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The Omaha Bee
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far Man-k, 1922
Daily Avtri ZJ'ZXS
Sunday Averag Oo
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' . arr Tfl F PHONES
I.rrtmt. Arumie' "
AT U.ti
Ulysses Simpson Grant.
'',1 27 18.':. a man child wa. born '
farmer. Jcc and hi. S"1 ,fe ,ned'? ,,mc
but' the name would not tnk. d '
t di to -,her ,.,e boy drooped
Ilium and inserted Simpson, and g-e the
"oHd a name that UI .Lnd a, long a, name,
.remembered in America. Now . up. are
heim taken to properly commemorate the cen
e 1. anniver.rof hi. birth by arrangmg
o establish memorials (or h.m m vanou. nlac ..
Young Crant began early left P me
morial, (or himself. One was at Resaca de la
Palm., another at Monterey. Later he p i tap
uite a .iiable one at Belmont, and justified
hi. initial, when he wrote a note Jo hi. old
classmate, Simon Bolivar Buckner. m relation
to term, on which the latter might surrender
Fort Donelson. Then at Shiloh he established
another, and at Cornith. Vicksburg an Chat,
t.nooga, finally a big one at Richmond, and the
capsheaf of alt at Appomattox. Here is a
veritable pyramid of military glory, topped by
' the" most magnanimous act of a conquerer.
career-that provision by which Lee . men were
.llowed to 'retain their horses, because they
would need them when they got home.
Grant', career as president Is hardly less re
markable than his record as a soldier. He fell
heir to the 'confusion of war confounded by
the Inability of Johnson to restrain the zeal of
the radicals, led by Cameron and his associates.
Reconstruction wa. his task, and he accom
plished it so well that his successor, Hayes, an-
. .. 1 ...-.-la- una
nounced on coming into omce xnai mc
done. - One of Nebraska', fine soldier-citizens,
John M. Thayer, had the distinction of being in
Grant's confidence during this critical period,
and a. a genator from Nebraska aided greatly
, in..haping affairs. As the perspective lengthens
the world sees better the achievement of the
silent man, and appreciates more fully his work.
No picture of Grant is so impressively ma
jestic as that silent figure, swathed in blankets,
lilting in an invalid's chair, stubbornly fighting
back the Death Angel while he completed ni.
memoirs, the .ale of which was to discharge
: his debts, clear hi. name from a stain put on
it by a dishonest business partner, and thus to
leave the world a legacy it will treasure more
and more as years go on.
I American, have heard a lot of Thomas Jef
ferson lately; it will do them no harm to look
up Ulysses Simpson Grant, and absorb some
of the teachings that may be drawn from his life.
t , Music and Morals.
The . power of music to soothe the savage
breast receives a new tribute from Otto H. Kahn,
wljo would like to ee a piano in every home.
Thi. millionaire banker, and philanthropist, nrg-
ing a municipal appropriation for the advance
ment of'the arts, expressed the belief that many
crimes resulted from a desire to get away from
the dullness of everyday life. ' -
On ,the other hand, jazz is frequently de
nounced as the breeding ground of vice how
would Mr. Kahn obtain jazz proof pianos guaran
teed against those syncopated, hesitating shiver,
of harmonious discord? The proposal for more
music resolves itself into an elaboration of the
theory that if people are singing or playing they
will not be indulging in pastimes that are gen
erally held to be more reprehensible. Something
on the order of the claim that if people are al
lowed to get drunk they will not resort to drugs.'
Mr. Kahn went So far as to intimate the belief
that a piano is better than a cop, andthat crim
inals might be induced to revel in melody rather
than gore. This belief is curiously analogous o
that of the anarchist philosophy that mankind is
naturally harmless and good, needing no laws
and resorting to wrongdoing solely because of
' instincts starved and distorted by repression.
Maybe music would help deter people, from
crime bu,t it would have to be good music, for
there re sounds emanating from sundry parlor
instrument, that seem to incite to murder rather
than to brotherly love. , - :
More Early Marriages.
The notion that . hard . economic conditions
are reducing the number of early marriages in
America is exploded by the figures of the last
census. In fact, a significant increase is shown
in the proportion of married persons among
the young folks. Thus, the number of 18-year-old
husbands increased from 13,321, or 1.4 per
cent of the total population of that age in 1910,
to 24,944, or 2.7 per cent of the corresponding
Afal in 1Q?0 ' Th ffrMfpct nrr cpnfr rf ffain
v.ta ... O"' 1--- o
is found among men of the age of 20 and 21.
At the same time tfle number of 16-year-old
brides increased from 34,829, or 3.7 per cent, to
41,626, or 42 per cent. For each age from
15 to 34 without exception in the case of either
sex, an increase i. shown in the proportion
married, the proportion being especially notie'e-
able for the younger ages.
Matrimony has not gone out of style for
any age group." A less pronounced increase
is reported for the age. from 35 to 44, con
' .idered a. a group. The proportion of mar
riage, for those over thi. limit has decreased.
' Xhj'eensui reveal, that Chicago ha. 20,089
unmarried wumrn mort t'lun 4 J yt.r. old, and
J 1, 370 bachelor, ever tht time at line. Hu
man naturt i curious, and probably will insist
en beiicvinr that tht old maid never had
chance, while th. bachelor, remained .ingle
from choke. But .peaking of choice, there are
l.titY) divorced men and 8.98J divorced women,
Somt women, at least, have demonstrated their
desire (or matrimonial freedom.
Statitiic. do not go into tht caukt. of these
conditions. Id!t speculation may Ukt it that
many early marriage, art attributable to the
fart that the tut of divorrt has made matri
inony .rem lei. serious. Or it may be that
mort wholesome factor, have entered.
i. 58
Blackmailing Nebraska.
The Bet published Saturday the fact, of the
latest chapter of a campaign of blackmail directed
egainst the state of Nebraska.
The democratic pres. published a. fact
.Utcment that the Wisconsin state budget for
the current biennium i. $26,000,000; that of Texas
$2J,000.000; Michigan, $17,000,000; Minnesota
JI6.000.000; Iowa, $10,000,000; Misouri. $15,000,
000 and Nebraska $30,000,000. On that basi.
wa. drawn a picture of Nebraska burdened by
taxes greater by million, than those of neighbor
ing state, of greater wealth.
The extent of this misrepresentation I. shown
by the fact that Nebraska', budget included every
item of legislative appropriation, from tax fund.
and all other sources, for twenty-seven month.,
whereat the auditor, of the respective states
quote their own corresponding totals for twenty-
four months as follows: Wisconsin, $61,000,000;
Michigan, $58,000,00fc Minnesota, $26,000,000
(plus apparently certain additional items); Iowa,
$10,000,000, plus unestiiuated items carried by
continuous levies; Missouri, $84,000,000.
Such misrepresentation hurts the fair name
of Nebraska wherever it is read and believed. It
serves notice abroad that Nebraska property is
burdened beyond that of its neighbors; that Ne
braska industry is carrying a load beyond that
of competing industries in other states; that
Nebraska is governed either corruptly or incom
petently. It depresses land values by frightening
prospective buyers. It turns population else'
where to state, where taxes are falsely repre
sented as being lower than in Nebraska. It dam
age! Nebraska beyond calculation.
The Eighth Art.
Those whose, delight it is to hold that the
world is growing worse can not be speaking of
cooking. With this the gradual fade-out of do
mestic servants may have much to do. After
all, in the kitchen, as everywhere else, the best
way fi get things done correctly is to do them
ones sell.
The members of the agricultural committee
of the Chamber of Commerce recently were
dined at the home of one of the leading mer
chants of the city. No caterer was called in
for this occasion, but the women of the house
hold prepared and served the entire meal. In
the governor's mansion at Lincoln Mrs. McKel
vie does her own work. She has a larger house
than have many other women, and there is
no doubt that the development of the kitchen-
tte and the improvement of household device.
ha. encouraged and made possible similar sim
plicity in countless homes.
To cook well is an art for which the train
ing given ,in high Sthool may receive a portion
of credit. In the past few housewives had even
heard of a balanced diet and many made no
use of leftovers such a. some of the most tasty
dishes now are produced from. .
One reads of the visit in Omaha of the queen
of Des Moines lemon pie bakers and the mouth
waters at the very mention of her presence.
Here is the very apex of the boasted home
cooking. And for the benefit of humanity she
broadcast, her prized recipe. Three thousand
Iowa women competed with her, and doubtles.
all of their pies were good, although some wer.e
better. One considers the use that is sometime.
made of this creamy confection in slapstick
movie comedies and regards it as almost sacrilege.
Hail to the host, of the kitchen, and may
the day never come when women lose their
interest in culinary composition.
It is not pretty for Senator Norn's to pull the
Congressional Record on his colleague. That
bothersome old book sometimes makes it awk
ward for a senator to proceed.
Contracts are beeing let for the Minne Lusa
school, which ought to convince any of the fact
that Omaha is growing. Not many moons ago
that region was rasitig corn. '
General Semenoff has sensed the difference
between America and Siberia as far as looting
is concerned, but what would we do if Lenin or
Trotzky were to come over?
Italy is finding its guests a troublesome lot,
but by keeping th? Russian royalists at Florence
and the reds at Genoa it may pull off the confer
ence in peace. . - ." s
Some big land movements are noted along
the Pacific coast, but take the form of slide.
down the mountain sides, whjch is something else
again. -t . " ' . .
A woman who cart. $45,000 worth of jewels
around the country in a handbag these days will
get little sympathy when they are stolen.
Omaha juries are willing to concede a woman
all her rights. If they think she is guilty, they
return a verdict to that effect.
President Markham of the Illinois Central
says rates must come down, and thereby alines
himself with the majority.
Mexico is said to be moving for recognition,
but avoids the path pointed out by Secretary
Hughes last spring.
Several Texas graveyards have been filled for
less than what can off in the house Thursday.
Let Uncle Sam employ your idle dollars
a savings certificate. i
A Dublin storehouse is no safe place for Bel
fast whisky. .''
What people really want is a painless tax. .
To Settle the Fussing.
On behalf of the males of the species we
move that the women be sriven i monopoly on
all forms of jury service. New Orleans Times-
given i i
-New Or
The Husking Bee
lis Your Day
Start ltWithaLau$h
When a man .tart, to think of hi.
After waitinr all winter for .pring.
He spade, up a rod of the tough back-yard tod
And dreamt of his harvest poor thing;
lie then plant! hit been and potatoes,
Hi. carrots and calabash seeds, ;
And in a kw day. he finds he ran raitt
A varied assortment of weeds.
lie anxiously peert at the gravel
Whfro hi timk a lot of hi. doueh.
Gett down on hit kneet o'er the beam and the
P' .
But not a green sprout do they show;
He rakes and he hoes and he waters,
it. tnii iiirr 'neaih milliner's hot breath.
While even the chickens find awful .lirn pickin't
And the cut-worm, are starving to uram.
Experience, they say, it a teacher
icnni mt anv man deaf.
But a citizen, tmug, with the gardening lug,
Wilt pull the tame Bluff every year,
"A. a man .oweth to .hall he reap," does
not apply to an amateur gardener.
I'll tilar hushes are barclv .bowing a few
green buds, but the .unimer resort foldert and
ecd catalogues are opening up im.cj.
Straw hats are expected to bloom about June
1. Citizens begin raising umnreuai us np, , m
. t'i ....., Klt.ia
mi rant raise a siraw ira uum juu ".!. -
June face to face.
Busy business man hasnt tune to roam the
dell in search of the elusive dome-piece. Has to
content himself with the hot-house variety at five
smackers per. Hard pressed citizen who is .till
making payment, on his coal bill might dig up
his last year's bonnet, but if he is caught wear
ing it before the season opens he stands a chance
of having some active memoer oi me k
A. crown him with a gas pipe and put him out
of his misery.
After all, there is no spring tonic like a flock
of fishing tackle and a can ot bait, lomaip can
will hold all the kinds oi oaii you t.n b-i
day- -
Fishing is indeed a salve
To heal the sick
And yet it doesn't eem to have
The same old kick.
There being no "R" in May, next month the
t. n tii ft v ovster. we xrufi no
gourmand will be unsportsmanlike enough to
shoot an oyster out oi season.
It is a poor fish that is Content to drift with
the current
Dr. Fast, the new Methodist pastor, ought to
have no trouble in keeping tne enien rcgu.i
tions. .
ru..r n folk. The leases of the Milwau
kee and the Rock Island on the old U. P. station
-oir. ;n Ofio vears. We have already stood ou
years of it, and they say the first 100 years are
the toughest. . ,
Yet, even a luxury Decomes a
you need it. ,
A afe ffiiess on the weather these days is
partly cloudy, probably showers.
w w ,
a an'u man doesn't wait until a rainy day be-
fore borrowing an umbrella.
Sympathy often makes the gloom thicker.
How to Keep Well
f OK W. A, tVAM
QumImm ,MU(ia fer.M aaaiU
um) aa4 ,r,MtiM ml 4imm. ak
wiiua la Pr. Cm hy ,,ri al
Tk Km, fc aaa4 Mait
ukjl la prafMr liaiiuiiaai. alMra a
auaia, arM4) aavalaaa la I
ilw4. Dr. gaa will aat av
4t(aaia a aacika taf fauliviauai
4imh. A44fa Mlara la al
Tka Dm.
Cw.Btl :t
Nebraska Politics
Here lies Henry Bolingbroke
Who died from lack of breath,
He read an English joke
And laughed himself to death.
It's very, very plain to me
x How Henry came to choke,
His sense of humor made him see
The joke within the joke.
' a
' .We have a strong recollection of a man, and
kew se a woman, who Became tamous wim inc
hatchet, but damfino of a single man or woman
who ver achieved tame witn rnc nammci.
dapl Now, all together! Three-in-One.
a a . a
wt,. mm, hack in itvle aeain some men
, T 111... -- u
will be mean enough to say that now the girls
will have to wasn xneir ears hm "ic
Vjenoa meatier.
vt .vn without ears the eirls never seemed
to have any trouble hearing a guy when he men
tioned ice cream.
. W W W
v mnnntr i th income tax blank puzzle out
of the way than up bobs the trattic regulations.
.a .a a
The cops will make an awful fuss
And throw you in the jug, .
" If you forget and park your bus
F'rninst a fire plug.
..,: a a a
wkn ,nu r a ffuv anklinst down the street
w. rfsva'with that beatific, moon-struck ex
pression on his phiz," mused the corner philoso
uher. "you don't know whether he is in love or
knows a place to get hootch.
a a
p;,. nf a feather flock together, but you
seldom find raven locks with crow's feet.
Our idea of an example of perfect optimism
is a guy buying his first wedding ring.
a a a r
After all there isn't such a great deal of dif
ference between automobiles. One make is as
hard to dodge as another.
a a a
I like the juicy ice cream cone,
4t satisfies my every wish,
For when the tasty feast is done
I do not have to wash the dish,
a a a
If you trust to luck for anything you are
lucky if you get it " - .
"Old man. if you will lend me a five I know
where I can make $10."
"Where would you mike the otner nvet
a a a
Mind is superior to matter when there is
nothing the matter.
Scientist chirps that a man's body contains
some 54 oz. phosphorus. That ought to keep
guy lit up.
Vnorvthinr that Midas touched turned to gold,
but ht never touched a share of oil stock in his
life. . .
The man who said that marriage is a lottery
is still a bachelor. v
get busy and fill it out
If your life is a blank
ily baby it IS month, old." write.
Mr II. "Mha wa l.rm.t fed until
alia was I month, old: than .lit w
put on diluted tow's milk till alia wa
.4 month, old, when 1 began to
Civ a licr caraala and ess and, grad
ually, vetauble. Hia al very Hide,
and at 11 iutitha 1 put Iter under a
doctor who I generally conceded to
b Hi beat hatty doctor her.
"II suva Iter nil iron tonlo for six
weaK. allow Ins Her cereala, esc (I)
nnely mashed vegetable, apiitach,
potatoes, curt oi. aaparagu tip.
tieaa, atewed telery, cooked peaches
and Ilia Ilk, a tableapoon or meat
Kb got along very well, but she still
won t at a tiling.
ttlie di'lns ten or twelv ounce.
of milk dally, take an ess and two
or Hire bile vt vegetable usually
at eacii or the two vegetable meal.
una doemi t "fin to t really fond or
anything and wouldn't eat a I'll If
I (linn t mux her. h la not au k, ia
very activa overactive, no duubt).
playful, good tmtured and ha twelve
I op III, aava tot of word and Iim
been walking ainco ah wa a ycur
oiu. biin aieen poorly at night, and
wukra at the alighteat ound during
ii any. en get from thirteen to
fifteen hours' sleep in twenty-four
"Hue is my oiny child. I am 21
year old, and alwtiya try to do thing
a they ahould done, nil la a
well trained child, mind splendidly,
seem to umlerHiand everything J
aay to her, but she juat won't eat.
hli weigh only 19 H pound net,
ana 1 30 4 Inches tall. . tihe hna
gained only nix ounce In the I ant
alx weeks. Then, laxt week, she had
an attack of tonsillitis and lust three
of them. )
"What on earth ran I do? It acems
a aliame that I know not what to do,
and work hours cooking: her nice
things to eat. and then she turn
her head away without eating a bite.
sometimes Kho takes six or eight lit
tie bites, and once In a great while
she eats a pretty good meal about
twenty bites.
' I m actual y at the lunmlnsr off
piace, a m so aiscouraged. Please
tell me what to do to make her fat
and If It works I'll make you a pretty
nanoKerenier. I d like to see her eet
so fat that her eyes would almost
She looks nice and fat when aha
Is undressed, but her little arms and
legs are so small.
"She likes orange luice and her
bowels have always been In good
condition. She has never been sick
except with tonsillitis recently. She
nas tasted candy enough to know
what it is, and would eat It (or any
thing else she shouldn't haveV all
day. She Is fond of bananas and raw
apples. She won't eat white pota
toes, and likes to eat meat, but she
chews it only for a few seconds
then spits it out.
I read In your column of a ladv
who had a 14 months' old baby simi
larly afflicted, only her baby wa nor.
ma In weight. You advised her to
read books on nervous children
that a finicky appetite is due to ner
vousness, s
"Now that I have stated the facta
In the case. I wish to ask vou a num
ber of questions:
1. Uhat are some enlifhtenlnr
books on nervousness in children 1
year of age? Most book are for
children from 2 years on up.
"2. Is there anv chans-a In diet
that you can suggest? She eat four
times a day. Is there anything I can
give ner to create an appetite?
"8A. What should she weigh? SB.
Where can I get a chart of th
proper weight for height and age? .
"4A. Do you answer all questions
for your newspapers personally?
Some of the answers are very witty,
and I Just wondered if any one could
really by so full of knowledge and.
In additfon, have a sense of humor.
"4B. If so, how do you maintain
it with so many pests, such as I,
bothering you all the time? But
then, of course, perhaps you aren't
married. Or perhaps, you may have
gained the proper perspective that
mature years and wisdom give, and
maybe your helpmeet really helps.
"5. Have you read the book, 'The
Itinerary of a Breakfast,' and. If so.
what do you think of it? I can't be
lieve that no meat and six-minute
oatmeal is really good for grownups.
e. is tt not a better plan, in re
ducing, to eat fruit for breakfast,
and at noon eat a moderate amount
of everything meats, sweets and
everything: and then at night eat
Just fruits?"
Of course. What your child needs
is a little brother. About six of therit
would cure her completely. With
entire respect, she has too much
"mothePr" or rather, mother care.
Name her Topsy and let her "Jes'
grow" for a while. She is doing flue,
but will do better when she gets out
of the spotlight. I expect she eats
enough, and she is far safer than she
would be were she as fat as a mole.
1. Clark's "Character Tralninsr of
Children" tells you what to do with
the youngest. You will have to trv
the second hand book stores, as the
first edition is exhausted and the sec
ond is not ready.
Continue your present plan.
Five meals a day at her age is bet
ter. Have you a copy of "The Right
Food for the Growing Child?"
3A. . Average weight, girls 15
months, 21 pounds; average
height. 30 inches.
B. Write you state board of health.
4A. Yes. ,
B. I am muchly married. I am
sorry to say I have accumulated
them mature years."
5. yes, it is good.
. The plan is all right provided
you do not take liberties with the
noon meal. -
Nebraska City Prei When
Ciime in ptMinf hi opinion en
a ublii quaation, on in wliu-li h
I'H'I'l at iniaraated and uut
whbh a fwlli'l i'i 1 likely to t
evolved, ilr. It. II, lliwL who I
candidal for llilia.l Dtaia aanstor,
ia a clear as a bit, i'piiu.nnjn
ara ooiou, so It will HOC t a 14 Her
what hi chief competitor for th
republican nomination, lia uttered
en the iqur quetunn, for Inatance
Sir. Hawaii declare th Mill
amendment worthy of perpetuation,
Fremont Tribune; It U a id
Howard uncertain a to what lie
et to fil on for rongie from
HU dlatrirt, ii want in to ia
coiigreM tut is balled up on hi party
nukineaa, ii moutiil it coul
aiart a parly of hi own that would
do Ilia trlilt. but liter doe not
eni ia be any great rush lo Join
ii rank which make,ih outlook
discouraging, Howard lis wanted
lo go to congrea for a long tint.
Ha l have to hurry up or old i
win overtake him before an election
Salting 'Cm Down.
Mrs. H. writes: "Perhaps if Mrs.
C. E. H. would try the following
remedy for chilblains it would bring
her relief, as it did me:
"Four years ago I suffered intense
ly with frost bitten feet. I tried many
remediesvithout results. Finally I
bathed them in hot salt water and
while they were still moist I rubbed
them with dry salt until the itching
had eased.
"From that day to this I have
never had chilblains.
"I very thoroughly believe in the
emcacy or salt.
Tumors Likciy to Grow.
Mrs. H. R. writes: "1. To effect a
cure, is it always necessary to re
move a small fibroid tumor, or is
electricity effective?
2. Do they continue to grow, or
remain the same size, or do they ever
go away?" ,
1. They can be cured by opera
tion: also by treatment with X-rays
kor radium.
1. Thev tend to crow, nut afte'
change of life they may grow less
rapidly than before.
The Dear Departed.
Host This saute has grown quite
Hostexs It's a posthumous dish.
dear. The cook has just left Life.
Grand laland Independent: A live
Iv tilt I on between Hi editor of
th New huie, organ of Hi lion.
rtlan league, ami Mra. Marl
Weekr. editor of th Norfolk Presa!
and candidal or 111 Third parly
laat yer for congress, over various
and varying enori lo tiring pro.
greaalva candliUle lino the field.
hrtear Howard r-raiwhil iithuai
asm and ardor for th party I aluo
said lo be cooling. I.lnl Incident
Ilk Hint may not. In th end. aig
nify much, but ar nevertheless
Kearney Hub: Th Kalrbury New
correctly Mate the republican situa
tion regarding Hi tinted Ktutea en
aiorahlp In Nebraska, wlili the con
test so far between Howell and Jcf
fed, both of Omaha, and "the chief
ambition of each being lo beat the
other I intend of to win personal
liiurel." Th New concludes that
if Jefferi win, the ultra Howell
men will perhaps vote for th third
party, candidate at the election, and
If Howell ahould be clioacn a number
of th Jefferi adherenta will find
Hitchcock more acceptable when
they cast their ballot In November."
It Is unfortunate a the New ob,
serves, that "Howell ha led th re
publican party to defeat before."
and that "Jefferi is an unknown
quantity so far a state politics ia
concerned." Certainly not a cheerful
proapect except to th present in
cumbent Senator Gilbert M. Hitch
Norfolk Press: Congressman Jef
feri of Omaha Insist that it la "un
timely to inject the liquor question
Into the senatorial cam Da I en." Pos
sibly, but there ar candidate who
will us this question to get vote in
Tax ia Ik t4
a-wi lirf Ifeft m 141
Te eie ., tf Ik falSitr,
7a a ckMi fr lh tlt a .kU
Aa .ka t-l larpaukare ).
1k ar ,t( far k Ur, auiar
aal vntt
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Omaha. Neb.
wet' rommiinlllea ihnuch ilmn
n"w it win not nam ineir coiial Hu.
enta. Th moat I hey cmibl do would
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In drink by aniindiiic th VnlMeait
law but even Iheu they would atrike
a neuraaka stntui that would balk
Krlcnd Telrgritnli: l'olitlc-il ru
mor I current Hint IMgar Howard
has deaerted Hi third parlv and has
returned to hi nrat lov. democracy.
also that ha will be th democratic
parly ra ndldHte for congres from
th Third Nebraska diatrlci.
Wausa, Gazette; Kdgar Howard
who was on of th grent leaders In
th third party movement I now
aid to be flirting with the demo
crats party for Hi nomination for
congressman front th Third district
We take It that Howard la not overly
particular In what party band wagon
he ride If It but land him in of-
ce but we do admit that h will
how unexpected good Judgment if
cut lone from a- bunch or re
former of th Bill Grern and Floyd
Bollen type.
Chadron Journal: A. H. Byrum
formally onened hi campaign for
th governorship of Nebraska. Mon
day night, in omat.a. nir. uyrum
wanta the elective officera of the
lo t h4 of III r4 dan arta
nivnt and t.a wain a leguiativej
buJt iii4 vt aa vvuiiv
l-gdai. v tan net ' '"
hium' lhaori In re.aft !
cod but dn not hetiuie to Mf
h I. a lihter, -
Kearney Hubt Congrnua
frria l anliiled enulrbl Ci4!
for hi ra4-immn44iion to rri4nl
lUrdMig IO taau a wrot-Wmaltoa,
making U fining f flint l annl
varaary of Alter day a pallonaJ
T.W Via a.Timeai Juat why t
itai ahould ien4 million and tho
peapl gel madioi't aervic doe l0l
ppr plain to th average eliisen.
I Dnihl SfOCK & it
a a
Bond Conpiny ii
SO Patara Trual BMf
Omtka. Nak.
If'e Will Buy:
X gaaraaanl Craamary, fit,
aoa Cant. Gaa a tllarlilc. I4.
SO Ntfcraaka Tira A Riikkar.
30a Dauflae Molaia.
SO Nafciaaka Paar, pit. '
20 Orakar Wilhalm. pH.
40a O. C. B. Si. gy. A Drule.
ZPa faalaa A Callaikat.
tS Nail A mar. lire let.
0 aSkiaaar Packiaf, pid.
Lac a I Stcurlilti Orel.
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rorriii uuiiua .
1 1
When In Omaha
Hotel Conant
Hotel Sanford
Hotel Henshaw
Our reputation of 20 yar fair
dealing i back of that hotel.
Guest may stop at any on of than
witb tli atturanc of receiving hon
tt valu and courteous tratmata
Sonant Hotel Company
a Sale n$
THE inevitable result of such a gigantic sale as ours is a certain
amount of merchandise that has been taken in part payment
of goods sold during the sale. ' ' ,
- With the exception of these few used pianos, our stock is in splen
did shape for the season. To achieve our final objective, and
dispose of the instruments we took in trade as part cash, we are
listing below a few piano values that will make even bargain
hardened Omahans buy. The answer is that we MUST get rid
of these last few pianos.
$98.00 $198
Hamilton Walnut
Bradford Mahogany
Davis & Sons Mah.
Milton Oak
Henderson Mahogany
Wissner Walnut
Lyon & Co. Walnut
Hampton Mahogany
Everett Ebony .
Segerstrom Player
Mahogany .... .$188.00
Angel us Player
Mahogany $255.00
Angelus Player
Mahogany $225.00
Conover Player
Mahogany ... .$400.00
Autotone Player
Mahogany ....$375.00
Werner Player
Oak ......$425.00
Lagonda Player
Mahogany ....$475.00
Marshall & Wendell
Oak Schaeffer Mahogany
Steger & Sons Oak
Smith & Barnes Mah.
Crown Mahogany
Knabe Walnut
Hallet & Davis Mah.
Every instrument listed
here has been thorough
ly overhauled and put
in fine shape. Each
bears the A. Hospe Go.
Liberal term payments
will be made on these
instruments. Thirty
months 'to pay.
The Art and Music Store
1513-15 Douglas