Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 09, 1922, Page 7, Image 7

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IlirJ U.UAMA. M.NUAi. AVUlb 9. 1S2.
Mi Russia
ren Driven
iof Ship
he Tint
Ule, of
nf lite
h u-
U'omcvi to Wear Xame
Embroidered on Hone
leld '
Yilliam M.
cstcrday on
y in conncc-
cral montus
cash from a
he vaults o(
,nts National
iMcFce, who
Li the bank
taking the
bid. They
opened the
i key made
io also was
E $1,000 bill
acted atten
ds had been
Anril 8. A
lional guards-
cri hv i.ani.
fthe local Na-
and Sheriff
Mv. last night
near here dc-
wo men who
t cVinrHf when
Althcm at Pcnd
lut rharce. Mem
ihe men woum
Irl n( he men.
I gnman, and hts
fled? themselves in
. tlrtiff went to
drive , mm away
Atlantic City, N. J., April I
Nm of th wtartr, emlneid.
rr4 jukt above tht ankl. art la
ukt iht pUc cf clock on wo.
men's stocking, several exhibitors
at the Atlantic City Ushion show
y. A number of minikin at tht
show appeared in heavy silk Te
with their names inscribed con.
tpicuousty in a vertical row on Iht
outside of tach stocking.
Senate Measure
Creates 23 .More
Federal Judges
Hill IW.l, 11 to 21. After
Almost Unparalleled Pult
lie l!liiliition of
NWhiiifiton, April 8, Amid public
exhibition ot Ion-rolling hiio,t with
out 'iMrHct in i'oni!rc., the sen.ilr.
by a vole of 44 in .1. p;ici the bill
T( jtinj: 2i di-
t net judgeships and one ic!"ral
circuit judgeship. . -
Jut briure the final passace 01
he bill, the senate adopted, without
record vote, the Dial .amendment,
riptially aimed at ex-JuiUe Landis
i Chicago, forbidding federal judges
mi accepting outside employment.
e amendiuciit provides that "every
due shall reside in the district or
rcuit or one of the districts or
rciiits fur which he is appointed ami
iall devote hi time to the duties
t his office, and shall tint cngaRc
t any other employment for which
to receives compensation, and for
offending against the provUions ot
this section shall be dremed guilty
of a high misdemeanor."
Hefore Judge J.antli' resignation
every effort by Senator Dial to put
through the amendment .".s blocked.
When he offered it yctcrday a rising
vote was demanded and the measure
won by a narrow . margin. The
vice president did not announce the
Man Arrested for Death
of Roosevelt Released
New York, April 8. David Zalkin.
municipal bus driver, who was' held
on a charge of homicide alter the
death of Robert H. Roosevelt, jr.,
from injuries inflicted by an auto
mobile, was discharged by Magis
trate Nolan on recommendation of
Assistant District Attorney Good
man. Mr. Goodman said Roose
velt's relatives were convinced Zalkiit
was not to blame for the accident.
Jewelry Lost by
Galli-Curel Found
by Auto Truckman
Gnu toIfti Frm Opera Star
Are IWomrd Under Treo
.North of San Juan
Direo, April 8 The jewel
t.ilni from Mine. Amr-ltu tialli
I uni Thursday it Fan Juan Capi
ir-itm Here returned to Iter lat night
l v Warren J. Shepherd, er, automo
bile trtu kmjii. Mho found them
undrra tree near Iti roadside camp
lat iiifiht.
Miqiherd said that neither he nor
hi u uc "thought much of the jew
els" which are valued at 545.WW. and
that they left them on the seat of
their automobile truck lat night
when tlu made tamp. Ihe i't
.whete they were i'tiiud wa a few
mite not tii oi San Juau (.'apiotraiio.
Shepherd aid that he wa travel-,
iug south, niakini; slow progress be
liiune hi truck had developed motor
trouble, whrn lie saw the jewel case,
its cover open. King under a small
spruce lice beside the highway.
Thinking that it wa a small suit
case lost from some automobile, he
stopped and picked it tip. Inside
were some of the jewel, two of
which had been presented to the
singer by royalty, but many other
were (scattered about on the ground
a if the case had been thrown from
a passing automobile and burst open.
A string of pearls had been broken,
and some of the pearls were scat
tered far from the case.
When Shepherd ami hi wife
reached here thi evening, they went
to the home of hi brother, J. V.
Shepherd. They told of their find. A
girl in the household who had read
the account of the jewel robbery
noon threw light on their owner
ship. Shepherd telephoned Mine.
Galli-Curci, and having made an ap
pointment, came downtown with his
wife and handed over the jewel case
and its contents..
President Asked to
Explain Print Shakeup
Nf Yoik. Apiil R.iht Niton1
tint Service Reform league, of Serretary Hughes is a vice
president, today issued a sniemrnt
iliroueH i's ting president. V.
hani DudVy I olke, asserting that
an a.t of aimple justice I'resident
Harding should assign hi reasons
lor dismissal last month of the di
irctor and il of the employe of the
bureau of engraving and printing.
Iht statement railed attention to
section 6 cf the act, Auguit 6, 191.',
, "That no person in the classified
civil service of the lnie4 State
shall be removed therefrom except
for such cause a will promote the
cHicirncy of said service and for
reason given in handwriting, and
the person whose removal is sought
shall have notice of the same, and
of any charges preferred against bun,
, , , ami alo be al!or4 reason
Me tune fur personally answering
the (ame in writing , ,
Tins provision of tht law, the
statement a!., w bseJ cn a rule
issued hy l'ieident McKinlry in
'J7. In cist immediate action was
necessary the president could have
suspended instantly tht persons
artrcted hy hit order pending the til
ing of charge and the opportunity
for reply, added ihe statement.
Funeral for Former Omaba
Woman Will He Held Monday
Funeral service for Mrs. Edna
Turner, wile of S. 1 nomas Turner
of Chicago, formerly of Omaha, will
be held at 2 Monday afternoon at
the Scottish Rue cathedral.
Mr. Turner tbed last night at the
home of Iter sister-in-law, Mrs. J. C
laiwreucc. 4"8I2 I'arnam ttreet, Pe
sides her husband she it survived by
a grandmother living at Jackson,
Mich. Burial will be in Forest Lawn
,9 Die in Storms in South.
Dallas, Tex., April 8 Nine
I'e.ttlis and injuries to an unknown
number of persorts were reported
earlv today as a result of wind
storms starting in West Texas and
sweeping through north central
Texas and south central Oklahoma.
Six persons were reported killed at
Rowcna, near Ballingcr, Tex., and
one each at Cisco. Electra, Tex., and
I.awton, Okl. First reports indicated
heavy property damage. Down
pours accompanied the wind at most
lis uaotnrc
nil Within; ear
Bcridollw would be
r. .i s . . a u a
d retirncq 117
vithin fi year as ex
U . fatisrirnia. iiiyurg-
'io incicase.b.OOO
bwed bf cdnfifress for
- 1 t
Me irontl toreicn coun-
rharccl with crirljc.
t, w 1 , I ' -
douahbofs are .on
lit" sail Mr. Lineber-
(eretary Mughes is ac-
his apprehension
Ivas vatcfl down
miTit of UXb. Judge
rria'..Atil 8 -(l!y ,A.
fci N.-'EliKendall ' re-
ter .todL.lrom k.
her ntcncJrjiUot tneuowa
t-!iPii(.-loria Hv sug-
. rU,,i petit ivc.llitit he
ccnn hi J! sUt-: ICR-
mieht b; brouglfrisgWtAl,rtn
trict Tudire HznfWsWi W
rv. He. charges iJutlflc Dufean
j- - - w jl- (.1 a ; 1 j.
conduct unbeconf gto a jungej
ing to
la specia
I Want to Employ Eleven People
' Both Men and Women
but don't waste your time or mine on this unless you are a hustler.
My proposition Is a selling one but there are: .f
no samples to eatry; .
no prospectus to show. "It Is
not a stock-sellinit promotion schtme: -..-.. .
1 not a house-to-house canvas.
It Is just a real, live, up-to-datan and honest proposal that Is ftoinr 4o he
sold to the hest and most progressive people In the city. Liberal commission
and no traveling.
One thine more, don't answer this ad unless you have confidence in yourself.
Rut if you have that quality and want to make money for yourself, write.
Give a deseription" of yourself your sellinc experience. Sell yourself TO
me; then I'll be able to tell if you can sell FOR 'me. - . . , . .
- -. ADDRESS C. A. O., OMAHA BEE - " x
The Brandcis Store
Princess Mary
Bridal Gown and Veil
On Exhibition
In our Ready-to-W 'ear Section
beginning Monday, 9 A. M,
The gown and veil are exact
copies of those worn by H. R, H.
The Princess Mary on the
RoyalWedding Day. Originals
.by Rev Ule, London, dressmaker
to Her Majesty the Queen.
: The Crest'Ahtie--
. .' The British College of Heralds has selected
this as the coat-of-arms of Princes Mary and
, : Viscount Lascelles. , The wife's arms are usual
r ,ftf,..:,)y impaled on those of her husband, but In this
- cae of the marriage of royalty and a commoner
it was decided to combine them in the form of.
two shields. . '
Theater Own
f Chicago, April
and Raymond L. J
'several Chicago rdovmg
theaters, pleaded guil
eral judge Carpenter
failing to turn over
ment ?12.000 of war
on admissions to
ments. Judge Carpen
decision for 30 days
BFIetV. Linick
ltT7"f- D 1 i V I 3 Vi
is of
fefred his
day and
Sale of ,
Buster Brown
. i ...
for Boys arid Girls
Off Regular
, ij
New Trk. April 1. nina. Hamourg;
Bayern, Hamburg; Aquflani, Southamp
ton. Plymouth, April 7. Centennial State,
Jiew York. IK
Gibraltar, April . ItTia. New York.
Alglera. April Fatfim. Boston.
Antwerp. April S. Cjigny. Portland,
Me.: April : TorK.
. 1 . .. 1 T3kl?aa V T.lirlc.
OK II IIIIIILI.LUI I ll ijft"oe" .
en bach. Boston; Thorn I Ward, Slo-
Shanghai. April 5 f.'aga Mam, Ban
Francisco; Bay StstM Rattle.
Sydney. N. S. ptll S Parana.
Vancouver. f I
Mayla, April S.'-Any -tru, San Fran-
New Tork. Arril T. Ivmilmo, Seattle
New Tork. April . ajiance, Htvrs; via
North State, London iKCa Bourdonnla,
Havre.. . '.. . If . .
Hamburg April 7.-lveriora, new
Tork. -
Cristobal. April . Kimrvme. i.oa ah
gvles: Mrxlro Msru. Los Angeles; West
Himroa, ancouver.
Antwerp. April 4. Flnlsnd. New Tork.
Chriaitaoia, Attr'l I. Helliola '
Tork. '
To Celebrate Our 3d Anniversary as Selling Agents for These
Famous Shoes
We planned this Great 3-Day Sale which began Saturday and which
has been enthusiastically received by our many customers.
The sale continues Monday and Tuesday with 20 reductions.
These shoes cannot be beat for wear, style and comfort They are -in
all sizes Patent Strap Slippers, Brown Oxfords and Brown Strap
SlipperS. ' "Cirls' Shoes, Third Floor, East Boys Shoes, Fourth Floor, Center
m sf aT
Advance Season Sale
"Gurney,? Refrigerators
On Sale Monday and Tuesday
Only at
S fP
ffip I tip
Convenient Ea$yto-Pay
Some people may think it stranpe to hold
a sale of refrigerators ho early in the
Reason, but the ntlvantatre is plain when
one considers that what woulil otherwise
be a dull refrigerator week is turned into
a busy one. An abundance of pizes and
styles in top and Ride icer.i.
Johnson' Prepared Floor
Wm, the large CQp
size cans only...""
Wall Paper Cleaner, fa
mous "Climax" IO
at the can.... 15iC
Screen Paint
A very high grade black
paint that will protect
your screens and frames
from decay.
Pint Can, 26c
Quart Can, 45e
Paint Brushes, 2 inches
wide, pure Chinese
bristle brushes, 1 A
Unly .,.
Seamless Tapestry Brussels Rugs in 6x9 size , . .$13.50
Seamleas Tapestry Brussels Rugs, 7-6xG-9 size $16.50
Long-Wearing Velvet Rugs in 9x12 sizes only $43.50
Serviceable Axminster Rugs, 8-3x10-6 sizes, at $39.50
: ; ; : J
Lace ' Curtain Stretchers,
in this sl QC
sale at PliJ
Garbage . Pails ' of heavy
galvanized material With
bail .handle and tight fit
ting cover
is only . . . .
Buffets, wonderfully well
made in fumed oak with
French plate mirror,
only . .
ROCKERS, this comfort
able model in fumed oak
with spring seat, uphol
stered in imitation leath.
er, is .
only . .
c o
. c
o e
. CHIFFONIER in golden
oak with ' plate mirror
and ""six drawers
only .. .; $22.50
Anne model in rich Jaco
bean' oak with 48-inch
top that extends to 6
feet ,
Dnly . .
Handsome Living Room Suite Three pieces with mahogany finished
frames and cane backs; has spring edge construction and loose cushions
luxuriously upholstered in blue and brown velour, with d 1 At C
two extra pillows to fnatcb; one of many values, onlyvl .01
' Bridge Lamp
Mahogany finished
standard and silk
shade, complete L,
Unfinished Breakfast Set .comprising a charm
ing drop leaf Table and four attractive cane
seat Chairs; you can finish this set to suit your
fancy or home decoration, $22 50
As Always, You Make Your Own Terms
Eight-Piece William and Mary Dining Suite in beautiful walnut, com
prising a stately 72-inch Buffet, a 54-inch Dining Table that extends
to six feet and SIX Dining Chairs with cane backs d q' ("r
upholstered in brown leather; complete .tplvsUv
Headquarters for
Sturdily built sulkies with loom
woven frame and cloth , top that
collapses into a small space for
the street car $13 95
Lloyd Carriages . . . $23.75
Restful Go-Carts, $9.75 Up
Perfect b a k i n g
quick, intense heat,
or a slow simmering
under automatic
control. NO smoky
wicks to clean, as
bestos kindlers re
place them.
Beautiful Bedroom Suite A Queen Anne design in walnut veneer,
comprising a large Uresser with 24x26-inch plate mirror a tall Chif
fonier and full size bow foot Bed; a suite that will
give you years of service, is only
- - -. mill
Our -Exchange Department will take in your
old lurniture at a lair value on any new fur
niture you select. This furniture is priced,
T An M 1 '
buiT ior quicK clearance. . .