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iNW Ambassador
From Germany Is
in Washington
Arm.! c.f Dr. Otto Wictlfrldt
Sigiuli! Opening of
Negotiation! to Settle
War Claim.
Omaha fW m4 W lr.
Washington, May 16. Arrivst o(
Dr. Oito WiHitrMt. the new Ger
man amhatU'lor, in Vahtnetn i
nalisrs ihe opening of exleiiive ne
gotiations between Washington and
Berlin to revive treaties annulled by
the war, to nuke new treatiei and
to settle American war claims and
release German property acqueitered
by the United State.
To work out a fttlcment of the
war claims ag;int Germany, Secre.
tary Hughes has proposed throiiRh
Mr. Houghton, the American am
baador in Berlin, the creation of a
mixed comroiiin of Ain-rtcan and
Ormans. Dr. Wiedfeldt bclievei
thi proposal will be aecepted.
Firat In Fire Yeara.
American war claim against Ger
many total about $.)(M).00Ci.(XK). Claim!
ariaing out of live and property de
stroyed by German submarine war
fare and other depredation aggre
Bate $22I.'HK).IMK). Expcne incurred
in maintaining enemy alien and
prisoner of war and other miscel
laneous charge are slightly in excet
of $80,000,000. German property
which will be held by the alien
property custodian pending settle
ment of the American war claims i
of an estimated value of $400,000,000.
With the arrival of Dr. Wiedfeldt,
Germany has an ambassador in
Washington for the first time in more
than five years. This is the first ex
perience of the ambassador in di
plomacy. He is a successful business
man who has been one of the mana
gers of the Krupp works, the great
arm factory now producing farm
machinery and other implements of
The ambassador made light of re
ports from European capitals of a
possible combination between Rus
sia. Germany and Japan for the con
trol of the commerce of the world.
Combination Not Expected.
"I don't believe there is a word of
truth in such rumors," he said. "As
for my personal opinion, I hope that
if any combination is entered into, it
will be between the United States
and Germany."
It will be many years before Ger
many recovers from the effects of the
war, Ambassador Wiedfeldt oelieves
The people of the United States, he
said, are apt to get a false impression
of the true condition of Germany
and to believe that its recovery has
been much more rapid than is really
the case. .
Germany it most anxious to keep
with the United States in every way
for the Improvement of commercial
relations between the two countries
at the earliest possible day.Dr. Wied
feldt asserted. .'
"There will always be. of course,
a few in Germany who believe they
would be better off under the Hohen
zollern regime than at present," he
said. "The great majority of the peo
ple of my country, however, are per
fectly contented with conditions as
they exist at the present time."
Los Angeles Buys Power
Plant of Edison Company
Los Angeles, May 16. The city of
Los Angeles today took over the
distributing properties of the South
ern California Edison company,
which lie within its boundaries, un
der a purchase contract by which
the company .was paid $12,044,000 in
cash. The city also agreed to pur
chase at wholesale all of the electric
power it may require which is not
generated from its aqueduct.
The power purchase contract is
continue in effect 30 years unless
canceled by a vote of the people, but
such cancellation cannot be made' un
til 10 years have elapsed. ,
Little raffia mats are handy things
to have around to use under vases,
Also On Back. In Blotches.
Cuticura Healed.
"My trouble began In tort of
mall, white pimples on my (ace
ad back. They were in blotches
and fettered and scaled over. My
clothing aggravated the breaking out
on my back, and my face wi di
figwed for the tube being.
"The trouble lasted about two
yeara. I tried different remedies but
nothing cured me. I began using
Cuticura Soap and Ointment and af
ter I had used two and a half cakes
of Cuticura Spap and one box of Cu
ticura Ointment I was completely
healed." (Signed) Miss Clara Hen
gel. R. 4. Box 19, Denmark. Wis.
Rely on Cuticura Soap, Ointment
and Talcum to care for your skin.
fcaaTTaticara Soap than wnfcaa mmt.
Say Ben-Gay at any drug store and
vott will get a tube of the original
French Baume Bengue (Analge
aique), then apply a follows: rub
a little of the Banns in front of
and behind the ear for the quick
reUef of the pain. Keep a tube
handy for Toothache.
ullWll L-M.U lMIMU
School Begins.
After Snowball' trip to the ul
lage old dog hport scarcely stirred
from the farmyard, lie left the
MXidihuil to scurry about the pa
turc at they rU-4fd. Tor he felt that
"4TAr w w
Once outside Johnnie could beir
the children still laujhinf
he ought to keep an eye on Snow
ball. The very next time that Snowball
started to follow Johnnie Green out
of the yard, Spot ran up to him and
barked at hi heel.
"Go back I" Spot growled. "Don't
you dare leave this yard!"
And then, to Spot's surprise, John
nie Green picked up a stick and
threatened him with it.
"You let my lamb alone!" Johnnie
cried. . That was bad enough, accord
ing to old dog Spot's notion. But
when Johnnie shouted, "Get out!" at
him, that was worse.
Spot tucked his tail between hi
legs and slunk away, to hide himself
under the woodshed. And there he
stayed for the rest of tile morning
and sulked. ,
But in. the afternoon he began to
feet more cheerful. For Spot had
heard Mrs. Green remark that school
began the next day.
That was good news. At least
Spot so thought it.
"This lamb won't get much notice
from Johnnie Green after today,"
Spot told Henrietta Hen. "He'll be
left here in the yard. And it won't
be long now before Mrs. Green tells
Farmer Green to put him in the pas
ture with the flock. She won't have
him in everybody's way. She'll get
rid of him quickly. You know that
when Mrs. Greed makes up her
Sister Superior Endorses Merit
of Father John's Medicine
for Children.
wwtin -from the Sacred Heart
Convent at Newport, Vt, the Sister
Superior in charge says: "We have
here a large boarding school and as
soon as we see a child without ap
petite or not feeling well we have
him take Father John's Medicine.
I think it is the best remedy for
children." (Signed) Sister Mary
Alexandrine, Superior Sacred Heart
Over 100 other institutions use
and endorse Father John's Medicine,
having proved its value for colds
and body building over a long pe
riod of years. Safe to use because
it contains no drugs. t
miml, ihiutis gtneuUy Imfu to
sun her." .
Henrietta nodded her handomc
"Jut what I've often told the
Rottter!" the culaimed.
Well, the following morning as
much a an hour slier break last,
Johnnie Green started up the road
with some book under hi arm and
a lunch Lakct in his hand. It was
the lirt Iy of kIio, And some
how Johnnie wan't feeling very
happy. He had dawdled about the
houe so hi mother said. It ap
peared that he in no hurry to
leave home. '
Before Johnnie had reached the
barn, which stood beside the road,
Mr. Green stepped out of the houc
and looked at li mi.
"You'd better grt long!" she
called after him. "You don't want
to be hue the first day of school!"
So Johnnie Green Tell into a jog
trot, which he kept up all the way
to the red schoolhouse.
A he came in stunt of the little
boxlike buildinir. he saw other
youngsters hurrying through the
doorway. And then Johnnie ran at
fast ss he could.
He burst inside the schoolroom
jtt as the school mistress tapped
the little bell on her desk, which
meant that everybody must stop
talking, because sit coo I had begun.
Johnnie Green hurried to a seat.
But before he reached it all the other
pupils burst into a shout.
Johnnie looked around. And there,
('iiii. st'Htot the fltMH, va fno
UHJ He had (allowed Johnnie U
the way from Farmer Greeu's barn.
It wa some time before things
were quiet. The teacher had to ring
her Mil bell good many time,
and even rap upon her dek with
ru'rr. before the boys and girl stop
ped laughing. And then the teacher
turned to Johnnie Green and spoke
U him,
"Mary." she id, "ii this your lit
tle lamb?"
The teacher emed surprised be
cause her pupil began to roar at
that, liut the made no attempt to
silenre them. She did not even try
to quiet a tertain boy called "Red,"
who nude more ttoUe than all the
ret together,
Meanwhile Johnnie Green's face
looked like a red apple. And it
grew seveial shidee redder, when
Snowball walked up to his seat snd
,ton close beide him.
"Don't you think" said the teach
er after a while "don't you think,
Mary, that you'd better take your,
little lamb home?" '
Johnnie Green did not answer.
But be hung his head a he rose
and hurried out of the schoolroom,
with Snowball following close be
hind him, .
Once outside, Johnnie could hear
the children still laughing. And he
even thought that be could hear the
tearhrr laughing, ton.
That very morning Snowball found
himself turned into tlie pasture
where Farmer Green's flock of sheep
were passing the summer. And it
wasn't long before the whole barn
yard was filled with the noise os
goipping tongues.
"For once." said Henrietta Hen,
"the Muley Cow knew w hat she was
talking about when she said Johnnie
Green would grow tired of that white
As for old dog Spot, he told every
body that he was going up to the
pasture to chase woodchucks.
And a for Johnnie Gieen, be told
bis tnoiUf that he didn't beluve
nc i go oavK iu st ntKii any pivit,
Wiit she taid l' should and that
ery morning,
And thine generally happened the
way Mrs. Green intended.
cnt uit-
Narrotic Art Violators,
Must Serve Snttrmr
Johnnie Moore and Smith (lines,
eonvitted in the federal (.curt lot
December and sentenced to lour and
live year repectively in the federal
priaon at Leavenworth for violation
of the narcotics act, will have losrne
their sentenres, under a ruling re
reived by the federal court clerk
This ruling I that the bill of ex
cept inn in an appealed case must
be bled in Ihe court of appeals in
'the same term s that in which the
conviction occurred.
2j New Can Are Received
Daily by Union Pacific
The Union Pacific has several
hundred men added to the car re
pairing force over the southern dis
trict of the road. General Manager
Je tiers said Tuenday following a con
ference with Genera! Superintend
ent II. J. riumhof of the southern
About 25 new cars are being re
ceived in Omaha daily of an order
for 2.W0 cars placed this year. These
are' being sent out over the system
and will also be available for mov
ing grain
Omaha Man Transfer ml
Bert Griffith has been transferred
from Omaha to Kansas 'City as dis
trict manaeer for the Cluett Tea-
body company of Troy, N. Y. He
will be succeeded in Omaha by F.
II. Beattie, for seven years connected
with the Armstrong Clothing company.
H Beet F ..- -T -, , ,;6
Woman Blamed by Her Family
Restless, irritable, nervous, excit
able and exacting is the charge
against her by- those nearest and
dearest. How little they realize the
struggle ' the overworked wife and
mother is making to keep about and
perform the hundred and one duties
that. devolve upon her! Every hour
her headaches, backaches and pains
drag her down until she can stand it
no longer. Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable, Compound has restored
more women in this condition to
health and happiness than any other
medicine. The grateful letters we
are continually publishing in this pa
per from w.omen who have found
health by its use prove it.
STRAWBERRIES Beautiful larpe, firm, ripe dellcloua Strawberries. Now is the
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your last chance. (
Extra fancy large Blue Goose brand sweet Navel Oranges, per dozen 69e
1 carload of extra fancy W'enatchee Winesap Apples, all sizes, per box.. ..$4,25
Per peck 81.45
Uttla By
Lu .
per battli
9c fl
20,000 extra fancy Geraniums, red and pink,
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Buy-Rite Stores, every
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A Silly Song
lw nMialilk.iv Ititl ITarltlim'l.! kk
- ' - I 1 r , -
ihe LnotUr wrvrr . h' ham
mrr only bourn' l'iW an4 rucks
dun on lite shins, wnne every nun
aa. I. A im mlM a 1 Itl iafliehaA. Mil
lW 'T -e Mifiin s
hoot will Irani that heott, lilc
Itii kem, come home a. 4111 ta root,
?o mil gor rmiiiu iMtmutig tor
all that It it worth a4 K ',! lit
KaihumUe ar tht trry mU vf thr
1 41 .so iluo away your liammtr
or a it (or a vk n4 Itrlp the
worM g forward innu4 of putli'im
Suirkrii Policoiiiaii Coc
to Arizona in Health urt
Frank Marrhaut, auo!maii in the
Tli ire" ward, who list become tii'tim
of tuberculous III both lungs, will
Irave thi alirrnoon for Anrona, A
AtMr-HriM VAT.
90 per cent ol all diseases can be
triced directly to constipation!
An4 )i'U in peniuiiiiitly ri4 uur
rt( of Una daitsermi tunJiiutii by
the dally u of a tl-lu Ion. tpni
III trel Kello.l'i UltAN, cookeJ
an4 krumblid! 1'un'l let coimila
lion "get utty" Htili you or any of
your family: Don't ilit such
dancer sianata a bad breath, coaled
tongue, lirain fug, fevvrlNh brnd
aclta, hail Mulct fio inmr how
uliisht !! ayminoma. KHIHT Cu.N-
HTII'ATION! Ii la Ua.lly. ome ll
gi'in 11 aiip on your ayNiom!
I'liyitli-iNiii liidor Ki-llnk'a'a Uriin.
rookrd and krunihld, for rotitlp.
linn iMH-atiw 11 is 11 mure a food and
tWNUa It rllrp ooiiNiipailon per
manrnily. Tho only rtutlon U to
eat Hran rraulnrly and then the
pvert lann can ho coinlatcd auc
cPMtfully! Kt nt laat two table,
tpounful dully: In rhronle cmnck, rat
tlran with rarh nival! ftraulia will
UKiuuUh you! Hran rauaoa no Irnta.
lion or duM'oiiifurt. It wrt.. mid
rkana and purlfim, kavlna Iho Inn
limiive tract in lifalihr, aciive con
dition that throw off the poiaons
and berpa you free from dangrroua
tome conditions!
You should know ihnt Pran not
only rmanntly rllvrs eontla
tlon, but I one of the mot wond'r
ful of food. It l rlt-h In all lmm
iil'on wliti'li iha body thriven mln
rnil Mil, iirololna, tut, mrdo
hydralra. Ilran dora wonderful work
for children, funk ma them otronit
and rolut!
Kut Kxlloes's llrnn a a cereal or
prlnklcd over your favorite cerral;
It nut-like flavor la delli'inua. or.
um It In rountliM alnle.anpcnlliig
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bld, from all grocers.
fund of f.'VI i bring rir4 among
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a Can U Wilkaul DiacoM
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k a miKud fi tha lrtl af
A.lKwa. and aa aaut la try II al
iiikiim, ha iur akokf ur ca U
I aiandiKe er rawnl dlt.
Hikr 11 la t liar lr er
rkiwaM A'tkma, thaukl ! fur a fraa
nal ! - ir m.ttioj. Na aiailar la aha
hm' ru ltva, na m"r "r
f ruiilan. If H ara lrnbl nh
ikaa ir ir f.r, ur awih4 kould
nlwa "a promptly.
a.iHwialir ail la "! it la lhae
oparveily aoe! . kra all fnrais
af Ikkalm. rfottrkM, eeiuai praparailaat,
fuaiM. "iMiaac tmtik." , kata fall.
H a nt la kaw avrrran at aur apfla
Ikal aur atallwd la dMlonxl la n4 a 'I
i(flrall brwihiae, all alimine, and all
koa Irmbla rwruiraml.
Thia fra affr I a Impnrlanl la
ll ainvla ily. Writ w and htm
Ika mth4 al ear. (WnJ na monar.
Mlntr-lr mail eunn Mow. ta II TxUf-
do al aM far paaa.
r HON. OR ASTHMA CO.. Ka) f 0.
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J 3.MS.LV k.O .a
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Nebraska V
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