Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 20, 1922, Page 8, Image 8

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Tit marriage ol Mit Grac
rt'Mallfy. daughter of Mr. au4 Mr.
Walter O'XUllcr Cnrr, Vo.
nd Luent Kinney of itn city look
plat at 6 oYWnlt Wednesday
evening l I'ritr church. Father
J. F. Xlctrliy onicialed. 1 lit
attendant v.r Mut Marguerite
Doyle of Grand Kapid. Mich., and
Dr. Jerome Lyon. Among the
but of ton guest fr thg wedding
art Mr. and Mr. W. t. Kinney,
parenli of th (room. Mark and
Wallace Kinney, all of Shrlby, Neb..
Mix llorctict MeC'aflrrty of
O'Neill. Neb. and Mi-. AHi-e
O'Connor of Sioun City, I. The
roiiplt be at home after May I
t tlit Helen apartments.
A very pretty wedding was solemn
ued Tuetdjy morning at Our I ady
of Lourdei church whrn Mitt Alice
Holbrook. daughter of Mr. and Mr.
W. M. llolbrook. became the bride
of John Sherman of Racine, Vi.
Rev. Sirplien Duwd officiated.
. The bnde wore a gown of white
erepe and a veil of tulle and real
Uce. She carried a shower bou
quet of tiride't ro.e and lilie of the
. Mm Olive Holbrook, the bride'a
only attendant, wore a frock of
orchid crepe de chine with hat to
match, and carried Killarnry rose.
Martin llolbrook wa best nun.
. Mr. and Mr. Sherman have gone
on a outhern trip, after which they
will reiide in Racine. Wit.
Among the guest from out of the
city were: Mr. and Mr. C. F. Net
of Sioux City. Mr. firorge Holbrook
of McCook, Neb.; Mr. A. C Mut
ton and little on. Bobby, of Elrctra,
Tex. Mi Elinor O'Toole and. Mr.
Carlton tang tolo and Mi&s Juanita
Finch wa organist.
The marriage of Miss Wilina
Rhoadei, daughter of Mr. J. D.
Dutcher, and Charle E. Grime, ion
of Mr. O. M. Gutzmer, took place
April 7 at the Dutcher home. Dr.
Frank G. Smith officiated. Mis Jes
sie Rhoadei and Dewey Kelson were
the attendant. The couple will re
side at 5400 Center street.
Helen Hussie Entertains.
Miss Helen Hussie entertained
at dinner Wednesday evening at the
Athletic club in honor of Miss
Marion Hamilton and her fiance,
George E. Hamilton, of Washington,
D. C. The other gueMs included
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hanighen. jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Hamilton,
jr., and Dr. Robert Shrock.
Mr. Lovell Leaves.
Mr. Wallace D. Lovell of Cain
bridge, Mass., who has been in
Omaha to attend the marriage of her
son, Philip Lovell, and Helen Smith,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Crittenden Smith, which took place
Tuesday, left Wednesday evening
for her home. Mrs. Smith enter
tained informally at luncheon Wed
nesday for Mrs. Lovell.
For Geraldine Hess.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Peters enter
tained at a buffet supper Wednes
day evening, at their home in honor
of Mis Geraldine Hess and her
fiance, Douglas Peters. There were
'30 guests.
Citizenship Classes.
Free citizenship classes for men
and women will be held at the city
hall on Tuesday and Thursday even
ings from 8 until 9 o'clock, under
direction of E. F. Redolph.
. Mrs. F. A. Brogan leaves next
week for a trip to California
Dr. L. R. Sattler leaves Saturday to
fpend several days in Chicago.
A son was born Tuesday at St.
Joseph hospital to Mr. and Mrs.
Everett Darling.
J. Clark Coit, T. L. Davis and M.
G. Colpetzer are at the Elms hotel,
Excelsior Springs.
' A daughter was born to Mr. and
Mrs. L. J. Byrne at St. Joseph hos
pital, Wednesday.
" Among Omahans at Excelsior
Springs this week are Mrs. C. M.
Stegher, G. C. Baker, E. L. Burke
and M. L. Cohn.
1 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dean of Hol
drege, Neb., who have been spending
the past two weeks with Mr. and
Mrs. Don Voss, left Tuesday for
their home.
Four Year Old Betty Lee Jenkins
1 Cr. 1
Little Betty Lee is the 4-year-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. G.
Jenkins. Both Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins
are graduates of the University of
Nebraska, class of 1904. Mrs. Jen
kins was Miss Rua Shrnpard of Lin
coln before her marriage. Betty
Lee is their only child. Jlcr great
est delight, according to her mother,
is in dancing. She has not yet been
a student of this graceful art, but
will be in another year.
Brushes and combs are best wash
ed in strong ammonia water. For
the bristles it should be cold.
Insist uron
the original Corn
-'they're wonderful
"Say, Mat!, I Aee
uw Han't Aav any
bitaa whila wa'ra aat-
if Kallott'a Cam
Flak mm, 'mum tika
Ktllogt'a ee mmeh
that tha Hah will gat
Kellogg flavor and Kellogg crispness are so
different that there can be no comparison be
tween Kellogg's Corn Flakes and imitations.
Little folks quickly say, "Get Kellogg's,
Mother please' because Kellogg's are never
tough or leathery or hard to eat ! Kellogg's are
always so delicious that big bowls quickly dis
appear and eager little mouths appeal for more!
And big folks appreciate the superiority of
Kellogg's because their flavor is so inviting.
Kellogg's are wonderful!
Insist upon Kellogg's the
kind in the RED and GREEN
box that bears the signature of
W. K. Kellogg, originator of
Kellogg's Corn Flakes. NONE
f . I SSI ff 1
.. t s
Aba aukm f KUL0CCS UtUXBUB aa KELLOGG'S BEAN. cfcW kr-aU4
Omaha 's Leading Cash Markets
All Orders Delivered Free $5.00 or More
Our New Market and Grocery 1407 Douglas Street
212 North 16th Street 2408 Cuming Street 4903 South 24th Street
j Special j Choice j Special
Leaf t I Rib Boiling A Breakfast
I Lard 1 f Beef if Bacon 1
V lOJcV 14c A 18c J
Extra Special for
Thursday and Friday Sale
Choice Beef Pot Roast 10
Choice Fresh Spareribs '10
Choice Lean Pork Chops 20
Choice Round Steak 16
Choice Shoulder Steak - He
Choice Corned Beef 12 (i?
Choice Fresh Halibut, or whole. -19
Choice Fresh Halibut Steak. J 22
Fresh Catfish ........... . 28
Choice Salmon, i2 or whole fish. . -15
Choice Salmon Steak .18
Evergood Liberty Nut, Special at 18c
Problems That Perplex
I U Tua HimMoo.
Per Mim ir(! I m a youn
man tf II n4 hv Man otkina
In a Ue (u tha tat (our year
with a irt with whom I hv b
rum friend. I hat Urnl to ov
i hi clrl. but 414 not have th nrv
to br. But on day I pi4 up
my miii-1 an4 tol4 hr. but h mi4
tdt ht thy all oy.' Wht is
your tpinii t a ir liko thiT
ta muat ba quit a vmn.M ah?
Hut then aha nmy hv thonaltt uu
wnra only apoottnit hr. You ,
lhr ouaht to b ft Hula preliminary
work, aurli aa an Invitation hra an4
lhr, befuro you Jump at hr out
of a clear buln hour 10 dsclara
your burnlnj pmIoh.
Duu't QuniUon lllm.
'Dear MIm Fairfax: I am In lov
with ft fellow but do not know
whether or not ha lovea me. A4
vie me aa lo how to find out with
out akln Mm, or how to win hi
lovo. A NX IOt8."
Anklnr hlin woul4 bo H woret
rourea you t-ould pursue. II would
hav to y at leaet that h liked
you, anl you would bo no further
advanced. A youna man'a action prova hi heartfelt devotion.
Ha would prefer Vour eoclety to
other airln, and he would. In all
probability, ahow you many other
llttlo unmlatakabl attention.
It lit Clcanllneaa la th moat
Important feature In tha car of per-
THE most
stock of Colum
bia Records in
the city.
Mail Orders Filled
Music Shop
1416 Douglas St.
Rialto Theater Bldj.
V clue-Giving Store
Without proper care
and refrigeration during
the hot months of sum
mer, food becomes un
wholesome and is wasted.
J I nam
Bowen Quality
. will cut down your sum
mer's ice bill, and keep
your food sweet and
wholesome. Constructed
on scientific lines either
full enamel or metal
Jined, they are excep
tional values at our low
prices of
$11 $18.50 $34.50
Sao our dUplay of living
room furniture. It will you, the how
tag i one of the bet we
hare ever made.
Columbia (pink) and Ophelia
(yellow) Roae Bushes, y
choice, each
Large healthy Ferns, while
they last, only. ....... .27
It pay to read
Bowen' Small Ait
Howard St, Bet. 15th and 16tb
plrinf feet. Not nly tnut on ei
reteo ectremo clenlinir4 in the
rare of tha feet but in l tie attHkinae
and hoe a wed. Tb fl mut
be bathnd daily and ato tll khould
be thuns'd very d4y. Si .r
cent aoiution tf aluminum rhlorid
In dieult4 water i a um rmedy.
Apply for three ntfltia, then
week. Or duet with powdered
alum or baWinn od, puttina aoitie
In th HOikini and hoe daily,
Another remedy for pereptrallnn
la to w.t the ft niaht and ntrn
Inc In lukewarm wdter anl raetile
oap; rirtea well and dry. Then au
ply freely of tha following KiluHon:
Alcohol, on ittt: aalliyllo aJ,
two drama.
Cold feet ara cauaed front poor
circulation. Foot and ankle er.
ctaea. alo watkitia-. will trtatly help
to atitiiutaia tho t'irt'uuiiitn. A cold
luit(e or a pong bath la al.o good,
tut Ihl thould ba fallowed by a
vigoroua rubbing with ft Turkish
7oi Tha man of i hnracler. am
bmon and aturdy ptiiniil U tint
of i en what women lerm th Ideal
The hurd -working. Mraliiht-for.
ward, "good t'ttlaett" l aotterally
pretty well occupied with th bui-
ne of making a living and place!
for himwif tu th world. i he
...n t much rhauc to etudy the
gentl art of lota making. He doean't
etudy the way turn ft rompliment
or ft heart
Th man who ha reaper! for wo
men and himoalf cant fel that It
la worth while to pend hie day
Mu.tying method of attmulaling
emotion. He un'l eb?ed by ft de.
'ire t f4 hla own anny or 10 ftp
peal to hie Jd4 appetite.
Tho worthwhile man like folk.
II want friendship from th
world, lie demand reaped, lie la
simple and honeat and direct in hi
When an earnest, ambitious, fine,
principled man who I devoted lo hi
mother and itr meet women,
ha approaihe them gimply, honest.
1 and a frankly a ha dcala with
tiirl might do writ to remember
thia. It la likely lo help them In
their ludgmeiiia of the aturdy de
pemlabl soul who doesn't mak
prrtiy speeches, but would probably
Umka wonderful husband.
Tho Meal (oyer la generally going
nowhere but on to th neat love,
lie Uu't the rlfht man. II doesn't
want to be. He wanta to be all
ihitia to all woman, neter anything
to one.
Dramatic Club.
St. Julius Dramatic club will pre
vent a coined y Thuridav evening al
CreiKhlon auditorium. Proceeds will
be given lo Si. John' High tchool.
Plant a Nasturtium Window Box
K.I I( you with 19 plant a window lo ilut will requite Idilg cr
ti.e nasturuum. The climbing variety mtVr an cvrllenl window box.
Them art thrifty and can bt grown hi ctimion, maroon, orange, white,
rotorith, gorgrou color. They bloom irom June lo iot Do not
us rifb, soil, as ih leave grow w proiutcly ihey are apt to cover tht
flowers. Xobb'' niurtmm are good (or wmKw Itoxe. Th eJ
should germinate In Irom 8 to IS day. Jean True.
Convenience in Selection of
Columbia Records
Our booths on Main Floor to tho left of entrance
afford an Ideal Record Shop.
, 415-17 South 16th St.
jTTTTl TTTTI'tTT 1 I I I M I I I I I I -I ! I I TTTTTT l"TTt't"' rrrrrrm I
ar -
Now on Sale
Dar Old Southland. Foi-Trot. i .
The Columbian A"
Virginia Blue. Fox-Trot The Columbian J 75c
Sh'saMan Job. Fox-Trot. Frank Weslphal)
and Ma Rainbo Orchestra A-357 1
If You Know. Fox-Trot. Frank Westphal 75c
and His Rainbo Orchestra)
Angel Child. Fox-Trot. The Columbians) A-358B
Angel Child. AUoltonf 75c
Lov Day. Fox-Trot. Paul Biese's Orchestra I .
Llttlo Thought. Fox-Trot. 7S.
Paul Biese's Orchestral 'ag
Song of India. Fox-Trot.
Eddie Elkins' Orchestra A-3669
To Wild Rom. Fox-Trot. 75c
Eddie Elkins' Orchestra
LoIaLo. Fox-Trot. Ray Miller and Mis)
Orchestra A-3563
Doo Dah Blue. Fox-Trot. Ray Miller and 75c .
I His Orchestra,
California. Fox-Trot. Knickerbocker Orchestras .3573
An Old Faahlonod Ctrl. Fox-Trot. ' I 75.
Knickerbocker Orchestra)
f tha Shadow. Intro. "Southern Memo-1 ....
nea. Medley Walts, frxneis Vance Orchestra r v
Out of tho Shadow,
riea." Medley Waltz
Rio NlghU. Waltz. Prince's Dance Orchestra )
When the floor
doesn't count .
Put on that dance number let it
go full tilt, and the floor can be the
best in the world or the stubble grass,
of a Western lawn it won't make
any difference. For, oh, how that
music can make your feet go! They
won't take time off to rest.
Popular orchestras, that dancing
couples flock to dance to, make their
records exclusively for Columbia.
On the New Process Columbia
Record every note the boys play is
. reproduced so clearly that you might
think they were right there.
If you want to know what folks are
taking to in dance music, follow the
crowd and you will see them going
in the doors of Columbia Dealers and
walking out with a large bundle of
dance records under their arms. They
know that Columbia has the newest
and best tunes there are to dance to.
Join the trail of Columbia fans and
keep up with the music they are
dancing to now. Hear the new rec
ords at any Columbia shop and see
how hard it is to make your feet behave.
Angal Child.
Angel Child. Fox-Trot.
Virginia BIum.
Carolina Rolling Ston.
ShVaMine, All Mino!
Hat Hat Hat
AlJolson) A.ZSti
The Columbians) 75c
Van & Schenck) A-3577
Van & Schenck) 75c
Frank Crumil ) A-3573
; Frank Crumitj 75c
You Can Have Every Light on Broadway)
(Give Me That Little Light at Home). . A-3574
' , Billy Jones 75c
Tim After Tim. Edwin Dale)
Alabamy Mammy. Hart and Shaw ) .
Pick M Up and Lay M Down (In Dear Old -iti'
Dixieland). Vernon Dalhart) loc
Don't Leave M Mammy.
Indiana Lullaby.
Hart and Shaw) A-3564
Jones and Hare) 75c
Kaahmiri Song from "Indian Love Lyrics." ) . ,-62
" Louis Graveure) if zZr
Mother o' Mine. . . LouisGraMureJ lvU
O Sol Mio (My Sunahine). ) 49983
; V - , , Rosa andrCarmela PonseUe J $2.00
On Sweetly Solemn Thought. 1. ,.
Cyrena Van Gordon rtl Z'
I Lov to Tell th Story. Cyrena Van Gordon
Some o These Day.
Heab'n. '
Ashtr and Rodeheam) A -3559
Asher and Rodeheaver) 75c
Op. 6. Violin Solo.
' ) 4969
Toscha Seidell $1.50
Sweet Evening Star from 'Tannhauaer." ' 43
. 'Cello Solo. 9 Pablo Casals) $1.50
Malden'e WUh (Chant Polonaia) in G Major.
Piano Solo. Josef Hofmann
Butterfly Spinning Song. Piano Solo.
Josef Hofmann)
Itle of Paradu. Waltz. 1. ,UA
Ferera, Franchini and Green lAI3-5'0
New Columbia Records are released on the
tenth and twentieth of each month. Broad '
way's latest hits are ready for you today.'
New York