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    THE BEE: OMAHA, MONDAY, JULY 18, 1921.
Buffaloes Trounce WitchesPowell and Adams Retain Tennis Doubles Title
J Griffin Knocks
Two Home Runs;
Surpasses Beck
"Pug" Brings Total up to 17;
Homers Gives Omaha Mar
gin of Victory in De
ciding Contest.
Wichita, Kan., July 17. Omaha
made it two out of three by winning
a sensational game here today, 8 to
5. Griffin's two 'home runs gave
Omaha the margin of victory and
ran his total to 17 for the season,
surpassing Beck of Wichita. Score
AB. R. H. PO. A. E.
r.l.ulon, tb
Haney, 8b . .
I-e, If
I.ellvelt, lb .
Griffin, rf ..
O'Brien, tt .
Maseejr, m
tingle, a . .
r,taier, l . .
Uanlels, d .,
Total ....
1 1 1 0
4 0 0 S 0
s i a o
S 1 8 10 0 1
6 t I 1
S t S 4
s e i o s
a -o i o o
4 0 1 0 4 0
17 8 IS tl IS 1
AB. R. H. PO. A. E.
Kmlth. cf 4 0 1 8 0 0
Washburn, 2b ....5 a 3 1 1
Merger, M
,.4110 8.0
Kiut. rf
8 10X10
Berk, lb ....
Bntler, Sb . . .
Biakmlj'. If .
Haley, . . . .
' Sellars, p x , .
Gregory, p . ,
iW, t.rlffla ..
xMoDaweU . .
4 1 It 1 0
8 0 12 10
8 10 10 0
4 1 S 8 1 0
1 0 0 0 0 0
8 0 0 8 4 1
1 0 0 0 0 0
, 10 10 0 0
Total 8S 5 8 7 14 t
W. tirlffln batted for Sellers la third.
iMcDowrll batted for Gregory la ninth
Omaha ............ .0 0 0 4 1 0 0 8 18
Wichita 0 8000081 0 S
' Sammary Sacrifice hltat Glelason,
Haaey, Mesaey, I.lnalc. Butler. Two-base
liltM Berk, Ie. uncle, O'Brien, erger.
Home run.: (iriffln (SI. Hits: Off Nellars,
8 and 4 ran in S 2-8 Innings; off (ilaiaer,
and 4 run la 1 Innings. Double playi:
Bercer, Washburn and Heckt Mesaey, !
lnwin and Iellvelts Gregory and Butler.
Htrark out! By Glaaler, 2 s by Daniels, Si
by fellers. 1. Bane on hallsi Off BeUars,
lj off Glnlser, li off Daniel, 1. lf on
basest Wichita, 6 Omaha, 0. Wild pitch:
Glnlser. Hit by pitched ball: Haley, by
Glaiser. Umpires! Holmes and Guthrie.
Timet 2:00. .. t .
St. Joseph, S JopUn, 4.
Joplln, Mo.. July 17. St. Joseph made
It three straight over Joplln, taking the
long end of a 6-to- score today. The con
tent waa hard fought all the way, the
outcome being In doubt until the last
Miner filed out In the. ninth. The score:
Rellltt cf
2 2
OlChrlst'n, cf 4
Cor'don, If
Con'ely, as
Fisher, rf
Beatty, lb
M'Do'd. 3b
Nufer. 2b
Crosby, o
Cost 09, P
2 1
1 0
2 2
1 0
0 Ham'ton, 3b 6
SIMueller, rf 6
Cady, c 3
O Rob mn, as 4
S'Krueaer, 2b 3
4 B.Smith, lb 4
O'D.Wtrms, If 2
Young, p 1
xAV.8mlth 1
xBeamllier 1
xDunn 1
Totals 29 11 27 11
Totals 3 3 27 11
xSmlth batted for D. Williams In ninth.
xBeaumlller batted for Young In ninth.
xDunn batted for Chrlatenaen In ninth.
Score by Innings:
St. Joseph 1 9 2 0 1 0 4 0 16
Joplln 0 1 0 0 1
Summary Runs: Bellly. 2: Corrldoh,
Connolly. Fisher. Robertson. Krueger, D.
Williams, Beaumlller. Errors: Connolly,
Coatello. Chrlstensen, Krueger. B. Bmun.
Two-base hits: Hamilton. Dunn, Beatty,
Corrtdon. Cady. Home run : Fisher. Sac
rifice hit: Connolly. Stolen base: Robert
son. First base on balls: Off Costello, 3;
off Young. 1. Struck out: By Costello, 2;
by Young, 4. Earned runs: St. Joseph, 4;
Joplln, S. Ieft on bases: St. Joseph. 3;
Joplln, 8. Double plays: Robertson to
Krueger to Smith: Mueller to Robertson.
Wild pitches: Young, 2. Time of game:
1:35. Umpires: Burnslds and Becker.
Roonera, 7 1 Packers, t.
Oklahoma City, Okl., July 17. Oklaho
ma City bunched hits On Davis and Tesar
in the seventh and eighth Innings today
and by winning, 7 to 2, made a clean
sweep of the Sioux City series. The score:
Wnrhor. If S 2 2 O'Runser, ss 1 1 8 S
Fox, cf
4 0 11 'Heatiy, ZD i a
5 3 4 HPItt, rf 4 8 2
I.eard. !b
Metz. lb 8
Query, e 4
RoMson, rf 4
Marr, Sb 3
Kearns. as 4
Davis, p 3
Tesar, p ' 1
0 OlHarper, ct 4 i
3 1 Moore. If '10 2
1 OlRraham, lb 4 0 14
0 1 Shanloy. 30 z o l
4 2 3 4IParker, o
3 10 OlQroiis, p
' 1 0 O'xBreen
- , Allison, p
3 13
2 0 0
1- 1
38 11 24 1
.. I Totals
37 27 1
'.' V'3reen batted for Gross in seventh.
Score by Innings:
Sioux City 0 0020000 0 2
Oklahoma City .... 0 0 0 0J 2 5 x 7
Summary Runs: Marr, Kearns,1 Pitt,
Harper. Moore, Shanley, 2; Parker, Alli
son. Errors: Leard, Meta, Query. Davis.
Two-base hits: Marr, Pitt. Three-base hit:
Allison. Home run: Marr: Sacrifice hits:
Runscr. Heatiy, Moore, ;- 2. Stolen . bases:
Runser. Harper. Shanley. First base on
Vails: Off Gross, 4: off Davis. 5; off
Tfsar 2. Struck out: By Gross. 3; by
Davis. 4: by Tesar, 1. Runs and hits: "Off
Uross. 2 and 8 in 7 Innings; off Allison,
o end 3 In 3' Innings: off Davis. 2 and
S in 1-8 Innlngsr off Tesar, 8 and S
in 1 2-3 innings. Double plays: Heatiy to
Hraham to Allison; Runser to Graham;
Kearns to Leard. 2. Left on bases: Okla
homa City, 7;. Sioux City. 11. Time of
game: 1:55. Umpires Buckley and Ormaby.
Boosters. 10 1 Oilers, 7.
Tulsa. Okl., July 17. Des Moines hit
hard In three innings and made it two
out of three from Tulsa today., The score:
O'Con'r. lb t 1.7 OlErwIn. 3b 8 13 2
Grant, 3b 8 3
Kennedy, if 4
Moeller. rf 8
llGleason, 2b 6 1 0
01 Davis, rf 4 3 2
:Todt.1f 821
4iBrannon. lb 4 2 13
Rhyne, ss 4
Brown. 2b 2
Milan, cf 8
Anderson, e 3
Pott, p 3
Mers, p 1
A llMc'Gln's. as 4 2 8
8 7 OlHevlng. c 2 0 1
2 3 11 Parker, cf 4 1 2
8 1'n'vic, p 10 0 1
0 0 2IAdams, p 0 0 0 0
IxSpellman 0 0 0 0
38 14 37 iRlrhm'nd, p 0 0 0 0
xuoenier s o o o
Totals 84 12 27 18
xSpellman batted for Adams in seventh.
xBoehler batted for Richmond in the
Score by innings:
Des Moines 0 0 0 0 4 8 3 0 ft 10
Tulsa 0 3 2 0 0 2 0 7
Summary Rons: Rhyne, Brown, 3: Mi
lan. 3: Anderson,' 2; Pott. Erwln. Glea
son. Davis, 2f McGtnnis, Parker. Errors:
Rhyne, 2; Milan. Davis. Lukanovic Two
base hits: Brannon. Todt, Brown, Grant,
O'Connor. Home runs: Milan, Todt Sac
rifice, hits: Having, Lukanovic. Double
playa: Rhyne, unassisted; Mers to
Brown to O'Connor; Brannon to McOln
nia. Runs and hits: Off Lukanovic, 7 and
11 In t 2-2 innings; off Pott, 8 and In
8 2-3 innings: off Adams. 3 and 3 In 1
1-8 Innings. First base on balls: Off Lu
kanovic. 1; off Adams. 2; off Mers, 4;
off Richmond. 2. Struck out: By Lukan
ovic. 1 ; by Adams, 1 r by Mers, 2. Wild
pitches: Lukanovic. Adams. Left on bases:
Tulsa. 8: Des Moines. 8. Time of game:
3:18. Umpires: Anderson and Daly.
State Grcuit Meet
At NeKgh This Week
iNeligh, Neb., July 17. (Special)
Riverside park track, the best in
this section of the country,' will be
the scene Wednesday, Thursday and
Friday of this week of the second
annual race meet of the Nebraska
circuit. ' ' . .
' Last week's entries in the races at
Bassett,,and entries which ran at
Herrick and O'Neill the week before,
are all listed for -Netigh for this
week, and 'much competition is ex
pected, as the field is a fast one.
Riverside park' track is in. perfect
condition, which gives assurance that
some records arc due to be broken.
Latest Heavyweight Find
1 2'
U d it if
liiAU to .W nvlii
I m w-.v.v.v.v, . .vs .. u a-. iw.HO.iwt m v-.-xv- v.. r.
Jack Dempsey had better watch
out, for Harry Darnielle, Washing
ton (D. C.) policeman, is being
groomed by Dr. B. F. Roller of New
York to knock the champion from
under his crown. Darnielle, who
held the heavyweight title of the
U. S. destroyer fleet at Guantanamo
Bay, Cuba, sprang into the limelight
July 4, when he knocked out 2d ruf
fians in a rough-and-tumble fight in
Washington. Todd C, Woodworth,
Arizona mining man and sportsman,
decided to look the wonder cop over.
In Darnielle he immediately saw
championship timber, and Todd and
Order Gedeon and
Burns to Testify
Chief Witnesses to Be Inter
viewed by Attorneys f or
Chicago Tribune-Omaha Bee Lensed W!re.
Chicago, July 16. William Burns
and Joe Gedeon, believed to be the
chief witnesses upon whose testi
mony the state hopes to convict the
seven former White Sox stars and
four alleged gamblers will be
brought -to the criminal court build
ing by Pink'erton detectives. They
will be interviewed by attorneys
representng the indicted men, in an
effort to get a line on the. nature of
their testimony.
Burns, a former White Sox pitcher,
and Gedeon, former second base
man for St. Louis Browns.'are said
to have been in the custody of Pin
kerton men for more, than a month
and investigators , for the defense
have been unable to locate them. On
the appeal of the defense, Judge
Hugo Frend ordered the state to
produce the witnesses and Jet the
defendant' attorneys interview them.
It is believed they will give very
damaging testimony- and the defense
is extremely anxious to get some
advance, knowledge of what they will
have to combat.
Shortly after1 this interview the
trial will begin. and, the following 11
defendants will be on' hand:
Edward "Eddie" Cicotte. pitcher;
Charles "Swede" Risberg," shortstop;
Claude "Lefty" Williams, pitcher; Ar
i:old,"Chick" Gandil, first baseman;
George "Buck" Weaver, third base
man; Oscar "Happy" Felsch, out
fielder; Joseph "Shoeless Joe" Jack
son, outfielder; Carl Zork,. Louis and
Ben Cevy and David Selzer, alleged
Hawaiian Tank Artist
Wins National Senior
: , Championship Swim
Philadelphia," July 17. Ludy Lan
ger of Honolulu, won the national
one-mile senior championshrip swim
held on a 220-yard course on the
Schuylhill river Saturday. His time
was 24 minutes and . 13 seconds. He
finished 10 yards ahead of Eugene
Bolden of the Illinois Athletic club,
whose time was 24:182-5. . Carl Ur
ban of Philadelphia was third.
Start Second Half
r Of Midwest League
Scottsbluff, Neb.,' July 16. (Spe
cial Telegram.) The first half of the
split season in the Mid-West league,
infant organization among base ball
circuits, has ended with Denver-far
in the lead. The second half begins
today, and when it ends after 6
games have been played, the winner
and Denver will play a post-season
series to decide the victor.
Official.,, standings for the first
half follow i ., .
W. L. Pet.
Denver 44 18. .710
Qroybull 37 25 .697
Casper 33 27 .680
Scottsbluff 28 38 '.437
Laramie 23 41 .3S9
22 40 .385
Alliance to Hold City; 1
. Tennis Tourney Today
Alliance, Neb., July 17. (Special.)
The first tennis tournament ever
held in Alliance will open today with
16 " local players ' entered. Two
matches will ie played off each day
and the tournament is expected to
last' two weeks." Thfe matches' will be
played at ' the high txhool courts
and the winner - will receive an $18
racket The winner of the tourna
ment will be 'matched with E. L.
Meyer of Alliance, , former. , state
champion, who will referee all of the
matches. . ".
the fighting cop made the trip to
New York, where Darnielle was
examined and put through the paces
by Dr. Roller,' former champion
wrestler. Darnielle is 22 years old,
weighs 198 pounds and is lightning
fast on his feet. The most extra
ordinary feature of his makeup is his
chest, which stretches a tape 48
inches. "It might take a year or
two," say his admirers, "but Dar
nielle will be the next heavyweight
champion of the world. The photo
shows Harry Darnielle (in center)
with C. E. Van Riper (on left) and
Todd C. Woodworth. Darnielle's dis
School Girte Beat '
American Mission
Men in Ball Game
Bacolod, P. I., July 17. A team of
High school girls defeated members
of the Wood-Forbes mission today
in a game of-indoor base ball, S to 4.
Commissioner W. Cameron
Forbes, who played first base for
the mission team, scored the first
run for his side. Colonel Johnson, the
mission shortstop, was its star bat
ter, knocking out a three-bagger.
The mission team's catcher was Col
onel McCoy. Major General Leon
ard Wood was the only member of
the mission who did not play.
-i 1
Redick and Foye
Meet In Tourney
Peters to Play Gaines in
Lower Brackett of Coun
try Club Meet.
' John W. Redick and W. J. Foye
will meet in the 36-hole semi-final
round of the Omaha Country club
championship tourney this week.
Ralph Peters and Francis Gaines will
mix in the other half of the
brackett. Peters is scheduled to
left for Chicago last night where he
will take part in the invitation tour
ney to be staged at the Indian Hill
Country club.
An 18-hole handicap medal play,
eight golfers to qualify, was held at
the Country club Saturday. The
following eight qualified and the
E. A. Higgins, 5, plays Jack Web
ster, 6. ' "
R. H. Garrett, 3, plays E. A.
Creighton, 2.
Ray Low,- 3, plays M. G. Colpet
zer, S.
C. H. Peters, 2, plays J. H. Sum
mers, 6.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Creighton de
feated Miss Claire Daugherty and
W. B. Millard, jr., in the replay of
the tie of the mixed foursome con
test of Puly 8, with a net score of
76 against 82.
E. A. Higgins defeated H. A,
Scanfrett in the replay of thetie for
the July Fourth competition prize.
Higgins turned in a net 73, while
Scanfrett's score was a net 77.
The Country club will hold an 18
hole handicap medal play contest for
women tomorrow, the eight low net
scores to qualify for match play.
Field Club Golfers
Retain Team Trophy
The Field club golf team re
tained the interclub trophy Satur
day by defeating the Happy Hollow
team in every match ot the day. J.
W. Williams and M. T. Swartz won
from Dolphin and Foy Porter, 2 up,
while Jack Hughes and M. H. La
Douceur defeated Kenneth Reed and
W. W. Hoye, 5 up. Sam Reynolds
and Blaine Young won from Wally
Shepard and Guy Beckett.S up.
The competition held at the Field
club yesterday was an 18-hole medal
handicap play, 16 to qualify, eight in
each of two flights.
Following are those who qualified
in the first flight:
r.. Sweet
O. Vaugban
J. Llgon
N. Reynolds
C. W. Calkins
R. Shields
J. Sharp
J. A. Abbott
The nalrincs: Sw
82 12 88
83 13 71
85 12 73
85 12 73
88 14 74
87 12 75
87 10 77
8 12 77
plays Calkins,
Sharp playa Llcon, Reynolds plays Ab
bott, Shields Plays vaugnan.
Those who qualified in the sec
ond flight were:
B. Neal 8 18 It
J B. Fradenburc 35 15 70
B. K. McCague S 1 72
T. Hunt 83 16 72
E. A. Balrd 88 15 73
1). Bowie 89 18 78
K Hart 91 18 73
P. Marks 91 18 73
Tho pairings: Neal playa Balrd, Hart
plays McCsgue, Hunt plays Marks, Bowls
plays Fradenburc.
Pirates Defeat
Giants in Ten-
Inning Contest
Pittsburgh Regains Three
Came Lead Cutshaw
Triples With Two
'0nin Tenth.
New York, July 17. Pittsburgh
regained its three-same lead over
New York by defeating the Giants
today, 4 to 2, in 10 innings. New
York tied the score in the ninth af
ter two were out by singles by
Young, Kelly and Cunningham. The
Pirates won in the 10th, also after
two were out, when Cutshaw tripled
with two on bases. The score:
BlRbse, If
1 4
OlBurns. If 4
O'Bancr'ft. as 4
4iFrlsch,b i
1 3
1 4
3 0
1 2
1 14
1 4
0 1
0 2
0 0
1 0
0 0
0 0
1 0
Catey, ct
M'nville, as
Cuts'w. 2b
Rob'eon. rf
0 2
3 0
1 7
1 0
2 11
1 1
0 0
3IYoumg, rf 4
OjKelly, lb 3
2iCun'ham, rf 4
OIRalllngs. 2b 3
2 Snyder, o 4
B' 3b
Grimm, lb
Schmidt, c
Ham'ton, p
0 Barnes, p
37 10 30 lllxWalker
(Causey, p 0
xQonzales 1
Totals 35 9 30
xBrown batted for Barnes In eighth.
xWalker batted for Brown in eighth,
xGonzales batted tor Causey in 10th.
Pittsburgh 0 0001100 24
New York 0 00000 101 02
Summary Runs: Blgbee. Maranville
ru.t.hau, n.lmm. TOanrrnft. Younc Er
rora: None. Two-base hits: Maranviue,
Brown, Bancroft. Three-ease nits: oarn
hart, Cutshaw. Home run: Grimm. Stolen
uami oi;mt,iu., .m.-.. ... " .
. i II IT..... V-tli, n.iihl. nlflV
tuisnaw, namuiwii, ft.";. Z ' ' f '
Maranviue 10 iwuiunaw w rt,ii.i...
on bases: New York, 7; Pittsburgh, 8.
First base on balls: Off Barnes, 1; off
r.naav. 2: off Hamilton. 8. Hits: Off
Barnes, 8 In 8 innings; orr uausey, 2 n
Causey, 1; by Hamilton, 1. Losing pitch
er: Causey. Time of game: 2:27. Um
pires: O'Day and Quigley.
Dodgers, 7j Cubs, 5.
nrnnklvn. N. Y.. July 17. Brooklyn
won from Chicaeo. 7 to B. today by
bunching six hits with a passed ball and
an error, tor rive runs m me sixin in
ning. The Cubs had taken the lead in
the sixth on Deal's homer with two on
bases. The score:
Flack, rf S01 opison, ss
Hol'her. ss 4 2 2 BIJohns'n, Sb
2 3
2 3
Terry, 2b 2 0 1 3!Orlfflth, rf
R.O'mes, lb 4 0 10 OJNels, rf
Barber, cf 4 3 1 oiwheat, ir
Sullivan, If 3
0 3 uiMyers, ci
Deal, 3 b 4
1 3
1 3
0 0
0 0
0 0
IS mandt, lb
Daly, o
Martin, p
Kilduff, 2D
Kreuger, e
Cadore, p
York, p
Totals 38 14 27 11
Tntali 3 8 24 10
xTwombly batted for York in seventh
xMariott batted tor uaiy in ninin.
xTyler batted for Freeman In ninth.
Rpnrhv lnninca:
Chicago 0 0 0 1 0 4 0 0 0 s
Brooklyn 0 0 1 0 0 6 1 0 x 7
Summary Runs: Hollocher, 2: Barber,
Sullivan, Deal, Wheat, Myers, Schmandt,
Kilduff, Krueger, Cadore, 2. Errora: Sul
livan. Johnston. 2: Myers. Schmandt. Two-
base hit: Krueger. Home run: Deal. Sac
rifi. hits: Tnrrv. 2: Daly. Double play:
Terry to Hollocher to Grimm. Left on
baaes: Chicago, 6: Brooklyn. 9. First base
on balls: Off Martin, 1: off Freeman, 1:
off Cadore. 1. Hits: Off Martin, 12 in
a z-x lnninca: orr xora. x in 1-4 inning;
off Freeman, 1 In 2 Innings. Struck out:
Bv Martin. 2: by Cadore. 4. wild pitcn:
Freeman. Passed Ball: Daly. Losing
pitcher: Martin. Time of game: 1:46. Um
pires: Kiem ana gmsiie.
McArthur to Box
Frankie Schmalzer
Sioux City Bantamweight
Will Make First Appearance
In City Wednesday.
When Omaha followers of the bifi
em and take snort cast their glim
mers on Earl McArthur, sensational
little Sioux City, la., bantamweight
scrapper, Wednesday night at the
Buffaloes park, they will see a laci
who will sauare ofr with Champion
joe Lynch for the title on July 25.
McArthur is considered one 01 tne
best bovs in his division in this neck
of the woods. He has been matcnea
with Frankie Schmalzer of Milwau
kee in a 10-round here Wednesday
night which should turn out to be a
tough encounter.
In the main event of the athletic
entertainment, Sam Langford, t'.usky
hued heavyweight, who has met 'em
all. tall and small, will swap punches
with "Bearcat" Wright. This affair
is scheduled to last 10 round; but it
may end before the half-way mark is
Elmer Doane of Buffalo and Harry
Boyle of Duluth have been matched
for the first event on the program.
111110 uiaio
Tmirnpv fr. Ra
at rort Dodge
Vnrt rWffp Ta. Tulv 17. Fiftv of
I, leariirter tennis nlavers of the state
enrecpntino- rlllhc at ArtlPS. Charles
Uty, Udebolt, Mason city, L,uverne,
Inct fitw Ocno-p Kamrar. Eacrle
Grove, Sioux City ad Des Moines,
have entered tne annual wonnwesi-
1 Iowa tennis tournament which is
Kip lipid tiere next week.
Drawino- for the first round will be
made at 10 o'clock Monday morning
and play will start at noon.
Good Scores Feature
Sharp-Shooters' Meet
Davenoort. Ia.. July 17. The
third day shoot of the Central Sharp
Shooters' Association of North
America was featured by a big at
tendance and excellent scores.
State Senator J. G. Bardell of
Highland, 111., is high man on the
peoples target with a score of 73 out
of a possible 75,
Joe Ackermann of Monroe, Wis.,
and Ed Wittwer of Monticcll, Wis.,
shot three dead centers or perfect
scores on the Davenport target. He
and William Wuhl of Toronto, la.,
rung up 60, or perfect scores on the
Mann target. . "
Al Schlatter of New' Glaruis, Wis.,
with a score of 227 was high on the
medal target, and E. D. Achmer also
cf New Glaruis, with a score of 71,
is high on the honor target, :
W.L.rrf.1 W.L.Pct.
Okla. City
St. Joseph
S3 36 .59S'S:ouX City 4147.468
64 87 .583 Joplln 40 4 .45
48 40 .645Dea Moines 40 48 .465
46 42 ,523lTulsa 33 68 .365
Yesterday's Brsulta.
Omaha, R Wichita. S.
St. Joseph, 6; Joplln, 4.
Oklahoma City, 7: Sioux City. 3.
Des Moines. 10; Tulss,. 7. '
Today's Games.
Omaha at Joplln.
Sioux City at Tulsa.
St. Joseph at Wichita,
Des Moines at Oklahoma City.
- W.L.Prt.1
Pittsburgh 66 28 .663 St. Louis
41 41 .600
New York 61 30 ,630!( hlcago
35 45 .438
30 60 .375
23 66 .235
Boston 46 33 .6S2 Cincinnati
Brooklyn '4.1 42 ,5i)Phlla'phla
Yesterday's Results.
Brooklyn, 7: Chicago, 6.
Pittsburgh, 4; New York. 2.
Today's Games.
St. Louis at Boston.
Cincinnati at Philadelphia.
Chicago at Brooklyn.
Pittsburgh at New York.
W.L.Pct. 1 W.L.Pct.
Cleveland 64 31 .635Boston 33 44 .470
New York 62 31 .fiZtllSt. Louis 38 48 .442
Washlng'n 47 43 .6S2Chlcago 38 48 .429
Detroit 42 45 .483Phila'phla 33 61 .303
Yesterday's Results.
Washington, 13; Cleveland, 2.
Chicago, 1; Boston, 0.
St. Louis, 6-6; Philadelphia, 2-2.
New York, .8; Detroit, 6,
Today's Games. .
Boston at Chicago.
New York at Detroit.
Washington at Cleveland.
Philadelphia at St. Louis.
W.L.Pct. W.L.Pct.
Louisville 66 34 .622 Tnd'apolls 41 45 .477
Mlnn'apolls 47 39 .547lToledo 40 48 .455
Milwaukee 46 41 .629St. Paul 38 49 .437
Kan. City 43 42 .506CoIumbus ' 37 60 .425
Yesterday's Results.
Columbus, 4-2; St. Paul, 1-2.
Kansas City, 12-12; Indianapolis, 0-1.
Minneapolis, 11; Toledo, 2.
Louisville, 2; Milwaukee, 1.
Today's Games.
Louisville at Kansas City.
Indianapolis at Milwaukee.
Toledo at St. Paul.
Columbus at Minneapolis.
"lighting Parson"
To Referee Here
Rev. Blacknian of Chanute,
Kan., Will Be Third Man in
Schlaifer-Hammer Mill.
VER Hammer, Chica
go lightweight, who
is scheduled to meet
"Kid" Schlaifer in a
10-round mill at the
City auditorium on
Monday night, July
1 1 V Of 25th, wants to be
AmmmmjJT I sure there is a good
referee in the ring
when he starts raining blows on the
local battler.
The committee in charge of the
athletic show, mentioned the names
of three referees, but George Ruther
ford's protege didn't seem to ap-r
orove of anv. But. when the name
of E. -A. Blackman of Chanute, Kan.,
was mentioned the Chicago light
weight wired Al C. Scott, chairman
of the committee, that the Jay
hawker would be o. k. So, Black
man will be the third gent in the
rine when the Windy City lad and
the "Kid" swap punches.
lust a little dope on Blackman.
He's the "Fighting Parson" of the
A. ET. F. What's more he is a min
ister of the gospel at Chanute, Kan.,
and when he isn't behind the pulpit
he is helping the young men of his
flock learn the manly art of selfde
fense. According to reports from Cha
nute, the Rev. Blackman stands high
in his community as a minister of the
gospel and a believer of clean sports.
I Amateur I
Tennessee Rats Lose.
Big Springs, Neb., July 17. (Special
Telegram.) Big Springs ball team de
feated the Tennessee Kats, a colored team,
here, 8 to 4.
Bayard Lions Win.
AlHnnon. Neh.. July 17. (Special. 1
The base ball teaA of the Bayard Lions
lub took the Alliance Cubs to a clean
ing at the Alliance fairgrounds to the
tune of 24 to 1. The game was the re
sult of a challenge Issued by the Bayard
club Some tlmo aao. A return game will
be played in the near future. About 20
Bayard Llona accompanied the team here
and were luncheon guests of the local
club. Following the game -the visitors
were entertained at water sports and din
ner at the Alliance Country club.
Twelfth Straight Victory.
Herman, Neb., July 17. (Special Tele
gram.) Cameron pitching for Herman
here held Tekamah to 3 hits, and struck
out 13 men. Herman has not bee de
feated this season having won 12 straight
R. H. E.
Tekamah 00001000 0 1 8 6
Herman 4 7000240 x 17 18 1
Batteries: Tekamah, Schuler and Br In
ley; Herman, Cameron and Krause.
Denlson Beats Newell.
Denlson. Ia.. July 17. (Special.) Deni
son defeated Newell at that place at the
county legion celebration, by a score o
to 4. Rasmussen, Newell s "ace, ' was
i the mound for that team and was
found for three doubles and as many
Ingles in the first inning, resulting in four
runs. Denlson got a total of 12 nits oft
this pitcher. Art Wilson, for Denlson.
allowed but seven scattered hits. Thia
makes the fourth game Wilson has pitched
against Newell, allowing a total of 14
This Is the first time Newell has been
defeated on their home grounds, and Ras
mussen's second defeat In 21 games. Ras
mussen was formerly with Sioux City in
the Western league.
Denlson has an all-salaried team and
are considered by many to be the best
bet for the championship of western Iowa.
They are anxious to book games with any
semi-professional teams who feel that they
are contendera for the state semi-pro
Batteries: .Newell, ttasmussen ana any-
der; Denlson, Wilson and Butler.
North Platte Wins.
Grand Island. Neb.. July 17. (Sneclal
Telegram.) North Platte defeated the
Third City bas ball team. 3 to 2. in an
exciting ball game here.
An error by the ofilclal scorer In the
Ixth inning resulted in a dispute at the
end of the game, it being contended the
score was a tie, 2 to 2r Totenhoff struck
out 16 Grand Island batters.
Scor by Innings:
R. H. E.
North Platte ..0 0001200 03 t 2
rand Island... 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 02 6 2
Batteries: Totenhoff and A. Sandall:
Kelso, Cash, Zlompke and Llnlercamp.
Falrbury Wins.
Falrbury, Neb., July 17. (Special Tele
gram.) Falrbury won over Deahler ball
earn at Falrbury by a score of 2 to 0. The
game was a no-score game until the sixth
Inning, when Falrbury received three
scores. Batteries: Falrbury, Brown and
McQuald; Deshler, Jackman and Llnaon.
airbury meets Marysvllle (Kan.) at Falr
bury Thursday,
I 2J
Faber Marks Up
19th Victory of
Season. 1 to 0
Shuts Out Red Sox in Ten
Innings Mulligan Singles,
Crosses Plate on Falk's
Hit to Right.
Chicago, July-17. Urban'Faber
marked up his 19th victory of the
season today when Chicago shut out
Boston, 1 to 0, in 10 innings. I he
contest was a pitchers battle be
tween Myers and Faber and the
break of the game came in the 10th.
Mulligan started with a single and
went to second on E. Collins' infield
outw. btunk then struck out, Out
Falk singled sharply to right and
MnlliKan romped home with the
winning run.
Leibold. cf 6 12 0
0 2
Foster. 2b S 3 1 2
Murgan, sb
E. Corns. 2b
3 0
2 2
0 2
2 2
0 4
1 16
0 3
0 0
J.Col'ns, rf 5 1 8 1
Mclnnis, lb 3 1 s 2
Ruel. e 4 2 8 1
Strunk. rf
Falk. If
Mostll, cf
Scott, ss 4 0.83
Plt'nger, If 4 1 4 0
Vltt. 3b 4 12 1
Sheely, lb
Schalk, e
Faber, p
Myers, p 4 0 0
Tnlill 9 8x20 11
Totals 84 8 30 19
xTwo out when winning run scoreu.
Score by Innings: . . .
Boston 0 00000000 00
Chicago 000000OO ji
Summary Run: Mulligan. Errors-.
Johnson. Strunk. Two-base hits: Leibold,
Ruel, Vitt, Foster. Sacrifice hit: Schalk.
Double plays I Mulligan to a, i;omni iu
Sheely; J. Collins to Scott! Faber to
Johnson to Sheely. Left on bases: Bos
ton. ; Chicago, 11. First bass on balla:
Off Myers, 6; off Faber. 1. Hit by pitched
ball: By Myers: Mostll. struct oui: cy
Faber, 1: by Myers. 6. Time of game:
1:48. Umpires: Morlarlty and Dlneen.
Senators, IS; Indians, t.
Cleveland, July 17. Cleveland lost to
Washington today, 13 to 2. The cham
pions led I to 1 until me sixm innins
when Washington bunched seven hits,
four of which were doubles, with two
nassea. scoring nine runs. Zachary was
effective except in the first Inning. The
score: i
Judge, lb 3
Evans. If
Brower, lb 1
Harris. 2b 4
Rice, cf S
EarlS'th, rf 4
Miller. If 4
Steph'n, 2b
Speaker, cf
Wood, rf
Gardner, Tb
Sewell, ss
Burns, lb
Nuna'ker. e
Shanks, 3b i
O'R'rke, ss 6
Piclntch, o 6
1 5
Shlnault, o
0 1
.1 0
Zachary, p 4
Caldwell, p
IMorton, p
Tnlala 4A 13 27 ISl
Totals 87 10 27 t
Score by Innings: ... ..
Washington 00010000 3 13
Cleveland 20000000 0 2
Summary Runs: Judge, 2; Harris, 2;
Rice, 2: Earl Smith, 2; Miller. 2; Shanks.
O'Rourke, Zachary, Speaker, Wood. Er
rors: Miller, O'Rourke. Sewell, 2; Shln
ault. Two-base hits: Earl Smith, Miller,
O'Rourke, Judge, Wood. Sacrifice hit:
Miller. Double play: Gardner to Burns.
Left on bases: Washington, 4; Cleveland,
10. First base on balls: orr zacnary, z;
off Caldwell, 2; off Morton, 1. . Hits:
Off Caldwell, 7 in 5 Innings, none out in
sixth; off Morton, I In innings. 8truck
out: By Zathary, 1; by Caldwell, 4; by
Morton, 1. Passed ball: Nunamaker. Los
ing pitcher: Caldwell. Time of game: 2:10.
Umpires: Evans and Owens.
Browns, 5-6; Athletics, t-t.
St. Louis. July 17. St. Louis took two
games of a double-header here today from
Philadelphia, winning the first 1 to 2, and
the second 6 to 2. Shocker's pitching woa
the first game, Philadelphia making but
five hits. Moore's eight bases on balla In
the second coupled with steady pitching
by Kolp gave the Browns the second vic
tory of the day.
First game:
Gerber, ss 4 t 1 6
Ellerbe, 3b 3 0 11
Staler, lb 4 1 11 0
Witt, rf
0 1
Dykes, 2b
WelcV, cf
C.Wker, If
I.W'ker, lb
Griffith, lb
Perkins, o
Myatt, c
Dugan. 3b 1
Jacqba'n, ef 3 1 2 0
Severeld, c 4 1 6
Lamb, rf 4 10 0
OlWetzel, If 4 14 0
OlM'Ma'us, 2b 2 0 1 2
UShocker, p 12 0 3
(larrett. 3b 0
Gal' way, ss 2
McCann, sa 0
Naylor, p . 1
Freeman, p 0
xBraztll 1
Totals 31 8 27 12
Totals 30 5 24 .61
xBrazill batted for
Naylor in eighth.
Score by Innings: -
Philadelphia 0 00001 00 12
St. Louis 0 0 1 0 0 4 0 0 x-r-6
Summary Runs: C. Walker, Galloway,
Staler. Severeld, Lamb, Wetxel, Shocker.
Errors: C. Walker, Galloway. Two-base
hits: Dykes, Shocker, Sisler, Wetsel, Grif
fin. Stolen basal Galloway. Sacrifice nits:
Ellerbe, McManus.' Naylor, Witt. Left on
bases: Philadelphia, 4; St. Louis, 6. First
base on balls: Off Shocker,. 1; off Free
man, 1. Hits: Off Naylor, 8 in 7 Innings;
off Freeman. In 0 .innings. Struck out
By Shocker, 6; by Naylor. 1. Losing
pitcher: Naylor. Umpires: Wilson, Nal
lln and Hitdebrand. Time ef game: 1:40,
Second Game:
Witt, rf
1 2
Dykes, 2b
Welch, cf
C.W'ker, if
J.W'ker, lb
Perkins, c
Dugan, 3b
Gal' way, ss
Moore, p ,
0 2
1 2
0 3
0 11
2 2
1 0
1 2
0 0
Ellerbe. 3b
Sisler. lb
Jacobs'n, cf
OlSevereld, o
2 Lamb, rf
11 Wetzel, If
4IMc.fU8, 2b
3Kolp, p
Totals 31 6 24 15 Totals 26 7 27 14
Scare bv innings:
Philadelphia 0 0001010 02
St. Louis 1 0 0 1 0 0 4 0 X 6
Summary Runa: Perkins. Dugan, Ger
ber. 2: Ellerbe. Jacobson. Lamb, Mc
Manus. Errors: Welch. McManus. Two
base hit: Ellerbe. Three-base hits: Lamb,
Galloway. Home run: Dugan. Stolen
base: Witt. Sacrifice hits: Kolp, 2; Sis
ler. Double play: Dugan to Dykes to J.
Walker. Left on bases: Philadelphia. 6;
St. Louis, 7. First base on balls: Off
Moore, 8; off Kolp, 3. Struck out: By
Moore, 2; by Kolp, 2. Time of game: 1:36.
Umpires: Hildebrand. Nallln and Wil
son. Yankees, 8; Tigers, 5,
Detroit, July 17. New Tork grouped five
hits and five bases on balls for seven
runs In the fifth inning today and won
from Detroit, 8 to 6. Collins was bit hard
In the early Innings and Detroit entered
the fifth with a four-run lead. Mlddleton
replaced Parks after two runs had been
scored off the former University of Michi
gan star in the fifth, but was unable to
check the rally before five more runs
had scored. Ruth went hitlesa for the
second consecutive day here. Nineteen
bases on balls were Issued.
Fewster, cf 4 1 2 OlBush, 2b 6 0 2 4
Peck'gh, ss 4 1 2 6Flags'ad, ss 6 4 i C
Ruth, if 3 0 1 OlShorten, ct 8 110
Baker. 3b 4 11 6IVeach, If 2 1 1 0
Meusel. rf 3 0 1 OlHellm'n, rf 3 10 0
Plpp. lb 6 2 13 0 Blue, lb 4 3 2 0
Ward, Sb 6 3 2 3 1 Jones. 3b till
Schang, o 3 16 OIBassler, o 2 17 0
Collins. P 1 0 0 0 Parks, p 2 0 0 0
Quinn, p 2 2 0 2 Mldd'ton, p 0 0 0 0
xHawks 10 0 OlOldham. p 1 0 0 1
IxAlnsmlth 10 0 0
Totals 36 11 27 16!xCobb 10 0 0
I Totals 3 13 37 12
xHawks batted for Collins In fourth.
xAlnsmith batted for Mlddleton In fifth.
xCobb batted for Oldham In ninth.
Scor by Innings: "
New Tork 0 1 0 7 0 0 0 08
Detroit 3 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 S
Summary Runs: Fewster, Pecklnpaugh,
Flagatead, Fewster, Quinn. Stolen bases:
Flagstesd, Veach, 2; Baker, Meusel. Sac
rifice hits; Bush, Quinn. Double plays:
Bush to Blue; Flagstead to Bush. Left
on baaes: New York, 12; Detroit, 12.
First base on balls: Oft Collins, 6; off
Quinn, I; off Parks, 6; off Mlddleton.
2; off Oldham, 4. Hits: Off Collins,
In S Innings; off Quinn, 7 In ( Innings;
off Park, 7 In 4 Innings, none out In
fifth; off Mlddleton. 2 In 1 Inning; oft
Oldham, 3 In 4 Innings. Struck out: By
Quinn, .4; by Parks, 4; by Mlddleton, 1;
by Oldham, 2. Wild pitch: Collins. Passed
ball: Basaler. Winning pitcher: Quinn.
Losing pitcher: Mlddleton. Time of gams:
2:46. Umpires: Connolly and Chill.
Ambassador Harvey
Starts A. E. F. Game
Ambassador Harvey Tries Out His
Pitching Arm.
Colonel George Harvey, United
States ambassador to England, toss
ing out the first ball in the July 4
base ball game at Stanford Bridge,
England, between nines represent
ing the American forces on the
Rhine and the American navy 'in
European waters.
Win Double Bill
Take Two Games From Chi
cago Browns at Western
League Park. -
Before a wildly ecstatic crowd of
more tha 3,500 fans the Murphy-
Did-Its, crack local semi-pros, yes
terday afternoon copped both ends
of a double-header from the Chicago
Browns at Western league park, 7
to 3 and 5 to 4.
The duskv-hued diamond artists
started out in the second frame by
tapping Madden's . delivery for two
singles and a double, which netted
them two tallies. '
The Murphys came back strong
enough in the fourth to shove .four
counters across and from then on
were 'never in danger. Madden
whiffed seven and passed but one,
allowing five hits, while Harper,
heaving for the darkies, whiffed
seven, allowed eight hits, hit one and
walked a brace.
The game itself was a thriller, as
the Murphys knotted the count in
the fifth after the Browns had gar
nered a pair, and then went three
nicks ahead iohe sixth frame. .
The Browns threatened in the
seventh, when Shelton's. double and
Kelly s safe slam to left, coupled
with a pair of Murphy errors, made
the count 4 to S. ,
First game: R H B
Murphy-Did-Its .0004011 17 8 8
Chloago Browns .0 2 1 0 0 4 0 0 2 7 2
Batteries Murphys: Madden and
Williams; Browns: : Harper and Huff.
Umpire: McAndrews. ;
Second game: R H E
Chicago Browns '.0 1 1 0 0 0 2 0 4 2
Murphy-Did-Its .0 0 0 0 0 2 3 x 6 8 2
Batteries Browns: Washington and
Huff; Murphys: Graves and Williams.
Umpire: McAndrews.
Reduce Admission
To State Circuit
Races at Fremont
Fremont, Neb., July 17. Admis
sion to the Fremont races to' be held
July 26, 27 and 28, have been re
duced from $1 to 50 cents this year
for the purpose of drawing larger
crowds and to impress-upon the pub
lic that the "business of horse rac-.
ing has also returned to normalcy.
Eighty-five harness horses will
increase the list of 100 other well
known track steeds -that are sched
uled to appear in Fremont. Some
of the foremost among the famous
horse of this section which will come
to Fermont are Dixie Achdale, be
longing to C. E. Negus, Nickerson:
Rags and -Alto, formerly owned by
Fremont men; Alwin Patch, son of
the great sire Dan Patch, owned by
J. P. Larimore; Tip Frisco, - Peter
r. . r?.., j t t-.
auppie, L-uue uan ana uingen ui
rect, owned by Roy Owen. Any
profits derived from the track meet
will be used to pay off the old debt
of the Fremont Driving club.
Don ElKott Beats
Potter in Tourney
Lincoln, Neb., July 17. (Special
lelegram.) Donald tlliott, Uni
versity of Nebraska champion, won
the city net championship in the
tennis tournament at Lincoln yes
terday by defeating "Ced" Potter
in three straight sets, 6-2, 6-4, 6-2.
Ralph Weaverling, 1920 champion,
was eliminated in the third ' round.
Weaverling and , Elliott play to
gether in the doubles tourney, which
starts tomorrow. They are the pres
ent city champions.
American Association
First game:
St. Paul
Batteries: Hald and A. Wilson
Merritt and Allen.
Second gams: r '
R.H. E.
.4 10 2
.18 1
R. H. E.
.2 4 3
St. Paul
(Called end fifth account of
2 6 0
Batteries: Odenwald and A. Wilson;
Shea and Allen. '
rirst game; R. H. E.
Indianapolis 0 8 1
Kanaas City 12 16 1
Batteries: Bartlett, Stryker and Dixon;
Ames and McCarty.
Second cam : R. H. IS.
Indianapolis 1 4 2
Kansas City 12 16 0
Batteries: Weaver, otryker and Dixon;
Bono and Skiff.
R. H. K.
Toledo 2 7 S
Minneapolis 11 14 0
Batteries: Ayres. Brady. Morrlsette and
Bchaufel; George and Sheslak.-
R. H. R.
Louisville 2 7 1
Milwaukee 1 2 1
Batteries: Sanders and Kocher: Bchaak
and Clarke.- .
Have Easy Time i
With Stocking
And Brotherton
Champions Play Fast Game
And Viit Three Straight'
Sets Tourney is Most
Successful City Meet. ;
"Con" Young's record string ol
victories will be equalled soon if
Ralph Duke Powell and Will Adanu,
city ' and state doubles champions,
continue to add scalps to their belts;
Yesterday afternoon, the two young
sters added another championship by
trouncing George Stocking and
John Brotherton in the finals of tho
city tournament at the Field club,
winning in three straight sets of 6-1,
6-3. 6-1.
The champions had little to fear in
the match, and gave the large gal
lery just a peep of the style of tennis
they expect to play in the state
tourrrty against such men as Vin
cent Richards, Philbrook Smith,
Cary Meyers and other of the lead
ing players of the central states.
Powell and Adams lost more
points on kills and drives than they
made attempting the strokes from
the midcourt and net, but, it was an
experiment worth trying. Tne gal
lery can expect the champs to play
a bang-up, terrific driving game
from now on, , .. ' ,
The victors started right in.. .on
Brotherton and Stocking, taking the.
first five games. The first set
would have been a love set but' for
a few erratic shots by Powell and
Adams in the sixth game.
To Stage Aquatic
Meet Here July 25
Big Splash Will Be Open to
All Swimmers at Morton .
' 'if,
Billy Earl, working under the .
auspices of the1 Southwestern im
provement , club, will stage an open
aquatic meet at Morton parte, Forty
first and G streets, Sunday evening,
July 24.
Three-year-old Bernice Swanson
will hold the limelight when she will
give a special exhibition of swim
ming a distance of 20 feet. "Billy"
has also ' listed Ahce WatsonJ'J 7;
Dorothy Porley, 7, and Margaret
Casart, 5, as "child prodigy", attrac- '
tions. . .. , .rt
The "splash" is open to all swim
mers of the city. Among the events,
on the card are plain and fancy dtv
ing contests, a life-saving exhibi-..
tioni races for boys under 14, girls'
under 14, boys over 14, girls over
14, endurance , swim fordritAPSey
water polo, boat tipping and free-for-all
speed splashes. ,
Prizes will be given the winners,
and a handsome "booby" purse has
been made up for the person wh6
loses most events. ' - '
- ' l! '
Legion Post Honors "
Johnson at Banquet
Chicago Tribune-Omaha Be loss Wire.
Chicago, July 17. Members of the
Sol-Sai-Mar post of the American
Legion yesterday gave a banquet to
Jack Johnson, former heavyweight;
champion of the world, recently re-,
leased from Leavenworth, where her
served 10 months for violation of the
Mann act. Members of the legion
pledged themselves' to do til they
could to secure a battle between "Lif
Artha" and Jack Dempsey. This an
nouncement was made after physi
cians had made a thorough exeminav
tion of the colored man and , pro-
nounced him in perfect battling condition.
i ic- .. Jl
thbst grade
ef th 4 fhMst
varfettM of te
baeeo in SPUR
mn4 thy glv
VWs 4 leaf blend
it.' :