Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 09, 1922, Page 5, Image 5

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7 Juror Given Six
i Months in Jail for
Soliciting Bribe
Char? That He Solicited
$100 to 'SHiuR Vmlii-r
in Hiatt C.e It
rri!k L. Mmtr.w, Prfd
Hurt. 4 juror, v. icntrnccd ta oix
riioniU in the munty j-iil yrttrrday
muNiing by Pliriit JuItie Siauftcr
ftr-r he arreteJ mid acruir l of
i'lattt iiipt to etitort a $4K) bribe from
' 4 Jfiic I.. Jlutt hiring a law uit in
uiiinti ioiiii wrrk nc lore mm.
Munroc 4 ukcii in custody in
court (ml contempt cWiifi iilcd
( itj.iiii?t him by County Attorney A.
V. Mint writ at the rcqur; of Judtie
Hie jury in tlic cae of J. L. Hiatt
company ati-iiiM Jre Hull involv
ijr profit mcr real rsUte w
riurtifd afirr Hull toM Juilc Stauf
frr tlut Munroc called dim by trie
, phone and iirr.mtjH an appoint turn t
in a toft dunk parlor at 4118 Niuth
Thirteenth street.
Movie Theater Alibi.
... Hated Munroe tuhl. liim be
STuiild "jwiiiR the jury in his favor"
if he ta Riven J4IHI. Half of this
amount, lli.ttt raid Munroe Hated,
he would have to give a "pal" on the
Monroe' alibi was that be attended
a movie at the Majictheatcr and that
he bad not been at tbe sot't drink
parlor as Hiatt and Detective Litk
ert testified.
"Munroe's story is false," aid
Shotwcll in his argument. "He
doesn't remember the title of the
movie he saw nor can he relats the
theme of the story. The mys'erious
"Jonesy and Shorty, their two al
leged tar witnesses are a dream."
No Faith in Story.
Addressing Munroe, Judne S'.auf
ler said, "you were given every
courtesy and opportunity by the
court and county attorney to relate
your whereabouts on Friday nijht.
J I permitted two police officers to
accompany you on your trips ol
daunts where Shorty and Jonesy
mifht be, but to no avail. You could
not find them.
"I wish to make no comment on
the evidence of the case. But 1 hold
you guilty of the charge against you.
Hi put no faith in your story nor did
I like your conduit on the stand. I
publicly want to thank Mr. Hiatt for
his attitude in this case and he
should be highly commended. Mr.
Hiatt did only what any other pub
, lie spirited citxen would do. You arc
sentenced to the county jail for six
months." 1
1 r
Road Conditions
nfehed by tho Omaha Auto' Club.)
. T ini-nln l-ftshwnV. Bust noads- rough
nut cf Council .Fluff", oiheru Ise good to
rniilon. fair to Marshalltou n. Cedar
Hvlrts reports romls Impassable east,
loiirtms tMpflru cars. ' ,
Lincoln HiKhy, West Roada fBir
Vsllev to Fremont. Very rough at 8enuy
l.r. folumhus, t'entral City. Grand Island
and pnlnIB west good.
O. I. D. Highway Rondi good exrept
Ashland, reported roug1- there. Bad
atteich from ItHKilngs to Holdrege.
Highland Cutoff Roaili rough,
a. V. A. Road Fair to good.
Omsha-Topeka Hluhway Roads fair to
good to slate Hue.
O Street Road Roads lair to good.
Ornhuaker Jllg.iw ay Roads fair to
Rl.vk Hills Trail Roads fair to good.
. . George Washington Highway KooUs
King of Trails, Norlh Rosds rough out
. ,of I'ouncll Bluffs, otherwise fair. Oood In
J Vstrelrhes.
M Kin ot Trails. South Roads good,
aft r'.rA R.ttiefteiri H Iff hway Roads
,,,,. nut of nnnnidl Uluffs. fair to good
thrnufh Iowa to Slou City. Roads to
Wem Knlls reported fair now. All pass
able through South Dakota, with ferry at
. . ',...lal ii now rtlnnlllff.
niinf m River Road Oood to Des
Mnu,. with oreiitlon of rough stretches.
Iowa, I lly reports main dirt highways
sllpperv and mudholes si filled with wa
ter. Travel ts with difficulty.
Whllo Pole Road Oood to Pea Slolnes.
No report east.
, 10. A. bhortllns Roads fair to Green
field. Blue Grass Road Roads fair to good,
ro'irh In stretches.
Weather reported cloudy at every point.
The Bee Leads Other Papers in
Sport News.
Soloist at Concert
for Church Benefit
i hi
;"' .' f
Joseph Wally.
Joepb Wally will be one of the
holoiht- in the sacred concert to lie
given bv Our l.adv of I.ourdes
ihurch choir the eveuiuR of April 18.
He hat a l"uh baritone voice ot con
siderable ratine and power. Mr.
Wally's work shows excellent con
trol, artistic coloring and splendid
Two Places Closed liy
Liquor Injunctions
Tcnltior.irv injunctions closing the
places at 'MS Norlh Sixteenth ilrret
and 2')U.i N street on charges of vio
lations of 1 lie prohibition laws were
signed yesterday by l'cdcral Judge
Defendants in the former cae are
Hen Hirsch. J. Alexander and Kinma and in the latter case, Xcts A.
Johnson and Harry Norman.
Pyorrhea low
Being Cured
At laist n Gunriintiiil Krnu'ilr.
TrLil llolllo AliHoliiti-ly Frt-f.
Any sufforrr from Pyorrlira,
Rlt'Odina; ami UU-erutcd (iums. I.ooho
Tooth and olhor sore nml disciised
cnnditlnnii of the mnuth, can Rain
liimipiliiite relief ami in a xhoi-t time
complete recovery from those dread
conditions by usinir a new guaran
teed liome trentment now available.
Thousands proclaim Its efficacy in
overcoming Tyorrheu, relieyinK pain,
heallns pus pocket, liardeninK
gums, savins teeth. You can prove
its merits in your own case without
expense or obligation by writing
Dept. 5294 Moore's Laboratories,
2113 Grand Ave., Kansas City, Mo.,
for one week's trial treatment
which will be cheerfully sent ab
solutely free.
Says Radium
Cured Rheumatssm
Shalbona Farmer Adds Chapter
to the Marvelous Story
of Radium.
"Radium is a wonderful tonic and blood
remedy and its possibilities are still un
dreamed of," said a well-known scientist.
"The rays caught in sucar of milk and
made up into tablets and taken internally
seem to work miracles." Thousands of
these perfectly harmless tablets have al
ready been dispensed and the results are
little short of marvelous.
E. S. Ball, a well-known farmer of Shal
bona, 111., writing to a noted doctor, says:
"You will perhaps recall havinsr sent me
those Nuradium tablets and I have been
almost free of rheumatism Bince taking
One of the principal causes of rheu
matism is faulty elimination and infected
Klands and the Nuradium tablets seem to
energize the entire system. Acute pains
disappear as if by magic, jaded appetites
become keen, red blood corpuscles have in
creased by 260 000 in two days and the
possibilities it radium are still undreamed
Several leading druggists are now sup
plied with these Nuradium tablets put up
in vials of 210 at $1.60 per vial. Try
them. A veritable fairyland of science
stands revealed in these marvelous tab
lets. Be sure t ask for Nuradium. Thejr
are sold by Green's Pharmacy. Haines
Drug Co , Sherman & McConnell and Bea
ton Drug Co.
A bath a day
the Mueller way
The New Mueller
TubSk&wer Faucet
Y7TTH this new invention you can take a tub-bath,
W or a shower-bath. You can enjoy a hot tub, fol
lowed by a warm or a cold shower. You get the com
bined advantages of both tub and shower. Cold, warm
or hot water can be drawn from either spout or spray.
The hose is permanently attached and independent
of spout. ,
Dad and the boys can have their cold showers
mother and the girls can have warm showers or tepid
tubs and luxurious shampoos all with the Mueller
Tub-Shower Faucet.
' Mike the tub you now have into a shower encourages the
bathing habit with the children. Insist that your architect
specifies and your plumber installs Mueller good.
See your plunAxr far complete information or write us
Mtien ofm Complete Lin oHi'j Grade Plumbing Brass Goods
Branches.- 145 W. 30th Street, New York
l v 633 rvuasson acrcet, aan rrancaco
11 IM
Ten Room
Special Luncheon Daily
Served 11:30 to 3:30
Our Radio Department
Burjresw.Nash sensed the tromendou interest be
ing fthown in wireless it ml installed a Radio Department
on the fourth floor, where a complete line of receiving
sets, accessories And parts will be carried. A special
effort will be made to care for the wants of the amateurs
who want to make their own sets. Any elevator to the
fourth floor will take you direct to this department.
Buri.Nh Fourth fleer
00 0
"One Dollar 'BlouseSection
In compliance with tho public demand for inex
pensive wash blouses to wear with suits and sweaters,
we have devoted a section of our Main Floor entirely
to $1.00 blouses. Located Main Floor West, near new
Here every new style ia featured: Teter Pan,
"V," and square-necked models in a complete range of
styles, including extra sizes 36 to 44; 48 to 52.
Buritts-Nath Mala Floor
Wash Goods in Abundance
Most Reasonably Priced
The Cheney
"Ariatocrat of Phonograph"
Sold Exclusively in
Our Vlctrola Dept.
rt.M.NMk-Mik riaaw
French Ratine
Imported ratine in
lovely plain colors. Priced
Yard, $1.25
Irish Dress Linen
Serviceable and prac
tical. Bright shades in
plain colors. 36-in. width.
Yard, $1.25
White Organdie
For confirmation and
graduation dresses. Re
tains finish. 40-in. width.
Yard, 85c
Tissue Gingham
New checks and plaids,
all colors. 36-inch width.
Yard, 75c
Plaid Skirtings
Homespun skirting in
pretty plaids. For sport
skirts. 36-in. width.
Yard, 75c
White Voile
Fine quality of two-ply
yarn with tape edge. For
blouses and dresses.
Yard, 59c
-Second Floor
Jurt On Mot WkTlhini Eatir
Coats : Capes : Wraps : Dresses
Monday-a Sale of
Children's Straw Hats
Easter bonnets for little maids. The regula
tion sailor with wide, rolling brim; adorable
polks with tiny flowers and bits of ribbon
trimmings; and oddly cunning little shapes
that delight the little girls.
Special $2.50
Burfus-Nash Infant Shop Third Floor
New Optical Department
Now Ready to Serve You
Eyes examined and glasses completed in our own
store with the usual Burgess-Nash Service.
Our scientifically arranged examination rooms are
equipped with the latest refracting Instruments, in
charge of a registered refractionist.
Everything that is serviceable as well as new and
correct in lorgnettes, oxfords, shopping oxfords, and
opera glasses. Finest design and best quality material
and workmanship. Prices are very moderate.
Burfesa-Nash Meziantn Floor
April Sale of Silks
Stress Quality--Low Price
Every Piece, Yard $1.95
40-in. Satin Charmeuse.
36-in. Printed Foulards.
36-in. Chiffon Taffetas.
33-in. Tub Silk Shirtings.
40-in. Radium Silks.
40-in. Crepe de Chine
40-in. Georgette Crepe.
40-in. Crepe Chiffons.
36-in. Gingham Checks.
40-in. Plaid Sport Silks.
40-in. Navy Satin Poplin,
fine quality.
BurfMS-Nash Second Floor
ooo :
Featuring a New
Patent Leather Strap Pump
"Flapper,'' a charming
combination, this patent
leather with the wide strap
which has quickly won so
many admirers. ' Combined
with low, broad heel and imi
tation tip, the effect is one of
graceful line. All 'sizes and
Priced $7.95
Other Pumps and Oxfords
Mannish walking oxfords priced.. $8.50
Dress pumps in strap models. .$8.50 to $13.50
Burtcaa-Naali Mala Floor
Styles that embody every fashion whim spring
sponsors modified, at times, to meet the con
servative demands of Burgess-Nash customers.
Frocks for All-Occasion Wear
Wrappy Coats and Cap
A double appeal has this Prc-Easter of
fering of wraps that possess smart individu
ality and yet are decidedly lower in price
than could be expected this early in the sea
son. Beautiful
Marvclla Spotigecn Pondash 1
Moussyne Orlando
lend themselves to finest designing. The cut
and color will delight the discriminating eye.
Carry out, in the new soft crepes,
every dictate of the mode. The
diversity of these models is suffi
cient to gratify individual tastes
and preferences.
Afternoon and dinner drosses of
beaded georgette.
Canton crepes trimmed with em
broidery and their own soft folds.
Sports dresses of spongeen in
high colors and in daring combina
tions. $35 to $95
Separate Skirts Are Smart
Separate skirts pursue an independent
course and bestow favor impartially upon
straight, gathered or pleated styles. Ap
parently they are just as impartial in the
matter of color and fabric checks, stripes,
homespuns and tweeds.
$35 to $125
$15 to $25
Burgcsa-Nash Third Floor
0 00
For Baby
Taffeta Coats
The Newest Patterns in
Wilton and Velvet Rugs
Hand-smocked coats of
crisp taffeta are adorable
in both light and dark col
ors. Pink, Copen, navy,
They are cut on full,
generous lines and made
with cunning collars and
cuffs. Sizes 1 to 6.
Priced $8.95
Burgess-Nash Third Floor
0 0 0
Jersey Silk
Silk Chemise
Lovely chemise made
with regulation top and
bodice. In flesh only. All
Vests and Bloomers
. Vests in bodice top
style. Both garments re
inforced. In flesh only.
All sizes.
Burgess-Nash Main Floor
Cotton Vests
Bodice top in white
only. Sizes 34 to 44.
Priced, each, 35c; 3 for
$1.00. f
Burgess-Nash Main Floor
0 0 0
Easter Cards
that convey the sentiments
attached to the day.
Dainty cards are made
attractive with hand
painting and engraving
appropriately illustrated
and thoughtfully written.
We have a line of cards
that were designed es
pecially for the Sunday
school class.
Burgess-Nash Main Floor
Demand your attention at these low prices.
Wool Wilton
Exact copies of the
higher grade Wil
tons, made from
heavy wool yarns
only. Some fringed,
some bound .'ends.
Large color line in
blue, taupe, rose and
mixed oriental com
binations. A rug for
real wearing service.
9x12 size $75.00
New Velvet
An extra heavy
quality .rug seam
less with fringe at a
moderate price. Neat
allover, conventional
and Chinese designs
in a large assortment
of colors. Lies per
fectly flat on the
floor without tacking.
Sizes 8-3x10-6, $40.
9x12 $47.50
Burgess-Nash Sixth Floor
Monday's Special
1,500 Yards of Silk
69C Yard
Plain and fancy silks, all taken from our own
regular silk stork. Every yard a bargain pur
chase at this amazing price reduction.
33-inch Silk Tub Shirting, striped patterns.
36-in. Printed Poplins.
36-in. Jacquard Poplins.
24-in. Lining Satins.
39-in. Flesh Georgette.
No Telephone Order No Mail Order
Watch Every Ad for the Red Arrow Special.
Burgess-Nash Dowattalra Store
For Easier
New Gloves
Chateau .' goves in styles
more distinctive than jou
have been able to secure for
several seasons.
French Kid Gloves
"Narbonne," a French
kid gauntlet, pique sewn,
with heavy embroidered
backs in two-tone effect
in colors to harmonize
with the new spring cos
tume. A Pair, $6.00
12-Button Gloves
French kid and suede
gloves, embroidered and
Genoble point backs in
brown, mode, beaver,
grey, black and white.
Pair, $6.00
Burgess-Nash Main Floor
OOO- :
Special Lot of
Vestees : Collars
Many a smart costume
owes its charm to dainty
neckwear. You will de
light in. this special lot of
vestees and collars in net
and lace, organdy and
lace, in unusual combina
tions. Priced at $1.00
Collars and Cuffs
Peter Pan and "Tuxedo
collars and cuffs and
vestees and collars are
priced very special at
New Veilings
Only spring fashions
know how adorably are
the new French dots and
fancy mesh veilings. New
shipments make it possible
to select a becoming veil
in plain colors or com
binations. Priced
25 to 2.00
Burgest-Nath -Main Floor i
iThis Store uses ho comparative prices they are misleading and often untrue