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t J t I I III II It I I I I II I I I 1 11 1 It I I HI I I . . I f . . .
We Cultivate
a Coal o Tan
When Tl $hw crTerd M"l Miry Coopr lu't trauti(ul henna and
silver and gold ruiUm for tier inuuil pnng dnce at the tfrsndei. April 7,
Mi Cooper h'l siiions ef that Jundime e)rep hinging there fur her
puiU, jut it Imng whm Mr, ,vhan lunueli apr-esred here some
months ago,
"Ink up the freight suggested Mr. Shaan fron, Xrw York, She
did. The curtim mil not be ud. It weighs pounds m4 the
freight Mould pave amounted tu $.'fA
Ueing a resourceful woman, aIimj
foeper u gunning mrthitig ouI
! beautiful in a hsndome tloth of
I'luf, anj Myron Van I'.tunt is mak.
iiif it.
Mr, Muwn, hit fiicm!. nuy he
glad to know, it aitractiiitf cmtider
able attention in Sfvv Yark, Me
mid Mim M. J)cnm will have tvo
schools in the rat hi summer, one
in New York (or (irotetkional work
and another at Camji IVtcrboro. N.
H, near the Ml)oeI school. Mm
Martha (iiahain, who appeared in
Omaha with Mr. Shawn this eaott.
will ai.t the artM with their in.
. Hruftmn. (ilady Mullen is one of
MtM Cooper's pupil who will so
eat to study with them. Cooper
rhv lirre is kmivm at a hunch
lmihawn school. The Shawns
have termtly contracted with Km
melt Mayer fur a three-year tour of
Australia. Europe an. the l'niie'1
Stale. In Ihe meantime their new
building on the fracihc coat will be
College Night at Club.
The t'niversity rluh in celebrating
college tii'shl on "1 huroday. March
The party is a "stag affair and
there w ill he a number of stunts, such
at Moodlets operation, dancer,
alright of hand, mind reading and
cry nal sating. Karh college will
have it own laMe. Chairman fortlte
evening'i entertainment is Virgil
llaggart. and committee member
are Dr. E. C. Sage, Irank Selby and
Paul Griswold.
Dance Social.
Banner Mondaniin, No. lit, will
entertain at a dance and social com
plimentary to Joseph A. Findlcy,
Mate manager, Tuesday evening at
the Swedish auditorium.
To Sew for Institute.
George Crook Woman's Relief
corps will meet. Tuesday morning at
10:J0 to sew at the Childs Saving
L. O. E. Club Card Party,
Tuesday is guest day at the L. O.
F.. club. They will give a card party
.'Sat afternoon at 2 p. in. at the Elks
Card Party.
The Community club will enter
tain at a card party at Crounsc hall
this evening. '
U. S. Grant Corps.
U. S. Grant Woman's Relief corps
will meet Tuesday, 2 p. m., in
Memorial hall, court house.
Jin and Mrs. J. M. Gilchrist" are
spending a few days in Excelsior
A daughter, Jean Marie, was born
March 19 at the Stewart hospital to
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Hale Burke.
VMrs. Shaji Osato and little djjigb
tfX Teru. arrived Monday evening
frori Hollywood, Cal., where they
have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Sessue Ilayakawa. '
New York. (Special ' Correspond
ence.) Last summer a tailor called
O'Rossen popularized in Taris the
Cray suit of rather mannish cut. A
constant drizzle of these gray suits
was observed for months, and the
inclement weather sprca'd to New
York. This spring, however, O'Ros
sen repents, and his suits which have
been brought over to this side have
substituted tan shades for Whistlc
rian rIooui.
In both suits and frocks these tan
shades arc swaying our spring modes,
and it is in line with this tendency
that we present the charming cos
tume of tan. twill embroidered in
yellow and green and showing un
derneath its graceful sleeves an un
derscction of yellow organdy.
Organcfy. by the way, is doing all
sorts of . chores in the new frocks
and suits, and a touch of rose or red
organdy docs much in behalf of the
navy costume. As to navy, this re
mains in ts former excellent stand
ing. Indeed, its condition is slightly
bettered and the spring collections
are, filled with navy costumes de
veloping new thoughts in trimmings.
Problems That Perplex
Answered by
'An Absurd Xotlon.
Dear Miss Fairfax: My sweet
heart works in an office, and I want
him to give it up and do a regular
H man's work, but he insists that an
office Is all right, and won't give it
lip. Don't you think that If he really
loves me or if there is any man in
him ho would, get a position outside
of an office? I don't mean that he
should work so very hard, but only
that an office is for a girl and not
a big, strong husky fellow.
Where did you get your absurd
notion about office work? Do you
mean to suggest that the oank pres
idents, heads of corporations, law
yers, editors and all the vast cate
gory of men who do ."desk work,"
are doing less than a "regular man's
work?" If you write seriously, it is
high time that you did a little sane
thinking and mnde some attempt to
broaden your mind and your knowl
edge of what is the world's work
and who are the men who do it.
Brain is always mora important to
progress and civilization and alwrms
will be. A woman who feels as you
do is likely to disgust a man or to
nut nis amouion. t .
A Morbid Attitude.
Dear Miss,,Fairfax: I am 20, a
college student nd in love with a
young laijyVhom I have known very
well for over five yeaes. I know
that my love Is reciprocated. ,
Recently I had my heart examined
and the physician told me I had a
weak heart, but he said that he
thought a few months' rest might
benefit me.
This young lady has given up all
of her friends and she is very de
voted to me. Do you think I am Jus
tified in continuing our courtship or
would you advise us to separate? I
t an. r.ra. M. Q Tl 11 W n TO rt fl
tne right thig. ; mijl..
There is no reason why this trou
ble should interfere with your hap
piness. The only injustice you can
A Beauty Specialist Gives Home
Made Recipe to Darken Gray Hair
Mrs. M. D. Gillespie, a well known
beauty specialist of Kansas City, re
cently gave out the following state
ment rffarriinir rav flair;
.. . o . .
, Anyone can prepare a simple
mucure at home tha win aarwen
gray hair, and make it soft and
CTlr,cv Tf a l,-s1f-nif nf water add
1 ounce of bay rum, small box of
V r . I
Barbo Compound and one-iounn
ounce of glycerine.
ThAC-t inrtrA'nim ran t, mir
t,est nt .nw ArtifT clnr 4t VPftf lit-
" lm rr.ct Annlv trt th hair twire a
.ail- -nntit tVi rlcirrl cViarte id ob
tained. This will make a gray-haired
person look years younger. 11
does not color the scalp, is not
Wicky or greasy . and not not rub
do the girl is to let a morbid atti
tude toward your trouble come be
tween you. - You should tell her of
your trouble.
Be Natural.
Dear'Miss Fairfax: After being
introduced to a person and when at
the time of leaving they say "I'm
very glad I met you." and also when
beingr introduced they say "I'm very
glad to know you,;' what is th
proper thing for me to do or say?
No doubt you think I'm a green-
norn or some such, and I guess I
am, too: out the truth is I want to
know and as a first resort I'll come
to you. for you have helped me out
at other times.
Say. Miss Fairfax, are there any
books published on how to be witty,
or something in Jfhat line? Please let
me know. - - DAISY.
' When people tell you they are glad
to have met you, don't you feel like
saying. "Thank you?" And can't you
conscientiously say, "And I am very
glad to have met you?" The natural
thing is usually the correct thing to
do or say. . .
Books can't make you witty. There
are books of funny stories published.
write the state library commission
at the state house, Lincoln. It will
furnish you the names of some such
Carrying Gossip.
Dear Miss Fairfax: My cousin,
a girl of 27, has. been acquainted
with a very fine man a few years her
senior, and sees him every evening.
On account of their different nation
alities it was agreed . between them
to be friends and nothing else.
I would like your opinion, ex
pressed in your column whether
she does the right thing by having
this man so often in her room alone
(she does not live in her father's
home) and has he a right to want
to see her all of her spfcre time
from business without giving her a
chance to mingle with her own class
of people? Shall I tell her father?
T. R.
Don't be a talebearer. Since your
cousin is a woman grown and the
man for whom she cares is also of
mature mind and presumably sane
judgment, the artificial barrier of
nationality they have tried to raise
probably won't stand. If they care
for each other and find each other
congenial their friendship will be
likely to ripen to love and to de
nwnd marriage as its normal ex
pression. But if they actually re
gard a difference in nationality as a
block to love and marriage, they are
acting most unwisely in being so
much together. Tour cousin must
think of her good name and the
gossiping tongues of folks who do
not' understand.
P. J.: Tou do not enclose a
stamped, addressed envelope. I am
sure you will devise some at
tractive boxes for your social with
out suggestions from me.
Inte-cslcd: Call up John Laten
ser & Sons regarding your questions.
D.: Consult the Red Cross in your
city regarding your back travel par.
Marriage Problems
AdtU GarrUori'i Htm Phase of
Why Dick Lett One Point mi
Won Another.
Feminine pwl nj ret'iion art
curiout things, almont at odd aithote
charactrriitic of the maieultpe mind.
I h-id been nailed almott to hero
Morihip of my huiband while I had
lutened to the war rtminire ncei of
him.fli itid lr. MrUermoti. Hut the
curinfu and the evident diMatte
with whiih he met my tnthutiatttc
comment when the little phyjirian
had departed from the hotel tune
chilled my ardor e lleetually and made
me captious, unreasonable and un
happy. 1 slept but fitfully In the comforta
ble but itrange bed. and wakened in
Ihe morning jut at the first daylight
appeared beneath the window cur
tains with a vayue feeling of depres
iion, which deepened to poitive pet
tmhncii ii I heard Dicky anoring
there was no aoftening name for ii
in the bed neat mine.
I rose upon my elbow and looked
at him prawled comfortably upon
hit bark with hit mouth open. Even
so good looking a chap as my hus
band could not overcome such a
.handicap, and I aid to myself cross
ly that he looked like anything but
the romantic hero ! had put upon a
hrine while I liatened to the little
doctor's tig.
I was going along very comfort
ably in a pettish inventory of the
deepening lines imperceptible when
he is awake and animated which the
years were bringing to Dicky's face,
when I chanced to Ret another salu
tary glance of my biack eye and dis
colored forehead in the mirror. I
shuddered at the thought w hich came
to me of the narrow escape I had
had by awakening early. Suppose
Dicky had awakened first and had
inventoried my appearancel
I crept out of bed noiselessly and
bathed and dressed without waken
ing Dicky. Years of housekeeping
give one the advantage of knowing
the breakfast tastes of one's" family,
so with the bedroom door c!oed. I
telephoned an order to the dining
room for grapefruit, cereal, bacon,
eggs, muffins and coffee for two.
with the certainty that Dicky would
approve of and enjov the meat.
"Real Considerate."
He called to me as I hung un the
telephone, and as I opened the bed
room door I saw that his morning
mood matched my own,
"What's the big idea?" lie demand
ed crossly. "Here you are getting
up in the middle of the night and
waking everybody In the hotel! Do
you think they'll send up a breakfast
at this time in the morning?"
His irritation put the match to
mine. But the thought of the task I
had before me put out the flame al
most before it had kindled,, and I
was able to smother my resentment
and to answer him with disarming
"They said they would serve it in
half an hour," I returned, "so you
won't have to hurry."
"I won't I" Dicky draw led provok
ingly. "Isn't that sweet of you? Real
considerate, I call it. But if you
think I'm going to get up to break
fast in half an hour you've got sev
eral more thinks coming, that's all.
Eat my order yourself or counter
mand it it's all one to me. And
for goodness sake shut that door
again. I'm going to sleep."
I obeyed with a furtive smile,
knowing that although just nov he
believed every word he was "saying,
yet he would appear at breakfast,
nevertheless. Dicky bark and bite
bear the traditional ratio, a hrsson
which I learned long ago, but which
cost me many bitter and unneces
sary tears in the learning.
"Oh, Dicky I"
That he would grumble all
through the meal I also felt assured
by experience and,- therefore, w as
agreeably surprised by his evident
good humor when he ' appeared iii
the sitting room just after the wait
er had served the grapefruit and we
were discussing it. "Have you any
idea where you're going to begin to
hunt , for Katie?" .
"I have the address of her cousins,,
the only relatives she has in this
country. I am sure she isn't there,
she's too active and restless not to
have found work at once, but. they'll
know her address, no doubt."v
Why can't I go down and inter
view them?" he askei "and locate
Katie myself? Not that, I want to
talk to her when I do find out wlrere
she is." he amended hastily. "That's
your job. I'd only make a botch of
it. But I'd like to spare you every
appearance in public with that lamp
that I can, and resting here - this
morning would be better for your
nerves than traipsing around the for
eign sections of the city."
"You're awfully kind, Dicky," I
said, "and very plausibe.- I think
I'll accept your offer."
"That's sensible," he beamed, evi-
Makes a Family Supply
or conya nemeay
BUt IwUnp than ready-mad
. norn wrap, sm htm uni ss.
Eatllr and quickly prepared.
If you combined the curative prop
erties of every known "ready-made"
cough remedy, you probably could
not eet as much real curative power
as there is in this simple home-made
cough syrup, which is easily prepared
in a few minutes.
Get from any druggist 2'4 ouneet
of Pinex. pour it into a pint bottle
andfill the bottle with syrup, using
either plain granulated sugar syrup,
clarified molasses, honey, or corn
syrup, as desired. The result is a
full pint of really better cough syrup
than you could buy ready-made for
threetimes the money. Tastes pleas
ant and never epoils.
This Pinex and Syrup preparation
gets right at the cause of a cough and
gives almost immediate relief, lb
loosens the phlegm,- stops the nasty
throat tickle and heals the sore, irri
tated membranes so gently and easily
that it is really astonishing.
A day's use will usually overcome
the ordinary cough and for bronchitis,
croup, hoarseness and bronchial asth
ma, there- is nothing better.
Pinex is a most valuable concen
trated compound of genuine Norway
pine extract, and has been used for
generations to. break severe coughs.
To avoid disappointment, ask your
druggist for "2V- ounces of Pinex"
with full directions, and don't accept
anything else. Guaranteed to give
absolute satisfaction or money
promptly refunded. The Pinex Co
Ft. Wayne, Ind.
dently pleased with my prompt ae.
quiescence. "Ann no fl.iutit you II
need all your strength and nerve
when you'lry to sninh Katie from
the kitchen rl some ii'prr-Vet-side
apartment, I can imagine the
frozen face some dame is going to
show you. .
"Oh. Dicky!" I ejaculated in dis
may, and I reiterated the eteUma
linn mentally many times during thr
hours that followed while I waited
tensely for my husband's icturii with
news of Katie.
Dog Hill Paragrafs
By George Bingham
Mis ITulie PeUhrr linked so pale
in the face this morning it was be
lieved she was ill, and the doctor was
called, whereupon it was discovered
that she had administered an over
dose of face powder.
. Poke Tazley has a lot of spare
lime on his handn now a he lu. a
watch that he don't have to wind but
twice a week.
The Depity Constable has been
pursuing Kaa Barlow nearly all of
this week, but has failed to over
take him. as Raz, at the beginning of
!'" aV
1 ' ' ' 1
the chase, let the Depity get in front
of him.
Are You a Butterfly or a Bee?
In your business and social life
arc you trying to be a "good fellow,"
or are you building a reputation as a
man of real worth?
- You are thinking more of being
popular than of being worth while.
Probably you could be a good ex
ecutive in your, business, a good
workman at your bench, a successful
business man, if you tried as hard to
be that as you do to win the applause
of "the crowd."
The good business man is seldom
the "fine fclow."
The successful business man has
not the time to get mixed up in all
the social events and all the clubs
and what not, he is too engrossed in
affiars of more moment than mere
social functions.
The so-called popular man is sel
dom chosen for a responsible posi
tion. The man who has money to invest,
who is able to pay a high salary for
services, is looking for a man with
balance and concentration and energy
in a whole-hearted busines way.
He knows that late hours at eve
ning affairs is bad for work the next
He is after a man who has energy
and good spirits to puf into the bus
iness, not into the play of the day.'
Big business has too much at stake
to employ the social favorite.
(Copyright, 1922.1
New York's only women's police
station :'s furnished with all the com
forts to be found in a jvcll-conducted
Tn addition to a lounging
room, decorated in cream and white,
there is a dormitory with snowy,
white beds, lockers with mirrors at
tached, and a row of showers.
Value-Giving Slorc
.Lighten housework and do the
work better than broom, dust
er and dust pan. Picking up
all the dirt and lint from rugs
and carpets without scatter
ing dust, they are endorsed by
all users. .
Easy to
Easy to ZF&tr
own ' n f3l
.. . $39.75
Cleaners .
Spring housecleaning will soon
begin. Have a Vacuum Clean
er in your home to do a great
part of the work. -
- It pays to read 0
Bowcn's Smalt Ads
Howard St., bet. 15th and 16th
IK j"V A
V TTif
i ii.rmi in.
Working for a Prife.
Of cii:tc Johnnie titcen was vry
slow the int nme lie rnitkrd the
Muley Cow. Fur a few iniuutr hi
"he's fcoii'g ta be a good milkfl
pm Pe gfl Ihe hl- ff jl,"
, Just then Johnnie tiierrt (tint
lrMimg town bing rattanrasy
in (tout ct ihe cs. He stopped
in fiont cf ihe Un'tf low an j !
fiej hrf a .iei of an eaily apple
one of the i i. i rpe one ( the um
pice. -
Mie aurpt'd Ihe gift wiili niuih
pl4uie. while lier ne!hhoi on
tithrr ii if. rctlftv at she
num. hrd the apple. "Ihev said iioih.
lug lust then. Hut anibody muld
re that they wished Johnnie Green
wi'ii'd let th'm base a late, too,
h earm-d it," the iig white row
toll the little I'd cow, later. "Mie
had I" Uii.l at till al l-jt three. mur
Ins ii an dour, while that boy was
trying f milk her."
The Mtle red sow gave a sUiiht
sniif. "So doubl the apple was
sour, anyhow," she ntuiteird.
The Muley low couldn't help
hearing what tier two neighbors
were raying. And although she was
a well-nutmcred person and bad a.
kindly lipoiiitn, she couldn't re
sit telling Iheni that the Apple was1
leet and iuicy. s
"If ou had lud a Ul of it ton
would agree with me.saiil the Mu
ley tow,
ipiiihi. i:;
1 hope he ll be' dent with me by
dark.," she said, to herself.
father Mnod beside, him and told him
a few things that he needed to know.
And then Farmer lirern went away
and left Johnnie to do Ins best all
"Now jour chance!" the Ijtlle
red cow taid t'i the Muley Cow.
"Upset the boy before Farmer Green
comes back!"
But the Muley Cow didn't even
stop chewing her cud long enough
to answer. She looked so mild and
contented that no one would have
guessed t-he was wMiiug more than
ever that she had jumped the fence
and lost herself in the back pasture.
It seemed to her that Johnnie never
would finish milking her.
"I hope he'll be done with me bv
dark." she said to herself. "1
shouldn't like I; lo'e any of my
night's rest. -
Yet she never let anybody know
that she was impatient. She stood
as still as she could, only lifting a
foot and stamping now and then
when .some fly was loo bothersome.
And she never switched her tail ex
cept w hen a fly gave her an unusual
ly hard, bite. To be sure, once she
brought the end of her tail smack
across Johnnie Greens check. But
that was a mistake. Though it
stung sharply, all Johnnie . Green
rafd was, "So, boss! So, bossl"
She was glad when Farmer Grccrt
came back at last, peeped into the
pail that Johnnie was clutching be
tween his knees, and said, "Well,
you haven't-done badly. But you'd
better let me finish for ybu."
So Johnnie slipped off the three
legged stool and watched while his
father sat down and got the rest 'of
the Muley Cow's milk in no time.
"Farmer Green milked eight cows
while that lazy boy was puttering
with you," the little red cow said to
the Muley Cow.
"Well, well! I suppose . Farmer
Green had to learn tp milk when he
was a boy," the Muley Cow replied,
as she flicked a big fly off her back.
"And this boy of his," she added,
A Silly Song
Die cilfiidjr tleg" that spiing
1-fgint xJjy and all it e trees and
hrdtf with blixun will .! be iy,
I! til in my bed I hier and bug my
lree nen, r.! ut M ihe liver
and my siuaw 14 neeje, I
filth h! the siiiU'ii and wipe
wy he; the !itit inA'S
me ert4n ihe M. anting ship is lost,
I open up the d4t!iprr and shovel in
some, thru bark t bed I
camper and rrawl inw my Me. tint
yonder in ihe hllmtd I hear a rut'jfl
ting, while I thaw out mv giraid
) gfd. can tins by spring.
Change in Meeting IMatr,
The meeting of the Omaha Cul
ute tluh. ili mr.iie education er
tion, scheduled fr Wednesday at
1 1 :J0 t, in 41 (he lume ti Mrs, Ws!.
er undrvrn Ins been thanftd t
Ihe J.rtnte .( Mis. Ileittit TiKter,
,im Dasenpoit siieet.
Parents' Problems
Wationalb 'Priced
iranaea in inc iwk.
TV 'T T!
Should a little boy of 5, an only :
hild, who prefers to play alone, .be'
allowed to do this? 1
luducf bun to play often with'
other children. He need this com-1
.anionhip, perhaps all tltc more !
when be shuns it. At the same time
the solitary child is by no means al
ways Ihe one with drooping spirits.
He may have a gay, enchanting
fancy that plays freely only when
he is by hiimrlf. It seems to me,
however, lhaf it is fcettcr for Ihe
child to have, during a large part of
his time, the real ilesh-and blood
playmates with the give-and-take
and chance to exchange small sacri
fices that come with such compan
ionship. You can help considerably
t.i overcome this shyness of your
child by, w hen he is with other chit
dren, joining for a while in their
f lay. ' - -
Dr. and Mrs. Herman von Schulte
returned Monday from Orange, X,
J. They have been east for two
weeks, and Mrs. Yon Schulte was
called home by the death of her
mother, Mrs. J. W. Embury, who
was suddenly taken ill with bronchitis.'
that rash Use
Soolhinq and HeaJinq
The first application
stops the itchmg torture
and helps to dari
the angry skin
14J II 1 1 I I
700 00 '495
The Atl and Music Store
1513-15 Douglas Street
TgFfTfra, TtTi
' "
At the fountain
or at home
ira cream is the treat of treats
for grownups as well as chil
dren. Whether at the fountain
or R a delii'iBua descrt
SATIN' t' creem you'll find in
delightfully "different." Insist
on satin.
& 1
of , Character at Kilpatrick's
Making their initial showing of .
Spring Hats'
Mr. and Mrs. Amsden solicit the critical in
spection of their many friends. -
The customers of this store, habited as 'they
are to genuineness, will find qualities
guarded, art expanded, style protected and
ingeniousness rampant throughout a mar-
' ' velous and ample ' ..
- during the present week, v
I f3 Cleanliness is second nature to tnose I
' m careul workers "vno iralce possible J '
A New Hartmann
Sett Record Value
I mrxd) Inif fialnres that ran
nut he ilnitlli'sted In any other
make of trunk at any price,
Patented ril(es. patented
raise cushion top, heary
llartiiiatin hardware, held
by met, four Inrie draw
ers, fino rietnnna lining,
hard vulcanized fibre cov
rrinc. shoe box, IS to It
sarment capacity, laundry
5xi j, etc,
t only does IhU track eteel
In number tit features, bat It Ii
built tbe Hartmann way.
We are air ays rjlad to demoo
trte. ,
10,1 Fat nam St.
Here ia Tears.
Value-Giving Store
Come to the Bowen Store and
hear all the late
.As fast as new Columbia Rec
ords are released they are of
fered in our Grafonola
Department. Here aTe the
latest releases, . Come and
hear them.
A-35S3 .Lonesome Hours;
Just a Little Love Song,
Eddie Elkins Orchestra.
A-3554 Bow -Wow Blues;
Smilin', CaliforniaKamblers
A-3557 Cutie; Venetian Love
Boat, Knickerbocker Orch.
A-3558 Birmingham Blues;
Wicked Blues, Edith Wilson
. and Jazz Hounds,
New Song Hits
A-3552 Ka-Lu-a, Shannon
Four; Lalawana Lullaby,
Jones and Hare. - .
A-35S6 The Sheik; Granny,
Hart, Shaw and Clark.
A-355S The Cuddle Up
Blues; I've Got the Wonder
When He's Coming Back
Blues, Marion Harris. .
A-3544--Uncle Josh at the
Opera; Uncle Josh Buys an
Automobile, Cal Steward
A-3548 Vale; Sylvia, Louis
Graveure. t '
A-3549 Flower Song: Simple
Confession, Sibyl Fogan,
A3545 Song of India; Hymn
to the Sun, Eddy Brown.
A-6206 Surprise Symphony;
Light Cavalry Overture,
rhilharmorric Orchestra. .
A-6207 Angel' Seranadef
Mary, Corinne Eider Kelsey
A-6208 When Shall We Meet
Again? By the Old Ohio
Shore, Prince's Orchestra.
A-6209 Blossom Time, Col.
Opera Co.; Blossom Time,
. . Prince's Orchestra.
A-6210 O'er .Waiting Harp
Strings; New Old Story,
Van der Veer.
80097 Mother Machree,
Chas. Hackett.
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