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    THE BEE: OMAHA. THL'lUUAi, max lt. m::.
The Dancing Master
U km the iruih. and Iht knol
djte turned hrr ik. She shut her
tyt and griipr() hrr hands to krrp
from trying om, but she htrd "
imf i hfarilrs Mile uh a site
a!rJ put of the roof, humnf the
xr beliMKj her.
Toil may nurry hint t py all
Iht many drill oii 0t him, the
orJs rang in her tut,
Wat that ht I'trnier lul meant
hrn he Mid that tome day he would
nd hu bill 10 far her to pyf Me
(ell a if the u choking, lie could
r4t have meant that, he ts hr kind
friend, he loved her. lie would never
take a mean advantage of her and
fre her to marry him because they
had all made a ttmtake and believed
her rapable of a greainet to which
he knew now the could never at
tain. Had they ever really thought he
would he famou? llal they ever
really believed in her power? Mie
had lot every ihred of confidence
in herelf: he found hertelf doubt
Kg and dbelcvng at every turn.
There wat only one soul fit the
world" whp toved her devotedly, tin
elf ikhly Koyiton. During -tbit
tragic moment when they looked
across the crowded room into each
other'i eye. Elizabeth had teen the
unutterable love and longing of hi
soul laid bare.
He wauted her ai lie wanted him;
for him, too, life had lot all its
swtetnr.s brcamc they could not be
together; oh, surely, then, it wat a
mere foolish scruple that kept them
Elizabeth had reached the break
ing point, and she knew it: there wat
a tragic desperation about her when
presently she rote and began tearing
off the white frock with reckless fin
gers, ft fell to the floor, ruined and
torn, but she did not care. She threw
it aside as tonight she felt she had
thrown all her lite with Mme. Sencs
tis. She dressed hurriedly in her plain
est rlothes: she stole out on to the
landing and looked at a clock there.
Ten minutes to 12! Somehow she
had thought it must be much later;
it seemed a lifetime since she had
left the house with Frmer and Mme.
If it had been hours later she would
not have cared; she was worked up
to such a pitch of desperation that
time was of no account. With her
shoes in her hand she stole down
stairs. In one of the rooms she could
hear madame and the" old French
housekeeper chattering together in
their own tongue; chattering of her,
she was sure, as she stole across the
hall and drew back the latch of the
front door.
It was a warm, moonlit night and
the pavemerttl were dry. Elizabeth
ran a few steps before she stopped
breathlessly to put on her shoes.
Since madame's cruelly intended;
words she seemed to have seen Neil
Farmer in a new light; something In
her heart told her that she would be
forced to marry him, that nothing,
could save her, unless Royston would
lake her into his life.
She was going to him, that was all
she knew.. She never stopped to
think. ....
He was in London and no doubt
back to his old rooms. Her racing
heartbeats seemed to choke her as
she bent and fumbled with the laces
ei her shoes. Me heard a slow step
pacing up and down the road, close
by. it seemed, and she tied the laces
anyhow into tiunuy knots a the
step drew nearer.
Looking back over her ihouluVr,
she saw a man deliberately coming
toward Iter at an increasing speed
Mie turned and started to run arros
i he mad when he ioke her name
She atopped then with liltle ilioK
in cry.
"t.luabeth. there are vou going!
t aw you come out of the liou.e.
I've been walking up and down ever
kime mce r suiter bought vou
home. I.haurih!'
Elisabeth stood very still, her
breath coming fat in uneven gasps,
her hands hanging limp at ner side,
a she looked up through the moon
light into Koytton a haggard face.
A lire at peace seemed to have
fallen on hrr heart; she was with him
again; she had but to stretch out her
hand to touch him. A wavering smile
of infinite sweetness lit her eyes and
there was note of quiet confidence
in her voice as she answered him, as
if it were the most natural thing in
the world:
l was coming to you.
"Coming to me?" Royston echoed
riizabeth's words with infinite ten
derness, and then for a moment
neither of them spoke.
In the distance a church clock
chimed midnight, and Royston rou-cd
himself with an ertort to say: ou
must go in; you must be worn out;
you mut go in, t.lizabctn.
The pale moonlight showed him
the sudden blenching of her face and
the trembling of her lips as she an
swered him:
"I can't go back there; madame is
so angry with me. She would have
turned me out tonight but for Mr.
"Farmer!" Try as he would Roy
ston could not keep tlfe bitter jeal
ousy from his voice.
Elizabeth hardly heard. She went
on eagerly: "He made her keep mc;
I don't know what he said at least
" And now she faltered. Some
how it seemed impossible to tell this
man that Mme. Scnesti had only
consented to let her stay in the house
until she married Neil Farmer.
She looked up at him with an an
guish of dread in her eyes.
"Oh, you're not you're not going
to send me away again," she broke
out passionately. "What does any
one matter except just our two
. - K t -
.selves Jon-. i you wane mc- conUinin aIcohot or beverage pur
ii i wani you: nc ecuoca narsn- rinca s - ownpr4 n smalt stores or
restaurants, in all of which evidence
of the sale was procured, have been
arrested and fined $100 each, and in
some cases the remaining stock has
been taken.
know what it would mean if anyone
mi.ed you from your room. You're
ured, too. You mut be worn out.
Tomorrow tomrrw. we will meet
tomorrow, and try and find out what
is bctt for you to do.'
tt'oaliaawi t Th IS ThmnMi)
Fill City Will DnliMte '
Turk to DcaJ War Heroes
Fall City, Neb.. May 17.-(Spe-
rial) rails lity will oo.rrve Me
morial day by dedicating one of the
parks to the memory of the local
boys who paid the supreme sacrifice
during the war, Leion officials were
informed by the city council. With
the dedication, the name of the
hady square vill be changed from
Waterworks park to American Le
gion Memorial park.
i ity. patriotic and Legion ofticiais
will participate in the Memorial day
pros ram. which will roiiM-t chiefly
of planting trees In honor of the fall
en heroes.
It it planned to utilize the park
for a children's playground. A mon
ument may be constructed later.
County Judges Entitled
to One Clerk, Jurist Rules
O'Neill. Neb.. May 17. (Special)
County judges were entitled to one
clerk or atiant for the year 121.
in counties of from 3,000 to 16.000
population, if they already had such
clerk or astiMant when an act pased
by the legislature ot iv.'l. which
made such help optional with the
county board, went into effect, ac
cording to a decision by Judge Rob
ert It. Dickson in the district court of
Hoyd count)', at Dtittc. The action
was by County Judge Ford against
the county board of Uoyd county,
which had refused him an assistant
for the remainder of the year after
the act went into effect.
Beatrice Dentists Robbed
of Cold Valued at $223
Beatrice. Neb.. May 17. (Special
Telegram.) Robbers entered the
dental olliccs of Doctors Spcllinau
Spellman and carried away gold
valued at $100. The job was re
peated at the offices of Becson &
McLlcran. where $u5 was secured
Most of the dentists of the city are
at Lincoln attending the state con
vention. The theft is believed to be
the work of experts who have been
operating at points in Kansas and
Nebraska. .
Grocers Fined $100 Each
for Lemon Extract Sale
Grand Island. Neb., May 17.
fSnecial Telegram.) The police de
partment is making a determined ef
fort to stop illegal sale by grocery
stores of lemon and other extracts
ly. He took'both her hands in his,
holding them close. "I am a married
man, Elizabeth, he said.
"I know I I " She dragged her
hands' free of his and covered her
face. "Oh. what shall I do? What
shall I do?" she said, with a broken
She longed to tell him the truth
about Farmer and the amount of
money she owed him, and yet if he
would not take her through love, she
knew that pity would never touch
him at all. 1 1
Then suddenly . 'she felt his arm
around her shoulders in a close, pro
tecting grip that had more of the
big brother tfian the lover in it, as he
said, speaking as steadily as he could:
You must go in now, dear. You
Noises in Radio
Sets Eliminated
Army Wirelem Expert Per
feet Invention That Sepa
rate! Static Sound
From Signal.
By lk A Maria U4 frM.
Chicago, May 17. Elimination of
the crackling and buzzing accom
panymg radio signals which have
proved the greatet obstacle in the
development of wireless communica
lion has been accomplished by army
experts, it was announced here to
day, me invention, which separates
all static noises from the radio signal,
was perfected by Major J. O. Mau
borgne, signal officer of the sixth
corps area, and Dr. Louis 'Cohen of
George Washington university, con
suiting engineer of the War depart
ment, after more than two years' ex
The separation of sicnal from
static noises caused by the electrical
charges m the atmosphere is acconv
lilied by a drain coil of wire, the
length of which varies with the dis
tance from which signals are re
ceived The strength of the signal is
not affected bv the draining process.
according to Dr. Cohen, and the sig
nals may even be amplified.
Use Light Socket.
Another invention announced in
connection with the elimination of
disturbing noises, was a resonance
wave coil by which a radio receiving
set may be plugged into an ordinary
electric light socket and radio signals
received as well as with an aerial.
This invention, on which a dozen
patents are now pending, was per
fected by Major General George O.
Squire, chief signal officer of the
A similar invention was announced
here bv B. F. Miesner several days
ago. Miesner, who was a government
expert during the war, said his work
had been entirely separate from the
government investigations.
The draining coil was hooked up
for the first time yesterday with
Maj. Gen. Squire's device and found
to work perfectly, Dr. Cohen said.
Signals were picked up, with perfect
clarity, while static conditions were
especially bad.
The c lec trie power method of
transmUiion hold tremendous com
mercial possibilities, according to Dr.
Cohen, who said that power com
panies had been co-operating In the
experimental work,'
Little Change In Seta.
"F.liminaiing static noises has teen
one of the most serious problem in
radio development, said Dr. Cohen
today. "Due to the electrical
charges in the atmosphere, especially
in summer, even the largest stations
must shut down at times. The de
vice perfected by Maj. Mauborgne
and Miesner parallels the static
noises, grounds the noise and leave
the signal clear and distinct."
Mai. Mauborgne explained that
radio signals received by the electric !
power line method could be cleared
of noises also, a proved in experi
ments yesterday. Such signals may
be received Ironi a broadcasting sta
tion lending by the usual aerial.
irom which the waves hit exposed
electric wire over the city and
thence travel over the wire to the
receiving set. or could be received
from a station also using the power
line instead ot an aerial. I he only
additional equipment needed for
power line receiving is a set of con
densers which cost less than a dollar,
Maj. Mauborgne said.
yottr iMtb ! k.f fc-
! I"H
Iff nl
D. f. R Univarkiiw PUe. Ktis.
Q-lK ) kit lf.IBM I lutfM
rauplwt tit Wi sit ii Is 4 4
lit pnutitrjr s4 ai f
A (II V. f Hllt-I M UN a
liAiHf (ins-1 ttt K. II c
-'4 r um.ia piituoy , it iis
rr4 m soaaasiy.
Petition Prepared to
Ou.t Sheriff Hut ledge
Lincoln, May 17. (Special) At
torney licneral Clarence A. Davis
today sent a copy of an ouster peti
tion to Thurston county, to be bled
in the district court there against
Sheriff Charley Kutlcdge, who wat
suspended lot Saturday by fiover
nor MiktUw on l.juor allfiiii'n.
Assistant Attorney General C. L
Barrett declared today if Kutlrdga
attempted to discharge the duties tl
sheriff hi a K w ould be "unlaw ful.
lit made thi statement in answer
to the decision of thf county board
that they would not appoint a suc
cessor to Rutlcdge.
Vote School Bond
Pradhaw, Neb, May 17 (Spe
cial) The bond election In thi city
carried with a vote o( 14.1 tor to M
against on the iietion of errclinii
a new school building The amount
of bonds voted was HO.iW.
Varhtv Storo Dealers1
of Four Slatea Organi''
Nebraska City. Nfb. My If.
(Special I Variety More dealer
irpresriiiing Iowa. Miouri, Kansa
and Nebraska met here and per
fected an organization to be known
a C'nited Merchaiit Syndicate, an
assucialion lormed for the purpose
of assembling the combined buying
power ol It niemoer. i iv. "."
ton of this city wa elected chair
man; J. Ironmonger. Glenwood. la.,
vice chairman, and R. A. NeUel I
Fall Giy, secretary and treasurer.
I'weiity-tive dealers have signed tho
membership list.
It is not electricity but Hertzian
or electromagnetic waves in the
ether that make radio possible.
The condenser stores up clcctrici-
iv. ir n ti'narop. til urn rnarui ai
once and under hiarh rninn In rnn-
sists usually of alternate layers of a
conductor or non-conductor. A con-
Hrncrr ic u&(4 in rarlirt fnr risttrrtino
energy and for putting circuit into
resonance so as to tune tnem.
Pj-T ! siIiht at a -it! 1if f ( Af
viiw " mih cat v siiv. , leuvia va
additional licensed broadcasting sta-
Cslt. Lo.ation.
KH3 Rfaitio. Wash Louis Watntr
KliS tenvr. Colo. .Reynolds ItsdlO Kliop
K l.TMiinnvval RaillA ffhnn
K.K3-Stockton, Csl C. O. Onuld
KJR Seattle. Wash Vincent I. Kraft
Other, wilt ho lister! in the radio
columns of The Bee tomorrow.
G. G. T., Omaha.
Q I have a crystal set and an atrial
400 feat lonf, but I cannot hear th con
certs broadcast la Omaoe. wnat I
A Tour aerial is too ions. It maaea
to Delight Every
Dainty and fheer, with gay colorings,
frilla and novel touches that add bo much
to the effectiveness of their simple design.
The styles are on slenderizing lines, making
them becoming to the stouter woman
youthful to every woman who seeks for
freshness in the crisp appearance of her
summer frocks.
Made of exquisite materials, among them
Dottacl Swiss
Crapa da China
Rodier Crepe
Canton Crapa
Etc., Etc.
The prices are exceptionally low,
ranging from $5.00 up.
Dress Shop Second Floor
t Aw tfSfavJtf &rrm
Annual Pioneer Day Is
Observed by Woman's Club
Nebraska City, Neb., May 17.
(Special) Pioneer day was observed
here by the Woman's club with a big
picnic and program at Brown park.
Many pioneers who have been in the
community, for more than 60 years
were present. Among them was
Frank Carson, who came to Ne
braska City with his parents in 1854
and has since made his home here.
The event is celebrated here annually.
You'll Find Bigger Values
In This Sale Than You've
Seen for Years
We doubt if the men of Omaha
have ever had such an opportu
nity to buy "Clothes of Char
acter" at such remarkable
prices. Mr. Allen's leaving our '
firm has necessitated the quick
reduction- of our stocks and the
raising of money necessary to '
complete our dissolution.
Our entire stock',' excepting tuxedos "
and our lines of Langrock's custom
tailored clothes, have all been di
vided into three great lots and placed ,
on pale at prices" that will; assure "
quick selling. These prices are lower
than you will pay for "just ordinary
popular priced garments. ;
We've Cut Our Prices
to Nearly Half in Most
Cases; We Simply Must
Get the Cash
Don't delay looking over this wonderful asiort
ment of fine clothes. You can't afford to miss
this sale. You will find suits of just the right
weights to suit your requirements and at these
prices you'll be money ahead, as well as owning
a much better garment than perhaps you are in
the habit of wearing.
A irTTTT (P TfiTn TU
Thursday We Launch Our
These suits sold regularly at $35 and $40. They
are for the most part this season's lines. How
ever, we have put everything from last season's
selling in this lot, even garments that brought
as high as $60. You'll find a wonderful assort
ment at this low price to select from.
Here you. will find all our new suits that show
regularly up to $50. These are Adler's Collegian
Suits, hand tailored and feature that wonderful
McBedwin finish. The fabrics are the finest and
the styles all the new models for 1922.
These are our feature lines. - The best clotnes
you'll- find in town. They have all the best
workmanship, the special finish and fabrics. We'll
match them in every way with the best of tailored
to your measure garments. Come in and see
how much you can get NOW for only $35.
Wa include . our regular "fitting" service with
every suit sold during this unusual sale, and
make no charges for ordinary alteration.
Wilcox &
Clothes of Character
N. E. Corner . 17th and Harney
One Solid Carload-Thousands of Pieces
. Through an unusually large purchase, we took over the entire surplus stock of a well-known
manufacturer, the quantity purchased making it possible to secure the lowest price we have ever quoted
on enamelware of this grade. The price is actually less than the cost of manufacture. Lack of suffi
cient space prohibits us telling you more about it. See our windows. ' We know you'll want many
pieces when you see the wonderful values. ' ' .
Tea Kettles (5irquart)
Wash Basins (extra large) Y.
Mixing Bowls (large sizes)
Sauce Pans (nest of 3)
Preserving Kettle (10-quarty
Baking Pans (oblong shape) 1
Water Pails (8, 10, 12, 15 quart)'
Dish Pans (oval, 9 and 12 quart)
Refrigerator Pans (with covers)
Water Pitchers (4 quart)
Coffee Pots (2 and 3 quart)
Mixing Bowls (nest of 3) '
Covered Kettles (6 quart)
Collanders (large size)
Combinettes (10 quart)
Dish Pans (round, 10, 14, 17 quart)
Cuspidors (sanitary style)
Hundreds of each kind.
Not in many years has so complete an assortment been '
offered at such a ridiculously low price. These are not odds
and ends, nor discontinued lines, but a manufacturer's com
plete stock. All heavy steel, with three coats of enamel.
- Come in all white, both inside and outside, with blue border
around edge, or all white inside and blue outside. Do not
confuse this with enamelware manufactured especially for
sales purposes. Every piece is regular merchandise, that
was made to sell at several times our price.
No C. O. D.'s. " No Phone Orders.
N Sale Starts 9 A. M. Thursday.
B urc aaa-Naah Fourth Floor.
X4 J?P