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The marriage of Miss Elsie Zoe
Hurt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.
F. Hurt, and Charles Kegnier
Davis, ion of Mr. and Mrs. William
E. Davis, took place Monday, at the
irst cnnstian church. Kev. Lharies
Cobbey officiating:. The bride wore
her traveling suit and her corsage
bouquet was of roses. Both Mr.
and Mrs. Davis were graduated
from Central High school, follow
ing a short trip they will reside in
League of Women Voters.
Mrs. H. J. Bailey, district director
League of Women Voters, is draft
ing a letter to congressman A. W,
fefferi reffarrfino' the Shenarrf.
Towner maternity bill which has al-
leady passed the United States sen
ate. The league in Omaha is com
piling statistics in co-operation with
the Visiting Nurse association and
the Medical association on the sub
ject of maternity and infancy wel
fare. 1 he League of Women Voters
throughout the country is supporting
the maternity bill.
Club Meeting.
The members of the Jury club
met at the home of Mrs. Warwick
Saunders, jr., Saturday afternoon,
complimentary to Mrs. Joe Sindelar,
who leaves this week for Alliance
where she will make her future
home. The guests present were
Mrs. Will Ilasclton, Mrsl Virgil
Banard, Misses Adelle and1 Mildred
Stecker, Mrs. Cameron Cathey of
Murray, Neb., Mrs. Joe Sindelar,
Miss Lmma Richardson, Mrs. Will
Richardson and Miss Betty Todd.
Affairs for Visitor.
Several informal affairs have been
given the past week for Miss Ger
trude Sheerer of Hammond, Ind.,
guest of Henrietta Medlar. On
Wednesday of this week Miss
Medlar will entertain at an Or-
pheum party farther guest and on
Thursday Helen Garvin will enter
tain at luncheon 'at Happy Hollow
lor Miss Sheerer.
I Student Will I
j J-V'C V V j
Luncheon for Mrs. Delaney.
Members of Maj. Isaac Sadler
chapter, D. A. R., will entertain at
luncheon Wednesday, at the Pret
tiest Mile club complimentary to
Mrs. E. L. Delaney, formerly of this
:ity, now of Los Angeles, who is
visiting friends in Omaha.
Club Luncheon.
Members of. the Omaha Woman's
club will meet for luncheon Wednes
day, August 31, at the Prettiest Mile
A son was born August 18, at
St. Catherines hospital, to Mr. and
Mrs. Harry J. Cook.
Mrs. Edward Peterson and
daughter, Ellen, have motored to
Des Moines to spend two weeks.
Harriet McMartin underwent an
operation Tuesday at St Joseph
hospital for the removal of her ton
sifs. Mr and Mrs. Frank P. Larmon
and children, Mary and Alexander,
have returned from a motor trip to
New York. . -:v' ' '
Mr. an(i Mrs. C. W. Calkins are
home from Lake Minnetonka, where
they spent two weeks at the Lay
iayette club.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Currie, who
have, been touring Yellowstone
Park and other points in' the west,
will return to Omaha next week.
Miss Marguerite Walker is con
valescing at her home from an op
eration for the removal, of her ton
sils, Monday, at Wise . Memorial
Mrs. W. A. Weeks of New York,
daughter cf Mr. and Mrs. H. J.
Bailey, will arrive in Omaha Octo
ber 1 for a visit with her parents.
She was formerly Miss ' Louise
Bailey. " '
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Kenison of
Kansas City, who are motoring home
from a visit in Minnesota, will ar
rive in Omaha Wednesday or Thurs
day to be the guests of Mrs. H. J
Bailey at her summer home at Car
ter lake.
Rev. Mary A. Safford of Orlando,
Fla., who has been visiting Mr. and
Mrs. William Newton in Fairacres,
has gone to Hamilton, 111., to visit
Rev. Elinor Gordon. Rev. Safford
officiated at the marriage of Mr. and
Mrs. Newton in Sioux City, la. She
is now visiting the different parishes
where she has been pastor. She was
the last president of the Florida Suf
frage association.
Tom Rejected you, did she? My
boy, you've got to be clever in the
proposing game. You should have
told "her you were unworthy cf her.
Ned (sadly) I was going to, but
she told it to me first. New Taven
Register. '
Miss Margaret McArdle is buyer
for one of the big steel corporations
in Birmingham, Ala.
Miss Emma Jane Yohe, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Yohe, is one
of the school girls who will leave in
the fall to continue study. She will
leave September 13 for Lexington,
Mo to attend the Central College
for Women. Her special subjects
will be music, art and hrench. she
was graduated from Central High
school in 1920.
Things You'll Love
To Make.
lace and Ribbon OvtriXi'tt
On your next party or evening
frock make a lace and ribbon over
skirt. Use one and a half yards
of lace wide enough to reach the
hem of the silk underskirt. Shir the
top edge and fasten it to a band of
picoted ribbon two and a half inches
wide. Streamers of the ribbon one
inch wide of different lengths hang
all around the belt Sew the over
skirt to the bodice, which is also
made of the lace and ribbon stream
ers. A large, bright velvet flower
at one side gives a smart finish to
your lace and ribbon overskirt.
Copyright, 1921, by Public Ledger Co.
Problems That Perplex
Answered by
Introductions at Dinner.
The obligation of a hostess is to
introduce all of her guests to one
another at a . small dinner party.
At a lare dinner she must be sure
to Introduce those persons who are
placed beside each other at tne
table, and to make as many more
presentations as she can contrive
without disturbing her guests. She
must not, however, introduce persons
at the table: and she should not ob
viously incommode herself to make
If. in accordance with a passing
custom, the women collect !n the
drawing room after rtinner. the
hostess can contrive to make known
to one another those who have not
previously met. As the men come
in. after their cigars, she may pre
sent them to the ladies whom they
did not meet before dinner was an
nounced. If, as is mor3 frequently
the custom nowadays, there is no
formal separation after dinner, the
hostess must seize those opportuni
ties for introducing which come
easily in her way. When entertain
ing a guest of honor or a distin
guished person, it is well to pre
sent the special guest to every other
guest some time in the course of
the evening. A hostess is not. en
titled, however, to interrupt a con
versation in order to mate introduc
tions nor to thrust an introduction
upon a guest who is in the act of
On her day at home, a lady re
ceiving introduces every newcomer
to the guests who are near at hand.
At ' a reception, she presents ner
guests as they arrive to whoever
stands beside her to assist in re
ceiving, but only under exceptional
conditions does Bhe leave her, place
to make guests known to , one another.
Waiting: My dear, it seems to
me you have done all a girl can
reasonably do to keep the young
man's regard. You say you have
not quarrelled. It is very evident to
me that he doesn't care. to go with
you any more and that's r.bout all
there is to it. He should return your
handkerchief. You have asked him
for it, and I think that is about all
there is to that. Seems to me I would
drop him and the handkerchief too.
You. can afford the loss of both,
though, of course, he is at fault in
not returning your property.
What's What
Even though she has recognized
but one of two men, when a girl
bows, of course, both men raise their
hats in response. Then it is cour
teous for her to acknowledge the
other man's salutation with an ad
ditional slight bow in his direction,
without looking at him. If there are
more than two men, and only one is
known to her, her second bow, after
all have raised their hats, is more
comprehensive since it includes the
entire group. None of the men is
entitled to claim acquaintance after
ward. on the basis of these co-salutations,
since the girl has merely
acknowledged their group courtesy.
A man raises a silk hat, straw hat,
peaked cap or "derby" by the brim.
He cannot do this with any style
of soft hat, which must be lifted en
tirely off his head by its crown. For
this reason,- and because the action
involves removing the hat from the
head, even if only for a moment, the
raising of a soft hat appears to be
more chivalrous than any other salu
tation, reminiscent as it is of a more
courtly age when men "bared their
heads" or plumed hat or helmet in
token of respect.
(Copyright, 1921. by Public Ledger Co.)
Date Souffle.
Cook one cupful of stoned chopped
dates in half a cupful of boiling
water until tender and press through
a sieve. Beat the whites of three
eggs as stiffly as possible and add
one-third of a cupful .of sugar, one
tablespoonful of lemon juice and a
pinch of salt Lightly combine the
two mixtures, turn into a buttered
dish and bake for 30 minutes in a
moderate oven. Serve with a liquid
Miss Dorothy M. Rehfeld of Aber
deen, is said to be the only woman
practicing law in South Dakota.
To Use Fresh
What is so appealing to the jaded
appetite as a tomato fresh from the
vine, still warm from the rays of
sun and a bit of the leaf still cling
ing? While a tomato has a real
food, value, it contains valuable
mineral salts
While canned tomatoes may be
obtained at any time, the housewife
chnnlri n1an tn iisp the frrsh tnnin-
Itoes in various ways during their
all too short season. Tomato Sur
prise is a dish de luxe at many fash
ionable tea' rooms and restaurants.
With but little skill, however, it may
be copied by the average housewife
for the warm day supper.
Select tomatoes uniform in size
and shape if possible. Plunge them
into boiling water for a moment and
then into cold water. This will
loosen the skins which can then
easily be removed. Cut a slice from
the top of the tomato. With a
spoon carefully scoop out part of
the pulp Fill in this space with
equal parts of dited cucumber and
celery, moistered with mayonnaise.
The filling for the tomato may
be chicken salad or shrimp or crab
meat or lobster or tuna or salmon
salad. The cover the slice cut
from the top may be replaced.
Each filled tomato is then placed on
a bed of tender lettuce and
thoroughly chilled. Extra mayon
nais, may be passed with this salad.
Baked stuffed tomatoes are pop
ular in the south, They are, like
every other worth while thing, a bit
of trouble to prepare In this case
scoop out the center of the ton ato,
but do not remove the skin. For
half a dozen medium sized tomatoes
allow one cup of dried bread
crumbs, one tablespoon each of
finely chopped onion, green pepper
and boiled ham. Moisten with
melted butter and add salt and pep
per as desired. Heap this lightly
into each cavity. Place the toma
toes on a greased pan and bake until
the k;n is somewhat wrinkled and
the crumbs are a delicate brown.
Tomatoes are sometimes stuffed
with cooked rice seasoned in different
wavs. A combination of rice, bits of
left-over cold lamb, a suspicion of
curry powder and any leit-over gravy
or hot water used to moisten, is a
pleasing surprise when the appetite
Scalloped fresh tomatoes are so
good and offer a tasty one-piece
meal for the busv housewife. But
ter a baking dish. Put a layer of
sliced raw potato in the bottom.
Sprinkle with chopped onion and bits
of salt pork. Then put a layer of
corn cut from the cob and then a
layer of sliced tomato from which
the skin has been removed. Repeat
the layers until the dish is filled.
Cover with buttered crumbs or
grated cheese and bake in a moder
ate to slow oven.
Fresh tomato soup has a taste all
its own. If you abhor canned soups,
try this one from the fresh tomato.
Frish cooked tomatoes, one quart:
hot water, one pint: onion, one slice:
celery salt, one teaspoonful, or salt,
one teaspoontul, and a sprig ot cei
erv cooked in the soup; cloves, four:
cornstarch, three tablespoonfuls;
butter, one-fourth cup; sugar, one
tablespoonful; pepper, a few grains.
Cook water, tomatoes, onion and
cloves together slowly for 20 min
utes; strain and add butter; stir in
the cornstarch, wet to a smooth
naste with water. Boil the souo till
clear and then season. This serves
four to six."
NeVer allow soiled clothing in a
Add Garrison's New Phase of
"Revelations of a Wife"
Why Dicky Employed "The Ruse
That Never Fails."
Katie was as good as her word.
She went at the problem of clean
ing the old Dacey farmhouse and
getting it ready for the workmen
with thoroughness and ' dispatch,
kept Jim, Sam Ticcr and Jerry on
the jump with her autocratic but
sensible and eminently necessary
demands. To one person, Mrs. Ticer,
she issued no orders, thus proving
herself the possessor of more diplo
macy than I had given her credit
I had feared a clash between
these two women of quick tempers,
who each guarded her prerogatives
with jealous care, but they seemed
to get along together wonderfully,
and gave myself up to the delight
ful task of selecting wallpapers and
seeing that the paiit for the old
hand-carved woodwork was of just
the right ivory tint.
If Junior's adoration of Katie
had hot aroused his grandmother's
jealousy, the problem of keeping nr.'
doughty mother-in-law out of
Katie's way would have been an in
superable one. But with avidity
she seized the chance of having her
beloved grandson to herself and
away from Katie, and as we did not
wish the child to go near the Dacey
farmhouse, until . it had been
thoroughly , renovated, she. had no
chance to exercise the tyrannical
overseeing with which she was wont
to make Katie's life miserable nt
cleaning time.
.."Letter for You."
I went to the hospital on Thurs
day, and again on Friday, finding
things there apparently unchanged
Marion getting stronger, Lillian
quiet, almost apathetic, Robert
Savarin watchful, anxious. And each
time I returned home with my heart
heavy with apprehension for Lillian.
Yet there was nothing in the world
I could do to help her. Indeed, Miss
Jones intimated that my visits were
unnecessary, that she wished her pa
tient to have even more rest and
quiet than she was experiencing.
And while I felt unutterably sad at
my impotence to help my friend,
yet the fact that I was not needed
that everything possible was being
done for her and Marion left me
with a sense of freedom to attend
to my own affairs.
It was late Friday night when Jerry
Ticer, returning from Sag Harbor,
put his head inside the door with
his usual grin and duck of the head.
"Letter for you, Missis Graham."
"Oh, thank you, Jerry!" I
answered, and he-crossed the room
with his awkward, shambling gait,
and held the letter out to me.
"It's an awful purty handwrite,
he volunteered confidentially. "Gee,
I wish I could write like that! I
hain't never see nobody write like
that before, 'cept one teacher we
had year before last. She was aw
ful smart, and her writing looked
like that."
Dicky, who was reading between
grumbles at the heat of the kero
sene lamp beside him, glai.ied at
me keenly. I knew that Jerry's ref
erence to the handwriting on the
envelope practically had assured
him that the expected answer from
Grace Draper had arrived. For there
are few scripts which equal in beau
ty and legibility that of ' the girl
whose letter we had been so
anxiously awaiting.
"Isn't That Junior?"
"If you practice every day, Jerry,"
Dicky spoke oracularly with a per
fectly straight face, "you'll probably
write just that way in a year or
"Yes, ma'am," Jerry replied, with
his ' invariable response to either
man or woman. "That's what I
think. But I'd rather go to the pic
tures when I have time to practice
"We all would, Jerry," Dicky
sighed. "And here's something to
enable you to neglect still another
writing lesson. Good night."
He held out a piece of silver to
the boy in. adroit dismissal. Jerry
took it and started for the door.
"Yes, ma'am, thank you," he
TVhemer love of
- Mn sic Prevails
Anywhere in the- World,
Is known and preferred, above
all other pianos, therefore, it Is
Justly acknowledged the STAND
We cordially Invite you to cnll and
Inspect oar complete stock of
Stelnvray Grande and Upright,
Priced at $875 and up.
Sold on convenient terms.
Schmcller & Mueller
1M4-U-18 D! P. Ph
Dodge St. ilOllO vOe Don-
Home of the Steinway
piano for Nebraska and
Western Iowa.
How to Beautify a
Summer Soiled Face
It's really a simple matter to renovate
a face foiled by aun, winda or dirt. Ordi
nary mercolited wax, used like cold cream,
will transform the worst old complexion
into one of snowy whiteness and velvety
softness. It literally peels off the outer
veil of surface skin, but so gently, gradu
ally there's no discomfort. The wornout
skin comes off, not in patches, but evenly,
in tiny particles, leaving no evidence of
the treatment The younger, healthier
under-skin forming the new complexion is
one of captivating loveliness. One ounce
of mercolized wax, to be had at any drug
store, is enough to remove any tanned,
reddened, pimpled, freckled or blotchy skin.
Apply before retiring, washing it , off
Many skins wrinkle easily with every
wind that blows, with heat, worry, etc.
An excellent wrinkle remover, because it
tightens the skin and strengthens relaxed
muscles, is a wash lotion made as fol
lows: Powdered saxolite, one ounce, dis
solved in witch hazel, one-half pint. This
sivea immediate results.
Doctors Recommend
Bon-Opto for the Eyes
Physicians and eye specialists pre
on a Biif a home remedy
Db(IU J-VH vw w-w w
in the treatment of eye troubles and to
strengthen ey esignt, &oia unaer moiie v
refund guarantee by all druggists.
Laundry Queen
Electric Washer
E. B. Williams makes it pos
sible to own one of these
labor-saving appliances with
out the least inconvenience.
Our "Painless Payment Plan"
will place a Laundry Queen in
your home, and the usual
weekly laundry bill will soon
pay for it.
ATlantic mil
Our salesmen will be glad to
call and explain the merits of
the Laundry Queen and the
simplicity of our "Painless
Payment Plan."
I have sold over thirty-seven
hundred of this particular
electric washer in Omaha.
grinned, and the door closed after
"Who is your correspondent with
such remarkably chirography?" my
mother-in-law asked curiously from
her mending basket.
"I don't know yet," I responded
mendaciously, slitting the envelope
slowly, and racking my brair.s for
some excuse which would satisfy
Mother Graham and yet keep the
truth from her.,
"Isn't that Junior?" Dicky struck
a listening attitude.
I rose quickly, with the letter in
my hand.
"I'll run tip at once," I said.
"I'll go with you," Dicky said
His mother swept us aside with a
magnificent gesture.
"You'll only get him all excited,"
she said. "I was just going to bed,
anyway, and I'll see to him."
Macaroni Foods
It contains genuine Semolina, from
which the best Macaroni is made.
For sale at all grocers.
I I Ill I 1 I I
312 South 18th Street
Always Appears Charming
Tour complexion makes or mars
your personality. If you have a
clear, smooth, velvety skin, free or
pimples and other unsightly blem
ishes, you need never fear the im
pression you make on all you meet.
Some women are endowed by nature
with a clear, smooth skin; others not
so fortunate can acquire this beauty
by the use of Black and White Beau
ty Bleach and Black and White Soap.
Go to your favorite drug or depart
ment store and buy a 50c Jar of Black
and White Beauty Bleach and a cake
of Black and White Soap. Use it
according to directions and you will
l9 delighted with results. Beauty
Bleach is an exquisitely perfumed
flesh-tinted cream. Use it according
to directions and you will be greatly,
pleased. . .. .
Literature for Black and White
Beauty Bleach, as well as samples
of Talcum and Face Powder, sent
free on request.
Clip and mail this to Black ana
V'hite Box 1507, Memphis, Tenn.
' friends
- and
re to be
sue Kuents
at our
Outing- at
King Park
Aug. 25th
Get your
tickets free
from any
are to be
our (neate
at oar
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Krug Park
Aug. ZSth
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tickets free
from any
$1.45 3
One Carload Of extra fancy California Ftab Ktnno Poarhps. snerlnl nor rrata
The slaes run medium and large, and thfi fruit h io Melons flavor.
t B00 large boxes of California Barttett Pears, special, per box.... ., $4 ok
If- 500 bushel baskets of Colorado Bartlet Pears, special per bushel ..&349
One catload of extra fancy Italian Blue Plums, Iarera size stmare basket. 'o?
Per crate of four large square baskets .' $235
Also Jumbo Hungarian Sweet Red Plums, per large square basket....;..' .'. V. . . .'. 7.7. 7iL
Per crate of four large square baskets $2 88
Our caTload of Mason Jars has just arrived.
Ball Mason Jars, pints, per dozen ;g7 Quarts, per dozen 90
1 lb. packages Paraffine Wax, special '..16 Sealing Wax, large sticks, each ; .4
5000 dozen extra fancy thick Cold Pack Jar Rubbers, 3 dozen for , 20ifc
Something New
1000 14-qt. Cream or
Milk Pails with tight
fitting cover and
strong handle. Full of
Iten's splendid Fairy
Soda Crackers. This
can may be used for
many purposes, and
retails for. 75c.
Special for the can
and crackers. .$1.25
Budweiser, good old
Bud., case of 24
bottles $2.0
An extra charge ot 11.25
Is made for case and
bottles, which we credit
on return of same.
Gingerale, Fontenelle
Brand Gingerale, case
of 24 bottles $2.25
An extra charge of 75o
Is made for bottles and
case, which we credit on
return of same.
Large Jars of Buy-Rite Brand of Peanut Butter,
special, per jar 20 (
500 cases of Lippincott's Pure Apple Butter, large
25-oz. jars, usually sold for 45c per jar. Special,
per jar 33 or 2 for 65
100 cases of Lippincott's Pure Fruit Preserves,
assorted flavors, 24-oz. Jars, special, Jar.... 4.9
1 Can Apricots..... 1 The ,
1 Can Peaches J Three J fXf
1 Can White Cherries J Cons I J7OC
' Large 2y2 lb. can fruit In heavy syrup.
Nishna Valley Buy-Rite Brand Butter, lb...
Buy-Rite Brand Coffee, 3 lbs for...
Blue Bell Flour, per 48 lb. sack....
Per 24 lb. sack
Red Star Flour, per 48 lb. sack....
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10 Bars of Crystal White Soap
100 Bars in box for
Lux, 3 packages for '
Whiz, the ideal hand cleanser, can
Three cans for
10,000 lbs. of Wilson's Certified Bacon in 6 to 8 lb.
strips. This Is lean, fancy bacon. Half or whole
strips, per lb 39
Save Buy this by the strip and save at least 20c
per pound.
Thirty-third and Arbor
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13th and Garfield
35th Ave. and Leavenworth
and Ames The Grocer of Dundee
21st and S Sts., South Side
24th and L Sts.. So. Side
25th an Cumin?
Fortieth and Hamilton
She went out of the room, and
Dicky grinned triumphantly it me.
, "The ruse that never fails," he
said. "Now let's hear what dear
Gracie has to say."
(Continued Tomorrow.)
Unless the prohlcm presented by
the superfluity of women can be
solved more than 15,000,000 women
in Europe are doomed to die unmar
ried or to become old maids.
Great Economy
Offered in the
Purchase of a
Electric Washer
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Wood Tub
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Steam Pressure Cooker
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10-qt. Pressure
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Nebraska fi Power Co
Farnam at Fifteenth.
2314 M St., South Side.
Phone ATlantic 3100.
Phone MArket 1500.
Free to Asthma and
Hay Fever Sufferers
Free Trial of a Method That Anyone
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We want to show everyone at our ex
pense, that our method is designed to end
sll difficult breathing, all wheezing, and all
those terrible paroxysms.
This free offer is too important to neu
lect a single day. Write now and begin
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An investment that pays big
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Value-Giving Store
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30 to 50 Discount
For New Styles
and Pretty Arms
(Beauty NoJes)
Women are fast learning the value
of the use of delatone for removing
hair or fuzz from face, neck or
arms. A paste is made with some
powdered delatone and water and
spread on the hairy surface. In 2
or 3 minutes it is rubbed off, th
skin washed and every bit of hair
has disappeared. No failure will re
sult if you are careful to buy genin
ine delatone and mix fresh as