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Buffaloes Trim Miners and Forge Ahead of Wichita for Lead of League
, ; , , ; ; ' '
Four Pitchers
Face Joplin In
First Contest
Locals 12 to 11 Win Places
; Them in First Position
With Wichita a Close
Joplin, " Mo., July 18. Omaha
finally edged out in front in a rip
and tear game here today, which
put it in the lead of the Western
league. Pitchers were belted to all
cornen by both sides and the out
come was in doubt until the finish.
AB. R. II. TO.A.E.
(lltlason, 2b
Hane.v, tb . .
Leo. If
Lelivelt, lb
firirrin, rf ..
O'Brien, ef .
lawwy, u .
.ingle, ,,.
a t i s o
0 o
t o
4 11
1 s
ft 4
2 8
1 0
0 0
Mead, p
Davenport, 2: oft Okrlr, 2; oft filaiser, Si
Okrie, p 0 0 0 0 0
Cllalaer, , 1 0 0 0 0 0
Total' ST It IS HI 8 J
AH. R.H. 1'O.A.E,
Chrltrnn, rf 4 1 4 2 0 1
XC. William. If 1 0 0.2 0 0
MamiUou, 3b S i 4 0
Mueller. f A 1 1 4 0 0
f !'. lb 8 1 8 1 0 I
Robert wi, us.,, ,5 ft 1 1 1 I
Krucger. 2b a 1 t 8 4
. Williams, If-cf 4 0 I 1 0 0
W. Smith, e 4 1 I 1 1 0
Berger, p t 1 0 0 t 0
Doyle, 9 . a t I o o o
xDuno . , 0 1 0 0 0 U
xDunn hotted for f lirlnt-scn In 7th.
XC. Williams run for Dunn In It li.
Omaha . ., 0 1116011 01!
Joplin 0 8 0 0 1 8 0 0 II
Summary Two-base lilts i Cnily, Krueg
$r. Three-base IiIIhi Lellvrlt, tirlffln,
fnsaey. Prrlflr hllst tiinlason Ci),
Haney, Griffin, O'Brien, Mueller. II. Wil
liam. Hum an hnllm Off Mead, 1) uff
Davenport, 2; off Okrie. 8; olf C.iuner, Si
ff Merger, S; off Doyle, 8, Earned rum
nil hitm Off Mead, 4 and S la S 1-8 In
ning i off Davenport, 4 and V Iq 8 In
nlngsi off 'Okrle, 2 nnd nana with no
out i off rilnlxer, none and one In 2 1-S
innlnga; off Merger, and 8 in 8 1-8 In
Kings; off Doyle, Sand 8 In I (.8 In.
nine. Left on banes! oma:m. 0; Joplin,
10. Double play: Glnlaeon to Lelivelt.
Stolen haiftl O'Brien, (ilslason, Chris
ten.en . Timet t:iS. Umpires: Guthrie
and Holmes.
i . i i .
Organize New Ball
League In Dakota
Season Will Open July 20 and
CIo6e in September Eight
Teams in Loop.
Sioux "Falls, S. D., July 18.
(Special.) -The Southeastern South
Dakota Base Ball league, which has
just been organized, promises to be
one of the most successful of the
.jifc t. leagues of South Dakota and
me nonnwcsi. ine season ior me
league will open July 20, A 14-gamc
schedule will be played. I he season
will close in September.
It is proposed to play two games
' each week on Wednesdays and
Sundays and to divide the receipts
60 and 40 per cent, the (30 per cent
going to the home team. It also i3
planned to play home men if pos
sible, with provision that a battery
may be hired at a salary of not to
exceed $250 per month. The idea is
to make it a clean game, played for
real sport. ;
Teams from Lennox, Hurley, Vi
borg, Parker, Marion, Irene, Center
ville and Wakonda will have places
in the league,
Centerville, especially, has a great
tjeal of first-class base ball material,
and it is expected the city will place
a strong team in the field. The other
towns which have been given places
in the league are also said to have
good supplies of base ball materia,
so good teams will be placed in the
field and good games will be wit
nessed during the remainder of the
season,' with keen competition be
tween the teams of the various towns
for the capture of the league pen
nant. '
: All the teams will have good
backing and the league is expected
to be one of the strongest financially
in the state or northwest.
Boxihg Resumed in
; St: Louis 12 Rounds
St. ioiili, July 18. Boxing will
be resumed here under direct super
vision of the police department, and
bouts will be allowed to go 12 in
stead of eight rounds.
A boxing committee has been ap
pointed by the board of police com
missioners. It announces no farce
matches will be permitted. Under
rules adopted names of the principals
must be supplied the commission
two weeks in advance of a bout.
Referees and physicians will be ap
pointed , by the committee, and it
boxers are not in perfect physical
condition they will not be aiiowea to
1 ,4jjerf
ive per cent of the receipts will
be doWted to public recreation
grounds In the congested district
May Stage Legion
X- Tennis Tournament
;- i, .
St. Louis, July 18. A movement
for an annual national tennis tourn
aroent for members of the American
Lesion Has been started here.
. Sentiment favoring the proposal
developed following the . St, Louis
legion tournament recently,
This was believed by its promoters
to be the first of its kind. It waa
sanctioned , by the United States
Lawn Tennis association.
Miss Ryan Wins Irish
Lawn Tennis Championship
Dublin, July 18. Miss Eliaabeth
Ryan of California retained the Irish
ladies lawn tennis championship by
defeating Miss Wallis, Saturday in
the final of the title.
The score was 6-2; 6-4.
One of the oddest insurance poli
cies on record was that of a man
.who insured,, himself at Lloyds
against tne coisequences oi laying
jriolent hands Tbn his mother-in-law.
W.L.Pet. W.L.Pet.
OMAHA 8S S7 .BBS Sioux City 41 41 .4(1
Wichita 61 S7 .690 Joplin 40 47 .440
Okla. City 4l 40.661IDes Mo'.nea 40 4 .440
St, Joseph 47 41 .HiiTuiaa , a ta ,
Yesterday' Ilesvlta,
Omaha, lit Joplin, 11.
Tulea. I; Sioux City, 4.
Oklahoma City. I: Dm Molnet, I.
lit. JoMpb, Si Wichita, I.
Today's Game.
Omaha at Joplin.
Pea Molnet at Oklahoma City.
Sioux City at TuUa, '
St. Joseph at Wichita.
Pittsburgh SI 19 .461 St. Louis
Naw York il ID .IlllChlcego
Boston 47 31 .lllClnelnnatl
Brooklyn 4J 41 .luOiPhlla'phla
1 41 .444
II 10 .310
Yesterday's Result,
New York, 11; Pltteburgh, 1.
Chloago, ; Brooklyn, 1.
Cincinnati, 9-1; Philadelphia. M.
Boaton, 14; St. Louis, I.
Today's Games.
St. Loula at Boaton.
Cincinnati at Philadelphia.
Chicago at Brooklyn.
Pltteburgh. at Maw York.
W.L.Pet.l W.L.Pet,
Cleveland II 31 .6401 Boaton
New York S3 31 ,S9l!8t. Loula
Waahlng'n 47 44 .IlllChloago
Detroit 41 46 .477li'hila'phla
Yesterday's Results,
Chicago, 1.4 ; Boaton. 4-1.
New York, 10; Detroit, J.
Cleveland, 3; Washington, 2.
pt. Louis, 4; Philadelphia, 1.
Today's fiamee,
Philadelphia at Rt. Loula.
Washington at Cleveland,
New York at Petrolt.
Boston at Chicago.
39 41 .411
II 41.441
13 41.143
31 (2. ill
Pet. I
Lou avl el
II 31.111 Ind'apolll
Mln apolla if 40 .541 Toledo
41 41 .411
38 60 .432
Milwaukee 47 41 .634lSt. Paul
Kan. City 44 42 .612 Columbus
Yesterday's Results.
Milwaukee, I; Indlanapolia, f,
Columbus, l Mlnneapolla, I.
Kanaaa City, 7i I.oulavllle, t.
Toledo, ; St. Paul, I.
Today's Games.
Columbus at Minneapolis,
Toledo at St. Paul.
Louisville at Kansas City,
Indlanapolia at Milwaukee.
33 10.431
Knepper Defaults
To St. Paul Golfer
. j . t, i iq w4j v
Chicaeo, July 18. Ruddy E.
Knenoer of Siouk Citv. runner-uo to
Charles Evans, jr., in the final of
-l -Ti-. r?: :' .u. fi-.i
the western amateur golf champion
ship, defaulted to H. E. Tohnson of
St. Paul after being tied tor the
medal prize, Knepper was worn out
after his strenuous week, it was
Tenneaaee Rata, 9; Brule, 7, -
Blksorlng, Nob., July 11. (Special Tele
gram.) In a fast game at Brule the Ten
nessee Rata beat th . Brule ball team,
S to 7. ... .
. .! . m - M 11, m
Charter Oak, la., July 11. (Special Tel
egram.) Charter Oak defeated Manilla on
local grounds here by the score of I tp 5.
pitching for Charter Oak. He struck out
17 men. Batterlea, Charter Oak, Selvlk
i Franklin, 8. -j-
Franklin, Neb., July H (Special.)
Franklin lost a fast 13-lnnlng game ot
ball at Senter park. I to . Until tne
first half of the ninth Inning Alma waa
shut out. Alma put the winning run
over in the 13th. C. Pauaia at aeeand
for Franklin made one spectacular catch,
R. Moffatt for Franklin alao jnada a
wonderful one-handed catch, of a foul
near the third-base line, , ,
Nebraska City, 12 j Lincoln, .
Nebraska City. Neb.. July II. (Special
Telegram.) Nebraska City defeated the
Armstrong Clothing company here by the
score of 12 to 2. Three Lincoln pitchers
were nleked for 18 hits, seven of them
were made by Orlffln of Nabraaka City,
Batteries, Lincoln, Brehnera, Oraves,
Lamb and Slpe; Nebraska City, Orlffln
and Dennlson.
Clarke. ISt York. 0.
Clarka, Neb., July 18. (Special Tele
gram.) Clarka defeated York at Clarks,
12 to 0, Knawlee for Clarka pitched hia
second no-hit no-run game of the sea
son, striking out . 17 men. Batteries;
Clarks, Knowlea and Badura; York,
Wagner. Thompson, McKenile and
Trenton, Si MeCeak, 1.
Trenton, Neb., July 11. (Special Tele
gram.) Trenton defeated McCoolt Sunday
at McCoolc by the score of 8 to 1, The
X. H. E.
Trenton 1 0999019 T II S
McCook ........9 9 9 0 0 1 9 9 01 2
- Batteries: Trenton, Batley and Ander
son; McCook, Skupa, Kerna and Strong.
Struck out: 3y Bailey, IT; by Skupa, II;
by Kerns, . Umpires: Irwin and Wal
ters, Madison, Tj Platte Center, 4.
Madison, Neb., Tuly II. (Special Tele
gram.) Madison defeated Platte Center,
7 to 4, Sunday In the Trl-County league.
Batteries: Madison, A. Wehrle and fcjeely;
Platte Center, Hill and Goertng. Hits:
Off Wehrle, 1; off Hill, 4. Struck eut:
By Wehrie, I; by Hill, 12.
Cornlea defeated Humphrey at Cornlea,
I to 9. Newman Orove defeated Lindsay,
at Newman Grove, 7 to 6. Creston de
feated Leigh at Leigh, 2 to I,
Columbus, Si St. Kdward, 4.
Columbus, Neb., July 18. (Special Tele
gram.) uoiumoua aereatea ot. jsawara in
an interesting game, s to 4. Batteries;
Columbus, Boettcher and Smagecs; St, Ed
ward, Kite and f isher. Hits: Columbus,
,1. ...... - , . Wi. . Q,AJ. a.
, . , inuiii fills, titnnnitM, 9, vhuib,
3. Struck out: By Boettcher, S; by Kite,
10. Columbus plays Fullarton next Sun
Exeter, 18 1 Brunlng. S.
Exeter. Neb., July 18. (Special Tele
gram.) Exeter added another game to
its string ot victories by defeating the
Bruning aggregation, II to 3, en the
Brunlng diamond. The Xxeter eluggera
fattened their batting averages by col
lecting a total of 21 hits off the Brunlng
hurlers. The team'a average up to thla
game, .214. The game acheduled here for
Wedneaday with Geneva has been can
celled and Exeter playt at York en thla
date. The acorei
Exeter 0 1 4 9 1 9 8 4 011 11 1
Brunlng 1 999991108 T 2
Batteries: Hamilton and Sowers; Hanks
and Shulte. Struck out: By Hamilton, 10;
by Hanks, S.
Shenandoah, 6; Hamburg, 4.
Shenandoah, la., July II. (Special Tale
gram.) In a sensational ball game where
errora were few, hlta were evenly bal
anced and two nlnea of exceptionally
good teral-profetaional player held down
the diamond, 'Shenandoah defeated Ham
burg, I te i Both teama have now won
two gamea and a championship aerie 1
being arranged.
Genera. 7i Ohlowa. S.
Geneva.- Neb., July IS. (Special.) I
Geneva took victory, No, is, from Ohlowa
here. S to T. Ohiowa took the lead In
tne second inning wnan ueneva regiaierea 1
cum,, viiuiv, ..I iu iuv.i. i,-1
in two run and Eller hit a homer with
one on. Bomeier, pitching for Ohlowa.
wa relieved In the fifth Inning by
Phelps, who held Oeneva to ene run In
four Innings.
Score by Innings - X. H. E.
Geneva ....... .1 0 0-4 1 0 8 1 07 I S
Ohiawa 0 1119 8 9 9 01 4 4
Batterlea Geneva. Eller and Tharp;
uniowa, uomeier, rneip ana t,roune.
Ohiowa and Oeneva meet at the Tobias I
plcnto July 17.
Glen wood, 4i Taker, t.
Glenwood, la., July IS. (Special. V
Gienwood broke It losing streak, and won
Sunday's ball game from Tabor, I te L
Tabor 1 9 9 9 9 9 9
9 I
Olenwoed ...9 8 9 9 8 9
Batterlr Tabor, Mann and
Glenwood, Shlley and Bishop.
9 e 4
Queen; I
Bambino Slams
Out His Lonsest
Homer of Year
"Babe" Ruth Drives Ball 560
Feet -Kine of Swat Collects
36th Home Run Yanks
Win, 10 to 1.
Detroit, July 18. "Babe" Ruth hit
his longest run of the season today,
.1.. U.
" " 7
Uk r.nt.r (MA fenra in tha aiffhth
i. , . .t.. vt v 1.
innini or a time mat i e w i pfk
won easilv. 10 to 1. The ball hit the
ground 560 feet from the home
.. , - - -
Kuth s former record for the season
was 460 feet, made at the polo
ffrounds. It was Ruth's 36th circuit
drive this year, and was made off
Loie. ine slugger scorea one run-
ner ahead of him.
Tewster, cf S 4 t 1 Bush, lb 4 0 11
Peck gh, aa
air' geteaq, aa
OiShorten, c 4
Ruth. If
Baker, lb
Mauael, rf
Pipp, lb
Ward. 2b
4lVeach, If 4
OIH'Imann, rf I
OlBlue, lb 3
1 1 Jones, lb 3
SlMarlon, o I
0 Ehmke, til
Sc-hangr, e
May, p
A at eT m
fcoie, p
3T II 17 14'xCobb
Totals 10
xCobb batted for Ehmko In Tth.
core by Innings:
New York ..2 1 2 0 0 S 0 t 010
Detroit 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 01
Summary Runa: Fewater. 2: Peckln-
paugh, 2; Ruth. 2; Baker, Pipp, Ward,
schang. veach. Jfirrorai reckingpagn,
Kuan, tiagateaa, z; Jones. Two-base hits
Veach. FlDD. Three.base hits: Meuael.
PioD. Home runa: Ruth. Pipp. Stolen
baaeal Baker, Pecklngpaugh. Maya. Dou.
Me plays: Plnn to PecklnKpaugh: Baker
to Ward to Pipp; Pecklngpaugh to Ward
to npp. Left on baaea: New York, 10:
Detroit, T. Flrat baae en ballet Off Maya,
i: on Ehmke. t: oft cole. 1. Hits: Off
ribmke. is in 7 innings; off cola, s in
MZm&riu&fci&&t0' N?gh, since it became a mem.
Browns, 4i Athletics, 8.
St. Louis. Mo., July 18. An error by
OailoWSy, a hit batsman, two passes and
three hits m the eighth Inning today,
vo uout tevr lau,e B1 a 4 to i
victory ever Philadelphia. Harris' wlp.
h?m streak of eight samea wa. broken,
philadelphia, I st. louis. .
witt. rf
1 1 OiOerber, as 3
1 3 llEllerbe. 3b 4
1 3 n)8ialer, lb 4
Dykes. 2b 4
Welch, lb 4
C.W ker, If 4
J.Wker, lb 4
0 i OiJacobson, ez 3
2 10 0 Severeld. o 3
1 3 llLamb, rf 4
2 0 Wetel. If S
1 0 llM'Ma'ui, 2b 3
1 0 SlVangll'er, p 2
0 0 0 Shocker, p 0
0 0 OlxWtlHama 0
10 0
Perkins, e 4
Dugan, 3b 4
Gal way, as 4
Harris, p z
Keefe, p S
xBraalll 1
xOriftlit 1
0 0 Ol Totals
28 s 27 14
Totals 17 11 14 111
xMyatt ran for Perkins in 8th,
xBrailll batted for Keefe In 9th.
xCirlffin batted for Dykes In th.
sWllllama batted for VangUder In 8th,
Seore by innings:
Philadelphia .......0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 02
St. Loula 0 0 9 9 9 0 0 4 X 4
Summary Runs: J. Walker, Oalloway,
Gerber, Wetzel, McManua, - Erroras Gallo
way, McManua. Two-base hits: J. Wal
ker. Galloway. Three-base hit: Ellerbe.
Sacrifice hit: Harris, Double plays: Ger
ber to severeld; oalloway to Liykes to
J, Walker. Left on bases; Philadelphia,
! St. Leuls. I. First base on balls: Off
Harris, S; off Keefe, 1. Hits: Off Van
gilder, I in I Innings; off Shocker, 2 In
1 inning; off Harris, a in 7 1-3 innings;
off Keefe, none In 1-3 inning. Hit by
pitched ball: By Harris. Williams.
Struck out: By Vangllder, 1; by Harris, I.
Winning pitcher: Vangllder. Losing plteh
er: Harris. Umpires: Wilson and Hilda"
brand. Time of game; 1:31.
Indiana, 8; Senaterg, t.
Cleveland. July IS. Cleveland defeated
Washington. S to 1. today, in a pitchers'
battle between Sothoron and Mo
and Mogrldge,
held Washln,.
The former was wild but
ton to six bit!,
Event, If 4 111
Judge, lb 4 9 10 01
Harris, lb I 1 I
Htan'aen. lb 4
Rice, cf 2 0 4
Smith, rf . 2 9 2
Miller, If 4 11
Shanks. 3b S 0 1
OlSpeaker.ef 4
11 Wood, rf S
OjGardner, 3b 4
4ISewell, sa 4
O'R'rke, ss 4 2 0
i Burns, lb
Plelnleh, e 2 12
Mogrl'ge, p 3 0 9
xMllan 10 9
xBrowtr i l o
Nuna'ker, e S
Sothoron, p s
Totalt 13 8 8T18
Total! 10 9 14 11
XMllan batten tor
Plelnleh In Ith.
xBrower batted for Mogridge in 9th,
Score by Innings:
Waahlngton 9 0 0 0 9 1 9 9 91
Cleveland 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 9 x 1
Summary Runa: Harris. Smith.
Stephenson, Bewail, Burnt. Errors: Harris,
Rice, O'Rourke, Sewell. Two-base hita:
Miller. Brower. Btenhenaon. Three-base
hit:. Sewell. Stolen baaea: Shanks, Harris,
Smith, Sacrifice hlta: Rice. 2; Wood.
Pouble playa: Evan to Nunamaker. Left
on batea: Washington. S; Cleveland. T.
First base on bails: off Sothoron, i. mt
by pitched ball: By Sothoron. Harris.
Struck out: By Sothoron, 2, Pasaed ball;
Plelnleh. Umplresi Owens and Evans,
Time ef game; "3:10.
White Sox, S-4 Bed Sox, 4-8.
Chicago, July It. Chicago took two
game from Boston today, winning, S to 4,
In 10 innings, and 4 to 3. Erratic play
ing gave the visiter an early lead in the
initial contest, but the White Sox won in
the 10th Inning when Jonea walked Me.
Clellan. forcing In the winning tally,
Hodge Bitched In great fcrm in the second
game. A ninth Inning batting rally by
the White Sox gave them the victory.
Flrat garnet ,
Lelbold, cf S I 2 Ol.Tohnion, sa S 2 2 I
Foster. 2b S
l s iiMurgan, at 5 i i s
1 1 0 E.Col'n. 2b S 2 3 1
3 10 l'Strunk. cf S 2 3 9
1 1 llFalk. If '62(9
1 S TISheely, lb 4 2 11 0
0 I OlM'Clell'n, rf 4 0 2 0
9 2 SlSchalk, c 4 111
1 1 OlKerr.p 4 10 1
J.Col'ns, rf 4
Mclnnts, lb S
Kuel, o s
Scott, a S
Plt'nger, If 4
Vitt, 3b 4
Jonee, p S
Total 49 10x29 141 Total 41 13 80 11
xTwo out when winning run scored.
Score by innings:
Boston 3 0 9 9 9 9 1 9 9 04
Chicago 0 19001929 1 S
Sumrf-- Runs: Lelbold. t: Foster,
Mclnniii 'nson, E. CqlrTtjs. Strunk, Falk,
Sheely. Error: E. CoTlt-v Bchalk, Kerr.
Two-ease hits: Sheely, t Collins. Three
base hit; Behalk, Joh a. Stolen baas:
Lelbold. Sacrifice hit: Jab Collins. Dou
ble play: E. Collins to Johnson. Left on
baaea: Boaton. 3; Chicago, I. Flrat baae
on balls: Off Kerr. 1: off Jonea, 2.
Struck out: By Kerr, 3; by Jonea, 1. Um-
pirea: uineen ana Aioriancy. rime ei
garnet 2:14.
SeCond game:
Lelbold. ef 4 9 0 OlJohnaon, a S 2 S I
Foater. 2b 4 1 9 4IMul'gan, 3b 4 1 1 1
J.Col'ns, rf 4 2 2 Ol E.Col'n. 3b S 9 4 9
Mclnnla, lb 1 1 19 UStrunk. cf 4 4 14
Walters, e 4 9 4 llFalk. If 2 12 9
Scott, a
4 2 S 2!Sheeir. lb 4 3 4 0
pit'oger. If 4 0 1
Vitt, 3 111
OlM'Clel'n, rr 4 01
OlYaryan, e 4 8 4 1
OlHodge. p 4 1 S I
1'vDavannort 9 0 9 9
Russell, p
9 9 0
Karr. n
Totals SI 7x14 101 Total! II IS 17 I
XNone out when winning run scored.
xRan for Taryan in Ith.
Seore by Innlnga;
Boston , .0 0 9 9 8 I 9 9 98
Chicago 8 1 9 9 9 9 9 9 14
Summary Runt: Foater. J. Collins. Mo
trin!, E. Colllna, Strunk, Taryan, Daven
port. Twe.bate hit: Taryan. Three-base
hit: 3, Collins. Home run: Strunk. Sae-
rifle hlti Falk. Double Blayai Scott (un
assisted); Walters to Scott; Melnntt to
Scott. Left on bases: Boston, 4; Chicago,
9. Flrat bat on balls: Off Russell, 1; off
Hodge. 1. Hit: Off Russell, S In 1 In
ning (none eut In second Inning); off
Karr, 19 In 7 Innlnga (none out in ninth
Inning). Struck out: By Hodge. 2; by
Karr, S. Lealng pitcher; Karr, Umpires
Mortality and Dlneen. Time ef gam
Attorney a Learn to
Pronounce Cicotte
In Base Ball Trial
Chicago, July 17, At least one
point has been already settled in the
base ball trial. That is the proper
way to pronounce the name of Eddie
Cicotte, former White Sox player
ana one pi ine ocicnuants.
The matter came up during an ar
guiucni in coun over wic cunrcssions
Cicotte, Jackson and Williams made
to the grand jury last fall at the
time ol their indictment.
James C. O'Brien, defense attor
ney in arguing a point, referred to
'V"' .... ......
f "r
ney, in supporting Mr. U'Brien, pro-
I mn..mA tk. tm., WlUXi Cnv
1 . I'C. Vt.. " name j-ivuuj.
. HenI7 Berger also, of counsel for
I U ATa..A A iM a U
That was too much for the little
pitcher. Arising, he said to Judge
,.r .' I1P . . . Ift
wouid vou Dcage have it entered in
the court record that my name is
Edward V. Cicotte, pronounced
Ssee-Kott, with the accent on the
"Let It be so entered, said Judge
Friend to his clerk after the laughter
had subsided.
Neligh Race Meet
biarts Wednesday
Six Events Will Be on Pro'
gram Each Afternoon for t
Three Days.
Neligh, Neb., July 18. (Special.)
The second annual running race
Der ot tne icnrasKA-soutn vaKoia
circuit, will be held in this city at
Riverside park next Wednesday,
ThurHav and Fridav. ReDOrts com
. , f ,. . .i..u
ing from Other towns on the circuit
are to tne ettecttnat tne norses nave
r w j .u. tL.
""en '"'WW'"
norsemen nerc are sausuqa mai ?cv-
eral track records will be broken
from the fact that the track at River
side park is in far better condition
and a great deal faster than, any
race course on the circuit.
In addition to the horses that have
been at Bassett and O'Neill, ' two
ear load arrived here last night from
Cheyenne. All available stable room
at the oark has been taken and
private barns" throughout the town
are being thrown open tor the visit
ing horsemen. Last year the races
were held tour days, but tnis year
the entire event will be crowded into
three davs. six races each afternoon,
with an additional ball game for each
i ri t t - i . , ' i ' 1 1
aav. ine wciiEn icuiun team win
play each afternoon for a purse of
$100. The first day will be with
Koyal. second day lilden. and tnird
day Uakdale.
The entire meet this year is helc
under the auspices of the Chamber
of Commerce co-operated in by the
members of the American; Legion,
who will have exclusive charge of
the entire police force of the park
and the city, both day and night
throughout the three days. They
also will have charge of the dance
each evening at the Auditorium.
w-. np O,
J,jfty gjjg
Enter Tourney to Be
Held at Fort Dodge
Fort Dodge. Ia., July 18. Fifty of
the leading tennis players of the state
renrntinc rlnhs at Ames. Charles
-.j.uu t..Z- 't
Forest City, Osage, Kamrar, Eagle
Grove. Sioux City and Des Moines,
have entered the annual Northwest
ern Iowa tennis tournament which is
to be held here next week.
Scratch English Autos
From Grand Prix Race
Paris. July 18. The scratching of
seven English cars from the brand
Prix of the Automobile club ot
France to be run at Le Mans, July
25, leaves only American and trench
entrants for the contest. Four
Duesendorf cars, one Mathis and
four Ballots are entered.
Where Amateurs Play
L i i
Thirty-second and Dewey Avenue,
8 P. M. Clifton Hill Preaby agalnat
Grace Lutherans.
4 P. M Swift 6 Co. agalnat U. V.
Family League,
Blvervlew Park,
2 P. M. Bemlt Bag Co. against M. B.
Smith A Co.
4 P. M. Northwestern Ball Telephone
Co. against Western Electrics.
Miller Park,
9 r. M. Wrtght-Wllhelmy against
Omaha National Bank.
4 P. M. Federal Reserve agalnat Oma
ha National Bank.
Fontenelle Park.
J P. M. W. O. W. agalnat Nebraska
Tire 4 Rubber Co.
4 P. M. U. P. Freight Aud. against
Flrat National Bank,
Thlrty-flnt and Ames Avenue.
t P. M. First Chrlitlans agalnat Hant
eom Park M. E.
4 P. M. Flrtt rresby against Pearl
M. B,
Carter Lake.
2 P. M. Castelar Preaby against Flrtt
Ty E . .
" 4 P. M. Flrtt Preaby agatntt Pearl
M. E.
Armour Field.
4 P. M. Armours agalnat Klrtchbraun
Thirty-second and Dewey Avenue.
1:30 P. M. South Side Merchant
(gainst Colfax Club.
2:30 P. M. Townsend Gun Co. against
Bowta Furniture Co,
Rlverview Park.
1:10 P. M. Christ Child Center against
Brodegaard Crown. -1:10
P. M. Knitht of Columbut
agalnat Srtve-It-Yourself Co.
Miller Park.
1:19 P. M Hodge Electric agalntt
Marquette Club.
2:30 P. M. Rlgga Optical Co. agalntt
North Omaha Booster.
Fontenelle Park.
1:39 P. M. W. O. W. Booster against
Dold Packing Co, (Double-header.) .
Carter Lake.
1:30 P. M. American Railway Express
against Carter Lake Club. (Double-
East Eltnwood,
1:2 P. M Bis- H Hardware Co.
agalnatf . McKsncey. Statist. (Double-
Giants Pound
Pirate Hurlers
Hard, Win 12-1
New York Sluggers Score
Eight Runs in Fourth In
ning Reds Capture Two
New York, July 18. The New
York Nationals scored their second
crushing victory over Pittsburgh in
the present series, winning today, 12
to 1. The Giants scored eight runs
in the fourth inning, when two pitch
ing youngsters, Morrison and
Glasner, were batted hard, Score:
AU.Ji. U.A.I
Blgbee, If 4
Carey, ef 2
Rohwer, cf 1
M'nvllle. as 4
0 Burns. If
2 0
3 I
OiBano'ft, at
OlBerry, 2b
4 Frlsch, lb
llYoung, rf
llStengel. rf
0 0
1 0
0 2
9 9
1 1
2 S
1 S
0 2
1 9
Cuta'w, tb . 2
Tlerney, tb 2
Whltted, rf S
OiKeny. IB
B'hardt. 8b 3
Walker, e 4
Grimm, lb 3
Schm'.dt, c 2
Warwick, e 1
Mor'lson, p I
Glasner, p 1
Rader, p 1
1 11
R'nga, Sb-ss 4
0 3
0 0
0 0
0 1
Smith, a
Gaston, o
went, p
Totals 11 II 17 11
Total SO 12114
Score by innings:
Pittsburgh 0091000901
New York 0 9 2 S I 0 0 0 x 11
Summary Runs: Carey. Burns. I; Ban
croft, Younr. Kelly, Walker, Rawllnga, 2;
Smith. 2: Nehf. Errors: Warwlok. Glas
ner, Bancroft. Two-base hit) Bancroft.
Three-base hit: Bums. Home run: Raw
llnga Stolen bases: Frlsoh, Burns, Maran-
villa, 8a orifice hits; Bancroft. Nenr,
Young. Double playa: Friaeh to Rawllnga
to Kelly) Frlmm to Maranville te Grimm;
Bancroft to Kelly; Bancroft te Rawllnga
to Kelly, 2. Left on baaea: New zone,
4; Pittsburgh, I. Flrat baae en balls:
Off Nehf, 11 of Morrison, 4! off Glas
ner. 1. Hits: Off Morrison, s in S in
nings (none out In fourth); off Olaanar,
In s lnninm: off Rader. s in innings.
Hit by pitched ball: By Gleaner, Burne.
Struck eut; By Nehf, 4) by Morrison. I;
by Glasner, .' Losing pitcher: Morrison.
Umpires: Qtiigley and Brennan, Time ot
game: 1:53.
JUde, 0-8 1 Phillies, 8-5,
Philadelphia. July II. Cincinnati took
two gamaa from Philadelphia today by
the aame score, I to I, Peter Donohue,
recruit from Texaa. relieved Marauara
In the flrat Inning of the first fame after
the Philllei had scored rour runa ana
held the home team to four scattered
hits. Eller was the winning pitcher In
the second game though he was taken
from the box in the aeventh inning when
the Phillies staged g brief rally, Score;.
First game:
Neale, rf 4 2 1 OlRapp. 3b 4 111
Bohne, lb
Groh, Jb
t 1
1 0
1 I
3 1
0 14
0 3
0 0
1 0
3, J.Smith, lb 4
9 1
9 0
1 1
3 1
1 14
0 I
1 8
0 4
9 0
9 9
xWrl'tatone 1
Ktng. If S
Meuael, rf 1
Kon'chy, lb 4
Williams, cf 4
R. Miller, aa 4
Bruggy, c 3
King. D 3
Kopf, 3 b
Rousch, cf
Daub't. lb
Duncan, if
Wingo, e
Harg ve, c
Crane, a
Marq'rd, p
Donahue, p
9 OlxLeb'rveau 1
, Total
34 8 27 13
Total 31 11 27 14!
xLebourveau batted for Ring in 9th,
xWrlghtatona batted for J, Smith in Ith-
Score by Innlnga:
Cincinnati 8 9 1 9 9 8 1 9 28
Philadelphia ..,...',.4 1 0 0 0 0 8 0 0 S
Summary Runs: Neale, 2; Bohne,
Groh, Kopf, Rousch, 2; Crane, Donahue,
Rapp, Si King, Meuael, Konatchy, Er
ror: Groh, King. Two-base hita: Oroh.
Rouach, Neale, 2; Ktng, 2; Meusel. Home
run: Konetchy. Stolen baaea: Rapp. 2;
R. Miller. Rousch. Sacrifice hlta; Dau
bcrt. Donahue, Neale. Double play: Brug
gy to Konetchy to R. Miller. Left on
baae: Cincinnati, 4; Philadelphia, . Flrat
baae on balls: Off Donahue, 2; off Ring,
6. Hits: Off Marquard, 4 In 1-2 inning;
off Donahue, 4 In I 28 innlnga. Struek
out: By Marquard, 1: by Donahue, 4;
by Ring, 3. Paased ball:' Bruggy. Winning
pitcher: Donahue. Umpires: Moran and
niglar, Time of gamt; 1:31.
Second game: I
AB.H.O.A.) AB.H.O.A.
Neale, rf 3 3 0 0" pp, 3b 4 13
Bohne. lb
Kopf, 3b
Roush, ef
Daub't, lb
Duncan, If
Harg've, o
Crane, a
Eller, p
Coumbe, p
Total :
1 l . e .iionroe, p
?0 llxBruggy 1
1 (I' King. If I
2 14 DIMeuael, rf 2
2 4 OILeb.veau, rf 2
1 4 llKon'chy, lb 8
1 1 llWllliamt, cf 8
1 0 llPark'son, it 4
0 0 1' Peters, c 4
iB'mg'tn'r. o 1
17 11 17 H'Sedgwick, p 3
Totals 36 27 11
xBruggy patted for Monroe In 8th.
Score bv Innlnca:
Cincinnati 9 1070009 09
Philadelphia 0 0 0 0 1 0 4 0 05
Summary Runa: Neale, Bohne, Rouaoh,
Daubtrt, Duncan, 2: Hargrave, Crane,
Eller. Monroe. King. Lebourveau. Wll
llama. Peters. Errora: Eller, Rapp, King,
Meuael, Two-base hitB: Duncan, Har
grave, Rousch, Baumgardner, Konetchy.
Three-base hit: Daubert Home run
Peter. Stolen baaea: Duncan, I. Sacrifice
hit: Neale. Left on btaea: Cincinnati, ;
Philadelphia, 7. First baae on balls: Off
Baumgartner, 4: off Sedgwick, 2; off El
ler, 3. Hits: Off Baumgartner, 2 In 3 1-2
Innlnga: off Sedgwick. 3 In 8 2-2 Innlnga
off Eller. 9 In 9 2-2 Innlnga; off Combe,
none In 2 1-3 innlnga, Struck cut: By ei
ler, 1) by Sedgwick, 2. Winning pitcher
Eller. Losing pitcher: Baumgartner. Urn,
plrea; Moran and Rlgler. Tim of game:
Cnbt, 8; Robins, 1.
Brooklyn. July 18. Chicago made it
three out of four from Brooklyn by win
ning today, 8 to 1. Ponder allowed the
Supperhaa 11 hit but wa aavtd by
enarp fielding.
Flack. rf
0 Olson, sa 12 2
Hol'her. st
Terry, lb
4 Johns'n, 3b 8 8 0 3
4'(lrlffith, rf 3
11 Wheat, If 4
01 Myers, cf 4
0'8'mandt, lb 4
0 8
Grimes, lb
1 0
0 2
9 IS
8 1
1 8
9 9
1 0
Kel'her. lb
Barber. If
Malsel, cf
Deal, lb
Daly, e
Ponder, p
Kllduff, 3b
Miller, o
Ruether. p
Mitchell, p
Totals 35 13 17 14
Score bv innlnes:
Totalt 3T 11 37 17
Chicago 1 0 1 9 4 1 9 0 11
Brooklyn 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 9 01
Summary Runs: Flack. 2: Hollocher,
2; Terry, Grimes, Kelleher, Barber, Ol
son. Two-bast hits: Terry, I. Home run
Barber. Stolen bases: Johnson, Flack.
Sacrifice hits: Terry,-Deal, Barber. Dou
ble elava: Terry to Hollocher to Grimes
Deal to Terry to Grimes; Deal to Orames;
Kllduff to Olson to Schmandt. Left on
bases: Chicago. 10: Brooklyn, 10. First
bass on balls: Off Reuther, 4; off
Mitchell, 2; off Ponder. 1. Hits: Off
Reuther. 5 In 6 Innlnga; off Mitchell, 7
In 4 Innlnga. Hit by pitched ball: By
Reuther. Crimea. Struck out: By Reuther,
2; by Ponder. 1. Winning pitcher: Pon
der. Losing pitcher: Reuther. Umpirea:
Klem and Emslle. Time of game: 1;W.
Brave, 14 1 Cardinal. 8.
Boston. Jul 18: Boston defeated St
Louis. 14 to 8. in a slugging match to
day. Hornaby and JlcIIenry each made
a noma run.
Smith, rf
6 13 0 Powell, cf 4 129
He cote, ci i
1 1
1 4
1 0
V Barbara, aa
OlS'worth, rf
Stock, 8b 4
Horn'by, 2b 6
F'rnler. lb 6
4iCrulae, If
Boeckel, 3b
Holke. lb
M'Henry. If 4
3 1
Lavan, aa I I I I
Ford, 2b
Dllhnefer, O 4 0 I 2
Walker, p 0 0 0 0
Bailey, p 19 9 3
3lbson, e
Scott, p
ruiingim, p
Pertica, p- 0 0 0 0
norm, p o e d
Totals ' 40 18 27 11
Riviere, n 0 9 0 0
xShotton .10 0 0
xSchult 9 9 9 9
Totals ' SI 11 14 14
xShotton hatted ror pertica in am.
xSchult batted for North In 8th.
Score by Innlnga: '
St Louis I 901100899
Boaton 2 9 9 8 9 0 2 2 x 14
Summary Runt: Smith, Stock, Horna
by, Foumler, I; McHenry, I; La van,
Powell, 2; Barbare, 2; Southworth,
Cruise. 2; Boeckel. Holke, 2; Ford, Gib
son, Flllinglm. Two-base hits: uarcare.
Cruise, Three-btse hits: Ford, l-avan.
Home runs: Hornaby, McHanry. Stolen
baaea: Fournler. Boeckel. Sacrifice hlta:
1 Schults, Ford. Left on baaea Sb Louie,
Pirates Playing Best Brand of
Base Ball in Both Leagues;
Deserve to Win Cheesecloth
'The Pirates," one is informed, "are playing over their heads."
All of which is a southpsw concession from the opposition that they'll
brceje along to the October wire far in front of the National league pack.
(CopyrtfM, 1111, by Xlaf
Any time that the enemy folks
doubt a team's legitimate leadership
with an "over-their-heads" expres
sion the statement can be tossed
into the junk heap. For, when
club has scooted along for three solid
months, displaying the beit base bat
in either circuit, it's no spurt; it's
real merit, sheer power asserting
Back in August, 1914, when the
Braves, lofting themselves from tne
July cellar, crashed through toward
the too the skeptics declared:
They're playing over their
Play Over All Heads.
Possibly the Braves were playing
over their own heads, but they also
played over the heads of everything
on the older league. They whirled
through to the championship in Oc
tober and climaxed the years
achievement by crushing the Athlet
ics in four straight.
A year later the one-time lowly
Phillies rose up, kicked their rivals
hither and von with reckless anan
don, but remarkably ' crumpled and
flattened precision. Whereupon, the
heretics veiled:
"They're playing over their
heads." .
The Phillies won.
In 1916, when the Dodgers tgot
awsy to a good start, increased t as
time flitted onward, the .chorus
from the other towns was
"They're olavinsr over their
heads." '
Th Doricerg won.
None but careful students of the
game took thp early work of the
1010 Reds seriously. Most everyone
else thought it was just a spurt; that
the men of Pat Moran were play
ing over their heads." Yet they be-
t -1 ' - -UnMn,'nHo in Cntnr
came wutiu tiiannwum
Whenever a base ball club which
dopsn't "done" out in the spring as
a pennant certainty, flashes brilliant
base ball into July or August, tne
form students become puzzled. They
rarely will concede they erred in
judgment in not naming that club as
the pacemaker and probably the
winner of the race. They explain
it all with
"They're playing over their heads.
- t , Play Superlative Ball.
If history repeats in the case of
the Pirates, they surely will win the
slab of cheesecloth. For never has a
team failed to win a pennant which
Jury Indulges in First "Inning"
- Of Trial of n Former White Sox
Charged With 'Throwing" Series
Chicago, July 18. After two
weeks warming up, during which
nearly 600 men were examined irj an
effort to select a jury, defense and
prosecution today indulged in the
first "inning" of the trial of seven
former White Sox players and four
alleged gamblers charged with a
conspiracy to permit Cincinnati to
win the 1919 world series from Chi
cago. There were indications that the 12
umpires in the jury box may be
asked to decide merely whether such
a conspiracy as the state charges
was against Illinois laws rather than
if such a conspiracy actually existed.
The defense planned to inject
into the trial the feud between Pres
Pirates and Indians Confronted
By Difficult Games This Week
New York, July 18. A difficult
week confronts both the .Pittsburgh
National league leaders and the
Cleveland American world cham
pions. The Pirates are striving hard
to beat off New York, which is
three games behind, while Boston,
their next opponent, is coming after
them at hinh sneed. The Indian
and the New. York Yankees, who
are beginning to edge away from
the other American clubs, start bat
tle Wednesday for the top position.
In the National league. Pitts-
ourgn has tailed to set the same
pace as on "its previous eastern in
vasion. Cooper, the Pirates . star
pitcher, disposed of Brooklyn and
Philadelphia, but was batted out by
New York.
In the American leasrue. Cleve
land and New York are the onlv
team that have n laved ivinnlnir Kail
. .u- i,.vu .:: r.; 'j. :v:c:: s. i: :
in im. hum km, aiiuuug" me
8; Botton. I. First base on balls: -Off
waiKer, t : on iialley, i; off Fill nglm. 3.
Hits: Off Walker. 2 in 1-3 Innlnsr: off
.Danny, , ,n 4 innings; on f-snica, I in
i z-3 innlnga; on North, 2 in 2 Innlnga
off Riviere. 8 In 1 Innlna-a: eff Scott. I
in z-l inning; off Flllinglm, 8 In 81-8
Inning. Struck outt By Pertica, 1; by
bcoh. i: oy nuinaim. x. wild nitei.
Walker. 1; Bailey, 1, Winning pitcher
Flllinglm. Loelng pitcher: Bailey. Um
pires: McCormick and Hart. Time of
game; l:ot.
American Association
Kanaat City. Mo.. July 18. R. H. 85.
Leulnvllle 8 IS 8
Kanaaa City 7 16 1
Batterlea: Koob, Eatell. Bandera and
Merer: Fuhr. Horttman. Lambert and
St. Paul, Mlnn July 18.
(Ten innlnga) ' . R. H. S.
Toledo , 8 9 1
St. Paul 8 19 1
Batteries: McCullough. Wright and
Schauffel; Wllllama and Allen, McMen-
emy. v
Mlnneapolla. Minn.. July 11. R.H.K.
Columbu 18 IT 1
Mlnneapolla 8 8 1
Batterlea: Panrortn ana roiaom; hod-
ertton and Mayer,
rt. H.
Indlanapolia 8 11 2
Milwaukee 9 13 3
Batteries l Petty ana Plxon: wngrei ana
Clark. : ., . - - -
Features Syadteate, Ine )
was accused for months with "play
ing over their heads."
A tudy of the Pirates' doings so
far this year convinces that they are
"playing over their heads" but the
heads are not their own. They are
playing over the heads of critics and
rival clubs playing superlative base
And they show no signs of slip
ping from the heights they have
gained through their wonderful
Any ball club with a sireatle lead
like the Pirates now enjoy, plus the
confidence that comes with each new
victory, plus mechanical skill, with
which the Pirate roster is richly en
dowed, is practically unbeatable in a
battle which already is half over.
When a club possessed of known
staying qualities grabs a big lead
over its rivals, and then has only
one in-and-out club to beat, it's task
is simplified. For early success
breeds a newer fighting spirit and
gives to it an impetus that usually
sweeps it on beyond all opposition.
Misfortune injury to one of the
stars, a suspension, or some unfore
seen accident may come to the
Pirates and not only halt them in
the forward dash, but toss them back
to defeat. But, with the "breaks" of
the game even all around, the safe
plunge now is Pittsburg to win.
Maranville Stars.
Rabbit'' Maranville is responsible
in a large measure for the wonder-
ful game the Pirates have played all
through the year. The peppery
battling midget supplied to the club
on the field the final ingredient need
ed to lift them from the ordinary to
greatness. And the cheenness of the
little fellow off the field, his bouyant
good nature, made of the Pirates a
happy harmonious family.
As the season began, there was a
tendancy to underrate the Pirate
youngsters. Barnhart, Bigbce and
Bnmm may not have been among the
truly greats a year ago. But in the
time since then they have improved
with companionship of Maranville,
Carey and Robertson, to a point
where they are 50 per cent greater
than in 1920. And that's the improve
ment they'll carry along .with them
all through the year: the added
power, the added finesse, which
coupled with the greatness of the
"Rabbit," of Carey, . Robertson,
Cooper, Adams and the others
promise to sweep the Pirates along
irresistibly to the October crest of
base ball world.
ident Ban Johnson of the American
league and Charles A. Comiskey of
the Chicago American League club
in an effort to show Johnson insti
gated the investigation to block
Comiskey's chances cf. winning an
other pennant. , "
The . list of seven former White
Sox players and four alleged gam
blers who went on trial today fol
lows: Edward "Eddie" Cicotte, pitcher;
Claude "Lefty" Williams, pitcher;
George. "Buck" Weaver, third base
man; Charles . "Swede" Risberg,
shortstop; Arnold "Chick" Gandil,
first bsseman; Joseph "Joe" Jackson,
outfielder; Oscar "Happy" Felsch,
outfielder; Carl Zork, Louis and Ben
Levy and David Zelser. 4
Indians have not batted effectively
in the past few days. Both teams
displayed some first-class pitching
last week.
Washington and Detroit have been
unable to keep step with the other
first division teams. Both the Sen
ators and- Tigers fielded rather er-
raticallly recently.
National League.
P. W. L. R.
t I I 21
6 36 37
New York ... 8
Boaton 7
Brooklyn ... 7
St. Louis .... 8
Chicago 8
Cincinnati ... 8
Philadelphia.. 8
American League.
P. W. L. R. H.
Cleveland ,
New Tork .
St. Louis , ,
6 76 20
Chicago .... t 3
Philadelphia.. T 2
Mike Gbbons to
M . T-i . . rs
Meet Kattner ooon
St. Paul. Minn., July 18. Mike
Gibbons, St. Paul middleweight
boxer, and Mike Collins, his man
ager, plan to leave tomorrow for
New York, where Gibbons will
meet Augie Rattner on July 25 in a
Id-round decision nght.
While in New York Collins will
endeavor to arrange a match for
Gibbons with Johnny Wilson, mid
dleweight champion. Collins said
todav the. time, place and purse
would be no object if a decision bout
could be arranged.
Athletes to Stop Here
On their way to the Pacific coast
in the interest of a new stadium for
the University of Illinois, George
Huff, dean of western conference
athletic directors, and - Robert
Zuppke. noted Illini foot ball coach,
will speak before the Illinois alumni
club in Omaha September, . .
Witches Lose to
. St. Joseph, 2 to 3
Wichita Drops Out of First
Place in League Standings
Indians Win.
Wichita, Kan., July 18. Wichita
lost firit'place today when St. Joseph
won a pitchers' battle, 3 to 2. The
Saints won on Seilars' wildness
which resulted in runs. Home runs
by Smith and Blakely gave Wichita
its two scores.
Reillv. cf 4 0 3 0 Smith, rf 4 12 0
Cor'ldon, If I
Kre'm r, ss 4
Fisher, rf 1
Beatty. lb 1
0 2
2 3
0 1
2 12
w nDurn, id
llBergerst 4
1 8
0 11
1 1
1 1
0 4
1 0
OlKast, rf
l'Beck. lb
OiHtitler. 3b
S BInVe'ly, If
O'Haley, o
n Bui I are. n
M'Po'Id, lb 3
Nufer, lb 3
Crosby, e 3
0 1
0 I
1 3
0 0
HovllK, P 4
Totalt 29 I 27 III
Totals 13 9 17 17
Score by Innlnga: .,,.. ,
St. Joseph 0 1 9 0 0 1 1 0 02
Wichita .....1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 01
Summary Muns: Fisher, Nufer, Smith,
Blakesley, Errors: Krohmyer, Seller.
Sacrifice hits: Beatty, McDonald. Two
base hits: Beatty, 2; Crosby. Home run:
Smith, Blakesley. Double playa: Berger
to Washburn to Beck; Bestty to Kreh
myer; Haley to Berger. Struck out: By
Hovlik. 4: by Sellers, 2. Flrat baae on
balls: Off Sellara, I; off Hovllk. 1. Left
on bases; Wichita, I; St. Jooeph. S.
Umpires: Daly and Burnsida. Time of
game: 1:10,
Oilers, 8 1 Packers. 4.
Tulsa, July II. Tulsa outhlt Sioux
City today and won the opening game,
9 to 4. The tcore:
Harbor, It
CKrwIn, Jb 4 8 0
SlOleason, lb I 1 4
1 -Davis, rf 111
AiTodt. if 4 10
Ltard, lb
Rob'son, rf
Mett, lb
Marr, 3b '
Query, o .
Fox, cf
Kearns, si
Tesar, p
SiBrannnn, lb I 8 12
OlM'Gln'ls, s 4 2 3
OlHeving, o 4 0 2
Parker, cf 4 2 1
OIHauKhl'd, p 3 0 0
0 Prultt, p 0 0 9
Graham, e
IBoehler, p 0 0 0
33 1 14 121 ;
Total . 89 ID SI J
Score by Innlnga;
Sioux City 0 0 0 9 0 0 4 0 04
Tulsa 1 0 9 9 3 1 1 8 X 3
Summary Runa: Leard, Fox, Kearns,
Tesar, Gleason, 2; Davis, 2; Tod.t, Bran
non, Parker. Error: Davis. Two-baae hlta:
Brannon, 2: Parker. Home runa: Bran
non, Davis. Sacrifice hits: Erwln, Boehler.
Double play: McGinnie to Brannon. Hit
and runs: off Haugland, 4 and I In S 1-8
Innings; off Prultt, no runs and no hit
In 1-1 Inning. First bat on halls: Off
Haugland, 8; off Tesar, 1; off Prultt, 1;
off Boehler, 1, Struck out: By Haugland.
1; by Tesar, 1; by Boehler, 1. Passed
ball: Query. Wild pitch: Prultt. Hit by
pitched ball: By Tesar, Todt and Davis.
Left on bases: Sioux City, I; Tulsa, I.
Tim of game: 1:50. Umpire: Orroaby
and Buckley.
Indiana, 8; Boosters, 8.
Oklahoma City, July IS. Spectacular
hitting and fielding by Clarence Pitt fea
tured Oklahoma City's I to i victory over
Dee Molnea In the first game of the ae
rlea today. Twice he prevented Dee
Molnea runa by one-handed catrhea and
In four tripe to the plate ha delivered
three slnglea and a triple. Breen going In
as a pinch hitter with the bases full In
the sixth, doubled and sewed up the
game. It was the fourth consecutive
time he nan gone in a pincn muer ana
delivered. The scoro:
O'Con'r. lb 6 8 7 l'Runser, s 3 0 18
Grant, 3b 4
0 3'Heatly, 3b
4 fliPItt, rf
- OlHnrrer. vt
3 llMo--. If
4 1
Ken'edy, If 3
4 4 1
3 3 1
8 1 I
Moeiler, rf 6
Rhyne, sa
Brown, 3b
Milan, cf
Banner, a
Lynch, p
Black, p
Beck, p
0 3lr!-iiiim, Jb
3 1 13
3 11
10 1
2 l'Shanley, 3b
3 1 "ttrker, c
1 Jinreon. ft
0 1 Mitchell, p
2 11
2 0 0
0 nlSalisbury, p
10 0
u ci
Totala 37 14 24 12 Total 30 II 17 12
xAnderaon batted for Black In Ith. .
Score by Innlnga: '
Des Molnea ........ .8 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 05
Oklahoma City 10 1 00400 x 8
Summary Runs: O'Connor. Kennedy,
2; Moeiler, Banner, Heatly, Pitt, 2; Har
per, 2; Moore. 2; Shanley. Errors: Ban.
ner, 2; Runsler. Heatly. Two-base hltai
Moeiler. Milan, Breen. Three-base bit.
Pitt. Sacrifice hita: Orant, Lynch, Rhyne,
Harper, Graham, Salisbury. Stolen baae:
Pitt. Harper, Moore, Graham. First has
on balls: Off Mitchell. 2; off Black. 2,
Hit by -pitched ball: By Black, Runaer,
Runa and hits: Off Mitchell, S and I IB
5 Innings; off Salisbury, none and five la
4 innlnga: off Lynch, S and 10 In t ln
nne (none nut in th); off Black, 2 In
t Innlnga. Double plays: Runser te Heat
ly to -Graham: Brown to Rhyne to
O'Connor. Left on bases: Det Moinee, 10;
Oklahoma City, 4. Time of gamt: 1:61,
Umplresi Becker and Anderson.
Richards Defeats
Hayes in Western
Tennis Tournamen,
Indianapolis, Ind., July 18.-
uiy 10. Vin
cent Richards. Yonkers. N. Y won
the western tennis singles champion-.
ship here yeterday, defeating Wal
ter T. Hayes, Chicago, 1920 tttlf
holder, 6-1, 6-4, 6-2.
Fritz Bastian, western conference
champion, Indianapolis, and Lucian
Williams, Chicago, captain of thi
Yale varsity team, are sectional
double champions, as a result ol
their victory over Hays and Clifton
B. Herd, Chicago, 9-7, 6-4, 6-3.
Mrs. H. S, Adams, Indianapolis,
defeated Miss Ruth Wise, Cleveland,
6-2, 6-J, for the western women s
singles championship, and Mrs
Adams and Miss . Marian Leighton,
Chicago, won the western women'.'
doubles championship by defeating
Miss Wise and Miss Ruth King,
Cleveland, 6-2, 6-4.
Greenwich, Ccnn., July 18. Zenzti
Shimidzu of the Japanese Davis
cup team was defeated today by S.
Howard Voshell, former national in
door tennis champion, in an invita
tion tournament, 6-3, 6-8, 6-6.
Amateur Standings
Drlv-It-Tourselfs 11
Rlggs Optical Co 9
Bowen Furniture 7 ,
L. Pet.
3 .731,
6 .043
7 .600
9 .336
9 .367
9 .308
L. Pet.
3 .70
3 .750
3 .760
4 ,7
7 .417
7 .417
11 .314
13 .000
N. O. Boosters 6
Townsend Gun Co. .......... I
Knights ot coiumoue t
Columbiaa 11
Dold Packing Co 9
Big "H" Hardware
W. O. W. Boomers .......... S
McKenny Dentists ........... S
Carter Lake Club............ 6
Philip Dept. Store
American Railway Exp 9
W. U Pet.
Chrlat Child Club ;
Southslda Merchsnta J 4 .lT
Hodge Electrlea J ,4T
Marquette Club -JO
Brodegaard Crown S 6 .461
Colfax Club 1 11 .077
Unusual Opportunity
Salesana er uleswomt la yeur ter
ritory te ull tuallty Mae Seaeel Jewelry
as IssraveS Stationery, fall er tart
II im. 20 act. eesimlwiee.
SKILLKRAF7ESS, Pklladtlallla, Pa.