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    Tilt' BKK: OMAHA. TlllTwSDAY. JIARiMl
r 6"
Society I1
At Dinner Bridi t.
It llllif r.! ,.! A.alitu mUll ItlnMI
IMMI'Jt mini' vt'i been made ir the dinner
i'pwg it the i nivir.i'.y iiiiu jtur.
la evening. Anions lhoe wt
will entertain Urge tunic are Mr.
and Mr. C, !;. Walraih. who will
lave I.'. id Mr. II. . rotter,
who wiil rmerf .1111 1.'. In party
it uft lie s.t.1 .l t isren.- Wiihen.
l.ll will be I friend. Mr. and
Mr. Warren nuckweii ww nave
i w guei, Mr. ami Mr. Conrad
Vouug will bit two. Dr. Allen
Morr will have eight giir!, Otii
iii who will have gnei will be
Irit kocmg. II A. .lyer, rrnk.
Mi Mann, r.. i. rneip. jr., )r, i. i-
V.ilifr. M. ). Wrrth, C, T. Slier,
I a a I. ft . .
".. K. Mc Perniott, John K. lluiiioni.
i: I'. Lrary. S. I.. Davie and R. B.
Baptiit Delegate, Honored,
lli'lrti KriMinan of New
Nmk, the Rent ml tirld neeretarv of
litf World Willi: Guild of the Hap.
M rluirli. will arrive in Omaha
'I liuroiUy. Man h 4. There will he a
baiujiirt for her at the first Muho
l:H church al 6..W when Mis Kri
man will give an addrr. Tlia com
mitlee in charge iiirludr the Mes
lUinct Charle I'.. Potter. Kdwurd
Jnlnurtn. A. L. Tatrirk and Mis
Mabrl f uhoii.
Mn. Kountxe to Introduce Lady
Margot Ajuith is to peak t the
Hritndris theater at 4 p. in. March
23, under private auspice. She will
he introduced by Mr, ("harlcti T.
Kounte. Lady Aviuith, whose
autobiography ba hern one of the
most dicused books of the season,
lias been in this country for several
weeks, and ha spoken in many of
the eastern rities.
Children To Give Shakespeare.
In honor of Shakespeare's anni
versary in April, a group of children
from 9 to 12 are to put on "The
Merchant of Venice under the di
rection of Mrs. Ef fie Steen Kittle
son. Mrs. Kittleson saw the play
given in London last summer by
children, and was much impressed
by it. Her class has been rehears
ing it for the last two months.
Visiting Nurse Drive.
The Visiting- Nurse association
will conduct a house-to-house can
vass for the purpose of raising funds
to carry on the work of the organ
ization April 3 to 8. Mrs. Frank
Carmichael will have charge of the
To Go Abroad.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Baldrige
are planning a European trip for the
coming summer. They will sail July
on the steamship Majestic. On the
same boat will be Mr. and Mrs.
Walter Head and daughter, Miss
h-S&T" 1 1 r- t- a i r- a t?
ips" inc. i m u c w r
ViARTmtp rmT ram fy .
UI'Mltl IIWIV wwvi I vniuhi
My Marriage Problems
Adelfl Garrion'i Near Pbaaa cf
i,vriMi lui I
A Lucky EKipe.
Nejrer and nearer the buaid. with
Matter Meadow Moue upon it,
drifted around the bend of the irerW
toward Mr. Great Ulue Heron, And
at last Mr. Heron nuiiced it. And
he noticed it. iaseni(er tern.
"Ahem I" he Mid soltlv lo hinnrlf.
Except for wallowing once or twice
At bit first mow Mr Heron
novel too.
he never made a move, but stood
there in the water and waited. He
waited for Master Meadow Mouse's
raft to drift closer; for it was plain
to him as . to Master Meadow
Mouse that the current of llack
1,'rerk was slowly bearing the board
straight down upon him.
"When it gets near enough III
just reach out and pluck that fellow
off," Mr. Heron promised himself
with a sort of silent chuckle.
Meanwhile Master Meadow Mouse
was having a very bad quarter of an
hour. Slowly though his craft moved,
to him it seemed to travel witlj
lightning speed.
"I'll pass bint soon. "Master
Meadow Mouse thought. "If 1
crouch down and make myself as
small as possible perhaps he won't
see me."
So he hugged the board tight. But
the closer he came to Mr. Heron, the
bigger and fiercer that gentleman
Suddenly Master Meadow Mouse's
courage oozed out through his toes. I
He ruMu't uv on ln uit niMher
J (fond, Si'f'i'Biiijj 10 bis Itei, H
(rurrn-a ti t'ie cti:i? pi i'ie nurj
nd slipped oil it into the vutrr.
At bi lift move .Mr, llrron
moved '. He lined bi 8ieit
wing and flapped Iheiu, tuckinii In
l6 under In body ut ilie 4ine
lime. A tulf d'cn IUi' tarried
him ;ibrr,tM of the floaluig hturd.
And there Mr. Jleron let hi. long
legs (I.ihii iuiij the w,iier until be
stood aurfin uiw.n the bottom of the
creek, lie scanned the water eager
, rvrit plunging liis bead into il
and looking all around, Itut be
couldn't see Master Meadow Moue
"Tlii is iueir," be inuiuhltd. "I
1 nc!v thoe (llow were E'l wim
liters. Hut I didn't think thi one
could get away from me so quick
ly." Mr. (ireat lilue Heron waded
about the creek for mhiic time,
xcai'diing everywhere or almot
everywhere. And while be was
starching, the decnrd raft swung
eft down the creek, hung for a few
iiicuueiiM al the edge oi the channel,
and then drifted larity toward shore,
where it lodged at Jat among the
The iliappinted fMicrnun re
turned to hi fiibiog. Hut it seemed
as if his luck had turned. Not
another fish came bis wav. An J
being too wie to expect that an
other Meadow Mouse would come
traveling down the creek on a rait,
Mr. (Ireat Blue Heron at last for
sook his sport and sailed away
through the air towards the lake on
the other side of Blue Mountain.
He hadn't been gone a great while
when Master Meadow Mouse might
have been seen nicking his way along
the bank. He wa journeying up
stream, on his wav home.
"It was lucky for me." be ex
plained to his cousin, whom he met
later "it was lucky for mc that I
could swim under water. Other
wise I shouldn't have been able to
hide beneath the board and stav
there utrtil it swung into the rushes."
"You had a narrow escape." his
cousin told him. "Don't say that I
didn't warn you!"
That cousin was one of those per
sons that always exclaims, "I told
you so!"
(Conyriaht, is::.)
Bridge Club Entertained.
Dr. and Mrs. A. R. Knodc will en
tertain the dinner bridge club to
which they belong Thursday evening
at their home. Covers will be laid
for 12.
Luncheon for Miss Cooke.
Mrs. John McCague entertained at
an informal luncheon Wednesday
noon for Miss Lydia Cooke, who is
the guert of Mrs. Sanford Gifford.
Afternoon Bridge.
Tif :cs Jcanette Johnson will be
hostess aJt three tables of bridge,
Friday afternoon at her home.
Dr. P. L. Hall of Lincoln spent
Wednesday in Omaha.
Mrs. Herbert Davis is suffering
from an attack of laryngitis.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Clarke have
gone to Biloxi, Miss., for two weeks.
Mrs. Fred Pierce leaves for Chi
cago Thursday evening to spend a
Mrs. Henry Capscr of Minneap
olis, is visiting her daughter, Mrs.
Yale Holland. '
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Morton an
nounce the birth of a son March 7 at
Stewart hospital.
Frank Mulry returned Monday
from New York City, where lie
spent two weeks.
A son, Richard Elmer, was born
to Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Sich March 8
at Stewart hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Helzer have
moved from the Blackstone to an
apartment at 51st and Capitol.
Mrs. E. O. Tulley has returned
from California where she spent
two months with her parents at
LongvBeach and Los Angeles.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Love and little
daughter, Harriet, returned Monday
from an eastern trip. They have
been in New York part of the time,
and also took a cruise to Bermuda.
Mrs. Frank Carpenter and her
daughter. Miss Eleanor Carpenter,
who landed in New York last week
from Europe, are at present at
Welleslev, Mass. Miss Carpenter
graduated from Wellesley last June.
Mrs. L. E. Swain, who was the
guest of her sister, Mrs. John J.
Sullivan for ten days, returned Tues
day to her home in Columbus, Nep.
Mrs. Swain's daughter, Katherine, is
a student at the Sacred Heart con
vent. Mrs. Robert Garrett is leaving this
month for a trip east. She will visit
her brother, Phillip Metz and Mrs.
Metz in Buffalo, and also Mr. and
Mrs Scott Richardson at Auburn,
N. Y. Mrs. Richardson was formerly
Miss Marion Kuhnof Omaha.
Miss Nell Moore of Council Bluffs
has just returned from New York
City where she spent the last year
with her sister, Misa Hazel Moore
who is studying music there. Their
mother, Mrs. William Moore recent
ly left for New York to visit Miss
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Peters left
Hollywood Wednesday for Carmel,
Cab, where they will visit Miss Cath
erine Peters and Miss Beatrice John
son, who are studying there at Miss
Portia Swctt's winter dancing camp.
The Teters will not return to Oma
ha until the end of March.
Problems That Perplex
Aocwertd by
Correct Conversation.
Dear Hiss Fairfax: I have been
reading the answers to the questions
you answer. I consider them a great
help and Rood advice, so I will ask
you for advice.
I drive my father's car; it 13 a
large one. There are many girls in
ihe town that would like to go with
me on account of this big car. . I
do not wish to ko with some of them.
They often ask me to take them
home. I always say no. Which
should I have done?
The main question that I wanted
to know is, what is the correct thing
flr things to talk about while with
a girl. Please advise. FUZZLEU. .
I ain norry the girls humor you so
much. They should not ask you to
take them home, of course., but I
do not like your attitude in the mat
ter. Can't you be so courteous, even
to girls who are not, that they will
like you better than your father's
bie car? There are many correct
topics of conversation. Some of
them even require brains. Current
events are always prood, good books,
athletic sports of the season, travel,
and many, many more subjects. It
Press Club Hears
Contest Prjze
, Manuscripts
The Omaha' Woman's Press club
met Tuesday for tea at the Brandeis
restaurant to hear the prize manu
scripts from the recent literary con
test. Miss Blanche Sorenson, under
whose administration the contest
was held, presided.
Honor guests were prize winners,
as follows: Mrs. Stanley Rosewater,
Mrs. J. G. Masters, Mrs. E. M. Dun
niway, Miss Emma McRae, Miss
Evelyn Lowe of Omaha and Miss
Flora Bullock of Lincoln. Stanley
Letovsky. also aft honor guest,
played "Doggerel," arranged us an
interpretation of the f.rst stanza of
Miss McRae's prize poem. He gave
two other numbers.
"With eastern editors conceding
that the west will be a center of the
arts of the United States," said Miss
Flora Bullock, "why not Omaha for
the hub of that center? And since
even a hub must have a center, why
not the Omaha Woman's Press club
for that?"
Silver loving cups were awarded
as prizes in the state-wide literary
contest for women. Classes of manu
scripts represented were poetry, es
say and short story.. Winners were
announced at the annual press club
banquet in January. Dora Bower
Eckles of York and Opal Lintz of
Fairbury were prize winners who
could not attend the tea Tuesday.
Mrs. D. R. Ennis, chairman of
the contest last year, has accepted
. .. a r . 1. . i , 1. ! .
appointment lur me iiwicm n"a
vear under the presidency of Mrs.
t. R. Rutledge.
Matzenauer to Sing at the
. Auditorium. .
The Tuesday Musical club will pre
sent Mme. Margaret Matzenauer,
contralto, in recital at the Auditor
ium on Friday evening, March 24, at
8:15. The membership sale of seats
will open Tuesday morning. March
14, at the box office of the Auditor
ium. Members may reserve five seats
only in additiornfo their own. Extra
tickets may be purchased at the same
time. The public sale will begin
March 17, The box office opens at
9 a. m. "
Tennyson Chautauqua.
Tennyson Chautauqua circle will
be entertained at the home of the
president, Mrs. Frank Simpson, Sat
urday afternoon from 2:30 until 5
o'clock, J '.
is easier to fell you what to avoid.
Do nut talk unkindly about others,
do not indulge in idle Kossip or silly
conversation. That old maxim is
still good, "Don't talk when you've
nothing to say." Some one has said,
"Have something to say; say it: stop
A Ijist-Mlmite Jill.
Dear Miss Fairfax: Last summer
a young man asked to be introduced
to me. After the introduction he
courted me most ardently and show
ered me with gifts. Ha then., left
town for a number of months and
each day I received love letters and
telegrams from him. We were sec
retly engaged and the dny before I
was to get my ring he told me he
could not marry me, as he didn't
love me. Can you make this "out?
I can't. It Is beyond me.
The matter may be as simple as
it appears. The man found on
knowing you well that what he had
taken for love was infatuation. He
may have burned his feelings out in
a wild outpouring of emotions which
couldn't settle down to steady de
votion. He may have some difficul
ty in his way and fee! that he isn't
ready for marriage. But since he
has told you with brutal frankness
that ho does not love you, you arc
fortunate not to be tied to one who
could not make you happy.
The Help Mida Found at L"t.
I put a 1 n in tU bellboy' hmi
when he h(4 unlocked my dor and
d. ponied my bag upon the floor. He
diuked hit bead with an ruibarrai.
rd "'flunk you, iiu'iiii," for he evi
dently bad nl yet recovered fruit
the fart tlul I bid rtught bmi rv
changing winks wit'i the rlrkator
boy, tenly about my apprauMie,
I think he tud trared Hut t meant
In report In. impudence, but "at '
urprird at teeming a tip tlut h?
did not know what to av.
Hit action or reaction. Iihwever,
bad no part in my thought. My
onlv with w fo get rid of him
promptly, and I locked the door f
ler nun wun me urn ireuug oi
curity tlut had hern mine tuife the
iie.ranee on the tram of the myi
lenoiu apparently elderly foreigner
who cuinu'd to be a frirnd ot my
Not that I feared ant thing tini-trr
from thi nun. but bit iinprcite
attention, hi apparent endeavor to
find out niv father fecrct addrei,
and lii patent determination not to
loe tight of me had both emhar
Med and alarmed me, o I had a
litile feeling of nelf-rongraMibttinn, at
having locked the door in safety.
Then I ran to the dretng mirror to
ee what bad ocraionrd the curiou
look of the tani driver, the hotel
clerk, Ihe bellboy and the elevator
It did not take mc long to find out,
A caricature of nty u-ual face look
ed out at me from the mirror. In
fallinir niv lut had been bent out ol
shape, mv hair had been loosener
and I bad apparently used niv cheek
a a dut cloth to take tin some of
the grime of the station floor. Tut
standing out from everything else
was the swollen area on my fore
head, extending over the eye and
down on my cheek.'
Madge Calls a Doctor.
Fortunately the skin had not been
broken except in one small instance,
but the matron in stanching that
with a hastily-snatched towel bad
smeared some of the blood over the
dust, and such had been my haste
in getting away from the waiting
room that I had not given her the
opportunity to do more than dab at
my face with a dampened cloth.
My left eye was r.lmost closed with
a pulTv swelling and all along the
path of the blow from the swinging
door in the station, discoloration was
beginning. I had seen similar bruis
es before and my heart sank as I
pictured the assortment of colors
which soon would be in evidence.
No wonder curious glances had
followed me. Ko wonder the room
clerk had hesitated before assigning
me a room! No wonder the bcllbov
and the elevator man had exchanged
winks behind my backl I thanked
my particular little joss that the rest
of my appearance was eminently con
ventional, and that the clerk bad de
cided that I was sober, and the vic
tim r.f retpeiUbV accident inttead
ol a drunken brawl.
I or if ever a woman looked In
toiuiitrd, I h i lut woman. My
tirt impiiNc had been to call a
i luinhennjid to beln me Uke rare of
Ihe wrting wbiih 4 beginning lo
pjin me ttiKhtitilty, Itut the appear-
ne of ihe uce winch ienied to
her At me turn the nnrrjr rompily
lunUhcl tlut intention. nuit have
profct-ioiul tare, mbitiii my injuries
lirnt to rye rMH'rienced enough to
detect the uuih, brlre Minjctting
iny.rlf to the auie 0'f of (pecula
tion which evnlriiilv bad occupied
the mind of the olbrr !"fcl em
I groped my way to the wall tele,
phone, for I wa well-nigh blinded
from ilifiiif and wcalncH a well
a the injury to the eyelid, and took
the receiver from the hook.
"You've Had a Fall.
"Will you plrae rnd the liou-e
phyician lo room 45 Mis Mark?
I reciiticd, teuii'iiiheriiig, with an
effort tlut I had registered iimbr
that tumr, hc(aiie of the wild idea
I had enii'iliiiiii'd tlut the Mippo-ed-lv
elderly foreigner might try to
find out my destination. I had
thought lirtt of "Gray,'' no doubt
because, of it similarity lo my own
name, and had dinarded it for that
reason, but my whirling brain bad
been able to go no further than an
other color.
I drew a biff chair near the Jonr
and sank down in it to wait for the
pnysician. it wa oniv a tew min
ute before I heard a firm knock on
the door and tremulously demanded:
"Who is it?"
An equally firm voice responded:
Dr. McDcrmott." '
I rose, unlocked the door and
opened it to be confronted lv an
elderly little man. dapper, rotund,
several niche shorter than I. with a
golden piucenez surmounting an
aquiline nose, beneath which was a
grizzled mustache and goatee of the
fashion among physicians a genera
tion ago.
His very appearance was reassur-
insr to shattered nerves. I felt as a
child might when the family doctor
had arrived, the doctor whom every
member of the family loved.
"Oh. doctor!'' I said unsteadily,
and he put out a plump white hand,
grasped my shoulder and held it
Well! Well!" he said kindly,
"You've had quite a fall.' Suppose
vou come over here and he down
and tell me about it.
I obeyed him. and he fixed my
pillows as tenderly and deftly as a
nurse could have done. Ihcn with
skilful fingers he began exploring the
bruises while he listened to my
story of the accident.
Crook Relief Corps.
George Crook Woman's Relief
corps will meet in Memorial hall
court house, Friday at 2 p. m.
Dog Hill Paragrafs
. - r t , : l .
py ucoige omnium
TrM' Hancoik irturiied from
umn lint wirk with hi notkrt lu'i
of different kmd oi patent medicine
' :
is LI ( p !
tur pUii, d tlut on aiiinl ol
our acfouut tem ther an or
' iMMHi't bte thi or that, det nwl
i .Hily Ihe vtiiigteit.
li tou tan thoiv ttie tin J Hut the
tt'lowiou i lo be jut to iniiih eaih1
week, and Hut each member of Ihe
family lu a given niii uliiih
should liii'lilili' rvrtyllMiig jllullrd
lo them, and a rrn.nn turn for Ihe
home upkeep, and ihev rouM watch
llii iiunrcs and re bow thing are
t'oming out and pUn to ait aceoid-i
itiglv, it wouUI I"' intrirtiing to
Aili-lher wav to g"t vnur ilnM in-
jrif.ini in fur tiaiiir is in it.tvr ini"
kiddie heroine a member oT a savings ihili. 1
Nearly every child i interested in
Hireling a regular ilepn.u, 1
A child bkc a be svieituiu' it
give iluin something n do at a
certain time and they aiituip.iie it.
Let vo'ir child do it own bank
in ur and Injure out how much it will,
have at Ihe end of a vear.
Most parent do not consider the
children in home savings.
o".i.nht, it;:
Dear Miss Fairfax: I, too, like
many other young girls, am seeking
I am 18 years old and a senior in
high school and will graduate in
I have been going wKh a boy two
years my senior for almost a year
and I would, like to know whether
or not it would be proper for me to
send him a commencement Invita
tion. Miss Fairfax. I am afraid if I do
he will think I Just want him to give
me a present, but such is not the
case. Some of the girls here say it
wouldn't be right if I didn't send
hiin one. What shall I do? Please
tell me. How is my writing?
Oh, yes, do send your boy friend
a commencement invitation. He
would have reason to feel quite hurt
if you omitted him. Forget about
a present. If he sends one, accept
it graciously.
Ends Stubborn Coughs
in a Hurry
Tor ml flTeetlTisneM. thin old
hoino-nutds rrmcdr hu no equal.
Emily and cheaply prepared.
You'll never know how quickly a
bad rough can be conquered, until you
try this famous old home-made rem
edy. Anyone who has. coughed all
day and all night, will say that the
immediate relief given is almost like
magic. It is very easily prepared, ,
andthere is nothing better for coughs.
Into a pint bottle, put 2',4 ounce
of Pinex; then add plain granulated
sugar syrup to make a full pint. Or
you can use clarified molasses, honey,
or eorn syrup, instead of snear yrup.
Kitlier way, the full pint saves about
two-thirds of the money usually
spent for cough preparations, and
gives you. a more positive, effective
remedy. It keeps perfectly, and
tastes pleasant children like it.
You can feel this take hold instantly,
soothing and healing the membranes
in all the air passages. It promptly
loosens a dry, tight cough, and aoon
you will notice the phlegm thin out
and disappear. A day' us will usually
break up an ordinary throat or chest
cold, and it is also splendid, for bron
chitis, croup, hoarseness, and bron
chial asthma. . . ,
Pinex is a most valuable concen- '
trated compound of genuine Norway
pine extract, the most reliable rem
edy for throat and chest ailments.
To avoid disappointment, ask your
druggist for "2 ounces of Pinex"
with directions and don't acrept any
thing else. Guaranteed to give abso
lute satisfaction or money refunded.
Tat Pinex Co., Ft. Wiyne, Ind.
Any Time
Meal time, work time, play
time any time is Coffee-time I
It's indispensable at breakfast.
It's good at dinner. A homely;
sandwich and a piece of pie
become a satisfying luncheon
when you add a steaming cup
of Coffee.
Between meals in mid-afternoon,
perhaps, when mind and
body begin to lag just a trifle
at the Coffee House or soda
fountain on the way home from
the movies or theater when
one entertains at home or in,
the club house after a stirring
round of golf or an exhausting
tennis match.
Whatever the occasion, the
hour or the place Coffee!
No other beverage pleases so
many millions of people all
the time.
-the universal drink
Tkii tirtrtitemtnt is ptrt el in tducMtional Qtmptign conducted by
fie ltMdiag CoSte mtrcbtatt of tht United Stiles in ea-opereOos
with the pluttm ei tht State ef Sao Paulo, Btuil. waif A reVrn
nor thin halt ol til the Coffee used in the United Sftet of A mane:
Joint CoSet Tttit Publicity Committee, 74 Will Street Htw York
sample, and now be wishes be tud
ukcii one kind at a time o tlut lie
could of told which one it wa tlul
helped hint so.
'Ihe Dog Hill church people have
presented their pastor with another
watch fob. winch be ha salrly in
stalled on his chain, and it m.iv now
be teen dangling to and fro on Sun
days and other special occasion, lie
a he ij going to get a watch a
soon a lie is able.
Vain Sim attended an entertain
ment on the other side of Musket
Kidee Tuesday night. It was so.hiith
rlas he did not know whether it was
good or not until he heard somebody
else sav so.
Parents' Problems
I a swimming pool a proper place
for a boy lo bum to Mvini? j
This would dept'tid upon several
important ciicnniMaiicet. Fiist, the 1
pool must be clean mid the water in j
it must be clean. Second, a com
petent and responsible person should
be in charge, mt only to give in-
strurtion, bin also to superintend
the bo in the pool. 'I bird, the
other boy frequenting the pool must I
be such .is you w ish for companions ;
for your own boy. Want Ad Produce Resiilis.
Our piotluit I putf, mb, and
wholesome, Tha rii of lie
per quart i fair and in keep
ing with the quality of
r, -7 "Onihi
( 11 Frank
Vi:-... Keroaa,
. WE bitar
Cut Out
the Middleman
Know That Your Cleaner
Ha Plant
,ommon jense
By J. J. MUNDY. j
Have Your Children a Part in Home '
Savings? I
Il you would make the budget j
system a success in your home, you
should take the children in on it.
Carefully explain the system to
tncmv anu wnat it w in result in
bringing about, and get them inter
ested in making it come out as you
Merely telling your children of
If yon enjoe seed Ire erf m. If
fan enjoy cood ehoeolate. you
will rrrlalnlr tie -ellabea"
Tilth Statin r.sklmo Pie, the, aavr
lee erenrn treat Willi Ike HereSirr
rhorolate coating.
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Thursday a Sale of Used
All standard makes
made by some of
America's leading
manufacturers of
These Instruments Taken
in on New Brunswicks
and Victrolas
The Prices In
Some Instances
Are Less Than
Regular Catalog
Price of New
Instruments ,
Standard Make Phonograph
(With 30 Records)
Standard Make Phonograph
Standard Make Phonograph
Standard Make Phonograph
Standard Make Phonograph
Standard Make Phonograph
Standard Make Phonograph
Standard Make Phonograph
Standard Make Phonograph
Standard Make Phonograph
Standard Make Phonograph
(Fumed Oak)
(Fumed Oak) . .
(Mahogany) ...
(Golden Oak) .
(Mahogany) .... .
(Mahogany) . . .
(Golden Oak) . .
(Fumed Oak) . ;,
(Red Mahogany)
(Red Mahogany)
(Adam Brown) .;
(Mahogany) .
. 125.00
,. 30.00
Every instrument has been thoroughly overhauled
by our factory experts and is fully guaranteed.
Pay Nothing Down
Just buy a few records and your machine will be delivered, j
On Sale Thursday
Victrola Department Main Floor West