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Battle of "Boy Wonders" in Cue
Sport Starts Tonight Cochran
and 'Young Jake' Schaefer Meet
tlifiso. May I5.. tattle ot
"!oy Hon.lfn," uiio once were the
ikr.t t IntiiJ. but now are avarce
Ijr 011 sjwakiitg termt, will begin to
morrow night when "Young Jake"
.Siharler ami Welkrr Cochran meet
in the iirt 50 jk.hH block of thrir
ihrre night l.5'I foiiit watch lor the
world' 11 2 balkhuc billiard chant
jiioiulnjt. The (utitrt will Lo Utt in the
OnhrMra 1UII where Scharfer. the
htlehohler, icmitly detested Willie
'I lie peculiar ihain of circum.Uncei
which brought Khacfer and duh
ran together onngtcrt ami then
oepcrated thenf at ciirntin. lmd
assurance that the staid old hrac,
"hard fuuuhi- would not be misused
were it applied in prediction, con
tenting the three night' play.
Cochran and Sciuctcr are the
youngest nationally known .tain in
tlie (tame. Cochran i .''i and Schae
ier but a few month older. Each
hat played time a youngster, Schae
fer learning Iroin In father, the late
Jake Scharkr, who once was the best
in the world.
The two became great drawing
card in exhibition matches because
of their eopihiiiation of youth and
ability. They toured the country to
gether and thr-u formed a partnership
through which, it was said, each wax
to rccciie 5'l per cent of the profit
from matches in which either partici
pated. Everything went along nicely,
the two running about even in games
won from each other, until Cochran
claimed that he had not received the
proper percentage of one match. A
law suit resulted and the two boy
wonders traveled separate paths
Barnes to Enter
I British Tourney
New York. May 15. Jim Barnes,
national open golf champion, has an
nounced that he will again seek the
British open title in the champion-
ship to be held this year at Sand
wirh, June 21 and 23.
The licit ham professional's de
cision to make the trip came on the
heels of cabled advices from London
to the effect that Jock Hutchison,
winner of last year's event, has in
formed English authorities he would
be unable to defend his title.
Barnes plant to tail the last of
this month and participate in the
1,000-pound Glen Eagles tournament
prior to the open championship. It
will mark the American title hold
er's" third attempt to win the Eng
lish event. He finished fifth two
ycats ago when George Duncan won
nd sixth last year after leading the
field up until the fourth and final
round. 1
First Sandlot
f Casualty Occurs
, The first casualty of the season
among the sandlotters occurred at
Fort Omaha yesterday when Fred
Hysmith,.North Omaha Booster cen
' terfieldcr, sustained a compound
fracture of the ankle. His team was
playing the Townsend Gunners.
Hysmith sustained the injury at
tempting a "hook and slide" into sec
ond base in the sixth inning.
He was removed to Fort Omaha
hospital for first aid and later was
taken to Swedish Mission.
Hysmith lives with his parents at
' Thirty-third and Grand avenue. He
' is 27. - ; -
In the same game, Howar'd Wahl,
Townsend catcher, received a split
"- . t -?
Famous Oarsman Dies
Asbury Park, N. J., May 15.
John O'Regan, one of the most noted
amateur oarsmen of the world, drop
. ped dead while playing handball at
his home here today. He was 60
years old.' - 1
Mr. O'Regan was well known to
oarsmen in Europe and Hawaii. He
toured Europe several times in the
interest of the National Amateur
Oarsmen and was in Hawaii f six
years. . " " .
Good $OA
Reduced from $45.00
Tailor Mad. Outwear Ready Made
Fine tweeds, bin serges and worsteds.
A wonderful stock to select from.
Fine woolens priced very low.
'. Perfect Fit Guaranteed
Open Evenings Till 8:30
Jack Nuaemaker I With Us
MicCarthy-WiUon Tailorini Co.
Southeaet Corner ISth and Harney Sts.
t m. iml jii i- - i - i
Dear Slur:
1 have it from unreliable sources
that Gink Fowler was a broadcast
int- station for every bum decision
pulled on in uestn Arena.
Is that th reason why they made
him -receiving nation for every pop
bottle in the stands r
How true is this falsehood? Yours
until bootleggers return honest in
corns taxes. J. P. DONLON,
New York City,
rriHERE are some questions that
I shouldiit be digmtied by false
When Gink bought the charter
for the Roughtown Amusement park
he immediately renovated the works,
putting in three exiots for every en
trance. The object of the Roughtown
Amusement company was to estab
lish interest in riots, mob rule and
war. The home town team swiped' a
franchise in the Boots league and
t f?inU aceArtt1 h Ink aa rinme Um
pire on the Roughtown pay roll.
He took money from every team
and often gave two decisions for
the price of one.
He was very generous that way.
The Glutt was Gink's closest
enemy. He hired a team of Conan
Doyle't spook athletes to defeat
his home outfit. It was a bitter
blow to Roughtown when an empty
Pullman clattered in and 11 of
Conan's playmates clambered cut.
They clattered noiselessly up
Herpicide boulevard, following a
horrible roar of silent music by the
spook band. When they took the
field all you could see of them was
little puddles of dust When the
Captain Spook ran the bases. Gink
would throw the ball after a cloud
of dust skidding around the lines,
but there was nothing to tag.
Roughtown was .winning from
the collection of spikemarks and
cinders when Conan had a bright
Buffaloes and Boosters
Star in the Greatest
Bonehead Play of '22
Dcs Moines, May 15. The "best
laid plans of mice and men will go
Omaha met Des Moines Sunday
in a regularly scheduled Western
league game and gave its opponent
four outs in the fourth inning More
than 30 players of the two teams,
four umpires, two squads of police,
numerous reporters and several
thousand spectators missed the slip
up and let the fourth man go to the
bat just as if he had been the first
man up.
The error was not noticed until the
official box score was checked, re
vealing a total of 28 putouts for
Omaha an impossible accomplish
ment under the rules of the game.
It is hoped Judge Landis won't
hear of this.
Safe or Out
Q. Can a pitcher feint to throw to sec
ond base or to theird base without cora
Weting the throw?
A. He may. He mnst not feint to
throw to first base, completing tbe throw.
If be does it is a balk.
Q. Suppose the runner on third tries
to steal home and tho pitcher has the
ball in his hand. What is he to do, pitch
the ball or throw It?
A. If he pilches the baU the batter
baa the privilege of batting at it. hut if
he steps off the rubber and throws the
111 the batter does not have that privi
leire. Q. At the big league games some of
the pitchers are moistening the ends of
thier fingers before they pitch the ball.
Is thot permissible under the new ruIeB?
A. The umpires watch them very close
ly and probably are not extremely severe
when the pitchers occasionally moistens
their finger tips which become hard and
dry witb so much throwing.
Q, Is the pitcher ever permitted to
step off the plate after he once takes
his position?
A. Yes. He should step directly back,
however, so there shall be no question In
the mind of the umpire as to his intent.
CJ Suppose that In the wlndup tho
pitcher should lose his grip on the ball
and it should drop on the ground behind
nim. What would happen?
A. TB umpire must rule that to be
ft .V Jhe ' rnllng Is that
the pitcher. If he saw a runner leavinc
first base, would deliberately drop the ball
to make It a dead ball if such a provision
were In effect.
Golf Evcte
(Copyright, 19M.)
Q. If some person or other agent out
side of the mstoh knocks or moves a
player's ball frota where It lies so as to
Improve tbe lie. what Is the penalty f
the player plays the ball from where
it lies instead of replacing it?
A. Loss of thee hols In match play and
two strokes In medal play. If, however,
the ball was moved by the wind there Is
no penalty.
Q. To settle an argument will you
Please state whether J. H. Taylor, the
British professional, who is coming over
here this summer, has ever played in the
United States open championship?
A. Yes, he played In the 1900 cham
pionship at tbe Chicago tiolf club and
was runner-up to Harry Varrion, the win
ner. 3: I notlca that Eugene Sarazen ta
credited with winning the southern open
championship In the tournament that he
won at New Orleans somo time since. Is
this correct?
A. This tournament was an indepen
dent affair, and was not the official open
tournament of the Southern tiolf associa
tion. The latter will be played In Nash
ville, September 28-30, at the Belle Meade
Country clnb.
Q. Does the ' rule which forbids en
trants In a tournament from practicing
on any regular green of the course beforo
the start of the tournament apply on a
later day while the tournament Is in pro
gress? A. No.
Q. Where two players tie for first place
In a medal qualifying round for which
a priie la offered, can they use their
medal scores In to first round of match
play as a basis for settling the tie!
A. It is som times done where both
players agree and the tournament com
mittee gives lt consent- However, the
rules of golf committee advises against
each practice,
Boxing Sensation
Eubie bradv. rugged Brooklyn
featherweight, is the newest maul-
fest sensation. In recent months he
has held his own with "Pepper"
Martin, Charlie Beecher. Willie Koh-
ler, Johnny Shugrue and lesser
lights. He has his eye on Johnny
Kilbanes crowa
Barnyard Golfers to
Piay for $50 Purse
Omaha fnllnucra r( llin "hv liprk"
" - - j
game of horseshoe flinging are more
or li Hiihinns over a rlinl!ctiFP re
cently received from Blair and en
virons, to the cttect that uuy cook,
rhamnion hnrscshoo whirler of the
state, Charles Shoemaker, an cx-
champion, Koy barter, also an ex-
liamn nnrt cpvtral nthrr rtirlcpd
wiclders of the iron hoof portectors
wouiu piay an vjinana axKrcgiiuuu
for money, marbles or crayon.
Tlimio-h thfv aro flnliinin. ClareilCli
V. Paul, Harry Butts, Paul Bucrkle
and Frank Lyman are slated to taKe
on a four-man' team Blair will send
next Sunday to Miller park, the
purse to be one of $50.
. TVi DimIh learn was chosen fol
lowing the Sunday series of game3
played yesterday in Miller park, in
which Paul emerged for the second
.itiionitivp limp in ton nlace. Mor-
lavcc was second, Howard, third;
McLelland, fourtli; Butts, tittn; uar
Aii civili' Hoover antt Tracv tied
for seventh, and McCarty eighth.
Williams' Hurls Good
Came for Sioux City
ti n.. 1R IVHH n mm' alr-
tight pitching won for Sioux City a 2 to
1 victory over uenver hi uu"8
hi ftmnnu. The Fucker moundsman
allowed only six hits. He did not ps a
iriuil. A WW niiis''. ."v. - ---
tho first and a double and single In tne
hlrd, which tne visitors coucir un
oss, gave them the long ena or tne
score: ....
An H o A
. Al. V. A.
HemtWy. 3b 4 1 0 0 Wright. 2h
T:inh. i f
9 9 3 nlLrtni. rf
Metz. Ih
SOD OiSlianlcy, Jb
3 0 2 OlWindel. If
4 1101 Pattf rson, 8b
.10 6 4'Snranner, s
4 1 II 01 ComwllT. o
4 0 0 llUross. p
Ostemard, Tf
RoMaon, If
Palmer. 2b
Query, a
Williams, p .
Totals 30 27 9 Totals 33 6 27 11
Score by innings:
Sioux City ...1 -
Denver V 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 01
Summary Runs: Hamilton, " Heming
way, Gross. Krrors: None. Earned runs:
Sioux City, 2: Denver, 1. Two-base hits:
Hemingway, Wright (2), Patteraon, Gross.
Sacrifice hits: Mets, Ostergaril. Sacrifice
fly: Metz. Struck out: By Gross, 6; by
Williams, 5. Base on halls: Off Gross, 6.
Double plays:, Hamllton-Palmer-Meta.
Left on bases: Sioux City,
9; Denver. 4. Stolen bases: Hemingway,
Hamilton. Eloh. Umpires: Burnsido and
Fitzpatrick. Time: 1:40.
Only U. S. Contestant s
Eliminated From Tourney
Sandwich, England,May IS. (By
A. P.) Miss Rosamond Sherwood,
the only American contestant, was
eliminated from the ladies' open golf
championship on the Prince's course
in the opening round today when
Mrs. Fletcher of Wambley defeated
her, 3 up and 2 to go. v ..
" Republican Wins Game.
Republican. Ne.b., May 15 (Special Tel
egram.) The local baseball team defeated
the Franklin team here .in a close game
by the score of 3 to 2. It was the third
victory for the local team. The score
by innings and batteries follow:
Republican . ........0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 S S
Franklin 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 02
Batteries Houts and Norman; Leonard
and Erwin. Houtx struck out 18 and
Leonard 0 batters. Minor umpired
long Pine Wins.
Lon? Pine, Neb., May 15. (Special Tel
egram.) Long Pine easily defeated the
fast Emmet team In the first game of
the season on the local diamond by the
score of S to 3. In the sixth Inning Carl
Carroll knocked a home run with one man
on. Cox pitched a fine game and his
slow curve ball won the victory. Score by
innings: Long Pine, scored .one run In
tnird, three in sixth, two in seventh: Em
rot It scored one run In seventh, two In
eighth. Batterlis, Emmet, Thrslnskl and
Cox; Long Pino, Cox and Curtis.
Hamburg Team Loses.
Shenandoah la.. May 15 (Special Tel
egram.) Shenandoah Mount Arbors open
ed tho. local baseball season Sunday by
defeating Hamburg, 8 to 7. In an 11 In
ning game. Doylo and Castle was the
battery for Shenandoah, Redenbaugh and
Maqua for the visitors. Nave MrCords
of St. Joseph play here" next Sunday.
F.jcter Beats Krttning.
Exeter. Nob., lluy 13. (Special Tele
gram.) In a faiit. clean game,. Exeter de
feated Bruning Sunday. 2 'to 0. rcxeter,
runr. 2; hits, s: errors, 1. Battery, Kussiii
rnd Tolllstn: stru?k out. by Fussill, 17.
Bruning, runs 0; bits. 0: errors, . Bat
teiy. iomitr and Schute: struck, out,
by Deminer, 4. L'l-ipire, Graves.
White Eagles Win.
The "White Kadi- uas, hall club defeat
ed Mickey McHuire'a ganr at Riverview
park, Omaha, Sunday, by the score ot 17
lo 6. ' :
Treynor's Homer
in Tenth Beats
Boston Braves
Pittsburgh. May 15. Traynor
home run over the left firtd wall in
the 10th innint: with one on base and
one out, gave the I'iratet a 6 to S
victory over the Bravet today. '1 he
ttravct I'd. S to 0, until the seventh
when Pittsburgh made four run.
Homon tied the count in the ninth
and scored another in the loth. Kits
singled with one out in the U'th.
and Hammond, late of the Cleveland
Indians, ran for him. Tray nor fol
lowed with the long homer.. Score:
. m il Oil AM. H r) A
Pwell. rf 4 t s'Uaraaillle. at 4 S
1 later, n
0 Hulw. If
Km. n I
I f
I s
'. 2
a i
HnMlhW-lk, rf
i rui. tt
rWMl. !
Hlt, Ik
riii'nsiM. p
Miitr. a
S 1
i Maaevwd
Sll Tr.inur. S
I Muallaf, rf
vrifimM. id
s u.H-i.e
I lilamN. a
i hriMMik'r I
I S C.iUea. p
Ooet'liSN. 9
1 TXals 37 II W M
Tetals IT !'
rna out when winning run scored.
Hn for Uowrfy In ninth.
Hailed for Millar in ninth.
Ran for Kns In lnth.
Balled for Olssner IB seventh,
.-or br Innings:
Pm.burgh !-
Hummsrynuns: Knpf. "outbwerth fl).
Niton. Hammond, Traynor lit. Mueller,
Vrlinm. Rohmer. Krrors: Olesner. Two-
bas hits: now nr. noma run; irar-
nor. Stolen bases: lloeckri. Hoiks :),
Traynor Hacrlflce hits: Powell, Maran
Ulle. Mattox. I'ouble plays: Maranvllle-Kna-rirlmm.
tft on bases: Boston. ;
I'iltshurgh, T. Has on halls: Off Fil
ilnvlin. 1: off Miller. 1. Ktruck out: By
Filllnaim. : by Miller, 1: by Oesrhger, It
by Glaaner. 4. Hits: Off Kllllnglm. t In
1-3 Innings; off Miller, 1 In 1 -J Innings:
off Oeachger, 1 la I 1-J Innings', off
(ilnxner. 11 In 7 Innings; off Yetlowhnrse.
I In I 1-2 Innings; off Csrlson, none In
3-S Innlnr. Ied hall: Maitox. Win
ning pitcher: Carlson, losing pitcher:
Oeachser. I'mnlrrs; McCormirk and Rig
lef. Time; S:0.
Art Nehf Shuts Out
Chicago Cuhs, 1 to 0
Chicago. May IS. Art Nehf held Chi
rago to five scattered hits todsy. while
New York bunched their hits, and shut
out the locals, 1 to 0. The visitors hit
Aldrlrh freely but five fast double plays
cut off further scoring by the Oianta.
NEW YOHK. cnicaoo.
AH. II. O. A.' All. If. O. A.
Bancroft, aa r, S 1 s'Statr. rf S 0 1
Kri-rh. 2b S S 3 2!"MIII-r 1 1 0
OroU. 3b S 1 0 SK'allachan. rf 0 1 0
Vounr. rf 4 0 t 'Hartnstt 1 n fl 0
Mm), ir 4 11 Olf-ahk. rf 00
Krllr. lb S 0 IS OlllollwhiT. as 4 1 S S
Khlnnera. rf .1 1 S OIKallahar, Sb 4 0 4 1
T.. Bmllh. 0 SIS llHrlmea, lb 4180
Berry AOS ISIcltel. rf S 0
Snvder. 0 ft II I II Barber. If 4 0)0
Nehf. p S 1 0 5' Terry, Sb 0 S 4
10'Karrrll, e 1 S 4
totals 31 10 27 lTUMrMn. p S 1 A 1
j""Wirth 1 0
I Totals 52 8 2? 13
Ran for K. Smith In ninth.
, "Fntted for Stats In sixth.
Batted for Callsghan in seventh.
Batted for Terry In ninth.
Score by Innings:
New York 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 01
Chicago 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Summary Run: Bancroft. Errors:
Shlnners. Stats. Two-bsse hits: Bancroft
(2). Miller. Sacrifice hit: Nehf. Double
ploys: Terry-HoIIocher f2, Terry-O'Far-rell-Kelleher,
O'Knrrell-Terry, Hollorher-Terrv-Grimea.
Left on bases: New York,
: Chicago, 7. Base on halls: Off Ald
rldsre. 2; off Nehf. I. Struck out: By
Aldridge, 4. Hit by pitched ball: Or oh.
Shlnners, Kelly, by Aldridge. Umpires;
Sentelle and Klem. Time: 2:09.
Cadore's "Wildness in Third
Gives Reds Victory
Cincinnati, O., May 15. Cadore's wild
nesa in the third gave Cincinnati a win
ning lead tn a game which the locals
won from Brooklyn, I to I. Ttlxey was
effective and great plays by Pinelll ma
terially aided him.- Score:
AB. n. O. A I
AB. H. O. A.
High, as 4 0 1 .."ttirni, cf
Johnaton, 3b 4 0 0 OlDaubart, lb
Neli, rf SIS 01 Duncan. If
Wheat. If 3 0 1 OlRohna, 2h
Myers, cf '314 olHanw. rf
B.Griffith, lb 4 2 11 llHararare. o
0 S
0 14
3 3
3 1
Jiinrin. m-n a z z z rarensy. aa
Miller, o
01 Pinelll, Sb
Cadors, p
Mamaux. p .
Onrdonler, p
Ward. 3b
Otaon. 2b
Blxey, p
01 Totali
31 7 57 IS
Totals 82 7 24 12
Batted for Mamaux In seventh.
Batted for Gordonier in ninth.
Score by Innings:' ' .
Brooklyn 0 1 0 0 0 A 0 0 1 2
Cincinnati 0 0408000 xt
Summary Runs: B. Griffith, Jamleson,
Hums, Liauoert, narper ui, naumvo,
Rlxey. Errors: Caveney. Two-base hits:
Nets. Miller, Myers. Three-base hits:
Hargrave. Harper, Janvrin.. Stolen bases:
Neis. Harper. Sacrifice hit: Miller.
Double play: Bohno - Caveney - Daubert.
Left on bases: Brooklyn, 7; Cincinnati, S.
Base on balls. Off Cadore, 6; off Rlxey.
3. Struck out: By Rlxey, 1, Hits: Off
Cadore, 3 In 2 2-3 Innings: off Mamaux,
3 In 3 1-3 Innings; off Gordonier, 1 In 2
innings. Passed bpll: Hargrave. Losing
pitcher: Cadore. Umpires: O'Day and
Hart. Time: 1:37. .
Cardinals Fatten Batting
Averages by Beating Phillies
St. Louis, May 15. The Cardinals fat
tened their batting averages today at the
Phillies' expense, winning, IS to 7, after
they piled up 23 hits. Scores were made
In a) I but the fifth Inning by tbe Cardi
nals. Foun boots and Ineffective pitching
by the visitors, coupled with the de
moralization of the team when Goldie
Rapp was Injured m the third Inning,
aided the Rickey men. Score:
Tebourreal, If 10 1 01 Smith, rf 2 2 10
King, If 4 13 ISehaltf, rf 4 10 0
Rapp. 3b 110 OITonorcer. 2b 8 3 0 2
Lee. 3b 4 0 0 01 Stock. Sb S 3 0-0
Williams, cf 4 1 3 0! Latran. as 0 0 0 0
Walker, rf 3 10 01 Hornaoy, 2h S 3 3 4
Parkinson, 2b 4 1 0 llKoumler, lb 3 2 S 0
W'ahtstnne.u 4 11 SIGalner, lb 3 16 0
Lealle. lb 4 1 13 HMrHimry, If 8 4 10
Henllne, o 2 10 OtHeathcote, cf 1 0 0 0
Wlthrow 113 01 Mann, o 3 0 2 0
Rnhbell. P 0 0 0 01 demons, a 4 S S 1
Batts. p 4 10 2IDoak. p 2 10 2
Sullivan, p 4 10 SlBalley. p 0 0 0 0
', TRurfoet, p 1111
Totali 36 10 24 0l"Pfeer 10 0 0
I Totals 46 23 27 10
Batted for Bailey in sixth.
Score by Innings:
Philadelphia .'. 0 0 0 0 1 3 3 0 07
St. Louis 4 4 4 1 0 3 2 1 x IS
Summary Runs: . King, Williams,
Walker (2), Parkinson. Withrow. Sullivan,
Smith (2). Schultz, Toporcer (3). Stock
(.1), Hornsby (S), Fournfer. Gainer, Mc
Henry, Mann, Clemons (2). Doak. Errors:
Lebourveau (2), King, Lee. Toporcer. Two
base hits: McHenry, Clemons. Wright
stone, Williams. Barfoot, Stock. Three
base hits: Smith, Toporcer (2), Hornsby,
Walker, Parkinson. Home runs: Toporcer,
Sullivan. Stolen base: Founle. Sacrifice
hit: Doak. Double plays: Hornsby-Four-nier,
Sulllvan-Leslle-Withrow. Left on
bases: Philadelphia ,7; St. Louis, 4. Base
on balls: Off Betts, 1; off Sullivan; 1.
Struck out: By Doak. 3:- by Bailey, 1; by
Barfoot. 2. Hits: Off Hubbell. S In 1-3
Inning: off Betts, I In t Inning: off
Sullivan. 15 In 4 2-3 innings: off Doak.
5 In 5 Innings: off Bsiley. 2 in 1 inning:
off Barfoot, S In 3 Innings. Hit by pitched
ball: Clemons, by Sullivan. - Winning
pitcher: Doak. Losing pitcher: Hubbell.
Umpires: Quigley. Moran and Emslie.
Time: 2:05.
Tigers Trounce Sooners
Norman,' Ok!., May IS. The
University of Missouri defeated the
University of Oklahoma in a dual
track and field meet here yesterday.
Vital IN. I MM.
W. I, frt ! ) I- fa
tt. (I i all mu tut It u t.
BV tmm It ,Il SM It .MS)
im 10 It .S'l i aiHw II l '
Told II (i Mt 1I. IS IB .Ui
taMMdat's) HsmIIc
H .iu f ttfdter, .
niiahuH I'Kf at l. Julb. isis).
rui mt to i. toil, imih
tmalie.f ItMtawa gaata plard bsaJay.
Tadai'a tiamea,
llHwtha al ar MMlae,
Iuim at WuNita.
t thar gm.a aaksdultd.
MMtattah, TTK It AM K.
. k Ml W
I. M
Uuela 1 ,af VM
i.ii.,aa I ,ul .H IJaad I S .-
It-alike 3 1 aa.' taiiswa
lealaraiaty'a ttawills,
.So faruaa schaduiad.
TadaV Laatrs.
Ilralnrs St I'sirbur.
lirsnd I. land at ,oi(slk,
Llnrwlu at Hastings,
W. L. Pet I W. I p.
Sw Yhk 71 nraAIra It It ,si
Mi, tmia I) II .J I'uil..liH 14 ,4i
I'lil.t-mn ti .J.s 'iM-iMiaU I) I ,lc4
I'lilrasa II It .3 bual-w t If Jl
Valerda's Hnulla,
Pittsburgh, 4; R-eian, S.
New York, 1 1 fluraso. 0.
Cincinnati, ; lirooklvn, 1
fk Louis. IS; Philailelphia. T,
Tod' L antra,
Roaton st PiHaburgh. '
New York al Chicago.
Phllsdi Iphia at ht. Muls.
No other gams a. heduird.
AwRKKAN l.C0ie.
W. 1.. l-ctl w. L vi,
S Totk l II .a.u'ti,iiairt4tli IJ II .al
hi. Uma is it ,:t it.ilal i; n im
fleralaiid It M ,tM l Hiraao II l ,tt
Ualroit It II aJ tVaaiiuigtmi II II .4of
Yelerda's Results.
Rton. : Chicago. .
Philadelphia. 13; ft. Louis, I.
ivtroit. : Nw York. 1.
Wsihluglun. 4; Cleveland, t.
Today's f.ames.
Detroit tt Washington.
Chicago at Philadelphia.
Cleveland at New York.
St. Louis at Boston.
w. .. Vfi I m v.
Mirmsannlis it s .rni'i'nluoibiia It II .lift i
indiiii.nniu it io Paul 13 it .nil I
siiiwauaea iz 1 1 lmiavllle II 17 .SOJ
Kanaat city IS 13 .MJI Toledo 3 S3 .1:0
Yesterday's Reaultt.
Louisville. 4; Milwaukee, 3,
Minneapolis. 7: Toledo, 4.
Columbus. S; St. Paul. 7.
Indlanapolla-Kanaas City, rain.
Toduy'a Games.
Indianapolis at Minneapolis.
Louisville at Milwaukee.
Toledo at Minneapolis.
Columbus at St. Paul,
Southern Association.
Memnhle at New Orleans, rain.
At Chattanooga. : Little nek, t.
At Atlanta, 3; Rirmlnsham, 4.
At Mobile, 10; Nashville, 0.
A in erica n Association.
St. Paul. Mav 13. T tr P!
Columbus 10 t
St. Paul 7 IS 4
Batteries Burwell Sunders anil Hurt.
ley; Benton. Sheehan. Rogers and Allen.
Minneapolis, May IS. R. H. E.
Toledo 4 12' 3
Minneapolis 7 7 2
Batteries McCuIlough and -Kocher;
Ylngllng and Slayer.
Milwaukee, Wis., May 15. R. H. E.
Louisville 4 10 0
Milwaukee 3 g 1
Batteries Kooh, Cullop and Brottem;;
potts and oosantt.
Kansaa City, Mo., May 15.
Inrilanapolla-Kanaaa City game post
poned; rain.
Senators Cop Long End of
Series With Cleveland
Washington. May IS. Washington took
the long end of Its series with Cleveland
bv winning the final same today. S to 2.
Johnson and Bagby both were hit bard,
but the former proved more effective in
the pinches. Score:
' AB.H.O.A. AB.H.O.A.
Jamlason. If 5 3 1 0lBuh. 3b 4 2 11
W'batania, 2b S 1 3 01 Harris. 2b 3 0 3 4
Speaker, vt SIS 01 Rica, of 4130
Mclnnls. lb 4 3 13 0ud(p, lb . 3 2 9 1
Sewell, as -3 11 1 Brewer, rf 4 2 3 1
Gardner. Sb 8 0 0 slOoalln. If 4 2 S 1
Wood, rf '3 0 1 OlPurlnlcb. e 4 2 2 1
Oranay, rf 10 0 O'Peeklnp'ih. al 3 0 2 S
O'Neill, a 3 3 2 01 Johnson, p 3 10 1
Eans 000 01.
Basnr. p 4 0 0 21 Totals 33 13 27 IS
Totals 84 H 24 111
Batted for Wood tn eighth.
Ran for O'Neill In ninth.
Score by Innings:
Cleveland 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 02
Washington 11100000 x 3
Summary Runs: Speaker, Bagby, Buah,
Judge. Pucinlch. Krrors: None. Three
base hit: O'Neill. Home run: Judge. Sac
rifice hit: Pecklnpaugh. Double plays'
.ludge-Peckinpaugh, Judge, Pecklnpaugh-Harris-Judge,
Wambsganss-Mclnnis. Left on bases:
Cleveland. 9; Washington. 8. Base on
balls: Off Bagby. 1; off Johnson, 4.
Struck out: By Johnson, 2; by Bagby,
1. Hit by pitched ball: Judge, by Bagby.
Umpires: Evans, Hildebrand and Dineen.
Time: 1:45.
William Johnston
Defeats Tilden
Berkeley, Cal May IS. William
M. Johnston of San Francisco, sec
ond ranking player in the United
States, defeated William T. Tilden.
II, of Philadelphia, world's cham
pion, in the finals of the Pacific coast
singles tennis championship today,
-a, -y, 6-1, o-O.
New York Tennis Pfayer
, Loses to George Covey
London, May IS. (By A. P.)
(jcorge, r. Covey of England, the
world's professional court tennis
champion, today defeated Walter
Kinsella of 'New York, three out of
iuur sets in a series or io sets ror me
title. Today's score was: 6-2. 6-3,
Four more , sets will be played
Wednesday and the remainder, if the
match should be decided by Wednes
day's contest, on Saturday.
Portland Catcher Traded
to Philadelphia Athletics
Philadelphia. Pa.. May IS. Mana
ger Mack of the Philadelphia Amer
icans, announced tonight he had
traded Infielder Brazil and Catcher
Fuhrman to the Portland (Ore.)
club for Catcher Frank Bruggy.
Bruggy was sold to Portland early
this year by the Philadelphia Na
tionals. ...
Today in Ring History
Thirty-Six Tears Ago.
Charlie Mitchell against Jack Burke,
draw, Chicago, 10 rounds.
Thirty Years Ago.
George Godfrey knocked out Joe Lan
non, Coney Island. 4 rounds.
Sixteen Years Ago.
Mike Donovon won from John J. Duke
low, Rochester. N. v., n rounds. ,
Fourteen Years Ago.
Terry McGovern against Young T.ongli
rey, no decision, Philadelphia, S rounds.
Ten Years Ago.
Willie Meehan wen from Butch Brown,
Taft, Cal., t rounds.
Nine Years Ago.
Johnny Corbett against Willie Ritchie,
exhibition, Seattle. Wash., 4 rounds,
live Years Ago.
Battling I.evinaky agalnnt Leo HoUck,
fin decision, York, Pa., t rounds. .
Detroit Tigers
Take Final Game
From New York
New York, May 15. Detroit nud
it lltpa kiraiaf ttl riwin Vtrk
tt Mlvl s w-ww -.
taking tlit last game of the Kfiei to
lv tt In 1 Ttia viaitnra hit Saill
Jones hard. hile Stoner, a Detroit
oungter, field Ntw YOiK io tnrc
hits. Three double play aided
loiter in keepina don New York'
score. Score:
lilTakoT I M!W Tk
ia u A a I II II O I
ma. Ik i III lm rf I I 4
..!- i t i ! ! 2 l
II ' " " ' -- ' 7 - "
.. J lit IMllaw.rl J I I
u. a a e s riu Ik I III I
!. ra 4 I s i ! f ?
a.., i sav.-t s J I I
THali JS II tt l(M iWH. S J
I Xala TI 1 at If
Palled for . Jonas in eighin,
suwbra bv iHiilnas:
timm Y a w
Xummam nana- Blue St. K. Jones I J,
nisuey. Uaaaler, lllr. r.rrorai i".
Thi.bea bust flark. - bang. llllr.
u ...... k l , -. C.l.l. M l.ti.aa liaubta
Plavai Plua.Klgnav.Hlut. Ilisnsy-flarll.
Ulua. fa.ier H. hang Hlonr Rlgny
lllun, Lfl an baaw; Itelroil, t. Has
o nl.alls: 'Iff oJnea. J: elf finner. S.
f"me ouli Jnn-e. I: off Hioner, t. Hlist
irr B. ones, ii in "i minna-. "i, w
nona in I Inning. Loelng pilchert Jonas.
..... t u . n V.IIIm Timet
Red Sox Make it Three
Straight From Chicago
nn.lon Mm.. Mav 11. Itoslon made
It ihroa sirsight from rhicato today when
Warns Collins held tne vialtors io live
hits, the Red Ko winning, 1 to 0. A
tngla by Hums with one out In I he sixth.
followed by a pa as to Pratt and a wild
pltih. whlrn advances uom man, snn a
ainsle ta cen'-r by John Collins, aoored
bo(h runs. The score:
Ann oil astro
lohnaMi. w S I 3 Vl.eihe'c'.rf . 4 0 t
Mn lall'd. b 4 I S 1'Huina. lb 4 t 1
r. iv.inni.tb 4 a s Pwt. n s o i t
Ilmiir rf S I HI J Cellini if S 1 4 0
Kuiinh III 4 1 Ibwan. aa Jill
1'als. If 4 00 llarrla. If S 0 4
MMi It SIS S'l,llennr. Ih S i 3 1
Rrhilk.e SOS t'Rual.c J 1 J 0
I'nynney. I 0 ' w. Collins. P t
SlullKaa I 1 0 -
I Totals Jl I IT
Teia'i J S 14 111
Batted for Courtney In ninth.
Score by Innings: .
Chicago J J
Bocton 0 0 0 0 S 0 0 X 1
Summary Runs: Uurns. Pratt. Errors:
Johnson. Prstt. Three-baaa hit: Moat II.
Stolen base! Johnson. Sacrifice hit: Me
Clellnnd. Left on bases: Chlesgo, 13;
Boatnn, 4. Hase on balls: Off Courtney,
S: off Collins. I. Struck out: By Court
ney. 2: by W. Collins. S. Wild pitch:
Courtney. Umpires: Chill, Owen snd
Walsh. Time: 1:4.
Philadelphia Pounds Davis
and Pruett-for 14 Hits
Philadelphia. May IS. Pounding Davis
and Pruett for 14 hits enabled Philadel
phia to win today the deciding game of
the St. Louis series. IS to S. Aside from
scattering the Browne' 10 hits. Hasty
made two hits. Including a home run
which scored Iwo men ahead ot him in
the aeventh. Score:
Tobln, rf 5 S 0 OITouns. 8b t 0 4
Oerhar, as 4 1 S ! Tehnrton. lb 4 S S 0
Slater, lb S SIS Jl Walter. If 4 t S 0
Wllllaml. If 4 0 0 Olperklna. o 4 1 t 0
Setfreld, e S 0 4 01 Miller, cf S 4 0
Shnrtni. rf 3 S S OlWelrh, rf 4 1 S 0
Kllerhe. 3b 10 1 SlOrkri. Sb 4 1 I 1
Macobaon 1 0 0 ftlfiallnrar, at 4 S 1 i
Sinhertann. Jb t 0 0 Haety. p S 3 t S
toMaoua. lb 4 3 0 1 -z
Daria, p 3 0 0 Si Total! 39 14 17 8
ColllBS 1 0 0 0
Pruett, p 0 1j
Total. S 1 '4 ll
Ratted for Ellerbe In eighth,
Batted for Davla Jn eighth.
Score by innings: ......... .
St. Louis J I J ?? a J
Phlladolphla 10001184 g 1
Summarv Runs: Slsler. Shorten. Mc
Manus, ojhnston. Walker. Perkins (2),
Miller (J). Welch (2), Dykes, Galloway
f2) Hssty. Errors: Slsler. Robertson.
Two-base hits; Shorten 2). Walker. Gal
loway. Horns runs: Walker. McManus,
Slsler. Hasty. Stolen base: Williams.
Sacrifice hits: Gerber, Bllerhe. Left on
bases: St. Louis. 11: Philadelphia. 8.
Base on balls: Off Hasty. 3; off Davis. 3;
off Pruett, 1. Stru k out: By Davis,' 2.
Hits- Off Davis. 11 In 7 Innings; bff
Pruelt. 3 In 1 inning. Hit by pitched ball:
Kllerbs, by Hasty. Winning pitcher:
Hustv. Losing pitcher: Davis. Umpires:
Wilson and Connolly. Time: 1:S(.
Five Leading Hitters
of Major Leagues
Toporcer, St. Louis,.
Bin bee. Pittsburgh .
G. AB. R.
,20 54 12
H. Pet.
21 .31
40 .38
40 .377
.25 103 10
Maranvllle, Plttsb'gh.
25 106 S3
T, Griffith, Br'klyn
.20l 10
Kelly, new lorn ...
Z9 100 10
Q. AB. P..
28 116 32
21 80 15
27 109 20
1 69 10
,24 4 20
H. Pet.
61 .440
34 .425
42 .385
26 .877
85 .372
Sisler, St. Louis....
Witt. New York.....
Speaker, Cleveland..
Cobb, Detroit
Miller, Philadelphia.
,t ...
V :
tobacco quality
We state it at our honest
belief that the tobtecot used
ia Chesterfield are of finer
quality (and hence of better
. taste) than in any other
- cigarette at the price, .
Uttttt V Mjirt Tetaat Ct.
Takes Little Jaunt
Dan O'Leary, eighty-one yeart
young, it talcing breezy little jaunt
of 300,000 milet. He's the champion
walker of this man's earth. Dan said
"Howdy" at he went through Bos
ton and continued hit journey to
New Hampshire.
Wisner Wins First
Game in Kom League
Dodge, Neb., May IS. (Special.)
-Wisner trimmed Dodge Sunday, 4
to 3, in the opening game of the Korn
Belt league on the Dodge diamond.
I'carl Hyland kept the Dodge bat
ters guessing, striking out 12 men
and allowing only six hits.
Mayor Iialstcn pitched the first
ball for Dodge, grooving the pill di
rectly over the center of the plate.
Score by Innings:
t B. H E
Wisner 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 04 6 3
Dodge 0 10 0 2 0 0 0 03 6 1
Summary Two-base hits: Katon, Km
Kane, Sub. Ruxek. Struck out: By lb
land, 12, by Kusek, S. Base on balls: Off
Hyland, 1. off Ruzek, 1. Hit by pitched
ball: Eaton. Mitchell. Umpires: Tim
Ryan and Bob. .
Other Sunday Korn Belt league
games were:. Snyder 2, Bcemer, 1;
Howells, 2, West Point. 0.
Korn Belt league standing:
Won Lost Pet.
Wisner 2 0 .inoa
Howells 2 0 .ln0
Snyder i 0 .1000
Dodge 0 3 0
West Point 0 2 0
Beemer 0 2 0
American to Play
for Tennis Title
London. May IS. Walter Kin
sella of New York met George F,
Covey of England, world's profes
sional court tennis champion, at the
Prince's club here today for the title.
The championship will be decided in
the best of 13 sets; four to be played
today, four on Wednesday, and the
remainder, if the match is yet un
decided, on Saturday.
Many tennis fans consider Kin
sella's American service, which they
have had an opportunity to see in ex
hibition matches during the-last few
seasons, will prove superior to that
used by Covey. '
Ak-Sar-Ben Runner
Injured in Runaway
"Finis" was probably written to
tie racing career of Carl Roberts, a
9-year-old chestnut gelding owned
by E. E. Sterritt, when the-animal
broke lose from its handler Satur
day night and plunged through a
wire fence. He was badly cut and
bruised about the shoulders. ,
cf Turkish and Domestic tobaccos blended
Illini Team Is
Lauded by Gill
Ttluna. 111.. May t..-Coaci !Ur
fy t ill rf the University ot Illinois
trarlf tram wyt hit lour-mile relay
linnet iltia car i the grrsieat team
he rier eo'lird. Coiui'li'iinB the
tlMiiip)iuliip relay teams that tint
lltuioia tu' ktnan hat put out for the
I iiivn.iiv i Illinois, tin declaration
i tdlunl by the (our runners about
a ttMicIt a the world's record with
which ilirv Houml uit thrir univer-'
ily CJtrrri liy winning the Drake
(our-mile rrliy in 7.4S.
llotlt iudividiul a well a team
re'eordi attest the ability nf this let
of iliatance runners, ('apt. Howard
Vatet o( HiifTalo, N. Y.: Uruce K.
1'atterton, a loug-lrgged Texan from
Houston; (lordnn Mctjinnit, Aurora,
111,, and Kuill Wharton of Daven
port, la., make up a team which ha
been piling up records fur three yeart
a leant which hat the distinction
of never having been defeated
Last year this quartet copped the
four-mile relay championship at the
Print relays, having already takrn
first in thit event in the indoor tea-
. . , : t a til.
son ai i ne i in in rciay earnivai. m-tj.
1'iur vi inc iuiiiivis aiv itiviu iiuih-
trt. Capt. Yates stepped the half
in the indoor conference thit year in
1:58 2-5, and Wharton clipped two
seconds from Mike Maton't two-mile
record in the tame event when he
ran the 20 laps on the Northwestern
indoor track in 9:41 3-5. Gordon
MrGinnis set a new record for other
diMance experts to shoot at' in the
Illini relays when he tore ofT a
J:4 4-5 1, 500-yard run. His best
distance is the mile and he took thit
event in the indor conference in
4:25 .1-5. Previously he has done
4:23 flat.
Benny Leonard
to Visit Europe
N'cw York, May 15. Benny Leon
ard, lightweight boxing champion of
the world, announced today through
his manager, Billy Gibson, that fol
lowing the custom of other Ameri
can holders of pugilistic titles, he
had made plans for a visit to
The champion, Gibson said, would
not seek further fistic laurels while
abroad, but would perform for
The sailing date was not an
nounced. Two Tie for First
Place in Gun Shoot
Good scores were turned in Sun J
day in the 100 registered target shoot
held at the Omaha Gun traps.
"Bill' McCaffrey, amatuer, and H.
R. Patterson, "pro," chalked up the
best scores of the afternoon when
each shattered 95 "clay birds" out of
a possible 100 chances.
Bruce. Thorpe and F. Midddaugh
tied for second in the shoot when
each broke 93 out of a possible 100
chances. O. Talcott and Joe Daw
son scored 92 hits out of J 00 trials
for third place.
A large crowd of fans attended the.
shoot, which was shot under good
weather conditions.
Scores for the 100 registered target
event follow: B. Thorpe, S3; Bagan, tl;
C. L. Hill. 87; O. Talcott, 92 ; E. A. Moon,
84; George Brandets, 79; Swornigrn, 72;
Hayes, 76; Turner, 88; Furry, SO; F.
Mlddaugb, t3; W. McCaffrey, 6; J
flauer, 0; J. Dawson, 2; F. B. Smith, tl;
Otto, 64; McNamara, 88: H. R. Patter
son, 95; Dermody, 67: denting, 86: 1
Ruf, 89; ton Ruf, 41: Hunter, SO; Johan
son, 8t; N. Updike. SO. Both McNamar
and Patterson are professionals.
Omaha Medics in
Inter-Frat Track Meet
An inter-frat meet of Omaha med
ics wi,U be held this afternoon at
Creigh'ton field.
Athletes of five frats Nu Sigma
Nu, Phi Beta Pi, Phi Chi, Phi Rho
Sigma and Alpha Kappa Kappa
will compete.
Three special events are on the
program a mile race between
Fischer and . Slemmons, a 220-dash
between Deering and Lear and an
exhibition race by Lear over the 120
low hurdles. '
t , t
n i