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Witches Score Three Runs in Mirth and Beat -Buffaloes-New. York Yanks Win
Washburn Starts Rally for
Wichita by Knocking Homer:
Indians Defeat Denver Bears
Wichiia, April 21. (Spceial)
Omaha lo.t ball game loaty. . to
J, hiclt loolrj almost sure in the
ninth same. At tlut time Omaha had
a two-run ami one man wat out
and Okiir li'imff like world beater.
Itut Wiiliiia nuuMenly gut 14 going
n a wiM tatting nre ami before
.Maiu.-rr llutch ruuld stop the I rum.
Iiunf, Wirhita ai a winner in the
tjlct and mott senaiioiial game
t4rd Itrre thit Kaion,
With llrrgrr gone, Wathhurn
rUrtH Okrie on hi downfall with a
rircuit owat ovrr the left field fence.
'Ihrn Kant caught one and ent in
m left for a Dingle, lilakeilry got
the fevir and walled one to deep
center, coring Kant with the tying
tun. The liulfaloet conferred for a
hurt while, hut drcidfd to let Okrie
remain in the hnx. Butler hit the
first ball li pitched between Grant
lain and Wilcox, and o anxious
were the Omaha infii luVri to make a
play that iltry left the hall get
through to the oulfield and Rlakolcy
in with the winning run.
Li lore (hit cxcitntirnt. Southpaw
Okrie had the lrt of the greatest
htile iiitchiiii! haitle Dcen on a Wich
ita diamond this year. Howard
tie-gory wa lii opponent and alo
hurled nice hall, hoth of the Omaha
runs being ncorcd on error, Okrie
va tight in the pinches until the
ninth and looked like a certain win
ner. l or six innings it i a real duel,
hot team going out almost in order
and in fwiit time. Omaha had an
"peniiiit in the third, whrn a walk
and a hit put them on, but Gregory
pitched out ea.ily.
Wichita had two openings only,
one in the first, when Washburn
(ouliled, and attain in the third, when
Ionian doubled, but both times the
.succeeding batters had nothing but
outs in their systems.
The Buffaloes scored their first tally
in the seventh. Griffin led of with a
clean binglc to left. Grantham fouled
out trying to bunt, but Wilcox hit
one through Derger, (.ending Griffin
to third. He scored while McDowell
was tossing, out Wilder. In' the
eighth Lee walked one down. He
was forced by Sncdccor. , Manush
hit to center sending Snedccor to
third from where he scored on a wild
throw to first, trying to catch Manush
napping. Iiecbe went in for Wichita
in the ninth and held Omaha for
the frame. '
Boosters, 7t Oilrr. I.
Tulu, Okl., April SI. An error hy Bsu
lomi puvrd ills wsy for la Moln. to
vrr, tta itrronil game of tha season today.
J-'ollowed by Graliani'a homer, which give
th Boosters a ti in the eighth, and a
single by Turgcon anil Vuna'a trip). In
th ninth brought In the winning run, tha
core being 7 to S. Score-
AH. H.ll. A.I . AH. H O. A
Slilan. .'f
I. runt, ,1b
lloran. If
tlrtham, lh
Wngntr. ab
Turgmn. t.
Tmia. rf
Itiinner. a
MRmhall. p
01 Hmlirtt. tt
:i Ntnart. If
J' Pal. rf
0!tllilt. lh
1! Hiuman. Sh
rti Thnmtwm. Sb
III MHlli.nH. u
SI rrnhr. e
S Trwlman. p
HI Borhlrr, p
3 I
1 11
1 3
1 1
1 t
S .1
Total. 34 :r 12
Totala 37 7 111
Batteil. for Lynch In vtghtn.
Scora by Inning.:
Pea Molnra t 1 II I I II ! T
Tulan 0 0 0 1 2 0 I 0 6
Summary Runs: Milan, Grant, Oraham.
Turaeon (2), Tuna. Ren. an. Bennett.
Stuart. Lolivelt, Bauman. Trentman. Er
' rora: WTaKner, LynclODavia. Bauman, Mc
tnnnla. -Two-base hlta: Tuna, Thompaon.
Three-base hits: Milan, Tuna. Home run:
Turfteon. Bennett. - Oraham, Sacrlflca
hlta: Stuart, Horan. Stolen basea: Lett
velt. Mcainnls. Base on balls: Off Lynch,
ti ;olt Marshall, 2. Struck out:By Boehler.
5; by Lynch, 1; by Marshall, 3. Wild
pitch: Marshall. Double playa: Bennett
)ininn, Lynch-Wagner. Run. and hlta:
lift Marshall, none In 2 Innings; off Boeh
W, none and 1 In 1 Inning. Umpires:
Jl own and McOloom. Time: 1:50.
Railroads Ask Wage Cut
. for Telegraph Operators
".Chicago, April 21. Representa
tives of railroads asking for a wage'
reduction for telegraphers ranging
from 4 to 10 cents an hour yesterday
testified before the - United States
Yailroad labor board that operators
were not subject to severe mental
strain and. their work was not suf
ficiently hazardous to warrant in
creases in. pay out of proportion to
other employes. ' . .
Winston Spencer Churchill
Shaken by Fall From Horse
London, April 21. (By A. P.)
Vinston Spencer Churchill, sccre-1
tary for thr? colonies,' was severely
shaken up by a fall from his horse
while riding at Eton Hall, Chester.
'The hope is expressed that he will
recover within a few days. '
- Santel Defends Title.
' Tortland, Ore.. April 21. Ad San
tel, liglit-lightwcight wrestling cham
pion of the world, retained his title
" in a match here last night with Louis
Pcrgantas of Boston. Santel won in
two straight falls.
Wins on Fou.
. Tacoma, Wash., April 21. "Oak
land Frankie" Burns, San Francisco
lightweight, won by a foul in the
third round over BobbyMichaels of
New York in a scheduled six-round
pout' here last nigbt. '
Players Won't Take
Field . Until Uniform
Emblem Is Removed
'- Omaha Be lAaaed Wire.
- Jersey City, April 21. There was
mutiny in the' ranks of the Jersey
City International league baseball
Club yesterday. '
fThe opening of the league season
was at hand. The municipality is
conducting an advertising campaign
in which a peg-leg emblem in honor
of Peter s Stuyvesant, the Dutch
tolonial governor, is prominent.
Owner J. F. Fran of the Jersey
City ball club, being public spirited,
had a peg-leg insignia emblaeoned
on the breasts of the ball players'
uniforms. But he failed to consider
the temperamental tendencies of class
AA apple knockers. Beholding the
new regalia an hour before game
time today the athletes balked. They
agreed the wooden pin emblem would
make them the butt of ribald jibes.
And to a man they refused to leave
the club house until it was removed.
After a long attempt to persuade
them to change their minds the em
, Mcms were ripped off and the season
was Ojpcned,
AM, M.
ra. a.
a i
u I
liiibHi, Ik ,
l-aa. U
aaecterar, Ik ,
MaaM, t ,,
ttrif Ma. rf . . ,
l.rMiaasa, Ik
H Ileal, aa ,.,
.11 I
4 l I
, am. m.
ro. a.
ii t
Maaakara, k
r-al. rf ....
HUUmW. If ,
Natl., Sk ..,
MrtkHI, tk
Hairy, a
liifMr, a
aGrlf!. ..
Tataia tt I t tt
a 4iaa as I ultra winning raa
naltaa far l.refarr la Ilk.
Dear ay laalagai
Omaha a J
M Irhlia I I
Naavt-Naerlftre kilt Hllri. In.
baaa kllai (Mian, Waahbara, rllaklrr.
ma mat W s.hhurs-. aialea tawi l.ia.
1. Mil. I Off lrnon . a la a la.
alagai aft Hrrfca, I la' tailing.- Itoakl
ulatai llrrgrr la Waabkarat tiraa4ha u
4llasa la Wwralrrar. Mrark ant l fly
lirrgary, ti ky Meafc. 1 1 by (sari, i.
IUra aa kallai Off Orrgary, I. IWt aa
basest W khlta. Si Omaha, a. I atalrrat
ntioalrlrk and HaraaMr. Tlai af gam.t
Pastor May Play
Billhrds, Rules Church
BellevtM, III.. April 21. Rev.
E. V. McCluikey of the First
Presbyterian church here, may
play billiards aa often at be
wishes, memberi of the congre
gation decided after a hearing in
which a minority of the congre
gation sought hia removal, ques
tioning the propriety of a min
ister at a billiard player.
Bowlers Give
Backers Trophies
Members of the four leading teams
in the Greater Omaha Bowling
league have presented their backers
with beautiful silver trophies in ex
pression of their appreciation for the
support this season.
Those which presented trophies
were the Nourses Oils, league cham
pions and also winners of the state
championship; Universal Auto Tops,
runner-up; P. Melchior & Sons and
Omaha National banks.
The Solar Sanitariums. Gate City
league champs, also awarded a tro
.phy to their backers.
Suzanne Plays in -Monte
Carlo Tourney
Monte Carlo, April 21. Mile. Su
zanne Lenglen made her first ap
pearance' in a tournament singles
match since her defeat by Molla
Bjurstedt Mallory in the United
States last year when she engaged
Miss Smails here yesterday. Mile
Lenglen did not lose a game of Jthe
two sets played.
Ray Schutt Will Report
to Lincoln Monday
Lincoln. April 21. (Special Tele
gram.) Ray Schutt, ' Columbus ball
player over whom the Lincoln and
Hastings clubs have been quarreling,
and who was awarded to Lincoln by
the decision sof Secretary Farrell of
the National Baseball association, in
formed Manager "Buck" Beuzer of
the Lincoln club this morning that he
would report for duty with the capi
tol city aggregation Monday. Smith
has declared that he will continue his
fight for Schutt's services.
Beltzer announced Friday that he
had signed Gordon Orr, infielder, of
Hentley, Neb. Orr was signed last
fall with the Kansas City Blues and
played a while with the Southwestern
lcagui. He will report Monday for
practice. -
Johnny Weismuller
Lowers World's Record
Milwaukee. WisApril 21. John
ny Weissmuller. crack swimmer of
the Illinois Athletic clnb lowered
the word's record for the 130 yards
back stroke in an exhibition at the
Milwaukee Athletic club last night,
finishing the distance in 1:45 2-5, or
32-5 seconds better than the rec
ord made by Perry McGillivray of
Woodmen and Legion f '
to Give Dance May 13
The Modern Woodmen of America
Athletic association and the local
post of the American Legion have
joined formes in .giving a dance Sat
urday, May 13, at the City audi
torium. Both organizations will share
in the proceeds. . . r
May 13 will be the opening night
of the legion's . "Slippery Gulch"
week. ' i .
1,824 Municipal Golf
Permits Issued This Year
Pleasant weather the last few days
has caused many golfers to apply for
municipal "golf permits. A total of
1,824 have been issued this year.
Four thousand were issued last
Boxer Rushes From
Altar to Ring dnd
Beats Former -Champ
BATTLE CREEK. Mich., April
21. "Kid" Buck passed suc
cessfully through two ring en
gagements here last night. As John
McCrumb, he was married at 7:30
o'clock to Miss Cecil Olson. As Kid
Buck, an hour and ahalf later, he
went into the boxing arena and de
cisively defeated Frankie Masoiv of
Fort Wayne, Ind.. former flyweight
champion of America.
She's Some Utile
' Old Swimmer
Not a mortal en tanh will dia
putt that Ida Schnall it tomt
keen twimmtr. In aquatic
i pom aha ia considered tht fore,
moat of fancy divert and swim,
mart. Miia Schnall hat couple
of children who toon may comt
prominently into tht limelight tin
der tht tutelage of their famous
Fremont Sprinter
Ties State Record
Fremont, Neb., April 21. (Spe
cial.) Tom Evans, senior at Fre
mont high, equalled the 1921 state
high school record in the -100-yard
dash when he breasted the tape in
10.2 seconds, in the field meet with
Wahoo high school' held in Fre
mont. ',-
Coach Dow's proteges ran away
with nearly all the honors of ,the
meet when they captured 76 points
to Wahoo's 27. Chambers led the
entire meet in total number of points,
contributing 22 for Fremont. Evans
was second with 15, while 'Pospisil,
Wahoo, .'was third with 14 points.
Fremont high excelled in every
event except the pole vault, discus
throwing and shot put. In the low
hurlers, 100 yard, 220 yard, 440 yard.
880 yard and mile, Evans. Preston
and McNabb took firsts. Chambers
excelled in the high and broad
jumps,' Wahoo took third the 1UU
yard, 220. 880 and the mile.
Coach Dow is looking torward to
the state meet with much anticipation.
He has gathered a collection of fast
men and in livans and Chambers,
it is believed that he possesses two
of the fastest men that will partici
pate. .
Callaway and Comstock .
Enter State Track Meet
Lincoln. Neb.. April 21. (Special.)
Callaway and Comstock have enter
ed the state hih school track meet
to be held in Lincoln May 13. Cal
laway 'is-entering men in. every
event and hold high hopes of making
a showing in the meet. Frank Wag
ner, the discus hurler, is Comstock's
leading entry.
Scribes Give Anderson
V Win Over Pal Moore
Davenport, la., April 21. (Spe
cial.) Sports writers at the ring
side gave Eddie Anderson of Moline.
111., seven of ten rounds over Pal
Moore in a hard battle here ' last
night. Anderjpu, forced the milling,
throughout and punished Moore con
tinually with stiff body blows and
solid jabs to the head. ' , ;
Baseball Dope
Western League.
MW. -'
1 ' '- ' I
w 1
13 a Scktvallwwt
' . St. T. W. WK. T.
OMAHA 4 10 S 17 It
Tulsa S 9 28 14
Sioux City 1 3 .7 11 ' 10
Denver S S I 11 2
D. Moines x 2 8 - 6
Wichita x .2 8 in 13
St. Joseph 7 . S 5 18 11
Okla. City 4 9 6 IS 8
National League.
11. " T. W. WK. T.
Brooklyn . x ' - x " 0 1
Philadel. x x x 0 x-
New Tork x x x 0 S
Chicago 7 7 xx 14 3
Boaton X x x x 0 x
St. Louis 6 a XX 11 S
Cincinnati 0 4 xx 4 1
Pt,ttsburgh IV 8 xx 9 10
American League.
- ' SIM?
M. T. W. WK. T.
Detroit x 1 x ! 4
St. Louis x ' 2 15 17 t
Cleveland x 17 1 IS ' S
Chicago x 6 x 6 4
Boaton x 14 15
Waah'ton 11 2 x IS 3
New York x 10 S it 10 ,
Philadel. 9 17 x 26 4
S. B.
S. R.
American Association.
Slid. Tot.
'SI. T. W. WK. T. F. 8. R.
Kan. City 4 10 14 7 ,. ..
.Milwaukee t 1 x IS 11 S .. ..
lndlan'oiia x 9 .7 IS 3 13 .
Louisville S 8 7 21 1 11 .. ..
Min'apolts x It 1 .' I x .. ..
St. Paul 6 5 7 ' 17 9 X ..
Toledo 3 i X 4 2 x ..
Columbus 7.3 IS 3 x .. ..
xSrt game.-
xxNo games 3.nJule-l
Lincoln High Bunches Hits
Willi Central
tTt:HV I F.tli I K.
W.'L. MI W.
, Jutri I w Oaika 4
HlrtlU f t .! Ta
mia. Oif T S ,t IM Moiaaa i
auu till I t .fraiibauiaf 1
I'ralardaa't Knoll a. (
Wkalla. It oaiaha, .
Oklahoma City. 4; ltnvtr, t.
I Munoa. I; Tulaa, .
aious enjr. I; Kb oJmik. I.
TaUay'a (iamra.
Omaba a Wlrhlla.
Itar at Okl. henna city.
Ia Itmtiaa al Tula,
aivua Cily at m. JaiB,
( .40
I ,ltm
W, !. I VI I w.
I .Mki'ltiiltitfUjiia t.
Si Twk
ai. uhik
i ,;.vi ii-i.w
3 ,5Hilr..lffl 1
4 .STiilMKiniiatl t
Vra4rda'a Kraulla.
Stw Tortc. 4: nroklyn, 1.
Il'.len, t: J-hllailPlfihla, 4.
I'hlraln. g; Clni'llinall, 1. '
Si. Lou la at l'l(,tturali (rain).
Today'a (.amaa.
rhlladrlphla at 1lwmn.
N.w Vnrk l llrnnklyn.
Hi. I.nula at Plttahurijh.'
Cincinnall at Chlrauo.
W. U ivi. I ' w
'larUni 1 ,;mi NI. Ixull 4
Nr fork S .TV) a
riiilidli4ila 4 S .'ilUaIHiifta X
Cllcl0 4 ..",lrnll 1
Vealrnlajr'a Kraulla.
. Nar Tork. I: Waahlnglon, .
Patrol), IS; Ovtlaml. ;.
rhtraco. Id: Kt. I.mila. t.
Boaiun at I'hlladf Iphia (rain).
' Tixlaj'a (inmra.
Chlraio at Pt. Lnula.
riavKlaml at llrtrnlt.
Waahlnetnn at Naw York."
Bo.lon at I'hlladrlphl.
W. r.. ivi.i w.
Mlnnnnnlia S I ,s.iri iMilnllla 4
ladianinnha, S S .-.':.iMuiiVra 4
Kiiiui ( S 4 ..vvrst, ptuj
Columbua 4 4 .SOOlTuMa 1
Vmtrrday'a Krautta.
. .'.'Wl
Indlanapolla. 13: Kanaaa City,
j-.-uiaviiii.. 11 ; .Milwaukee. R.
Mlnn.apolla at TolaUo Iraln).
St. Paul at Columbua (rain).
Today' fiainni.
Kanaaa City at Indlanapolla.
Mlnnaapolla at Toledo,
ft. Paul at Columhua. '
illlwaukee at J.oulnvlll.
Southern Aaaorlatlon.
Plrmlnirham, 1; at Mobile, i.
Jlemphla. 1; at Cliatnooua. 5.
I.lttla Roek, 4; at Naahvllla, t.
Atlanta, 3; at New Orleana, 4.
Baarball Rm-orria Made Thla' Dale
April ti.
April St. 1SS7 Safe hlta In moat ron
aacutlva a-amea. 44: W. Keelcr. Balil-
- A?r" 22- No hit .eama (two In one
'tVJ.VL T- Breltenaleln, Clnelnnatl aentnat
PltlaburKh (N. I,.). J. Hiishca, Balti
more agalmit Ronton (N. I, )
April 23 , HU Seorlng S We'n one one
baae hit: S. I). Yerkee. Boston (A- 1, ).
Record jointly held by 10 American and
flva National leacue playera.
April S2. 1915 Most errora in (nme by
aeeond baseman (A. I,.), five: N I a
.lole. Phllailelphia (A. I..). Record Joint rhy - H'ekman. WashinKton (A.
I..). 1905. Record la elsrht, made by A.
Leonard, Boaton (N. t..), IS76.
April ti, 1921 Most asalata In a itame.
both club. 43: New York (22) aKainat
Phlladelphla (21) (A. !,.. Record Jointly
held by Boston against Ne York (A. L.),
Coast League
San Francisco, April 21,
San Francisco .........
Batteries: Fittery and
and Yellow.
Los Angeles. April 21.-
Salt Lake
Los Angeles
Batteries: Lewis-and
all, Dumovitch, Wallace,
Portland. April 21, '
Oakland ,,
Portland ,l
R. H. E.
3 S 1
4 10 0
Stange; Mitchell
R. H. E.
7 10 1
2 6 S
Jenkins; Crand
Daly and Bald-
R. K. E.
2 7 1
12 0
voehler; Crump-
Batteries; Frause and
ler and Elliott,
Seattle, Wash., April 21.
Vernon J,
Seattle ....
R. H. E.
.4 10 0
3 10 0
Doyle and Han-
Batteries: Shellenbaeh.
nah; Gregg-, Dalley, Ada
ms and Tobln.
American Association
Indianapolis, April 21. R. H E.
Kansas City ..; 7.14 2
Indianapolis ....13 15 2
Batteries: Slorris, Boyd. Carter, Lee and
Mccarty, Skiff; Rogge and Krueger.
Louisville, Ky., April )21. R. H. E.
Milwaukee ,6 12 1
Louisville 1. . .11 16 4
Batteries: Deltrich, Klmpilng .and
Myatt, Oossett: Koop and Meyer.
. Minneapolis-Toledo and St. Paul-Columbus,
postponed, cold. ; ,
Joe Lynch Beats
r Philadelphia Bantam
Philadelphia, April 21. Joe
Lynch, former bantamweight cham
pion of the world, beat Jimmy
Mendo, this city, in eight rounds
here last night.
Pete Herman, another former ban
tamweight ace, weighed 125 pounds,
which was six pounds more .than
what "Battling" Leonard, this city,
weigncd, so the local'boy refused to
hieet Pete. Battling Mack of Cam
den was substituted for Herman and
lost in eight rounds to Leonard.
In the best fight of, the night Jack
Sharkey, New York, defeated K. O.
Joe Donnell of Gloucester in eight
rounds. 1 - '
Q. Can a ball which lies on a falrirav
other than that ot the hole being played
oa out-oi-oounas?
A. Strictly speaking no. According to
the rules the "course" Is tha whole area
within which play is permitted. How
ever, due to particular conditions, clubs
sometimes find it necessary to eatahliah
a rule that at ball crossing a line running
between two parallel fairways, for in
stance, la considered to have gone out-of-bounds.
Tha club la within its rights in
establishing such a rule.
W. How long have rubber-cored golf
balls been In use, or when did they re
place the gutta-percha ball?
A. Rubber-cored balls were first ued
In championship play In 1901. I-ouis My
ers won tn Massachusetts state cham
pionship whila playing them that year.
Kanday Herd won the British open in
1SOS with them. However, they had been
introduced at least three years before.
44. v. Here a ball stops so close to a
mole track " that it Interferes with the
player in addressing the ball, can the
track be removed ?
A. Yea. provided In so doing the player
doean't Interfere .with the surface of the
green. "
j. vt nat snoum oe done wnere a ban
lodges In tha clothing of a spectator or
other person outside of a match?
A. The ball should be drouued as near
aa possible to the snot where such person
was standing, when the ball landed.
Q. What-Is tne diiierence between a
trap and a hazard?
A. A trap la a Hazard, nut a Hazard is
not neceaaarily a trap. Other hazards are
bankers, ponds, lakes, ditches, nnd unless
excepted by local rule, rwii, fie
(Coi-yright, 1522.
Errors jiihI
Purple by 6-5 Score
UNCIiINU hit in the
sixth and ninth in
nine, and taking ad
vantage of errora by
locals, Lincoln high
won from Omaha
Central, yeterdav aft
ernoon at the West
ern League ball park
by the score of 6 to S.
Ifanacu. Omaha tirhr, and Urt,
piuhing for the Capitol City lads,
staged a good pitchers' battle the
first five innings, the local boy hav
ing a alight advantage.
In the sixth, however, a single,
two errors, and a triple by Urown
netted the visitors three runs. After
this, Hansen seemed to settle down
and was turning them back to the
bench in fast order. Hut in the ninth,
the Red and Black scored three
more runs, a bae on balls, an er
ror, and three singles.
With the score 0 to 3 against them.
Central came to the bat in the last
of the ninth and made a desperate ef
fort to win. Ucrkle batting 'for
Hughes, fouled out, and Hansen
whiffed, and Sautter got on by an er
ror and Koficcky walked. Strihhling
came through with his third hit of
the iraiiic. scoring Sautter and Ko-
j nccky. When Captain Way came
'to the hat, Hrt showed nervousness
i and gave him three straight balls.
Mribblmg for some reason chose
this time to steal and was. an easy
Crown, with a double and a triple,
starred for the visitors, while Hansen.
Omaha pitcher, whiffing 15 men and
holding the Lincoln team to five hits,
deserves much credit.
Logan Goes Home to
See His New Son
Buddy Logan was one happy
bird last night when he caught a
rattler for Stilwater, Minn., to
visit his family and see a brand
new boy who arrived at his home
during hia absence.
Buddy was unable to go sooner
because of his bout with Shade.
"Business will have to wait.
I'm going home," he told ' pro
moters who wanted to discuss
future fights with him yesterday,
Pinkie Mitchell Offered
Bout With Leonard
Chicago, April 21. Billy Mitchell,
brother and manager of Pinkie
Mitchell, had under consideration to
day terms offered by Promoter Floyd
Fitzsimmons for a bout between
Pinkie and Benny Leonard, light
weight champion, at Michigan City,
Ind., on July 4. Fitzsimmons is
searching for an opponent for
Leonard. A scries of championship
contests are planned to be held in, a
new arena being built at Michigan
Boxer Shot to Death.
New Orlcan, April 21. Frankie
Russell,, pugilist, whose real name
was Frank Meranda,' and Michael
Walsh, were shot and killed here yes
terday. Arthur Masson and Philip A.
Gehlbach, said by the police to be
members of a bootlegging gang, were
arrested and charged with the killing.
Jersey City Lad
Crowned King of
Marble Shooters
Jcrscv City, N. J., April 21.
"Buster" Buch, 14, black-haired,
rosy cheeked rotund and an alleged
teacher's pet," yesterday . was
crowned king of the marble shooters
of New Jersey.
s He came into the title at Persh
ing field by defeating 14 district
champions in a "skinnin-fats" game.
He was given a golden medal em
blematic of the championship and
chosen grand 'marshal of the Rotary
club parade April 19.
More than 1,000 persons witnessed
the contest. -
The grandfathers, of two of the
contestants were banished to a far
corner of the field when they en
gaged in an argument over the
"vent-picks' rule and threatened to
bruise each other. ,
Semi-Pro and Amateur
Linberg, shortstop for the Cusacks
in the Metropolitan league, is a ball
player any team in the city would
like to possess. .. ,
Carl Lutes, manager of 'the Town
send team, claims the fastest in
field in the city league, in Norgard,
Grimm," " McAndrews, Hirst and
Durkec. .-
Hanson, W. O. W. catcher, is hit
ting the pellet the same in Class
A company as he did in the Satur
day Class B league last season.
Either Willuhm or Mancuso will
be on the firing line for the Gun
ners when they meet the K. 'of C.'s
next Sur.dey.
The M. E. Wops have a good
chance to cop another Church league
flag this year.
Q. Our umpire refused to permit the
batter tn take firet base on a balk by
tht pitrher. Was he right?
A. Ye, the batter neTer gotm to first
when a hulk In called,
Q. After the pitcher was In poHlon
the batter utepped out of the hx with
out notifying the umpire. What's the
A. Tli batter take a rink as the um
pire si inn Id rait the pitch a ball or
Htrike, just as though the batter was In
the box.
Q. As the rule says a runner must
return to his base aftr a foul can ft
base be stolen on a foul tip that ,1s
A. A foul tip that In eaught fa a
strike. Certainly the runner ma; ateal.
Q. In dodging a pitched ball one of our
batters fell down. Can the pitcher pitch
him another before he regains his feet?
A. o, It tcher must give him time
to regain his feet. Imp Ire should hold
game until he does no, ,
y. Batter attempt bunt, but misses
hall. Is it a strike?
A. Aa wt letup t to bant Is a strike.
Pilots Britton's
Fistle Battleship
Din Morgan, manager of Jack
Britton, welterweight champion.
Battling Levinaky and Eddi
Kitfaimmona, ia known In fight
circles at on of tht shrewdest
manager! In tht game, He has
keen insight into business di
plomacy and know how to get
hia men before tha public. Dur
ing th past 12 yeais, says Mor
gan, hia fighter have earned
more than 11,000,000.
aT V J
Commerce and
Central Winners
. ...
i ammerva ....
4 rrla-hton .
(niinrll Bluffs
Benson .......
In the second round ot the High
School league' Thursday afternoon
South High defeated Crcighton, Cen
tral took the long end of a 10 to
4 score front Council Bluffs, and
Commerce swamped Benson, 16 to 2.
Sautter, Central pitcher, held the
Bluffs squad hitless during the first
five innings, but in the sixth frame
the Iowans got to him for a single,
two triples and a home run. Coach
Hill then sent in Strihhling, who fin
ished the game in fine shape.
Commerce had little trouble with
Coach Ewing's Benson squad scoring
almost at will. . West and Pierce
both pitched good ball for the win
ners, only one Benson player being
able to register a hit off their de
liveries, Scnirard, and Erickson poled
out home runs.
South High won from Creighton,
4 to 3, in a hard-fought game. Score
by innings:
n h.'r
Central . .'. 4 3 A 3 0 9 010 4
Council Bluffs 000004 0 4 S 6
Batteries: Sautter, Strlbbllng and
Hughs; Henderson and Peterson.
Umpire: Burdlck.
- i - n jr
Commerce S 6 2 0 2 0 1 1 13 ' i
Benson . .'. 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 2 111
Batteries: West, Pierce and Swartz,
Eberateln; Gu'ta and Pipher,
Fred Fulton Wins
Over Bob Roper
Denver, Colo., April' 21. Fred
Fulton of Rochester Minn., won
from Bob Roper of Chicago in the
fourth round of a scheduled 12-round
bout here last night. Fulton, in the
fourth, landed two lefts, then a short
right to Roper's ,jaw and the latter
went through the roes. He was
counted out by the referee, Young
Corbett. before he could get up and
return to the ring.
Friedman Is Indicted
on Charge of Murder
Chicago,- April 21. William
"Sailor" Friedman, pugilist, and
four otherss yesterday were indicated
by the grand jury on a charge of
murdering A. Rubin, a saloonkeeper.
Two Omaha Gdlfers
Qualify for Famous
"Hole-in-One Club"
Two Omaha golfers already have
qualified this season for the select
hole-in-one society.
Joe Fradenburg of the Field club
drove 120 yards and pitched the
ball into a cup on the Field club
Several days later W. C. Lyle of
the Happy Hollow club made No.
2 in one from a distance of 133
yards. . ':..'
If the present pace is maintained
throughout the season, Omaha will
have a flock Of club swingers as
members of the famous "Hole-in-One
club." ,
Five Leading Hitters
of the. Major Leagues
American league.
Name. Club.
Hellmann, Detroit ..
Scott. New Tork
Johnston. Phlla.
Schang", New York ..
Slater, St. Louis
Name. Club.
Tierney, Pittsburgh
Lebourveau, Phila.
Snyder, New York..
O. AB. I
6 22 4
7 25 5
7 Hot S
7 2S 4
7 32 10
M. Pet.
12 ,Mi
12 .480
12 .4S
11 .478
15 ,.469
O. AB. R.
IT. Pet.
3 .609
C .600
6 - .462
10 .465
5 .455
IS. 3
12 2
l:l .3
22 5
Groh. New York . .
Frlbera, Chicago 4
1 2
Today's Ring History
Twenty-Six Years Aro.
Charlea (KW) McCoy knocked out
Frank Boswnrth, Memphis, two rounds.
Twenty-FlTa Y ears, Aa-o.
Young; Zulu Kid born. Patensa, Italy.
Twenty-Four Years Ago.
James J. Jeffrlea won from Fete Ever
ett, San Francisco, three rounds..
nineteen Years Ago.
Charles (Kid) McCnv lost to .Tar-V
Root, Detroit. 10 rounds. , .
THghteen Yenrs Aro.
Jack Johnson knocked out Sam Me-
Vey,- Saav Francisco. 20 rounds.
Martin Duffy knocked out by Honey
Meliody. Chlcairo.. six roumls.
Ten Years Ago. -Freddy
Illcka lost to Harry Ramsey,
Perth Am boy. N. Y., six rounds.
Nine Years Ago.
Oliver L, Kirk knocked out Mike Mc-
Donough, Brooklyn, six rounds..
Four Veara Ago.
Joe. Burman against Young . Chaney,
draw, Baltimore. Md., 10 rounds
Shawkey, Veteran Hurler, Cops ;
Pitching Duel From Washington
Recruit Cuhs Beat Cincinnati
National League
Chant, 4; Robins, I.
Brook!) n. April ;i,-Urooklyn
made IS hit oil Jess Barnes but
obtained only one run and t to
the New York Giants this afternoon,
4 to I. Manager Kobuuon shook up
his infield, .placing High at third,
.lolm.ton at second and Crane at
The score:
.' , KW TnBk' I
Baotiki tv
ah it ii a i
An. n a a-
rUsmfl aa
Naallaia, Ik
ma. Sk
Vowia. rf
lMMl If
Italia. Ik
fUHnaoe, rf
ainkf, e
UtrtM. a
4 H is Jk
S I 4
I s
I s
i ji.i., n
I X-la. X I
sal, If
4 a i
41 H I
4 I 4 S
4 t a i
4 114
1 I a Mim. rf
t It a-hoM-H. Ik
a S fonts, aa
I'Milwf. a
4 I
her a
t. t.ilfidu
31 IS tt ll
1 Tnl'S
Halted tor N'ls In ninth.
SYera hr tnnlnia:
a; ii it :
New Tnrk I I I t I I I 1 4
llrooklrn I I
Summary nuns: !roh. Taunt. Sleutel
r;i ingn. Krrora; To hn
)luM, Ji-bnin. CVana. yai-rlflree;
Tntna. Kie. poul-la iiiare: Crana-John.
lun-S. hinan-lt High I'rana - . hmamlt
hhinners-llarnea.tiinh. Ilrna-llawliuaa
Kelly. Itsllsas-Itaiicrnfl-Kl. Ifi nn
basse: New Turk, 4; llroaklyn. II, lias
on balls ilff Itarnea. t: off Reulher. 3
Miru-k out: By Marnee 3; .y ltuthr. 2
r mi.i res: MrCwrmick, 1'flman and Itigler.
Time: I t".
U .. M. S.L.1II1 .
nnaton. April 21. sti-guiiian nf Uostnn
and Meadows f Philadelphia wera
knocked out nf the hn here lodav In tha
home opening of the braves, Kllllnglm
relieved M-jultlan and received aensa-
ncnai supprt. Boston defeated the viel-
iorp s it. s. .ueror jatnea ai. t urisr tnrew
.ii in- iirai nail. I lie nsiung and Item.
Ing or llo. kel and Kopf wera feat urea
rmunFi.rtiiJt. i bostov.
An. H O A I ait. II O A
reh'rtesu. If S J J a Powell, f f 4 I .1
ftsnn. Sh
1 I Kerf, as S
slier, rf
wiiiums cf
tMtle. lh
KIMehee. SB
I 1 a nmjiinmHh, rf 3
S t I 'Cruise. If
SIS?' Bs-I.fl. U,
I I V IMIs, ,
t I fnrrt fb
1 4 J'ovile
a 5' UxflMlIU,. M
Pirklntnn, 2b 4
tlenbne. e 4
Meaii'B p f
liuhheii. p I
'lM 1
I a A nn!nim.'p
1 s ai
1 Tolsls
30 ( 27 12
Batted for Hubliell In ninth."
Fenra h- Innlnas?
PhllsiialDhia a .1 1 a a a a a a i
uoatnn 1 Hlllll xt
Summary Ttuna: Thoirveaii. Fletcher,
ITenllns. Mearinwa Vml i ..I
Hoiks, Ford. Errors: Nona. Two-baa
rma; Harp, Powell. Ford. Three-has
hits: Henllne. Horn run: Kopf. Htolen
..... . ,,.,m,,,. onvniirrp; cruise, ivnpi.
Dmifcl plays:' Fletrher-Rapp. Kopf-Holke.
r,. v., .,p,b; 1' n i ia f e i pn ia. a; UOSTOn. 0.
Base on balls: off Mesdows. S: off MV
Qulllan. 3. Rtriiclr m,i. iiu u.BjnHI.
hv Hubhell. t: by Fllllngim. 4. litis-Wr
, , MmrnKs i none out in firm
Inning): off Htibbcll. 3 In 4 innings: ff
McQuillan. 4 In 1 l-J tnnlnga: off Flllln.
elm. 7 In 7 t-.l Innings. Winning pltrer:
Ullingtm. rising pltrner: Mesdows. Um
pires: Hart and O'Day. Time: 1:55.
Cuha. S; Reds. .
Chicago. April H. nixey of Cincinnati
weakened m the seventh Inning after
holding ChiBB-A fA - - - m
driven from th mound after being pound
ed or a Sinai, a hmn.. ko ui- b.h,
and doubles hr Km ann n-n-...!!1
COUCh. Whl VnnlaArf k.H. 1 . . . . .
- -- - ,,,,, .,mRrg (WO
m'rl nl Kellehea followed with a trlpl
" "". mcaia me gam. Tha
score was s to 3. Score:
cis-crNvm. j cnicAco.
nnm..rf ' n i i l niatr. ef 4' 0 s ii
Hsrper. rf S S s oj llollneher. u 3 1 1'
Piinrsn. If
s 1 "i Keiieher, ao
I 1 lllfirlmes. lh
3 1 12 lla-rihrrf. rf
3 1 2 1' Miller, tf
-3 10 JiKnis. th -
3 0 5 I'O-Karrrll. 0
1 ! 5 J CheerM. p
0 0 0 01
1 0 n ai Touli
1 1 l
Bonne. 2b
Daubert. lh
Klmmlrk. ss
Plnelll. 3b
Winso, e
BUer. n
I 12 0
1 0
3 3 0
1 S 3
1 S 3
1 0 4
Couch, p
31 97 IS
0 v 01
B Al ,l .
Batted for Couch In eighth.' '
Score by Innings:
Cincinnati 0 0 6 1 0 1 1 0 0 S
Chicago 0 0 0 0 0 0 7 1 x S
Summary Runs: Harper (2),- Daubert,
Hollocher. Keiieher. Crimes. Sillier (2).
Krug, OTarrell. Cheeves. Errora: Keiie
her. Crimea, Krug. Two-bnse hits: Har
per, Krug. O'Farrell. Daubert., Three.
bse hits; Kellehe- Horn run: Miller.
Sacrifice: Plnelll. Klmmick. Double play:
O'Farrell. Hollocher. l,rft on bases: Cln
elm atl, 4; Chicago. 4. Baae nn balls: Off
Rltcv. 1: off Cheeves. 1: off Cheevea, 2'
off MnrMe. 1. Ptruek out: By Rixey "
bv Cheeves. 2; by Couch. 1. Hits: 'o?f
Rlvcy, in 6 1-3 tnnlnga: off Couch 1
h.,Sk ,nn'n: S" Markle. s m 1 inning.
Hit by pitched hall: Orlmes. by Couch.
1 mnires: Qulgley and Moran. . . Losing
pitcher: Rlxey. Time: 1:47. ,
War Department Urges "
Force of 150,000 Men
Washington. April 21. The War
department's plea for an army of
150.000 men. reierte-H hv the hnno
which fixed the maximum strength
at 11,000 officers and 115,000 men,
Was Useed heforp tile senate annrn-
nriations rommitire Hnrinor its mr.
sideration of army pay. Spokesmen
tor tne department coupled with
their anneal for the larcrer imm
request for an officer strength of
12,531, or approximately the number
set in the Pershing officer' reduction
bill now pending in the senate.
For up-to-date sport news read
The Bee. You will find it very in
teresting. ,
: sj 0 C
IJits'SliSTsi remember, iH
7 It's aOm the Blend Wm
1 1 Any one can become a cigar
II manufacturer but it is an art to P-wlSP
II be a blender. Robert Emmet I BLENDED BY I rm
1 iisbledbyOas.J.Spiete, "g" l'S
V muter blender of fine cigars CHAS. J. Wymf'
V 117-119-121 Main Street Aw$ iff I
Council Bluffs, Iowa Iy ' I
New York, An 2l.Sh.wkfy,
veteran Yankee hurler, won a pitch
inf duel from Phillipi, Wahititon
rerruit, here today, I to 0. The only
run of the game u scored bv
I'eMkttr in the fii-t iiimnit on hi
U-b4 hit anJ to wild throws
by l.amotte.
an ii a
n n u a
Jtxtte. IH
M.ri.fc raj
llil rf
Rles cf
-.Ilk, tf
s HiU. if
? If
ll.ket. 3b)
4 a U nn.... cf
4 I rice Ik
I I Hiri,
s i a-en. m
a- hs.-l
I i
I 3
i J
Iau4l. 1
ST I tt t
a fi i?i
Hatted for Mm-iiia in ninth.
. or Innmsal ........
New York I t
. Hunt rewsler Krrors:
Smnh. (.anion :. ! Miiaa, War4, T-
baahlla-. Kewaler, I .a mode, Heoiu
flree: llama. SlrSlllaa. Keaetee, rhlllpa.
Koubla lai rinim-ri-.iJimoii, i.stri
I'rrk. ttl on base: Near Vork 4;
U-..I.I..... n.s. a balls: Off Hhiw
key I, Struck out: My Hhawkey. 4:
I'hlllips, I l inrlrea; Walah, Connolly and
Wilton. Tinia: 1.34
While Mai. lilt llrawn
CIIK'Aiui I at. MM
Ull I
an. ii o a
S t t 1
All II O '
I 4
J,T.I. tf
lellsn. 3k
l elllna. Hi
ll-werr. ft
M-lll rf
Calk If
Mliselr. lh
svhsis. e S
Bnlisrlsnit. p
VTilkinsen. p
n-lae. p ,
rilerl. 3b
! Hlalee. Ik
Mlllitnis. If
01 liri-hsWMf
NeisrenL e
S llBrliee. sa
3 MrMsnu. fa
I'llinMh. p
Born, a
a' Totals
s t
4 I
5 I
J 1
Toia'a 41 IS 3D 1.1'
Halted foe Robertson In seventh.
Hatted for Wilkinson In ninth.
SVnre py Innings: .....
Chiragn 0 ! t ! 1
St Louis I I I I I I I I - '
Summarv Runs: .tahnson. Collins (!).
Horper. Kalk ("I. Ple.-ly. Hodge. Tobln,
Kllirb. Ulsler (31 Krrora: Joboson. Mr.
Oel'an. Colllna. hlta: Tobln !.
Kll.-rbe. Kheeley. Voatll. Thre.has hits:
Collins lloin runs: Hlsler Faulk, "tolen
base: S-'hsik. Sscrlfie: K.llerbe. Double
plav: Left an'
has. a: Chicago. II: St. Ixnla Baa on
halls: Off Danforth. S: off Robertson, I:
off Wilson. 1: off Rome. !: of Hodge. 9.
Rtruck out: lly Danorth. S: by Robertson.
I: by llnyne. I. Hlta: Off Robertson. I In
( Innings: off Danforth, 10 In S t-t In
nings: off Wilkinson, t In X Innings; off
Rovne. 4 In 1 S-S Innings; off Hodge. 9
in Innlnasn: off Kolp, 1 In 1-3 Inning.
Winning pitcher: llodge. Losing pitcher:
Boyne. I'mplres: Morlarty and Hilda
brand. Time: 2:30,
Tlger-i. lit Indians, 7.
All. H O. A I
AB. n o. A.
Jlmlrson. If o .1 t t I Itaney. Sh
4 0 s a
n 'huijiu. !h 1
fiii iiiihiw. ib
S 1 4
0 11
1 0 0
1 1 II
llsmmoiid. Sb 4
Siwaker. rf S
Vclnnls. lb S
0 0 1 Clark,
4 S II reach. If
1 4 n' Monarch. If
1 1 1 ! Mllinsnn. rf
Culrto. lb :
0 3 TI nine. h
r.irdner. -lb S
I J'yolheritlll. cf
0 S Rlgner. sa
S 1 l' e
7 l'Wedalt, 0
0 0' Hmnrr. p
Ststtbefl O. Sb 2
Wo.m. rf
O'Neill. B
Vails, p
Motion, n
rlflenwtltl. p
Kre. n-lf .
on"1 Totili
so it :r is
a o o'
0 0 0!
Total! 3 IS 14 lit
Batted for Morton In fourth.
si-nps hv Innlnsra:
Cleveland w 0 a o 1 T
leiron ........ , i B B i B V V X-I
Summary- Runs: Wambsgsnsa. Ham
mond. Speaker (2). Gulsto. Gardner ft).
Cutshaw 12). Clark. Veach. Hellmann.
nius,(9). Foiherglll Cl. Rlgney, Dassler
). j-;rrors: wamnsganss il-i. iwo-nsso
hits- O'Nell Uuisto. Hellmann. Bassler.
Foiherglll (2. Three-base hit: Cutsheo-.
Mscriflces: sewell (Z). Morton. Doubi
playa: Oaraner-O Netll-Mclnnia. Rignev-
Cutehaw-Blua (!). llaney-Blue. Rlgneq-Clark-Blu.
Left on baaea: Detroit, l:;
Cleveland. 10. Baa nn halls: Off Mall".
:off Morton. 2: off Odenwald. 2: off
Keefe. 1: off Jamleson. 4: off stoncr. 4.
Stri-ck out: By Morton, 2; by Odenwald,
by Jamleson. 1: by Stoner. 1. Hits:
Off Malls, 1 In' l-J Inning: off Morton,
In 2 2-3 innings: oft Odenwald, S In
1-3 Innings: off Keef. none In no In
nings (one out In fifth) r off Jamleson. 4 In
3 Innings. Hit by p tailed ball: O'Neill.
by Stoner. Wild pitches: Morton. Jamle
son. Loalng pitcher: Morton. Umpires:
Nallln and Evans. Time: 2:33.
Cluett.Peabody tCo. Znc.