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Affairs (or Geraldint His.
Mra. . U !og!as entertained
ii luAchroti t'rulay at h'r horn in
i'osjncil tiiuflt in honor of Ut Ger
ttJuta Mrsa. ft bride-to-be. Decora
'lone were In pink nS covers were
!ced (or Mcsdamrs William Cop
Mck, J. J. !I(M, Henry Hart. Crorn
Main. Chester Dudley, Robert Turn
sr. V. L. Douglas. Miaiei Dsphnt
Wtera, Doroihy Judon, Minna
Mr, Clsdya Peters, Gretchen Hess,
Marion Turner and Ceraldint Hen.
Ray Millard will entertain at dm
. r at the Barton Millard home Sat
ordiy evening, and Clarence Fetcrl
and David Caldwell will be hosts at
a aupper-danee at the Omaha club
Saturday evening for Miss Hen and
Iter (lantf, Pomlat Peters.
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Cloien an
nounce the marriage o( their dauah
ler. Irene Margaret, to Milberg Jo.
srph t'rejcl, which took place Wed
nesday. The couple will be at home
iter April 2 at 25 U South Ninth
Mra. Rodman Honored.
: . I . U lmminnl Hantiftl
xtoUtu Tlmriftav Alter-
IIVMdMI ......
. . .u. ,l,.irl Mm T na
Hum waa choien vice preiidtnt;
Mrs. R. A. -Sallendcr, aecretary; Mra.
Harry Smith, correiponding aecre
tary, and Mra. F. L. McLeod, treat
urer. ,
Mra. Rodman, who ta serving her
third term as president, had previ
ously aerved aa aecretary and treas
urer of the eociety for five years. In
recognition of her long aervice the
fociety presented her with a hand
hag at the meeting Thursday. One
hundred and fifty members attended.
Omaha Oirl Return.
Among the apring visitors is' Miss
Marjorie Cavers, who arrived here
Monday with her father, John A.
Cavera, from Loa Angeles, where
they have recently been making their
home. At preaent they are at the
Blsckstone. Miss Cavers plans to re
main in Omaha about two months.'
Mrs. Blanche Paterson, Mrs. E. A.
Pegau. Mist Josephine Schurman
and MUs Cavers motored to Teka
ntah Friday to spend the day with
Mrs. William Latta, formerly Mist
Phyllis Waterman of thjs city.
Family Dinner.
Mrs. Samuel Katz entertained at
family dinner of 25 covers Tues
day evening at the Blackstone in
honor of her mother, Mrs. William
Kothchild. who recently, celebrated
her 100th birthday. Among the out-of-town
guests were Mr, and Mrs.
Mark Pollack of Cuba, Mr. and Mrs.
V. Kinstler of Chicago, Mr. and
, Mrs. Jay B. . Katz of Marion, III.,
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Cann of Chi
cago, and Mrs. Louis Herzog of
Liucoln. '
Congregational Luncheon.
Reservations for the luncheon to
be given by ladies of the First Cen
tral congregational cnurcn luesaay,
April 25, must be made with Mrs.
Robert Kloke, Ha. 0697 by Saturday,
April 22. Lacquer works, hand made
(lowers and boudoir fancies will be
for sale at a bazar in connection with
the luncheon.
" .
Sorority Tea. : -Members
of Alpha Omicron Pi
alumnae will he guests at a 4 o'clock
tea to be given Sunday afternoon
by Mrs. H. W. Potter at her home
in honor of Mrs. B. F. Uhls of Kan-,
sas City, district superintendent ol
Alpha Omicron Pi.
Informal Affair.
Miss Florence Shaw will entertain
informally for school friends at her
home Friday evening. ;
Dr. W. E. Stoft leaves Sunday
evening to spend a week in Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Crofoot wijl
return about next Thursday from
New York City. , '
A son was born Thursday at St
Joseph hospital ' to Mr. and Mrs;
Chauncey Gercken. f
A son, Edward Joseph, jr. was
born April 20 to Mr. and Mrs. E.J.
Struewing of Lyman, Neb. . '
A daughter was born Thursday to
Mr. and Wra. William Swatek of
Plattsmoutn at St. Joseph hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Herzberg and
Mr. and Mn. Ed Treller left Fri
day to spend two weeks at Excelsior
Springs. ..' ' -- :
Dr. Frank G." Smith of the First
Central Congregational church' will
leave in June for Los Angeles, where
he will be a delegate to the Rotary
club convention. Mrs. Smith will
accompany him. Her trip is a gift
of the women of the church.
Camp Fire Girls
Miss Evelyn Ennis has organized
on orchestra in her Camp Fire group
of 10. Every member ' plays some
instrument and is very enthusiastic
about the project '
The Jfcicuwa group met Wednes
day at the home of Virginia Droste
for a council fire conducted by their
guardian, "Miss Alice Pfeiffer.
Dorothy . Price took her Wood
.sathers rank while Virginia Droste
and Myrtle and Marjorie Ochiltree
took their desires to become Camp
Hie Girls.
The Yallani group practiced Camp
Fire songs and their motions Mon
day at the Hirst Memorial church.
Loxse group met Friday at the home
of Mrs. Colin McKenzie with Har
riett Pinkerton as leader.
The Witonohi group worked on
two comforts at its meeting a week
ago at the home of their guardian,
Mrs. J. H. Brownlee. Miss Louise
Raibe has been appointed guardian
of a new group formed at Miller
Park school.
The Tanadoona group held a cere
monial at its last meeting. Katherine
J ndoe lighted the candle of work,
Frances Glick, love and Rebecca
Delong. health. '
The Minnehaha group met with
Dorothy Johnson Monday and
planned a ceremonial. The Waotfi
group visited Mrs. William Roth
child Saturday. April IS. in honor of
her 100th birthday. Mrs. T. W.
Johnson with an interesting group of
jiirJ visited Camp Fire headquarters
Tuesday to organize a group,
Omaha Girl Returns
. AY.
My Marriage Problems
Adle Garrison's New Phase of
(Ctrrsl '
J, . -yA
Marjorie Cavers.
EJlenor Carpenter
Home From
Although there soon promises to
be a general exodus from Omaha to
Europe, two' prominent Omahans
have just returned from a year
abroad. They are Mrs. Frank Car
penter and her daughter, Miss
Elenor Carpenter. At present they
are at the Gilbert E. Carpenter home.
Miss Carpenter was graduated last
June from Wellesley college and
sailed for Europe immediately after
ward. Mrs. Carpenter - and her
daughter visited all of the principal
countries of the continent except
Spain and Portugal. During . the
coming summer they will reside at
their home at Lake Okoboji.
Maybe there'll be. a reconciliation.
In the Zander-Gump affair, we mean.
. Faculty Club.
The Woman's Faculty club of the
University of Nebraska College of
Medicine will entertain at luncheon
at the Fontenelle, followed by a mat
inee party at the Junior League Re
vue at the Brandcis theater on May
13, for the 15 graduating nurses of
the University of Nebraska hospital.
The club is also making arrange
ments for the entertainment of girl
students who will visit the College
of Medicine on Pre-Medic day,
May 13.
Arbor Day Hike.
' All Camp Fire Girls interested In
the Saturday hike are requested to
be at headquarters at 9 a. m. The
hike will lead to municipal beach,
Carter lake,, where at 10:30 o'clock
a pine tree will be planted in ob
servance of Arbor day.
Ail Madg Made the Correct Guts
Ltluana Brvtqua woras
Deserve f
I promptly touk the rue Lillian
had giveu nie, although 1 had to
make an effort to bring tnlf back
from the remembrance of the ter
rible lime through which the youth
stauding be(or me had proved o
staunch an aid. '
"No. 1 shan't ak Mr. Chester to
stay for luiii-heon," I said lajrly.
itretJug the verb. "I simply shall
tell Kane to pty another ptate on and
dare him not to nay. lie knows, or
should know, that there is no one in
the world more welcome to our
home than he."
I spoke but the truth, though I
realised, even as I spoke, that my
enthutiaoin must have sounded ful
some, eksggerstcd. But the young
clisn bad rendered us such signal
service in our time of awful need
that every one of the family held not
only gratitude but genuine regard
for him.
Mr. Chester flushed from both em
barrassment and pleasure if bis ex
prrssive' face told the truth, and he
said hurriedly:
"I hope you know that there is no
home to which I like better to
come," and there was boyish earnest
ness in his tone.
. Lillian clapped her bands and I
was sure I detected a note of im
patience in the sound.
Chuch Sacrifice
Sale All Day
The sacrifice sale sponsored by
Auxiliary B of All Saints church
will open at 10 a. m. Saturday, con
tinuing until 5 o'clock, in the corner
store room of the World theater. The
only food for sale will be Brownell
Hall fudge. Brownell girls, all of
whom are members of. All Saints
church, will sell the delicious confec
tion. Virginia, Carlisle will be in
charge of the 'booth. Assisting her
will be Julia Caldwell. Elizabeth
Morgan, Esther Smith, Eleanor
Smith, Laura Richardson, Dorothy
Higgins and Margaret Shot well. ..
Pictures, china, cut glass, bric-a-brac,
jars of cosmetics and some eve
ning gowns and suits of men's
clothes with waist lines too smalhtfor
the original owners, will be on sale.
Nothing has been placed on sale, ac
cording to the committee in charge,
which the donors themselves would
not be willing to buy.
"A very pretty speech," she said.
"Cut I must liie to another kind.
MaJge, If you'll just tell Katie about
lliat rtra plate, and then come
hack here, lit be much obliged.
There are some points I want to go
orer with you."
I hurried aay with a tiny feeling
of chagrin. That Lilhao had dis
missed me a bit cavalierly 1 realised,
and 1 knew also that if we had been
alone I should have cared no whit.
Hut there was something in the
honest, boyish admiration and sym
pathy which Tom Chester had liven
me during our search for Junior
vsltkh had appealed to me and my
vainly routd not help a tiny bit of
resentment at being belittled in his
Like Sentinel
The unworthy little feeling was
almost instantly banished by anoth
er, a wondering curiosity as to Lil
lian's selection of Tom Chester as
her medium of communication with
the government operatives due in a
few hours. At the time of Junior's
Liliu'ing J.illun lud been tUHt
sidy ill, and we ha J kept all kno-
'edge of lie an (ul thing from her uu.
'til after she hid mtnrrrd. She had
I had, no personal acqusinuncc with
; Tom Chester,
1 Indeed, a 1 looked baik, I was
sure she hd never sent him before
; this hour, for we had krpt her in at-
nosi aosoiuie seclusion umu ner
trip to the latskills- And while f
oitfii bad spoken of his kindness and
likable young personality, yet it had
been I lush iirsniland to whom we
all bad given credit fur the wonder
ful wsy in which he fUd tracked the
criminals mid had rcMorrd our boy
to us.
Hugh Grantliiid, of course!
The name wis like a key to the
little puiitr. He mut be in com
munication with both Lillian and
Tom Chester, must have recom
mended the lad to Lillian. I stopped
short on my way to the kitchen with
almost an terie little feeling at my
Never do I receive any communica
tion from Hugh Granilaud save the
conventional picture postcard wifli
his traveling address on the metsaKe
pare, and the single initial "H."
which he mails me whenever he
leaves his permanent address for any
time longer than a day or two, But
ftom time to time, in odd bits id
revelation, there comes to me the
knowledge that he is like a sentinel
a: the crossways of my life, that
is no rfeuil uf my fnitirme rf whi' h
be is hI cogimsnt, i)d lint be
stands ready with royal aid and pro
tection win never I shall urea it.
Madge la Comforted.
Of course, I knew that this present
association of Lillian and loin Ches
ter, through (,tinlIiiiJ' rctims
lurndaliiin, had nothing la da with
in or my needs. Hut as well as if
1 lud beard the words fiont Hutflt
(raiitlaud a own lips, du I know
that the army oiHcrr had kept in
touch with the younger man in or
der to have a stionir rrtourceiui arm
at tn v service in his absence.
1 defy any woman in the w ot Id lo
remain unmoved by such a tribute.
no matter now much sue may be in
love with Iter husband. A "J w lieu
the knowledge of it comes to her at
a lime when the man who has sworn
her love and homage has gone away
(or a little season patiently chating
a domesticity into the Vicinity of a
gill whom she detests perhaps 1
nuy not be so rigidly reiisored w hen
I conies that for a little while the
knowledge of Hugh Grantland's
tlioughtfulness and rare comforted
the soreness which Dicky's thought
lessness had left in my heart.
A very cleverly executed bit of
hand work was the motif of a little
navy blue "silken gown" in air
Omaha modiste show this week.,
Skillfully drawn was the design, the
blue cut out to disclose a backing of
white organdie.
Common Senss
By, J. J. MUNDY.
IIw Do You Ac Whssi Ymi Trj
to Turn Ktuiy Strew f
me sre man attempting to
start a rusty screw, whi'sh U hard
lo turn,' and I will Irtl yon what kind
.f a man be is," wise old fellow
lias said.
What it your attitude when Ihe
first twist of le screw driver fails te
turn a screw ?
Put on a little more prrssure and
mm the screw driver point out ol
the screw slot.
Angrily place the screw driver
iii mm suit ana five ii
vicious turn, which tears away the
rdg's of Ihe slot.
By this lime you are in a boiling
rage, and you have so damaged the
screw slot that it won't bold the
driver whrn strength it applied.
'ftw suniwtiinv that mflrr Ihe first
turn you had taken a position where-
, 1 . . . I I -I - J ! . .
oy you nugni nave item ins anrcr
hrmltf in the slnt. and had everted
powerful, even pressure, doubtless
vou would have moved it. but vou
jerked w ith temper.
In mom of the difficult thincs yom
have to do, yon yank and psill and
tuist nut nf 'shin if thrv da not
respond lose your temper, and. con
sequently, your prospects ot success,
SatwrdaylWe Offer a Most Radical
Clearance and Sale of
400 HATS
Each of These Hats Carries a Tremendous Price Reduction
A Choice Selection of Trimmed Millinery in Variety,
. of New Materials, Clever Styles and Handsome Colors
In This Group There Are 157 Hats, Reduced
96 Hats formerly priced $5.00
32 Hats formerly priced $6.75 ,
29 Hats formerly priced $7.50
157 Hats nvw reduced to only........
In This Group There Are 143 Hats, Reduced
58 Hats formerly priced $ 7.50 ,
29 Hats formerly priced $ 8.75 '
56 Hats formerly priced $10.00 .
,143 Hats now reduced to' only. . . . . . .
In This Group There Are 110 Hats, Reduced
33 Hats formerly priced $10.00
65 Hats formerly priced $12.50
12 Hats formerly priced $15.00 -110
Hats now reduced tos only ...
J -
" $ J50
Toilet Articles
Prices Good Only
on Saturday
Hind's Almond Cream Lotion, tltv
Cutlcura Soap, cake, . IVe
Pepsodent Tooth Paste, " 3Se
Haskln'a Hard Water Castile
Soap on aale at !s
Non 8pt, package, .39e
Daggett and Ramsdcll'a Cold
Cream, on aale at 32c
' Woodbury's Soap, bar at lie
DJer Kiss Face Powder, 4ie
Creme Oil Soap, ?e
Piver'a Face Powder, ' .88e
DJer Kiss Talcum, Ittc
Reslnol Soap, bar 23c
A 15o trial site of Palmoliva
hampoo at the toilet goods
Traveling .
A - special cowhide bag, walrus
grain, strong corner, cloth lined
with pocket, finished with strong
locks and catches; size ; $095
' 18-inch, each, at
1 llcn'i Section ,
Spring Shirts
for IVfen
It you need new skirts for warm
weather . v.ere's an opportunity at
prices you haven't seen for some
time.. Soft cuff shirts of splendid
madras cords and fancy percales. '
Three interesting lots Saturday, at
81.15 81.35 81.65
The Spirit of. Spring
TfWlicn Spring gives its consent it
is delightful to clioosc clothes that
go with wanner days. . '
TfWe welcome Saturday the change
of season with, apparel sales and
sales of needed accessories that
concern the days to come.
First and Foremost
An After-Easter
Sale of Capes,
Wraps and Coats
A recent purchase, the values being little shorf -of
marvelous, go on sale Saturday. They are the
season's latest models.
' There are slender or circular flowing capes,
gracefully draped wraps and smart coats with
Mandarin sleeves and other clever style effects,
including cable switching . embroidery and two-
; tone combinations. The materials are superbly
beautiful including marvella, arabclla, valvella,
boilvia, veldyne and vclour all colors. There .
are two special groupings and outstanding values '
Two lota of intereat that are pri&d
especially for Saturday.
At 7Mc cach
Plain white wltb cord borders, ,
wblte wittr embroidered corners '
and plain and fancy colore that
sold at 15c. ,
At l62-3ccach
All linen-with Initial, all lines'
embroidered and t, number ot
colored prints that sold at 25c.
q 1
For Those Whd
- Sew
40-inch crepe de chine in It desir
able shades, Including white, flash
and pink for underwear use. Was
91.85. Saturday, 8139
yard at '1
New homespuns for sport wear,
stunning new plaids for cap or
skirt use and the plain colors in
wide assortment; 66 . 8195
Inches wide, yard , ' JL
Envelopes of
Silk -
Of good grade crepe d chine, U
tailored and laco trimmed styles,
colors aile, flesh, orchid, light Mne,
tea rose and black. Sat- 8075 .
urday on the square, , t
Tempting Candies
Where the best is cheapest ap- ;
plies to candy. Quality always
our first consideration. Candy
lovers, when they hear the
name Cobb, think of the best
, candy. Candy good enough1 for ,
children to eat
Marshmallow Fudge One of our
most popular confections, rich,, lus
cious blocks of chocolate fudge,
with a velvety smooth, marshmal
low all through; specially priced,
at, per lb 50
Maple Caramels A cbewy maple
caramel, rich with fresh butler and
cream then dipped in pure Canada
maple sugar,, special lb., 50
Peannt Brittle A wonderful differ
ence in this confection. You will
agree after' you have sampled it
Made with Spanish No. 1 peanuts
and molasses from the south. Spe
cial, lb. box vs ;" 25e
Old Fashioned Chocolate Creases
Imagine, a lustioua , center of
smooth, rich fondant and then ..
dipped in a high grade triple van
illa chocolate. It's a quality choc
olate, specially priced, lb., 59
1 Sunday Reminders '
Salted Pecans -
Almonds, Filberts ;
PancyMIard Candy -.
' .1 .. for the Candy Jar .'
Dinner Mints
Old Virginia Fruit Cake "
A small lot of polos, herringbones and double-faced
materials in sand and - 81 Q75
high shades. Very special, J-7
A Sale of Tweed Suits
A small lot of tweed suits and suits of eponge, smartly
fashioned, splendidly tailored and silk lined. The col-
ors are periwinkle, gray and black and white mixture,
, natural, rose and plaid combinations. You may have
seen better suits, but not at $1 Q75
this price, , . ' ,. . i-t
A Sale of. Knicker Suits .
The great out-of-doors beckons you these ideal days tor
hiking, golfing, motoring and other sports and It will be
well worth yo'ur while to promptly respond to this timely
sale of Knioker Suits of tweed, double-faced cloth, herring
bone and tweed checks. On sale Saturday .
82450 B50
Women s and Misses' Sections Second Floor
Individual Model
Sizo 16 One-of-a-kind of krepe
knit, canton erepe and taffeta
piece dreaaes, harem effects; all
over embroidery in colon, fringe,
scallops, ruffles, colored beads and
gold cloth ribbon as trimmings.
Greatly reduced. Saturday aale
3350 J4350
A Clearance oi
Capes &Coais
: Polos, basket weaves, velours,
checks, tweeds and serges. All
spring colorings, including tally-ho
red. Coata and capes, 3
to" 12 years, reduced to
85.95 88.95 810.95
For Juniors and Small Women
Individual Wraps, Capes, Coats
Sizes 14 to 16 The most fastidious junior girl or small
; woman will find here Just the style garment they have
been longing 'for and at special after-Easter pricings.
The materials are veldyne, cordulure, arabella, poin- '
clanna, gerona and 100per cent camel's hair. Colors
, to your fancy. Three special grouping?
842.50 " $57.50 . 879.50
: Other Smart tiarmcnts" Less in Price
Top Coats and ' Wraps
, ' Sizes 14 to 16 Polos, herringbones, velours, tweeds and
chinchilla. ' Colors including rose, tan, heliotrope, tan
gerine, green, blue and tally-ho red. These are Easter
super values, S12.50 and 815.00
A Sale of SuitsSizes 14 to 16
They are of tweed and homespuns, in all the new spring
colorings, beautifully tailored and silk lined and bought
to sell at about double this sale price.
1 Suits and Knlcker Suits, sires 14 to 16; $1 r?50
Saturday sale price, at ll
, Suits and 3-Plece Knicker Suits, Sat- $0050,
urday sale price, at 5
Also Individual Tricotine Fuita Lowered In Trice
. Silk' Dress Sale 10 to 16 Years
Two' small lots attractive summer dresses taffetas and can
ton crepes some smartly trimmed with beads, embroidery
and color touches. Saturday's prices, 813.50. 823.50
Continuing for
Our Tremendous '
. Selling of
200 additional fresh, crisp
apron frocks of- amoakeag
gingham, linene, chambray and
combinations have been added
to those left from the 500
which went on sale Thursday.
The very newest designs with
trimmings of organdie, ruffles,
pockets and 'tuckings, black
rick rack, pique, pipings and
every imaginable color and
combination from which , to
The results on Thursday indi
cated that these smart, out-of-the-ordinary
garments are
what our patrons desire that
is garments that ere smartly
different. There are plenty of
the wanted small, medium and
large gingham checks and in
all colors. Sizes 36 to 46 in
clusive. Sale price
House Dres and Apron Sectlen
Second Floor