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oes in Senate
Concede Bonus
Bill Will Pass
: Srnate Fiuance Hotly to Re.
; :ort MVuaurc in Nrar Fu
; , turc I-aixl Kftlamation
; Proviaion Doomed.
Vhingtoo, April Passage ol
r the tolilirr bouui bill, with only one
; change from ttie form in which it
pal the hcue. ami itiiure of
the hill ly I'retiikiit Harding were
, conceded ycttrrday hy several of the
bill', niokt dctrrmitied opponent.
Two development have practically
V fpt away hope of heating the mean-
tire. One of these i a itatemenl
by Chairman Joseph W. l-'orduey in
; a let, , to a comtfiucnt In Detroit
that I resident ilardmg had totd him
' he regarded the bill patted hy the
, houte ai good and that he would n'gn
it if it ratned the acnate without tub
.atantial modification.
lit other dt rlupmtni a the' p,,, non
rt.ival a..uraiue H at the rutr , If CIlCKt LUllllTCIKC
i .nance ton.naitte winch now ra trie
till, would fpoit ic m the iitr f.
tin with jiui one tws. Tint
change i the elimination of the alter
native proposition with regard to
land reclantaiion. There ha Uetn
conidcralile Litier nio(uii to tin
cection of the bill and it paed the
houte, even amon come of the inot
devuied friend of Ihe honu,
Veitrrday't coiiceitmi hy op
ponent! ( the till do not llirau that
there will be nu debate whdi it
comr up on the flour of the enate.
On the contrary there if a group of
renatort who will talk at great length
.n1 who would rrort willingly to a
lilihtutrr if they thought it poiiihtt
to beat the bill. In dicuiing the
situation todiy none of them thuughi
it likely that any of the group would
go that far became the utter futility
t f audi a course i apparent.
British Plan to
t it . in. .
use united states
ConMiIcreii Scheme of Lloyd
(Vorge to Ojifti u Mar
kru With U. S. Capital for
Hfncfit of Hritain.
Innocent HyMaiuIcr Killed
in I'olu-c-Haiiilit Itattle
New York. April 8. Harry Crone,
lawyer, an innocent bystander, wi
killed in a pistol liiiht between pa
trolinen and live men who are at
Ireed to have atolen a tire from an
automobile. Two of the men were
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. . If 7 "
' Wellington. April 8, The highly
advertised economic conference of 31
nation, which it acheduled to meet
thorily in Geona, foredoomed to
failure, according to the well-nigh
unauimoii opinion held by oflicial
of the American government, who
are familiar with the event leading
up to the parley,
It wa laricciy (or tin reason tuai
the United Stair declined to parti
cipate, turning down the Italian in
vitation in melt term a to leave no
doubt about what America think of
the conference.
"I regret to inform Your Excel
lency." wide Secretary of Sta'e
HtiKhc. "that it ha been found im
kmMc to escape the conclusion that
the proponed conference i not pri
marily an economic conference, a
rpieiion appear to have been ex
cluded from consideration without
the tatitfactory determination of
which the chief cause of economic
disturbance must continue to oper
ate. but if lather a conference of a
noliticat cl. 'Irr in which the kov
eminent of " le State could
not iielpfullyv . ,pate.
Seldom has , ropoal ol one
friendly govern, cut been turned
down by another in such blunt lan
cuasc. Not content with merely
sending: polite regrets, the United
States went to the lenRtli of calling
world attention to the emptines of
the project and, by inference at least,
stated that the whole undertaking
uas masquerading unde false colors
by pretending to he something it was
Scheming and Conniving for Credit.
Back of the curt American note
lies a considerable background of in
ternational bickering, scheming, con
niving and planning, all politico-commercial
in character, and aimed at
re-establishing eastern Europe's abil
ity to buy on credit. It was the
realization that these facts formed
the background for the conference
that caused the United States so
bluntly to decline the invitation to
"sit in."
To put the matter boldly, and
stripped of all pretense, American of
ficials consider the Genoa conference
an ambitious, scheme engineered by
the astute Lloyd George to open tip
the vast markets of Russia and east
ern Europe to British manufactured
goods through some sort of a sys
tem of international credits, the bur
den of which would he borne by
Great Britain and the United States
as the only two nations in the world
financially able to support such a
project. British trade being some
3,000 miles nearer the markets, it
would naturally dominate the field.'
Italy, being dependent upon Great
Britain for vitally essential coal, and
being heavily in its debt, lent itself
to the scheme as a natural ally.
France, casting yearning eyes it
self on the markets of Europe and
remembering the 30,000,000,000 of
francs sunk in Russia, is distrustful
so much so that it plainly stipu
lated that the. Genoa conference is
not to attempt to deal with repara
tions or change existing treaties and
agreements under all of which
French interests are fairly well se
cured. Economic Position at Stake.
The economic position of Great
Britain, then, rather than the eco
nomic position of the world general
ly, lies in the background of the
project. And while the administra
tion lias only the kindliest considera
tion and sympathy for the British
predicament, this sympathy does not
go to the extent of being willing to
further British trade at the expense
of-America's own somewhat stagnant
industry. Nor docs it go to the ex
tent of being willing to undertake
till further financing for a Europe
that owes us $11,000,000,000, a Eu-
ope that manifests no hurry about
paying, and tnat manitests little in
clination lo disarm and go to work.
An Open Letter to E. Buckingham '
Dear Mr. Buckingham :
If you weren't such a big, husky guy, and myself such a runt,
I might have addressed ydu as "Dear Buck," like everyone else does.
Ever since you came to Omaha as General Manager of the
Union Stock Yards you have been a good patron of The Pantorium.
We are glad to hae you as one of us, Mr. Buckingham, because
you are a BIG MAN both physically and mentally, and would "stand
out" in any gathering or in any community and you are always
well groomed.
You are a public-spirited man and have done much for Omaha and
Ak-Sar-Ben,'but we expect still more from you..
You have "pep" and "pride," two qualities that go far to keep one
young, so cling to them, Buck, and remember we are all FOR you,
as you are for us ALL.
Any time you fieed your dress suit pressed quickly just call
DO uglas 0963 and we will rush right out for it and have it back the
minute you want it.
Co-operatively yours,
The indu'irUI imati"n in Ureal
Uiitaiii, to American oh
term abroad and reflected in their
reort lo government aurce, j
l.ttle hrt of de.pmie, A in the
United State, ihe end of ihe war
found Britain with greatly expanded
nieai! of production an J no market.
Kusia in chao. German sijueeied
dry, .o lar a buying ability went,
and the ret of eauern Furor
"broke" afforded little outlet for ihe
great industrial concern of Man
chester. Shrllield, 1-eed and Rir
In the case pf the United State
and in the case ol I'rauce the situa
tion wa much the tame a far a ab
sence of market wa concerned, llul
there wa one vital difference both
France and the United State are in
truth celf-tufficient. Great Britain it
not. Ifcr case in thi reipect wa
eloquently pleaded in Washington
few week ago by Sir Arthur Jamee
Balfour in hi now famou speech
urging abolition of the auhmarine. In
that speech he laid emph.isi on Ihe
fact that Great Britain "never hat
more than even week' food" in
England proper.
Foreign Commerce Vital to England.
Foreign commerce, trade with the
ouKide, i essential to Ihe prosperity
of France and the United State, but
to Great Britain it i vital to her
very life, fr he produce hut a
fraction of the food she eat.
Reluctantly Lloyd George ha been
forced to turn to Kutfia, Germany
and eastern Europe for Britih mar
ket. The United State it rich
enough to buy hut won't, because
she is self-sulhciciit, producing every
thing h need. Ditto I unce. A
fjr RuitU and eastern Europe, thry
air eager to buy but have nothing la
bu n fcrpt Inflated currency of
lin'e or i value.
Therefore, the problem of the
harassed Uoyi t.eorge evolved it
self into one of finance and credit
Hi e)t naturally turned westward
lo the United State a Ihe only ra
lion able lo thouider with Great
Britain the euormou burden of
world credit to get Europe back on
it feet, and incidentally get Britain'
faetorie back lo work.
Thai Ihe talk of eerdit and finance
at Gena would lead inevitably la the
reparation muddle and the cancella
tion of war debt American official
fell ure. Not earitttf lo be ptif in
Ihe position of defending Ihe policy
of not cancelling war debit the United
State refused to attend.
Another and far deeper rraton,
howcM-r, animated adminntration of
licial in turning down the Genoa
The administration feel, particu
larly Charlc K. Hughes and Herbert
Hoover feel, that there never will be
any appreciable betterment of
Europe' economic tituation until
Europe disband her armiet, cea.e
her petty quarrel which form the
excuse for maintaining those armie,
and get back to productive work.
In view of thi condition oilicials
of the American government do not
believe that credit it what Russia
and eastern Europe need, They need
to disarm and go lo work, produce
what they eat, balance their budget,
pet their currency lo the place where
it mean tomething again bctidct to
much paper, and mart their factoriet.
! It is the view of American officials,
! kl. i i tiia rik if ili.iiit K-liilu!a
reeds adjustment, that loo b n a lad
l a been pul on Germany. They be
let Lenuauvi economic recovery
u incKtricably woven with the
economic recovery of all Europe.
an4 o long a Germany lace it m
ihe mud with Ihe lcl of France on
it week there can be no permanent
economic betterment (or ait of I'u
France having expressly ttiputatrd
llut it would attend the Genoa con
ferrnee only if Ihe teparation auree-
menu were nol mo ested. washing
ton considered thai all hop of rthrf
en this tcore wa dissmated. 1-ranee
also refused to act the example for
the rest of r.urope in the matter ol
land disarmament.
Without the correction of these
fundamental economic principle the
United Slate doe not believe Ihat
the conference at Genoa can aceom.
phsli any real or lasting good. It I
believed probable that ome tcheme
of international credit and finance
will be adopted at Genoa, if for no
ether reaou than that the world
tatesnuu there will be unwilling lo
contest themselve unable to do any
thing. Hut the efheacy of anything
accomplished i ctiouly questioned
in Washington.
Chioifo Conuniiision Set
Street Car Furc at 6 CenU
Chicago, April 8, After a long
fight over Chicago' 8-ccnt street car
fare before Ihe Illinois . Commerce
commission, that body handed down
a decision today fixing the fare after
May I at 6 cent. There will be ex
tra charge for transfer.
Break in Levee
Threatens Town
on Illinois River
Lower Part of IlcmUtowu
FIoode.1 hy Buck Water
HeiJenU Move to
Plicei of Safety.
lleardstown, III, April 8, Strain
imr at ihe citv levee which torung a
leak late yesterday, the Illinoit river
wa expected to break through into
Beardstown last night, city ollicial
Ten btockt of Ihe lower part of the
u r mntrt arlv in til
iiing with back water which reached
-Aitliitt 8 mchet ol the door ol ine
trading hotel and Other busine
house. The river i tleadily rising.
Kcnidentt of the lower part of the
rity received ample warning. Mayor
Perrv taid. and moved to iilacet of
There will be no tuiiermg. ine
main ailHo.l Tmt fUllltfi tO til?
citv bv Adjutant General lilack at
Springfield have been pitched on high
(ton nd and neighbor have accom
modated many familiet driven from
their home.
Five hundred railroad men in
n.irKtnu.n t.iiil nflf since the eonl
ttrike. are engaged in the battle with
the Hood.
The (own !al niht was cmiplet.
I urroniucd by watrr from nne to
ilure let! derp, coveting JH0,ml
aire of wheat laud. More than a
million ane of wheat land wmiM
le inundated by a bre.ik m the lure,
it wa (aid. Tta. U ol the !.ituuuie
k Ohio and the Wush radioad i I
the state highway east wete the outv
meant of entering the city oil diy
land. Many boat were in use.
Workmen last tiiitht weie h.inkii
tewert with taudhag o hold ihe
water back in evetal pail of the
rity. (Iliieuts sii.l il was the In.)
time in the northern United State
that thi mean had been resorted I
in lighting ilood.
Man ami Wife ArreMeil
on (iliarjjo of Murder
' Chicago, April K Mi., Veronica
Long and I.oius andt, h r husband,
were Liken into custody last tiiuht in
connection with ihp minder ol Wil
liam I'urlon, il, who w.h shot imd
killed last Tiirnl.iv night a be
stopped hi autoiuohilf in front of
the young woman' home to call on
Mis Long rparatcd from bee
husband eight week ago and
ftitumcd her maiden name, andt
furniihrd an alibi for himself on the
nintit of the shootiiiK. but is being
held while il i checked up.
I'arlon, whose wife i in
Angeles, bad Mopped hit nuto in
front of the house in which Miss
Long w.i rooming when two turn
appeared. They poke to him, and
a he turned, shot him through the
side. He died 15 minute later.
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1 L