Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 23, 1922, Page 10, Image 10

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    10 A
s of Omaha
irfn 11 r . .
win ouesis
of Rotarv CIul
Lads to Make Spmlie i it Af-
fair in Honor of Boy
Wrck, Nationally
Onuha boyi will be fiueu of the
Omaha Kolirv club It luncheon at
Hotel Rome a wck from next Wed
neidav in honor f Boy'i week, to
h nitionatlr obsrrvrd under au
suiccl of the International Asoeia
tion of Rotary tlubi April 30 to
Hoys will make inteitin it the
liincheon on these subjects: The
How in th Church." "The Boy fit
School The llov in Industry
"The hoy in Health, Safety, Thrift
and Citizenship," and the The Boy
With Dad at Home."
Pastor to Speak.
Dr. Frank G. Smith, nastor ofth
First Central Congregational church
...'1I fn t inailrins nrrtpram Til
Central high tchool boys' orchritra
bovs quartet will ting.
Tuesday, April 25, the Men's Serv-
i W. Johnston, chairman of the
a'lnK flnl nthmr r.nrecentativec rf thl
Kiw'anls, Concord, Lions, Triangle
and other civic noonday ciuds, to
arrange tor general co-opcraoon our
ing Boys' week.
Sermon For Boys.
'Next Sunday pastors of th varl
- Un.oli.. ...til .twit,., : ,rmnn
VU) 1.111111(11.9 !. fcv. ..
especially for boys. Boy .couts will
nta t m ctinrt ialb. frnm the milnit
Superintendent J. H. Bevcridge of
the puDiic scnoois win as leading
business and professional men and
. i . . . . : . . 1 . . -1.
(HC Cll CUIIllIllASIUIlCl mane suvi t
talks at tlfe various public schools
uunng me wcck.
Omaha Groups to
HonorU.S. Grant
. . -
Centennial Anniversary to Be
I Celebrated by Patriotic
' Organizations. ,
Gen. U. S. Grant's centennial an
niversary will be celebrated m Oma
ha with special services at the l.
M. C. A. next Thursday afternoon
at 2:30.
The program is in charge of the
Daughters ot Uvil War veterans,
Old Guard No. 7, G. A. R., and U.
S. Grant post of the Women s Re
lief corps. ;
Mayor Dahlman, Capt. C. E
Adams, former coinmandcr-in-chief
' of the G. A. R.: Lieut. Gov. Pelham
A. Barrows, former commander-in-
chief of Sons of Veterans; District
Judge C. O. Stauffer, and Daniel J.
Gross will deliver addresses.
. "Grapeshot reminiscences" will be
told by old comrades of the blue and
the gtey. Members of the. Central
high school cadets and boy -scouts
in uniform will take part in the pro
gram,. . Miss Ella Thorngate's special
Americanization class will atttend in
a body and "Mrs. Harriet Wilcox,
charter member of U. S. Grant post.
(Women's Relief corps, will read a
history of that organization.
Bankers Hold Annual
Meeting at Norfolk
Norfolk, Neb., April 22.-(Specia!
Telegram.) United States Senator
' Gilbert M. Hitchcock, speaking to
more than 500 bankers in annual
: convention here, declared the United
States can no. longer live without
other nations and that it must take
,a lead in order to stimulate export
trade by taking advantage of his bill
on the bank of nations. He declared
the nation is now in the midst of a
business depression caused by a col
lapse of international trade. He pic
tured this nation as sitting on a pile
of "what represented more than half
of the world's gold and that there is
danger in talk of demonishing gold
and in other nations making other
arrangements for trade. To get rid
of surplus products in America, he
said, the plan he suggests in the
bank of nations with an "interna
tional dollar" should be adopted.
The international dollar, he said,
would become a world dollar, which
would ultimately take the gamble
and speculation out of international
exchange. Willis McBride ofElgin
was selected new president of the
' association.
Increase Reported in !
March Cotton Exports
Washington, April 22. Cotton
exports increased - slightly during
March as compared . with tne same
month last year, according to for
eign trade reports by the Commerce
Cotton exports for the month ag
gregated 461,000 bales valued at $43,
000,000, compared with 375,000 bales
worth $27,000,000 a year ago, while
for the nine months ended with
March exports totaled 5,000,000 bales
valued at $442,000,000. as against 4,
000,000 bales worth $518,000,000 dur
ing the corresponding months of
1921. - -:
Knights Templar Drill
Team Off to New Orleans
The Omaha Knights Templar drill
team paraded down Far nam street
yesterday afternoon to Union Sta
tion, where it entrained for New
Orleans. The team, which has
reached a high state of perfection
in drill, is entered in the competi
tive drills at the 35th triennial
Knights Templar conclave, to be
held in New Orleans April 24 to 29.
Wins Damage Suit.
Hastings, Neb., April 22. (Spe
cial Telegram.) Wilson F. Dayis.
merchant and Quaker of tKncsaw,
was awarded $1,000 damages against
Dr. "Frank N. Townley because of
an encoanter in hit store. He sued
for $1000. i
Steps Taken to Protect
Foreigners in China
lirulein, April I ure git an
thoritirt in China are taking steps to
protect their nationals from the tvs
turbancri arising from China's civil
Colonel Martiu, commindrr of the
15th United States infantry regiment,
U In Pckiu conferring with Dr. J.
U. Srhurman, American minister.
The British have dispatched a com
pany of white troops to guard the
British legation at the capital. Re
inforcenienti of American marines
were sent to I'ekin some days ago.
In Tientsin French troopi are pa
trolling the foreign concession and
have ordered the Fengtien troopi of!
stations tinder their control. Foreign
missionaries are writing anprehrn.
lively of the excesses of l-'engtien
troops in villages m the foue of
Humphreys' Number "Forty" Inducts
Repose, and Natural. Refreshing Sleep.
No Narcotic. Opiat. Dope or ' hablU
foimtof Drun Strictly Homeopathic. B. Slop
A Mnrriitown, Lady, N. J., wrltaa;
"t took do ot Numbtr "Forty" tad
night and alrpt through aharp tkundor
and lightning storm, which provt for ma
ita tfflcary. 'Blcind bo lp and th llttlo
ptlltU which balp ui.
Prica 30c and 11.00. at Drug Blorn, er
nt on receipt ot price, or C. O. D. Parcel
Humphrey' Ilomeo. Medicine Co IS
William Street, New York. Medical Book
r rce,
Humphroya' "Saventy-iavaa"
breaks up Colda that hang on..
I'Jipe Out Every
Rat and Mouse
Amazing New Discovery Geta
Them All Not '
Don't be aatiafied .with trapping:
poiioning; Just few. Exterminate the
whole bunch old, young, big and little,
Rata do millions of dollars' damage each
year. They kill chickens, destroy grain,
damage buildings and property. They
are filthy, dangerous, destructive disease
A wonderful new scientific discovery
called Imperial " Virus now enablea you
to clear your place of every rat on It.
The amazing feature of it is that It ia
not poison and affects rodents such as
Rata. Mice, Gophers, etc., only. It la per
fectly harmless to humans, stock, poultry,
pets. It can, therefore, be spread any'
where knowing it will kill only the pests
you want to get. One rat af facta the
othera and in a short time tilt whole
colony ia exterminated, root and branch,
They die outside, too, hunting air and
water. . ". '
Special Introductory Offer.
The manufacturers of this amaiiftg
Virus are anxious to get Immediate dis
tribution everywhere and are making a
apeeial offer of one big doublt-sised (doa
ble strength) bottle of Imperial Bat Virus
for $1.00. It la certainly worth tl.Ot to
every household to exterminate every rat
and mouse around the place. It Is backed
by. our guarantee to do this, or your
money will be refunded any tuna after
IS days. For sale In Omaha at all Sher
man. MeConneli Drug Stores. It not
convenient to obtain it from these drug.
gists, it will be mailed postpaid for 11.10
by writing to H. H. Joaci, distributer,
SS10 Dorcas St., Omaha, Neb. Walnut 170 J
Thee three organs are re
eponsible for mere misery
anonc men then all others
eombtned. Peine la baek,
tired reeling, getting up at
night, reeMtare age, lese
ened vitality, at some of the
reeulto of these trouble. We
believe we have the best
treatment known te aalckly
correct mete aiearaera.
Casts nothing untea It
Allen Claims to
End Rheumatism
ALLENBHU relieves at once. One
Dottle a run pint will show you the
way to complete recovery or your drug
gist will gladly return your money.
Immediately after yon start to take
1t the good work begins. It searches
out the uric acid deposits, dissolve the
secretions and drives rheumatic poison
out of th body through the kidneys and
It'a marvelous how quickly it acts.
Blessed relief often comes inr two days,
and even in cases where the suffering is
most painful all trace disappear in a
Mr. James H. Allen of Congress Ave
nue. Rochester. N. Y, the discoverer of
ALI.ENRHU. who for many years suf
fered the torments of acute rheumatism,
di.M all ii f f r-rm , lnM k . L j
. - - - KUVn . . u. awe
not want a cent of anyone's money an-
less Allenrhn shows immediate results,
and he has instructed druggists to guar
antee one full pint bottle in every in
stance. Sherman Mr.nnnn ft... r .
- rr
S stores cu anophr yon.
Bonds sold on the
Instalment Plani
Twenty months
to pay.
in Omaha9 s New
Million Dollar
A bond-telling campaign will be launched Monday.
April 24, to raiae $1,000,000 for the erection of a new;
home and clubhouse for '
B. P. O. E. 39
The building will be the finest downtown home and
clubhouse in Omaha. It will be located at the south
west corner of Eighteenth and Dodge. Streets. ALL
. Omaha will point to it with pride.
No. 39, two years ago, promised this building to the
lodge and to the City of Omaha. Now their most
cherished hope will be realized. '
The money to be raised for the erection of this splendid
new building is in the nature of a 10-year loan.
From Date
A $ 200
A $ 400
A $ 500
A $1000
A $5000
In addition to bei n g a High-grade Investment
these Bonds offer a Money- Saving Opportunity an
Opportunity to buy Bonds on the instalment plan.
The Omaha Truat Co. has been ap-
pointed Truatee for the Bond and
helda a Trust Deed to the property.
This Advertisement was made possible by the following:
Mayor Jas. C. Dahlman
John H. Bath v
Hayden Bros.
A. y. Dresner
You ate not going to be asked for a donation
but simply a loan which becomes
a High-Grade Investment.
of Issue
Bond Means $ 10
Bond Means $ 20
Bond Means $ 25
Bond Means $ 50
Bond Means $250
W. B. T. Belt
Leo A. Hoffmann
Ernest S. Holmes
Smith Brick Co.
To Be
February 1st, 1922
a Month for 20 Months
a Month for 20 Months
a Month for 20 Months
a Month for 20 Months
a Month for 20 Months
The bonds are being handled by the
Omaha Trust Co. All Interest pay
ments will be made by this company.
Geo. H. Brewer
Victor H. Roos
J. H. Hansen
Fox Drug Co.
View of New Elks Home
Finest in the West
You may pay cash and
begin drawing 6 per
cent interest on your
bonds at once.
Sophus F. Neble
Geo. H. Payne
C. A. Granden