Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 23, 1922, Page 7, Image 7

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    THE BEE: OMAHA. SUNDAY. .APRIL 23. 1922.
1,600 Apartments
' Planned in Gotham
to uu snortage
Metropolitan Iuiuraure Com
ply Authoriicd to Invrtt
Rf nt Will Be Quit
Moderate. ..
New York, April 2. Some New
Yorkcn will te able lo nuke out
their monthly rent check without a
verbal explanation when the 1,600
or j new apartmeuti, to be huilt
jut arrnx the rjuerniboro bridge
from Manhattan are fmihcl.
1 he buiMini will be started anon
tn help tolve the homing problem.
The ir erection wai made po.nblc by
me irgniaiurt authorizing Vf Met
ropolitan Life Insurance company to
invri tome ot nt tunc) to relieve
the shortage and bring rents
oacK to a prewar level.
There nill be no elevator boyi or
hall aervice men in the new apart-
uentt, but they will have the on
line t ion of renting at $') per room.
The trnnantt will have to walk tip-
but the average rent will be ?Jt a
month ami the houaet will be model
apartment, l'our-story buildings are
New York hat accepted the plan
CPthunaktieally. In (act, the city't
renter have already tried to get in
on the ground floor. The insurance
company report it ha about 150
request! for apartment and ground
nas not even been broken.
Construction to Be Rapid.
Speed in construction is the key
note. The preferential list is made
up of union workers who have protn
sied to give a day's work free on
the buildings in return for the chance
to get an apartment.
The group which is to he started
now will cost about $6,000,000. If
it is a success, if it .makes an in
road in the problem, the insurance
company stands ready to spend about
$100,000,000 and to keep the prirea
of homes at the - lowest possible
Claims Largest Population.
New York, indeed, is in need of
more homes, for the city ' has re
newed its contest with London for
world supremacy. Dr. Walter Laid
law, executive secretary of the New
York city census committee, has
figures to prove that if the same
radius were used in both cases, New
York would have 344,508 more
souls in the greater city than Lon
Dr. Laidlaw includes territory
within 19 miles of city hall and thu3
gets Newark, Jersey City and Ho-
boken into his tables. 1 he popula
tion in Greater London on June 19,
1921, was 7,476,168, while that of
what the doctor terms "largest New
York, was 7,820,676 on January 1,
1 Plan Mammoth Art Center.
ur York's shrine of music and
art that mammoth peace memorial
proposed as a bone for opera audi
toriums, art salons, concert halls and
conservatories of arts and music
lias taken another? step toward realty.
City Chamberlain Berolzheimer and
Joseph Haag,, secretary to the board
of estimate, a committee in charge,
are ready to submit eight proposals
and temporary plans to Mayor
Estimates of the fund needed for
the buildimr it may be buildings-
reach from $2,000,000 to $2,100,000
and it is expected the board of esti
mate will provide at least part ot tne
money fairly soon. Practically all
of the sites proposed are in the Co
lumbus circle, or tneatneat districts,
already fairly well burdened with art
and music centers. K-.., v....-
Chances Made in Personnel
of Burlington Shops
. Plattsmouth, Neb., April 22.
(Special.) A. C. Davis, for 10 years
chief clerk to Superintendent Wil
liam Baird of the Burlington shops
here, has been transferred to Oma
ha as a clerk in the -Office of Divi
sion Superintendent N.1 C. Allen., Cv
K. Murphy ot the Alliance ottiees is
transferred here to the position of
duet clerk to the shop .superinten
dent. ; E. R. Grenstead, chief clerk
in th store rienartment is trans
ferred to the Burlington storehouse I
at nanniDai, mo., ana j. sanaerson,
also of Alliance comes here to take I
his place.
ummer Military Camps .
Will Be Held in August
Citizens' military training camps,
"combining the advantages of mili
tary training with the pleasures of
an outdoor summer vacation'' will
be held durinir August. .Applications
are already being j-eceived at the
Arm v building here; Lieut. Col. J.
1. Hopkins, chief of staff, 89th di
vision, announced yesterday.
Any citizen of the United States
is entitled to apply for the course.
Railroad fare is paid by the govern
ment at the rate of five cents a mile,
as well as clothing, laundry, food and
housing-. . '
Lecture Series by Student
of Oriental Literature
Mrs. i Harriet- Tuttle Bartlett of
Krotona, Hollywood, Cal., will give
a series of lectures this week in the
Arthur, building, 210 South Eight
eenth streef, under the auspices of
the Theosophical society. . .
Mrs. Bartlett is a student of Ori
ental literature, the Hebrew Kabal
Uh, science and the Bible. Her first
Omaha lecture will be next Thurs
day at 8:15 on "Our Glorious Des
tiny, the Message of the Ages.".
Omahans Observe Golden
Wedding With Reception
Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Young, 2214
Monroe street, observed their golden
wedding last week with a reception
at their home. Mr. Young was born
at Vandilay, la., and Mrs. Young at
Whelan, la. They were married in
1872 near Mr. Young's birthplace.
They have eight children, 23 grand
children and 14 great-grandchildren.
Buff 111; Can't Fight.
New York. April 22. The bout
between Johnny Buff and Joe Lynch
for the world's bantamweight box
ing championship which was to have
been held is) Madison Square Gar
den May, 5 was called off yesterday
owing to the illness of Buff, the
rhamnion. :
( H'OOI?. IBfMssfJ8ft.0S 5StjgO fii?.illMI)lTJ
LetlMuniing wear UnibntSuitYou
for the
Main Floor
Third Floor
The Choice of a Nation
VTlLLlbNS of discriminat-
'-mg men, women, cnu
dren prefer anchvvear perfect
fitting Munsingwear Union
They , ask for Munsingwear
and never say underwear.
The name itself Munsing
wear is a household saying of
the Nation.
One reason for this national
popularity is because in Mun
singwear you find all the things
you expect of good underwear
and none of the disappoint
ments. . . 1
Into each garment is woven or
knit fine quality, perfection of
fabric, .finish and fit.
Add to these sterling qualities
the Munsingwear habit of out
washing, outwearing, outlast
ing expectations and you have
the reason why Munsingwear'
gives such all 'round satisfac
tion and service.
Because of its unusual dura
bility, washability and reason
able first cost it is the most eco
nomical in the long run.
Made for men, women, chil
dren in a large variety of
The Brandeis Store if headquarters for Munsingwear, our stock
shows a wide variety for selection. If you have been unable to
get satisfaction in underclothing ask for Munsingwear. We
can Union Suit you no inatter the size of your person or purse.
Tk:Vnderwear of Perfect Fit
; We now have on display all new arrivals
in Spring and Summer Munsingwear for
men, women and children.
Here are a few of' the many, numbers
" earned in our regular stock:? ,,
Munsingwear for Women
Women's Combed Cotton Munsingwear
Suits In all syles; loose or tight knee;
closed shirt styles; 1 OC
regular sizes, at , v l.W
Out sizes at 1.50
Women's Lisle Munsingwear Suits All
styles r bodice or regulation styles ;
loose or tight knee ; also closed shirt
styles and teddies; extra or regular
". sizes; flesh or full bleach; 1 77P
per suit, . 1 I u
Women's Extra Fine Lisle Suits
..... Regular sizes, per suit,
: Out sizes, per suit, 2.75
Women's Mercerized Lisle Suits
Regular sizes, per suit,
Out sizes, per suit, 3.25
Women's Vests and Pants
In all styles, each,
Women's Munsing Woven-Wear
Suits Athletic styles, in flesh
and white ; regular sizes,
Out sizes, 1
Munsingwear for Boys and Girls
Boys' and Girls' Fine Combed Cotton Union Suits In cream 1 OC 1 7C
. or full bleach; all styles; per suit, v l.W to 1.1 J
Boys' and Girls' Munsingwear Woven
suits Per inn 1 cn
l.UV to l.cIV
Third Floor East
Children's Munsingwear Knitted Under
Waists All sizes, fiA
Munsingwear for Men
Men's Combed Cotton Munsingwear
In all shapes, white - 1 nt
or ecru,
Men's Extra Combed Cotton Munsing
wear Suits In all shapes O AA
white or ecru, .UU
Men's White Lisle Munsingwear O PA
Suits In all shapes, per suit,
Men's Silk Lisle Munsingwear Suits In
all shapes, blue, flesh and A AA
white, per suit, 4.UU
A Complete Line of Men's Munsing
Athletic Suits ;In their different
- cloths, ranging in
1.25 te 6.00
'4 1 Ni,
1l- Illilt, lilt "l:
Curtains and Curtain Materials
Specially Priced for Monday
Of fine quality silk, with full
narrow ruffle and ruffled tie
e m
oacKs to match O AO
worth 6.00; spe- X MK
.iait pet paiif
25,000 Yards of
All ntw Spring pattrrni, in lisht, dark,
and medium ground j bird dcigm, verd
ures, foliage, chintzri, stripes, and tapes
try patterns. Specially priced, per yard
29c 49c 69c
it 11
Novelty Curtains
Fine voiles and mercerized mar
quisettes, with cluny and filet
pattern lace insertions and
edgings; values i ja
to 3.50; per I dJJ
pair, v
Dotted and figured patterns, in
white, cream, and beige. A
very popular cur- psi
t tain material. OrjC
' Per yard, , , .
French and English
per yard
1.25 to 2.25
Quaker Craft
Lace Curtains
A wonderful variety of pretty designs in
au-over and border effects, others trim
med with lace
edging spe
cially priced,
per pair,
J .
Mercerized qual
ity with drawn
work borders, in
white, cream and
beige. Specially
priced, per yard,
l I flrcir
Per Pair
A fine assortment of Irish points,
French lacets, and Marie An
toinettes; in white, ivory, and
beige. . Our own importation.
Values to 12.50. A O
Specially priced, h Mm
per pair, wJ
Curtain Materials
A very fine selection of French
figured-nets and Scotch ma
drasses, in white a
and natural colors. L M
75c values, a yard,
Window Shades
Made of good quality opaque, in
popular colors, mounted on
strong spring rol- f)f
lers; worth up to .SrTtf
1.50; each, f
The quantity of these it limited.
Sixth Floor -East
The Opening of the World Theater
To those who are concerned in all things
that come to Omaha to contribute to its
growth and fame among cities, the opening of
the new World Theater this week has been a
source of pride and pleasure. The beauty and
' dignity of the surroundings in every way con
vey the impression that it is to be a worthy
home for high class and pleasurable entertain
ment. ,
If you visited the World Theater during the
opening week, you have had an opportunity
to see something of the decorating capacity of
several departments in this store.
All of the -gorgeous tunjuoise blue and gold
hangings, the magnificent velvet stage curtain
with its heavy gold fringes and huge tassels,
were made in the worki'Jom of our Drapery
Department on the Sixth Floor. In fact, all
of the draperies throughout the theater, in
cluding the lounge and charming rest rooms,
were designed and made by our Drapery De
partment. The thick, soft-textured velvet carpets, in
harmonizing shades of blue ' and gold, were
furnished by our Carpet Department on the
Sixth Floor.
The richly upholstered davenports
and overstuffed chairs in the
promenade lounge and each of the
smaller rooms are from our new
Furnituije Department on the Sev-
enth Floor.
The Brandeis Store is proud to
have been able to contribute in
these ways to the beauty of this
splendid new playhouse.
!RoomSize Rugs
Rugs to match
almost any color
scheme are
eluded in t h
If I m:V: L
Wiltons, r
Brussels and
, 8-3x10-6 Seamless
Tapestry Brussels
. Rugs, 18.75
32.50 Values...... 18.75
8-3x10-6 Seamless Wilton
Velvet Rugs, 38.75
55.00 Values. -38.75
Sixth Floor West
TJ Specially Priced
Special Showing Room-Size Rugs
7 A group of good looking and
serviceable ruga are offered at much
reduced prices. The patterns are
the good, conservative kind that are
easy to live with, the colors pleasing
and tasteful. .
Tapestry Brussels Rugs.
a gooa assortment of these dur
able rugs in attractive patterns.
- - 35.00 Values. . . ... . 9.75
8-3x10-6 Genuine Wilton Rugs,
87.50 Values fi K 7 CL
9x12 Axminster Rugs
57.50, Values......... 36
Specials in Hardware and House Furnishings
f BrandaU' Bett Mixed
House Paint
Per gallon, O AC
at L.JO
Mixed Paint
For outside or inside use; white
and colors. Specially priced, qt.
nr. . One-half pint, 19c
Floor Varnish
Clear hard floor finish that
dries over night. Per O AQ
75 -lb. ice
capacity, 3
doors, white
lined, spe
cial at
Gem Oil Mop
and a pint bottle of
Brandeis Cedar
Polish. Set
Aluminum Kettle
6-quart size, well finished
with ebonized knob and
wooden handle on bail.
Wear-Ever Aluminum Stew Pans
2-quart size, regular 1.05
value for
White EnameUd Wath Batin
Large size in a good quality of
enamelware. Spe
daily priced, tUC-
P.arl Whit. Soap
.special, 10 bars
Fifth Floor West