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    THE EEC: OMAHA. FRIDAY,' MAY 5; 1922.
Court May Take
Son From Alleged
ikkv Seller
Juilgr Day TrIU lhe Gard
, He li Unfit la Cure for
Lal Neighbor
aaaaaaaajsaa s sj
"I am not going to ) nude a
party to fending that bey to 1
out ihere in that drti of kt," kharu
ly Mated Di.irki Judir Day to I've
Card. 5761 Korth Forty-third ave.
t.uf, who was ti dried brlof juvenile
lhorjiif jr.terday to sliow hy
lilt I0 yfr ulij on. I d in, hnulf
not be ukrn may from him became
vi improper parental trt.
Card km arretted lat ' Monday
and bound ovrr to the ilUtritt lourl
alter police eied a fill and liquor
t hi Tlie Grd hoy waa
t.lrn to Riverview home fulfowiis
the raid,
"The (lard do nothing but Heal,
,cll Ittiuor and , folate tihcr law,
aid Judfi Day alter he declared
that he would take the ta under
adtiaement for two day. The Garda
haven't made an nonet dollar for
10 yean."
Sis witnee, alt neighbori of the
Gard, testified that they aw auto
filled with intoxicated jvrtuns come
atid go from the tiard home.
County Clerk I'rank Dewey who
ws one of thokC instrumental in
h-tving Hard brought before juvenile
authorities stated that Ciard'a home
raided by police after a com
plaint was nude by a mother who
mated that her on had not con
tributed one cent to her support
ince be became a whisky customer
of Card.
Among those who testified were
Marie Terry, 19, a nurse: Janie 5.
Robertson, 21; Harry Dewey, 17;
Frank Dewey; Edgar McCarthy, 18;
Robert Thompson. 19; Mm. Minnie
Pond; Mrs. Marie Freeman; Mrs.
Hazel Fowler; Mrs. D. and Miss
Kdna Ackerman; Mrs. Bess If aid and
Inez Daniels.
Miss Beryl Burton to Sing
; for Movie in Sioux City
Mis Beryl Burton, who sang the
" leading role in the recent produc
tion of "The Jolly Musketeers" pre
sented by the Knights of Ak-Sar-Bcn
at Bramleis theater, has gone
to Sioux City to sing "SmiliV
Through," in connection with the
piiotoplay of the same name.
Miss Burton made a distinct hit
with her rendition of "Smilin'
Thrugh" here. Miss Burton also
sang at the Rialto recently in con
nection with the showing of Marv
Pickford's "Little Lord Fauntlcroy."
Business Men Asked
to Take Boys as Pals
tutday i to b the frowning
day of k observance m
U"ah. , , . .
Omaha buus men arc letig
ured by fht Men's Srrvke league
M takt tlte boy of Omaha out with
them Jiai'day pals,
Jiemal .hundred Oimha boy un
der J 5 haie entered the ey
UH being J elJ in eonnecuou with
the obiertaace of the week, cord.
ing to Bruce Cainuipgham f the
junior tlumber of Commerce, in
charge of th tilet.
A radio reeyifinn et U the tri?
of the con't. The nubjeet ft the
etMvs i "Wit I Need an Older
I'al." The eaV' must contaiti le
than 200 wordand be in Mr. Cun
ningham's odue at the Pioneer Glass
and raint contpaty by Saturday.
Omgltan Meet Brother
Firrt Time in 17 Ycari
Teter M., 2H)S Military ave
nue, was reuiviteiJ with his brugher,
I lirii NeUen, iu Chicago last Sun
day when they met for the first
time in 17 year. The former re
turned to Omaha yesterday after
several days with hi brother. Both
worked together after they immi
grated to thi country from Den
mark 48 year ago, and then became
BeuMco Ckithing Firm
Not Involved in Fire
The fire Wednesday morning
which destroyed the building lu
ing the I'ndeland Barber Supply
company and the Buehler maiket
was at 1407 Douglas street instead of
1417 DourIjs street as stated in The
Bee. The Beddeo Clothing Co
stone is at 1417 Douglas street and
was not damaged by the fire.
Two Girls Taken
After Hot Chase
Armt of Pair Sequel t J.
. luattre of Bogus Cbe Ai
for Over 1300.
Two young women were arrested
yesterday as forgery suspects after a
thrilling chase through downtown
They gave their namr as Mary
Smith and Kathleue Shepherd of
Kana City, both 22. professing to
be clerks. They registered at the
Loyal hotel March 28.
Detectives Larry Unit and Ray
Coady have been on (lie trail of spu
rious checks Mating more than $5X),
said to have been itised on down
town department stres, and in their
quest went to the I.oyal hotel.
As the aleuth emerged from the
hotel the two gils spied them and
ran south on '.Mxteeiitli street to
Dougla. tip tbr Douglas hill toward
Hotel Fontenefle. where .thry were
caught just as they were about to
enter a taxic?,b.
When taken to Central police sta
tion and booked for forgery the
Shepherd girl i said to have con
fessed and taken the blame to save
the Smith girl from prosecution.
The bous checks held by the de
tectives iu the ease were signed w ith
the namv of Mrs. J. E. Wallrn, Mrs.
Arthur E. Lyon and Mr. J. L. Bur
dick. i
Golf C.oun-e at Pawnee
Pawnee City, Neb., May 4. (Spe
cial.) The new nine-hole golf course
here has been completed. It is
especially desirable in location, be
ing only 15 minutes walk from the
business section of town.
Specials for This Week
50 Record StleciioM Arc Included 'With These Talking Machlnct
3 o
Tbee pbonojjTaphs play all record, In
cluding Victor, Columbia, ZdUoo and
Paths. These machine are made U the
ityle of cabinet m much in demand.
Cabinets are different ilsea, constructed
of double veneer, fancy-figured wood
throughout. Tone U limply marvelous.
Must be heard to be appreciated.
We Include with these machines this
week a jewel point with which to play
Edison records, and a sapphire ball
point for the Pathe records; also a full
assortment of steel needles. And, re
member, these machines play all makes
of records correctly, including' Edison,
Columbia, Pathe and Victor.
Former Price $150
Thl$ Week
mm at- i t
srri tormer mee H9
A Jsjospe (Jo
$1.50 a Week
1513-15 Dougla$ St.
$1.00 a Week
f VMBlTSr S 1989
Brief City News
KritPiibrlnk 111 J. H.'Krltenhrink,
President of the Kritenbrtnk & Son
Brick company, is ill at his homo.
Re-Klcdcl Nineteenth Ttroo
Michael Kalamaja, head of the
Polish Citizens' club for 18 years,
was re-elected president Wednesday
night. -
Jazft Bandits to Play Bert Reed's
Jazz Bandits will furnish the musie
at the American Legion's big
jamboree, "Slippery Gulch," at the
Auditorium beginning: May 13.
"Browning". Rabbi's Topic Rabbt
Frederick Colin will speak on
' Browning" at Temple Israel tonlghr
at S, and on "Sayings of tho Fathers"
tomorrow morning at-10:30.
.Knter Kfisay Contest Several
hundred Omaha boy have entered
the essay contest held in connection
with the observance of Boys' week,
A radio receiving set Is the prize
offered; . . .
New' Iteetor Arrives Rev. D. J.
Gallagher, new rector of St. Andrews
Episcopal church, arrived In Omaha
yesterday from Minot, N D., where
he was pastor for the last three
years. He was met by a committee
of members of the vestry. , ,,
1 Keject Assessment Plan-rThe plan
of assessment to cover tho cost of
widening and opening Douglas
street. Twentieth to Twenty-seventh
streets, presented by the public im
provement department, was rejected
by the city council yesterday.
' Wins Insurance Suit The estate
of Floyd Stephen, Ida. Grove, la.,
who died while in service at Camp
Dodge, won its lawsuit against the
Prairie Life Insurance company of
Omaha. The Insurance company con
tended Stephen did not pay an ex
tra war premium on his policy.
Cntle Lease Sold Organization of
the Castle Hotel company to take
over the lease of the present Castle
hotel was announced yesterday. The
consideration is said to have been
$S00,000. George H. Schnell, gen
eral manager of the Barkalow Bros,
company .operating hotels in Kan
sas and Nebraska, is president of the
company. , w --
Identify Holdup George Frank
&2, bellboy. 311 North Eighteenth
street, was selected from a crowd of
suspects by three men who Identified
htm as a holdup In police court yes
" terday. Those who Identified him
were Isadore Bernstein, 609 South
. Sixteenth street; Sanford Spratlen,
6BS South Twenty-sixth street, and
F. M. Kennedy, 604 Thirty-sixth
Hardwares Household Utilities'
1515 MARN6Y &T.
Factory Demonstration
Color .Varnishes
Learn to Grain in
Five Minutes
The Chi-Namel Graining Process is 'the only
practical graining system by which anyone can
successfully apply beautiful, lustrous hardwood
grain effects over dirty sort wood floorsy doors.
V woodwork, furniture, etc.
' ' A factory demonstrator will be on hand all day
' .. Friday and Saturday. Come in and learn to grain;
in 5 minutes. '
Come' in and See!
, 30c
A special factory demonstrator, will subject Chi-Nauiel to various
orating. You are invited to learn of the wonders of Chi- L&ll 01
Namel Friday and Saturday. ? Come in and apply Chi- f,L M I
Namel yourself. Satisfy, yourself how easily and sue- - f vW-llMiel
cessfully you can beautify s your Floors, Furniture, 17017171
Woodwork, Walls, Screens, Kadiators, Fixtures, l lVJusI!
FBEE During this
demonstration, a 30a
- can of Chi-Namel, with
y the purchase of a 30c can
. of Sterl-Klene, to insure a
ciean suriace to varnisn.
Autos, etc., with Chi-Namel.'
A ChiNamel Stain
Varnish or Enamel
For Every Purpose.
' Name
Silk Pongee
, Waists '
j .
If Back's Lame
or Kidneys Pother
Drink Plenty of Water ana Milk
Start Flushing Them in the Morning
Nine people out of ten overlook the fact
that the kidneys like the bowels set
clogged and lazy and heed a purifying
. flushing now and then to help these deli
cately constructed ortrans filter all the
waste and Toxins (Poisons) out of the
blood; otherwise there is a retention in
your system of Uric Acid and poisonous
matter which when permitted to remain
causes pain and dull misery in kidney re
gion, headaches, rheumatic pains, .dis
turbed rest and all sorts of annoying
; bladder troubles that excite and irritate
the entire urinary system, creating dis
tress. - To hare strong, healthy kidneys and
bladder, you simply must keep your kid
neys clean and active so that they ara
capable of easily and normally 'filtering
and expelling the poisons, neutralizing
the acids and freeing your system of
urinous wastes. No artificial drugs are
necessary. Merely secure a package of
Dr. Carey's PRESCRIPTION NO. 177
vt Tablets or Liquid).
For sale by the 6 Sherman ft McConnell
Drug stores, and all good druggista have
it. Take a little right after eating for
a few days and your sluggish, tired nut
kidney will then work with ease. It never
disappoints, is pure, tastes good and for
your health's sake it small cost is neg-
- ligible. Ten days' test will not disappoint
you or druggist- will refund your money.
Xaaiai on genuine.
Friday Bargains
250 Lovely New
Trimmed Hats
All the smartest trims !n the
most desirable . shapes and
colors, of the season. They're
worth great deal more, and
are a wonderful bargain
Friday, at $ 1.951
V -J
Fine Pura Silk Black CQg,
Hose, pair . . . . . .'. 4 . . 'DaC
New styles in Fine Cotton
Waists, regular $1.50 1Q
values $ 1 1 7
Aprons, assorted colors, QO
in fin Gale tea cloth... 70C
5rV' A"
Friday a Big Opportunity to Save on
Coats, Wraps, Capes
A new shipment of fine qual
ity polaire, double-faced wool
velour and tweed coats, wraps
and capes.
Regular $25 to $32.50 Values
There are wrappy styles, man tai
lored, slit breast pockets, pleated
back and throw collars; the wanted
colors and sizes. Choice, $14.95.
' -
Spring Dresses
Values $25 to $32.50
They are all fresh new spring styles, fabrics
and colors. Extra sizes included.
Good ' J
VRNVPnY. G)fr Open V
Account s
A Credit Store for All the People
Style B"
Friday A Great Sale of '
Week :
Values That Overshadow the Best
Offerings of Cash Stores
What an opportunity for Omaha Dress Buyers. Scores of jaunty new Dresses
fresh from their packings the result of a most exceptional purchase. You'll
profit in no limited sense of the word if you take advantage of this great sale.
A Sale Extraordinary, Wolving 400 Dresses
Styles of the hour Dresses that youH be proud to wea$. No limited selec
tions. Models for the miss as well as her mother. , ;. ,
Crepe de Chines
Canton Crepes
Taffetas .
Wool Crepes
Krepe Knits ,
Wool Jerseys
i ', e
N . .' - -
j - . .... .
. Henna .
, Gray
Buy These Dresses on Our Easy Payment Plan
Just $3.50 down is all we ask and the balance can be paid for at $1.50 per
week. Can you imagine an easier way to own a smart new frock? .
Utii. noicinnitiM
Sm Your Dsntltt
And uMjLykalsna Dally
tat ioipm iu uH ftart ka s
s4im iwt. It it a iwimil
kuk if xstrrtW auul UM.
final rMit aa nlal irat'Mt af
ix imiS If Ihia tiH,
U year s).alil aM t'" """'
liwt ika iniwx ml la. imu. Also
Vt l.ts.l.a. is fwrt aaturrii.
a bkh.iI auk. .ry ,r. 1kt llt
Ika ivai Inm kwuniiaa ' aaa sra.rt
H still Bias ia tirsa a4 k "
kMlikr, W Kkr haa ayarrkM
r aat skoui4 l sl.n at
mwiik ak m tsN' aaa "
fma aaaaitiea aa4 I fn.
ti rillafl l sifi !. ,
A General Antlteptic
Use LiksWoa alt as a wa.k (er fKa
n4 . a a serar ana sja le l" '
an4 sota ikroal. at H ak.ratar a pa
(ul. saMkinc ann.sfila ta MM.
kal d.,fl rMUlis it Wilms, r
Us4ln draff Uta, , '
Value-Civing Store
Lace Curtains
The kind and quality
you'd prefer in your
home offered at greatly
reduced prices.
The ahowing includes
Damasks, Velours, Silks,
Sunfaat and Tubfast fab
rics, Madras, both plain
and figured, as well as
Printed Linens and Cre
tonnes. 1 Exceptional curtain
values, too, in Voiles
and Marquisettes; also
imported Lace Curtains.
Our display will inter
est you.
- Opa a Credit Account With Us
Howard St.. Bat. 151k aad Mtb Sis.
Value-Giving Store
Cedar Chests
We are showing a
large line of Cedar
Chests made of genuine
red v cedar, with dust
proof lids and cedar
handles. Some are cop
per banded, others cop
per studded. All are well
made and priced at
$10.50, $12.50,
$21.00, $24.50,
$26.00, $28.50
Cedar Chests
in Walnut and mahogany
veneer; will match with
your bedroom suite, and,
offered at special prices.
Floor and Bridge
Lam id
Select your Floor or Bridge
Lamps at Bowen. From, the '
large number we are showing
and the low prices at which
they are marked you are sure
to be satisfied. Choice selec
tion at '
$13.50, $18.95,
' . It Paya to Read
Bowen'a Small Ada
Howard St., Bat. 15th and 16tk
W6en You Need Help
' use a
Bee Classified Want At!