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    lilt fckk: UMAIlA. t, i..
Lodse Declares
-Jlitchcock Would
Tie Nation's Hands
ncr Nebraila Democrat'
Projoal to Put Only
U. S. Rifle Plant Out
of Bufeinm.
(Miilh(l(iH uri tMuiul'nl t Tha H.
Vhiiigtun June 6. (Special.)
Fetmtor 1 1 itcficot k of Ncbrat-ki and
Jmator l-rwlge of Maaehuett
luve not forgotten the league of pa
ion contest, when Senator llitch
toik. a chairman of th committee
Mt iirf,Kn rtlation utidsrtook to tie
the I nited State up with the Euro
ejii rontnillrd league of nationi,
ind Snutor Lodge, at ranking mem
ber o the committee from the re
suhluan aide, led the fight which pre-
lerved the independent utatus of the
L'nited Slates.
1 he o;0!ition engendered then
late tin trequrtitly. It did o in the
Irhate over the army appropriation
The hill carried an appropriation of
pnix"! i'"r the support of the
print!tirld ateual, located in Sena
tor Lodsr'k state, the only place
a here military service rifles are built
it tin country.
Senator Hitchcock proposed that
the item be reduced to $75,000 which,
I is acknowleged, would put the
ktvernment out of the business of
aia'iing rifles altogether. Only 18
te atori agreed with Senator Hitch
tock as against 47 who disagreed
ith him, but the debate called at
tention to the tendency to drift back
itto the state of unpreparedness
ahuh proved so costly when the late
Aar broke out.
Knew Industry Threatened.
Senator Hitchcock made no refer
ence to the fact that the indus,
.liich he proposed to eliminate, tc-
garrilcss of what it might do to the
country, it located in Massachu
setts, but the promptness with which
Senator Lodge and Walsh of Massa
thusetts. came to the fore in the de
bate indicated they knew that an in
iustry in their own state was being
Senator Hitchcock pointed out
that the government already has
2.800,000 rifles in store, and held that
this is enough for the present con
tingency. Chairman Wadswoth, chairman of
the military affairs committee, im
mediately called attention to the fact
Profit Prices at
South Side Yards
of limy Sftwk at $9,
the HiphMYrtPai.1
Tin Year.
that the making of military rifles i f ttl D!tl!llir
a tnt art. and that thii u the only Untie DnilSHlS
trade and the potteition ct the touUS
can be maintained. When the war
broke out the country was without
rifle., and this situation rot the
government of the L'nited Sutet, he
aid, million and million and mil
lions ol dollar. Finally it wi
iiecfry to take over the Briton .Millard Man Sflli 80 Ufa J
cnnriq rme, reoore inrni in orgrr
to make tliem suitable for American!
ammunition and oi the 2,HUo!
rifles now in this country J.OciO.U'
are Enheld. I'nder the present ap
propriation which wa adopted only
about $J00.W0 a ear will be ued
to keep up the prinstirld arsenal j According to Carl Strelo of 04k
and maintain the American art of n4 who was on the South Omh
military rifle building, The arenl I rnarket yetrrday with a miiple of
load of Carting teet crop con
ditions around Oakland are in fair
shape, but corn is not all up and
needs a little rain.
Mr. Strelo also said most of the
feed lots in his section were prettv
well cleaned up of cattle a livestock
has been moving to market pretty
treely recently and there are but few
yearlings now ou feed.
The cattle Mr. Strelo brought in
were Hereford yearlings averaging
il pounds and for w hich he received
W.7S a hundred. The cattle were
bought on the local market last Au
gust as stock calves averaging 370
pounds, for which Strelo paid $0.75
a hundred.
Shorthorns Sell at Top.
A consignment of 18 head of heavy
I Shorthorn beeves was brought to the
local market yesterday by Martin
Roth of fender. The shipment aver
aged 1.551 pounds and sold at the
top price of $8.75 a hundred.
Mr. Koth said the cattle brought
in yesterday were the last of a bunch
of four carloads that he bought on
the local market as feeders last fall
and had been in the feed lots for
about eight months.
Four loads of cattle were marketed
here yesterday, by D. P. Carter,
cashier of the Bank of 1'olk, The
cattle have been on feed at the ranch
of llof Ostberg and of those brought
in yesterday 20 steers averaged 1.516
pounds, sold for $8.50 a hundred;
31 head averaging 1.276 pounds went
for $8.40 a hundred, and 14 head
averaging 1.07 pounds went for
$8.25 a hundred.
"About a week ago I had made up
my mind to send my cattle to the
Chicago market," said Mr. Carter,
"but something came up that pre
vented my making such a long trip
and I decided to come to Omaha.
And I am glad I came here after
having received such good prices and
it looks to me that Nebraska feeders
can do better in Omaha with their
livestock than any other market."
Two loads of heifers averaging
749 pounds, most of which sold at
...:n . . t. .... , til ..A-. m fUu I
Will luril QUI iimui fc'V innmm vm?
and will experiment alo in the
manufacture of a semi-automatic
Branded at Poor Economy.
Answering the plea of Senator
Hitchcock. which would have
wrecked this essential plant in
maintaining the preparednes of the
l'nited States. Senator Lodge said:
"As the senator from New York
has pointed out, it took two year
to get some of the factories which
make sporting rifles into condition
to make military rifles and, although
.100 mm may be small in number,
you have there the expert knowledge
which makes it possible to expand
very rapidly if you need expansion.
"J think it is somewhat like say
ing 'We are not at war; we are not
likely to be at war, and as it costs a
good deal of money to fire guns on
board ship, why do it?' If anything
should go wrong, it is very desirable
to have some men in the L'nited
States who are not foreigners who
do know how to fire the big guns
on board ship.
"The economy which would de
stroy this industry is the kind of
economy trom which this country
has suffered frightfully every time it
has had a war. It means abolishing
all preparation, and we know how
frightfully that has cost us every
time wc have unfortunately been
oblieed to eo to war. I believe it
would be a rreat economic mistake,
and no advantage to the cause of
peace, to break up that group of ex
pert workmen, just as I trunk it
would be an intolerable mistake to
break up our army and our marine
corps." i
Central City Girl Awarded
$500 Prize by Nebraska 'If
Central City, N'eh., June 6. Miss
Nancy Pcnnoyer of this city, who
is a graduate of the college of busi
ness administration, University of
Nebraska, has been awarded a $500
prize for post-graduate work because
of her excellence in mathematics.
fJ5 LuiidriJ wrii hiirUld at
tii toik)r4 ticnl4V bv Y h.
COItdrll ul CI loll, U, wl.o
ti'foinpanirtt by on. IV I.
.'J be on had th.ijc id irrdirfs the
catile and owned tiirtn )iiii!y with
his father. The yom g man 4'd the
cattle brought in writ tiom a bunch
of ca'vr bought on the local nur
krt lat full tor fvJO a hundred wbrn
they had an average weight of 45.
pounds The elder Mr. Co dm
id rrop condition weir rattur
gihid, but that cut worm ImJ dr
ttroyed wine of the nop in the
bottom land during the wet spell.
He a!o id ratl'e wtre becoming
!C4ice in the neighborhood ol
i Ruerton. mot of them having been
j marketed.
For the fir.f time tb1 on
heavy rattle went up to $' a hun
dred and that figure received by
W, H. Harrion of Millard who
brought in R head of choice cattle
that v?ragrd I.5M pound
Mr. HarrUon ha the distinction
of having cattle on the local mar
ket twice lat week for which he re
ceived the top price. The cattle
brought in vcterdav were high
bred, well fini-hrd Wliiteface and
Harrison expressed himself a high
ly pleased over the good ptices re
j Work on New Spiepel Block
in Beatrice to Be IlefumeiJ
Bratrirr. Neb.. June 6. (Spe
cial. Work on the new Spiegel
htock at Seventh and Court streets,
! which ha been supended the pat
few weeks because of the nnnarnvat
of structural steel, will be resumed
in a few days as Mr. Spiegcll received
4 telephone message from St. Joseph
that the material would be shipped
at once. The Spieecl-Overland rom-
pany expect to occupy the building
on or about August I. I wm cosi
complete about $30,000.
Beatrice Hotel Leased
Beatrice. Neb., June b (Spe
cial.) A lease from the Beatrice ;
Hotel company for the propofed new i
hotel at Sixth and Court street-.,
which will soon be erected there.
was closed Monday with the May (
Hotel company for a period of 20 :
years. There is a provision in the j
lease that it can be terminated at
the end of seven years. The fur-
nishings for the new hotel are to
cost SoO.OOO. E. L. May will man
age the hotel.
Vi iff Asking for l)ivurre ,
Learn Mate Wa Murdered!
Lincoln, June b A divorce pr
IHiun ti ed I.eie in January by Llitej
M LUurr kii4'it liium M. B!u-i
u, 'mi of dcwition, will be
iltnui.-.rd a i cult ul advice re.
vntrd today that lilaiurr, while go
ing under the name of HUir T. Mc
(overn, wa tmirducd at Olenoldcti,
Mr l;:aiicr recognircd a photo-i
Man Dies of Heat
Boston. June 6. One death from
heaf vestcrdav marked the hottest
day of the season here. A number of i
heat prostrations were reported. I he
highest temperature officially record-
ed during the day was 89 1-2 degrees. I
graph of McGovtrn tent her by Thil
aJelphia poltcr, as that of ber hus
band, whom she bad not heard from
mice shortly after their marriage in
November, 1911.
Blauter, it is reported, was t
borough police officer of Glenolden
when murdered He left Lincoln six
week after hit marriage to Elite
M, Corey of this city when she is
alleged to have chided him concern
ing what he termed an earlier mar
riage in France.
Hartmann Wardrobe
A Good Trunk
AtffamSraH 1
We have sold them since 1913
Freling & Steinle
1803 Farnam Street
Here Sixteen Years
The Choice of the June
Bride or Graduate Is a-
Style "M"
They will appreciate this gift of lasting and
worth-while remembrance. The tyle "M"
Steinway is one of the most popular models of
"The Instrument of the Immortals."
Term of 3 years are gladly arranged, and
your old piano will be accepted as part pay
ment. Give the Bride or Graduate a Steinway;
you will never regret it It is the instrument by
which all other makes are measured.
Exclusive Steinway
For many years housewives have "run
short" on their linen supply. The high
prices have persuaded them into a pol
icy of "watchful waiting." They need
sait no longer. Through the system
known as "The Lookout in the Fore
top" the people of this vicinity are now
afforded the opportunity of buying '
linens that come from the very fountain head of Linen
dom and at prices lower than at any time since the
days of jgij.
Wednesday Sale of Fine
At Lowest Prices In
These offerings are so attractive that
there will be a large crowd in attend
ance at the initial sale. We are prepared
to care for all who come. We do not
hesitate to advise our customers to take
prompt advantage of this opportunity.
It is true they have never had better
linen offerings at these prices, and it
is very likely to be true that under the influence of tar
iff legislation linens may go much higher in the- near
esults of OurShoppingTourin Europe
An Opportune Sale for June Brides, Housewives and Hotel Keepers
Pure Linen
Glass Toweling ZZC
3,000 yards, iD pink or blue
check; our regular 39c quality,
at less than cost, to manufac
ture; per yard, 22
Dress Linen
White Dress Linen An excel
lent quality for blouses, dresses
or men's shirts; regular 1.29
quality for 79
Irish Linens Greatly Uriderpriced
These are manufacturers' samples and rejects. Noth
ing, however, to impair satisfactory wear and service.
Double Damask Linen Table Cloths
TOxTO-im-h size; worth 10.00 to 12.00;
special at 5.00 and 6.50
Linen Table Cloths 70x90-inch size;
worth 12.50 to 16.00; special at 7.50
Irish Linen Napkins Wz
l-inch size, 4.50 9 7C
value, at, dozen, MiO
Colored Hemstitched Luncheon Sets
Directly imported from Ireland; 54-inch
lunch cloth and six 14-inch napkins, in
various colors; 7.50 value; set, 5.98
Linen Huck Toweling For making
towels or scarfs; 22-inch width; our
regular 1.39 quality; per yard, 65c
13-Piece Luncheon Sets 24-inch center
piece, six 6-inch doilies and six 10-inch
doilies; regular price 6.50; per set, 4.95
Pure Irish Linen Table Cloths
10.00 to 20.00 Values
There are only 60 of these cloths, all pure linen, double damask,
of that for 6.00! Xote the desirable sizes: 70x108 inches, 81x81
81x90 inches. These cloths are manufacturers' rejects and sam
ples. The quantity of these cloths is so small it's imperative to
be here earlv if vou want one. Priced for this sale, each,
Main Floor West
Just think
inches and
Where We Bought Them
You remember the great shopping expedition
made through EUROPE last winter by a corps of
Brandeis Store buyers under the personal leader
ship of Mr. George Brandeis. It "w as on that trip
that our buyer went into the linen markets. He
went to PAKIS for hand-made Cluny laces, center
pieces and scarfs; BRUSSELS for hand-made
lace scarfs and bed spreads; BERLIN for towels,
table cloths, napkins and lunch cloths ; CZECHO
SLOVAKIA for the soft, mellow finish linens,
table cloths and napkins; SCOTLAND for the
sturdier linens and the beautiful hemstitched din
ner sets, together with the new colors in lunch
cloths ; then to the .
King of the Linen Countries
IRELAND where our buyer selected linen
cloths and napkins and table damask, linen tow
els and toweling, linen sheets and linen scarfs
all the very ereani of Irish manufacture. In addi
tion to this we have received from the MADEIRA
ISLANDS Madeira napkins and center pieces.
From ITALY came Mosaic napkins, scarfs and
lunch cloths, all hand-made. It is impossible to
detail the purchases comprising this wonderful
linen list or to describe their beauty. You will be
charmed with the wonderful collection.
How We Bought Them
All Europe had been worn and torn as the result of the
war. Linen manufacturers needed money. J. L. Bran
deis & Sons were prepared to pay cash. The manufac
turers were prepared to make further concessions for
purchase in large lots. The Brandeis Store is famous
in commercial circles as one of the big outlets for mer
chandise. ExprT representing this store studied money
exchange condiuons and, taking advantage of low rates
of exchange, were thus enabled to obtain further price
advantages. Then these purchases were made in ad
vance of the proposed tariff bill, which would materially
increase the cost of linens.
This immense stock of high-grade linens reached The
Brandeis Store under such price conditions that we are
able to offer to our customers the most attractive prices
and the most desirable goods In this line they have ob
tained since pre-war days.
We have no hesitancy in sayiiic that these price are
from 200 to 800 per cent below peak prices and from
50 to 100 per cent under the lowest priced for linens
qnoted since 1913.
Bleached Linen a 19
Table Damask 1
Irish manufacture; several good
designs, 70 inches wide; our
regular 2.00 quality; yard, 1.19
Not over 10 yards to a customer.
All Linen
All Linen Toweling 3,000
. yards, made in Ireland; a heavy,
full bleached quality; 39c qual
ity; very specially priced at, per
yard, 19
Not over 20 yards to a customer.
Pure Linen Table Cloths
With Napkins to Match
Fine Gift Linens The large and handsome displays of our Linen Sections are fer
tile with suggestions for the June bride. Choice qualities and exclusive desim
are offered here at lower prices than are available elsewhere
All Linen Hemstitched Dinner Set A
beautiful dinner set directly imported
from Scotland; 70x70-inch dinner cloth
and six JJO-inch napkins to match;
25.00 value; per get, 18.00
All Linen Hemstitched Dinner Set A
handsome set, the right size for the new
oblong dining tabjes; 70x88-inch dinner
cloth and six napkins to match; 30.00
value; per set, 22.50
70-inch Table Linen For those who
prefer to make their table cloth, a
splendid quality is offered in full
bleached pure linen; per yard, 2.59
A handsome pattern cloth with lus
trous satin finish.
72x72-inch Cloth, 10.50
72x90-inch Cloth, - 13.50
72xl08-inch Cloth 16.50
24-inch Xapkins, dozen, 16.50
Two Specials In Madeira Linens
Hand Embroidered 7(H)
IVTdrtaira XTatVlriric;
13-inch tea napkins with, attractive corner de
sign and nicely scalloped edge; 4imit of a
dozen to one customer; 12.50 Talue; per
dozen, 7.QQ
Hand Embroidered
Center Pieces
A limited number of 22 and 24-inch center
pieces with handsome hand-embroidered de
sipi and scalloped edge; 5.00 to 8.00 values :
cach' 3.98
Main Floor West