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;;1 Society
The wedding of Alsyne Catherine
Mohrman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
C. Mohrman of Omaha, and Ur-
ville C. Hedrick of Tawnee City,
Neb., took place Wednesday evening
at o oclock at Xotintze Memorial
church. Rev. O. D. Baltzley ofticia-
k Th KrM' onlv attendant was
Lucile Ridgwiy, and the best man
was David Lionberger of Fawnee
A wedding reception was held a.
the home of the bride's parents for
the relatives and the wedding party.
Following a honeymoon trip by mo
tor Mr. Iledrick and his bride will
be at home after September 1 at
Holmesville, Neb.
( Achoth Sorority Tea.
U Achoth sorority will entertain at a
niea at the home of Katherinc Rey
nolds, Friday afternoon, from 3 to S
o'clock. Omaha members of the ac
tive chapter at the University of Ne
braska at Lincoln will be present.
The guests will number 40. Out-of-town
guests will include Miss Gail
Courtney of Cedar Rapids, la.; Miss
Bernice Elwell of Springfield, Neh.,
and Miss Blanche Gramlich of Pa
pillion. In the receiving line will be
Mr-;. J. R. Cain, jr.; Mrs E. M. Rey
nolds, and Mrs. Thomas Vacck.
Helen Jacobscn a Bride.
The marriage of Miss Helen
Jacobsen of this city, formerly of
Minneapolis, and William L. Rice
took place Tuesday evening at the
home of Rev. E. L. Diesinger. Miss
Mildred Nichols and Roy Scofield
were the attendants. The couple have
gone on a motor trip to Minnesota.
They will reside in Omaha after Sep
tember 15.
Ruth Flynn to Wed.
Invitations have been issued for the
wedding of Miss Ruth Flynn and
Thomas Dunbar of Newcastle, Wyo.,
i by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John
f. Flynn. The ceremony will take
place at the Flynn home Monday
evening, August 8. Miss Flynn is a
well known pianist.
Informal Affair.
Mrs. W. W. Troxcll entertained
informally at her home on Wednes
day afternoon in honor of Mrs.
Ralph Moody of Chicago and Mrs.
Norman Harriman, who leaves soon
to make her Borne in Washington,
D. C.
Problems That Perplex
Answered by
, A Iiucky Escape.
Dear Miss Fairfax: For two years
I have been In love with a young
lady, an orphan of 21 years. Dur
ing my courtship, I attended evening
school to obtain an engineering de
gree. My studies obliged me to de
vote practically all my time to same.
Upon my return I found that she
is very friendly with a young man
employed at the same establishment.
I have explained that my ambi
tion and efforts were for her happi
ness. She insists that I had no time
to take her about for good times
and as he takes her everywhere, She
is happy with his company.
i, I am so broken in spirit tnai i
?&n interest myself in nothing, not
cvsn my worK. y
Since you are ambitious and think
of the future rather than of the
mere moment, do you think you d
bo well mated with a girl who longs
for gayety and excitement? She
would be likely to chafe at your in
terest in books and work and you
would come in time to resent her
frivolity if you didn't call it by a
harder name. Of course you're not
happy now. You're lonely and it's
hard to see ahead of the day when
you'll find a girl far better suited to
vou. But be as philosophical as you
tan and trust to time and chance
to bring you someone nearer your
heart's desire. .
Bluo F.yesj School children
Khould have their boy friends as
well as girl friends. However, you
are far too young to have a "steady,"
as you call him. You admit that
kissing is wrong. If you permit the
A New Harmony from the
Fragrant World of Flowers
"Womankind welcomes with delifcht the soft
persuasive fragrance of CHARMET. The
Soul of Thirty-Seven of the sweetest flowers
of Sunny France are wedded in CHARMET,
and from their union comes a harmony of
loveliness like the melody of a lonfc forgotten
sonfc. Not boastfully.nor forward, but modestly
and refined refreshing as the gentle breeze
that comes with Summer rains.
Also in Toilet Water Rice Powder Cold
Cream Vanishing Cream Sachet Toilet
Powder Rouge tnd Lip Stick.
CHARMET may be had exclusively at :
The five Sherman & McConnell Drug Stores,
Omaha, Neb., Taffe Drug C.., Broadway at
Sith St, Council Bluffs, Iowa
Fremont Tourney
Wednesday Great
Mrs. E. H. Sprague of Country
club, Omaha, won low gross score
at the woman's open day tourney
1 eld in Fremont Wednesday. She
made a 51 in nine holes. Mrs. Karl
Lininger was runner up with 52.
Mrs. Sprague also won the driving
contest with a swinB' for 198 yards,
Mrs. Charles Johnson of Fremont,
Mrs. M. M. Levliigs and Mrs.
Lininger of Omaha falling only a few
yards behind.
Mrs. J. M. Stewart, Lincoln, and
Mrs. C. J. Merriam, Omaha, tied for
blind bogey which went to Mrs.
Stewart on a draw.
Mrs. Merriam carried off the prize
for approaching and putting, making
a 9. Mrs. Clark Fowell and Mrs.
Sprague were next with a 10 score.
Afternoon bridge was offered at
the club house when Mrs. H. W.
McNamara won first prize.
The Fremont open day was a
markedly successful affair. A per
fect day and good roads encour
aged motor parties trom Dom Lin
coln and Omaha with the result that
30 out-of-town women golfers lined
up for play early Wednesday morn
Attendin? from Omaha were:
Country Club Mesdamea E. H. Sprtgue.
C!rk Powell, Hnry Luberger nd Mini
Diiphn rtr.
Field Club Mediime M. W. livings,
C. H. A ihton, R. F. Hnnnen. E. V. Arn
old. J. W. Tllliion. J. J. McMahon, C. J.
Mrritn w H Plainer and Mra. Houstoun
Harper who was accompanied by her
guest, Mra. Oeori 13. Rule of California
and New Torn.
Happy Hollow Meedamea Karl Mnlnger
H. V. Uoodrlch. H. W. McNamara.
Lakoma Meadames W. C. Edmlston. E.
r. Dougherty. W. J. Powers, C. F. OrueniR,
F. T. Morrison, Charles J. Hubbard.
Georgo Francis.
Prettiest Mile Mrs. W. H. Flynn.
Fremont Mesdamcs I.uther Larson,
Charles N. Johnson, M. V.. Rathburn. H.
D. Mu r. F. L. Spear, rca Mein, r.
Laird. O. A. Keene, J. T. Smith, R. T.
Van Metre and Miss Helen Marr.
Lincoln Mesdamea George Proudflt,
Ross P. Curtice. Ray Elliott, Will Hardy,
John M. Stewart and Miss May Pershing.
Lukoma club has invited state women
golfers to attend their open day, Wednes
day, August 17. Reservations for lunch
eon should be made August 16.
Lawn Social.
Holv Cross Parish will give a lawn
social Thursday evening at 5062
Center street. In case ot inclement
weather the affair will be. held in
H. E. L. P. Club.
The H. E. L. P. club will have
a picnic supper at Riverview park
i v ; i .
rriuay evening.
boys to embrace you they witl ex
pect to kiss you as well. One liberty
leads to another.'
That Other Girl.
Dear Miss Fairfax: I am 19 and
in love with a man three years my
senior. I live at some distance from
him, so he comes to see me only
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.
He has told me he loves me, and al
though I don't see him in the middle
of the week I receive-a letter every
day. My happiness would be com
plete, but a friend of his informed
me that he sees' an old sweetheart
of his regularly during week days.
My friend told me all about her, but
he said she means nothing to him.
I told my friend about it, and the
thing that hurts me most is that he
did not deny it. The only thing he
said was. "Isn't it about time you
had faith in me?" Since then I
have not been happy. I seem to feel
as though he is going to make me
suffer. , BOBBY.
Well, isn't it about time you had
faith in the man you profess to love
so devotedly? Is your idea of love
a state of selfish demanding which
cuts the beloved off from every in
terest except seeing you? Or is ft
a broad, generous devotion which is
glad of anything that enriches his
life? -He has told you of the other
girl. The best way to change his
present friendship for her back to
love is to suggest it often enough
and to make him feel that she is the
generous, broad-minded understand
ing one, while you are the nagger
who wants to deprive him o all
What's What
For the acquisition of the courtesy
which becomes second nature, good
manners must be practiced constant
ly and consistently at home, and
especially at the table. Table man
ners are the ( most immediate and
permanent evidence of good breed
ing, or its opposite.
Children should be taught to eat
slowly and quietly, to use the knife
only for cutting meat, and the fork
(held in the right hand) for con
veying all food to the mouth, except
ing liquids and such soft desserts
as must be eaten with a spoon. They
mist learn to keep the table napkin
across the knees when not other
wise in use, to sit straight, to take
soup from the side of a spoon, to
break bread, never to bite into an
unbroken slice, to extend courtesies
to others at table, to ask permission
when leaving before the others have
finished these and all other fixed
rules should be inculcated early in
life and at the best of all training
schools, the family tabic. Now, as
ever, "manners, like charity, should
begin at home."
Copyright, 1921. by Public Ledger Co.
Picnic Cloth.
Next time you go on a picnic, try
a tablecloth made from a rubber
sheeting. To make it more attrac
tive the edges may be scalloped and
the corners may be decorated with
a stenciled design in gay colors. The
rubber cloth is ideal to spread the
lunch on, because it is heavy enough
to lie flat on the ground, and neither
sand nor water can seep through it.
It is also easily washed with a damp
cloth and will do service for a num
ber of seasons.
Community Club.
A card party, will be given Friday
afternoon at 2 o'clock at Crounse
hall by the Community club.
E. E. Bruce and daughter, Miss
Elizabeth Bruce, are spending the
month of August in New York state.
I 1P11 1111 1 worer e des heavy work
I. llslllillil i the world in the. sweltering summer heat,
I l MllliillMf requires substantia, digestible food food
V I I lIlMnl r kck rich red blood, promotes energy
A 11 Mftllllill and "pep." Hot foods in the summer
m jp lttSrJI months do not readily satisfy the appetite
1 I ' It! I e worer
A ililSiH '8 a frunae circumstance then, that good bread,
h I n a food we all require, is so appetizing so satisfy-
' Vl If M HARD R0LL bread is a G00D bread' U con"
, I I J V ans a nut"ment that goes to promote good
J ' A jd&ZT ' health. HARD ROLL bread builds vitality, power
! Jl'Si s4&a an endurance to withstand the summer heat. The
I lib 52 lunch box of the worker should contain a generous
'w lJillf 1 . amount of
MM Hard Roll
iyvM - Bread
rsi Adele Garrison's New Phase of
H "Revelations of a Wife" M
What Does Dicky's Letter Demand?
By Dicky's face when I came out
of the telephone booth I knew that
he had overheard my reference to
Dr. I'eUit. I do not think a single
vestige of his old jealousy of the phy
sician remains, but his detestation of
him is so great that he hates me to
have any association with him what
"What's the big idea?" he growled.
"Why have that first cousin to a
chimpanzee take you over to the hos
pital? Or " with a sudden change of
inflection as he grasped the possibil
ity behind the questioned arrange
mcnt "is Marion worse?"
"No, Marion's very much better,"
I answered, walking swiftly out of
the drug store, for, though Dicky
had spoken in a low tone, as is his
custom in a public place, no matter
what his irritation, I did not care to
continue the discussion there. "Let
us get in the car and I'll tell you
about it.
He followed me, and said quickly,
as I lowcjed the emergency brake
and put Thy foot upon the clutch:
"Drive around the turnpike through
Sag Harbor," he said. "I want to
get my mail.
I repressed a little irritated excla
Sea Ca'l.
The sand dunes, the sand dunes,
Keep calling loud to me;
The ocean is in motion.
By its waves I'd like to be.
I long to go a'swimming
Where the foamy breakers comb;
But my privet hedge needs trim
ming. So I'll have to stay at home.
The green sea, the green sea,
Keeps whispering to me;
The ocean is in motion,
Like a catchy melody.
I'd like to be there diving
In the swelling billows' dome; '
But my garden isn't thriving,
So I'll have to stay at home.
The bluefish, the bluefish,
Invite me to their school;
The ocean is in motion,
I'm as cranky as a mule.
Oh, trolling is bewitching
While these gamy fighters roam;
But my celery needs ditching,
So I'll have to stay at home.
A. W. Munkittrick.
Miss Olive Clapham was the first
woman to pass the bar final exam
inations in England.
mation as I obeyed his suggestion.
If he had told me that he wanted to
go for the mail I could have tele
phoned from Sag Harbor and have
saved the trip to Bridgcliainpton.
At any other time I would have wel
comed the longer trip, for I am al
ways delighted to drive, but I had
so many things to do on this day
that I dreaded. any interruption.
Dicky Is Pessimistic.
But I afn sure there was no trace
of my feeling as I related to Dicky
just what Miss Jones had said. His
face was grave when I had finished.
"You're right about Sawbones, at
that," he said. "If Lil does need you,
she'll need you pronto. Poor old
girl! She's been putting the most
tremendous strain on her faculties
ever since I've known her, carrying
her own troubles and those of the
world and his wife besides. I told
you I was afraid .of a tremendous
smash there some day. If only
Robert Savarin had stayed where he
belonged, on a granite pedestal up
in the Catskills, she might have
postponed the evil day. hut as it is "
re shrugged his shoulders in the
Gallic way which he acquired years
ago in his youthful affected days, a
little mannerism which I hope he
never will drop, for in him it is most
attractive, at least, to me.
"You think then, Dicky," my voice
was filled with the terror I felt at
any thought of Lillian ill, "that Rob
ert's presence is affecting her so
"Not his presence so much as the
plea Marion and he are no doubt
putting up between them, that she
ditch old Harry and marry beloved
Uncle Robert. Lil's got a sense of
honor like a man's, and while she's
dippy about Savarin, any one who
knows her well can see that al
though she doesn't wear her heart
on her sleeve yet, old Harry has a
tugging power on her heart and her
conscience that you can't beat. And
the combination will just about be
the finishing straw that will break
her nerve power you mark my
A Terrifying Prespect.
I made no answer, for I had all I
could do to see the road. It was as
if the prospect of Lillian's danger
literally blinded my eyes. Dicky
spoke softly, yet compellingly: v
"Drive to the side of the road and
I obeyed him, almost without my
own volition, and as I mechanically
stopped the car, Dicky leaned past
me and turned off the ignition key.
"I ought to be shot!" he said re
morsefully, putting his arm around
me and drawing me against his
shoulder. "Don't take it so hard,
sweetheart. You know I'm always
rattling on. It may not be half so
bad as I've pictured."
I smiled wanly, recovering myself
with a mighty effort.
"I'm all right now, dear," I said.
"It's nothing I haven't expected my
self, and I'm going to face it like a
woman instead of a child. But the
thought of it overcame me for just
a bit."
"Of course, it would. It bowls
me over a bit, too, if anybody should
Some Very Special Prices on
Toilet Goods Drags
at the 5 Sherman & McConnell Drug Stores
Friday and Saturday, August 5 and 6
The summer season thus far has been a busy one in our S well-stocked stores.
During the month of July we received at our warehouse, 509-11 So. 12th St.,
over 250 separate shipments of merchandise from manufacturers, jobbers and im
porters, located throughout the length and breadth of the 48 United States, not least
among whom were our own Omaha jobbers and manufacturers.
. These are some of the reasons why you save time and money by trading at
our stores.
Colfax Mineral Water
Quarti Carbonated
Bottle, 25; dozen, S2.75;
case of 50 bottles, $9.75.
Ask us for your favorite
Mineral Water.
Manila Cigar Sale
We shall place on sale Friday
and Saturday a recently re
ceived importation of La Car
rietta Aromatic Cigars, manu
factured in the Philippine
Islands. 7 each, 4 for 25.
box of 25 for $1.50.
This is a real bargain and, as
we have one case only of these
goods, they cannot last long.
Cuesta Rey Cigars
The standard for high-grade,
clear Havana goods, 2 sizes.
Season Now On
and we have lots of little and big
things that help to make things
pleasant at the picnic, the camp
or on the automobile trip.
Thermo Bottles and Lunch Kits
at one-third off plainly marked
Pocket Knive. each 4f) i
and 89
Picnic Set, containing Plates,
Drinking Cups, Spoons, Forks,
Napkins and Table Cloth, all
far 25d and 50
Eagle Condemed Milk, can 19d
Safety Matchec, per box. . . .1
"Fam" that go with the Safety
Matches, all kinds at all prices.
Chewing Gum and Sweet Choco
late, all kinds and flavors.
Jos Stick, pkg. of about 150
sticks for 15
Campfire Marshmallows, per
pkg 20
Mosquito Talcum, can 25
Hazel Leaf Cream for Sunburn
at 25tf
Wax Paper, pkg. of 2 dozen
sheets for 56
Whisk Brooms, up from... 25
Ballard vale Jam for 39
Paper Napkins, pkg. of 50. .15d
Corner 16th and Dodge Corner 19th and Farnam Corner 16th and Harney
Corner 24th and Farnam Corner 49th and Dodge Warehouse, 509-11 S. 12th St.
General Office, 2d Floor 19th and Farnam
plenty of pure, fresh clean milk. Give
them all the milk they'll drink with
their meals, d?er cereals, fruit, etc.
And, when tllliy come home from
school or in from play give those
hungry kiddies a big glass of
Alamito Milk
The nutriment it furnishes, is not sur
passed in any other form of food. It
is childhood's own food especially
made to provide nourishment and
vigor for fast growing little bodies
It makes bright eyes and rosy
cheeks it keeps youngsters
1 I
sturdy and well.
Use lots of Alamito Milk and give
your kiddies the chance for health
that every child should, have.
Alamito "Milk White" Dairy
Leavenworth St. at 26th.
Phone Douglas 0409.
ask you. But look here! I don't an
ticipate Lil's going to die or be per
manently incapacitated, an invalid or
anything like that. But that she's goin
anything like that. But that he's go
ing to be out of the game for six
months or so is as sure as shooting."
His words were reassuring, even
with the conviction of serious illness
for my beloved friend which they
held. But I knew that he was voic
ing his own belief, not simply trying
to make me feel more content, and
I gathered courage from his asser
tion. But my dread for-Lillian was too
heavy on my heart to permit speech,
as, indeed, I think it rested on
Medicinal Preparations
45c Pluto Water for 29
75e (1 pt.) Paraffine Mineral
Oil (Internal Cleanser) . .48
Scott's Emulsion, large ...89
60c Richlax Liver and Stomach
Medicine for 48
25c Jimpson Weed, Belladonna
and Capsicum Backache Plas
ters for 19
Dobell's Solution 25 and 50
Bottle of 100 5-grain Aspirin
Tablets for 49
Iron Rust Soap, tube... 25
Oils for Dietetic and
Medicinal Use
Olive Oils, 5 brands.
Cottonseed Oil, several sizes, bot
tles and cans.
Cod Liver Oil, 4 oz. to 1 gal.
Paraffine Oil, for medicinal use,
Va pt. to 1 gal.
Peanut Oil, Vz pt. cans and
Neatsfoot Oil, for leather and
other lubricating purposes.
(See us for Household Drugs.)
Tooth Brush
W e have these
convenient articles
in glass and cellu
loid in several dif
ferent shapes and
Denatured Alco
hol For burn
ing, all sizes,
low prices. Use
this instead of
wood alcohol
it's better and
less than one
half the price.
I 1
Dicky's also, and we drove the rest
of our journey in absolute silence.
Yet. when Dicky returned from
the postoffice with the brief remark,
"No mail for you," dumped a col
lection of envelopes addressed to
himself into the back seat, and,
climbing in beside me, frowningly
began to read a long letter addressed
to himself, I knew that I had some
thing else to confront besides Ltl-
i j
nan s oangrr.
For the letter was in the well
known chirography of Marsden, the
art editor who had asked Dicky to
ilustrate the FenninRton hook, (or
which he had wished to have Grace
Draper as model.
Bennett's Dog and
Puppy Biscuits.
18 and 39 pkjr.
Face Powders
You'll Like These Prices
$1.00 Mavis Face Powder, Friday
and Saturday at ..59
63c La Jeune Powder for . .34
$1.25 Coty Powder in L'Origan,
Jasmine or Chypre odors 69
(4 shades from which to choose.)
Pleasing Talcums
at Very Pleasing Price
35c Mary Garden Talc for 23
35c Pussy Willow Talc . . . .23
Djer Kiss Talc for 17
Toilet Soaps
15c Jergen's Violet Glycerine '
Soap, per cake 7
30c Ricksecker's Skin Soap 18
2 for .....35
25c Ladv Mary Soap (Vivaudou)
for 18! 2 for 35
15c Renaissance Soap for . .9
25c Cuticura or Rexall Medicated
Soap for 19
Tooth Pastes
35c Vivaudous Vivomint Tooth
Paste for , .18
25c Riker's Tooth Paste . . 17
50c Pepsodent Paste for. .37
Hot Weather Drinks
By Bottle and Case
Giager Ale Grape Juice
Loganberry Juice
Hire's Root Beer Ext., bottle
holding enough to make 5
gallons, for 19
Lournay's Perfumes
We are just in receipt of a
shipment of the L He
d'Amour brand exquisite per
fumes, talcums, cold creams
and toilet water. Prices very
Fairy, Ivory or Wool Soap,
2 for 15
1 1
( J