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Governor Will
Speak at Laving
Of Cornerstone
Veteran Police Officer
Dies After Operation
Salvation Army Members
From All Parts of Iowa-Nebraska
Division to Attend
Rescue Home Exercises.
"-o-. S. R. McKelvie will partici
pate in one of the biggest1 events in
Salvation Army history the laying
of the cornerstone for the new Sal
vation Army Rescue home at Six
teenth and Grace streets, this after
noon. Salvationists from all parts of the
Iowa-Nebraska division, including
many from the divisional headquar
ters at Des Moines, will gather with
scores of representative men and
women of Omaha, members of the
Chamber of Commerce, women's
auxiliary of the G. A. R.. Rotary
club, American Legion, Elks, ami
other organizations around the
foundations of the new Rescue home.
Judge Sutton Will Preside.
Tha program will begin at 2. De
tails were completed yesterday by
Captain J. G. Cheyne, the Omaha
corps officer, and Adjutant Lillian
Ness. Illness will prevent the at
tendance of Brigadier William An
drews, divisional commander at Des
Moines, who conceived the idea of
establishing the new rescue home in
Omaha and who was enabled to fi
nance the movement through the aid
of the citizens and the advisory
Judge A. L. Sutton, chairman of
the Nebraska state advisory board
of the Salvation Army, will preside.
Ceremonies will he opened with a
prayer by Dr. O. D. Baltzly. pastor
of Kountze Memorial Lutheran
church. What the new home will
mean in the way of greater service
to the community and the state will
be explained by Adjutant Lillian
Ness, matron of the rescue home,
whose subject will be "Our In
creased Facilities What They
Mean in the Way of Increased Serv
ice." The home's activities from a
national viewpoint will be discussed
by Brigadier Wiseman, territorial
property secretary, Chicago, who will
talk on "The Army's Rescue Home
Work A Great National Asset."
McKelvie to Speak.
Just before sealing and placing the
. stone, Governor McKclvte will de
liver the address of the afternoon on
the subject, "The Rescue Homes
Service to the Mate ot JNeoraska.
Jn 'the cavity of the cornerstone
Governor McKelvie will place a little
metal box containing copies of
Omaha newspapers and the "War
Cry," the Salvation Army organ:
coins, photographs of Brigadier and
Mrs. Andrews ,and other trinkets. A
prayer by Rabbi Frederick Cohn
will close the program.
Ensign W. A. Brewer, Iowa-Nebraska
general secretary, will repre
sent the divisional commander and
will head a big delegation of Salva
? tion Army officers from the Des
. Moines headquarters. , j
o 11)
Surrounded by his wife and eight
children, Captain Anton Vanous, vet
eran member of the police depart
ment, died at St. Joseph hospital yes
ternoon noon, following an opera
He was 57 years old and began his
35th year of police service last r n
day. He was a member of the Elks
and Woodmen of the World and was
better known as "Tony" by many
Omahans, with whom he was popu
Two of- his sons are members of
the police department, Edward be
ing a detective, and Anton, jr., i
patrolman, lhc other children are
Mayme, Joseph, Lillian, Helen, Eliz
abeth and Clara.
Chief Dempsey, Captain H. P.
Haze and Sergeant A. P. Sigwart
are the only members now in tne
department who were in service when
Captain Vanous joined the police
Omaha Man and Wife
Rescued From Under
Burning Automobi!
In an attempt to. climb a hill near
Neola, la., Wednesday night while
driving to Elkhorn, la., Mr. and
Mrs. C. S. Christiansen. 713 South
Thirtieth street, were pinned be
neath their overturned car which
burst into flames. They were rescued
only after Joe" Coffelt, Neola farmer,
lifted the burning machine for Chris
tiansen to crawl out and helped him
extricate Mrs. Christiansen. v
Coffelt was slightly burned. Mrs.
Christiansen suffred a broken arm
and severe burns. She was taken to
a Neola hospital. The car was to
tally destroyed by fire.
Christiansen is retail sales manager
for the Jones-Opper company, 2558
Farnam street. :
71 Hero Dead Coming Friday;
Honor Program Is Arranged
Seventy-one soldier bodies from
France are expected to arrive in
Omaha this morning at Union sta
tion, according to army transporta
tion officials. '
An honor program, similar to that
of last week is to be given upon the
arrival of the bodies.
Rev. E. C. Brown of Die:-: Me
morial church, who was to have of
ficiated, was called out of town yes
terday and Rev. E. L. Geissinger of
Hirst Memorial church will officiate
in his place. Rev. Geissinger will de
liver a short address and prayer.
Music will be furnished by the
Y. M. C. A. quartet.
The Chamber of Commerce, Amer
ican Legion, G. A. R. and W. R. C.
in company with other patriotic
bodies, will have a part in the honor
Raizuli, Morocco Bandit,
Offers to Pacify Revolters
Madrid, Aug. 4. Raizuli, former
outlaw leader and chieftain of rebel
lious tribesmen in Morocco, is re
ported to have made an offer to
bpain to pacify the entire Spanish
7one of Morocco on condition that
he be appointed caliph and sultan of
the territory in question.
There have been unconfirmed re
ports that the town of Nador, south
of Melilla has been evacuated by
Spanish troops and occupied, by
Moroccan rebels.
The Moros are again bombarding
Mount Arruit where General Na
arrO and a considerable body of
Spanish troops have l een surrounded
by the tribesmen.
Elks to Honor 61 Soldier
Dead Arriving Here Today
Omaha lodee. No. 39, B. P. O.
Elks, will have a committee at the
Union station this morning to assist
other organizations in paying re
spects to 61 soldier dead returning
from across the waters. A small
card eulogizing soldier dead, writ
ten bv Exalted Ruler Walter C. Nel
son, will be placed on each casket.
Omaha Elks will hereafter meet
every consignment of soldier dead
arriving at Omaha.
Wife Asking Divorce Says
Husband Ordered Her Out
Adeline Kellstrom, musician, re
siding at 3827 North Eighteenth
street, stated in a divorce petition
field in district court yesterday that
her husband created discord in their
home by ordering her out.
She asks for a divorce from Albin
E. Kellstrom, who earns $300 a
month, she says. Mrs. Kellstrom
related that she was required to keep
boarders and later went to the home
cf her mother
Estate of Former Hotel
Owner Valued at $100,000
Mrs. Columbia Brown, who ran
the Murray and Merchants hotel
here at one time, .and who died May
9, left an estate estimated at $100,000,
according to an inventory filed
Thursday by the Peters Trust com
pany. The estate comprises mort
gaged loans and lands, mining and
other, stock, and , left to Mrs.
Brown's relatives by her wilt
Man, Girl, Ruby Ring
- Muny Court Mystery
Munv court is ouzzled over the
case of a girl, a man, and a ruby
Constable McGinnis replevined
the rine for Bessie Meyers from
Norris Mann at the Y. M. C. A.
No one seems to know who Bessie
is and the constable forgot to ask
Mann. Neither is it known what are
the conditions surrounding the
ownershio of the circlet.
Citv Solicitor Moriarty, who
slffned the application for the re
nWin. said the eirl told him the
Welfare board sent her to him
Wally Wilson of the Welfare board
has no record of the case and neitner
name in the case is in the city di
Meanwhile, the court has the ring
and the hearing of th-J case is set for
next Thursday.
Fanners Union Directors
Plan State Fair Exhibit
Members of the board of directors
of the Farmers' Union were in ses
sion at the Castle hotel yesterday.
Routine business of the various or-
conizations subsidary to the union
was being checked over.
According to C. J. Osborne, Oma
ha, president of the union and chair
man of the board of directors, the
activities of the various co-operative
societies of the past few months
were being checked up and plans
for future activities are to be made.
Plans for an exhibit to be placed
at the state fair, representing each of
the co-operative societies and unions,
also were made. President Osborne
declared that an exhibit which would
clearly explain the activities of the
organizations in Nebraska would be
at the fair.
Police Plan Arrest of
Gang Who Attacked Boys
A gang of six youths, lying in wait
at Forty-third and Cuming streets
Sunday night, attacked Harold Peter
son, 19, 510 South Thirty-eighth ave
nue, son of Walter Peterson, building
contractor, and Walter Renze, 18,
4321 Dodge street, son of Gus Renze,
Ak-Sar-Ben artificer, according to
police who plan to arrest members of
the gang. Peterson suffered a deep
gash of the tongue. Renze escaped
with a few bruises.- "Just a grudge,"
said Peterson of the attack.
Firm Sues to Recover Three
Autos; Asks $1,575 Damages
The Briscoe Motor corporation
brouirht suit to replevin three auto
mobiles and a display easel and
$1,575 damages against the Bixby
Motor company in federal court yes
terday. The Briscoe corporation al
leges the Bixby company failed
to live up to the conditions of
the sales contract under which the
cars and equipment were purchased,
and asks the monetary remnuera
tion for "wrongful detention."
Barber Bound to Trial for
"Judge" Cooley Robbery
Claire M. Beard, barber, was
bound over to district court in
Central police court yesterday for
robbery with assault. Julius Smith
Cooley, police court habitue, was
complainant. Beard's bond was set
at $2,500. He was arrested two days
ago. Cooley declared he is positive
Beard is one of the men who beat
and robbed him of $500 in front of
his home on the night of August
Riot Will Cost
Taxpayers Here
About $500,000
Amount $45,000 Less Than
Estimate; Restoring of Re
cords Lost in Fire
Takes $250,000.
The total bill which taxpayers will
pay for repairing the court house
damage will be nearly $500,000, about
$45,000 less than the original esti
mate, according to a statement by
John Latenser, architect.
A total ot $45U,l4.y already lias
been spent, which does not include
carpets and shades, nor the archi
tects fees, the latter being per
cent of the amount expended.
It is nearly two years since work
men started to repair me aamage
which was wrought by the mob on
the night of September 28, 1919.
Treasurer Endres expects to return
to his permanent offices on the sec
ond floor, and the court room on
the fifth floor which he has been oc
cupying will be restored as rapidly
as possible.
In addition to the amount spent on
building repairs, about $250,000 was
expended for restoring records lost
in the fire.
Bond of Defunct Refining
Co. Head May Be Boosted
The bond of Le Vern Fox, presi
dent of the defunct Omaha Refining
company will be increased from $1,
500 to $5,000 if the recommendation
of the county attorney is approved.
James Allan, investigator for the
county attorney, was directed yes
terday to bring Fox into court.
Properties Closed
Orders were issued by the dis
trict court yesterday, closing the
following properties on account of
violation of the liquor laws bv oc
cupants: 1812 Webster, 509 North
Sixteenth, 322 North Eleventh and
612 South Thirteenth.
I Dog Hill Paragrafs
" " By George Bingham """""""
The man who has been conduct
ir.g the store in the Calf Ribs neigh
I II I. . fal I II L I SI
L ..- 'it i
borhood is preparing to quit business
as the weeds are gradually closing in
on him.
Jefferson Potlocks and wife hitched
up the team today and started for a
visit to the Calf Rib neighborhood
but Jeff is so contrary he turned off
at the forks of the road and went to
Bounding Billows.
Sile Kildew observed a grass-hop
per sitting on a rail this morning. He
says a right quiet grass-hopper is the
most noiseless thing he knows of.
Copyright, 121, George Matthew Adams.
Fireman Loses Life
Trying to Save "PaP
Joseph Flanagan, 31, city fireman
at New York, whose parents live in
Omaha, lost his life Sunday in a tene
ment house fire when he dashed into
a gas-nllcd cellar in an effort to save
the life of a comrade, Fireman
Charles Oliver. Flanagan's parents
now are on their way to the funeral
in New York. Flanagan was decorat
ed with the D. S. C. for heroism
during the war.
Couples Re-Wed
After Divorces
Captain Vanous Son One of
Cupid's Victims Shortly Be
fore Father's Death.
The little god of love made a dou
ble play at the court house yesterday
when he reunited two couples who
had been divorced.
Edward Vanous, 27, city detective,
applied for a marriage license, being
accompanied by his former wife,
Bessie, from whom he obtained a
divorce last February. They were
remarried yesterday by County Judge
Crawford. The Vanouses have a 6-
yer.r-old child.
News of the reunion of his son and
daughter-in-law was transmitted to
Capt. Anton Vanous a few hours be
fore he died yesterday noon.
Bernard and Clara Marie Gillen
also were remarried yesterday. Their
hrst marriage was in 1914, following
which Mrs. Gillen obtained a divorce
and the custody of two children.
One-fifth of all the women paying
federal income tax reside in New
York City.
This Is Your
August Sale
Everything from 20
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Experienced all year 'round
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aa illustrated.
Siberian Squirrel Coat, dark
natural skins, printed silk
Our August
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both sides
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satin lining covered with
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1 1 L
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