready, and
if he can keep his
"head" tonight,
should nuke the
evening a busy one
for Mr. Shade.
Schmader can
take world of
punishment, any
faa who witnessed the Rope r-Schma-der
fuss, will tell you that Then too,
Andy can swing a mean glove him
self and is fairly clever with his
dog. . -
This bird Shade comes from a
family of fighting Shades. He is a
brother of Dave who battled on two
' different occasions in this burg, and
judging from ,his workouts, is as
clever as his welterweight brother,
"'Billy"' is a newcomer in Omaha.
However, . he has been boxing for
four years and has fought, almost
every fighter of consequent in the
country. Over in Australia, where
Uncle Bim hails from, hade beat
every man he tangled with via the
knockout route, winning from such
tough nuts as Jimmy Clabby, Fritz
. Holland, Tommy Gren, Francis
Charles, Fred Kay, George Cook and
. t ..i ii .i t
uuiii ui uuicr wauup auauiucia.
1 Lost to Miske.
Following his invasion of the An
tipodes, Shade. hopped a boat and
floated over to this country. Soon
after landing in the land of the
screaming eagles, "Billy" beat Fay
Keiser, Martin Burke and got a draw
with Harry Greb,' the .Pittsburgh
"rubber ball. t .!
Not long ago Leo Flynn sent
Shade against
"Billy" Miske.
The latter got
peeved at Shade
in the third round
and the bout end-,
ed after the. ref
eree had tolled 10
seconds id V e r
Shade's form. A
.right - to the jaw
on; the part of
Miske made it
possible for
Shade to hear. the
mocking b i r.d s
twitter. -
The semi-windup will bring to
gether a pair of scrappy little fel
lows in the persons of Earl Pur
year and Frankie Jummati. . The
former hails from Denver, while the
latter spends his time in Chicago
when not engaged in fistic combat.
Jummati is a new one to local
. fight fans, while Puryear is well
known here and is picked to win from
his "Windy City" rival. ,
The preliminaries should be up to
. t. r r u i
mc avciagc ivr vuiana stiuvva.
Leo Shea will referee and "Heavy
weight" Green is .slated to do the an
nouncing. '
Sioux City Wallops
St Joseph by 6-5 Score
St. Joseph. ' Ma, Juna S. Sioux TTlty
evened the serle by taking the last tame
trom St. Joseph. to. i.
Tbe score:
stocx 'rrT. i ' n. jobkpb.
AB.H. O.A.I . AB.H.O.A.
Bamllton. as 5
Beiurgw'y, 3b 3
1 1 siOleon. Ib 4 0 3
4 OiCorridtn. If ' 4 2 4 0
5 5 OtFlther. rt 4 2 1 0
0 10 0! Bonowltt, cf 4 0 3 1
1 0 Si Derate, aa 3 2 3 3
1 OiMoDonald, 8b 3 10 0
1 8 lIBtermson. 3b 4 3 2 4
1 4 SIKandler. 0 3 14 0
0 4lBlrd. n 10 0 1
Kleh. ei
Men. lb
Paunert 3b
Ottertard. rf
Robisoa, If
Stiangllns. e
WiUtana. p
IMrcall, p 101
35 10 27 81 'Uroier J J CO.
' .- I Totals
33 10 27 10
Batted for McCall in th.
Scora by Inninga:
Sioux City .................200 ?0t 000 3
St. Joseph 020 0:0 0103
Summary Buna: Hamilton (3), Hem
ingway, Klab. Oatergard. Fisher, Defate,
McDonald. Stevenson, Kandler. Errors:
Defate (2), Bird, McCall. Runs and hits:
Off Bird, S and 7 in 3 2-3 innings; oft
McCall, 1 and 2 in 4 1-3 Innings. Earned
runs: Sioux City. 4; St. Joseph. 3. Bases
on ball: Oft Bird. 1: off McCall, 0: off
Wllllama, 2. Struck out: By Bird, 2; by
McCall. ; by Williams. 3. Lett on baaea:
Sioux City, S; St. Joseph, 4. Two-base hits:
Palmar, Defate. Three-base hit: Corrlden.
Double play: Wllllama to Hamilton to
Mats. Sacrifice hlta: Elsh, Meta. McDonald,
Shangllng. Stolen bases: Elan 2. I'm.
pirea: Donahue and Aaderaon. Time: 1:40.
Indians Win First Series
in Six Weeks; Denver Loses
Oklahoma City. June 8. Thirty-one bat
ters faced Roy Allen today when Oklaho
ma City hit McElre In two Inninga and
won. 4 to . It was the first serte Ok
lahoma City baa woa in aix week,
: Th acore:
AiS.H. O.A.I
AB.H.O.A. 4 1 01 Pitt, rf S 2 1
wngM. z 4 1 S ( uassay. I 4
T. Loo, rf 4 11 Mlddletoa. If S 1 I I
O'Brlea. cf 4 T 0 Batea. lb ' I Ul 1
ratteraoa. 3b S 1 GlodardL 4 1111
ramrltat, lb S t S I Mean, as 3 3 S
Smuaer. sa SHoa. e SIS
Parker, e 31 ITate.Sb - 4121
MrBree. 3 t 1 4lAllea. . 3 1 1 S
Ball, a t
I Totals 32 It 27 U
Totals 31 S 34 IS
' Score by inning:
Dearer tea fK)
Oklahoma City t tit Ux 4
Summary Bane: Olnglardi. Mana, Long.
Allen. Error: Tate. Two-baa hits: Mana,
Tate. Sacrifice bit: Maao. Stolen baaea:
Maas, Wright. Basea oa balls: Oft Mo
Xlree. . Struck aat: By Allan, t. Double
play: Wright to Sprang er to CartwrlgbC
Left oa baaea: Dearer. 4; Oklahoma city.
11. Buna and hlta: Oft McBlree, 4 and 1
In T 1-S tunings. Time: iiS. Vtaalre:
fiuraaido aad fltxpaUtcla, y
l i
expected to fly thick and fast over
tonight when the Labor 1 emote stages
biff 'em and take sport are sched
the fans, fanette and all others in-
some bird get hi map all mussed
the fight-thirsty public.
the evening, Andy Schmader, the
and "Billy" Shade, commonly
Stuart's Double
in Ninth Beats
Buffaloes, 6-5
Tulsa. 'Ok!., June 8. Stuart's
double in the ninth gave Tulsa to
day's game from Omaha, 6 to 5, and
the odd game of the series. Wilder
of Omaha and Bennett and Lamb of
Tulsa hit home runs at critical mo
ments. Black of Tulsa and Coffin
daffer of Omaha were chased in the
first inning after starting a fist fight
on tne diamond, score
Otatoaaa. tb
Snedeeor. lb
Oriffla, If ..
Manusk, ef . .
Oraatham, lb
Wileox. a ..
O'Connor, rt
Wilder, e ...
Dalley, p ...
Stokes, p ...
Okrle, p ....
a ills
u 4
, 1
1 It
t a
0 0
0 o
1 o
s a
o e
Hrriaaa ....
o o
Total s 10 zs n l
Retmett, If ..
Thompson, 3b
Ilavla, rf ....
Stuart, lb ....
lamb, tt ....
Ban in, tb .
S 1 3 4 0
1 0
S 1
8 10
Mr(. .nia, aa .
Croeby, e ....
Black, p
liOluUMVto, p .............4 0
Totals .....ST 6 12 27 11 1
Batted for Stake In 9th.
Ona out when winning ran acored.
Scora by Innings:
Omaha 210 000 002 5
Tvlaa 000 021 021 0
Two-baaa hlta: Bennett (2), Snedeeor,.
Thompson. Lamb. Home runs! Bennett,
wilder, LsmD. sacrifice mat urantnam.
Earned runs: Omaha, 5; Tulsa. 8. Left
on basest Omaha, 6; Tulsa, 10. Struck
out: By Lukanovlo, Si by Dalley, S.
Buns and hits: Off Black. and 4 In 1
Inning : off Dalley. S and I In I Innings:
off Stokes. 2 and 4 In S Innings. Wild
pitch: Okrle. Winning pitcher: Lukanorlc,
Losing pitcher: Okrle. Bases on balls:
Off Lukanovlc, S; off Dalley, 1: off Okrle,
1: off Stokes. 1. Passed ball) Wilder.
Double play: Stoke to Olalaaon to Snede
eor. Time: 1:40. Umpires: Brown and Mc
Gloom. Gibson's Home Runs
Win for Lincoln
Fulrhurv. NK. Jure 8. Gibson hit two
home runa with two men on bases each
time today and Lincoln won the last game
of the sorlea from Falrbury, 7 to 4. Fair
bury acored Ita four tallies In the eighth
by bunching three hU with three walks.
ine acore:
Orr. as
4 13 2
Rooney. as 4 13
Clmland. Sb 5 11
MoDsmwtt. s 4 0 4
BUM. cf 4 0 1
Belchle. If 10 1
Carrie. If
Wood, cf
McCoy, lb
OibsoD. rt
Crr. Jb
SlWlnbuab, lb S 1 12
3 Goodwin, lb . 11 1
OlO'Connor. rf 4 S 3
lllenney, p .200
JUnker. Sb
Conkey. o
McCarthy, p
Bailey, p
otill 1 S3 S J7 IS
3 10 37 111
Score by Inninga:
Lincoln .102 010 0037
Falrbury 000 000 00 4
Summary Buna: Orr, Wood, McCoy (S),
Olbron (2), Carr, McDermott, Bliss, Win
bush. Beiehle. Errors: Orr, Rooney. Home
runs: Gibson (I). Two-base hlta: Orr. Win-
bush. Sacrifice nit: Jenney. Bases on balls:
Off Jenney. S; off McCarthy, 8; off Bailey.
1. Stolen bases: Goodwin. Jenney, wood.
Buns and hits: Off McCarthy, 3 and 4
in 7 1-3 Innings: off Bailey. 1 and 1 In
1 2-S Innings. Struck out: By Jenney, 3:
by McCarthy, S i by Bailey, S. Left on
bases: Fairbury. 10; Lincoln, 10. Hit by
pitched ball: By McCarthy, Jenney. Earn
ed runs: Fairbury. 4; Lincoln, 7. Umpire:
8nyder. Time: 2:00.
Witches Win Odd Game
of Des Monies Series
Wichita, kan June 8 Wichita won
today's game, S to 3, and made It three
out of five for tht atrie with De Moines.
Gormen. 3b
Wagner. 8b
Horaa. If
Grabam, lb
Milan, cf
Turgeon. as
Tuna, rf
Banner, a
Mars, p -Grant
3 f! Smith, rf
3 Washburn, 2b
S llEaat. tf
2 llBlakealey. If
1 31 Haley, e
3 01 McDowell. IV
3 0! Griffin. 3b
0 3j Muster, p
1 0 0 01
32 "s 34 lit
33 12 tt S
Dee Moinea ..100
Wichita . . -,...121
Summary Buns: Wagner
002 0002
101 0004
Smith. Washburn. Blakesley. Haley. Grlf
fin (S). Errors: Milan, Smith (2). Earned
J"-,. Jf"..!' D. BiV.
flee hits: 8mlth. Two-base hit: East,
Blakesley (f); Halty. Griffin. Three
base hits: r Beraer. Home runs: Horan,
Washburn. . Double plays: Gorman-Graham,
Berger-Washburn-McDowell, Mers-Turgeon-Graham.
Struck out: By Mus
ser 2; by Men, 2. Baaea on balls: Oft
Musaer, 4: off Mera, 3. Left on basts:
Wichita. S: Dea Moinea, S. Wild pitch:
Mera. Umpires: Holme and Ormsby.
Time: 1:3S.
Eastern Arnateurs Get
Into Mitt Finals
Oakland. June 8. Eastern gladi
ators battled their way last night
through the preliminaries in the Far
Western Amateur Boxing; cham
pionships and with one exception
qualified for the final title hatches
tonight. Joe Ryan of the Pittsburgh
Athletic club, national lightweight
champion, went outside his division
because he was slightly overweight,
but' won his two matrhes in the
welterweight class. Joe Anthrobus
of the Pastime Athletic club. New
York, national middleweight cham
pion, also took a pair and Harry
Simons of the Gary, Ind Y. M. C
A. champion welterweight, won his
match, . , .
On Tonight i Card
Earl Puryear. the Denver ban
tamweight, will , swap punches
with Frankie lummati of Chicago
in a 10-round bout at the city
fight ihed tonight. The Puryear.
Jummati battle is the semi-windup
to the Andy Schmader-BUly Shade
fight , .
Grand Islander Gets
Three Home Runs
Beatrice, Neb.. June I Beatrice took
the odd game of the aeries her today in
a bat test. Speaker ot Orand Island 14
in batting, getting three home run over
the left field fence. DIM also hit on over
the fence. Quinn started the rally in th
ninth with Plaer on base, when he hit a
clean home run Into right osnUrfield. The
Grand Island team went completely to
pieces in this Inning, Beatrice making
five runa.
Th score:
S 2 5 4
Roben. 2h
1 2
2 0
Piw. !b
Quinn. s
Parker. 3b
Bowman, cf
Dill. If
Klrohner, lb
rib. rf
TJnssr, e
Krliinfer, P
Kranda, 8b
Kerderte. cf
Speaker, o
Mats, as
2 3
0 0
3 2
3 1
3 10
1 2
0 0
0 4
1 1
0 3
S 10
0 S
1 0
1 1
1 7
2 0
Pelniattere, If
Hurry, rr
Roberts, lb
Foul, p
39 11 25 IS
40 IS Zt 12
Snore bv Innlnea:
Grand Island ......020 IIS 03010
Beatrice 302 010 00511
Summary Buna: Roben, Kranda, speaa
er (3), Palmatler (2), Berry, Toulk (2),
Filer, Quinn (2), Parker, Bowman (3),
Dill (3), Fish. Errors: Speaker, Met,
Berrv. Dill. Krisincer. Home runs: Soak
er (jj, Quinn. Dill.' Two-baae hits: Bow
man'. Ktrchner. Boberts. Foulk (2). Three-
base hit: Dill, Roben. sacrifice nit:
Roberta Stolen basea: Parker, Flah,
Speaker. Basea on balls: Off Foulk, 3; off
Krlatnger, 4. Struck out: By Foulk, I; by
Krialnger, 3. Double plays: Speaker to
Met to Boberts. Earned runa: Beatrice.
8: Orand Island, t. Lett on bases: Orand
Island, 7: Beatrice, 7. Umpire: Ooodlng.
Time: 2:S0. -
Elkhoms Defeat
Hastings, 4 to 3
Norfolk. Neb., .June 8. In a sensational
hitting rally in the last of the ninth in
ning, the Elkborns defeated Hastings
Thursday afternoon by a score of 4 to 3.
'ine score:
5 2 2 2
A man. cf
S 2 0 01
Witter. 2b
Atherton, ss
Man. 3b
Route, af
Stucker, rf
Olalra. If
Denton, as
Johnson, rf
4 1
1 2
0 S
0 0
Knspp. 3b
Tomea, 2b
? 0
1 0
Hol'iworth. lb 4 0 01
wiiietti. o 4 I s
Baker. If 2 0 2
Smith, p 4 12
0! Hatarty, tb
2 13
1 0
Baroett, p
Totals 37 S 33 81 Totals 34 19 37 11
Two out when winning run (cored.
Score by Inning:
Haatlnga 100 100 0012
Norfolk ..003 000 0024
Summary Runs : Amen. Knapp. Smith.
Atherton, Marr, West, Barnett. Errors:
Tome, Smith, Atherton (2), West. Bar
nett. Three-baaa hits: Amen, WillltU,
Marr. Two-base hits: Wlllitts, Amen. Sao.
riflce hits: Atherton (2), Denton, Marr.
Base on balls: Off Barnett, 1; off Smith,
3. Stolen base: Smith. Struck out: By
Barnett. t: by Smith. 8. Hit by pitched
ball: By Barnett, Baker. Passed ball:
West. Winning pitcher: Barnett. Losing
pitcher: Smith. Umpire: Hoffman. Tim:
1:45. .. .
' Horse Show Opens.
Chicago, June 8. Horse fanciers
from all parts of the. United States
attended the opening of the 13th an
nual horse show at the South Shore
Country club yesterday.
One of the features of the first
day prize awards was the defeat of
the . famous southern champion,
"Mass of Gold," owned by W. L.
Lewis of Tulsa, Okl.. by the chest
nut gelding "Sinbad," owned by F.
W. Mathiessen of Triun, Cal.
Ak-Sar-Ben Field
Running Races
June 3-17
General Admission $1.00,
plus tax, including seat in
Grtuxi Stand.
Rete.rxl Seat, $1.50, Plus Tax
. Inclndiaf General Admission
Box Seat, $2.00, Plus Test
Including- Geaeral Admbsiea
Reserved Seats on Sale at
Beaton Draff Co.
Hotel Fontanel!
Stock Yards ReiUvrant
Six Rt:es Etsh Day
. Rain or Shine
First Race 2:30 P. M.
ea Standings
. L Ml W. U
. Jam St II .IWiOala, OUT 14 2f
MJUa uif 3 83 .tts.Oa II tf
wvbit tf 4 .IMilaia Met 18 84
Tula SS M .44lMar It U
Y eat area jr't SulM,
Tulas. Ii Omaha. I.
Wluhlta. Uea Maine. I.
Niau Clly. l St. Jaaeph. i.
Oklahoma City, 4: leaver, t,
SI City at wirkna.
IM Maine at Si. Joseph.
Omaha at Oklahoma Clly.
Denver t Tula.
w. ' u rct l w. u
baeala IS 10 .sou BeelrtM It n
r.Hbury ,11 H .SeSiNurfel II
ttwuaas l U .HOiOi Uut I II
Voateraay'e SVeealt.
Norfolk, 4; Meetings. I.
Beatrlc, Hi Itranq Island, J.
Lincoln, aT; Kslrbury, 4.
Today ' (iaaaea,
Norfolk at Beatrlc.
. falrbury at Haatlnia
Urand island at Lincala.
. W. L. rct.l W. L. fct
Ksw Tort 83 II .(17 CiaotaaeU M 3 .314
riueours 9 it .wis rtkaaa 31 2t .442
S4. LOUIS 33 tl .311 Baste 3 S .US
Brook Ho 33 34 .4Svl rtlil. 13 It .341
Ytrday' Beeulls.
New Tork, 11; Chicago, 3.
St. Louis, I; Boston, I,
Pittsburgh, T; Philadelphia, I.
Cincinnati. T; Brooklyn, 3.
Today's Oaaie.
Cincinnati at Brooklyn.
Chicago at New York.
Pittsburg at Boston.
St. Lout at fhtledolphls.
W. I- swl w
W. L. Pes.
New Tork 18 If .eaol Detroit
St. Louis 30 20 .eoolPhlla.
Waahlnsuia 33 25 .SIOIBoitoa
Crmlaad 24 27 .471IChlcaa
Yeetarday- BewaJta,
New Tork, T; Chicago, I.
Beaton, t; St. Louis. I.
Washington. : Cleveland, 1;
Setrolt, ti Philadelphia, I.
Today' Gamea.
Boston at St. Leula
Washington at Clevelasd.
New Terk at Chicago.
rmidlphl t Detroit
83 SS .42
I 34 .442
24 33 .444
it so .sii
V8 9. a-
Mlnneapolli at 14 .340
Indlananolla M 1 JU
Colunbu 24 23 ,4M
tAUlnlllA SI 4S AM
St. Paul 33 1 ,3III
Kanaa City 21 31 .404
Milwaukee 2 23 .848lToledo 12 SS .233
Yesterday's Results.
Columbus-Louisville, rain.
St. Paul, S; Milwaukee, 4.
Kanaa City, 2; Minneapolis, 1.
Indianapolis. 6; Toledo. 1.
Today's Gam.
Toledo at Indtanapolla. .
Columbus at Louisville.
No ether Kheduled.
Coaat League.
At Le Angalaa R. H. Z.
Oakland 4 14 I
Vernon SIS 1
Batteries: Brenton and KoehUr; Doyle
and Murphy.
At San Francisco R. H. B.
Los Angeles 8 S 1
Ban Francisco .-..5 14 0
Batteries: Wallace and Palin; Scott and
Af new.
At 8alt Lake Citv R. H. .
Sacramento .....12 IS 1
Salt Lake I IS
Batterie; Kun and Stallage; Betts,
Oould, Blaeboldar and Byler.
Southern Asaociatlon,
Chattanooga, 3-1 : Birmingham, 11-10.
Nashville. 3-3: Atlanta, 0-3.
Memphis. 8; Mobile, 3.
(No other gam scheduled.) '
American Ataoelatlon.
Milwaukee. Juna 1 . R. w r.
St. Paul ..8 13 1
Milwaukee 4 s t
Batteriea: Sheehan and Allen. Don.
ales; Reviere, Lingrel, Clarke and My.
Indianapolis, June I R. H. Tt.
Toledo l 4 3
Indlanapoli 5 I 0
Batteriea: Ay res, Terry and Kocher;
Jonnard and Krueger.
Kansas City, Juna 8. R. H. S.
Minneapolis .... ., .1 S 1
Kansas City 2 10
Batteries: Thormalen and Mayer; Cald
well and Skiff.
Louisville, Ky., June .
Columbus-Louisviu postponed, rain.
Nebraskan to Get
Tryout With Indians
Aurora, Neb., June 8. Lyle
Brown of Aurora has just received s
telegram from the Cleveland Ameri
can league team requesting him to
report at once. Brown will try out
as pitcher.
It is believed that Leslie Nuns-
maker, former Aurora boy, - now
catcher for Cleveland, is responsible
for Brown's call, Nunamaker having
taken considerable interest in Brown
in the past.
A Steady
Th) Hupmobila has al
ways been a remarkably
reliable, economical car,
but it did not gain its
Iiresent immense popu
arity and sales volume
For 14 years it has stead
ily and soundly grown
in favor.
Each succeeding Hup
mobile has been a little
better in service, and in
value. !
Today it stands alone as
the one really fine car
that can be purchased at
a price practically as low
as that of cars which no
one thinks of comparing
with the Hupmobile in
reliability, In long life,
in low costs, and in bril
liant performance.
Aak for a demonatration.
Phone now.
Stewart Motor Co.
2523 Farnam Street
Missouri Valley
Wins Over Federals
Harry Baurogartner, Former
Buffalo, Holdi Local CoL,
ored Team to Five Hit.
Harry Biumgartner, former Onu
ha Wirtern Irigut pitcher, now
manager of the
Missouri Valley
ietni-pro team,
held the Omaha
Federal! to five
icattered hiti and
three rum yeiter
day afternoon at
Buffalo park and
won hit game, 7
to 3.
His team mates
touched Harper
for U hits, which
nmttmA thatm aiusM
- si a eeaa.aa tta VII
4Jumartnrr ruMl.
The Federals itarted out itrong,
scoring two in the firtt iiuiing on
a base on balls, an error and a hit,
hut after this seemed to lose their
"pep." ,
, Extra base hits featured through
out the game, four three-base hits
and four doublet being recorded.
Young, ihortitop for the visitors,
was the star of the day with the wil
low, clouting out a tripfe, double and
a single in four trips to the plate.
The icore:
OMABA fentSAIA. I uo. ViLtfT.
AB. B O. a, An. H. O A.
lllw ek
4 111
Stapla a
LWii-BM. Ik
Harper, p
Jackson, 3b
tHateli. cf
Kapure, a
Willi. if
aunay. if
I I I HWelser, 3b
I is,
4 I I I
4 111 1
4 111
J lialeuph. 2
0 8 llSaumi'uier, p
w .mnnwa.!
2 1 s
4 111
Tiiaans. If
vinesnt. or
ii inn
- -- - a, ,
Soon by Innlnssi
Missouri Vallty ....
Federal ,
31 13 V U
..oio its so; t
.30 10 0003
Summary Run: Allen. Williams. Dan
iels. Toug (J), Baumgartnar (I).,
Vincent, Mauk. Errors: staple, Wllllama,
Harper. L. Wllllama. Baumgartner. Three.
-num. vnsioupn, Alien, noraaen,
Toung Twe-baae hit: Tllkena, Young.
Daniels. Jackson. Sacrifice hits: toung,
Allen, Staple. Stolen bases: Staple, Al
len. Double playt Staple 4o Allen to
William. Btses en belle: Off Harper,
8: off Baumgartner, I. Struck out: By
Harper, 4: by Baumgartner, S. Base on
Sll!i... " w"Vr 2l off Baumgartner,
1 W1M nlth U. ...... trMK,. r. i.
Tim: l:so.
Phil Kendall Wins
Golf Competition
A record number of members Dr-
ticipated in the scheduled golf
competition matches at Miller park
last week.
Phil Kendall had the low medal
gross score, thereby winning the
prize offered by Dr. H. W. Weeks.
His score was 72. Ben Yousem and
Frank Andrews tied for second place.
Frank Andrews had the low net
score of 67 for the 18 holes, thereby
winning the box of cigars given by
A. L. Fredericks.
Mrs. W. H, Flynn won the ladies'
prize for having the lowest score. E.
C Soeneer won the driving; contest
and Paul Reynolds and H. R. Wilson
tied for putting honors.
A Real Heavyweight Match
Your va
Tickets BILLY
Auditorium, 8:30 P. M., Friday, June 9
-Semi-Windup -
!arl Puryear v8 Frankie Jummati
Heinie Lauer vs.
(Omaha) 4 Rounds
Tickets Now on Sale at
Gotham Boxer Holder of
Three Australian Titles--
Jummati Fast With Mitts
the two-tilted Louis
ville slugger, and
Billy Shad,, holder
of three Australian
fittic titles, completed
training today for
their 10-round bout
tomorrow night at
the city fight edifice.
Schmader will en
ter the ring weighing between 174
and 17S, while Snide will tip tht beam
around 179.
Shade is the dosrit opponent In
weight that Schmader hat fought
during hit whole career.
Jummati Dsislei Fana
With Fistic Ware.
Frank Jummati, the Windy City
wop, daisied fistic fam in his first
workout yesterday and convinced
them that Earl Puryear, his popular
opponent, will have bis hands full
over the entire journey tomorrow
Puryear completed training yester
day. The fighters will "weigh in" at 3
0 clock tomorrow afternoon.
Shade has remarkable speed for a
big fellow and the snappy way he
shoots in his left reminds one of his
famous brother, Dave, who won a
host of admirers in his two bouts in
Won Three FistJe
Titles In Australia.
Billy Shade returned recently from
Federals to Play
Missouri Valley Today
The Omaha Federals, colored
semi-pro ball club, and the Mis
souri Valley team will cross bats
at the Western league park this aft
ernoon. The game is scheduled to
start at 3 30 o'clock.
Harry Baumgartner, former Oma
ha Buffalo pitcher, will be on the
mound for the Missouri Valley club
Friday afternoon, the Federals
open a four-game series with the St.
Joseph Giants. It will be, the first
game of the recently organized West
ern Colored Baseball league.
Five We$tern and Major
League Batters.
O. AB. B.
.47 1(0 84
.50 208 44
.48 210 SO
.41 130 (3
.11 US 17
H. Pet.
78 .411
84 .404
II .883
71 .171
30 ,177
H. Pet.
83 .514
83 .375
33 .375
17 .S74
17 .370
H. Pet.
85 .417
37 .418
83 .318
41 .371
13 .383
Mapush. Omaha......
Bast, Wichita
Bennett, Tulsa
Flecher, St. Joe
Graham. Ce Moines.
O. AB. R.
.30 I
.43 171 10
.2 8S 18
.48 17 41
.30 100 IS
O.' AB. B.
.43 204 4
.27 8 24
owdy. Boaton
Bigbee, Fttlsburgh ..
Hargrave. Cincinnati
Horneby, St. Louis...
T. Griffith. Brooklyn
Sister. St. Louis
Stephenson, Cleveland.
Miller, Philadelphia
Witt. New York . . .
.41 181 3
.38 132 27
.44 138 33
Speaker. Cleveland
10 Rounds
City) ,
Australia, where be occupied a con.
ipicuout place in the finie spotlight
oi that country, winning the mtauitr
weight, light-heivywelght and havy'
weight championships.
On his return from the victorious
conquest, Shade joined the stable of
Leo 1'. rlynn oi New York, the
same one in which his speedy brother
occupies a- stall.
Atmospheric diiturbancei may be
cither low-priced static or hien
priced electrostatic burlesque. No
conversation is private now. Your
genuine line watch chain ii grabbing
message out of technical air,
Cold teeth act as antenna.
Radio telegrams won't be popular
until you can send em collect
But collect or not, we re getting
em individually and collectively. Im
possible to tune your amperage so
in to exclude alien radiations.
Buss Wesringhouse buss sani
tariumI won't ba up to see you
tonight-1 heard your old man had
h I shoes hobmiled Steamer
Measles was spotted off toast of
Newfoundland Bottle orchards of
Moonshine district in full bloom
' Goldilocks ate the little bear's por
ridgeIt isn't raining rain to me,
It's raining Malaria epidemic in
Persia Gentlemen, our four-power
treaty Not responsible for hats
and overcoats So th little bear
said who's been in my chair-
Without love there can be no
harmony Broker denies bigamy
charge Then Goldilocks heard the
three bears coming home So it is
definitely affirmed by Scientific Re'
search Institute that succotash con
sists of corn and beans Are like a
strong of pearls to me Who's been
eating my porridge Fair and rainy
tomorrow Rock Island drops two
points and five directors One safety
razor for sale, either complete or in
sections K K K Don't you remem
h'r sweet Alice. Ben Bolt That sol
diers were promised the bonus You
can keen vour toothbrush from
moulting Who's been sleeping in my
rot, saia tne miaaiesizeu Dear
Crown Prince is growing full beard
inside his skull
Is that you. Sidney Congress
slices naval appropriation Asleep on
the deep Princess Mary was dressed
In Full Havana wrapper, dollar a
dozen National anthem How much
a quart Who's been sleeping on my
davenport There she is now Six
hundred thousand coal miners Even
cs the tide responds to the moon
So Goldilocks jumped out of the win
dow and ran home Hindu alphabet
contains no synonym for Add yeast
and cool slowly Goodnight, chil
dren, Goedilocks Bzz-zzz-zz-z. i
Roy Rector
(Columbus, Neb.)
Young Goldy
6 Rounds
Girl Golfer Is
. Title Contender
New York, June I. With another,
important title the women's east
ern golf association championship
added to her already Wvtg list ot
honors, Miss Glenn Collett, the
young Providence, R. I., goiter,
wonicd today at the most prominent
rival of Mus Marion Holhn. cham
pion, and Miss Alexa Stirling, for
mer champion, for national honor
this year. '
Neither Miss Stirling nor Miss Hot
lins played in the eastern event, ron.
eluded yesterdsy over the course el
the Westchester-Biltmor Country
club st Rye, N. Y- but the pace set
by Miss Collett' during the three
days of medal play was fast enough
to defeat almost any field.
Mis Collett' vlrtnrv vo.l.rli., .'
the second important triumph for her
tnis season, sne won tne north and
south title at Pinehurst. N. C. snd
her same hear aviHenr f k..,.'MM
improved even beyond the form dis-
piayeci men.
Distillers Demand Rules
to.Covern Sale of Whisky
Washington. Tima ft rim,j
regulationi enabling the nle of medi
cal wniskry to druggists with ar
bitrary restrielinna iinon h.
to be sold was -made on the treasury
by distillers from different parts of
the country at a hearing before Reve-
hub commissioner Blair.
After the hearing, Mr. Blair stated
that constructive suggestions had
been made by the distillers and eon
sideration would he eiv.. . i.
tions making more uniform the
lunctions of state directors.
Two Kansas Aggie AtUetes
in vuest of National Honors
" Manhattan. If an f.,.. a t
K . ...a O. IWO
. a. A. (.. athl .....i .-,'!-.
i Ti. -.;v.v win participate
in the international ;t....n,
track and field championship meet
'ReHa .f,eld'. ChicaaA June 17.
KCd trwin will fun Ue inn
----- ..... iwvira
and 220-yard dashes. Ivan Rilev will
run the ZZO-yard low hurdle. .
Week of June S to It. lacliuhea.
Large Glaaa el Avalon Crape Drink,
Twe Large Dellcloue Sugar Ceoklss,
Cholc of Special Ham er Cheese Ssnd-
wich ALL FOR 10c
Sprague Cords
for This Week
34x4 $28,84 at
the mill.