Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 22, 1922, Page 5, Image 5

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Kiwanis Club Stages
Pre-Vo!stcad Comedy
Uiu!4 Kit.ii. vt a. ten t
.Imp ui r!y liikiory of
KiMitii tlub at iht if ftoaud.y
luudirjii In tin lloitl Rome yttttr.
CX2r fclRobbtr Seeks Liberty
itfijii.. )ri(dy lo
lierdom on U ground ih. hit Kf
Uiwt it void lunue K uie !
piovidrt ht itrianr ntutt b
Ukm to Mfi'iil'ry to
rrt out tut trim tuiltln M) dm
titer hnrg wuitmed
li liitirut Jul lle tiuhti(
I lie tutiieni'on oi !edje't atuwnry,
ii wtir pr:Hnet hfi tnty be
IN ItxJian tillage tl Oluw
Jriy.m" v, the kHimk. I Jurf
KinnlMMtt iti4 hit d.ughkr JipUi.
who l4ii(l to .r, ti trading
itituctrri, unuthrr aiiiJ M.oult
hibal, fMci, H tnlif, pUrd
tmpwrum did 1'ruikriftliun,
the mdkiite man. .
0 WW W taw w W
Here on Technicality
litxuted A bearing on tht W
ullage, Introduced noonday lunch-!
ioiu n4 iiiuuiiiil , md j
Mill l i le!4 ntt Mend".
-Medj rte,uud Ihtt hi be ptr
vretniied tli (nit Kit am club,
Pais on the kiutmt convrnlton
n.itJ H rtntim in lh county i l
brciutt hi wit driti 1 4 to vitit
!;iin," m4 Deputy County Attorney
I reJ Mde, 'in IN touiity it
terviif t tentrtue of one to mm
n for robbery, through hit t
lornry iniiiuted habeat tor put pro
in Toronto June
fumiihH member.
JO lo 21 at
iienry Ural.
Spring Suits
for Men and Young Men
Free Movies
tor tho kiddie.
9 a. m. and 10 45 a. m.
Rura.u N. AwiilerHia
I tllH )Um
Comb Honey
KrsiH Colorado hit
elover honay, full comb
Tea Dance
Have Yeti Bee lo Our
Tt Dane?
If riot, e Invito you lo havo
a cup and trvad a mnour from
I to P. 1.
,Mualc under Hit diiartiort of
llobtrt A. Cutvadi-n.
Buif Nt T.e Kna
Salll tloor
Candy Specials
Milk Chocolates
"Prtnraas" rhorolalt. Amort
rd fUvnrt: pineapple, currant,
cherry, orange, It-mon, maple,
and vanilla
round box, 52c
Cream Brazils
Freh wholo nuta covered
with deliriously rich fondant in
aMorted flavors of vanilla and
maple. Triced ,
Tounil, 56c.
Fresh Bon Bons
Glace cream bon bona in
assorted flavor: riatachio,
maple, vanilla, strawberry,
riwpbcrry. and orantre
Tound, 47c
Butf.u-Naah Candy Shwo
M.uanin. Floor
Newest Silks
Silk Ratine
36-Inch silk ratine, a new and
favorite fabric for summer
f rocks and sports apparel.
Shown in a complete ran Re of
tho newest colors. An excep
tional value at
$1.25 yard .
Satin Marquise
1 A handsome sport satin in
white, sand, nickel, gray, rose,
pink and black. 39 inch. Ex
ceptional at
$2.95 yard
Crepe de Chine
40-inch crepe de chine. An
exceptionally heavy quality in
white, pink, ivory, sand, mo
hawk, navy, brown, black and
other attractive shades. Priced .
$1.95 yard
, Check Silks
36-inch gingham check silks
in various size checks and col
orings. Very attractive for
summer dresses. Moderately
priced at
$1.95 yard '
Burgtii-Nuh Socond Floor I
Women's Hose
"Many and different" are the
styles of this newest of hosiery.
Imported lfsles, in a clear, fine
chiffon weight, with Pointsx
heels, in brown, grays, and
black. All sizes, at ' -
$1.25 pair
Women's Vests
Women's cotton gauze vests,
made bodice or regulation tops.
White and flesh, in fancy
and plain styles. Regular and
extra sizes. An exceptional
value, priced at
35c 3 for $1.00
BurteM-Nub Main Floor i
Luncheon Favors
Our spring line of place
cards, tallies, favors, luncheon
sets, table covers and nut cups,
for stork showers or children's
parties are now on display in
our stationery department.
Reasonably priced.
Burf Nub -Main Floor
Sheffield Silver
Specially Priced
Sheffield Silver Tea Strain.
er, 40c.
Serving Piece Cold Meat
Fork, Berry Spoon, Cake or Pie
Knives, 95c.
Salt and Pepper Sett, Colon
ial styles, pair, $1.50.
Knife and Fork Seta, six of
each, complete, at $2.75.
Butter Knife and Sugar Shell
Seta, complete, 79c.
Tea Spoone, set of 6, at 75c.
Marmalade Set., complete
with spoon, 69e each,
Table Spoon, set of 6, $1.00
Burgeu-Nwh Main Floor
Drug Specials
Coty'a L'Origan, Chypre and
Jacqueminot Rote, Flacon
ette. 50c.
Mavi Talcum, 15c.
"Shic" Eyelash Grower, 39c.
Double Vanity Rouge and Pow-.
der Compact, 69c.
Mavi Toilet Water, 4 ounce
size, 69c
Pajm Olive Soap, 3 bars 25c.
Glycerine, Roe, Buttermilk,
and Elder Flower Bath Soap,
dozen cakes, 50c.
Kodak Finishing
Done by experts in our own
studio. Films left before 11
a. m.' ready the same day at 4
o'clock. Films left before 4
o'clock ready next day at 1--.30
p. m.
Burt-Nb Main Floor
iatmiriay 0Kir Manny Umsnnail Vata tor
hppir Who BAb Pirk Plm Quality
Saturday 150 New
Gingham Dresses
Aii Offering of, Girls'
Bloomer Dresses
Lovely new ginghams
lead the fafthions for
early wear, and it is not
surprising when one
sees the delightful new
features they bring to
summer modes. Every
phase of style is met in
this wonderful group
even at this remarkable
Finest of ging
hams have fash
ioned these
dresses that are
so carefully
styled for street
You may
choose from all
the new checks
in pink, navy,
copen, heliotrope
and brown.
You will lovi
their pretty com
binations and
quaint styles.
Our regular stock of
bloomer dresses that have
ordinarily been priced
much higher. We are of
fcring them at so low a
price that mothers who
are not familiar with them
will be tempted to buy.
Those who know their u
merits will ' purchase all yfo
summer needs.
Made of pretty
checked gingham
and plain colored
Collars of con
trasting mate rial
are hand -embroidered.
Two patch pock
ets on a gathered
skirt and a sash that
tics with a bow in
the back bring
these dresses very
near to the little
girl's heart. Priced
at only $2.60.
Sizes 6 to 12.
mi mm
Bur(e-Nah Dro Shop Third Floor
BuriMcNuh Junior Shoe Third Floor
Just 200
Hand Made
. An Unusual Sale
Imported J Stationery
Featuring -
the Newest in
An evdnt of importance to every
woman who wears a tailored suit or
sports sweater.
Blouses tyat are smartly hand
made and that are fashioned of such
fine fabrics are seldom so moder
ately priced. .
They are entirely handmade of ,
fine imported voile and are lavishly
trimmed with embroidery, some with
real lace.
Made with collars and cuffs that
fit trimly over the tailored suit.
. A splendid opportunity to choose
many of the blouses one is thinking
of for summer at a substantial saving.
Burgt-Nah BIoum Shop Third Floor
Your eyes haven't deceived you 50c is
the correct price. You can imagine the de
mand, but 300 boxes is all we could secure
at this price. :
High trade linen paper in white and col
ors, with contrasting tissue linings. Note
and letter sizes. By far the greatest
values of the season.,
50c a Box
BurfMi-NuWMala Floor
Garment Bags
Air-tight bags that will keep your clothing se
cure not only from moths, but .also from dust,
germs, and dampness. . , ' ' ,
This 26x55-inch size Js large enough to ac
commodate winter coats and furs. Our price is
very moderate.
26 '4x55
inck Size.
Size. "
Burg-Nah Main Floor
"Capricious, coy and hard to
please" though she may be, she
cannot fail to find a shoe to
please her in the seemingly
limitless assortment. We are
The favored gore pump ,
with elastic inset
Openwork effects that
are almost sandals.
Many styles in satin, in
cluding a flat heeled model
with one strap and a square
buckle. , ; , ' ,
Sport oxfords of smoked '
; elk with saddlestrap, of
brown, and rubber sole and
. Patent leather in prac
tically every style we have
mentioned, and in .com
bination with gray ana Sand
suede. '
$7.95 to $13.50
Bureau-Nub Boot Shop Maia Floor
An Unusual Sale of Hand Bags
No matter what style hand bag you had intended
carrying this spring, you will surely be able to find it among
the bags we are offering at these very low prices. -
New Silk Hand Bags
Spring bags of silk black, brown, taupe
. and navy shades to - match one's suit.
These bags are fully lined in attractive
, colors, and are , fitted with inner frame
- - purse. .; j
Neio Imported
Beaded Bags
Patent Leather
Vanity Boxes
' That are especially at
tractive, in-shades to har
monize with one's spring
costume. Exquisitely colored
iridescent beads are intric
ately worked in conventional
and floral designs and made
into a variety ofstyles, in
cluding the popular draw
string and envelope models.
$3.50 and $7.50
Burf-Nah Maia Fleer
That will hold ever so many
of the little things that one
likes to keep with her. There
are. various sizes and styles in
black, brown, and navy blue
patent leather. Each is fitted
with three or four of the
little boxes and cases that
every woman knows so well
how to use to advantage.
$1.95, $3.95, $5.00
Kdna Sampson
Who has been living- it)
our Seventeenth street
window apartment for the
past week, has proven
conclusively that It Is not
only possible, but entirely
plausible to obtain one's
every need from a depart
mcnt store.
She invites you to scc
hcr modern apartment and
to learn with her that the
Burgess -Nash company
are able to provide all
household needs.
Ritz Hair Nets
The new "Rita" hair net In
rap and fringe styles. Double
meth. All colors but white and
gray. These nets are large,
and every one is guaranteed
perfect. Limited quantity!
While they last we will s.II
them at
Each, 10c
Six for 50c
"The Bonnie B"
Extra large sized hair net in
single mesh only. All colon
but white and gray. In cap
and fringe styles. Neatly
packed six in a box. Specially
priced at
Box, 50c
BuriMi-Naah Mala Floor
The New Gloves
New gloves add the
final touch to a , new
costume and give that dis
tinct sense of correctness
that any woman appreci
ates. Chamoisette Gloves
Of imported chamoisette, a
very beautiful suede-like fab
ric. Fancy embroidered backs.
; 16-button length, in white, cof
fee, biscuit and pongee.
$2.25 pair '
16-Button Gloves .
Made of very heavy Milan
ese silk with, a five-row self
embroidered back in gray, ponr "
' gee and white. '
$3.00 pair
12 and 16-Button
Milanese and Tricot silk
gloves with heavy and Paris
Point embroidered backs. All'
new spring shades.
$2.00 pair '
Chateau Gloves
French suede and kid gloves
in 12-button length, made of
first quality kidskins. Grenoble
and two-tone backs in colors
to harmonize with the new
spring costume.
$6.50 pair
Two-Clasp Style
Tricot and Milanese silk
gloves in navy, black, white and
sand; an unusual value.
$1.00 pair
Burr eu-Nath Main Floor
Baby Carriages
Baby's first spring air
.ing warrants the use of
the prettiest and newest
carriage in town. The
Lloyd carriage will appeal
to every mother because it
is flawlessly woven, com
fortably upholstered, care
fully finished and reason
ably priced. Our stock is
new and complete for your
selection. Mod erately
priced at
$23.50 to $52.50
Burfcai-Naih -Fourth Fleer
-.This Store Uses No Comparative Prices They Are Misleading and Of ten Untrue
At this season's low price you cannot afford to
do without a new spring suit. Our stock offers
only the best and latest styles. When you buy
it in our Men's Shop you arc sure of the desired
Tweeds, serges, worsted, in blue,
gray or brown, checks, stripes,
mixtures. Priced unusually low.
$30 - $35 - $40
Burf-Nuh Main Floor 'J
In the Boys' Shop
ISovs &uits
-7 ' . T
Boys suits, some 01 them -to
with two pairs of trousers.
Browns, grays and blue
serges. Sizes 8 to 16.
Special at $8.75
Boys' WaslV Suits
All colors and many attrac
tive models. Priced at
$1.39 to $5.00
Boys' Spring Blouses. .$1.00 to $2.50
Boys' Spring Shirts. .$1.25 to $3.00
Boys' Spring Hats. .. .$1.50 to $2.50
Boys' Spring Caps. . . .$1.50 to $2.00
Buriua-Naah Floor
Universal Brand Pajamas
In solid colors and neat striped patterns. Well made
garments priced far below their $165
regular selling price ..................
Silk Grenadine Ties
' t
In plain colors or embroidered dots and colored
marquisettes. This is an unusually low $1 65
neira -for tViia tie . , X
gA.WW W W. W ........
, . . .
Men's Gaberdine Goats
The ideal coat for spring wear. Made of $9 COO
an imported gaberdine. Special at Ar
Burt u.-Naih Main Floor
Sporting Goods
Golf Bags
Five-inch size,, solid
leather bottom. Leather
trimmed. Ball pockets,
shoulder strap and
hand grip. $3.95.
Base Ball Belts
Assorted belts
priced 10c, 25c and 50c.
Golf Clubs
v Made by a very
reputable firm under
our own trademark.
Every club of true bal
ance. Priced at $2.45.
Beacon Golf Balls
A good ball, dimple
marking, each at 45c.
Sunday Golf Bags
, Tan or white. An exceptional
value and a good substantial bag.
Each, $1.50
Burf M.-Naih Fourlh Floor
Burgess-Wash Company
everybody STORE"