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    THE BEE: OMAHA, TUESDAY, JULY . 19, 1921.
Tourists To Have
New Camp Site
In Elmwood Park
City to Provide House
T&Tiich Water and Stoves
, For Cooking Will Be
Tourists coming: into Omaha (or a
few days' stop are to have a new
camp site, according to W. B.
Cheek, president of the Omaha
Automobile club, who with a com
mittee of other members of the club
called on Park Commissioner
Humell yesterday afternoon and
made complete plans for the new
The new site is to be in the south
east corner of Elmwood park. It
will be ISO feet by 300, divided into
spaces of 20 feet by 20, accommodat
ing about oOO persons.
Shower aBthi Promised. .
Commissioner Humell has prom
ised to build a house on the
site which will contain water and
stoves for cooking. Al Scott of
the Scott 'Auto Tourists' store has
. promised to install shower baths.
The new site will be a great im
provement over the old which was
located in a hollow at Elmwood and
was without water, cooking or
unitary facilities. In fact the old
site was so bad that many tourists
refuser to stop there.
The disadvantages of the place
did not deter several families living
in the city from going there and
camping indefinitely, according to
President Cheek, to reduce rent ex
penses. To prevent anything like
this in the future" all visitors tothe
tourists camp will be registered and
will have the previlige of remaining
at the camp two weeks. If they
Care to stay longer than that they
will be compelled to re-register.
20,000 Tourists Annually.
Omaha has 20,000 auto tourists an
nually and the long felt need of a
new camp site was recognized by
Commissioner humell who has
promised to do all within his limited
powers to make the camp site worthy
of Omaha.
The committee that arranged for
the new camp site was composed
of W. B. Cheek, president of the
Omaha Automobile club; 'J. E.
George, J. S.- White and J. H.
Richards of the Scott Tourists Store.
Brothers, Both Killed
In Action in France,
Are Buried at Ewing
O'Neill, Neb ; July 18.' .(Special
Telegram.) The largest number .of
persons ever assembled at a funeral
. in, western Nebraska . attended ..the
last rites at E wing for Leo and. Syl
vester Sanders, brothers, both killed
in action in. France, .July 19, 1918.J
I tie bodies , were returned trom
France last week.
The two "brothers enlisted shortly
after the 4cslM&A.p..war.vXh.eir.
mother, a widow,- Mrs5 Martin TSan
Igrs resides at Ewing.' Delegations
from Knights . of Columbus and
American Legion posts from many
towns were present. Sevtt -priests
assisted at the mass. , The altar was
erected in a large grove near town.
Court Decides for Petros
In Liquor Tax. Contest
Uncle Sam lost to George Petros,
former owner of the Henshaw hotel,
in federal court yesterday.
Judge Woodrough found in favor
of Petros in the suit of the collector
of internal revenue to levy" a?$2,318
tax on Petros for alleged illegal pos
session of liquor. .
A case against Petros ,was dis
missed for want of proper evidence,
- Notwithstanding this fact,- the fed
eral office levied the tax. Meantime,
however, Petros sold out to the
Conant Hotel company and assigned
the first $10,000 payment to his cous
in, Louis Petros, inpayment of
debts. Federal officials levied on this
; J 10,000, but the judge found that the
assignment was made before the gov
ernment made a valid claim
Arraigned on New Charges
On Finishing Prison Term
Edward E. Landfairi 27, of Wyo
ming, who has just finished a two
year sentence at the federal prison
in Leavenworth for forging postal
money orders, was brought before
Judge Woodrough yesterday to an
swer for passing the spurious orders
in Omaha in 1919. His first sentence
was imposed at Chicago.
Judge Woodrough withheld sen
tence pending a conference with
Postal Inspector Coble. Landfair is
wanted in Wyoming on the same
"Gypsy" Smith Campaign
Here To Open October 16
"Gypsy Smith, second only to
"Billy" Sunday in revivalist fame,
will hold a religious campaign in the
Omaha auditorium, October 16 to
November 13. Daily meetings will
be held. Gypsy's methods are the
exact opposite of "Billy" Sunday's
according to the Rev. Titus Lowe.
The campaign will cost $6,500. Cot
. tage prayer meetings beginning
September 1, and taking a religious
census will precede "Gypsy's" com
ing. .
Towerman for Burlington
Run Down by Auto at York
York, Neb., July 18. C. W. Chase,
towerman for the Burlington, was
tun down here this afternoon by an
automobile driven by two ' young
men from Gresham. Chas suffered
a broken leg and nose and received
a severe gash on the head. His con
dition is said to be critical. '
Mrs. T. J. Mackay Improves
Steadily After Operation
.Mrs. T. J. Mackay is improving
steadily at Clarkson hospital, where
she underwent an operation week
before last. She was able to sit up
yesterday. Mrs. Mackay is the widow
.of the late rector of All Saints
church. .
Soldier's Body Returned.
Bigspring, Neb., July 18 (Spe
cial Telegram.) The body ' of
Claude Remingtqn, Bigspring boy
who died in France, will be brought
here for burial soon, according to
advices received.
Laddy Runs Pop Stand to
Prove 'Boys Better'n Girls'
j ' '""' '
Henry George Schmidt and his
Girls can't do things better than
boys can. s
At least its the firm belief of
Henry Schmidt, 7-year-old, kinder-
gartner, living at 1023 North Eight
eenth street, that they can t.
Pooh, I can do better than that,
quoth Master Henry, with true mas
culine superiority, when he read in
The Bee that four Blair little girls
had raised $4 for The Bees milk
and ice fund, by running a pop and
lemonade stand.
. Fistful of Pennies. . J
He went to his father with his
Villi 44.3
plans. . .
"Dad, will you rig me up
Interested father did.
.The pop stand opened Saturday
Ashes of Banker
Buried at Shelton
S. H. Graves, Pioneer live
Stock Man, Succumbs to
Paralytic Stroke.
Shelton, Neb., July 18. (Special.)
Ashes of the body of, S. H. Graves
pioneer .Shelton banker and at one
time prominently identified among
the live stock men, of Omaha and
Nebraska, were buried in the Shel
ton cemetery. A short service at
the i grave . was! conducted by 1 Rev.
Frederick H... Black of the first
Presbyterian church.
Sidney H. Graves died at
Dubuque. Ia.,. Wednesday ' of last
week, following a paralytic stroke.
At the time of his death he was ad
vertising representative of the Shred-
Sed Wheat Biscuit company, with
ea'dquarters at Omaha.'Prior to the
last year he was connected with the
live stock commission firms of
South Omaha. 1 .
For many years Mr. Graves was
engaged in the live stock business at
Shelton and handled sheep oft an ex
tensive scale, being one of the heavi
est feeders at this point, and was
one of the wealthiest men of the
community. He met with financial
reverses and lost practically all the
fortune he had . accumulated in a
short time. ' '
The ashes were brought to Shel
ton accompanied by his sons, Frank
F, Graves of Atkinson, Neb., and
Nelson Graves of Helena, Mont. Be
sides the two sons, Mr. Graves is
survived by one daughter, -Mrs. L.
D. Packard of. Whitehall, Mont.
Prices Very High in Europe
Belden Reports on Return
'Holland is the most prosperous cf
all European countries, C. C. Bel
den of the Thompson-Belden com
pany reports on his return from a
tour of ,the continent with a party
of American merchants. Belgium
and France are going bravely on
with reconstruction efforts and the
outlook is bright for. an excellent
crop in Belgium this year, he said.
Prices and taxes are very high. Mr.
Belden, and Mrs. Belden, who ac
companied him, met several Oma
hans on their trip.
School Consolidation
Carried Out at Lorenzo
Sidney, Neb., July 18 (Special
Telegram.) The first consolidation
of schools effected in Cheyenne coun
ty under the new law was successful
ly carried . out at Lorenzo, Neb.
Three districts have united and a
large school will be erected at Lo
renzo. Tired, Sore Feet
Don't limp and suffer with burning, puffed-up feet feet bo tired,
chafed, swollen you can hardly take another step. Tiz takes down swell
ings and draws the heat and soreness right out of feet that smart and
burn. . , . ' -
Tiz instantly stops pains in corns, callouses and bunions. Use Tiz
and wear smaller shoes. Get a box of Tiz from any druggist now for a
few cents and have foot comfort quick. . '
Rely on Cuticura
To Clear Away
Skin Troubles
nfrfi tiflrww Ointment to Motha.'f aleon to nsv .
4. c aapl of CatUmr. DcytX,!. Itom
Bee Milk and Ice Fund pop stand.
morning on the lawn of the Schmidt
In less than three hours, Henry
had a whole fistful of coins, pennies,
nickles, dimes and quarters, aggre
gating $2.
Henry hurried to The Bee office
with his precious proceeds.
Hurries to Bee.
' "I'll do much better this after
noon, business is generally slow in
the mornings, he explained.
Other contributions are as fol
lows: '
Previously acknowledged ........ 9889.04
Friend ; 1.00
J. T. Dultman ' 2.00
Mrs. Jar Burn 3.80
Friend of Bablrn 2.00
Henrr G. Schmidt 2.00
Aged Bride Sane,
Alienist Asserts
Court Asked to Restore For
tune to Woman of 63
Recently Married.
Arguments will be made this
morning before County Judge Craw
ford for and against the release of
Mrs. Blanda Nielsen-Anderson from
the guardianship of the Peters Trust
company. Evidence was taken yes
terdav afternoon.
Mrs. Anderson and her husband,
Carl Anderson of Fertile, Minn., who
were married here May 4, were
present. It was not till after the
marriage that they , learned -tney
could not get Mrs. Anderson's
$22,000 from the trust company be
cause she was under guardianship as
incomoeten to manage her affairs.
However, Dr. G. Alexander. Young,
alienist and physician of the county
board of insanity, gave it as his
opinion yesterday that the 63-year-
old bride is not insane. The
answers of the 07-year-old bride'
groom in court yesterday indicated
that he is a man of mental strength.
Evidence also showed that for 30
vears until her tirst husband s death
in 1915 Mrs. Nielsen-Anderson
worked on their farm. -
"She should be allowed to establish
a home with her second husband
and use this money for which she
has worked so hard, said her at
Fenger Hospital to Revert
Back to Dr. and Mrs. Henry
Fenger hospital, its name changed
to Lord Lister, will revert back to
Dr. and Mrs. E. C. Henry through
court proceedings within four or
five weeks, it became known yester
Mr. Henry, who is now operating
the hospital for the receiver of the
bankrupt institution, erected the
The Masonic order, St. Catherine s
hospital and a group of Omaha phy
sicians also sought the hospital.
Paving Company to Accept
Bonds on Dodge Street Job
The American ; Paving company
will accept -Omaha city bonds as
payment for the $100,000 job of re-
paving Dodge street, it notified city
council yesterday. The bonds run
20 years and draw 5 1-2 per cent in
terest. The company was low bid
der, $4.69 a yard for brick paving.
The paving contract, is authorized
for August 1.
Award of contracts for several
other jobs will be reconsidered Mon
Relieved in an Instant
Monev back without ouaattoa A
(Hunf. Stirs and Soap),tsll In f JfCvl
thtreitmnt ofItch,BcMna,fT H
RinKwonn,TftUrorotfctrtteb. f M 1
In akin 'disease.-Tnr tbla
usabneat at our risk,
Shtrmaa A McCtnMlt Drui Store
Youth on Outing
Drowned in Lake
West of Tekamah
Reuben Anderson, 17, Loses
Life on Way to Camp With
Companions for Week's
A week's vacation trip of fishing
and boating, the obiect of carefully
laid plans of five Omaha boys, came
to a sad ending on its first day, Sun
day, when one of their number lost
his life when the bort in which he
and the other members of the expe
dition were rowing, turned turtle.
The fatal ending to the outing
came late Sunday afternoon, ac
cording to word received by the par
ents of the youth, Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
Anderson, 1019 South Twenty-sixth
Their son Reuben, 17, in company
with a younger brother, Carl, and
three other boys, Reginald Steel,
2204 Pierce street: Robert Childs,
810 South 25th street, and Howard
Tilley, Twenty-fifth and Mason
streets, left at 9 Sunday morning in
a car belonging to the Anderson
boys' parents.
1 he car was well stocked with
provisions, fishing tackle and camp
ing appurtenances, necessary to the
proper spending of a week's vacation
trip. A large lake 15 miles north
west of Tekamah, was the objective
of the boys.
According to the meager informa
tion received in Omaha by the
parents of the drowned youth, the
party was crossing the lake prepara
tory to setting up tent and arrang
ing their camp. It was while they
were crossing the lake that their boat
overturned, throwing all of the boys
and their camping paraphernalia into
the water.
All of the boys were expert swim
mers and all managed to escape but
Reuben, and his companions and his
parents are unable to explain his
The boys summoned help in an ef
fort to rescue their chum, but this
was unavailing. The lake was
dragged all night for the body, but
it was not recovered until early yes
terday morning. The boy's mother
is prostrated.
The boy's father left for Tekamah
Sunday night as soon as he was in
formed of his son's death and
brought back the body late yester
day. Reuben had been employed as de
livery boy for the Pantorium.
Young Man Drowns in
Shallow Water in Lake
Hastings. Neb.. July 18. (Special
Telegram.) Edward Sternburir. 21.
son of Mrs. B. Waterbury of Blue
Hill, was drowned at Crystal lake.
The body was not found until a day
The youth drowned in four and
one-half feet of water. He could not
swim. Sudden illness is believed to
have caused the fatality.
Prominent Banker, Pioneer
Of Howard County, Dies
Grand Island, Neb., July 18.
(Special Telegram.) N. J. Paul of
St. Paul, one of the oldest and most
prominent bankers of central Ne
braska, died suddenly Monday after
noon. He was a brother, of Judge
Paul and an uncle of Adjutant Paul
and one of the pioneers of Howard
Mid-Summer Clearance of
Shoes for
Here is your opportunity to buy your summer low shoes at
prices that are remarkable. Fry's sales are genuine come
in today and choose from our big stock. Bargains galore.
For $4.45
All our broken lines of $8.00
pumps and oxfords in brown kid,
black kid and patents.
Our $11.00
Bench-made brown kid, ' brown
satin and suedes, Russian calf,
strap effects, military and Louis
Our $12.00
Bench-made gray suedes, brown
and black suedes, brown and
black kid, strap effects, beaded,
Luis and Baby Louis dQ
heels. Now 40.40
All Our "Sport Oxfords' White Nile Oxfords
and Strap Effects Are Included in This Sale
Heavy Rains Fall at
Beatrice and O'Neill;
Small Grain Damaged
Beatrice, Neb., July 18. (Special
Telegram.) A terrific rain, wind and
electrical storm visited this section
cf the state early Monday morning,
but as far as known little or no dam
age was done in the county to crops.
The rainfall here was 1.43 inches.
Heavy rains were reported north and
west of here and as result the Blue
river has risen about two feet, with
prospect of a higher rise. Camping
parties near the city were forced to
return to town in the downpour.
O'Neill, Neb.. July 18. (Special
Telegram.) Iwo and fifty-six nun
dredths inches of rain fell at O'Neill
and vicinity Sunday night in two dis
tinct storms. The last one was ac
companied by a high wind, which
damaged trees and some standing
fields of small grain and also wrecked
small outbuildings in its path. Sev
eral store windows were blown m
here. , .
Boy, 14, Disappears
On Way to Hospital to
Visit Dying Brother
Earl North, 14, disappeared Sat
The youth started for University
hospital to visit his dying brother,
Edward, 12, and to have his own
injured foot examined, according to
the mother of the boys, Mrs. iher
man Winscot, 3828 North Thirty-
sixth street. He was last seen at
Twenty-fourth and Lake streets.
His mother believes something
has haoDened to the boy.
"He is too devoted to his sick
brother to run away,, she told the
The dying boy is ill from inhal
ing carbide gas which a crowd was
igniting in lieu of firecrackers,
"just to hear the explosion."
Mrs. Winscot has been twice di
vorced. Whereabouts of the boy's
father is not known.
Youth KiDed When
Auto Turns Turtle
Atlantic. Ia., July 18. (Special
Telegram.) Alvin Sorensen, 11, was
instantly killed when he was crushed
under an automobile while on his
way to Sunday school in company
with his brother, Raymond, 14.
The accident occurred southeast
of Exira. The car turned over,
crushing the head of Alvin. Ray
mond, who was driving, is unable
to account for the accident. They
were traveling along an unfrequented
road at the time.
The narents. S. C. Sorensen and
wife, were at Oakfield when the ac
cident occurred.
Wheat Yield of 31 Bushels
Record Near Beaver City
fcpaver Citv. Neb.. July 18. (bpe
cial.) The first wheat yields are be-
in a renorted. The highest wheat
rennrteA- in ' this vicinitv is 3VA
kitchrls. and the lowest. 17. Tests
(mm W tn M nnunds.
Early corn is silking and needs
rain. Corn in general is in excellent
condition. ' '
Receives Texas Steers.
T?iVsnrinc. Neb.. Tulv v18. (Spe-
riat Tflefirr-am.) Nine carloads of
Texas steers were unloaded here
Sunday by S. P. Delatour of Lewel
len. There' were 400 steers in the
bunch, all yearlings bought cheaply
on Texas markets because of drouth
in the south.
IFor $3.45
All the broken lines of pumps
and oxfords, mostly small sizes.
Values up to $9.00.
Our $10.00
Bench-made brown kid, patents,
black kid, Astor ties, Colonials,
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heels. jf ap
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Russian calf, black and brown
kid, oxfords and strap effects,
with buckles, military and Louis
heels. d yfr-
Now M0.0
Shoe Company
Sixteenth and
Douglas Sts.
Highwaymen Get
$1,500 and Auto
Oil Station Collector Rohhed
By Bandits Who Escape
In His Car.
Two highwaymen made off with
$1,500 in cash and a runabout auto
mobile after staging a daring day
light holdup at 'Fifty-second and
Ames avenue Monday morning.
E. H. Dickelman, superintendent
of the National Refining company,
vas the victim.
Dickelman , makes his collection
rounds every Monday morning. Ai
he was riding north of Krug park he
was accosted by two strange men
who jumped on the running board of
his car.
They flourished revolvers and
dragged him from the car, ordering
him into weeds by the roadside. Then
they made off in his car.
M. P. Gould, truck farrner, wit
nessed the holdup from his garden
and called the police.
Unconscious 100 Hours.
After 100 hours of coma, Miss
Nora H. Jensen, 26, living at the
Y. W. C. A., regained consciousness
at Fenger hospital yesterday. She
was taken from a street car four
days ago, uncons..otis. The girl
said the sustained a fractured skull
in an automobile accident at St.
Louis a year ago.
The Downsta irs Sto r e
Roy Moth Proof Bags, Special, 39c
An excellent bag in which to store your clothes or other
valuables with hook for hanger in size 26x55 inches.
Cream Oil Soap, Tuesday, a Cake, 8c
An olive oil soap for toilet and bath delightful for use
in either hard or soft water. Equally delightful in appearance.
Downstairs Stora
In that most practical
of underwear fabrics
wash satin daintily
trimmed in lace or hand
embroidery or. tailored
models.' ' ' '
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.Women's Vests, 3 for $1
Mina Taylor
Dresses, $1.95
If you would be be
comingly dressed in youth
ful models, select one of
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Mina Taylors.
not only for, their wear
ing qualities, splendid fit,
but their clever and un
usual style lines. Straight
line modes and belted ef
fects in checks and plaid
ginghams. Sizes 14 to 44.
Downstairs Storo
Boys' Wash Trousers
75c to $1.49
Comfortable and cool and will save
their wool clothes. Made of strong
weight, washable cotton crash and
khaki twill
Big Savi ngs in Sewi ng
bold on Lasy
Each machine in
l t. .1 . pi .
nave Deen usea as iioor samples or demonstration jSjy
purposes. Each guaranteed. . ' . ,tV
Crescent (POO TA
Machines ... $LL.dJ
White Ma- (PQC AA
chines PJJ.UU
Standard CCA AA
Machines . . . P JU.UU
On Sale Tuesday
Brief City News
Safe Looted of $600 A safe In the
1R1J Howard street, was looted of
1000 by burglars Sunday night, .
Fined on Ilquor Chargo Chris
Rasmussen pleaded guilty of viola
tion of the prohibition law before
Federal Judge Woodrough yester
day. The Judge fined him $100,
which he paid. '
Atito Smnshed Floyd E. Brewer
tried to beat a street car acrons Far
nam street- at Fifteenth yesterday.
It took police 15 minutes to clear
away the wrecked automobile In
which he was riding. Brewer was
unhurt. . . i .
Sprinkling " Neglected The street
car company is not sprinkling Its
tracks this summer as required by
law. i .R, A. Leussler, general man
ager, said the sprinklers were used
(or oil storage purposes since the
k-st coal shortage.
Mccs" 1o Wy Here Eddie Rlck
rnbai Ver, Reed G. Landis of Chicago,
son Kludge Landis, and Charles
J. BlddK if Philadelphia are among
the Amertian army "aces" who will
be in Omaha this fall for the Inter
national Aero congress.
Slugs for Carrier Uncle Sam re
fuses to pay a $7,000 Increase In the
annual carrying charge-. f tho street
railway company for transporting
letter carriers. Postmaster Daniel
will therefore buy street car slugs
and give them out to the carriers
whenever required.
Postpone CIiolco of Secretary
Nebraska Chamber of Commerce di
rectors postponed action on choos
ing a secretary to succeed H. B.
Moss. At a meeting in Omaha yes
terday they viewed details of a $100,
000 damage suit filed against them
by the Hawkins Mortgage company.
Ice Water
Nest of Bowls, 45c
Colonial shape in 2-quart
Made of pressed glass,' 4 to
7 -inch sizes, set of four, 45c.
Ice Tea Classes, 88c
And ' water tumblers Colonial
Style," large size, set of six, S8e.
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gauze In regulation and extra sizes.
Children's vests, 19c
Girls Union Suits
3 for S1.00 In nice, light weight cot
ton, knit wear.
Women s Hose
3 for $1.00 Nice light weight cotton
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Wash Skirts
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decidedly smart models
with new novelty pockets.
Priced very low at $3.95.
Sizes 26 to 32.
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Tiny Tots'
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cloth, all, 5 to 17
Downstair Stora
Payment Terms
excellent condition. Some
. i I..
"Our Spe- OP AA
cial" Mach., J.UU
Rockford COQ AA
Machines... Pt)j.UU
New Royal (71 r A
Cabinets .... I tC.DU
in Downstairs Store
Grill Room
There are so many
poor . dining places
and so few good res
taurants that once
a person Is fortunate
enough to find a
. good place to eat, he
usually "sticks." '
Our patrons Jo.
All Work Guaranteed
1513 DougUs St. . Tal. Doug. B58S
Jugs, 75c
Ice Wagons
An enormous purchase
of a manufacturer's entire
line makes this price
Sheet metal body, car
rying capacity, 50 to 75
pounds ice $2.15. t
Wood body with wood
wheels, extra heavily
braced. Regular bear
ings. Carrying capacity,
75 to 100 pounds ice. Spe
cial, $3.50 each.
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Corsets, .
In cool, light weight
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