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    THK HEE: OMAHA. TJ.l'KSDAY. MARCH 9. 19:2.
ManyTeams Play inCageTourney Today
226 Teams Take
Floor in First
Round of Meet
Corps of 12 OffiriaU la Han
tllo ( a men SnnM'ioaU
to Ho Plajcil Tomorrow
am! 1'inaU atunlay.
l.imutn, Nth., MjuIi 8. With the
arrival here today ami tonight of
high ilionl 4-kt ball miuhiU from
all corner! of H'c Mate and the an-iiotiiiccmt-nt
of "ready" by official
in chargf, everything was in order
today for the opening at 8 . m.
tomorrow nf the statc' court claic
the IJtli annual championship
I u-kct lull tournament staged under
the auspices of the University of Nc
," Two hundred and tvetity-ix boys'
teams arc prepared to jump off with
the opening whistle tomorrow and
. t lie first round in all of the 15 divis
ions must he played off before the
)ccit playing courts are locked up
tor the night. The second round an J
semi-finals are scheduled for Friday,
and the finals on Saturday.
Courts at the colisttm, university
armory, Y. M. I'. A., university
chapel and the hoys' and girls'
rviim at the Lincoln High school,
vill serve the opening panics,
tola and Grand Island meet in a
Class A game at the coliseum at :2U
tomorrow afternoon; Ravenna and
York, Class U,' at the coliseum, 8
a. m.; Columbus and Sidney,
i oli.soiiiii. t0:-10 a. m.. and tiering and
Scottsbluff, Class C, armory, 2:40
p. in.
A corps of 42 referees are on band
to officiate on the various floors, as
well as a full company of timers,
scorekcepcrs and other officials. All
tamos in the tournament will be
JO minutes in length, which also an
lies to the finals. Finals in the
four top divisions will be played on
the coliseum floor Saturday night.
Purycar Replaces
Farcsc on Card
Welters Ready for Ten-Round Bout
Sf Sh.dt SchJtifef. J
i 20 tu Ae 21 y" I '
5 S ft 8 in Height.. S ft t't in. j
! 145 PU1 Weight.. 145 poundi I
i r f 73 n Rch n
vli V i ,5;ln :NKk w"in- I I
. I . if V 13 in Bicepi 12?, In. I V
' . V V1 61 in Wrist Stf in.
. YVl 36 in Cheir. fnor. 38 In. I f U
f in. ...Chest (ex.). ...I04 in 1 I I
M I 28 in Waist 30 in. ' I I f j
Jf . -yi 23 in Thigh 20 in. I J
jOf 11 15 in Calf in- II )
jjjF r 8in Ankle 8in J j!'
"Md' Schlatter CC ' rUue Shads . '
Church Title Won by Wops
Post Season Games Matched
New York bantam-
u-riehr tnitten slucecr
who was scheduled to
PvOk.'Tyl Prfv'Je 10-rounds of
I TjT I fistic entertainment for
I I (Hi one Earl McArthur of
1 1 XJvN i City at the fight
JLL. I shed tomorrow night,
is ill witn tne tiu, ac
cording to an an
nouncement made last night.
The little Gotham scrapper worked
out with his stablcniate,, Dave Shade,
; at the Orplicum Garden "gym"
Monday afternoon, and during the
: evening became ill at his hotel. Yes
, tcrday two physicians, one represent
ing the state boxing commission, ex
; amined Farese and pronounced him
unfit for Thursday's light show.
Karl Puryear, Denver bantam-weight,
has been secured to fight 10
; rounds with' McArthur.- These two
' knuckle wlurjers collided in Sioux
': City not long ago, the popular vcr
' diet going to the Denver lad.
Woodrow Cafe Team
Has New Backers
The Woodrow Cafe bowling team
ao. 2, has a new backer in the
; Lafayette Cafe management. The
team is composed of Tony Francl,
: captain; rrank Tarosh, Jimmv Tarosh
Frank Swoboda, William Hamilton,
"Dad" Huntington and Melvm
The M. E. Wops clinched the
championship of the Church league
last night and with it the X. W. Xa
ken trophy by defeating the Dundee
to which is the fastest basket ball
will be matched against the three
Ifst teams playing in the Commer
cial league. World-Herald, Thor-
peians and the V. M. II. A. This is
Presbyterians in the final league ; the first time such a post-season
siiic in uio season, o. to -o. .a ca- i scries lias been promoted. Both
pacity crowd turned out to w itness leagues appear to be evenlv matched.
t"e ft. The. series w ill be played Tuesday
In the play-off of tics the Wheeler night, March 14, on the Omaha "Y"
Memorials won second place in the ; floor.
hrst division by. trouncing the Pearl j The games last night settled all
Memorials, 38 to 17, and the First , tie games with the following teams
vnrisiidiis won sccona piacc in me , placing ror tne menais
sccoua aivision oy copping tne long
end of an 11 to 4 verdict from the
Grace M. E.'s.
trophy and roM medals).
!. W hplir Memorial (ihr rti'dalsi).
3. rcarl M. K. (hronze nicdnle).
Church I)iUlon No. S.
J, Dunrlpp Vrpsbytrrfan (colrt medals).
2. KirM Christinn (silver mertalsi.
3, Oraea M. E. (bron. medals).
In order to settle the question as
Church Divlalon No. 1.
First M. E. Wops (N. w.
'"Strangler" Lewis Wins.
Indianapolis, Ind., March 8. Ed
(Strangler) Lewis, world's heavy
weight wrestler champion, defeated
John Grandovitch of Maine, in
straight falls here last night.
First Round of
Tourney Finished
Creighton to Fk
jeignton to nay
tans I rnio
Creighton university will play
West Virginia Wesleyan at Buckhan-
r non tonight and again tomorrow
night at Clarksburg. The game to
morrow night will wind up its road
trip and the cagers will return to
Omaha Saturday morning.
Entry List Open in
"Y" Handball Tourney
i.'iniiva fl'C nviv Living awvivvv i'j
' Physical Director Weston, for the
. - ii i i i i it. it
:: - ! t. c 1 1. i i v ' rt
A players vm dc pairea on wnn
Dlavcrs of lesser ability. Medals will
be awarded the winners. About 50
players are expected to compete in
this event, which will commence
Af arrVi 1
Joe Kirkwood and Arthur
Del Monte, Cal., March 8. Joe
. Kirkwood, open golf champion of
Australia, and Arthur West, Aus
trailian professional, were defeated S
up and 4 to go by Jack Neville, for-
rtiFf ctat. umalwir rliamninn. anft
fpQsinnal. in a .if)-hole match vester-
c!ay over the Pebble Beach and Del
mont course. Kirkwood ' shot 74-79153.
(Copyright, HID
Q. When foul try is beins; mads run
n opponsnt Wek into or wave his arm
within free throw line? J. K. K.
- k. 1.1 n 1 1. . .
, . if, miriT- vu.'uiu iriuii m
player for soeh action. Teehnirai foal.
In amateur R.ime can a player
: jumpina; in successive hold ball plays
repeatedly tap and catch ball. Should
A. This Is legal. No foul tu be
railed for delaying game.
Q. If player shoots for fca.ket
ana the ball has left his bands when
the referee blows his whistle for the ena
of a period, doe the basket count?
. " Ye, cnol mania la both smatenr
and professional (ante.
C At end of dribble can I make a
bounce pass to another player? U H. W.
A. Tea.
q. can player cut nt bounds, find
ing every teammate guarded, throw ball
. - .r,.r Bn Btinnn,nt r-uih into COUrt and
atrh it on rebound and make a play?
T.. M w.
A. rutt seis of rales ete that be
fore a man makinc this pUy ran teneli
hall after pjint It in hosuids it int
h to ached by another plaeer of either
aide, ' - i
Kansas City, Mo., March 7.
Southwestern college, Winnficld,
Kan., runncrs-up in the. National
tournament here last year, won the
first game in the second day's play
of the first round of the National A.
A. U. championship Basket Ball
tournament here today, defeating the
fwo Harbors, Minnesota quintet, 36
to 21.
George Slaver and Chester SfcCall,
who played on the Danville (Ky.)
Centre college football team year be
fore last, played this afternoon with
the Kentucky and Indiana Railroad
Terminals five, who defeated the
Philips retroleum Company, Bartles
villc, Ok!., 43 to 28. v
Tonight's games concluded ' the
first round of tournament play. The
second round, will be played tomor
row. In the first game of the night
schedule the Y. M. C. A. of Indian
apolis, Ind.. defeated the Colorado
college of Colorado Springs, 45 to 42.
The Los Angeles Athletic club de
feated the Kansas City Tabernacles in
the second game, 32 to 30. It was
one of the closest and hardest-fought
games of the tournament.
Omaha Students to
Witness Cage Game
Central High will be well fortified
against casualties when it clashes
with Comnterce in the state tourna
ment at Lincoln this afternoon in one
of the feature games in the class "A"
Besides the regular lineup of
Beerkle and Keyt at the forward
position, Percival at center, and Rey
nolds and L'awson, guarding, Coach
Hill will have five substitutes in
Gerelick, Holmes, Johnston, Slarrow
and Sautter.
Manager Wolf also will make the
About 500 Central students plan
to go to the Capitol city to witness
the game.
Denlson Wins Meet.
Denieon. la.. March 8. The TJenison
basket ball teum repealed its performance
or last year by capturing first place in
the Harlan (la.) annual tournament. Pen.
ison defeated Shelby. GUdden and Harlan.
all by a fair margin. Three of the five
berths on the "all tournament team" were
Blven Denison players Theodore Hawley,
Ed Hagadnrn and Walter Weis. Penison
has played IS games and lost none.
Score of 729 Is
Midi at Classic
Toledo, O.. March 8. With 1,248
as the high mark in the doubles and
729, a new world's record, at the top
of the standings in the singles,' bowl
ers from Cleveland, Toledo and
Slonroe, Sfich., will take part in the
competition in those two divisions
of the American Bowling congress
here today. This is one of the
lightest days on the schedule. oity
about 30 pairs being scheduled in the
two minor events.
Five Men.
Hamilton club nods, Oucaco 5 w
Urooks Oil company, Cleveland I'.RM
Tetersons. St. Louis 2,S"3
Smith. Arcade. Miluauke ...2.7H0
Lyceum theater. Cleveland :',?;a
Two Men.
R. Peierson-F. Zuhn, Chicago 1,;4
('. Stein. jr.-K. Rose. St. Louis 1.2:i.s
f.lcno-R. r.U'lmck. Chicago 1.231
J. Smlth-K. Smith, Malwaukee 1.214
F. lirebc-A. Js'lHxnn. Chicago 1,:'J7
T.undgren, T'hirago 7;s
tirolihagen, Detroit 7"i
Smith, .Milwaukee tiS7
Masson, St. Louis 616
Re:!eh, Beaver Falls. Pa...,,.,.., eso
All Kvents.
Toung, Akron 1.K4I
Following the Horses
First race, six furlonss. JS00, claimnig,
s.vear-oirts and ud: Jay Mac. Jos F,nia,
Caamano. Comptroller, Cable, Montgomery,
le Harrlaan's Heir. Dienro Croupier,
Olive D.. Charles Cannell, Foeman 12 go.
QunnH race. It furlones. 1500. claiming
3-year-olds and up: Castle- Crown. Marief
Flukes. Woolen Bonnet. Squash. Quinam,
Apple Jack, Robert Lee. Cobrita Modiste,
Ltttle Princess, Chrome, Mao Johnson 12
Third rare, mile and eighth. $500, claim
ing. 2-vear-olds and tin: White Haven
PabT Sister, Wise Judge, Black Top.
Montoerr I.. Marv Fuller. Shenandoah,
Rhymer, Gordon Roberts, Dr. Samuel 10
Fourth race, five furlongs. claim
ing. 3 and up: Kosa Atkin, Alice Rich
mond. Little Pointer, Walter Whitaker,
Oood Fnoueh, Smiling Maggie. Ltttle Jake,
Pulv Faxhion. Stanley H.. Honest Qeorge,
Myrtle A.. Choirmaster 12 gu. (Ron
Atkin and Myrtle A. Irwin entry).
Fifth race, mile and sixteenth. J500,
clsiming, 3-yesr-olds snd up: Nelhe Har
per. ic, Rey To. Bee a wing, t-anspeur.
Charley Boy, Don Jose. Franklin i go
Sixth race, six furlongs, claiming. 8-
year-olds and up: Kathertne Rankin. May
flower. Little Beach. Ike Mine, colonel
Murphy, Bill Head, Orchid King, John Jr.
8 go.
Seventh rare, six furlongs, $sna, claim
ing. 3-year-o?ris and up: Ir. Tubbs, Queen
O' Trumps. Xg. Pancing Girt. Jack Led I.,
Head Over lleele. S.r John Vergne,
Kir-t:es Cube S go.
Eighth -ace. six furlongs, tr.os. claiming.
5-year-olds and up: Lmna Williams. Miss
Ciark. Fond Hop1. Mlierick. Apropos,
RingleadT. Lobelki Tillotson. Planta
genct. Erniitana, i'ucblo, Uoldie Rose 12
go. Clear, fast.
St. raul Victorious.
St. Taul, Neb., March 8. The St. Paul
High school basket ball team closed the
season here last evening by defeating 'the
local business college by a score of 33 to
21. St. Paul has lost four games this
year and won 12.
Split Schedule May
Be Adopted by the
Nebraska State Loop
Grand Island, Neb., Slarch 8.
President Miles of the Nebraska
State league, and several ' members
of the Grand Island baseball club
today visited David City and Colum
bus in an effort to induce these cities
to enter the new loop.
Six cities already have joined and
two more are desired to make up an
eight-club league.
A meeting will be held early this
week at Hastings or Columbus to
decide on whether the league will
have a split or continuous season.
In the event a split season is de
cided upon, the club winning the pen
nant in the first half will play the
winners in the second half.
Billy Edwards Hurt
When Car Overturns
Nebraska City, Neb., March 8.
Billy Edwards, Nebraska City wrest
ler; Everett Miller, trainer and
.wrestlitr partner, and Robert Breck
enridge were severely injured Mon
day when the car in which they w ere
driving from Auburn to this city was
overturned about seven miles south
of here. Edwards was caught under
the car.
When the car was lifted off Ed
wards a physician found that he had1
been severely injured in the chest
and that several ribs were fractured.
Miller suffered a dislocated shoulder
and Breckcnridge had several ribs
While Edwards ' injuries are not
serious he will be unable to wrestle
for several weeks. A match with
Clarence Ecklund in Sebetha, Kan.,
will have to be postponed.
Alliance Post to Stage
Boxing Card March 18
Alliance, Neb., Slarch 8. Con
tracts have been signed and all de
tails completed for the boxing card to
be staged at the roof garden stadium
March 18, under the auspices of the
Alliance post of the American
Legion, Jack Gates of Omaha and
Harry Boyle of Syracuse, N. Y.,
who were scheduled to stage the
main event, have cancelled their en
gagement, and Chuck Roach of
Denver and Bud Hamilton of Tulsa,
Okl.. have been matched for a 10-
round sluefest. In the semi-winduo
Mel Wvlanrl of 4 :nr. -u- 1 mne V-Daly City. Cel.. 2 round".
T ft T-, - - r''H" J'nr .Igo.
j ' e tvu i n mi vi icncr in a
six-round go.
Bee Want Ads Froduce Remits,
flteiii. St. Louis....
Peterson, Chicago ,
I. Barker. Chicago .
W. Lundgren, Chicago
Woman Champ to
Defend Pin Crown
Sirs. T. R. Jameson w ill defend
her title as woman's city bowling
champion Sunday night, Slarch 19,
in a challenge match with Sirs. Roy
Sirs. Jameson won the city title
last year and this will be the first
time this year she has defended it.
Both arc star performers on the
polished drives and leading bowlers
in the Sfetropolitan ladies' league.
Nearby Residents Fear
Effects of Ruth's Swats
New Orleans, La., Slarch 8.
Householders in the. neighborhood
of Heincmann park became alarmerj
when Babe Ruth, kinor of swats.
came along here to train with the
New York Yankees.
Premises would be bombarded by
baseballs clouted from the fungus
stick of the Bambino, claimed the
residents. Julius Heincmann, presi'
dent of the local baseball club, took
And in order to curb the clouts
of the home-run king the walls sur
rounding the ballyard have been
made four feet higher.
Britishers' to Compete in
international Golt Match
New York, March 8. Great Brit
ain will send a team of golfers to
America this coming season to com
pete in the- international match for
the G. Herbert Walker cup, it was
announced, today by T. B. Bvers,
president of the United States Golf
association. Thus far, Great Britain
is the only entrant for the event
which will probably be olaved over
the National links on Long Island in
Drake Bulldogs Win.
Des Moines, la.. Slarch 8. Drake
university closed its Slissouri Val
ley conference basket ball season
here last night wlf n it defeated
Grinnell college, 29 to 23. Ted Eay
seur, Drake forward, fell S points
short of tying Captain Rody of Kan
sas university for honors as leading
scorer of the Slissouri Valley, mak
ing only 14 points.
Purdue Cagers Win.
LaFayette, Ind., Srarch 8. Pur
due university closed its basket ball
season here last night by defeating
Illinois university, 39 to 31. The
Purdue team is the western confer
ence basket ball champions with a
season's record of eight victories in
nine contcrence ganfes.
Today In Ring History
Nineteen Years Ago.
Jimmy Brltt lost on a foul to Jack
O'K'eefe. Portland, Ore., six rounds.
Philadelphia. Jack tTBrlen won from
Jim Jeffords, Pittsburgh. 10 rounds.
Jimmy Burns and Jimmv Iticlly tn
draw, Portland, Ore- IS rounds.
Joe Wolrytt won from Miko Donovan,
rUUburgJrT 10 rounds.
Fourteen Tears Ago.
Bill.ljng knocked out Bill 8mith. Mel
bourne, Australia, seven rounds.
Ten Years A to.
Tommr Murphy won from Abe Mitchell.
Jim Loney end uatttuu i.evtnjky, no
decision, JCew York. 10 rounds.
eren Years Ago.
Eddie Cnulon won from Curl Masterf
San Aatonio, Tex.. sU rounds
Omaha's Seventeenth
Starts Monday, 2 P. M.
Exhibition Continues All Week
HE DOORS will open Monday at 2
p. m., on the most interesting display
of automobiles ever presented in the
middlewest. After the first day the doors
will open at 9:30 a. m. and close at 10:30 p.
m. each day, including Saturday. The great
crowds attending will see
All That is New in Motordom
The latest models in all the leading makes of
passenger cars will .be on display, revealing
the many improvements of . the past year,
tending toward greater economy, efficiency,
accessibility. Commercial vehicles will show
the advances made in this latest unit of trans
portation. S
Accessory Display in Balcony
Booths for the accessories will be located
around the balcony this year, bringing the
whole display under one roof. Tom Brown's
two orchestras, unique decorat i ms, and many
other features in this greatest motor car exhi
bition of the middlewest.
Omaha Automobile Trade Association
Admission 50 Cent
Includes War Tax
A. B. Waugh, Show Manager
2051 Farnam Street