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' Davis-Hart
Mr. and Mrs. V. S. I fart an
nounce the marriage o( their daugh
ter, Bernice, and William K. Davis,
son of Mrs. Lena Davis, which took
place at their home, Thursday even
ing. The attendants were Mis Irene
Hislop and Leslie Smith. Gordon
Hart Jones, nenhew of the bride,
carried the ring. The couple will
reside at 2724 Locust street.
Achoth Parties.
Achoth sorority, University of Ne
braska, is busy these pre-school days
with social affairs. They will give
m: informal dance Friday fcveninn at
the home of Miss Katherine Rey
nolds, 18 couples attending.
Saturday morning 20 of the soror
ity girls will breakfast at Olive Crest.
Saturday evening Achoth members
will entertain at a dinner-dance at
Field club for 40 guests.
Among' out-of-town girls who arc
here are: Gertrude Tomson, Flor
ence Reed and Dorothy Warren of
Lincoln; Helen Krickson, Villisca,
la.; Betty -Eacrctt, Malvern, la.:
JScrnice EUvell, and Ruth licgley of
Springfield, Neb.
Alpha Theta Chi.
Alpha Theta Chi alumni enter
tained at a dinner-dance at the Coun
cil Bluffs Country club Friday eve
ning. Included in the guests were
Dr. and Mrs. Clarence Ruhcndall,
Mr. and Mrs. Victor B. Smith, Mr.
and Mrs. Hugh Wallace, Mr. and
Mrs, R. A. Van Orsdel, Mr. and
Mrs. John Latcnser, Misses Dorothy
Balbach, Helen Harte, Jessie Mc
Donald, Josephine Latenser and
Mary Wallace of Greenville, S. C;
Messrs. Paul Griswold, Harold Gra
ham, Ray Smith, Russell Israel,
Leonard .Marshall, Harold Wecth,
Victor Graham, Kendall Fradenburg
end Dr. Edwin Davis.
Bridge Party.
Miss Jean Dow entertained at a
bridge party Friday afternoon for
Miss Virginia Robinson of Beatrice,
Neb., who is visiting Dr. and Mrs.
Andrew Dow. Four tables were set
for the game.
Leaving for Europe.
Mrs. Frank Cockayne leaves Tues
day for the east. She will sail aboard
the Baltic, August 27, to Macclesfield.
England, to visit a brother. She will
be gone four months. .'-
Luncheon for Miss Waterman.
Miss Josephine Schurman enter
tained at a bridge luncheon of 12
covers at her home Friday afternoon,
complimentary to Miss Phyllis Wa
terman, fiancee of William Latta.
Camp Fire Girls.
Akita group, Camp. Fire Girls, gave
a swimming party at Carter Lake
club Friday afternoon, followed by
a Dutch treat dinner; Mrs. Charles
J. Hubbard, guardian.
Judea Picnic
Young Judea will hold Us annual
picnic at Elmwcod park Sunday.
'.Qdbs.'will meet with their leaders
Stinday at 9 a. m. at the Lyric build
ing. Personals
J. A. Cavers arrived in Omaha
Thursday -from; Los Angeles, Cal.
A son was born Wednesday to Mr.
and Mrs' R. M. Harris at Fenger
Miss Dorothy Cavanauph will re
turn from Sturgeon Bay, Wis... Sep
tember 1. .
Miss Mary Wallace of Greenville,
S. C, is visiting1' her aunt, Mrs. John
Gustav Wissler of Dalles, Ore.,
formerly of Lincoln, Neb., is visiting
relatives in the City.
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Bcnnewit
have returned from Lake Minne
waska, Glen wood, Minn.
Mrs. A. V. Kinsler plans to leave
within a few days to spend several
weeks in New York City and other
eastern points.
Miss Marguerite Walker returned
Friday from Long Beach, Cal.,
where she has been visiting Mrs.
Frank Walker.
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Porterfield and
daughter, Alice, are movirg this
week into their new home at 4807
Davenport street.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Megeath re
turns the latter part of next week
from Denver, where they have been
for several weeks.
Mrs! John W. Robbins, Mr. and
Mrs. Wyman Robbins and Misses
Lois- and Polly Robbins will return
August 26 from Lake Okoboji.
Mr. and Mrs. Carol Beldcn arc
motoring home from Denver and
other Colorado . points, where they
have spent the past two weeks.
Miss Rose Madden of Nebraska
Citv, who has been visiting Miss
Mary Bock, left Wednesday for
California, where she will reside.
Harold Thomas and Carl W.
Newport have gone to Lake Vermil
ion, north of Duluth. Minn., for a
fishing trip. They will be gone two
weeks. - -
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Kise and
daughter, Annabelle. and son,
Charles, jr., left Monday to spend a
month in Kentucky and West Vir
ginia. ,
Mrs. E. L. Newby and Miss Myrta
Reynolds of Washington, D. C, who
have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. J C.
Reynolds, have returned to their
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Megeath sail
from France on September HI
aboard the La France. They will
arrive in Omaha about October 1. Willow O'Brien leaves Sep
tember 1 for New York, where she
will spend a few weeks before go
ing to Manhattanville, where she
will enter her senior year.
Mr. and Mrs. George Koch left
Thursday for the east where they
will remain for some time owing to
Mr. Koch's ill health.. Mr. Koch will
probably go to a sanitarium for sev
eral weeks.
Mr. and. Mrs. Will Coad. who have
been at various points in Minnesota
soending the summer, are now at
Lois Robbins Weds
In Woodland
Unique in every way will be the
wedding of Miss Lois Robbins,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John W.
Robbins, ar.'l Leo Bozcll, both of
this city.
In the glow of the setting sun in
the quiet woods near Lake Okoboji
they will be united in marriage, Sat
urday afternoon, at 5 o'clock by Rev,
Thomas Horton, an Episcopalian
clergyman from Waterloo. Ia.
During the summer Miss Robbins
has been a swimming instructor at
Camp Holliday on the lake. Since
her stay there the girls under her
care have repeatedly requested that
she- be married at the camp. Finally
Miss Robbins agreed to their pro'
posal and the girls constructed a
woodland altar on aCthedral hill,
before which the couple will make
their nuptial vows.
The onlv attendants will be Miss
Polly Robbins, young sister of the
bride, and Morris E. Jacobs of Om
Mr. and Mrs. RobbiiK. parents of
the bride, and Mr. and Mrs. Wyman
Robbins will be present at the cere
mony. Mr. Bozell and his bride will re
turn to Omaha, in about 10 days.
The engagement of this couple was
announced last December and it was
thought by friends that the marriage
would take place in October.
The bride was graduated from
Smith college and has been actively
mgage in social settlement work.
Mr. Bozcll was graduated from the
University of Kansas.
Benefit Show For
V. N. A. at
Colonial '
Residents of the . Colonial- hotel
werfe guests at an impromptu vaude
ville and motion picture show Thurs
day evening given by several of their
Rudger Norton, who has attained
a reputation for feminine impersona
tions, gave a Grecian dance.
His sister, Dorothy Norton, wish
ing to rival her brother, gave a
Hawaiian "hula" dance in costume
and sang Hawaiian songs.
Edwin Swobe sang and Margaret
Shotwell gave piano selections.
The "movie" was donated by C.
L. Peavey.
Previous to the performance, Mrs.
F. J. Norton read a humorous paper
concerning the various people who
make their home at the hotel.
Proceeds of the show were given
to th,e Visiting Nurse association.-'
Sunset beach, GJenwood, Minn.
They will return to Omaha the lat
ter part of August.
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Sherman, who
spent a month at Reserve, Wis., has
returned. Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Hub
bard, who occupied the Sherman
residence during that time, have re
turned to their apartment at the
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Low, who
are at Eaton's ranch in Wyoming
with Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Low, are
expected the first week in Septem
ber. Mrs. Wilson Low may come
to Omaha for a short visit in Sep
tember before returning to Califor
nia. Miss Cornelia Baum. who attend
ed Marlborough school :n Los An
peles last season, will go to Miss
Somer's school in Washington, D.
C.. this fall. Miss Gertrude Kpuntze,
who had planned to go to and east
ern finishing school, has decided to
lemain in Omaha for the winter and
tutor at home.
Miss -Ilcft. 'Langdon, who under
went . an appendicitis operation
Wednesday at Nicholas Senn hos
pital, is improying. Miss Langdon
returned last Sunday from the Uni
versity of Illinois, where she com
pleted a summer course. She leaves
the latter part of September to enter
her senior year at Smith college.
"Field Club.
Mrs. George Jones entertained a
foursome at luncheon at the Field
club Friday. Parties of children at
the matinee dance were entertained
by Theodore Tillotson and L. H.
Blanchard. "
Prize Adds Zest to Game.
"I used to think that bridge was
a terrible waste of time, but now I
take a real interest in it," said Jones
to his companion. "My wife and
myself have been playing several
times a week with Mr. and Mrs.
Brown, who live next door to us on
Long Island, and it has only been
recently that I have become inter
ested in the game.
"Instead of putting up a little
prize like we used to, we now play
for something more interesting. If
my wife or myself win the game,
Brown has to cut our lawn the next
day, but if Brown or his wife carry
off the honors I have to do a little
work myself. I tell you that puts
a little interest in the game." New
York Mail.
Problems That Perplex
Answered by
Ask It I in to Call.
Dear Miss Fairfax: There la a
younsr man who has never taken me
out, but who has escorted me home
on several occasions, and who has
rffered to take me out once, but I
declined on account of a previous
engagement. I like him very much
From the attitude of his boy
friends and from thins:! that they
nay I am led to believe that he cares
for me.
As I do not take to men xenerally
:nd as I am more fond of this youns
man than I have been of anyone else.
how do you suggest that 1 find out
his attitude toward me? SLE.
Why not Invito the younif man to
visit you at your own home.' it you
were to do this when you chance to
rieet him. It wouldn't be pointed or
spem like making advances. Hut
why not be honest nnd Invite him
irankly to call on you.'
Acknowledging; an Introduction.'
A woman in her own house In
variably extends her hand when any
one Is presented to her, saying at the
fame time in a cordial tone. "Mr. (or
Mrs.) Brown, I am very glad to
meet you," or "How do yen do. Miss
Jones; it is a great pleasure to know
you." In other cases It Is usunlly
sufficient for a woman to bow polite
ly and repeat the name of the person
presented. There are those, though,
v.'ho follow the less recognized prac
tice of bowing1 sliRhtly and saying-,
'How do you do. Miss Brown." A
young lady, unless she is playing the
part of hostess, does not express in
words any marked gratification
when a gentleman Is presented to
her, but a man of any age, on being
presented to a lady. Is required to
signify his pleasure by a polite
phrase, such as, "I am very happy
to meet you, Miss Brown."
Vnliappy Wife: I am sure there
ia more to your case than your letter
reveals. Don't you know that the
law is on your side and will protect
you against a husband who would
try to divorce you with a 6-weeks-
ftld phiM? ftfpn pmifr ffe- Kvrrro
without reason and especially men
witn cmiaren. .Don't let your hus
batul scare you with his unkind
Try to live together happily, but
remember if it comes to a separa
tion that your husband is legally
bound to make some provision for
you and your child. Has he any
property? If so, you have a claim
upon it. You will need a lawyer's
advice if the case gets any worse.
But can't you just treat his remarks
about the "other girl" as a joke and
win him back to a happy existence
with you? Try hard,. then try again.
Perhaps you are not cheerful
enough, but too fearful and matter
of fact about things. Romance
should not end with marriage.
Junior and Senior: Maybe you
just imagine that the town people
talk about you. Do what is right
and forget about what people say.
Examine current magazines or
watch the "Blue Book" fashions in
The Bee for suggestions regarding
clothes. The chief objection I have
to rolling stockings below the knees
is that it usually makes the girl
conscious of herself a very un
comfortable feeling and It is very
likely to attract attention from un
desirable men.
Happy Hollow Club.
Dinner parties of five, will be en
tertained Friday evening at Happy
Hollow club by E.' H. Benner and
W. F. Denny. -- .
C. O, Wilcoxsou and Roy Ralph
will each have parties of 10 Satur
day evening. Oscar Engler will have
eight guests. Smalter groups will be
entertained by F. R. Perfect, F. P.
Bell and E. H. Benner.
A cabaret dinner-dance will be
given at the club next Tuesday eve
ning. Agnes Britton and Elaine
Halbee will give the program.
New Arrivals in Latest
Fall Millinery
Hundreds of new hats that arrive daily. In all latest
styles and trimmings. Wonderful values at
Black, brown, navy, copen, flame, tangerine, jade.
Large, medium and small models.
Announcing Reduced Prices...
The opening of the Fall and Winter
Season, 1921-22, with a large
assortment of the latest fabrics
and 'styles.
We thank our many customers for
their patronage and we are ready
to serve you with the utmost as to
Style, Price and Quality.
H. Lohrman
The Reliable
Adele Garrison's ?sTew Phase of
Revelations of a Wife
How Katie Came to Madge's New
I sat up until midnight sewing the
draperies and curtains which Dicky
had requested me to make for the
rustic studio into which he was
transforming the old Daccy coni
crib. That this would be the result
cf my assenting to his request I had
known when I yielded to it. But
Dicky, to do him justice, had not
realized, I think, how much lalior
was involved in the thing he had
"For the love of Mike!" he grum
bled, putting aside his magazine and
knocking the ashes from his cigar,
"Arc you going to kc'p this up all
night? Didn't you. hear that clock
strike 10? Remember, you dragged
me out of bed this morning at a
most unheard-of hour. I'm simply
dead for sleep. Chuck it, and come
to bed! How about those beds at
Ticcr's? 1 hope they're better than
the ones at the other place. There
may be a soft side to a board, but
not to those beds, I could almost
find it in my heart to wish Lil and
Marian wouldn't come home from
the hospital until we are under our
own vine and fig tree again, and I
can have my own mattress."
Dicky Is Annoyed.
"I think you'll find the beds Mrs.
Ticer furnishes are very comfort
able," I replied sedately, keeping my
eyes upon the curtain I was hem
ming, and making no movie to rise.
I had done all the machine work
first, that I might not disturb a
sleeping family with its whir, and
now I was struggling with seeming
ly "interminable stretches of hand
work. "What d'ye mean, you're going to
stay down here and sew?" Dicky de
manded irritably.
"If I get these draperies done for
you tomorrow I shall have to sit up
longer." I explained a bit impatiently
as I threaded my needle.
"Oh, can the martyr stuff I Dicky
retorted unpleasantly. "You've had
most of the afternoon and all of the
evening, and you'll have all tomor
row afternoon to do that stuff, and
yet vou're handing me a stall like
"We did not get back with the
sewing machine until after S o'clock,"
I reminded him, and tomorrow
morning I have to meet Jim and
"Oh, you're determined to chain
yourself to a stake and pour boiling
oil over your writhing body, I can
see that!" he sneered. "Well, have it
your owiT way, old dear, but it'll be
a long time before I ask you another
He went huffily out of the room,
while I heroically resisted an im
pulse to crumple the draperies up in
a ball and hurl them after him. The
next thin cr I had to combat were
self-pitying tears, but fortunately my
common sense and my sense of hu
mor reminded me that Dicky not
only did not mean a word he said,
but that in the morning he would
have forgotten he said them, and if
accused would strenuously - and in
dignantly deny having uttered tha
words, and I bent to my. sewing
with a grim little smile at my hus
band's vagaries. ,.'
A Welcome Arrival.
When I set the last stitch and
folded the shimmering stuff to put
it away I was so sleepy that I could
scarcely see it, and I was afraid that
I would not waken on the hour I
had mentally set myself, as I almost
invariably am able to do.
But at 6 o'clock I sat bolt upright
Ladies' Tailor
in bed, as if I had been suddenly
galavanized by an electric shock, and
for a bewildered half-minute won
dered where I was, and what it was
that was so depressing my spirits.
As I gradually came to myself I re
alized with a .shame-faced little smile
at my own babyish fears, that the
depression of the day before because
of my knowledge that my father and
Allen Drake were to be engaged
upon some mysterious and absorb
ing business of their own while
Grace Draper was with us, was still
with me. But as I rose and dressed
I made a strenuous effort to shake
it off.
Curiously enough, it was the re
membrance that Katie and Jim were
coming which changed depression
into tranquil relief. I had not known
how much I depended upon these
faithful, humble friends until I re
alized that the day which had just
dawned would bring them to me.
"When is that first train?" Mother
(iraham's voice subdued because of
Junior, yet brisk and dominant
came to my ears from her doorway
as soon as 1 closed my room door
behind me. I suppressed a tiny
smile as I answered her, for I knew
what her question betrayed. Despite
her captious strictures upon Katie,
she depends upon her faithful serv
ices as much as I do, has missed her
as sorely and is as glad to welcome
her back.
"Ten o'efbek," I answered. "But
she'll hardly take that train. She'd
have to leave at 4 o'clock in the
"If it were her own moving you
can bet she'd be stirring her stumps,
but as it's your business, that's dif
ferent again!"
I forced back the hot retort wliich
rose to niy lips, for I did not wish
to anger her on this day of Katie's
home-coming. Mother Graham's
crankiness is to Katie what a lighted
match is to a powder barrel, and I
had no wish for an explosion.
We ate breakfast amicably to
gether, though I had to bite my lips
several times to keep back a defense
of my loyal little maid. Far Mother
Graham's disappointment that she
was not to be expecteM before noon
was venting itself in slighting re
marks .about Katie's loyalty. And
then there came a shout from out-
Saturday and Monday
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side, and we rushed to the door to
sec a huge moving van with Katie
perched upon the ft out scat of it.
She had ridden out upon the load,
and must have traveled all night!
l'nglewood, N. J., has a wash
woman who not only gets $4 a day,
but must be taken to and from her
work in au 'automobile.
I Ach$, cxcetfi'iw peripiration and
$marting can be and.d
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