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Three Indiana Towns Combine
To Stage Big Boxing Matches
TRIO of towns now is striving to make theirs
a mecca of fistic battle grounds.
East Chicago, Indiana Harbor and Gary
all grouped in Indiana, just about 16 to 20 miles
from Chicago are extending a real lure to ring
men in every branch of the sport. The forma
tion of the Twin City Athletic club led to the
building of the arena, which comfortably seats
close to 12,000, making it probably the largest outdoor
affair in America, barring the Rickard place in Jersey City.
TU ,1..k I.. .,n;n nr mnr
than a year, has put in some choice
tid-bits in a warlike way but it now
becomes more ambitious and aims
to stage championship tussles in
every branch of the game.
Gives Youngsters Chance.
"lint, in addition to that, we alsf
want to make the Twin City Athletic
club a fpot where youngsters will pet
a real chance to display their wares,"
tieclared 11. A. Hya.ns, the promoter.
''It's been our experience that fight
crowds delight in seeing youngsters
with real ability in action. Wc want
to givi the kids, as well as the big
stars of the ring, a chance to earn
money and glory out in our towns.
"It will be possible for us to put on
perhaps three of four more shows
before the weather gets a bit too cool
for outdoor fighting. Just now we
are angling for some of the cham
pions to headline our various cards.
But we likewise want to catch some
'comers' too. So any manager who
has a boy that has shown something
ieal1y worth while can write to me
at the Mohawk hotel, Indiana Har
bor, Ind., and we'll give the best of
them a chance to show what they've
Not Financial Gain.
"The champions of tomorrow are
the obscure youngsters of today.
The only way they can get the op
portunity to show their greatness is
by appearance before real crowds.
The Twin City Athletic club will ac
cord such a chance to every kid who
has displayed something worth
while: something that may warrant
a general belief that with more ex
perience he will race along to the
crest of his division."
. The club, backed by some of the
wealthiest men in the Gary-East Chicago-Indiana
Harbor district, is com
posed of real sportsmen. The men
behind it brought the organization
into existence not because they
were prompted by the thought of
financial gain, but because they
wanted to have in their neighborhood
a real fight club and a real arena.
Just now the organization is ang
ling for Jack Dempsey, Tom Gib
bons and also Mike Gibbons. If iJ
can get all three then each of them,
with an opponent, will star the next
three , shows which are to be put
on through September and October.
Entrance of Four Fast Teams
To Omaha Soccer League Assured
1 y-
With the entrance of four teams assured, and possibly
six, the Omaha District Soccer Foot Ball league will
meet Friday night in the city hall to complete plans for the
coming season.
Teams which have signified their intention to enter the
league are the Caledonians, Townsends, Bohemians and the
Nonpareils. These teams were members of the league last
Council Bluffs, la., has been ex
tended an invitation to enter, as
have the Knights of Columbus of
Omaha. There is a large number of
loccer enthusiasts in Council Bluffs
and several good players, but here
tofore the city has not been able to
recruit enough players to organize
i team.
The Knights of Columbus are se
riously considering a berth in the
league, and have about enough play
ers to organize a team.
Eleven Players to Team.
Eleven players are required to a
team. In order to promote the sport
in this district, teams which have a
surplus of players have volunteered
to release them to other teams. The
Caledonians are among those which,
have more players than they need.
Soccer, which has achieved great
popularity in the east, is in its in
fancy here, but by another year,
J. H. Neilson, secretary of the soc
cer league, believes that the league
can be enlarged to include eight
Woman's Tennis Ch ampionship of
World Will Be Decided in U. S.
Chicago Trlbon-Omh Bre I .eased Wire.
Forest Hills, Long Island, Aug.
19. The woman's tennis champion
ship of the world will be decided
annually in the United States begin
ning this summer, it was announced
yesterday. The West Side Ten
nis club, which is host to the present
national tournament, has decided to
offer a cup, emblematic of the per
petual world's title, which will be
decided on the courts here each year.
The first match, it was said, will
probably be between Mile. Suzanne
Lenglen and the winner of the pres
ent tournament. Every indication
points Mrs. Molla Bjurstedt Mallory,
who forced Mile. Lenglen to default
in the present play, as the French
girl's opponent in the vfirst match for
the world's title.
Mile. Lenglen, it is said unoffi
cially, has expressed her willingness
to meet the American champion for
the world title under the conditions
laid down by the local club. Mrs.
Mallorv also has let it be known that
she will pay if she wins the national
title again. In the past the British
championship, decided at Wimble
don, has been accepted in every
countrv but the United States as
carrying with it the world
Miss Helen Wills, Beverly, Cal.,
today won the national girl's single
tennis championship, defeating Miss
Virginia Carpentier, Philadelphia.
-3. 6-3.
Miss Mary K. Browne of Santa
Monica, Cal., won her unfinished
Date News and Gossip of Interest to Sport Fans
Fight Films
Again Cause
Tex's Arrest
Chicago Trlbune-Oninlin He Lmatd Wire.
Chicago, Aug. 19. Indications are
that Tex Rickard, promoter of the
Denipsey-Carpentier fic;ht, will not
find as easy sailing with the federal
authorities in Chicago as he did in
New York in the matter of exhibit
ing the movies o the Dempsey-Car-petiticr
championship battle to the
Despite his claims of immunity
from prosecution on the grounds
that he could not be held for the
same offense twice, Rickard was
taken into custody yesterday after
noon and arraigned before United
States Commissioner James R. Glass
on a charge of transporting the fight
films from one state to another in
violation of the federal statutes.
Through his attorney, Albert Fink,
Rickard waived preliminary hearing
and furnished $10,000 bond for his ap
pearance in the federal court here
later. In the meantime Acting
United States District Attorney John
V. Clinnin plans to lay the matter
before the federal grand jury.
White Sox Purchase
Sioux City Pitcher
Chicago, Aug. 19. Pitcher Dav
enport, who came to the White Sox
from the University of Arizona, and
Infielder Ostergard yesterday were
released to the Sioux City club of
the Western league, under optional
recall agreements.
J. A. (Lefty) Russell, a tall rangy
southpaw pitcher of the Sioux City
club, has been purchased by the Chi
cago White Sox. He is scheduled
to report today.
With Benny Leonard on the bench with
an Injured thumb, Billy Gibson, his man
liter, in busy arranging bouta for his
other fighters. He Is looking after Benny
Vatirer, Junior lightweight; Sam Mossberg,
another MghtwelKht, and Al Roberts, the
heavyweiht. He also has Al Wagner, a
featherweight, under his management.
Soccer was making considerable
progress here when war was de
clared. This caused the sport to be
The Caledonians are expected to
put in a strong team. It will be com
posed entirely of players: of Scotch
descent and only two arc American
born. The Caledonians won the
championship last year.
Two Trophies on Block.
Two trophies will be awarded this
year. One is a large loving cup
donated by T. L. Combs, jeweler, to
the team winning the league cham
pionship, and the other is a cup
given by the Henshaw hotel to be
awarded the team which can defeat
the soccer champions.
The first championship match
which will be played this season will
be between the Caledonians "and a
soccer team of Kansas City, Mo. It
challenged the Caledonians last year,
immediately after they won the
league championship,, but the match
could not be arranged that year. It
probably will be played in October.
match with Miss Edith Sigourney
of Boston, 6-0, 6-3.
Mrs. May Siftton Bundy of Los
Angeles, defeated Miss Helen Gil
leaudau of Gedney Farms, N. Y.,
6-1, 6-2, in the fourth round.
Kitabllnhed eltiienn who arc looking
forward to (heir fimt shave wilt Inherit
Kreat Interest In thl winter' atylrs. Male
clothing will be easily distinguishable by
shape of lapels.
Afternoon Lonflnp Tweed spats, niam-ma-of-pearl
cuff links, one-way pockets.
Prince Albert patches, straw high hat.
Informal Drinking Swallowtail coat,
bar rhek rest, double-breasted hip
pockets, non-refiilable hat, twin-wrist
African Oolf Alabama polo coat,
natural polka seven-dotted tie, fadeaway
gloves, bankrolled lapels.
Theater. Wedding or Jail Crash suit
for gate, cuff, collar, or both. Chester
field rubber heels, empty clgaret case.
Veranda Tachting Cutaway ears.
Prince Albert hipporkets with King
(ieorge filling. Instalment ragliui, green
calling cards with yellow backs.
Lobby Traveling Patent leather searf
pin. dull calf conversation, button shoes,
nearest exit.
Formal Alimony, Dinner and Promenade
Single bachelor coat, double life cuffs,
dictaphone Jewelery. gry vest, pink let
ters, ruffled feelings with pique trim
mings. Platinum future with gold finish.
Cvfll nip
Fred Haney Sold
To Detroit Timers
Buffalo Third-Sacker Will
"Go Up" At Start of
1922 Season.
Fred Haney, Omaha Western
league third baseman, will be given
an opportunity
next spring to
show his ware's in
big company. He
has been purchas
ed by the Detroit
club of the Amer
ican league for a
price said to be
more than $2,500.
According to
Secretary "Mike"
Finn of the local
team, the Detroit
club was given its
choice of any member of the Omaha
layout. The figer scouts had their
glimmers , glued on two other Buf
faloes, but finally weeded out Haney.
The local player will report to Pres
ident Navin's club at the start of
the 1922 spring training season.
Haney has been playing good ball
this season and is considered one of
the best keepers of the third sack
in the lcaetie. He is leading the
Tearney circuit in stolen bases with
a total of 36, while his hitting is
one of the best features of his play
ing. Dempsey Returns to His
Home in Atlantic City
Chicago Trlbune-Omuha Bee Leased Wire.
Atltntir Titv. N. T.. AllC. 19.
............ -- -- j i L
Jack Dempsey, world's heavyweight
champion, came unneraiaea 10 At
lantic City yesterday. Mayor Ed
ward T. RnHpr harl dinner with the
champion tonight. Dempsey intends'
spending some time here, tie win De
joined in a day or two by Jack
Boxing and Wrestling Matches
To Be Staged by Guardsmen
Camp Dodge, la., Aug. 19. (Special Telegram.)
Plenty of entertainment will be furnished members of the
National Guard from Nebraska during the two weeks camp
here, according to Colonel Thomas, commanding the first
regiment. At a meeting of the regiment officers Lieut.
George Fawell, jr., Company I, First infantry, Nebraska Na
tional Guard, was appointed chairman of the entertainment
Plinc 3ra unftpr MV fnr COIlStrUC-
tion of a platform substantial enough
to stage boxing and wrestling bouts.
These bouts will be held almost
every everting, interspersed at times
bv talent of some other nature,
either from the Nebraska companies
or from Dcs Moines.
Plans also are beine made to hold
athletic contests with Iowa com
panies in camp here and a great
!al rtf rivalrv has' ntronriv snrunt?
up between the Nebraska and "Iowa
frill W
International Cup
Given U. S. Shooter
Geneva, Switzerland, Aug. 19.
The International Rifle Challenge
cup, which has been held by the
Swiss for 17 years and has been
kept in the Berne museum, was
presented yesterday to W. R
Stokes of Washington, who won
the recent international shooting
tournament held in Lyons, France.
Stokes, in winning the champion
ship, made a score of 1,066, break
ing the previous world's record.
Japanese Davis Cup
Team After Title
Racquet Wielders From Island
Expected to Challenge
White Players.
Chicago Tribune-Omaha nee Leased Wire.
Lake Forest. 111.. Auk. 19. It will
be Japan and not India which will
challenge the tennis supremacy of
the white players in all probability,
for the Japanese Davis cup team
carried off both singles matches in
the first day of the Davis cup semi
finals series with the Indians at the
Onwentsia club, Lake Forest, yester
day, and now needs only one more
..;rtnr tr UnrVi thp puent. This mav
happen in tomorrow's doubles con
r'-rNtiln TTiitnno-np won the first
match of the day from Mahcmmed
.... , s f-; : : .1
Sleem ot India, y-; o-i; o-i. annum,
zu defeated Dr. A. H. Fyzee of India
in the second, 6-2; 6-1; 9-7.
Should Japan win the doubles
match the players of the island king
dom will have the three events neces
sary to a Davis cup victory and will
go into the final round of ths classic
which is to be played at Newport
next week.
gurdsmen who desire to carry away
honors in the roped arena or on the
The Iowa athletes have begun
weeding out the poorer material from
their boxing and wrestling staffs
preparatory to tackling some of the
men from across the Missouri. Some
interesting contests are expected
when the 1 representatives of the
guard from the two states meet m
any. form of match at the open air
theaters . at Camp Dodge.
Highly Price
en's and Young Klen's
Society Brand Club
Clothes Stadium Clothes
and many other well
known makes are in
cluded! Regular values
are actual $50 and $60.
Tomorrow, in a mighty
price upheaval and
Men's Double-breasted
Young Men's Single-Breasted
Young Men's Sport Models.
Conservative Models.
Beautiful weaves and cloth; over 200
suits in this lot! On sale tomorrow
Plain Alterations and
Deliveries Free!
Women Bowling Le
Organized in Omaha This Fall
Bowling promises to be so popular in Omaha this season
that proprietors of bowling alleys plan to make it possible
for the "fairer sex" to participate in the sport by setting
aside certain days of each week for women.
The Farnam alleys will organize
an afternoon ladies' league. Mem
bers of the Carter Lake club, who
have bowled on the alleys in previous
years, will be invited to become
members. Tuesday afternoon prob
ably will be set aside for women at
these alleys.
Six men's bowling leagues in the
city already have taken steps to pre
pare for the coming season, which
will start September 1, when the
alleys will be thrown open to the
public, after being closed since
July 1.
The American Railway Express
league and the Union Pacific leagues
have set their opening dates, while
the Mercantile, Alamito, Swift and
Clan-Gordon leagues will set theirs
next week at meetings to be held at
the various alleys.
The American Railway league will
open their season Septembr 6, while
the Union Pacific will launch their
race the following day.
Indications are that there will be
more than 30 leagues organized at
public bowling alleys, in additions to
those which will be formed by the
Y. M. C. A., private clubs and organ
izations. The Omaha alleys report
14 clubs in the process of organiza
tion, while the Farnam alleys have
We Have
New Dodge
1 . SSS55S5S55
Open Evenings
agues to Be
School Soccer
Tourney Planned
A soccer foot ball tournament will
be conducted in the grade schools
this fall, Ira Jones, city recreational
director, said today. Jones was in
charge of the tournament last year,
in which 26 grade schools entered
No active steps toward organizing
teams in the schools will be taken
until about the middle of September,
as schools do not open here until
September 6.
As many as 40 teams are expected
to compete in the tourney this year.
In 1919, when the firs tournament
was held, 10 schools entered teams.
Last year, so popular did the game
become, that 26 teams competed. Th
championship was won last year by
Miller Park school and Howard Ken
nedy was the runner up.
According to Jones, soccer is
repidly increasing in popularity as a
school sport. While minus the dan
gerous elements of foot ball and rug
by, it has enough risk to appeal to
the American boy and make him fond
of the game.
son and
am i
Hudson Super-Six, $1895
Effective August 17th
These are the lowest prices at which
these models have ever been sold.
You will understand something of the value this gives to the
Hudson Super Six when you remember that at $2,600 it was tha
world's largest selling fine car. Today's price saves you $705.
Essex Further Leads
All in Its Class
Everybody has always classed Essex with costly cars in perform
ance, endurance and appearance. It combines with those quali
ties the economy of light cars, in fuel, oil and tires. Thousands of
owners report as high as twenty-five thousand miles of service
with scarcely any maintenance cost.
More than fifty thousand Essex cars are in service. For the per
formance and endurance given, Essex had no rival at its last
year's price of $1,795.
What can approach it today with this saving of $420.
At lower prices than they have ever sold for, you can
get either a Super Six or an Essex this year and have the
best months in which to enjoy it.
2563.5-f FABfiAM St. OMAHA. U.S.A. PHONC-'DoacCA 1970)
Two Exceptional Bargains For Sale
Coupe, 20 Off
Almost New 5 -Pass. Touring Car
Miss Blcibtrey Sets
New Water Record
Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 19. A
new worfd's record for women of
4:18 3-5 for 300 yards in a 110
yard open water course was es
tablished here yesterday by Miss
Ethelda Bleibtrey of New York,
in winning the 440 yards national
free style A. A. U. swimming
Haney Sold to
Detroit Club
Fred Ilancy will sack up his
bludgeons and head for the Detroit
Tigers' training camp next year in
stead of coming to Omaha as a re
sult of a deal announced yesterday
by Mike Finn, business manager.
The nifty guardian of the hot corner
has been sold to the Ty Cobbians for
a sum said to be in excess of $2,500.
While fans will regret to see the
local team lose this infield flash, they
are glad Haney has a chance to show
his wares in faster company.
The deal was consummated fol
lowing the visit here last week of a
scout for the Detroit team. The
scout also had his glimmers on two
other Buffaloes.
Millers Purchase Williams
Minneapolis, Minn., Aug. 18.
"Cy" (Lefty) Williams, pitcher with
the Eastern Canada league, has been
purchased by the Minneapolis club
of the American association, it was
announced here today, He will re
port in September.
- $1375
2514 Farnam Street
Telephone Team
Rings Up Victory
Northwestern Defeats U. P,
Freight Accounts, 9 to 2.
For National Title.
The Northwestern Bell Telephone
team won the championship of the
National league last evening in a
"twilight" game when it defeated the
U. P. Freight Accounts at Fontenelle
park by the score of 9 to 2.
The Freight Accounts were the
first to score, sending one man
across in the first inning, but the
Telephone lads tied the count in the
second, and in the third inning, three
bases on balls, three errors and six
hits, including a triple by Fitch with
two one, netted the Northwestern
Bell's eight tallies.
ralthers, who- was defeated twice
by the Freight Accounts last Satur
day, came back strong and held his
opponents to five hits, striking Put
12, while McGrath, the U. P.
Freight's mainstay, was knocked out
of the box in the third inning.
Chleborad, who relieved him, pitched
good ball, allowing only two hits.
The Northwestern Bell Telephone
Co. will represent the National
league Sunday afternoon in the first
game to decide the class B Satur
day championship when they clash
with the W. O. V. Headquarters,
pennant winners of the Greater
Omaha league at Fort Omaha.
The score by innings:
R. H. B.
N. W. Boll Telephono.dld 000 0009 7 2
U. P. Fut. Acoounts.100 000 0002 S K
Batteries: Telephone, Wnlthwra and No
land; U. P., MrOrath, Chleborad and
Klin. Umpire: Jos Moran.