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Golden Wedding.
Tbt SOih nnivrrr of the "'
riitt of Mr, and Mr. Kip
rrl of RaMon retrbratrd at
ihtir home Saturday evening, April
Louis Fipperl. luliui Kipperle.
Mr. anil Mi. KoleM fllack and
Until? of Omaha. Mr, and Mr.
Thorn Ivitf . of Hating, Neb,:
Mr, ami Mr. C V, 1'orburger of
Lincoln; Arthur, Fred and OI4 Hip
prle o RaUlon, Nrb., attended. Mr.
)', L Allen ( Oregon, Mo and Mr.
Dan Anderson oi Kearney, Neb,,
were nt able lo attend.
XI r. and Mr. .riipntrle were war
lied al Cincinnati, U , April 14.
They have .M granchildirn and one
Mi I-yilij I4(iirr entertained at a
mitrellanratit shower Friday evening
at her home complimentary to Mi
Alice Anderson, whoe marriage to
Frani Kamrr w ill take place in May,
Affairs for Geraldine lie.
Ray Millard entertained at a din
ner of 14 cover at tlie Harton Mil
lard home Saturday evening, compli
mentary to Mi- (ieraldmc llrsf and
her fiance, Dougta Criers. The
guest included the wedding party.
Clarence I'rlrrs and David ( 'aid
veil were host at a supper dance
at the Omaha club following the
Sunday evening the member of
the wedding party will lave a picnic
Mr. and Mr, (hailc Allison will
entertain the wedding party at din
ner Monday evening. Following the
dinner the guests will be entertained
by Mi Dorothy Judson at an Or
oheuni party and a mppcr dance at
the Brando restaurant.
Omaha Musician in Lincoln Party.
One of the most interesting affair
at Lincoln tin week tn connection
with the Nebraska State Music
Teacher association was a supper
party given by Mr. Lura S. Smith
and llcrbert Schmidt in honor of
the distinguished pianist. E. Robert
Schmitr of Paris, following his con
cert at the Temple theatrr.
Attending from Omaha were
Misses Inlirt McCune. Corinne Paul
on. Edith Mav Miller. Mr. II. Mc-
Monie and Messrs. Cecil Rerryman.
Jean P. Duf field, H. De Yoc and
Albert Beck.
Benefit Play a Success.
. Frorecds from the entertainment
given by St. John Dramatic club for
the benefit of St. John school Thurs
day evening at Creighton auditorium
amounted to more than $400. '
The three-act comedy drama,
"What Happened to Jones." was so
well received that it is probable that
it will he repeated at some future
date. The auditorium was filled to
The cast included the Misses Fern
Wallace, Nellie McDcrmott. Helen
Tobin. Margaret Roche. Agnes Mc-
Dermott. Stella Kellcy. Messrs.
Charles Costello, Frank Mulry,
Thoma Russell and Sylvester Fang
man. Mrs. Leonard Mann directed
he play. Creighton university orches
tra furnished the music.
Informal Dinner.
Martha Ri and Bertha Mae, twin
daughters of Mr. and Mrs. D. C.
Bradford, entertained at dinner at
their home Saturday evening. Their
guests were Marcel Folda, Mary
Alice Donahue, Barbara Millard,
Margaret Shotwell and John Quin
lan, David Larsen, Richard Sinclair,
Robert Perry, Stanton Kennedy and
Thomas Nolan.
Alumnae Luncheon.
Mrs. L. A. Higgins and Mrs. Paul
Sunderland wilt entertain alumnae
of Alpha Omicron Pi at luncheon
al the Sunderland home, Saturday,
April 29.
Sunday afternoon, April 23, Mrs.
H. W. Potter will entertain the
sorority at a tea at her home, in
' honor of Mrs. B. F. Uhls of Kansas
Card Party.
Women of Sacred Heart parish will
give a card party at Lyceum hall,
Twenty-second and Locust streets,
Thursday evening. Those in charge
will be Mesdames J. E. Farrell, R-.
W. Farrell, B. W. Flanagan, J. E.
Fulner, H. A. Footer, J. J. Furey,
Giddings, G. A. Graham and T. C.
Ci Telta Club.
Members of Ci Telta club enter
tained Saturday afternoon at the
tea dance at the Burgess-Nash tea
rooms in honor of Miss Linda
Mauk of Chicago, who appeared at
the Orpheum during the past week.
'Miss Mauk was the guest of Miss
Frances Bates while in Omaha.
Ennis Club Dance.
; The Ennis club will entertain at a
. dancing party Tuesday evening at
the Kel-Pine academy, Twenty-fifth
Vand Farnam streets. An 11-piece or
' 'chestra will furnish the music, Pro
ceeds will be added to the building
fun of St Mary Magdalenes church.
Marquerade Party'.
Miss Lucile Uehling entertained
60 guests at a masquerade party at
her home Saturday evening.
Miss Uehling and her mother,
Mrs. .Frank Uehling will leave in
June to spend the iummer in the
east Next fall the will go to St.
i . i- ' i
, lOuls 10 Hiaite ineir uuiuc.
Benefit Dance.
t American War Mothers will give
a benefit dance Monday evening,
May 1, at Roseland academy.
Maple Leaf Chapter, O. E. S.
Tuesday evening, May 9, Maple
Leaf chapter, O. E. S., will present
the cantata, Queen Esther. Mrs.
Joseph C Lawrence is general direc
tor. Bernard Johnson will direct
the. chorus and Mary Cooper will
have charge of the dancing. The
soloist will be Mrs. Gertrude God
man and Mrs. Nettie Allen will be
the accompanist. The cast is as fol
i . i
Kathcr, th Cjuepn
. Mr.. Joseph C. Lawrence
Ahuueraa, the King E. I Hoag
Mordecai, Esther's oncle
tr. Joseph C. Lawrence
Hainan, Klns's Counsellor
BenJ. F. Thomas
Zereah, Hainan's wife
Mrs. Charles J. Zlebarth
Leah. Friend of the Queen
Miss Meta E. Wolfe
Salome, Sarah Jewish Attendants of
the Queen :
Miss Ruth Coltra, Mrs. C. Ellis Nlrhols.
Hataen. Kind's Scribe.. Kdaar N. Bowles
Hsrbona. Chamberlain of the Palace
a... C. Ellis Nichols
Golden Clow Club.
A eard part will he given Tue.
day at W. O. W, hall by Golden
Glow club, Mn. C. E. Winquist
will be in charge. Mn. Charles
Whitmore will entertain club mm
per at her home, 3S2 Fowler ive
nue, Wednesday afternoon
Blue and Cold Revue,
Lena Mae William will be in
charge of two act of the blue and
i .old revue to he given May .7 at
the Prandrl theater' by Omaha
chapter of Dc Molay.
Chicken Dinner.
George Crook W. R. C. will give
a chicken dinner noon at
2414 Cuming ttrert for member of
Old Guard pot 7 and their wive,
O. L. L. Club.
O. I.. L. club of Our Lady of
Lourdet parish will give a card
party Thursday evening at their hall,
i hirty-sccond avenue anl rrancis,
Vesta Club.
Vesta chapter Kensington club
will give a whit and high five card
party Thursday afternoon, April 27,
at Masonic temple, 2 p. m.
Evening Bridge.
Mr, and Mr. Walter Standeven
entertained at a bridge party at their
home Friday evening. Five tablet
were et fur the game.
Birthday Party.
Mr. Maude Feim entertained 40
gueM at her home, Thursday aft
ernoon, the occasion being her birth
Entertain Sewing Society.
Mr. Axel Ahlgren will entertain
the Ladies of Viking Sewing society
at her home, 2805 Burt street,
lhursday afternoon.
Evening Card Party.
A card party will be given Wed
nesday evening hy Blessed Sacra
ment at their hall.
Jolly Seniori.
A dance will be given at Crounse
hall Tuesday evening by the Jolly
Meeting Postponed.
Trinity Parish Aid society will not
meet April 26 as was planned.
Holy Angel church will hold a
bazaar May 3, 4 and 5.
Mrs. George Brandeis has returned
from a short stay in Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Learned hae
returned from an eastern trip.
Mrs. Richard S. Hall and Miss
Dorothy Hall returned Saturday
from Atlantic City.
Mrs. H. A. Scandrett and Miss
Cornelia Scandrett returned Wed
nesday from California.
Miss Pauline Prime of Holdredge,
Neb., is spending several weeks with
Dr. and Mrs. J. M. Prime.
Mrs. E. R. De Young and chil
dren of Keithsburg, III., are visiting
Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Booth.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Davenport of
Chicago, formerly of Omaha, are the
guests of Mrs. E. D. Copeland.
Mrs. Andrew Johnson of Oakland,
Neb., who has been visiting Mr. and
Mrs. Edward Johnson, returned to
her home Friday.
Mrs. J. R. Scobie and Miss Jessie
Millard are now at Weisbaden, Ger
many. trom there they will proo-
ably go to the Riviera.
Miss Eva O'Neill of Norfolk,
Neb.; Miss Mary Farrell of Schuy
ler and Miss Margaret Higgins of
Schuyler will return here Sunday to
resume their school work at Du
chesne. Mrs. C. T. Webb and son, Rich
ard, of Denver, Colo., are spending
several weeks with Mrs. Webb's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence An
derson. , i ;
Mrs. A. G. Edwards has returned
from Piedmont, Cal., where she vis
ited her daughter, Mrs. Turner Mc
Allister. She is now with her daugh
ter, Mrs. Howard Smart.
Miss Madeline Dickey of Kansas
City will arrive May 12 to spend
several days with Miss Dorothy
Belt. Her sister, Miss Catherine
Dickey, is now visiting Miss Belt
Misses Marv McQueeney and Re-
ka Murray of Kansas City, members
of the junior class at Duchesne col
lege, will return to Omaha Sunday
after having spent their easter va-J
cation with their families.
The bridesmaids at the Smith-
Lovell wedding of last Tuesday, Miss
Dorothy Batchelder of Boston, Miss
Mary Luke of New York and Miss
Virginia Wright of New York left
Saturday for their homes.
Bought and Paid For.
Emma (to sweetheart who has
just brought her some flowers) Oh
Henry, what lovely flowers I They
look as if they had just been picked.
I. think there is still a little dew
upon on them.
Henry (indignantly; JJue upon
them? Not a penny, Emma, not a
penny I i
Eskimo women are expert sewers.
and their waterproof seams are said
to be the only real waterproof sew
ing in the world.
RARELY beautiful conceptions from the artistic
makers of cut glass, Libbey and Hawkei, are
offered to the giver of gifts to the spring bride.
Every piece is stamped with the maker's name,
your assurance of quality.
John Hcnrickson, Jeweler
established 1882
Two Omaha Easter Week Brides
1 1 i
II Ssti
Two interesting after-Easter wed
dings, which took place at All Saints
Episcopal church during the past
week, are those of Miss Helen Dan
forth Smith to Philip Gray Lovell
of Weston, Mass., and Miss Wini
fred Brandt to James Way Hun-
saker of this city.
The Lovell-Smith wedding was a
large afternoon affair and was
solemnized Tuesday. Mrs. Lovell,
who is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Etiquette Worth
The man or woman of small ambi
tion and smaller achievement feels
that it is his privilege and pleasure
always to leave a position he is
"quitting" in a cloud of unpleasant
feeling. So long as he remains in
his position he puts up with unpleas
antness, stifles his dislikes for the
men over him and does his best to
grin and bear things. When re rea
lizes that he can take his destiny in
his own hands, and ask to have his
name striken off the payroll, he
takes intense satisfaction in airing
his prejudices and showing every
one in the place just how he feels
about thing. . He undoes in a day all
that he has gained in the months Or
years that he has worked there.
The man or woman with ambition
Notebook Items.
Iodine still holds first olace as z
skin and wound disinfectant
Shellac the inside of all drawers
and they will be easy to clean.
Irons will not stick if a teasooon-
ful of salt is cooked with the starch.
A baked potato should be crack
ed the moment it is done to let out
the steam. ,
After the flour sack has been
emptied, open the bottom to remove
i possible cupful.
Less sugar will be necessary if a
little salt is added , when cooking
very sour fruits.
A window-sash cord can be made
to last a long while by an applica
tion of tallow or lard.
Now la the Time to Get Rid of Those
.Ugly Spots.
There's no longer the slightest
need of feeling ashamed of your
freckles, as Othine double strength
is guaranteed to remove these
homely spots.
Simply sret an ounce of Othine
double strength from any druggist
ana apply a little or it night and
morning and ' you should soon see
that even the worst freckles have be
gun to disappear, while the lighter
ones have vanished entirely. It Is
seldom that more than an ounce Is
needed to completely clear the skin
and gain a beautiful clear com
plexion. Be sure to ask for the double
strength Othine as this is sold under
guarantee of money back if it fails
to remove freckles.
16th at Capitol
Arthur Crittenden Smith, wore the
wedding gown of her mother. It
was of heavy pearl color satin, heavi
ly embroidered in pearls and made
according to the Marie Antoinette
period. The neck was finished with
a bertha of rose point and Duchcsse
lace, and the elbow sleeves were fin
ished with deep flounces of the lace.
Mrs. Lovell also wore the wedding
veil of her mother, which was of
Duchesse and rose point lace. Her
bouquet was of Easter lilies. The
While'in Office
knows that the world of business is
a small place. Merely from a selfish
point of view it is essential to main
tain pleasant relations even with
those who, you feel, have treated
you unjustly. If you have put up
with their ill treatment while work
ing for them surely you ought to be
more willing to do so when you have
the inner satisfaction of knowing
that you are going. In fact you can
stretch a point and forgive and for
get old rancors. It may be, you
know, that in another shuffle up you
will be placed in a position where his
friendship will mean a great deal to
you. So do the well-bred thing,
which is to stifle your own petty ani
mosities and exercise your self con
trol to the extent of leaving the old
place with a handshake all around.
I Already, there are
Advance fashions are here showing '
the way to women who keep in step
with style.
While out-door shoes for the out-door
season are pre-eminent, our showing
gives careful consideration to every
type of footwear that will find favor
throughout the summer.
Just the shoes you
want at just the
price you want to
We Want to Talk to
Milk Producers
who are so situated that they can get their milk to Omaha iu
first-class condition. Our purchasing agent wishes to call on you
at your farm to talk over the details of our requirements. Call
Roberts Sanitary Dairy
HA rney 2226 2901 Cuming Street
bride will make her future home in
Weston, Mass.
The marriage of Miss Brandt,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. G.
Brandt, and Mr. Hunsaker took place
Wednesday evening. The bridal
gown of Mrs. Hunsaker was fash
ioned from the silk of her mother's
wedding gown and made according
to the pervailing mode. Her veil
fell from a coronet of lace, which had
been worn by Mrs. Brandt. Mrs.
Hunsaker will reside in Omaha.
Fashion's Latest
Fads at League
One of the attractive "stunts" for
the Junior League Revue will be a
style show. Mrs. Barton Millard is
in charge and she plans to make it a
most "snappy" affair. Assisting her
win be Mrs. t.. A. Koedcr, Mrs. Ben
Wood, jr., Miss Mildred Butler and
Miss Catherine Thummel.
The mannikins will he Mesdames
Jack Summers, Reed Peters, Henry
Bohling, Kobert uarrett, George
1 hummel!, Lewis Burgess, Ed Me
geath, Robert Burns, Glenn Wharton,
Yale Holland, Lawrence Brinker,
Allan Tukey, frred Daugherty. Misses
Marion Towle, Gertrude Kountze,
Mildred Butler, Dorothy Belt, Jose
phine Congdon and Daphne Peters.
0 1
footprints on the path
which summer styles
will take
16th and Douglas Sts.
Apply Psychology
While rhildreq are much the same
the .rhl over, American children
by development, the mot ae
live of all ii!uinliiic in their
play Juhit a"d ht lwt CMCUt'g
I hty demand more rralitm, innt
upou taking part that ne active and
r'l (or still oi body or mind and
how gresirr interett in and undrr.
landing of educational garnet than
other tliilJrrn.
'1 twnt to go outdoor." i th
rhrae vhich mother, particularly
.it tin tune of the year, hear nmu
freiiuently v. hen m the home wit
their children. The appeal of the
great out of door i very strong to
children and should be answered by
parent whenever poihe.
While CMX-riment have pretty
cone utivrlv nroved the advantage
of permitting the child to follow in
it play the natural bent of ill de
veloping character, it mut be re
niembeied that ihcMiiiaguutive scope
of the child mind it necrttarily
somewhat limited and play ftigge
lion are of great help if based upon
sound child psychology ami do not
run counter to the rhild'a own
good character developing play
"Dou t do that" i uually bad
child n.vcholonv because it ha
trona tendency to detroy budding
initiative and unfavorably affect the
child i mental growth particularly
when the phrac a t irequenuy
lv the case is urd ronMantlv to
child and without consideration of
the child's real nerd:
A the proper clection of toys lor
children i of great importance, so
tne proper guidance oi inurarn in
their play habit into nenenciai euu'
rstinnal channel if of ecilial iniDOr
iim-e Kuril nronrr euidauce will
Utilize Sour Milk,
Sour milk is a lood of high nu
tntive va hie and ihoulu never t,
wasted. It has many use in the
preparation of food.
Sour-milk biscuit are a delicacy
which every woman takes pride in
knowim how to make correctly.
When using sour milk, it t neccs
rarv to neutralize it with sodi
Miallv a scant nail teaspoontui ot
soda will neutralize one cup of sour
milk, although the amount of soda
required varies with the acidity of
the milk.
A good recipe for sour-milk bis
cint is a follows:
Sift toa-ethcr VA cups of flour,
three teaspoonfuls of baking pow
dcr, one-half tcaspoonful of pair,
one-half teaspoonful of soda, chop
into this VA tablespoonfuls of cold
leaf lard.
Add a cup of sour milk, cutting
the dough with a spatula or knife.
loss the soft dough on a floured
board; knead in a. little flour if the
dough is too soft. Roll. Cut small
biscuits and hake in a quick oven
One woman who likes to serve
the sour-milk biscuits keeps a sup-
r.y ot a reiiaoie nrana ot evapor
ated milk on hand which she per
mits to sour at her convenience.
Her biscuits are light and have
the added softness so characteristic
of the type.
The Third Synchrona Recital in Omaha
The most talented artists in Omaha are delighting the music lovers wlio attend
our Synchrona Recitals. The following well known favoriles make up the program
for Thursday night.
Miss Adelyn Wood, a pianist of rare ability and pleasing style, plays with, great
clarity and her delicately executed runs in various numbers are very effective. Miss
Wood has appeared in programs with Metropolitan Opera stars and needs no intro
duction to Omaha music lovers. She will play Etude E major, Opus 10, No. 3; Prelude,
Opus 28, No. 3, by Chopin; "Bird as Prophet" by Schumann; "Gavotte and Musette"
by D'Albert, and "Scherzo" in F sharp by D'Albert with the Synchrona.
Mrs. Grace Leidy Burger, violinist, is a pupil of Professor J. E. Brill and for some
time was with the Redpath Lyceum Bureau. Mrs. Burger uses the Synchrona for her
accompaniment and will play "Meditation" (Thais) by Massenet; "On Winprs of
Song" by Mendelssohn, waltz by Brahms and Spanish dance, Opus 22, No. 3, by
Sarasate. . f '
Miss Frances Wyatt is a singer of rare ability. Her voice is one which charms
and pleases. Music lovers will have an opportunity of hearing her Thursday evening
accompanied by the Synchrona in the following selections: "From the Land of the
Sky-Blue Water," by Cadman; "Sonny Boy," by Curran, and "Homing," by Del
Mrs. Hazel True Chaloupka, well known Omaha pianist, will be the accompanist
for the evening.
The Synchrona is the latest Re
producing Piano and one you
will enjoy hearing. It is the
only reproducing piano with a
human touch.
1514 - i6
to Child Training
eliminate most of the 'Thou shall
not" (hat worry many children and
will prove of great help to the child
and at the same time to the mother
in that a happily entertained child it
never "under foot" or in need ( spe
cial attention.
Moire Is a Kival
of Taffeta Today
New York Special CorresDond
ence.) Moire, like the cat, has a few
lives to spare, and this spring it
seems to be usinsr un its ninth one
ine material so beloved by our
mothers and grandmothers has been
reincarnated and is a rival of taffeta
for many of those smart full-skirted
models which we wear for afternoon
or evening. But, just like all the
other octogenarians, moire is skittish
this year. Instead of coming in
black this year, it favors such tones
as cocoa, and bisque, and orchid, and
rose. Sometimes it is combined with
lace, the latter used as tunic or apron.
Uowever, some ot the smartest
models are like the one pictured to
day. This is made perfectly plain,
and relies upon the brilliant frosty
tint of its watered surface, as well as
upon the line of its long bodice and
full skirt, for its essential charm.
The tone used here is white, and
the frock as it is would be particu
larly successful upon either brunette
or blonde, provided she have brilliant!
Admission free. As our Recital Room
will only seat 300 persons, seats must
be secured in advance. Apply by
phone (Douglas 1623), by letter or in
person at our warerooms and seat
tickets will gladly be mailed to you.
- 18 - DodSp SL Omaha
Favorite Jewels of
A string of pearls, beautiful, in
ioiitahle, oriental pearls, it th
favored piece of jewelry far th de
butaute. Hrarclcti ire next in de.
mand. which is not to be wonder!
at, for the designers of the exclusive
houtr have produced some partiru
hrly fascinating; specimens for th
delectation of thu years bud. They
are different lit every repect from
those of former season, for style
in jewelry change just a radically
a those in clothe. The bracelet t
thit year ire compotrd of flat links,
and onyx and diamond are the
lavcrrd combination. Then there are
arm bracelet of oriental inspiration,
which a'e worn on the upper arn:,
after the Tari mode, and add a
barbaric touch to sophisticated Mine
Something entiiely new i a peart
collar, half an inch wide, competed
rt even row of two tuc of perfect
ly matched small Pearls. Th
stringing of thrse small pearls re
quire infinite patience, but the re.
suit is eminently tatiifactory. This
little collar rarrie a diamond buckle
jauntily at the side and demand a
youthful, white and rounded neck to
nt it off to advantage. The older
women are uing wider collars and
Lkirk and white combination, but
none of the jeweled collar are wider
thi year than an inch and a half.
J he old fashioned throat covering
pearl collars are quite out of date.
Uther pieces which find favor are
odd pendants of carved jade and
beautiful, clear, red quart, hung 0:1
black cord. A graceful brooch ha
n pin with two long zigzag diamond
pt-ndanls, srt with small uncut rubies
end terminating in two rubies cut in
a leaf shape from an Indian design.
This ha a very delicate effect. The
same brooch is to be teen with sap
I hires.
Cleaning Silk.
The best way to clean pongee,
tussah and novelty silks is to wash
them in lukewarm water with good
Instead of rubbing between the
hands or on a board, material of this
sort should be scrubbed with a brush
and it will need rinsing in at least
three waters.
The greatest danger in handling
material of this kind is in using wa
ter which is too hot, for very hot
water cause heat wrinkles which
will not disappear even under the
Oil Stains Stains made by ma
chine oil or any of the ordinary oils
can be removed with carbon
Oil Paints A mixture of carbon
tetrachloride and chloroform in equal
parts will remove oil paint marks.
Nickel .Stains and marks on
nickel can be removed by rubbing
them with a paste made of whiting
and ammonia.
tints of hair, and eyes, and skin. As
so many of the fashionable dresses,
this model disdains a cirdle and ef
fects its demarcation by folds at the
sides. These are cauclit bv self-
covered buttons.