Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 08, 1922, Page 5, Image 5

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    lrih BEE: uMAHA. THURSDAY. J UN hi 8. Ui'i.
Three Features
on Friday Night
Radio Program
Hoffmann Quartet, Jas
Clastique Dance Band and
Girl Violinist to Give
Numberi. '
Tne Bee invites iti many radio
friend throughout the middle eit
to ltkten in next Friday night, June
9, 8:1$ to 9, when another concert
will be broadcast through arrange
ment made with the Omaha Grain
exchange broadcatting nation,
WAAW. --
Three excellent fraturet will be
presented. The Hoffmann quartet,
tnrougn the courtesy of Leo A.
Hoffmann, will open the program
with three aelectiont: -On the Sea."
oy Dudley Buck; popular air, se
lected, and "Land of Mine." These
singers are tmmett Moore, M. J.
Flanagan, Thtl Helgren and Gus 1'.
Oirl Violinist
Following the quartet Miss Ger
trude Thiem. daughter of Mr. and
Mri. C. II. Thiem, 5351 North Twenty-eighth
avenue, will give a violin
The third feature will be the Jas
Classique Dance band, whose per
sonnel are talented students of the
University of Nebraska. These in
strumentalists are J. L. Barritt, Bob
Lee. W. A. McBride. LeRoy T.
.-J I " II..
4Puiieiii aim J vwniicuy.
Heard In Michigan. '
' The Bee radio concerts are being
enjoyed in homes and business places
in many towns and cities of Nebras
ka. Iowa, Illinois, Kansas. Missouri
and even as far as South Dakota,
Minnesota and Michigan.
A postal card has been received
from Leon L. Simkins, who received
a Bee concert oi his radio aet at
Martin, Allegan county, Michigan,
more than 500 miles from Omaha and
about 40 miles north of Kalamazoo.-
Radio Telephony
Wonder of the Age
Development of Wireless Pre
sages Practieal Use of Talk
ing Through Ether.
(Tfcte ta IK Mr4 laaUUraaat a The
Baa". asar M r.)
Science never stops.
Every day we hear of new inveir
tions and developments of some
scientific art. and just as the tele
phone and the automobile were de
vcloped for commercial use, so may
we look forward to radio becoming
one of the world's greatest factors
for communication.
Eery day the spirit voices of
radio are about us. When we sit
comfortably at home or walk the
streets, the electrons of radio are
rushing about us at the rate of 186,
000 miles a second.
Waves Carry Voice.
We are amazed when we hear of
a person in Los Angeles listening to
a friend's voice in New York. In
reality, the man in Los Angeles does
not hear the voice of his friend in
New York. The easterner's voice
is translated into electrical impulses
and these impulses are carried along
the wire to the distant receiver.
where they become audible.
The two most important parts of
the telephone are the receiver and
the transmitter. We speak into the
transmitter and hold the receiver to
the ear. When we speak into
transmitter, the, sound waves that
our vocal organs set up strike
against a thin metal diaphragm,
which is set vibrating: in sympathy
with the voice of the speaker.
At a distant station, this vibrator
creating a current, enters the receiver
and produces an audible sound by
causing another diaphragm to vibrate
in unison with the diaphragm of the
Voice) Modulation.'
In radio telephone, instead of
sendim these voices over a conduct
ing wire, wt must send them through
the ether. Direct currents must be
used to carry the voice without die
tortion. Continuous electromagnetic
waves must be used in radio tele-
Phony. Various devices are ued in
the broadcasting stations, which will
be treated in later installments.
Among them are the vacuum tubes,
alternators, condensers and trans
formers .
Continuous waves are created in
a transmitting set and if we place a
telephone transmitter in the proper
part of a continuous wave transmit
ter, we can cause the voice to alter
the waves in such a way that it will
be reproduced in the telephoue re-
- t . I. . A. 1 '
ccivrr oi inc oisiani receiving ela
tion. We impress the voice upon
these waves in much the same man
ner as we impress it upon the con
tinuous current in a wire telephone
rircuit. This is called "modulation,"
and the vacuum tubes are used to
increase this modulation.
Receiving from broadcasting sta
tions will dc discussed in the radio
columns of The Bee tomorrow. -
Revenue officers, seeking the dis
tillers of the far famed and hard hit
ting "white lightning" in the moun
tains of Kentucky have found evi
dence that the mountain men have
radio communication 'With confed
erates at jiear by railroad towns who
warn them of approaching danger of
raids. This accounts for' the code
messages that have often been picked
up in that vicinity and also for the
unsuccessful raids during the past
few months. The officers found that
when they raided a location where a
still s known to exit the place
was deserted.
Radio will pilot the U. S. S. Iowa
into battle maneuvers with the At
lantic fleet off the Virginia capes,
according to a statement issued by
the Navy department. The fleet is
now en route front Gusntanamo bay.
The Iowa will be guided entirely by
radio and will be moving target for
the gunners. A transmitting set
aboard the contro hiisr shio will con
trol the Iowa by means of an aerial
and special apparatus the latter.
a. St. T . - tr.fc
Q Caa ana iwa ih aaiaa "A" halt.ry
ior Ban ma aaitcior ana ampun.rr
A. T.a.
. B. F. ., VaJaaliaa, Kah.
Q Caa 1 uu last ohm racclvar
.o inn rcivrr till
' A. Ttaca. rrlvr caa ba awd ta. Rrivra. how.v.r. ahauld a
w" vamv. bvnnvci invm ia
arlti. .
Omaha. Haiti. Editor: What la
in rrara aitianc that aroaaeaatinf ha
bn rclv4 with a alnila talx mi ?
What wa langtha could I cover with a
:i foot atrial, a varlsrunlw of iha rl.
lowini dtmanalona: Primary a tub at
caroooara win lurna or no. is wlr;
IB eacondary, a eroqu.t ball a-lth r
eoila . dlvidd equally on each hair. S
Urna all loitthtr hava a errata! ae;
would a varloroupltr cut the atnnath
oi in aianaia ooa 10 a point lower than
l( 1 uattf, a ri lndurlaneT St. M.
Ana. I. PHt.burth and Newark. N. 1
nave beta beard hare ea a alalia tub
J. TPP to so meter wava Itniih.
). Probably not.
Parents' Problems
What course should be followed in
the case of a little girl of 9, who is
too intense, feeling both pleasures
and disappointments too keenly?
A child who feels keenly is blessed.
but she should have only the sim
plest pleasures. Such a child is as
excited by the anticipation as by the
event. Let her live out of doors
and sleep as many houra a day as
possible. Above all, lead her to
take a keen interest in the joys and
disappointments of others. If she
is impulsive and warm-hearteir this
wil be a safeguard against selfish
ness, to be which her tendency to
be self-centered will inevitably lead.
Ford Club in
Each District
Plan of Leaders
President of Dearborn Organ
ization Says Crisis Demand
ing Leader Now at
Detroit. June 7. (By A. P.)
Plans for a nation-wide movement
to bring about tht candidacy of
Henry Ford for president in Ii4
were mapped at Dearborn. Mr.
Ford's suburban home, at a perma
nent organisation meeting of the
Henry for President club.
Similar clubs should be formed in
each congressional district of the
United States, it was decided, in
order to perfect a more closely knit
organization. This method, it was
pointed out, would show Mr. Ford's
strength in each district and insure
him of the prober congressional sup
port, should his ticket be returned
the winner.
The club decided against adopting
a platform, preferring to leave Mr.
Ford free to work out hia own ideas
should he consent to enter the pres
idential race and to set forth for
himself the principles upon which he
would go before the people.
Rev. Dr. William Dawe, pastor of
the Dearborn Methodist Episcopal
church, was elected president of the
club. In addressing the gathering,
he declared Mr.. Ford was "the best
known citizen of the world today"
and was well fitted to head the gov
ernment and take the lead in launch
ing reforms he declared were nec
Every few centuries, Dr. Dawe
said, "a man appears at the time of
?;reat crisis and such at crisis con
ronts the world today. Perhaps
Mr. Ford has appeared for just such
an hour as this. The country needs
to start anew under the sort of lead
ership of which he ia capable. He
had many critics, but natural lead'
ers often are called fools and fana
tics. Christ was similarly criticized.'
Svery Bottle of Ifoberts Millj, hears the Pah qffiseurzztion
r 1
Service, quality and dependability, not
theory and argument, are the requirements of
the public from any product. That is a fact
which we learned long ago. And that is the
basis upon which our Omaha business is being
built. .....
. In the city of Lincoln more bottles of Rob
erts milk and cream are delivered daily than
are copies of the most widely reaa Lincoln
newspaper, and, there are more Roberts cus
tomers there than there' are users of gas. And
in Sioux City, .where we began business just
four years ago, we deliver approximately as
many bottles of Roberts . milk and cream as
there are homes in that city.
- Why do these conditions exist! Because
we have thoroughly met the requirements of
service, quality and dependabilityat prices just
as pleasing as are the products.
" We have just become established in Omaha.
And every feature of Roberts service, proven so
"satisfactory to our Lincoln and Sioux City cus
tomers, is available to you.
, You can buy Roberts milk and creams from your gro
' . cer or our wagons will deliver direct to' your home.
"'- . : 1 5 !..-. . ' a , .
... . .; ... u -
Roberts Milk, per quart, is 10c
Phone HAmey 2226
Hundreds of Lovely Hats
Marvelous Veranda Hats :' 'Coquettish Sports Hats
Graceful Evening Hats
.0 mf
Dras Hats
Taffeta HaU
Flovtt Hats
Tramparent Hats
Russian Turbans
A wondrous selection of the most ad
vanced in millinery. Midseason hats
of such charm and beauty as we have
. never before offered at this pricing.
, . "
urfaaa-Naak Hal Sbe Tbtrsl Flaar
' 1
- : -ooo : r
Black and White
White Pcbbk
Sport Skirts : Khaki Outfits
The growinj vogue for fashions in mannish styles is
fully expressed in the hundreds of smart garments as
sembled for the outdoor woman. A fashion to be
thankful for. Every garment ia designed for free, easy
comfort and an amazing amount of Stylean obliging
combination at prices exceedingly moderate.
Complete Khaki Outfits
Can you think of anything jollier than
. a summer hike in a real hiking suit a pair
,of swagger khaki knickers and a blouse to
match ? They're just right for picnics, ten
nis, golf and the many other outdoor sports.
Select one now for your vacation outfit at
these low prices:
Knickers are priced
at $3.90 to $5.00.
Khaki nickers priced
at $3.95 to $8.00.
Khaki skirts priced
at $3.98 to $8.00.
Khaki riding; breech
es are priced at $8.00.
Khaki hata are priced
at only $1.78.
. And khaki shirts are
priced at $2.78.
The complete 5-piece outfit, in khaki, priced $18.80.
BwewM-NasMidt Sha Tatr Fkar
Sport Skirts for Summer
Moderately priced at $10.00 to $17.50 , ; ; ,
For a woman, much of the zest of outdoor pleasure comes from the knowl
edge that her attire is suitable to the occasion. ; These silk skirts are develop
ed of plaid 'and striped eponge in daring high colors and of fancy flannels in
neutral tones. Most of them are wrap-around models, many of which carry a
fringed heihline. All have belts and set-in pockets. $10.00 to $17.50.
''.. V - Brf.-Naah Salt SaafTaM Flaar
0 0 0
Hear the "Cheney"
" Aristocrat of Phonographs
Ills?"", nil '
Unrivaled in the art of re
production, . for. it records all
masters perfectly; no instru
ment, more versatile, 'for it
plays all records. - The new
prices, combined with our con
venient terms,, bring this mas
ter instrument within the reach
of all who love music.
.. . . ..... i
Priced at $95 to $550 '
Wallace Records
To reduce by exercise, .... is
both effective - and healthful.
The Wallace records maker ex
ercise a pleasure. '.Course com
plete in six lessons.
Bureau-Nash Pkeaafraph Shay Fifth Flaar
- "'SJ""
Special in Ribbon
Yard 39c
r i'
In a season when ribbons are used ' to : suck
advantage ! French blue faille in 6 to 9-inch widths.
Black and white striped velvet of 4 Vi-inch width.
Sash widths in cool blue coloring and the ever
popular black and white combination that is so much'
in demand just now.
Burtaa-Naah Kaat Arraw Baath Davmataira SSara
Gift Books
for the
Books are the . perfect tri
bute to a girl friend, A hap
pily chosen volume is a love
token imperishable, one that
becomes dearly treasured as -the
years go by.
So let it be a "shower" with
books. Cometo us foradriee.
We will gladly suggest an
thors and titles that make a
harmonious group one that
will just thrill her beyond
words.' ' . ' -
Baa Skaa Mala Flaar
. oob - '
Kiddies Sox
It is none too soon to think
of summer socks for the kid-
dies. They not only look cool,
hut are cool and are the most
satisfying hose that mothers
can find. Our assortments in
and tt socks are most
complete in colors to match
the summer frocks and romp
era. - Priced at, pair
38c, vt 3 pair 91.00 '
Bartaaa-Naah Mala Thm r
Fancy Hose
Smartest styles in faney
white hosiery have just ar
rived, including a beautiful
quality, of chiffon and other
white hose, clocked ia shades
to match the summer sweaters.
.-- Priced $8.00 to $0.78
Bariaaa-Naah Mata FW
Gauze Vests
. , .
Vests cut to give ample full
nesa) and length; in regulation
or bodice top. Regular and ex
tra sizes are priced
35c, or 3 for $1.00
. BwiMa-Naafc MaJa Flaar .