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Delay Hearing -
I On Extradition
Al II 1
VIM Atkinson
I W!. nvii n -
nrougut to iftuy Against
Man Alleged to Hate Stolen
Liquor in Canada.
- After three hour' argument by
attorney i, the hearing to extradite
Al Aik itikon in I'aiiitiU to answer a
liquor theft charge, wa continued !
it Cenlemher IV K'rw et'idenre 1
is to lie hroiiiilit l'm Butte,
Mont, where another arrest
C. E. More of Chicago, attorney
for the Canadian consul, and Ray
Madden, attorney (or Atkinson, who
was arrested in Qnialia a week ago,
engaged tit several what joust dur
ing yesterday's hearing , helore
I'nited Statei Commissioner Boch
The Canadian counsel objected to
Madden i 'hiilldoztng: and ' bluff-
inc." the witnetsr.
I he witnesses., brought here to
identify Atkinson, are Robert An
drist of Wood End, Canada, from
whom the liquor was stolen, and
Carl Ledahl, a farmer jut arrops the
border on the North Dakota aide.
who was at AndriM'a home when
the holdup took place.
Both witnesses identified Atkinson,
but their testimony is attacked by
attorney for the defense.
Tom Kelly, arrested Saturday in
Winner, S. D., on the charge of
booze-running, will not he brought
bark to Omaha, but will be taken
oeiore me nearest anaqian commis
sioner, according toTTore.
Faints From Hunger
Mailing Card to Mother
Probe Death of Member -Of
Former Bootlegging Ring
. A report that members of an
auto ring and bootlegger gang were
responsible for the death of Leroy
Mellis, brother-in-law of Mike Doo
iey. alleged memh'er of the gang
ifnrmA It s ( i u i 1 at Ittif A cnill.
vail. Mo., is being investigated bv
liicmberj of the Department of Jus
tice. Mcllis was found dead five month
a70. He was supposed to have
committed suicide. atones nave
been told, however, that the gang
sters killed Mellis because they
. feared that his conversion to re
ligion would lead him to bare their
deeds. "
Congested District Made
;. Larger by New Ordinance
' The city council committee of the
whole yesterday morning recom
mended for passage the new traffic
Ordinance which provides, among
other things, that autos must slow
down to five miles an hour when en
tering boulevards.
It also extends the limits of the
Congested district from Fourteenth
to Twentieth streets and from Dodge
to Leavenworth. ' On Farnam the
district extends to Thirteenth street,
and on Sixteenth street from Daven
port to. Leavenworth. ,i
, '
Ralph Pagan.
With hunger gnawing at his atom
ach, and a totcard to hit mother in
his baud, Ralph Ragain, Joplin, Mo.,
youth, fainted on the postollicc steps
yestrrday morning and was taken to
Central police station.
He told police he had had nothing
to eat for three days. He fa id he
came here from Salt I-ake City.
The postal card, which was in hii
hand, read:
".Dear Mother: I will drop you
a card to let you know where X an..
rll, mamma, I am in Omaha. 1
left Salt Lake City about a wee);
ago. . I am t Had anything to eat
since I left 1-aranuo. I sure am
hungry. Well, mamma. I am go
ing to try to be home by Wednes
day, but if I can get a job here, I
will stav here."
He told police he would like to get
a job doing anything.
roliccmcn at the station bought
him a meal and then took up a col
lection to scud him home.
Today's Attractions.
y Strand Clara Kimball Young in
,harge It , - ,
Sun Viola Dana in "Life's Darn
FUnny." ' ' ' 1
Rialto "The Golden Snare." .
Moon "The Invisible Powers
Empress "The Concert."
. Muse "The Coward."
Grand "Blind Husbands."
George Arliss will play the title
role iii ''Disraeli," hjs great stage
success, which "he -.will film for
United Artists' release. N
Marty; Johnson, formerly pub
lisher of the magazine. The Dial, of
highbrow tendencies, is playing a
small part in a forthcoming picture.
- Pearl White, Pathe serial star,' has
obtained a divorce from her husband.
Wallace McCutcheon, in a .Provi
dence' (R. I.) court., -They were mar
ried about one year ago,-, '
"Lila Lee' will be Wallace. Rcid's
leading woman in his next Para
mount picture, "Rent Free." Lila
Lee recently appeared opposite Ros
coe Arbuckle. " '
Congressman Andrews Here.
Congressman W. E. Andrews from
the Fifth district, Hastings." Neb.,
was in the city yesterday, with Mrs.
Andrews, enroute home from Wash
ington. They called on U. S.
Rohrer in the federal building.
THE FASHIONABLES took n innlns
at the Orpheum- Monday "society
nlsht." The bill, poMlbly lean rapid
fire than tht of the opentnt week,
a varied one and Is possewd of aome
unusual talent well as ifreehinr; en
t.rtainntent. Jointly headlining- are Her
bert Walfue and Hilda Williams, In from
"Soup to Nuls," a comedy art that rocRa
tho audience In lauahter from alart to
daintily concelv"d. Ml and executed mm
hal bit called "A Broadway Bouquet." The
avtor pta Ktrght. Hugh Herbert, with his
company. I contributing a comedy of
bin own maklnK called "Mind Your Own
Business" that is likely to bo remembered
as a distinctly good orpheum ottering
for some time to come. It H a. cleverly
worked up episode In good hands when
t falls to Hugh Herbet.
An excellent acting company of four
people essay tha characters In "A High
land Romance," a Scotch playlet which
act headlines the Empress ahow today.
The act la on the surprise order and
la repleta with laughing- surprtaea. Akin.
Ambrose and I-oomts, provide a snappy
repertolr of songs and some laughable
situations In their offering. "The Gloom
Chasere." Another popular attraction Is
the aharpahoorters' set presented by the
Two Edwards. Theirs is the best In this
form ( masemeat seen hero In some time
Saturday Is tha day set for the opening
ef the Gayety'e 1 1th consecutive season
of musical burlesque. In season past th
Gavety has always opened around tha
middle of August and Old .Van Johnson
fully realises that tha patience of btir
lesqae lovers la being sorely tried by the
delay. So to compensate them ha has
secured one of the best :. attractions on
the circuit for tha tpaugural week. "The
Whirl at Oayety." Tht box of flea opens
Thursday at IV a. m.
'Old and Alone,' Woman
Takes Her Own Life
Because she was "old and alone,"
Mrs. Marietta Young, 67, committed
suicide by turning on the gas jet in
her room aJ the home of Dr. Lewis
Dermody, 2020 Poppleton avenue,
A note left for her sister, Sirs.
C. H. Mullen, 320 North Forty-first
street, reads as, follows:
"Dear Sister: The little matter of
living is too difficult. I am old and
alone to pack sTmany thing's. I have
tried to be brave but learning to liver
with strangers again seems more
than I can bear. Call Angie to help
bear my load. Yours lovingly,
Mrs. Young came to the Dermody
home several weeks ago and asked
to be allowed to have a room there
because it was her old home.'
Ed Delehanty, Patrolman 19
Years, Is Made Sergeant
Ed Delehanty, for J9 years a pa
trolman,' was promoted to a sergeant
by Chief of Police Dempsey yester
day. :
Delehanty fills the place left vacant
by W. G. Russell, who was promoted
to captain to succeed the late Capt.
Tony Vanous.
It is rumored about Central po
lice headquarters that another shake
up in the department is expected ,
Sentc-tnher 1. '
Chief Dempsey stated ' that he
would demote ' two detectives and
possibly two police sergeants.
Omaha Detective Shot by
y. Prisoner in Oklahoma
City Detective Harry Buford was
"shot m the hand, and a woman seri
ously, wounded on a train inr Okla
homa Saturday by George Smith,
whom Buford, was returning to Dal
las, Tcx on. charges of raising cur
rency' and bootlegging. ;
-'Smith grabbed the officer's pistol
and started shooting?"' He was wear
ing an "Oregon boot" and did not
escape. '.- ; '- ; -, r. :
Wife Bcater; Will Spend .
30 Days in County Jail
"Thirty days in jail on a bread and
water 1 diet was the punishment
meted to E. M. McMurtin, 35, 3525
Redmond .avenue,, for alleged wife
btating by Judge Wappich in Cen
tral police court yesterday.
McMurtin is the father of three
small children. His wife was uiV
able to appear, in court as the result
of her condition.
Merchants Flock
Into Gale City '
For Market Week
300 in City FirH Day, Setting
New ltecord for Attcnd-
Many Entertain "
a nee
menu Planned.
Reduced railroad fares into 0;uaha
for Merchants Market week arc re
sulting in the largest attendance of
out-of-town merchant ever known
in history, according to W. A. Litis,
At noon yr.teruay mere were .w
Haig Sends Mayor
Regrets at Inability
To Attend Air Meet
Mayor James Pahluun yestrrday
niurning received a letter from Gen
rr.l Haig of England, expressing re
grrt that he will be unable to attend
the First International Aero congress
to be field in Omaha in November,
The Idler is dated from ICastcott,
KiiiR"-tii Hill, Surrey, and addressed
to "His Worship, Mayor of Omaha."
"1 am very greatly touched at the
kind invitation 1 have received worn
the municipality of Omaiia to attend
the Firt International Aero con-
trees, the letter read.
I reorcl very much, however, that
it vill he impossible for me to ac-
picrclianu in Omaha on their fall tcpt. I have only recently (ct timed
buying trips, more than in any pre
vious year, it was ctmu ta.
At C. of C Tonight.
The first biar meeting of the week
took place at the Omaha Chamber
of Commerce last night at 7 o clock.
Ticket' to the Ak-Sar-lSeii, which
were distributed to the men during
the dav bv Omaha jobbers and
wholesalers, are to be exchanged for
tickets at the Chamber of Commerce.
While the men were being enter
tamed at the Urn the women were
entertained at a theater party at the
I his evening the visitors are
to be entertained at a buffet dinner
and dance at the Omaha Field club:
at 5:45 this afternoon they will
meet at the W. O. W. building and
be taken to the Field club in automobiles.
Miller Park Frolic.
Wednesdav evening the visit'ors
will go to Miller park for a box
lunch and out-door frolic.
A dance at the Prettiest Mile club
will close the evening's frolic.
Thursday evening- there will be a
p.panese garden party and dance at
the Auditorium. Contests will be
held, in which $1,000 will be dis
tributed among the prize winners.
In order to participate in the prize
contests all visitors must be reg-
stcred at the Omaha Chamber of
Fight Pictures Here
Films' of the Dempsey-Carpentier
fight are to be shown in Omaha
and Other points in Nebraska, ac
cording to the i)lans""of Clarence R.
Uray of New jork, personal repre
sentative of Tex Rickard
Gray arrived in' Omaha with the
films Sunday and yesterday pleaded
guilty to illegally importing the films
into the state before FcJeral Judge
Woodrough. In other cities the
promoters have paid a fine, in most
cases of ?1,000, and.have then shown
the pictures without molestation, on
the grounds that one cannot be tried
twice for the same offense. Gray's
hearing has been set for Friday at 9.
350 Seniors Are Enrolled at
Central High School hy Noon
Three hundred and fifty seniors
had registered at 'the Central High
school by noon yesterday, as against
317 the first day of school last year.
The total senior enrollment is ext
pected to reach 375.
Principal J.G. Masters estimates
that the total "enrollment of Central
High' school will be' between" 2,400
and 2,600.
Registration of iuniors vyM start
this morning at 8:30. ,
from a tour of South Africa, and feel
it would be imijisible for me to set
away from home again so toon."
Tiie letter is signed "Uig of
Omaha Red Cross Workers
Return From Czccho-SlovaVia
While in Prague, Czecho-Slov
akia, two young Oniahans, Lyman
Itrysnn and Miss Catherine Gavin,
daughter, of P. T. Gavin, M2 Mili
tary avenue, became fast friends of
"Haboushka," Catherine Breshkov
skay.i, "little mother of the Russian
revolution." They were in junior
Red Cross work in France at the
Miss Gavin left Omaha Sunday
night for Washington preparatory
to a return to Kurope, where she
expects to be assigned to American
famine relief work in Kussia. She
was in Cmiaha only six days on the
only visit at her home in three years.
Wallace Beery, Ruth Renick,
Lewis Stone -
L Brief City Ntw$ J
Tn lm t'lans ars nam niartS
Tor ilia tH day, hnienilrr S, of th
Yltmiitg furv' ttasjoclalloii.
- Krnirn (MiMlcra Hodlm llodlw
of 4 Yank luddler art to arrtvs In
Uinuhii Thursday or Friday. ,
' Tun An Hi f 'raalM Only two ail
tiimoblle MUt'ldrnttt occurred Hundsr.
dmidla th emlclnc weathsr, ai-corfl.
in tu polli'o reports. Neither was
Huh l ur toniouni The Wern
noiiali Fur eiiiupany a l Kluux Kails,
H. V.. was ndihod of 1400 worth of
furs It was learned by police here
' Hay fKcvor euro Victim ol hay
fever here have found a nt-w cure.
Tlu-y are HHcendinf to a htch atti
tude In airplanes, and axarl the curs
la effective.
ArllMa for artists
will auiiervlNRl decorating of floats
which will participate In the Ak-tbir-lipit
floral parade here on the aft
ernoon of September to. '
Cutler o KiN-nk lr. Irving ft.
rmter. dn of the Nchraaka Hchool
of Medicine, will ap-nK at the rind
fall meeting of the Klwunle club at
the Hotel Rome Friday.
t liiroiintctuB Return lr. Frank
K. llorhorn has returned from Dav
enport, la., where he attended the
nntlonal convention nf the L'nlveraal
Chiropractors' lUnoolitlon.
I'liyslclniM' Ueports I'hyalclnns
will he required to report all wounds
In which police may bo Interested
If an ordinance Police Commissioner
Dunn Is having prepared is passed.
Alitftkan Heat Victim Herman
Fuclk, a resident of Alaska, visiting
here, suffered from heHt yesterday.
He hopes It will be cooler in Ger
many, where he planning ta go from
her. .
bMHiinim ChcmUw fcl svrn lot l
vhsmical ineuulaulurvr lave ben
Ordered to appear befur J H. Itohr.
r, federal prohibition entcrcemmt
offlivr. stoptemlwr ST. In retard lu
the revocation or alcohol lloeimea.
IXukt ApirlnMfil Jewelry valued
t IJU9 and Is In cash were stolen
In an eajOy mornlmc raid on F. U.
K dike's irVartiiient In ine Henbow
apartment . buildlmr. Forty-fourth
and Dodge atreets y. al' rday morn
In. Will Draw Jury Election Com
mlasloiier . Moorheud and IKiuala
eouniy ludfSs will, miii lime Una
week, fliaw a trend Jury which will
meet September I In piobe "wild,
cat" stock selling scheme in ,.
braaka. ,
Will Visit Mirlne William U U.
Vlolette and William O'lfura. mrr
chants of North Hend. Nob.. naaseil
through Omaha yeaierd.-iy en route
lo me mtrine or t. Anne Im Pre
in I'annua to seek cure for bodiiv
.11.. 1. . v
Iluiiacr Victim FainU llnlnh
DioigHn. jnpini, mo.. lainletl eater.
day on the imatorflce tep,
c'utched a postcard to hu mother
In on hand. IAt Central station he
told police h had not eaten for
three nay.
Fit I'p 't.)m" A section of the
gymnasium of former Kellevue col
lege will he fitted xnp by ihe Wom
en's uveraesa Service lengue. The
"gym" will be one of the buldlngs
used for a training renter for ex
service men.
1'ongratnlnus Woodard letters
from Postmaster lie no rat Hays and
Congressman A. J. Jefferia rougrat
ulatlng J. I. Wqpdard, assistant post
master, on his 60 years' service In
the postal department, will be read
ut tho dinner lo be given Wednrs
lay mt lit Chamber of t'ommeit'S
lu hour of Mr. Wood id.
Want Mifcii lti'icncl Paul
Imbeil and Aim Itoux, Wyoming
lamheia, klarted action replevin
13 carloads of sheep from th Hheeu
tiiowrra' Commlasion comiHtliy, to
whom they bad consigner) th ahsep,
III district court ealrd.iy.
Ale Vh-tlm ltcocre Sihrwl) Mr
Martha lluahman, young wife of I.
F. Iiukliiiian. civilian air pilot, la
allll llnaerlng between life and derth
at rlt. Jnse hospital from Injuries
lei-eived In an airplane rrnsli nesr
Ak hnr-lien field on July i.
Ahaatn Alloow) Deputy Coun
ty Attorney M. Vruaer I held ab
a..led froui blam In lh release of
Hinitn nines. nero,uoi Capitol av
nue, arrested on a charge of high
way robbery, aecordlne to the In
vesiigailon made so far by County
Aiiorury j, y, ttnoiwrli.
A-lirclit htlins llurhtl Mr. A.
(I. UrlioiM. the third victim of an
automobile crash In which two Oma
ha women, Miss Margaret t'ulvln
and Mix Myrtle Roberts, both prom
inent n educational elides, were
killed, lira -eeilously Injured lu a
Colorado riprlngs hospital. Mrs.
Crlmm Is a sister of Miss Culvin.
Funeral service for the two victims
of the accident were held here yesterday.
New Bahy Boy Gladdens
Home of Dr. F.W.Faulk
Dr. and Mr. V, V. Faulk. IJ0
Jefferson street, "are the parents of
a bahy boy. The new arrival makes
ine cigntn memoer' ot tne laniuy.
Dr. Faulk is a member of the
school board.
Bee Want Ads 1'roduce iiesulti
Widening of Street
Causes Much Debate '
v At Council Meeting
The question of widening Twenty
fourth street caused much debate in
the rity council yesterday.
The report of the special commit
tee, rotiipntrd of Commissioner
KouUky, Hiimmrl and Hopkins,
recommending that 7 per cent of
the total appraisement be aisrssed
against the district, and the rity at
leargt bear the difference, was un
for consideration. The appraiser
reported awards amounting to $10.1..
7VI and the tentative total asset
ment amounts to $l,458,f77
Aptroval of the committer's re
port by the council would commit
the city to take the property covered
by the appraisal and precludes sub
mission of the proposition to the
vote of the people.
The council will take no definite
sction on the matter until luSrings
have been held on other ma tor
project. The proposed widening of
Twentieth1 street. Leavenworth to
Dodge, will be considered by tin
council this, afternoon at 2.
Mill Worker Return
Charlotte, N, C, Aug. W.-f,n-proximately
1.400 employes of he
Johnston cotton mills in Chartdite
and Rock Hill returned to work,
accepting the same basis of pay and
hours of labor prevailing when they
Deaths and Funerals
"aral aankaa foe Ora Ta Baker.
JUS M ainat. vha died In tvmty kH
itat Fndajr. will s hald Wednesday. As
smat St. at l:J a, nv. from Bethasy
SiaUwtia .-iacapai chura'w
The Ideal Time
Qrt Brltsla and Th Continent An Unit
AUractiva in La.t Snmmn and Autuma
Sailings Every Few Days from r
Montraal ta Livsrpool, Southampton,
Landon, Claagaw, (Havre and Antwtra
Combined Serviea
Canadias Pacific Railway
Navutalione General Italians
Montreal Naples Genoa Trieste
T Uwsast mm Pletamf as. Qsalat OM QatHa
' Sy Tas "Cstaran st Frsscs" sss
"EmereM st Brltsla"
Tare Delightful Daya en th
Shattered St. Lawrence Rivar and
Call Less Than Fear Days Al Saa!
Everything Canadian Pacific Standard
Apply to Local Agents or to
It. S. Ehrorthy, Can. Agent, Paaacager
DapU 40 Ji. Dearborn St-, Chicage, III.
Canadian Pacific Railway, Traffic Agents
Now and All Week
"Charge It"
Matinee Dally, 2:15; Every Night, 8:15
Clara Barry; Larry Comer; Edward
Marshall; Winton Bros; Topica of the
Day; Aaaop'a Fablea; Path a News.
Matinee, 15c to 50c; some 75c and 91;
Sat. and Sun. nights, 15c to $1; Soma
$1.25 Saturday and Sunday.
Tha GloeaKksiers": WILLIAMS 4 CULVER,
"Th. Hunt.r'i Dnan"; Niotoetay Attrsetlss,
"THE CONCERT". A Boldwys All star
, August 29, 30 and. 31
Gam Called at 3:30 P. M.
Bo Seat on Sals at Barkaiow Bros.
1 Cafeterias
Ws Appreciate your
Circus Grounds at
20th and Paul Sts.
Omaha SEPT. O
ftafTffnt.n MOSS OPEN T l7 P.R PEVOIMMCa AT 2a8P.N b3U44rV
Admiasien tickets and inirnd seats ea ' sale down Iowa
Ch-cna Day at Mysrs-Dillea Drag Stare, 1SCS Farnam St.
CO S Em BsO T.
Anniversary Week t-
j Two Years of i
Popularity &'
Southern "The ft
Harmony Invisible M
Four Power"
"Hear . Photoplay l
Them" , Feature B,'
-al flow and All Week
U "Life's Darn Funny" Vi
1 In "The Briery" W-
a, AS A AVt
Last Times Tonite
4 in 'The Coward"
No More Gas in
Stomach & Bowels
If you wish to be permanently relieved
of gas in the stomach and bowels, take
Baalmann'a Gas-Tablets.
Baalmann's Gas-Tablets are prepared
distinctly and especially for stomach sal.
and particularly for all the bad effects
eoraina from sss pressure
That empty, aoee and gnawing feeling
at the pit of your stomach will diaappear;
that snziogs snd nervous feeling with
heart salDitatisn will vanish and you will
once mora be able to take s deep breath,
so often prevented by Baa pressing against
your heart and lungs.
Your limbs, arms and fingers won't
feel cold and go ta sleep, because Baal
mann'a Gas-Tsblets prevent saa interfer
ing with the circulation: intense drowsi
ness and aleepy feeling after dinner will
soon be replaced by a desire (or some
form of entertainment. -Your distended ,
stomack will reouce By inenes oecause gas
will not form after using Baalmann'a Gas
Tablets. Get the genuine in the Yeflow Paekate
from Sherman 4 . HcConnell or any
reliable druggist.
ess- Nash Company's
Downstairs Store
Smart "Suede-Like" tarns
for the school girl in red,
tan. navy, brown and orange.
Special Tuesday,' $1.00. -
Tas Downstairs Store
Women's Oxfords
a pair
.Most exceptional value Patent leather oxfords and pumps
with Louis heels. Sizes 3 to 7. We advise an early selection,
as there are only 150 pairs in the lot.
The Downstairs Store
22 Spools Thread
J. & P. Coats' best 6-cord
machine thread in black and
white, in every number. One
day only, 22 spools, $1.00.
The Downstaira Store
3 yds. Flannel
An excellent quality- of
shirting flannel in neat stripes
or checks, 32-inch width, very
exceptional value, 3 yards for
The Downstairs Store
5 yds. Wash Goods
Five yards of dress ging
ham or voile in the season's
newest designs. Very special
Tuesday; five yards for $1.00.
The Downstairs Store -
3 yds. Ribbon
Three yards of 6-inch taf
feta hair bow ribbon. A splen
did quality for school wear.
Tuesday, three yards, $1.00.
The Downstaira Store
12 Hair Nets
Large size "Gainsborough"
nets, made of real human hair,
in cap and fringe styles, all
shades. For Tuesday only, one
dozen, $1.00.
The Downstsira Store
Men's heavyweight blue
denim. Made with one-piece,
high - cut suspender back.
Seams double-stitched; large
pockets; cut full and roomy.
Sizes 34 to 42. ,
2 Wash Suits
A limited number of boys'
wash suits are offered for
quick clearance Tuesday, 2
for $1.00.
Sizes 3, 4 and 6 only.
Boys' trousers, sturdy make
in corduroy, wool-mixed serge
and cassimeres. Sizes 6 to 16.
The Downstaira . Store ,
Cafeteria Special: Tuesday
BEEF TONGUE, with raisin sauce and ' OCJ
mashed potatoes ,:. . . . ... . , . eJC
- . - Tha Downstairs Store ,
Lunch Cloth and Scarf
' One round 45-inch lunch cloth and one 60-inch buffet scarf,
in heavy butcher linen. The 2-piece set, special, Tuesday, at $1.00.
Table Cloth
.' Heavy quality round damask
cloth, 66 inches in diameter,
scalloped edges, in blue, pink,
yellow and white.
The Downniairs Store
10 yds. Sheeting
Heavyweight bleached or un
bleached sheeting, 36 inches
wide. Special, 10 yards, $1.00.
Covered dishes, butter and
vegetable dishes, large plat
ters, in discontinued patterns
in china and porcelain deco
rated dinnerware. Special.
Extra large, cut and etched
glass vases for the bouquet of
long-stemmed flowers. .
Large, footed glass . com
port topped with, glass cover.
especially nice for fruits.
Very special, $1.00.
The Downstairs Store
2 1 Bars White Naptha Laundry Soap
The Downstaira Store
14 Rolls of Toilet Paper
Tha Downstairs Store
This is not a Tuesday price,
but is a vejr special value.
Women's dainty white cotton
voile blouses with collars of
contrasting colors and silk
pongee with round, collar
less neck. '
The Downstaira Store
Children's Dresses
' Clever styles in large assortments of pretty colors in checks,
Stripes,' plaids and plain colors with contrasting trimmings are
exceptional values at $1.00. ' Sizes 7 to 14.
1. The Downstairs Store '
In this lot are about 36 gar
ments, including a few ging
ham, voile and organdy
dresses in sizes 16 to 40; also
about 12 white and pink
guimpe dresses in small sizes.
The Downstaira Store
4 yds. Cretonne
Attractive designs for drap
erieSr comfort coverings and
coverings for shirtwaist boxes.
Very special, 4 yards for
$1.00. 1
The Downafafrs Store
10 Cotton Batts
Ten large sized sanitary
white cotton batts. These will
make a large comfort. Limit
of 10 to a customer. Special
Tuesday, 10 for $1.00.
The Dowaatairs Store
Aluminum Kettle
Six-quart convex kettle,
with cover, of pure aluminum,
extra heavy. ' Special Tues
day, $1.00.
10-quart round aluminum
roaster, $1.00.
The Dow a stairs Store
Dress Forms
Only a few sizes: 32, 40,
42, 44, in black jersey cov
ered forms. Special, $1.00.
Tfc Dtfwasulra Store -