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Economic Slump
Causes Increase
In Pedagogies
Still Scarcity in Science, For
eign Language and Mathe
matics, However, Accord
To Uni. Professor.
A. C. Reed, director of Nebraska
university summer session and head
of the university extension, has
written the following article with
regard to the teacher situation:
"One of the effects of the eco
nomic depression has been to turn
toward the school room many per
sons who would under normal con
ditions have remained in other
lines of work. This is relieving the
scarcity of teachers so serious a
year ago, and is even making a sur
plus in certain fields that require a
minimum of preparation. Especial
ly is this true in rural schools and
in the grade rooms in villages.
"There is still a serious scarcity,
however, fof certain positions in
the high school, such s the sciences,
foreign languages and mathematics.
Teaching requirements are such
that persons with a general educa
tion cannot drop into these posi
tions with any assurance of suc
cess. It will be a matter of sev
eral years before this situation can
be relieved.
"The effect on salaries is not yet
, apparent. In a few communities
'', where there has been a heavy
school indebtedness, considerable
pressure has been brought to re
duce salaries, with limited success.
Most schools seem to be holding to
' schedule adopted last spring, main
taining the level of last year in gen
eral, and granting advances for
merit. ,
"There, is a wide feeling that a re
duction of salaries now would react
so unfavorably upon the teaching
profession as to do incalculable
harm to the cause of public educa
tion. Teachers' salaries were al
ways low and were the last to ad
vance. They are not out of propor
tion with other lines now, in view
of the high requirements and the
attendant expense for preparation.
They should be held at tlu present
point until it is evident wh-t the
normal wage is to be and until there
is time to determine a fair propor
tion to oher salaries. America
must never again so discount the
economic importance of those who
must carry the chief responsibility
for the preparation of the young for
life's duties and responsibility."
Creighton University
Bv. Everard Beuker. who 1b promi
nent in educational work in Holland and
who for the past year haa been observ
ing conditions in the United States, and
particularly in the. middle west, visited at
Creighton en route to Spokane, Wash.
Maj. Corhlt S. Hoffman. IT. S. A., is
,-baclt from Fort Snelllng. Minn., where ho
was stationed for the summer. He will
take up his duty as member of the
""CreiKhton faculty again this fall.
The St. luis press announces the bur
ial in that city of Lieut. Leo N. Wall,
whtse body has been returned from
France. Lieutenant Wall was at Creigh
ton during the year 1913-14 as teacher of
algebra and classics. He enlisted in 1917
and was commissioned a first lieutenant
of infantry at Fort Sheridan. He was
connected with the l!5th infantry at tha
time of his death, July 31. 118.
tire repairing and
retreading; also
tube repairing and
all rubber vulcanizing. IN THE
Three weeks learning,
S2S. Writ or call
National Tire
17th and Capitol
Business College in
Omaha Is Member of
National Association
The National Association of Ac
credited Commercial Schools, of
which Boyles college is the repre
sentative in Omaha and Council
Bluffs, is an association of high
grade business schools, organized to
serve the public better and to pro
tect it against the abuses of low
standards in commercial education.
Only the best schools are admitted
to membership, and they must
prove, after a searching investiga
tion by the membership committee,
that they are unquestionably entitled
to this classification.
They must prove that their
courses meet today's needs, that their
instructors are able and well trained
and capable of imparting their
knowledge to others. They must
show that their equipment is up-to-date
and ample in volume. They
must give evidence of highest ef
ficiency in their work and an earnest
interest in the development of their
students. They must show a clean
record in dealing with the public;
must have one price and one policy
for all; must be prompt in paying
bills, fair in adjusting complaints and
truthful in their advertising.
One of the express benefits ac
corded to the graduate of an accred
ited school is that he is entitled to
the free employment service of not
only his own school, but of every
accredited school in the United
Students who enroll in any ac
credited school and find it necessary
before completing their course to re
move to another city where there is
an accredited school, may finish their
work in the new school without fur
ther payment of tuition.
Nebraska Students Swell
Gjinnell College Roster
Grinncll, la., Aug. 14. -Students
from thirteen states outside vi Iowa
have already made arrangements to
enter Grinncll college this fall in one
of the heaviest advance enrollments
in the history of the college. Libe
ria and Canada are also represented
in the new enrollment.
Illinois and Nebraska lead in the
number of students already regis
tered with fifteen each. Missouri,
Minnesota, South Dakota, California
and Kansas follow in the order
named. Among the other states rep
resented are Pennsylvania, Florida,
Maryland and Montana.
In Its Thirtieth Year
Day School for women
and girls. Continuous
throughout the year. Ses
sion 8:30. to 1:00. 'En
rollment first Monday of
each month.
Evening School for men
and women. Re-opens
September 8th. Sessions
Monday and Thursday.
Hour 6:30 to 9:00. En
rollment first and third
Monday of each month.
Cotner College
College of Liberal Arts, School of Fine Arts,
School of Education, College High School.
Courses Offered
In History, Literature, Mathematics, Sciences,
Philosophy, Sociology, Sacred Literature, Edu
cation, Music, Expression, Art, and Commer
cial Work.
Fine new girls' dormitory. Strong faculty.
Expenses low.
Th University Sdhi! I Muask
Twenty-Eighth Year Begins September 5th.
. A Large Faculty.
Complete Courses in All Departments.
Anyone May Enter.
New Catalog on Request.
Address ADRIAN NEWENS, Director, 1103 R Street
iiliiii:ii!ininiiiiiiiiliiliiiiitiiliiliiliiiiiiiliii:iiitiiiiilHiiiuiiii.liiliiiiiiiil!;iiiiMil iiiiiiiiiiiliii'tiiiiiiinliiii.iiii.i
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Immaculate Conception
Normal Academy
Offer Teacher Training Courte. Grant Bachelor of Educa
tion Degree, Life Certificate, all grade of City, State and Elemen
tary State Certificate. Collegiate, Normal, Academic, Commercial,
Muiic, Art, Dramatic Art, Home Economics and Keiiter System
Dressmaking. Departments. Special Gymnastics, Team Work and
Swimming. Address. v
Dept. B. Hastings, Nebraska
Council Bluffs, Iowa
Conducted bjr the Sisters of Mercy . -
S - v. ' i V ,
A BOARDING SCHOOL FOR GIRLS that offers exceptional advantages" In
Music, Art and Expression. Also Classical and Commercial Courses. Accredited
to Iowa State University.
Forty minutes by trolley from Omaha. For catalogue address:
Mt. Loretto, Council Bluffs, Iowa.
&v try
7 t"r-i & "rZ
' ii iiaws in'1 liiiii'"'1 ' -iiffT
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-- -....rwgyai
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Colleges and
The Graduate College
The College of Art and
The Teacher' College
Tha College of
The College of
The College of Law
The College of Medicine,
. The College of
The College of Business
The College of
The School of Fine Art
The Teacher' College
' High School
, The School of
, Agriculture
The Summer Session
University Extension
' Course
You who are graduating from High School or Prep
School toward what goal does your ambition point? Do
you lean toward a career in business or in one of the
professions? Is it your intention to become an educator,
a scientist, an agricultural expert? Do you plan to pre
pare yourself for the strenuous battle of life by thorough
special training in any line? There has never been a
time when such training was more essential, when its ad
vantages were more apparent. We live in an era of tran
sition and adjustment; in a world new-born after the
cataclysm. Profound changes have been wrought. Trying
times, and times of glorious opportunity, are just ahead.
The University trained man or woman will approach these
trials, these opportunities, equipped with sound training
and sure knowledge. And in comparison with these ad
vantages, the time, the effort, the money involved in
securing such training will count as little. Your State
University, time-honored and hallowed in tradition, offers
a well-rounded education in your chosen vocation, to
gether with a host of pleasant and worth while activities
for your leisure hours. A comprehensive curriculum, an
unexcelled corps of professors and instructors; athletics,
debating societies, music, dramatics all these await you
at Lincoln.
Especially" interesting to you will be the literature de
scribing, the University and its manifold activities, which
is now ready for distribution to 1921 Seniors. Send for
your copy. It will be of help to you in making your plans
for the future.
Address the Registrar
University of Nebraska
Lincoln, Nebraska
Session July 12 to August 19, 1921
First Semester Registration Sept. 14, 1921
Frank F. Loomis, Jr.
Winner of the four hundred meter hurdle
race in the Olympic. Games at Antwerp,
Belgium, in 1920. Mr. Loomis established
a world's record in this race, this being
one of four world's records which He holds
in hurdles. This picture is a recent and
exclusive one in a series of six showing
the various positions in hurdling.
Mr. Loomis has spent the present summer
'in the Illinois University Summer School
for Coaches, studying the latest develop
ments in foot ball in preparation for the
coming year as coach in athletics at
Hastings College.
The first semester will open on Septem
ber 13th. The faculty has been enlarged
and strengthened. A very large increase
in the enrollment is indicated by reports
from, the field. For information address
President Calvin H. French.
Hastings College
Hastings, Neb.
in" ia'rwi-iii
Recreation Room
Boarding and Day School
For Boys and Girls
4 to 16 Years
Fall Term Opens Sept. 6th Featuring Small Classes,
Personal Attention, Airy Rooms.
Luncheon Service, Strict Discipline, Carefully
Supervised Study and Play.
School Motto: "Every Pupil Recites Every
Lesson Every Day."
Nebraska State Text Books Used. Instructors
Hold State Certificates.
Tutoring in All Branches. Summer Classes
Now in Session.
Kindergarten Dept. Director, Ethelwyn Hodge.
School of Individual Instruction
Telephone Harney 2949
3507 Harney Street
Choosing the Best School
This Emblem
is the emblem of the
Accredited Commercial
School. Only members
of the National Assoc
iation of Accredited
Schools are permitted
to use it.
It is your guarantee
of all you could ask in
a commercial school
service, integrity and
efficiency. Only the
best schools in the
United States are ad
mitted to membership
in the association.
Choose an Accredited
Commercial School and
be sure of Retting the
most for your instruct
ion dollar.
There is one definite method by which you can safely
choose your commercial school. If it uses the emblem of
the National Association of Accredited Schools, it is one
of the best schools in America.
Boyles College is the Accredited School in this section.
Its standards are high, its methods, the most approved,
its training intensive. It is one of the best known if not
THE best known business colleges in the west. It has
prepared thousands of young men and women for success
ful business careers. Its graduates have a high standing
among business men everywhere.
Its curriculum embraces a Complete Commercial
Course, Stenographic and Secretarial Course, Civil Service
branches and Telegraphy.
Write today for free Catalog. Determine now, with
out delay, to make a definite start toward & successful
business career.
Eighteenth Street at Harney
Phone Jackson 1565
Merriam Block
Phone Council Bluffs 576
Send for
Free Catalog
Get Your Training
in an Accredited School
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