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Xiiss Effie Gates, daughter of M r.
and Mrs. T. A. Gain, became the
bride of Charles E. Mafcy of Loup
City Wednesday afternoon. The
ceremony Mas performed at the
aiei nome.
The bride was graduated from
Wayne State Normal school.
The young couple will make their
home in Loup City.-
For Bride-to-Be.
luncheon. Wednesday, complinietit-
'y to Miss Dorothy Dodds, fiancee
'.Watson IUH of New York.
1 " The attendants at the wedding of
$ Miss Dodds next Saturday will in
clude Misses aud Miller- and
Arlina Carnrross as bridesmaids.
iunrri isouux, uiou
Brecher Howell, wh
v. ill he Frances r
1 W,tid Jo Janet will
Robert Dodds. brother of the bride,
ho leave the lat-
and Helen Dodds
serve as ring-
Wedding Plans.
4- Miss Rose McGovern, whose wed-
t ding to Dr. Charles Ulrich of Valen-
'J tine takes place August 30, lias
chosen for her bridal attendants Miss
I Claire McGovern, maid of honor, and
i the Misses Mary McGovern and
I Mary O'Doliertv. bridesmaids. Dr.
f 5 C. S. Molseed will be best man to Dr.
Ulrich and the Messrs. Emmet King,
f Joe Dineen, Val Roche and Thomas
McGovern are to be ushers.
Out-of-town guests arriving tliis
week for the Ulrich-McGovern nup
tials arc Mrs. Walter Bullis and Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Reed, Chicago; Miss
Monica Ryan. Cedar Rapids; Miss
Angelo Jacobi, ' Neola, and Michael
McCarthy, Sioux City.
For Miss Robinson.
Miss Mercedes Caughlin ; enter
tained at a bridge party at her home
I uesoav afternoon, complimentary
Beatrice, guest of Dr. and Mrs. An-
Miss Florence Dow entertained
w right guests at the Orpheuni Wed
" iicsdav afternotfn honoring this visi
tor. " .
Entertains for Brides-to-Be.
Miss Marion . Weller is planning
to entertain next Wednesday, August
Jl, in honor of Misses Dorothy Hal
bach and Margretha Grimmel. brides-to-bc,
and her sister. Miss Dorothy
Weller. who will have returned from
a European trip.-
Matinee Party.
Miss Henrietta Medlar entertained
12 -jupsts at the Orpheum. Wednes
day afternoon, in honor of Miss Ger
trude Sheerer of Hammond, Ind.,
who is visiting her.
Happy Hollow Club.
JL Mr,. J.
X. Morrison entertained
r u guei
VA low c
guests at luncheon at Happy
tub Wednesday.
Paul Flothow has returned from
a trip to Estes Park.
Mrs. C. E. Miller returned
Wednesday from Estes park.
Dr. Herbert Davis has been slight
ly ill at his home for several .days..
Mr. and Mrs, W. ARitchie re-
urnea luesaay irom an eastern trip.
Mr. and Mrs, Willard Slabaugh re
turned Tuesday from a trip to Estes
Margaret and Dorothy Snyder
have gone to Chicago to spend two
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Holman have
returned from a short stay ai Lake
Mrs!. M. S. Prichard of New York
City is visiting her sister, Mrs. M.
Loft us.
Miss Ruth Cattin arrives in Omaha
Monday after spending the summer
in the cast.
Mr. and Mrs. II. IT. McDuff will
return home the first " week in
t September from Colorado.
Me. aud Mrs. Lewis Burgess re
turned Monday from Cape Cod,
?Ctass, and Ncv' York City.
Mrs. Alvin Saunders and daughter,
Mrs. Russcl B. Harrison are, now
with Charles L. Saunders.
Mrs. Lloyd Burdic of Herman,
Neb., is a "uest at' the home of her
mother, . Mrs. Alfred Darlow.
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. White re
turned Wednesday from Spirit Lake,
la., where they spent two weeks.
Dorothy Weller arrives home Sat
urday from New ork City, where
she has been since a trip abroad.
Mr! -and. Mrs. .T. A. Tollevs of
Chicago are the guests of Dr. and
Mrs. Robert Gihnorc at the Fonte
nellc hotel.
Mr. and Mrs. Yale Holland re
turned Sunday from Excelstonr
Springs, Mo., where they spent a
few weeks.
Mrs. Paul Hoagland left Wednes
day for California where she will
spend a month before returning to
her home in Arizona."
Mrs. Moshicr Colpctzer. who has
been spending a few weeks at the
Drake in Chicago, will return home
the latter part of next week.
" Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Howland are
now in Plymouth, Mass. They will
stop in Quebec, and other points in
Canada before returning homo.
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Switzler,
v ho have been spending the sum
mer in New York, Cape Cod and
Boston, return to Omaha next week.
A son, Robert Metz Garrett, was
horn Tnesdav to Mr. and Mrs. Rob
ert Garrett. Mrs. Garrett is the
r1o,iilitr ,f Mr anil Mrs. ( harlrs
u p, 1 1 1 1 1 v ... - - - - -----
Mrs. John T. Stewart, 11. and
children. Dick Gordon and Jane, are
expected home September 1 from
Lake Cheneaux. Mich., where they
ave been spending the summer.
Frank Dietz is with his daughter;
Mrs. Benjamin Harwood, and Mr.
Harwood, spending the month of
August in the Berkshire!. Mr. and
Mrs. Harwood returned from Paris
August 1. Miss Louise Dietz will
ro to New York in the fall to spend
leveral weeks with her sister.
What's What
There are two ways of eating
boiled eggs. The English custom,
which is also followed in Canada and
in some other countries, is to place
the egg in an egg cup especially con
structed for the purpose, and to take
off the "cap" or smaller end of the
shell with a sppon. Then salt is
added to the egg, which is stirred
with a narrow spoon and eaten from
the shell with this egg spoon.
When an American orders boiled
eggs in any hotel, club or restaurant
in the United States, he knows that
the waiter, having ascertained wheth
er the order is to be soft-boiled, hard
boiled or medium, conveys them
from the kitchen cooked to the
guest's taste, and then breaks them
into an egg-glass much the shape
of the English egg-cup, but three
times as large. The guest eats them
from this glass with an ordinary tea
spoon. Things You'll Love
To Make.
Crocheted SilK
Lamp Shade
While crocheting is so popular
make a crocheted silk lampshade.
Crochet a filet insertion two inches
wide that will fit around the top of
a silk-covered wire shade. Leave
drop-stitching enough to reach with
in three inches of the bottom edge
of the shade. Then crochet a three
inch, filet insertion to fit the bottom
circumference of the shade. ; Finish
the edge "with a narrow scallop.
Made of silk of a color to match
the color scheme of the boudoir,
with a contrasting color silk under
it, this crocheted silk lampshade
makes a stunning gift.
'Copyright, 1921, by Public Ledger Co.
In Earlier Days
In former times, when the town butcher or farmer himself
dressed and cured the meat for the community, he could not always
tell how it would turn out.
His methods were crude; partly traditional, partly guesswork.
His tests were few and inconclusive.
Meat packing of today, as carried on by Swift & Company, has
changed all that. It is scientific. Nothing is left to chance; nothing
taken for granted.
The most painstaking care and attention are given to every
step. Processes are worked out on a large scale with minute exact
ness. Methods are continually revised and improved. Cleanliness is
insisted upon. Drastic, incessant inspections are the order of the day.
Swift products are uniform, graded according to quality.
Take bacon, for instance.
Swift & Company set out years ago to make a delicious, savory
bacon which should be uniformly excellent.
Problems That Perplex
Answered by
Slinking Hand.
1'or a woman to offer her hand
upon accepting an introduction is
for her to convey a ftsrn of cordial
welcome of the acniiain'ance: but in
formally fashionable VK-lety none
1'iit a hostess pursues thic course. A
nod. a Kinlle. and a murmur of the
ranie constitute full recognition of
an Introduction in the eyes of many
who regard their bearin s the ex
pression of the most correct form
nnd who look upon an oftVr of hand
shaking as a mark of impulsive pro
vincialism. In a rather crowded
drawing room where, for convenience
sake, many Introductions are made
rapidly, this ceremonious and me
thodical mode is certainly to be com
mended. But at other times and
seasons it leaves im tinplesant 1m
I ression of extreme formality; and,
a woman whoso prerogative It is to
take the Initiative on this point, will
not greatly err in offering her hand.
Moody Mun Is Ditrictill.
"Dear ,Miss Fairfax: I am a prirl
of 20 and have been .;oing with
ft fellow for several months. He
Is a good clean young man and has
been nice to me. He has not gone
with any oilier girls since he met
me, although I told him he was not
obliged to atay at home when it
was impossible for mo to he in his
company. - Sometimes he acts a little
Jndirferent and again he is so nice
nnd I can't quite understand him.
Perhaps it's my fault. I may not
be so interesting one time as an
other. I don't like these moods of
his. I try acting somewhat indiffer
ent myself and then ho seems to
make up, as you might pay. Hut I
don't like to do this, as I am afraid
that some day he will tire of it. I
like to keen his friendship and be
square with him as he lias been with
me, but wish he wouldn't get his
moods. EVELYN."
Some people are just born with
moods, and they are as miserable
for them as folk who must associate
with them. The best treatment is
to ignore them. TKm't pamper them
or notice them. Certainly don't en
courage them. A moody man is a
difficult mate to live with so you
would better begin your ignoring his
caprices right away. . -
A I'uz.led Girl: You are young
to marry. It seems to me it would
do no harm, and possibly nome good,
if you were to wait a year for' the
wedding bells. Whether or not an
other young man should Vie allowed
you home should, depend upon your
feeling in the matter as well as that
of your fiance.
Jealousy: Since you are not en
gaged to the young man you are
jealous of, I cannot see that you
have a right to object to his atten
tions to other girls. You say he is
always a perfect gentleman when
with you. It may be you like him
better than he likes you, or that yon
have different ways of showing af
fection. My advice to you is not to
demand more than is within your
right or reason. If you want to
keep his regard, bo fair and liberal-
The result is Swift's Premium Bacon, always the same,
always famously good. Today this bacon, wrapped, sealed
and branded, has circled the world. Swift & Company's
system of distribution carries it to places
uk iuwu uuiuin vi uiciwum
could not reach.
Swift & Company,
U.S. A.
Local Branrh, Ulh ft Leavenworth Street
F. J. Soud.n, Manager
r.cHnf Plant,8o. Omaha
O. W. Waller, Manafer
Congress woman Is
Flayed by Noted
Mrs. Carrie Chapman Cat!, presi
dent of the National American Wom
an Suffrage association, in a state
ment concerning the stand taken by
Representative Alice Robertson of
Oklahoma, on the appointment of a
woman to the conference to reduce
armaments. Hays Miss Robertson for
her statements and also suggests a
woman. Lucia Ames Mead of Bos
ton, who, in her opinion, is eminently
fitted to. take a place at the confer
ence. Mrs. Catt says:
"Miss Robertson, M. C, announces
that no woman should be appointed
on the forthcoming disarmament
conference because no w'onian is
"It will be remembered that Miss
Robertson was a small town anti
suffragist. She didn't know much of
women or their achievements then
and evidently congress has given her
no new light.
"The facts arc that there are many
women who are ciualified. If that
conference fails to bring forth defi
nite, clear cut, constructive results,
there will be a worldwide despair;
and if it fails it will be for the want
of a quality which very many women
possess and which has considerably
atrophied in politicians who will
largely compose the conference. The
longer' their service the more com
plete the atrophy; the quality is
known as backbone. The need of
backbone in that conference is in
finitely more important than military
training or knowledge of interna
tional law.
"There are women, however, who
possess all the requisite qualifica
tions as applied to men plus back
bone. Perhaps the most eminently
well qualified is a woman who is
minded. If lie asks you to marry
him, you would then have the right
to tell him that it hurts you when
he goes with other girls. If he really
cared for you he would stop It for
your sake, though I think under
those circumstances he would not
stop by his own preference.
6 Bell-ans
Hot water
Sure Relief
- lrn
completely familiar with the aima
incut equipment of every nation, the
treaty relations between countries,
and who know the history of every
effort to effect permanent peace for
ward and back. She is calm and
judicial in manner and mind. No
member of the conference will be
better equipped with facts or phil
osophy. She knows how to listen,
but can eloquently defend her posi
tion. She is, we believe, a nonpar
"Will a given policy accrue to the
advantage ot republican or democrat
ic party, is a question which would
not interest her should another sug
gest it. She would, however, never
lose sight of the necessity of guard
ing the interest and the honor of
our common country, and she would
never forget nor let any one else for
get that the primary business of a
disarmament conference is to find
a wav tO disarm.
"That woman is Lucia Ames
Mead of Boston. Probably Miss
Robertson never happened to hear
of her, but most other people. know
her and her qualifications. Those
who wish i to urge the appointment
of a woman would do no better than
to support Mrs. Mead. Is she a can
didate? Not at all: but she is too
consecrated a friend of peace to de
cline so important a call to duty
should the invitation be extended to
I her." N. Y. Sun.
TomatoFruit Salad.'
This is a very unusual salad and
particularly good. Remove the
stem ends from four tomatoes, peel
and remove the hard centers. Mix
together half a cupful of finely diced
canned pineapple, an equal quantity
of chopped crisp celery, a table
spoonful of chopped nut miats and
a small diced banana. Moisten the
filling with boiled dressing, fill into
the tomatoes and chill on the ice.
Serve each on bed of cress.
! Week-End Bulletin
"An Old Crocer
"Quality Always the Best"
HArney 0701
Specials for Thursday, Friday and Saturday
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Ideal Malt and Hops....73
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Country Gentleman Corn, '
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ChtmU "FB ST Turing
A mild tm of
RaetaJ Dlttaaa in
TITTr. i i . a
nation. Na Chloroform, Ethar or othar frntraJ sncathati aaad.
A cara suarantaed In avarv rui aerMtri far trafmftt. anil ha u t k mm mmHI
emnd. Writ for book on Raetal Diaeaata.
i.M prominent paopl who hava boee permanently cured.
DR. E. K TARRY Sanatorium, Tatar Traat BMf. (Boa BMc.) Oawha, Nab. -
Dried Fruits.
lilackbcrries, black and red rasp
berries, plunn prunes, figs, apples,
apricots, peaches, parsley and celery
tops may' be successfully dried at
home in the kitchen oven with very
little trouble.
The products to be dried should be
spread thinly in baking pans or pic
tins and these should be placed upon
tacks so that they arc not in direct
contact with the oven wall.
The door of . the oven should be
left open, so that the water vapor
driven off may pass out, and the fire
should be so regulated that the ma
terial ruay not be scorched.
Women in Berlin are prohibited
from wearing their skills above a
certain point, and it is the duty of the
police to see that the order is strict
ly adhered to.
Jusfa f ouch
Soothing and Healing
And the
No smarting
even if the
skin is
jo nly cool
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Chiropractic Health Service
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rheumatism, neurit!, liver, stomach and
kidney trouble. Have the cause removed '
and you get well.'
An X-Ray of your spine will show the
exact location of the misplacement that is
producing the pressure upon the nerves
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Adjustments are 12 for $10.00 or 30
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i'Fot Economical Transportation" '
ing Car is complete in every
essential. It has proved its abil
ity to fulfill every transportation
Its value is increased by its low
price and . itSjUnusual ; economy
of operation. . , .
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J ;
1 i
Car. Mi.fX Flint. Mica,
- Pay When" Cured
trtatmtnt that anna PUaa. Platola a'
a inert lima, without a aavara aara-laal a.
with nam and .tcatimaniala of nor taaa
Passing Sniokps to Girls.
These days it is difficult for the
average man to know whether or
not to offer the girl he is with a
cigaret when he passes arouud his
case. If she doesn't smoke she is
likely to feel insulted if he offers her
T don't pas around the smokes
auv more," said the voting man who
made a particular study of the finer
shades of deportment. When I
want a i moke at a dance, for in
stance, I leave the case on the table.
I I nod my head in general invitation
and the girls can take one it they
like or let them alone."
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Your Opportunity to Get
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Kidney and Bladder
Troubles Conquered
or Money Back
For 40 years, said Dr. Carey, I have
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bladder sickness and now that I have re
tired from active practice I have made ar
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1 A business nan. almost completely
bald. ho had tried numerous tonics,
bitions. shampoo, etc, without bane
fit, came across an Indian method
tsr which he grew a complete crop of
Kiiutianthair. It is called KOTALKO
Contains genome bear oil and other
potent ingredients for scalp and hair.
is vov navv iiummi or it TOUf mxr i uur.
Out, or if you have a baM spot, you should know
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nouKes throajh KOTALKO-a
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Howard, Between 15th A. 18th