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    1 IJUM-f 7JT
sleeps -time Tales
fl. .) I)iiwil
. Johnnie Green's Guest.
There were enough night noises
before Chirpy; Cricket came to live
in the farmyard. What with Solo
mon Owls hooting, his cousin Simon
Screecher'sj quavering call, and the
musical Frog's 'family's concerts n
Cedar Swamp, it was a wonder that
Johnnie Green ever managed to fall
asleep. The Katydids alone were
almost enough to drive anybody
frantic if he let himself listen to
them with their everlasting "try of
Katy did, Katy did; she did, she did.
Johnnie Green himself said . he
wished the Crickets had gone some-
Magba h wanted to punish
where else to spend the summer. At
least, . he thought they might play
some, other tune besides cr-rr-il
cr-r-r-i! cr-r-r-il over and over again.
If they would only fiddle "Yankee
Doodle" now and then he said - he
wouldn't mind lying awake; a while
to listen to it. ;, '
Perhaps Chirpy Cricket heard
what Johnnie Green said.' Maybe
he wanted to punish him. , Anyhow,
he crept into the farmhouse one eve
' Jiingr and found his way into Johnnie
Green's chamber, where he hid in a
gaping crack behind the baseboard.
And that very night, as soon as
Johnnie Greert put out his light and
jumped into bed, Chirpy Cricket be
gan to fiddle for him."
vv Johnnie had been sleepy. , But
the moment Chirpy Cricket began
fiddling right fhere in his room he
became wide awake. He had had
no idea how loudly one of the
Cricket family could play his cr-r-r-il
cp-r-r-if cr-r-r-i! indoors. The high,
shrill sound was piercing. It rang
in Johnnie's ears and drowned the
tnufflcd concert bf the fields and
Swamp which the light breeds bore
through the window.- " V
For a few minutes ' Johnnie' lay
still. And then he sat upin bed.
"Til. have to get up and find that
fellow," he said. "If don't, he'll
keep me awake." J.K
The momenttie stirred, the fiddling
stopped short, i, Johnnie was glad
of that. And once more he laid
his head upon his pillow. " But. in a
few moments; that, crr-r-i! cr-r-r-il
! rang; out again, ; v ; . .
Then Johnnie Green tried several
remedies. He shook the bed. He
knocked over a chair. He; caught
up, a shoe and threw it toward a cor
ner of the room, whence the sound
seemed to come.' And then he threw
the other shoe. V
Every time Johpnie Green made a
noise Chirpy Cricket stopped fid-
dling. And if Johnnie had had
enough shoes ho doubt he could have
kept Chirpy from making any more
music that night. But, of course,
Johnnie couldn't have slept any, if
he had done that. Besides, he, would
have kept the whole family awake,
too. He thought of tht after he
had hurled the second shoe.. J, For
his father called up the stairs and
asked Mm what was the matter.
"There's an old Cricket .- in my
room!" Johnnie explained. "He's
keeping me awake."'i"r -
"I should think you were keeping
him awake," said Farmer Green.
"Get up and look for him if you
must. . i . But don't let him bite
youl" , -
"You wouldn't joke ' if this old
Cricket was in your room," Johnnie
He did not grumble often. .. But
he had had a long, hard day, swim
J Ming in the 1 mill-pond and climbing
apple trees. , ,And he wanted to go
to sleep.
Johnnie Green thought it was -no
time crack jokes. .
. ! (Copyright, dressett' & Dunlap.)
Jewel, Rower, Color
Symbols for Today
, Today's talismanic stone is the
; rftral. It brines sure -recovery to
those who are ill; in fact, the ancients
. .. . .i . i. .i t:
Deiievea mat one wno wore a mi
of coral could -not fatl,fll. .It was
also credited with power to bring
great strength and the power to re
sist contagion. - ' ' '
The amethyst is . today's - natal
- stone, which, according to an ancient
legend, protected its wearer from
"Inarm resulting from either physical
mental dangers. Those 'who are
inclined to be too impulsive should
wear the amethyst, since it some
what reacts this tendency. "
White should be worn today;
v sacred to the moon goddess, it is
syjttWic of prrity, and is particular
? , iortunate for young girls.
, 'V .Today's flower is theyellow rose,
which dispels treachery and brings
true friendship.
(Copyright. 1M1. Wheeler Syndicate Inc.)
Parents' Problems
How can a boy ot 12 be helped
to be considerate of a visiting in-
, valid relative? ' r
' i A ereat deal in this case "might
" depend ' upon the aunt. If cheer
ful even though ill. the by will
easily be induced to try to be con
siderate of her. " Should her invalid
ism, however, be such as makes
cheerfulness not always possible, the
parents of the boy must do the best
they can to explain the situation to
- their son, and if necessary, insist
toon fight behavior
Manufacturers' Sample Lines
White Canvas Oxfords, Pumps and Colonials
Less Than Half Regular Price
mt jhw'i
Three Lots 95c-$1.25-$1.45
The season's best and most popular styles in Turns, Welts and.
5 McKay, lasts. Samples in these lots worth regularly up to $4.00.
Expert. Binner
Corsetiere Ser-i
July Clearance Sales of Hot Weather Apparel for Saturday
r :
A Thousand Dresses
Light weight, cool materials, regular values, up to $30.00.
$4.75 and $14.75
Hundreds ot lovely Voile,
Gingham and Lawn Dresses,
made up in 25 different
styles, light and dark shades,
sizes 16 to 44, that wene
made 'to sell at 6A 7C
J10.00- and 12.50. '
The $14.75 group consists of
Georgette Crepes, Taffetas,
Chiffons, Organdies, Ging
hams and Novelties. Dresses
In this group suitable for
street, afternoon club dance
or general wear; sizes for
misses and ladies; worth up
to $30. , Satur- f A 7C
day 2d Floor P ITT O
Silk Sport Dresses
85 silk sport skirts that were formerly
priced from $15.00 to d0 QEj
$22.50, ' Saturday. . .'. . . . ;VOi ??
J Second Floor '
Boys' $3.0O-$4.0O Wash Suits, $1.25
Site for boys of three to ten year These
are Just the suits for them hot day, plenty
of cool styles; over (00 to select from, at,
your choice, $1.26.
Beys' Shirts and Blouses, 65c
700 Sport and regular styles; all colors 'and
slses; f 1.(0 In one big lot, Saturday, at 65c.
Clearance Sale Men's Straw Hats
at $1.85
Tour unrestricted choice of any fin's
Straw Hats and Oolt Caps; valua. iu 11.50,
of former price, Saturday, ,t.M.
Men's and Boy's Siik Caps at 95o
Over 100 dozen to select from; all colors
and all sizes; values to $2.60; your choice,
Saturday. 95e.
, ,, Boys' Headwear at 29c
Youi choice of all the odd lots of Boys'
Straw Hats and Golf Caps: values tl
Infants' and Children Dresses
Two specials in Children's Section Satur
daySecond Floor. ,
Little tots' white dresses, colored dresses,
rompers and creepers, also bonnets, that
sold at $2, $3 and $4. Satur
day Clearing Sale Special.
Combination Sale
Lot 2 Little Tots' Bungalow Aprons,
Eompers, Bonnets, Vests and Baby
Dresses that sold at f
Coty L'Orlgan Face Powder 79o
$1.00 Kranks Lemon Cream 70c
SOo Hinds Honey Almond Cream. ...3o
SOo Pepsodent ......I... Site
11.60 Oriental Cream S1.1S
(Oe Luxor Face Powder. .......... ....40
(Oo Luxor Rouge:
-SOo Phillips' Milk Magnesia 42e
Over 11000 Men's Union Suits on Sale Saturday
$1.00 to $1.50, Saturday.
Complete Clearance of Our Entire Stock of Men's
. Summer Underwear.
.'103 Union Suits in madras and pajama check, all sizes;
.regular price U.60.
4000 Union Suits in knit short sleeves, ankle length; regu
lar price 1.25.
On Sale Saturday, 79c
1800 Men's All Silk and imported English and French ma
terials, athletic style; values to $4.50. ,
2500 Lawrence rib in white and ecru short sleeves, ankle
s length; regular price $2.50. , , .
1700 Garments Chalmers make, genuine poros-knit, inrox
knit; regular price $2.50.
1000 garments Augusta and Corinth knit, two sleeves,
three-quarter length; regular price $2.00.
Choice, the Lot, $1.29
II Inch plain bearing Lawn Mower, value
$12.00, at , 17.60
IS inch plain -bearing Lawn Mower, value
$11.00, at SS.7S
14 Inch ball bearing Lawn Mower, value
414.00, at S10.W
15 Inch ball bearing Lawn Mower, value
$15.00, at fU.e
35-lb. Refrigerators, white lined, value
$24.00, at $18.00
C0-lb. Refrigerators, white lined, value
$25.00, at $25.00.
T(-lb. Refrigerators, white lined, value
$30.00, at A. $32.00
125-lb. Refrigerators, whits lined, value
$50.00, at $42.00
2- hole Dangler Oil Stove, value $19.00,
at only $15.00
3- hole Dangler Oil Stove, value $25.00,
at only .$19.00
Domanco Electric Iron with 7-ft. cord.
value $5.(0, at ..$4.15
50-ft. with couplings, molded hose, In.,
value $0.00, at $1M
Large else Wooden Tub, value $1.25 at 15a
2-qt. white Mountain Ice Cream Freexer,
vaule $5.(0, at S4.2S
4- qt. White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer,
value $8.25, at ,' $$00
... (
Did you see the great lens testing demonstration Thurs
day evening, July 14th, a t the Ak-Sar-Ben Field under
auspices of
Commissioner of Police
Henry Dunn?
This was the biggest lens testing event ever
held in the United States.
Passed every test and met the strictest re
quirements, and in addition gave greatly in
creased driving and side light., .
Jhe demonstration showed why fifty-five lighting engineers
of the leading automobile factories of the country', have
adopted Patterson Lens as standard equipment. Equip your
car with Patterson Lens and you comply with all the State
Laws' and City ordinances, and get the best road light it is
possible to secure.
1 - Hf l ? I
An til fiT
Inast on Patterson and Accept No Substitute
PATTERSON lens has been officially
approved" by the Department of,
Public Works of the State of Nebraska
in accordance with the new state law.
Auto Electric Service Corporation, .2205 .
Western Motor Car Company, 8002 Farnanu . ,
'J. & IU Motor Supply Company, 1915 Farnanu
Rational Accessories Company, 2012 Farnanu
Tan Brant Antomoblle Company, 2562 Farnanu
Jones-Opper Company, 2558 Farnanu
J. H. Hansen Cadillac Co, Farnam and 26th.
Goy L. Smith Company, 2553 Farnanu
: Troup Auto Supply,
THE following firms are officially ap
vrored local stations and can furnish
. vnn with nnllcn
J " " Mr
that your
focused i
are legal and
: . Sample-Hart Motor Company, 18th and Barb
C E. Paulson Motor Company, Ames Avenue
, ' and Florence Bird. "
Untrersal Motor Company, 2553 Learenworth.
. . Adklns Motor Company, 4911 South 24th,
6Brien-I)aTls-Coad Anto Company, 27th and
'-" Harney.
McCaffrey Motor Co, 15th and Jackson Sts.
2027 Farnam Street.
Dealers supplied by
Powell Supply Co.
.2051 FARNAM ST,
Exclusive Distributors for Central West Territory.
S. E. COR. 16th & JACKSON STS.
Tickets to the Big Outing
at Krug Park Wed. Eve.
There will be something doing every minute. Admission to
Park and Bathing Beach will be free; Ask for" tickets at store.
foLTUi ,. n.n fn)
, In Our Entire Stock at Exactly
Saturday! a sensational, old-fashioned, money-saving sale that
makes it possible for every woman to secure a new dress to finish
out the season. s V "
Dresses of Satin, Crepe de Chine, Voile,
Gingham, Georgette, Swiss and Organdie
in the colors that are most in demand, featuring new mid-summer
styles with late fashion ideas at just HALF their former
low prices. '
Big Value
in a
JA neatly
.dressed "life
like" doll, full
A 15 in. tall,
with wavy
hair, heldtVin
place by a net,
special at 69c
Another Shipment of
Big, Hardy, Bushy .
Saturday at Only
To All Vuiton
DreSS SkirtS Special-Saturdiy Only
. Worth Up to $25, at
, Every skirt is included extremely
well tailored styles of rich-looking
.flannels and novelty silk.
Women's Suits
Our entire stock on sale at
V2 Off
Charge Accounts Invited Alterations Free
Ice Cream
and Sunshine Cakes
Drop in when you are down town
shopping. - Due to its purity and
tempting flavor, "Delicia" is
known as "The Perfect Ice
Cream" and "Loose-Wiles Sun
shine Cakes" are so crisp and ap
petizing they are a welcome addi
tion to any luncheon. "Big cones
for boys and girls accompanied by
No Purchase Necessary
Clothes Baskets 98c
Big, roomy, sturdily woven im
ported Willow Clothes Baskets,
full 29 inches long, with strong
handles, special for Saturday at
only 98c.
r a si e $
About 2 Price
This big "Factory Purchase" Sale brings a wonderful
collection of framed pictures at ridiculously low prices.
The works of foremost American and foreign artists
are represented in every conceivable subject in water
colors, fac-similes, carbons and photogravures. There
are landscapes, old masters, marines, fruits and others
artistically framed in mahogany, walnut, bronze and
gilded frames, with and without glasses, in a variety
of size to fit every nook and coruer.
Saturday Sale Prices
Framed Plclurss
in sin 0x12 at
Framed Pictures
in sis 10x14 at .
Framed Pictures
in six 9x12 at
Framed Picture
in sis 10x14 at
Framed Picture
in sis 12x10 at
Fruit Picture
14x23-in. fram
Framed Picture
in elie 14x20 at
Fruit Picture
12x24 Man. fram
Oval Picture .
14x20 sis fram
Framed Picture
10x2O-ln. ait
Mahogany Fram
' Fruit Pictures
Framed Pictures
14x22-in. frame
Oval Picture
14x20 aval frame
Handsome 16x20
Framed Picture
Beautiful 14x28
Framed Picture