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, m
Witches Slam
Four Buffalo
Hurlers Hard
IJnffalofi Lot Lat Game
of Serifs in Early In
ningi hy 7 to 13
Hiitfaui pitching, staff
t.e4 in review bclore
a handful! of (ant ytt
aiirrnoon tl
Hie l ii'lf filth and Vin
ton street parade
lirntind during f h t
hnal game of the
ftv v nh Wichita,
Alter the final Omaha Iturler -and
tl.rrt were four hud patted the re
viewing ttand. and the lat Wichita
lngBcr had given 'en the once over,
the trore ihert ,howH I J runt to the
lichen' credit and 7 to Omaha .
Hurcli Marled the game willi Wig
Ingtnn. "Wig" worked one and two
tliid inuingi and a nicked for
even run and (our hit, of which
one it a homer hy Washburn over
the centerfield timber. "Mutt" Wil
n Hat next in the parade. He
didn't flea-e Barney, o va inked
after one-third of an inning. (iihton,
recent addition lo the aijuad, follow
ed. "Gib" w wild, in (act he was
to wild that he allowed four bates on
hall and iour rum in one and one-
third frame. .
The old reliable Frank Okrie wat
then trotted out to the box. Frank
finished the game in good form, al
lowing but one run and one hit in
the five and one-third innings he per
formed. The veteran Bi-cbe was on the tlub
for Wichita and finished on the slab.
He hurled good ball throughout. in
tuitu; two bases and Mriking out four
Ruffaloe. The herd collected 10
hits for a total of 14 bases off Becbe's
Errors on the part of the Buffaloes
during the early innings resulted in
Wichita's 13 to 7 victory.
A total of 18 hits, among which
were home run by Washburn and
East, triple by Herman and doubles
by Maiiu.h and Grantham, were
clouted out during the game. The 18
hit represent a total ot 28 bases.
Tulsa opens a four-game stries
here today. ,"
Oilers Bat Hooetere.
pes Moines, May 4 OdenwaM "
h.Td and received n.laeral.le "I?0"
a. a result Tulsa took th lt of the
four-gam rles. to 1. "uhl"J
pitch" good blt U IK' wv. -roby nd
Dsuman led In 111 hitting.
Score :
rviMk. I'ta muim.
Iteiinttt. If S J S 0 TurrOTl
Tiioiu'vn. 3b 9
. .nrn. rf.
Ha-kaa.a, Ik.
r.i. n.
kMUr. lb,
H l( HIT .
At) St. M TH H kH CO V-.
I a I
a t i I
I I a I
I i I I
a i i a i
Tatal at is a It II w
D.tia. rf
murnft. lb
l.amb, cf th
IMtlnnla. H
luland. p
.1 Milan. If
0, Hor.n. rf
Oj Uri-en, rf
IM)rmen. tW
t Wagner, lb
TlYune. lb. rf
mUrmt. 8b
01 Manner, o
41 11 17 iJWnenwal. B
Kdlenian, p
AH. H. O. A.
3 0 1.
1 I
1. 1
0 t
1 r
l in
0 o
1 9
0 A
1 0
j Total J4 S
Sror by Innings:
Tu,,. :..... MHtlf 11!
Di.'Moin : i -
nummary Ron.: Tvla. Stuart (2).
(on ). Milan, a k ner. Tuna (.1).
m.n. Thr-b..hlU! L.rnb. Davis . Twe
h... .hit.: Crosby, Haughland.
Sacrifice hlte: taWj.- Ml"". ,SL'"L"
(I). Uft on biwi: Tulsa. 7; Des MolnM.
S. Siruch out: By Haua and. S. Vint
ban on balla: Olf Haugland 1. W Id
pitch: Edleman. Slarned run and "It.
Off Od.nwalu, 1 and I In 1 l- Inning.,
off 1 and 7 In I t- Inning.: off
Haugland. 1 and S In t Inning. ,Lf1"
pluh.r: Odrld. Double ply! Tur
g.on to Gorman. Umpire: Donohue nd
Andtr.on. Tlma ot game: 1:H.
raehen Wallop Salnta.
Slou aClty, May I. Sioux City ihowrd
a complete reeenal cf form and got
an even break In the two-game eerlee
with St. Joeeph by winning It to 1.
The Packer hammered lilndberg to an
eoruera of the ball park, while Roettg.r
twirled a brilliant game. Hemingway,
Met and Roth made home rung.
AB. H. 0. A AB. H. 0. A.
Omw. Ik S t 1 Hamilton. J J 0 4
rorrldeo. If 4 1 0 0 H.'lagway. tb S 1 0
Fl.h.r. rf I I 0 Klih. cf J 1 1 J
Bonowiu, ef 4 t !. Ifc '
Dt.t. u til HM.ttl.-k. rf 4 0 1 1
M'Donakl. 3b 4 1 1 HHnblreon. If 4 4 S 1
Nuf.r. Jh 4 t .llP.lraer. !b . S 0 1
v,.r.. h 1 t It X ItAth. fl 8 S 7 !
Ktndlor. oioi
llr Mw.kl. ( S 1 8
Undberg. p J 0 1
oo 11 4T 14
TU1 , 1 S 14 17 V
Score by Inning.:
st. Joeph o eo o o ; o 1 1
Bioux City 0 0 6 1 1 1 0 4 x 11
Summary Runt: ruber, Hamilton l.
Hemingway. Kl.h, )leti. Robineon (1),
Roth J). Roettger (1). Krror: Nufer.
Two-baae hlte: Robln.on. Hamilton, Roett
r Home run.: H.mlnawav. Met. Roth.
laorlflce hit: Palmer, Mats, Reth. Dou
ble play: Roth to Palmer: McDonald to
Nufer te CroT.r (I). Karned run: ot
Joaenh. li Slonz Cltr. 11. Left on bane
St. Joeeph. 7: Sioux Cltr. 4. Pint base
on ball: Off Llndberg, t: off Roettger,
4. Struck out: By Li nd berg, lj by Roett
ger, i. Wild pitch: Roettger: Umpire.:
Ormaby and Holme. Time; 1:36.
' Indiana Lom to eBar.
Denver, May 4. Battling neck and neck
witn Oklahoma city tnrougnouc in en
tire nine Inning Of one ot the mo.t
epectaeular game een here thi ae.on,
the Denver Bera noeed out the Indian
in the final aeulon when they pushed
acroea two rune and brought their total
tallica to 11 agatnat 11 for their op
ponents. - t
. Score: " ""
Pill, rf S I 0 Ollong, rf - S 4 i 0
nulla a S I 1 liWrliht. lb 6 S 5 I
Mld'lcton. If S t oiMohardt. cf 10 10
Batee. lb tit 0Rhanl.y, lb 5 1 11 II
o oi winme. i i i
1 1 0IP.tter.on. 3 a I 0 3
4 11 OlP.tterwn. Sb S S
4 1 t l8pranter. le S 1 0 S
I I t HSpencer. a t 1 4 1
til HOroM. p 1010
1 t OiRMdle, p 110
BnUtbury. p 1 0 0
41 1013 7 -dome 10 0 0
Mawey. lb
NMUey. ef
T.M. 3b.
Long, e
Youn. p .
Lore, p
I Total SO It 17 It
Batted for Mohardt In the eighth.
On out when winning run wae ord.
Srair ttv Inntnaa:
Oklahoma ty ...... t 4 S t I 1 1 U
Denv.r ....4 01t401 111
B.. . Ttliea. f 4 i T a.etl lie. t l
fuminirynunat run -- v - "
MMdleton. Mawey, Ht!y. Lonf. Tounf
- jta n . a ir.kaeAl flTrianlalt
WlndU. Patterson t). 8pncr. Bee
dla, Errora: Lon, Wriht. 8prantr.
. . w . . , . AbulinMO Pltv
carnea runs: wenror, i, .
11. Stolen baee: T. lAng, Heatley. Two
base hits: Spencer. Sprangcr, Toung Heat
Icy. Three-baae hit.: Pitt, Middleton, T.
V.nng. Wlndle. Home rna: Shaniey (Zl.
by Gross. 1: by Saliabury, 1. Tint base
on balls: Off Toung. 3: off T.ove, 1: off
Gross, l: off Beadle. 1. Double plys:
Young to Batei: Patterson to Wright to
fnaniey; wrignt to onaniey io nuiui.
i.ei on o.see. Livnver. uKmaomi
7. Innings pitched: By Toung. 5 1-1: runs,
; hits. 10; by Love. 4. runs. I; hits, :
by Gross, 5 1-1: runs, t; hits. 11; by
Beedle. 1: runs, none; hits. 1: by Salisbury.
1 t-1; runs, 1; hits, 4. Umpires: Burn-
Johnny Layton Retains
1 T T
iiara nonors
Sedalia, Mo., May 4. Johnny
Layton ot this city .retained the
world s three-cushion billiard cham
pionship here last night by defeating
Charles McCourt of Pittsburgh in
the third and final block of their
180-point match, 60 to 55, in 51 in
tew. If.
Wile., ae.
I.UIaMa, k.
Mi.we, rf.
frtfflN. rf.
kaoeleear. Ik,
He man. k.
ram Mm, Ik.
HiaiaaiM, p.
WilMa, p.
(Ikenej, P.
Ofcrl. p.
a t
a a
kH.H PO.A.K.
a t
T4e)la .... 41 1 I II I t tl 17 I
ttrturrb belle for Vtllcwa In alalk.
M leklla r) I I I I I I aWIS
Om.ka IIMIItlr- t
The kammarr ITaraml run l Omaha, I;
Wtrhl'a, a, mo haaeai Omaha, tl
Wirhlta. .. Ruaa ai4 kltai Off Hlglng
law. 1 and 4 In an and t.S Innlng.i aff
Ullaan, I and t la l-l lanlngi alt Olbeaa,
4 and I In ana a ad t-t Innlna.i alf
Okrle, I and I In S and 1-1 Inulngat (f
IWha, 1 and 1 In t Inning. Winning
pllrher, Herhet Imlna pllrher, W Iglnglna,
ktrurk out l By Wlglngioa, hr M liana,
nnnat kr lilhaaa, nonet by Okrl. Si k
Bee. 4.. Haae aa aallai Off Hlglnglaa.
l aff M liana, anaei aff (IbMia, 4i alf
Okrh, tt off Heefce, . Hit ky pitched
bell: (Mrltoev.ll). by Mlglngiaa. I.
rlffln) ky Mllaant ky Okrl.
4wa rami Waakknra, YmI. Threr-kaae
hll.i Herman. Tas-haae blUl l,raalham.
H"he Paaerd kali i
Wilder. Time ef garnet 1:0. I mulrrei
Rrnwna and Mrt.loeai.
Heilnuuurs Homer
With Two oa Rases
Wins for Tigers
Cirruit Clout in Niuth Defeat
Browm by Store of 6 to
5 William GrU
Tenth Homer.
M. M.. IM. tb 4
aiig1W. 3 I
Cardinals Stage
Last Inning Rallv
and Defeat Reds
Spurt in Final Frame Enables
St. Louis to Defeat Cincin
nati 8 to 7 Two PJay.
ers Ordered Off Field.
St. Louis, May 4. St. Louis staged
a ninth inning rally today overcoming
a four run lead and defeated Cincin
nati, 8 to 7. The visitors had heen
trailing up to the ninth inning when
they scored six runs. The Cardinals
came back in their half and piled
up five tallies with only one man out.
Mock and Bonne were ordered off
the field for disputing a decision.
num.. cf S01 l'Hmlth. rf il .1 8
llauhert. lb S 1 11 m Kuomlfr. i I I
Dum-an. If 5 14 e'Htxrli. lb 110
Bohne. Sb 5 11 4!Tnnnr.r. Sb 0 0 0
Khmnlck. tb 0 0 0 01 Hnm.b?. lb 5 1 0
5 0 0 0'Hr.fhrnte, i4 4 0 0
Harper, rf
farmer, m
IMlirlll, lb
Wiiiao, e
Ifcmntme. p, P
Cnur'h. p
Luque, p
S 0 4 1 MrHranr. If
3 11 l lv.n. a.
4 11 lAtnunlth. e
'10 .tUv.lker. p
0 0 0 0lHbrrd.ll, p
01 HrtlulU
0 0
110 01 "Mann
n o o m
t 0 0 01 Tout
1 1 0
1 1
2 n
32 1! 17 11
TuUli 10 11 16 131
Hatted for Dnnohue in the eighth.
netted- for Schnant.
One out when wlnnlnir run scored.
nutted for Shenlell in the ninth.
Ren for Srhultt In the ninth.
Boor by Innings:
Cincinnati ...0 0 0 0 0 0 t " 7
St. Lout oojuoouw o o
Bitmmnrv Runs? Hauberf til. Duncan.
Cnvoney, Plnelll. Wlngo, Bressler, Smith
(2), Fournier. MrHenry, l.avan. Ainsmun
tit. Mann. Errors: Harper. Lavan (1). hit: 8mlth. Fournief, Daubert
Puncan. Bohne, MoHenry. Three-base hit:
Breeeler. Horn run: uauoert. aioien
base: Smith. Raorlflca hit: Walker
Double plays: Smith to Aln.mlth; Cav
eney, unaaslited; Caveney to Daubert.
Left on bases: Cincinnati. 8; St. Louis,
7. First base on balls: Off Walker, 3 v.
off Donohue, 1; off Srhnell. 1: off Luque,
J. Struck out: By Welker, 3; by Dono
hue, 1; by Schnell. 1. Hits: Of Donohue,
4 In 7 lnntncs toff Srhnell, 1 In 1 inning"
off Couch. 3 In 1-1 Inning; off Luque, 1
in no lnnma; on waiKer. a in a 1-3 tn-nlna-s;
off Sherdell. 1 In 1-1 Inning. Wild
pitch: Walker. Balk: Walker. Win
ning pitcher: Sherdell. losing pitcher:
Luque. Umpires: Rlgler, Pflrmann and
nQuermicK, lime ot aame: :vv.
Tilden and Richard;
Arrive for Net Matches
San Francisco, ' May 4. William
T. Tilden, II, world's singles tennis
champion, and Vincent Richardson,
who shares with Tilden the world's
doubles title, are in ' San Francisco
today to participate in the east
against west tennis matches. Til
den and William Johnston, former
singles champion, and one of the rep
resentatives of the west in the com
ing matches, played a 6-6 practice
set on the California club courts yes
terday. -
Detroit, May 4. Heihiiunii't home
run with Cobb and Vrarh on tae in
the ninth inning save Detroit three
runt and a 6 to 5 victory over St.
Louis here today. The Drown got
away to three run !ad in the Utl
inning, but Detroit tied it up, atul the
visitors again took the htd when
Kenneth Williams hit hi lUth home
run of the year with Staler on hate.
at iii i t iirriwHT
aN HO l AH 11)1
Tbin. rf i I 1 I1 Hue. lb 4 I 14
Kikrhe. 2k III I i i4t tb I a s
Hum, lb t l t it, cf 4 t a
Hllll.mi. If I 1 I VM'k. If 4 41
lulw, rf I t : ii-ilmme. if 4 1 1
nmlil, .111 t'Jwa. Jh 1 t 4
tog1 niriM. .it.
I J iulrt. e a e e a
1 I'tiiMi, p t t a a I 4
M II MSI JaIuimi. p
mm I e a
ti ii it irTi
Nimi. out when winning run ire4.
Hailed Inr I'l.lhani In the eighth.
tVor by Innlnge:
Kt. tjiil. 1 1 t 0
Detroit tllttttt 1 t
Muintn.ry Kuna: Tnhln. llr 111. Blu.
Williams 121. t'ohh. Veach ill. Il'llmann.
.'ones. Krrora: t!rber. tnbb. Twe-baae
hua: Tiibm, Vangllder, Tnbb. Hlue, Thre.
baa hit: Williams Home run: Wll
liania. Halimann. fllolen baae: Jtne.
Hacrlfic hue: Jarob.nii, Toblik IhiuMe
t'lave: Tobln to Nlaler; Oerber lo M
Manue lo dialer: 4'utshaw to Itlgney lo
Hlue, Left on baaea: HI. Luul.. 1; !
' roll, 1. Klrst baaa on ball.: Off Old
ham 1. Hiru'k ouf By ul.on. I: by
Kldhant. 1. Hits: Off oln. t In I In
ntiig: off Oldham, t In 7 Inninas: off
Jnhn.nn. none in I Inning. Winning plii he.
erl ,lnhnsn. I'midrea: Dlneen and Hilda
brand, Time of game: 1. 4li.
Indiana Ilefent Hhlle Ml.
Thliiagn, Stay 4. I'rben Faler. star
pitcher of the White Xox. wna unable to
I'he.'k Ihe eluaging of the Indians end
Cleveland made It two atraisht from the
locale today, t to 1. Mall weakened In
the la.t Inning when Chicago started a
rally which netted three run., but tight
ened up end retired Hooper on airikea
tor the final out with two men ou bac.
All. H. O. A I ah. H. O A.
J.mlwn. If 4 t 1 01 Jnlmmw, ae 0 111
Wa'ieanH. lb 0 o .1 Sb 1
aiwr, cf Ola .-illtin. 2h 51
MrlmiK, lb .1 I 01 Himrer. rf
Hearll. a. Ill 3M.tll. If
tl.rdncr. tb 4 1 1 Knunki .cf
Wood, rf 40 0 Bhwlr. lb
O Nelll. e "'Sa luls, O
4 o2;y.iir. p
31 11 17 trWarni-r. P 0
11.11.. P
i t
5 110
10 4
4 1 a
4 14 1
ToUU ST 10 27 1
. Bailed for Faber in the seventh.
Batted for McWeeney In, the ninth.
Cleveland 01000110 0 S
Chicago 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 t 1
Summary Run: .Tamlnon. Sneaker.
Mclnnla, Pewell. Gardner, Striink. Bheely.
Schalk. Errors: Jamlesnn. tj.well. John
son. Two-bane hits: Strunk. Sewell (1)),
lardner (1). Three-baae hit: Speeker.
Sacrifice hit: Sewell, Mrlnnie. Stolen
base: Schalk. Double plays: Pheely to
Johnson to Bheely: Wamb.gan.s to Se
well to Mclnnis: 8ewell to Wamhiganea
to Mclnnla. Left on bases: Cleveland.
7: Chicago, 10. First base on baits: Off
Mails, 3; off Faber, 1. Struck out: Hy
Malls, 1; by Faber, by McWeeney, 1.
Hit.: Off Faber. 14 In 7 Innings; off
McWenney, 1 In 1 innings. Paused ball:
O'Nell. Lnelng pitcher: Faber. Umpires:
Morlarity, Kvana arid Nallln. Time: 1:63.
Five Leading Hitters
of Three Leagues
East. Wichita .......
Manuah. Omaha
Kandler, St. Joeeph
Ksh, Sioux City ....
Fisher, St. Joseph ...
Kelly, New York
Maranville, Pittsbu'h
Hornsby, St. Louis . . ,
Walker, Philadelphia
Fowell,. Boston ......
Slsler. St.' Louis
Speaker, Cleveland ..
Smith. Boston ......
Wllliama. St. Lout ,.
Jemleson, Cleveland .
O. AB. B.
IS 71 15
1 It 21'
11 14 ' 4
.11 71 16
U 68 ' 2i
O. AB. R.
18 67 15
17 ' 70 15
,18 57 17
11 45 8
18 tO 14
O. AB. R.
18 Tl 23
It St 14
17 8 II
It 87 It
.It 88 t
H. Pet.
31 .455
34 .430
14 .411
30 .411
27 .401
H. Pet.
30 .448
2 .414
23 .404
18 .400
13 .383
H. Pet.
31 .431
2 .424
15 .117
28 .3S
21 .181
Weatern League.
M. T. W. WK. T. T. 8
t : 8 is
8 IS
1 10
8 4
Tulsa 3 6
Sioux City x x
Denver 7 1
Dee Moines 3 1
Wichita x 8
St. Joseph x x
Okls, City 1 11
11 11 ...
8 11 ..
20 11 ..
21 1
11 13 ..
1 11
Mid. , Tol.
Ik T. W. WK. T. F. S, R.
Brooklyn l x x 1 x
Phila 0 x x 0 x
New TorklO t 1 17 x
Chicago x x x x x .. .. ..
Boston 1 1 t It x .. ..
St. Louis xx 61 '.
Cincinnati 6 9 5 20 7 .. .. ..
Pittsburgh 7 2 x
American Leag-ae.
MM. Tot.
M. T. W. WK. T. T, 8. R.
Detroit 2 x 1 J
St. Louis 11 1 x l! t
Cleveland 1 10 x 11 5 .. ..
Chlcngo 1 t x 8 1.. .. ..
Boston 2 8 It X .. .. ..
Waehing. 8 1 8 X ..... ..
New York 11! 2 15 x
Phila. 4 11 4 IS x
American Association.
MM. Tot.
M. T. W. WK. T. F. S. R.
Kan. City x 10 1. S .. .. ..
Mil'aukee 11 X 1 11
Indiana'lia 7 x t IS It .. .. ...
Loulavllle 1 x S 11 t
Mlnne'lls 1 : x It 1 11
St. Paul I x 4 It 1
Toledo J X It 7 .. .. ' ..
Columbus 1 x 4 1 1
l.No game,
St. losepb 18
Wleblts IS
OKIa. City 11
Sioux city v
L. Pct.1 W. L. PcL
8 .8411 Omaha I 12 ' .400
8 .eS4Tul.a 8 11 .4110
0 .5711 Dm MolnM 7 11 .150
It .450IDNirar 8 13 .316
Veaterday'e Result.
. Wichita, 13 Omaha, 7.
Tulsa, 12; Dea Moines, 1.
. Sioux City, 12; St. Joseph. 1.
Denver, 12; Oklahoma City, 11.
f Today's damn. i
. Tulsa at Omaha.
Wichita at Dea Moines. .
St. Joseph at Denver.
No other game echedulcd. . .
W, I,. Pet. I ' W. k P'
New York 14 4 .778! Brooklyn t 8 .520
Chicago 11 4 .T3I Philadelphia 8 10 .375
St. IiOUl. 10 r .5881 Clncnmu 8 14 ,3iie
Pitttburih I ,471 Boaton 4 12 ' ,.230
' Yesterday' Result..
St. Louie, 8; Cincinnati, 7. .
.' Other game poatponed; rain.
Today' Game. v
Chleago at Pittsburgh.
. Cincinnati t St Louis. "
Bo.ton at Brooklyn.
Philadelphia at New York.
W. L. Pet. I W. h. Pet.
New York It -7 .8.111 Clerelana t t .800
St. Lout. 11 T ..31jBoston t t .471
Chlcuo t:g .tliiiWaahlniton I 11 .400
rul'delphl 9 t .5001 Detroit t 11 - .131
Yesterday 'a Results.
Detroit, St. Louis. 6.
-Cleveland, 5; Chicago. 1.
New York-Philadelphia, rain.
Washington-Boston, rain.
Today's Game.
Cleveland at Chicago.
St. Louis at Detroit.
New York at Philadelphia.
. Washington at Boston.
w. T, Pv t TO T. i...
i )a.iKiu. i. o . .nofiivanu. i,ity tf 10
Columbus 11 8 . .6671 St. Paul 8
Mln'.wils 11 ' 6 ,47lriOul.rHle . 7 11
Milwaukee 8 ' 9 . 500 1 Toledo 3 14
Yesterday's Results.
, Columbus. 1 ; Milwaukee, 0. "
' Kansas City, tt Toledo, 7.
Minneapolis, , 11; Louisville. 5. ,
Indianapolis. 10; St, Paul, 2.
Today's Games.
Toledo at Kansas City.
Columbus at Milwaukee.
Indianapolis at St. Paul. .
Louisville at Minneapolis.
American Association
At Milwaukee " ' . w; jj,
Columbus ., .....1 '4 0
Milwaukee .......... , .'!o'7 l
Batteries :Burwell and Hartley; Re
vlerre, Oearln and Gossett.
At Kansas City R. H. E.
Toledo 7 n e
Kansas Cfty ,,,.8 Is 1
(10 innings.)
Batteries: Saleo and Kocher; Schup,
Amea and McCarty.
At Minneapolis R. H. E.
Louisville j 5 io 0
Minneapolis n jg j
Batteries: Deberry and Meyer; Thor
mahlen and Mayer.
At St. Paul . R, H, K.
Indianapolis "...,.10 15 0
St Paul 3 ii g
Batteries: Cavet and Krueger; Rogers,
Williams and Gonzales.
Home Run King
Has Tonsils Removed
New York, May 4. "Babe" Ruth,
king of home run hitters, had his ton
sils removed at St. Vincent hospital
this morning. Nurses in charge re
ported that everything was satisfac
tory upon his return to his room.
Mrs. Ruth was expected to be
operated on later in the day at the
same hospital. Doctors declined to
discuss her malady.
Mttg tf m i
Pacnl8, Problems
Should, girl play hoyt' games
Uih t various UU met, etc.?
I( lite games art not too louih,
let the gula play them, '.her are
really no tmh thmgt at "Itoyt'
ganiet'. or "girl' gtinet;" tu.iein
! hat 14 to lh lennt. For many yetrt
! a lull f irl't clothes did nH rerniil
her tu Diav limes thai boy a nUyed
Hut, now, il tht gama it int beyond
Ihe g'rl't ttienglh, tht can play my
gamt her brother play..
Broad leafed palma ill pretrnt
tpotle.j oliihed surface- if wiped "i
oaa.ionally with soapy water. 1
raiCM RaOUCIfr Mea'a 4.a 4
laiaa-piaea tuUS lesia) aa4 sraae4
Iwtltttr r leeillki aaatlaaam
(laetlHSieM aeaeeee.
Dyers, CI.. a e'Q, tie asst.
I aertat aa) T .Hera
111? raa ue4 ATmalit
Tht Muley Co.
Nimhle Detr v a iiuoii junip.
er. And wt the Mnlfy Cow. In
t anner tireen' herd there i n
ctlur ciuld iiiattli her,
l.ninij a he did in the atutr.
Hilly Uo.Uhurk had often ren and
Cooi r.i3rnin(f. madamrNmblt said
ta the Kvilrtf Cor
admired that Muley Cow a the
jumped the fence in order to vet into
the rlover patch, or the cornfield, or
the orchard.
And Jimmy Kahhiit, who lived in
the wood, had come to believe
and even boastthat there wasn't
atiypnne that could jump higher than
N'imhlc l)er.
So Hilly Woodcliuck and Jimmy
Kalihit could never agree upon this
qut'etinn of the best jumper in I'leas
ant X'allcy. And there was only one
way to settle their difference of opin
ion. Old Mf. Crow told them that.
"You must have a contest." he
And everybody was willing:. The
Muley Cow said (when asked) that
she w&uld be dtlighted. And when
Nimhle Deer heard of the plan he
ran all the way to the back pasture
at once. For that was where Mr.
Crow said the conttst ought to take
Nimble reached the back pasture
just in time to see the Muley Cow
arrive there. She leaped the fence.
And at the same time she grazed
the top rail and all but landed in a
"Good morning', madam!" Nimble
said to the .Muley Cow. And while
she was answering him Nimble
jumped the fence into the pasture
from which the Muley Cow had
come; and then he jumped back
again into the back pasture. And
he didn't touch the fence by so much
as a single hair.
Then Billy Woodcliuck crawled
under the fence and came waddling
up in great haste.
"What are you doing?" he asked
Nimble breathlessly.
"I'm just stretching my legs a
bit," Nimble explained.
At that answer Billy Woodcliuck
set up a loud clamor. f
' "It's not fair!" he howled." "I ex;
pected the Muley Cow to win the
contest.;- - But if you're going to
stretch your legs she'll certainly be
beaini utile. khe ttriUhc hert too."
Now, did Mr, Cruw ph IuiiJ
lo see die fu.i. And not being very
friendly with the Muley Cow. he
didn't want her to wm the contitt.
o he began to squall.
".She mustn't ttietih her legi any
iimre than Nimble ttretchet In." ht
objected in hit hoarte croak. "Nim
ble jumped the fence twice to stretch
hit legs. She lit jumped once al
ready. I.rt hr jump the fenre once
more and then they'll be even and
the real contest can begin."
"Ihat'a fair enough," taid Jimmy
Hut Billy Wrtodchtitk began to
clutter and scold.
"It't a tric4- trick of Mr.
Crow'.!" he cried. "If ihe Muley
Cow umn once more to ttrctch her
le Kt the'll be on the wrong tide of
the fence. Mie won't be in the back
pa.nire then. And how could the
have the contett with Nimble Deer?",
Old Mr. Crow gave loud haw
haw. Hut he Mill intitted that the
Mulry Cow miuht line only one
more Irg-strelching jump, when
Jimmy Rabbit hurried ip to him and
said tomrihitiR nobody ette could
hear. And Mr. Crow listened and
then nodded hi hrad.
"It't all riant," the old gentleman
told Hilly Wooilchuck. "Let the
Muley Cow stretch her legs all the
liken. We don't care."
t 'oprigiit, ij:: )
Dog Hill Paragrafs
" By George Bingham
A liard got on F.llick Ilelw anger
Saturday morning while he was lean
ing! against a rail fence, and in the ex-
citcmcnt Ellick tore down a nice pig
pen and stepped into a pond. In the
confusion the lizard was badly
frightened and made its escape.
Poke Eazley's wagon broke down
while standing in the horse lot this
morning. The wagon has been need
ing rain for same time.
"Site Kildow was in Tickville Sat
urday afternoon and reports having
seen a young lady wearing a dress
that nearly reached her shoe tops.
Another Sleepless Night?
It's been a busy and fretful day. Brain fagged, nerves frayed
and body exhausted conscious that tomorrow is fraught with
new trials and tribulations, he realizes the imperative need of a refreshing;
, i. . , . , i ; , i . . , .
mgnv a rest, i ei, ne nesiwies ana areaas w go to
bed lest he roll and toss throughout the night.
Do yon experience the horror of nightmare and tasomnJaT
Are you troubled with wakeful, restless oighUt Do react
ap in tb morning feeling mora tired than when m went tl
.-VeTVa . I La 04. BSCMa jour reit i. so disturbed and Oroasoi Btvtr1
The Great General Tonic
LVKO I. teld la eeeb
Sge.enlf, like picture ebsre.
Raluee all substitutea
The hoar of bed-time will soon lose It terror sad m wfll
begin to nek your couch with anticipation of a
sight free from disturbances. "LYKO" will bless yoa with
sweet, sound sod peaceful .lumber tnd bring you down to th
hraalrfaat table In the momina? In e-aod snlrlts and in flahtiae
trim, kn for the day's activities; rested and rtfrsthsd in body and mind, aad with aa
siipeMui uueu.uauvu amea yos wars a Doy,
XTKO" i splendid gu
ard tonic; a rsli.hable appe
tlaerandan xcIIent sttaulnt
to-th nervous system. It re-
, li.ves brain fg and physical
exhaustion; b a 1 1 d up th
nerves; strengthen tb mui
eles; correct dlstsstivs diwr
der.snd rehabilitates gen.rtlly
th weak, irritable and worn
Oat. Ask your druggilt for t
. bottle today and est rid of
bImpIsm night.
let staaai.ctar.rr,
NrwTtrk Kaatat City, It.
For Sale by Beaton Drug Company, 15th and
Farnam Streets, and All Retail . Druggists
Supreme in Appearance, Mileage and
- Insist on Ajax from your Dealer
- , 1922 Farnam Stret, Omahn, Sob.
Giant Hands
Suppose a giant reached his great -hands down
from the heavens and cut every telephone wire!
What would happen Untold inconvenience, de
lay, annoyance and loss of time.
The contact of the merchant with his customer,
the patient with his physician, or friend with friend
would be broken.
The telephone it so dependable that little thought
it given it; but if it were ailent for a day, we would
realize how much we depend upon it and how valuable
a aervice we get at to small a cost.
Northwestern B
ephone Company
The . cjtfftM.
on terms-
$$$$$ down
WASHER here you have a
small, yet very conveniently
arranged machine cast alumi
num body with agitator at the
bottom, allowing for large or
small washings. The purchase
price of the MAYTAG on these
low terms is but $136.50.' Buy
,a r-
Power Co.
Farnam at Fifteenth
ATlantic 3100
2314 M Street
MArket 1500