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Blue Eves. Black
res and 'Shiner'
Features Trial
.West Point Woman Awarded
$3,000 for Alienation
Punching Husband in
Eye Is Justified.
Lincoln, July IS. (Special.)
Witnessing her husband's love turn
to another woman justied the wife
to blacken his eye and recover
alienation of affection money from
the other woman, under an opinion
issued today by the Nebraska su
preme court.
Mildred Wendt, blue-eyed, was the
first wife of John Wcndt, handsome
parage man of West Point, and Rose
Wendt, black-eyed, his second
Mildred charged Rose decoyed her
husband with her black eyes and
bragged she would steal him away.
True enough, a year later the hus
band sued Mildred for divorce,
charging cruelty. Rose married him
at Council Bluffs. Mildred filed suit
for $3,000 against Rose for aliena
tion of affections and was awarded
$3,000 in Cuming county district
Rose claimed that abuse and a
black eye administered by Mildred
killed his love. Mildred claimed that
hatred for her husband falling for
the black-eyed vamp was the rea
son for the black eye and that love
and not a mean disposition caused
her to attack her husband.
And the supreme court decided in
favor of Mildred and allowed $3,000
judgment against Rose.
Cedar BlufYs to Celebrate
Thirty-Fifth Anniversary
Cedar Bluffs. Neb., July IS. (Spe
cial.) Gov. Samuel R. McKelvie
will be the speaker at the home
coming and 35th anniversary cele
bration at Cedar Bluffs, July .26.
One of the biggest celebrations ever
attempted will be staged. Many
former residents who lived here 35
years ago when the town was or
ganized have already written that
they will be "home" and see old
friends. Other entertaining features
will be band music by Dan Desdunes'
band of Omaha, airplane exhibitions,
bowery dance, free street attractions,
races of all kinds and a display of
Personal Property in
Hamilton County Increases
Aurora, Neb., July 15. (Special.)
County Assessor Frank Rundle has
completed his report of the assessed
value of personal property for the
county and finds the value to be
$11,306,630. This does not include
any railroad property within the
city. There is an increase over last
year s report in the value ot per
sonal property of $1,566,180. This
large increase is due to the fact that
such public utilities as telegraph and
telephone companies, etc., have been
placed in the personal tax list.
Cornerstone Laying at
Schuyler on July 22
Schuyler, Neb., July 15. (Special.)
-The corner stone of the Colfax
county court house will be laid
July 22 by Acacia lodge of Masons,
assisted bv grand lodge officers.
There will be music by the Schuyler
band, address by the grand master
of Nebraska, reading of list of arti
cles to be placed, in the corner stone
and singing of patriotic songs by
15 young women while the stone
is lowered to place.
State Flans to Fight
Injunction Against
Smith Bread Bill
Lincoln, July 15. (Special.) C.
l iJort, assistant attorney general,
went to Omaha today to gather data
preparatory to ngnting the petition
for an injunction against the Smith
bread bill hied this week in the Lan
caster county district court by
Omaha bakers, represented by M. A.
Hall, Omaha attorney, who was on
the job continually during the legiS'
Iature endeavoring to kill the bill.
That a determined fight will be
made to defeat this last stand of the
bakers against being obliged to tell
the people exactly how much bread
they get for their money was indi
catcd by Attorney General Clarence
A. Davis.
"I think the petition will be re
fused," Davis said, "as the constitu
tionality of similar bills have been
upheld by numerous courts."
Representative Ed Smith of Oma
ha, author of the bill, was in Lin
coln yesterday consulting the attor
ney general relative to the bill and
Smith, who is an attorney, offered
to give free service in aiding the
state in its fight against the injunc
tion petition.
Burlington to Stop
r i r it
oundav orancn l rains
Central City, Neb., July IS. (Spe
cial.) A hearing to decide whether
the Sunday passenger train service
on the Burlington should be con
tinued was held in this city before
State Railway Commissioner H. G.
Taylor. The towns on the Sargent
and Burwell branches were well rep
resented at the meeting. Burlington
representatives showed that although
the proposition had been given a fair
trial during the last three months,
at no time had the business and pas
senger travel on bunday paid for the
expense of running the train. It
was decided to discontinue the serv
ice. Nebraska Legion Urges
Vote in Senate on Bonus
Fremont, Neb., July 15. (Spe
cial.) The executive committee of
the American Legion, Department of
Nebraska; in session here, unani
mously instructed its commander,
Robert G. Simmons, to send the fol
lowing telegram to Senators Hitch
cock and Norns:
"Insist that the adjusted compen
sation bill be brought to a vote in
the senate. While retrenchment is
the order of the day. we maintain
it should not be entirely at the ex
pense of the ex-service men; inequal
ities should be adjusted now. We
are counting on you to stand with
and for us."
Several Schuyler Houses
Damaged by Lightning
Schuyler, Neb., July 15. (Spe
cial.) A heavy electrical' and rain
storm swept over this section. A.
M. Kemp's house was set on fire by
lightning, but the flames were soon
extinguished. . Not , much damage
was done and no one was hurt, as
occupants were out of the city.
Frank Vavrick's home was struck
and ...he was badly stunned. Two
horses were killed on George Steir's
farm. More than three inches of
raiu fell.
Wheat Yields 27 Bushels
Wymore, Neb., July 15. (Spe
cial.) Charles Sondregger, who
farms a few miles northeast of Wy
more, has just finished threshing 40
acres with an average yield of 27
bushels an acre.
Lower Freight ,
And Grain Rates
Are Advocated
Nebraska Rail Commission
Will Take Part In Hearing
At Washington and
Lincoln, July 15. (Specials-
Prospects of a reduction of live stock
and grain freight rates were held out
in a teletrram received todav bv the
state railroad commission from the
Interstate Commerce commission at
Washington. The telegram stated
that a hearing on application for re
ductions of the Kansas, Iowa and
Minnesota commissions will be heard
August 15 at Washington and that
a conference of all interested will
be held at Chicago July 20 to dis
cuss a common action in Drmging
application before the commerce
The Nebraska commission did not
join in the qriginal application, but
will be represented at the Chicago
and Washington conferences, it was
announced today.
The telegram also stated that a
special examiner of the Interstate
Commerce commission recommend
ed that live stock rates in the terri'
tory embracing Nebraska be reduced
to about the scale in effect before
the recent 35 per cent increase was
ordered. On this particular com
modity the rates are stifling the in
dustry, the examiner reports.
The Interstate Commerce commis
sion, on its own motion, has ordered
an investigation of interstate rates
in this territory on erain, grain prod
ucts and hay, with a view toward
reduction on these commodities, the
message further states.
Nebraska Equalization .
Board to Meet Next Week
Lincoln. July 15. (Special.) The
extent of revenue to be derived from
$50,000,000 worth of Omaha prop
erty this year depends upon the
state board of equalization next
At that time the state board must
decide whether the new law placing
church and semi-charitable institu
tional property on the tax list shall
become effective this year or next
vear- .
To me it seems that if the law
s any good at all it is as good this
year as next year," W. H. Osborne,
state tax commissioner, said today.
Grand Island Boy Badly
Burned; Clothes Catch Fire
Grand Island, Neb., July 15.
(Special.) Lawrence Guilzow, 15,
was seriously burned about the
hands and chest. The boy was in
the cellar at his home and sudden
ly emerged with his clothing aflame.
He stated to his mother that he had
struck a match and that, immediate
ly, his shirt was afire. He . rushed
to the garden, rolling in the dirt
His sister, Doris, assisted in putting
out the flames, quite badly burning
her own handds.-. He is the son of
William Guilzow, a member of the
city fire department.
Light Yield of Wheat Is
Reported at Pawnee City
Pawnee City, Neb., July 15.
(Special.) Threshing is progress
ing rapidly. The yield is light, but
the quality is good. Wheat fields
which yield 25 to 30 bushels are
scarce, the average being about 12
bushels to the acre. The corn crop
never looked better, a bumper crop
being practically assured.
Midwest Bakers Join
In Fight Against
' Smith Bread Bill
Crete, Neb., July 15. (Special.)
I he Aiidwest Baiters associanon in
convention here by a vote of 17 to '9,
decided to join in the injunction fight
against the pound loaf bread law
passed by the last legislature. The
bakers contended that it was impos
sible for them to carry out the pro
visions of the law.
The bakers were entertained by A.
L. Johnson and E. L. Stancliff of the
Crete mills at a luncheon in the mill
before the busiess session. Jay
Burns of Omaha, who was to have
been the principal speaker, was un
able to attend due to muddy roads.
Glenwood Auto Thief Is
Sentenced to Penitentiary
Glenwood, la., July 15. (Special.)
John C. Bosman pleaded guilty to
the theft of an automobile belonging
to Senator H. A. Darting and was
sentenced to 10 years in the peniten
tiary. The car was found in his
garage which had been boarded up
and covered with tarpaulins to con
ceal its contents.
Nelson Thrilled by
Daring Stunts in Air
Nelson, Neb., July 15. (Special
Telfgram.) Fine weather brought
an increased crowd to the second
day of the aviation tournament. The
program was long and interesting
and passed off without accidents.
One thrill after another held the
closest attention of the immense
The Duncan brothers of North
Platte and Miss Elsie Allen of Grand
Island did splendid work in wing
walking and acrobatics. Daredevil
Smith of Grand Island, Bruce
Weaver of Wichita, Kan., and Pat
McCarthy of Vancouver each gave
a number of exhibitions of most dar
ing stunts.
The outstanding feature of the
afternoon was the parachute jump
by Lieut. Wilford Bottenfield of Nel
son. The ship from which he leaped
was piloted by Curtis Friday of
Holdrege. He landed within the
circle used on the field for the spot
landing contest.
Schuyler Chautauqua C
Schuyler, Neb., July 15. (Spe
cial.) The Schuyler chautauqua
win open juiy i.
Omaha Man at Last Finds
the Very Medicine He
Had Long Needed.
"For twenty years I hunted high
and low for a medicine that would
do my stomach some good, but
never found it until I got hold of
Tanlac," said George H. Baust,
1115 Drexel St., South Side, Omaha.
My stomach was badly out of
shape, my food would not digest
properjy and no matter how care
ful I was about what I ate I suf
fered agonies afterwards for hours
I was bilious most of the time and
finally rheumatism got in my left
shoulder and also in the back of my
neck, and hurt me so I could hardly
stand it.
"Of course I could hardly ex
pect four bottles of any medicine
to entirely relieve a trouble of
twenty years' standing, but my im
provement is simply wonderful. My
digestion is almost perfect now and
my neck and shoulder are almost
entirely free from rheumatism. In
fact, Tanlac has benefited me in
every way and I feel just like a new
man. My wite, seeing how much
good this medicine did me, tried it,
and now she is as enthusiastic as I
am. We certainly are believers in
Tanlac at our house.
Tanlac is sold in Omaha by the
Sherman & McConnell Drug Co.
Money back without question
(Hunt's Salve and Sop).fU in I
the treatment of Itch, Bcaxma,
Klnsrworm.Tttrorotheriten- I
ln akin distaaea. Try tble'
treatment at our risk.
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